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tv   Life Liberty Levin  FOX News  April 10, 2021 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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blue lagoon spa, and they don't know how long the lava will continue to flow and scene is attraction thousands of people flocking to the area to see this site. that's how fox reports this saturday april 10th, 2021 i'm jon scott. ♪ ♪ >> hello america i'm mark levin this is "life, liberty & levin" we do this show differently write bring people on who i think are really quite special have something really interesting, and often profound to say. we have two such guests tonight. jason whitlock lon too many journalist byron donalds who caught my attention as well jason whitlock how are you my friend? >> awesome thanks for having me.
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mark: my pleasure i want to delve into a couple of issues and take our time go over them. i look at government, government you look at the constitution, ourst government is supposed toe limited.o the constitution was set up all kinds of checks and balances specific powers given to this branch and other branch, and then we have the bill of rights that protects the individual and then you have the ninth amendment that is reshort statement of the declaration, 10 amendment that talks about federalism whole system is set up to protect the individual. the whole system is set up recognizingre that there's a circle of about liberty around individual that government cannot penetrate that the government is not the molested citizen. now i look at the government today jason whitlock massive taxing, massive spending, massive controlling, massive redistribution, massive transforming, rewarding certain
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citizens, punishing certain citizens, but the political parties in my view particularly the democrat party gaining power, holding power, expanding power, trying to penetrate the barriers that the constitution has set up. i would be just curious what happens to the individual the family and faith when all of this power and energy and resources and focus every day is on the expansion and -- of the federal government. >> mark, you've hit on the crisis that we're having here in america, and it's a crisis we should all be afraid of. i think how we got here is everybody is fat and happy. and they're all looking for theirok piece of the power pie r politicians are, and we have taken for granted too many -- look, i'm going blame the politicians. but i think too many americans
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have taken for granted the freedom that previous generations want and that goes all the way back to the revolutionary war, all the way back to the civil war. alle the way back to the civil rights movement. america has beener on a fight fr increased freedom since its inception. and then once we got it, because the civil rights movement was like now -- everybody gets to enjoy american freedom. and since then, i think as we've moved further and further away, people have taken those freedoms for granted, they don't appreciate them. we've stopped asking people to anti-up just think about jfk inauguration speech ask not what the country can do for you ask what you can do for the country. i think i said that right. now we've moved to this whole thing of --
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asking the country what it can do for us. and if someone, if we don't -- as a group of americans, if we don't hit the stop button on this, it's we should serve our country. not our country can't serve us. our country we can -- we can abide by a certain set of rules that guarantee freedom for all of us. but that's all our country promises -- us that's what the declaration of independence that's what the constitution promises us, freedom and the pursuit of happiness. now, we're starting to ask the government to take care of us. and i look at all -- not we're starting there this has been going on for a long time and new full blown. but all of us, all of the politicians -- are so conli tngt on holding on the power acquiring power, and how can the event in that capitl building howit can they benefit
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and enrich the politicians and american working class people have been sold out, mark. mark: i agree, you know jason whitlock when i watch these debates, you have praise -- president in the united states sign executive overed that destroys girl sports in high school i said why in the world would you do something like that? an then you watch these executive orders being signed that are enshrining critical race theory in the federal government and in our school systems. that is a theory the american people need to know that is blatantlys racist. that hold it is that this is a white dominated society from day one and not a damn thing we can do about it which is so appalling in the 16, 19 project from "the new york times" the completely undermines the founding of the nation. then you watch and you see how this spreads throughout society with dr. seuss and the muppets
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things yout can't imagine people are projecting their agenda on it and so forth. can a country that is at war with itself or lincoln would say divided against itself attacking its own founding, attacking its own principles can it survive? >> no. and that's why the american people haveer to get energized d have to take the country back from our politicians because -- we've moved into a fantasy world, mark, where everything is about feelings and so you talk about the executive order where biologically born men can now participate in girl sports. and that is about a feeling, i feel like i'm a woman. therefore, you have to enact
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laws that satisfy my feelings. i'm not trying to denigrate or blast transgender people and their feelings. but a country can't operate on feelings. a country can't set up laws based on feelings. theyey have to be based on fact, data it has to serve the entire country. it can't be emotional thing and so the 1619 project, and critical race theory, this is about serving feelings more than serving reality. there were laws in america that needed to be changed to ensure freedom for black americans. we changed those laws. merck and that generation fought for that liberation. go back --
