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tv   Fox News Live  FOX News  April 10, 2021 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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call your doctor if worsened breathing, chest pain, mouth or tongue swelling, problems urinating, vision changes, or eye pain occur. for real protection ask your doctor about breztri. hunter biden ordering creation of a bipartisan mission to study potential reform to the supreme court. among the top topics, expanding the number of justices. hello, everyone is welcome to fox news live. hey, eric. eric: thank you for joining us. as the president considers possible changes to the supreme court, the crisis of the southern border is still raging and now we are told shattering recent records as number of children enter our country alone from central america, it's reached the highest level ever, the 19000 last month, more than
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600 children a day. leave fox news team coverage on all of this. richard is on the border with more on the growing situation there. let's begin with david at the white house with the administration reaction. reporter: since the supreme court was founded well over 200 years ago in this country, the number has fluctuated a bit on the high court, started with six justices but we've had nine justices on the u.s. supreme court 1869. four years after the end of the civil war. this commission is a bipartisan commission announced via executive order by president biden. 180 days to come up with a solution about potentially adding or subtracting from the u.s. supreme court the president during the campaign promise that commission to look at multiple issues. the white house says they want to stress bipartisan and before the president receives a report but already getting tons of pushback from publicans at least
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on capitol hill. senator ben sasse threw a punch of a statement, talking about the president he knows it's going to be a tax payer funded door stopper with the president doesn't have is the courage to flatly tell the radical left he's not going to pack the supreme court. speaking of court packing, it was president franklin roosevelt who made the phrase famous when he wanted to add justices to the u.s. supreme court but failed 1983, then senator joe biden from delaware called the idea a bonehead idea when referring to that plan almost 40 years later, he made it clear a few months ago high court should stay out of politics. >> the last thing we need to do turn the supreme court into a political football, whoever has the most votes gets whatever they want. presidents come and go, supreme
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court justices stay for generations. >> this commission itself has 36 numbers and also they will look at other aspects. >> they will look at the courts rule in the constitutional system, length of service and turnover of justice on the court, the membership size of the court the selection rules and practices. >> the commission welcome back with recommendations by fall, likely october, 180 days from when it was announced but getting it through to make changes, plus will be the filibuster, we need to know if there's an appetite to get rid of the filibuster or make changes to getting this done could be different and some speculate the president may do this just to have a cover if he doesn't actually want to do it so we'll see what the commission says it is up to not only the white house but congress is the key. eric: i wonder if president biden who will listen to senator
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biden who called a bonehead idea. david, thank you. arthel: okay, thank you, president biden's coordinator is stepping down at the end of april. she already planned tuesday only through biden's first 100 days in office. this comes at customs and border protection are reporting staggering surge and migrant shelters, up 187% from last year. richard is live near the border in texas more corporate good afternoon, it's a busy morning here on the southwest border at this particular location, a mile north of the rio grande river and mexican border here. it's a commonly busy morning, they arrested about were apprehended about 100 migrant earlier this morning, several hours here waiting for
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transportation so different detention facilities throughout the area. many are overcrowded. according to folks in the ground, you got migrant who made the journey all the way through those from the northern triangle, other places as well. places like ecuador, nicaragua and even a couple all the way over from eastern europe and romania and that something that happens. we will come across the ocean to find a different way in the u.s. and they will join the migrant through central america. this is about as nice as it's been over the past couple of days we've been here, 100 degrees yesterday and they are getting them like this on a daily basis, you remain here who are going to be picked up shortly by buses. when you look at the numbers, 187% increase, if you look at where the southwest border is now compared to the same in the
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last fiscal year but when you specifically talk about where we are now, rio grande valley, 2402% increase over the reviews here. unaccompanied minors, 19000 last month alone according to customs and border protection, that is a record. these issues continue playing out, the question is what are you going to do about it? white house response is that they are going to try to invest in areas in the northern triangle in central america to try to stop or prevent or at least hamper the issue ongoing in the area to try to stop the drivers of migration to compel those to take the dangers in many times deadly journeys all the way up to mexico to the southern u.s. border. proposing $4 billion. you mentioned white house border coordinator, ambassador jacobson who will leave now at the end of the month according to white house, white house transit as she was around just for the first 100 days of the administration through the end of the month and full
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responsibility falls on vice president kamala harris is taking over for these but as this is ongoing, there still mass influx at the southern u.s. border and what border patrol tells us is the scene we got behind us and what we have been seeing this morning, a daily occurrence, repetition every day here on the southwest border. arthel: okay, i'll take it back here. we're going to have much more on the border crisis and possible expansion of the supreme court. congresswoman beth is here, show, a little later. ♪♪ eric: a big win for amazon after workers at a warehouse in alabama voted against unionizing yesterday. the vote was decisive against being represented by the retail sales department store union union accuses the online retail giant of illegally interfering