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frederick douglas abolitionist abraham lincoln fought for increased freedom in the 1860s. the whole country went to war over it. we went to war in 1770s for more freedom an getting laws off the books. now, we have a generation that thinks well america is at a place where we can start serving people's feelings. not we don't have to overthrow we're creating laws -- to satisfy feelings, but i'm just a government can't do that. you can't sustain a society where we're just serving people's feelings because people's feelings are irrational. they're irrational. i mean, look mark, i think i should be married to halle berry i feel that way. i feel like i've earned that. but -- this i'm not qualified. it is just -- so i can't have that, and so we have this thing in america where
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we can haveri it all and we cano it all. and no there are certain things that through quirks and fate and all will not be met and it is not the government's job to meet those needs of people's feelings, and we're just often a fantasy where look -- we're going to go through the trial in minneapolis over george floyd. and none of it is going to -- the reaction won't be based on the facts presented in court. it is beginning to be based in how people feel and people feel oh -- the police, their systemically killing black men that's a feeling it is not supported by any fact. it is supported by an anecdote or two -- but as -- as the media has told us as i like call the corporate authoritarian media has told us, anecdotes aren't again people
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have a lot of anecdotes about the election. but they keep it there's no proof of massive fraud in the election. so don't give me anecdotes to justify your frustration about the election. well i say the same thing as it relates to black lives matter, and the mayor they put forth that few anecdotes of police misconduct prove thatol there's this massive plot and police are out of control when the facts just don't support that. >> you know jason whitlock what gets lost in all of this are founding principles and belief systems and american people judeo-christian belief system people don't't want to hear it t it is a fact. that's what -- caused people to rally, to revolt against britain and so forth that kind of thinking was prom throughout the declaration period and constitutional period. we talk very little in public square about individual liberty, about private property rights, about hard work, about family,
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about accountability and responsibility. in fact, i think the government more and more is trying to blame systems, to blame groups, to blame ancestors, for the problems that individuals have today and so if you're not really locked into this society, or if you're somebody who is always mall contented, that's very attractive to you, and i feel like our government and our politicians particularly on the left, this is who they try to appeal to so all of these things that are so important that upholds our society that really have nothing to do with the government -- are utterly ill ignored in public square do you get that sense too? >> without question but i also think that our foreign adversaries, foreign competitors china at the top of the list, has spread so much money throughout american culture in the sports world, through their relationship with nike, and the
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nba and nfl through hollywood -- and their funding of movies -- tv shows, and whatever else. they'vese paid off a group of people to attack american values and to install and promote marxism quite frankly in america that is what a lot of these pop culture leftist are. they're marxist, and i think they are- systemically undermining all of the american values that made fuss -- us great. we have people so focused on race policewoman people and white people and i particularly say this about black people because that's the constituency i'm very familiar with we have abandonedig our
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religious faith for a race based faith that our religion is now race that's what we are out to protect, and to promote and to celebrate more than jesus christ. and i'm just -- this is inappropriate and when we all, all of us americans black, white whatever -- when we submit ourselves to our higher power when we even if you're an atheist, you have to admitmi that judeo-christian values are why people are breaking down the doors to get into america. it is why our border at mexican -- american borderr is flooded with people trying to get in here. they're not attracted to the marxist values promoted today they're attracted to the freedom that judeo-christian values created here in america. and if you look at -- i just want to -- i wantt to see the country that has this many people trying to
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flood into it that within it, has so many critics of america like america is the worst place on the world. we have african people. all kinds of dark and indigenous trying to break down doors to get into america and now america is northeast racist place on earth, and black people and dark skin people have no chance here -- in thiser country. when asian americans are crushing everybody -- here in america. and the left is so crazy that now they're actually going to say well you know asian people they're actually white. and they've benefit from asian white privilege. they're just making up the rules as they go along. we thrown out and made the truth and facts irrelevant here in america. and if you really understand jesus christ and christianity -- it is a search for the truth. it's -- it is the truth explained in the
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king t james bible, and affinity to truth is the greatest thing that a christian can do, and it is greatst thing that a country can do that wants to be great and we're now abandoning the truth and we're abandoning god, and thehe values that made this countryth great. mark: w we'll be right back. here you go, let me help you. hi mr. charles, we made you dinner. ahh, thank you! ready to eat? yes i am!
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mark: welcome back, jason whitlock, you know, i'm not the youngst guy in the world i've live in the differentld states, i've lived in cities, i've lived in the suburbs i've had different kinds of jobs. you know, most people in this country get along. they really don't give a damn about race. they don't really care my mentor andr reagan administration was the best guy i've known. 6'4" big guy african-american, we just adore each other there's one ofer my best friends today. they're, there are millions and millions of examples like this. interracial marriages higher than ever before diversity of the used to be lilly white suburbs, if they're 40% minority now. people on their own -- without being told what to do -- by some muckty mucks in washington, d.c. who are removing pieces around about how people should look and who they
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should work with and so forth things happen naturally in a free country. so you look and you point it out we have people trying to come across this border by the millions. so we'rehi not white. and you're exactly right they're notshe coming here because they believe in critical race theory they don't know what the hell critical race theory is. they'reic leaving socialist and marxist regimes. they want freedom. freedom -- freedom that's what they want. now they come into this country and they don't hear about freedom. they hear about how horrible this country is. and this concerns me greatly because you've had generations of immigrants who were assimilating into american culture and society which was a positive thing, which promoted the principles you've been talking about and we don't promote them so much anymore. so what is this going to look like in thehe years and decades ahead? >>ah mark, what you're talking about is to me the dangers of
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big tech. and the dangers of the social media apps, produced out of silicon valley, produced out of northern california, american discourse is controlled by facebook and twitter. and they are in control of this highly divisive, highly racist conversation that we moved into online. and so what you're togs about because i've started saying this four or five six years ago, like, you -- you'll follow my twitter feed. and you would think that-like oh, my god there's tension, animosity and divisiveness all of these people hate san diego son whitlock online in the twitter social media matrix. but in the real world, when i go out to dinner, when i would visit other cities, i'm treated like oh, my god i love you and
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can we hang out? can we -- can i get your autograph take picture with you? the real life experience is completely different than the social media experience. and what has happened is, in my view, the democrats in their fight for power, they can't win in the real world. and so they want to transfer everybody to the social media matrix where they have the ear of mark zuckerberg at facebook, and jack dorsey at twitter and they have created this phony world where democrats and liberal ideology are dominant and beloved in this world that's controlled by algorithm and controlled by manipulation from northern california. and what i've been saying for at least six years, and trying to get people to understand -- there's a massive difference
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betweenre a northern californian liberal and a new york liberal. the whole media used to dance for the approval of new york liberals. now, they dance for northern california liberals, and that is a much more radical, socialist marxist anti-american group of liberals, and they're tearing this country down and public discourse down and creating this racial divide that has people that are unaware at each others throats they can't see that working class americans are beingg manipulated and the elits are using racial division to maintain power. mark: and even on old media when you watch cnn or msnbc or other networks, they bring the most radical elements of our society on to their television. to project a unreality --
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and they go on and on with these racist comments and if you disagree with marxism and socialism and democrat party you must be part of the white privilege even people who aren't white are part of the white privilege if they disagree with them. you can see what is taking place on amazon as a perfect example on e black history month, you couldn't access the documentary on clarence thomas. so it's not even that -- it's an racism but even more an you touched on it a racism that is fused with a marxism and your final comments on that. >> well they're used -- they're using race to build rmarkism into american culture and i have to give hand it to them it is working wonderfully but look mark, we can look at from the summer of 2020 we can see buildings burning, we can see police officers assassinated. and they've created this false
4:25 pm
world in the corporate authoritarian media, you can't even talk about that. you can't discuss it. you can't say hey this is -- this is not appropriate. the rioting, looting, killing violence, burning of buildings, this isdi an inappropriate reaction you can't say that because you'll be accused of racism. but the events at the capitol which i'm just sorry, far less than anything we saw this summer, you can say anything about that group of people and be applauded for it it is wrong -- it is unamerican. it is just not fair. mark: jason whitlock i want to thank you and look forward to having you back this in the fute god bless you. >> thank you, mark. mark: we'll bright back. be scary. spraying flonase daily stops your body from overreacting to allergens all season long. psst! psst! all good
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and i didn't even know that was an option. the personal loan let us renovate our single family house into a multi-unit home. ♪ and i get to live in this beautiful house, with this beautiful kitchen, and it's all thanks to sofi. ♪ >> welcome to fox news live i'm jon scott yanked becomes first state in the nation to do away with its law enforcement bill of rights. within the last hour state in thes overrode republican governor larry hogan veto and will now compliment drastic police reformses. officers in maryland will lose some legal protection. democrats have been working on this legislation since the death of george floyd in minneapolis last year. severe weather slamming into the south early this morning, at least two people are dead in louisiana, trees and powerlines torn down in mississippi, and baseball sized hail slammed parts of the florida panhandle.