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with the vote. more on amazon first union, charles watson outside with the latest. reporter: the retail department store union says it will act the national labor board to set aside election results of the union accuses amazon of illegally interfering with workers right to vote. those alleged actions on the part of amazon created an environment of confusion, coercion and fear of retaliation among employees at amazon at the alabama warehouse. >> you saw the results despite the number of people who signed cards was a real fear that they were going to lose their jobs if they voted for the union. they told people have to get there ballots in by march 1 even though the deadline was march
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29. reporter: amazon released a statement pushing back on those claims saying it's easy to predict the union will say that amazon won the election because we intimidated employees but that is not true, our employees heard our more anti- amazon messages from the union policy makers and media outlets and they heard from us. senator bernie sanders who supported unionization efforts and visited alabama to support amazon workers says he's disappointed by results but not surprised. one expert tells fox news all hope is not lost for the employees who voted yes, those employees have a number of options including forming minority union. >> they can only bargain on behalf of the workers who pay dues and join the organization. 700 workers have something that can create a vehicle for them to
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raise issues with the company. reporter: rw ds w says he does expect another election to take place, when it will happen is unclear. what is clear, the fight is far from over, eric. eric: definitely sounds like that. charles, thank you. arthel: guns across the united kingdom today marking the death of queen elizabeth husband, prince philip. military leaders honoring the former naval officer with batteries cannons and guns firing rounds and cities, mourners gathering at the palace to pay respects. prince philip was 99 and the longest-serving in british history. benjamin hall is live in london with the latest. >> good afternoon. we've now received more detail of prince philip savino by
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buckingham palace. next saturday 10:00 eastern, the chaplain. thirty family members will be able to attend it will be televised. arrangements will celebrate and reflect life of service, significantly about the light of the coronavirus pandemic. members of the royal family will walk behind, charles will lead the way. the company we carried on a specially adapted land rover, prince philip himself helped design. the queen be separate from the chapel. print charles thanked the public for their support. >> a very special task. what have been amazed by the reaction and the things being said, we are a family. reporter: the have been gun salute around the world today and a stream of people arriving
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in buckingham palace. members of the royal family also visiting the queen at windsor calling the dukes death. prince philip is remembered for lifelong service to the country in his wife and clean, they were married 73 years but also known for his straight talking, honesty and sense of humor. his military band, world war ii veteran in the uk, embodies the values of the wartime generation, keep calm and carry on. strong elements of his military background of the funeral as well and we are learning prince harry will attend the funeral but meghan markle has been advised not to due to her pregnancy. arthel: benjamin, thank you very much. eric. ♪♪ >> back here in our country, president biden approving a massive $1.5 trillion spending plan. increases across a range of domestic programs including
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education, health research and climate change. the question now is whether it will receive any bipartisan support. lived in washington with what the president proposes. reporter: president biden thinks expanding, not shrinking the federal government is the answer the countries problems. jen psaki says priorities have changed from the previous administration in the first budget. >> our country is confronting the pandemic and economic downturn, climate change and raraal injustice at the same time we are also inheriting legacy of chronic underinvestment, priorities vital to long-term success the president is focused on reducing this trend. reporter: $1.5 trillion budget presents 16% increase in domestic spending including 14 billy to fight climate change. we will decrease inflation. republican senators on the armed
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service community are outraged. cutting america's defense budget completely undermines washington democrats tough talk on china also calls into question the ministrations willingness to confront the chinese communist party. some democrats want to cut the defense budget, white house defendant it spending. >> we believe it provides a blessed robust needed to deter work and ensure nations security grounds in the administration's national security. >> white house proposed separate $2.3 trillion plan to ask infrastructure in the budget is due in the spring to include social security in order of the federal budget last year. eric: thanks so much. arthel: texas congressman dan crenshaw undergoing emergency eye surgery to fix a detached retina believe him effectively blind for about a month. he's releasing this statement saying you to a terrifying
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prognosis, someone with one eye, the nature of the injuries i sustained in afghanistan, anyone who knows the history of my injuries knows that i don't have a good idea but have a good eye. the former abc lost his right eye in an explosion while serving in afghanistan we are pulling for a successful procedure. the biden administration struggling to deal with unfolding humanitarian crisis at the southern border, what can be done about the dire situation how much it is costing, still had. ♪♪
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one of our top stories, unfolding humanitarian crisis continue on our seven border. federal border agents say they've been overwhelmed by the sheer number of migrants who continue to cross into our country. the number is steadily increasing for nearly a year now skyrocketed in february and march and the flow so far shows no signs of stopping. republican congressman of texas joins us, former mayor in texas, you know what it's like on the