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meteorologist warning of more severe weather for some areas. i'm jon scott, i'll see you again in one hour during life, liberty, "life, liberty & levin." now back to an all new "life, liberty & levin." >> welcome back america, we have a very refreshing freshman from the house of representatives with us. byron donalds i didn't know byron donalds last 72 hours or so i was watching him speak publicly about a number of issue and not only are you congressman able to communicate in plain dplish to americans but things that you said in two or three minutes were so compelling, so if you don't mind i would like to start right there. first of all you're a congressman one of the
4:31 pm
wealthiest districts in florida if not the country but a congressman in a districts that perhaps three-fourths caucasian. isn't this an example that people are yearning for representatives who represent liberty and private property rights and the constitution and limited government and rational spending isn't that pretty much what your constituent city is all about? >> that's absolutely correct my constituents are mixture of a lot of things people who grew up in the area, so you might have sol third, fourth, fifth generation southwest floridian and then you have a lot of retirees people who have retired out of the rust belt states and from other parts around the country some did incredibly well in their lives some did very good in their lives some were able to be consistent saves and wanted to retire to a great flies live, and you know i get asked often in capitol hill you know like what's the thing that your district really wants i tell them my district wants to be left alone they want the
4:32 pm
washington, d.c. to follow the constitution. we do have water issues that we want repaired, but other than that, they just want to be left alone they want a representative to be conservative, who is going to statistically to our constitution who is going to stand for liberty like you said and after that, just do common sense things. you know, my philosophy has always been the federal government should do a few things. do them efficiently, do them well. everything else needs to be left to the states and to the people. that's what people of my congressional district want. >> yet there are you and nancy pelosi house of representatives which is the most radical ever -- quite frankly, pushing through one outrage ois bill after another to nationalize elections, to open the borders, do all kinds of things she knows it won't get too far in the senate at least we hope not and pushing united states of president so you shown
4:33 pm
this house of representative which is utterly and completely in my view out of control. what do you make of this? >> this place is frankly a destruction of our republic. the way it is operating right now. we're not meeting in committees, nancy pelosi is just pushing agenda item after agenda item directly to the floor. frankly they're moderate whatever moderate democrats are left they're being put on line for some of the most radical policies we've ever seen and i think the bigger point on this mark is, democrats never ran on any of this. joe biden never ran on this bill about defunding the police they never ran on taking over the election process throughout the federal level they never ran on shutting down keystone pipeline, or opening up the southern border. the only thing that ever ran on was quote unquote saving our democracy. which i still don't know what that enmoose but i will tell you having been in a nation's capitol for about two months, what they're doing is destroying the republic. because our country and our government frankly can't survive
4:34 pm
a process where -- the members have no input on anything even the democrat rank and file members don't have input on anything. this is just radical policy, after radical policy, that the american people were never told about during the election process. >> as you're explaining american people have no say if you don't have committee hearing sub committee full committees where -- their representatives your constituents have somebody will representing their interest to contact to say wait a minute pfer you vote on that bill i have a few thoughtings and how it affects me what you're telling me it is top down hatched out of the speakers office, she pushes it through she forces a vote, and that is that. >> that's exactly right. that is the process that's happening right now on capitol hill. and it's atrocious somebody growing up i didn't care about politics growing up my family didn't care much about politics. we were registered democrats i grew in brooklyn new york that's where i'm from. i came to politics later in life
4:35 pm
conservatism found me that was because of what was happening in our financial collapse about 12 years ago, and outrailous response of bailout stuff like that that i didn't agree with. so when you start looking at, you know, the history of governments overall and even history of our government, you understand that, you know, a goth like ours works when you have desperate input from members who frankly don't agree on a lot of these issues. but you have to have that input. the way this is happening right now, this is all coming out of silicon valley, this is all coming out of manhattan, and unfortunately this is all coming out of the white house where you frankly have people who are leftist, you have people who are radicals pushing this narrative they are pushing this agenda and they're never going to stop. mark: rest of the country goes unrepresented. nancy pelosi, san francisco schumer, new york city, biden, wilmington a big country out there the whole point of the house of representatives it is called the house of representatives. the whole point of elections every two years -- is so when you go back you're
4:36 pm
held to account for things that you have done. and nancy pelosi is running the house of representatives like a dictator this is really absolutely shocking when we come back congressman, i want to talk to you about these -- so-called relief bills. trillions and trillions and trillions of dollars. we'll be right back. in a recent clinical study, patients using salonpas patch reported reductions in pain severity, using less or a lot less oral pain medicines. and improved quality of life. that's why we recommend salonpas. it's good medicine.
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mark: welcome back america here with congressman byron donalds of florida including naples, and a pleasure to have them on the program. congressman, how much are we spending and what exactly is this money going for? >> well right now, what we just passed out of the house unfortunately is about two trillion dollars they try to make it say they put it at 1.9 so number wasn't too beg and roughly 2 trillion dollar just wasteful grab bag spending. but what people lose sight of in
4:41 pm
this that last year, 4.1 trillion was appropriated to deal with covid-19. that's a deal with the economic response, and also the deal with operational warp speed trying to get unemployment benefits to people. rent abatement things of that nature that's what was spent last year. back in december there was 900 billion dollars rights before christmas that was appropriated specifically for covid relief. you know that's what media asked nancy pelosi about why did she decide to negotiate now and she basically said because the election happened and now we have a new footing to negotiate on because she was playing politics. throughout most of the pandemic. what we're doing right now in capitol hill frankly is the other two trillion dollar on dow payment she talked about last december. what the thingest that really bad about this, is that in the kurnghts bill about 200 billion goes directly to covid another three to 400 million goes to the american people. after that, this is all just liberal wish list stuff.
4:42 pm
and national endowment of the arts gets 200 million and national endowment of humanities gets 200 million dollars. i never realized they were two things and so it is stuff like that that is in this bill and get a 350 billion dollar, they put a blue state that has had terrible lockdown policies and unemployment rates are through the roof you're getting significantly more money than a state like florida that actually managed the pandemic while letting people get back to work. this is how they're rewarding bad behavior and blue state governors this is the true bailout that's happening. and it is one of the worst ways to spend money further more and this is the last thing that's important in this our economy is rebounding and every state that is allowed to open, r our businesses are getting back to work are people returning to job and tired much being locked downgoing back to their lives we would just open up, we wouldn't need to spend all of this money. but the democrats don't care about science, they don't care about economics, they care about
4:43 pm
politics, and that's what's happening up here in washington, d.c. mark: schools and teachers union and what's happening to the kids and so forth the president of the united states is clearly in the back pocket of the unions. he's bought and paid for, the democrat party is bought and paid for and certain republicans in the senate who are bought and paid for by teachers union. one of them is in alaska that's a fact. isn't it amazing that it is the teachers union standing in the schoolhouse door and preventings kids from going to school. >> completely outrageous but once again union cares the union the union does not care about the children and union frankly didn't even care much about teachers. they only care about the union itself. and in this bill going back to it, the money they're appropriating around 100 billion dollars to reopen schools, that money doesn't have to be spent in this calendar year they can spending what money out to 2028 so we're asking the question, how does money that open up schools can be spent in 2028 that doesn't make any sense at
4:44 pm
all to anybody who actually understands numbers and can look at a calendar. the other thing that is important to understand there's still 55 billion dollars available to school districts to open up. they don't need money they need leadership. and unfortunately it is beginning to take parents and these communities most of them blue cities, to go to their city to their city councils and go through their school boards and demand schools reopen. we've done it in florida. the biden administration doesn't need to rely on cdc all they need to go do is go down to tallahassee florida talk to our governor because our kids have been back in school since august of last year. mark: and we'll be right back. (naj) at fisher investments, we do things differently and other money managers don't understand why. (money manager) because our way works great for us! (naj) but not for your clients. that's why we're a fiduciary, obligated to put clients first. (money manager) so, what do you provide? cookie cutter portfolios? (naj) nope, we tailor portfolios to our client's needs. (money manager) but you do sell investments that earn you high commissions, right? (naj) we don't have those.
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mark: welcome back congressman donalds i don't like addressing this issue all of the time i really have no choice because it is just -- swirling around us and there's no escaping it. the elites in this country are pushing the racist narrative and they are pushing hard. whether they're in the corporate boardroom, whether they are in hollywood, whether they're in the white house or congress. particularly big tech and big media they bring people on to instigate this race hating and
4:49 pm
yet most of us get along great with each other whether it is black, hispanic, white, asian, you name it. the nation really is a melting pot that is a truly diverse nation. people are trying come into this country they're not fleeing from switzerland or sweden and so forth. they're coming into this country mostly from the third world mostly from countries that are majority nonwhite. the whole narrative that's being push about our culture and nation is one big lie i would be curious of your opinion represent mostly white district, and what do you make of all of this? >> you know, i think race in america is something that has, obviously, been a major issue for our country i don't need to go into the history. i think we all are aware of it. but the country is changing quite rapidly i think the reason why the left continues to go back to race when they have no substantive argument for the things that they actually want to do taillight reason they always go back and try to bring
4:50 pm
up phrases like jim crow or voter suppression, and things like this, is because they understand that when black americans or hispanic americans, or white americans those doesn't matter when they actually get a chance to see these policies -- and actually learn about these policies they reject them. but unfortunately a lot of americans still fall prey to the notion that racism is rampant in america it is simply not true and quite false do we have flare-ups in our country yes unfortunately we do because we're people none of us are angels we are not perfect. but the vast majority of our country are just good solid people they want to live in harmony and peace. they want their kids to play in basketball leagues and football leagues, and baseball leagues. they don't care that the other kids on the team are black or hispanic or white people want to go to work and church and go to their supermarket they want to live their lives and harmony and peace.
4:51 pm
that truly is america. but i will tell you this, the reason why elite push so hard is because for the first time since around 1965 black voters are actually looking for a political home. hispanic voters are actually looking for a political home. they just want a country where they can flourish kids can flourish and policies reside in conservatism. and i think probably the worst thing one of the worst things that has happened and this is where i hold my own partyiable republican parties and piss poor job of actually communicating and speaking to minority communities but that's going change because i totally believe when conservatism is brought to all people americans embrace it and it goes back to race. mark: very well said a funny thing about liberty, capitalism competition whether it is schools or anything else -- it really does raise people. it lifts them up inspires people and so forth. and one of the problems we have in addition to the republican
4:52 pm
party to communicate to these various communities is the iron fist to control the democratic party has over these communities. they control how the money is spent. they control the school systems, they control the narrative. the media, the local media basically what democrat has to say when you look at joe biden, this executive order it is all of those executive orderings aren't aimed at creating a heament vibrant united america they're aimed at creating a more increasingly powerful democrat party. that feeds the various constituent groups in its face creates different constituent groups in its base. so rather than uniting the nation, they travellize the nation. and part of the problem we're having is figure ring out how to break through that when we have a media that's in the back pocket of the democrat party and big tech now that is censoring people. and you final thoughts from you, sir. >> the number one i think that is essential right now is it is important for people americans
4:53 pm
with about to block out the fluff and noise that they see on cable news shows. all they're trying to do is distract you from what is really happening in america. because i'm going tell you this, donald trump tax returns have nothing to do with the biden administration unilaterally changing complex to increase the price of gasoline and electricity on low income americans, and middle income americans. you see we've to stay foundation on things that are real and listening to fan dancers in front of us and i'm using your word from listening to your show for ten years. mark: thank you. well congressman, you are a really a breath of fresh air and you're a rising star as far as i'm concerned and i want to thank you for coming on the program. congressman, byronen donalds god bless you sir. >> god bless you too sir. >> rial cell phone repair. did you know liberty mutual customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need? just get a quote at really? i'll check that out.
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mark: welcome back, america. this is a great country. this is a diverse country. we americans when left alone get along just fine. we get along in schools, synagogues, churches, mosques, we get along at the 7-eleven. we get along at the restaurants. we love each other and support each other. think about the military. when we go off to war those units are made up of a coalition of americans. think about law enforcement despite what you have heard and the propaganda.t red blood americans. you see it he where. youu see it in the classroom. you see it in sports. you see it in broadcasting.
4:59 pm
this narrative that our country is a white dominated country. thatry it was born in racism and can't shake it. everywhere you look people are discriminated against and beaten down. that is a lie that is told over and over again by the liars in the american media and the liars in big tech. it's a lie told in classroom after classroom with tenured left-wing professors in our colleges and universities. it'sol a lie pushed by the american education system and nancy pelosi and chuck schumer and their surrogates. it's time we have people on television. people who make a fortune in sports that love this country the way we do. embrace the anthem, embrace the flag. people died to give us the
5:00 pm
society we have. i will be damned if we are going to surrender it to the slick-stalking leftists who keep putting us down. i will see you next time on "life, liberty & levin." [♪♪♪] dan: welcome to "watters' world." number for jesse tonight. here is point one. you have to adopt the walensky rules. he wasn't one of the good guys i think we know that. but this rules for organizing worked. if we don't adopt them we'll be overrun by them. he can take back narrative


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