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front lines. the number of unaccompanied children from central america hit a record number last month. almost 19000, that's about 600 day they make a dangerous check and they're still coming, what actions would you like to see the biden administration take? >> i'd like the biden administration to actually listen to the folks who have warned them if they change their policy, is exactly what would happen if they were in the room when you talk to people like tom cotton or mark morgan, they were in the room talking to biden and advisors telling him if you move forward and opened the border, if you move forward on deportation, you will see a surge, expect to see drug and human smugglers in our country at record numbers so the idea that this is normal and it happens every year is completely else the biden administration was warned this would happen and they did it anyway. the numbers we are seeing
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skyrocketed unlike anyone seen in history. look at the numbers already with illegal crossings in the month of march. estimated anywhere between 107 -- 250,000 people. compare that to this time last year, 30,000 people. but what i like to see them do go back to the programs we had, the policies we've had under the last administration to prevent the surges, they kept the kids with their families and kept them in the country in their country so they don't have to make the trek from mexico, they were sexually assaulted on the way, they want betrayed by coyotes and they were separated spent thousands of miles away from the family. that's what i would like. i'm sorry. >> the administration says they put out the message and say the border is closed others say that is not the message some of these
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people are getting, they understand the administration for example is releasing into the country, 71% up from last month, 173% in terms of the family's month to month the administration says dispatching officials to talk to the countries and perhaps try to get money to deal with the problem. do you think that is enough? >> i do. eric: you're still there. >> absolutely not. what we saw again in the last administration, they already had deals with the other countries, but they would hold them until they were able to apply for asylum ripped up as soon as the biden administration came through. the rhetoric we are going to have open borders and we heard them loud and clear, human smugglers and drug smugglers. that's who they empowered,
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millions of dollars and you look at the biden administration, they are the best team of smugglers they've ever had. they are enriching them and empowering them and unfortunately at the cost of not only citizens but all the other unaccompanied minors you see coming into the country. i saw kids squished into pods originally built for 250 people during covid, covid restrictions now had 5000, what i saw was not being tested for covered, customs and border patrol and protection doing the best they can with the resources they have. i also saw miles of the most exposed, patients who would normally be patrolling them had
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to be pulled into deal with processing because of the search. areas where drug smugglers are coming in, human traffickers have access and all this was completely in control of the biden administration calls the crisis. it's heartbreaking, we're trying to do our best to show an exclusive what's going on, that's why you see so many republican congressman going down and showing videos. we wrote a letter, seeing the biden administration because of their failure to enforce title 42 which would keep people from covid from crossing into our borders and exposing our first responders to this terrible virus. what we are seeing is a double standard in telling the rest of the country we are at risk of shutdown, closing business, keeping kids out of school but the borders are completely ignoring. eric: the administration, title
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42 as a reason to expel they say they are expelling adults under the public health restriction but it is on both sides, a terrible situation and your heartbreaks, especially for these young kids who have to go through this, this is what they face. >> we saw 5700 folks silly, not one was tested for covered. eric: that's a horrible situation. mayor of irving, texas, we'll see if something comes with the request as this situation shows so far no sign of ending. thank you for joining us today. arthel: pfizer said insights on kids younger than 16 as the cdc recommends all school-age kids return to the classroom fall, a look at the impact of the vaccine on children just ahead.
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pfizer is asking fda to approve emergency use of its covid vaccine for children ages 12 -- 15. data showing shots are one 100%
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effective in the age group. if approved, the vaccine could be available in less than a month. the cdc says all school kids across the country should be back in classrooms by fall. doctor freda fisher joins us now, certified in pediatrics and internal medicine. i want to take a step back first, based on what's currently known, what does covid due to an adolescent body? >> many children asymptomatic but not all children. of all kids being hospitalized, one third are admitted to the icu so children and adolescents can get a respiratory illness and they can even get long-haul or the long covid we talked about such as brain fog, poor concentration, blood clot, neurological problems to adolescents are not immune to covered. arthel: i'm going to have you answer this question, i'm sure parents want to know, why should parents allow their 12 -- 15
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euros to get covid vaccine? >> is an excellent question and this is why, we have long known children can be a source of transmission the variance arrived, they find children especially the ones in care, they are increasingly spreading covid and spreading it to their parents and grandparents tend to get sicker. we now have to study, it is amazing looking at 2260 children between 12 -- 15, they've got the placebo versus the real pfizer vaccine. eighteen got sick and all were in the placebo group to what does that mean? the vaccine is one 100% effective in children 12 -- 15 if we get the children vaccinated face-to-face school will be safer. less transmission of the virus closer to her community that we need. children make up about 24% of
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the population so without them, we are not likely to get over this pandemic so the vaccine is safe for children according to the data and research, parents let the kids the vaccinations. arthel: should parents be concerned about adverse effects from the vaccine down the road? >> according to this data, children have the same side effects profile as an adult so they have some of the immediate side effects like sore arm, some got a little feverish or chills but long-term we don't have the actual answer but thus far, it looks like long-term effects we expect from the vaccine adults, which at this time were not predicting, you would expect in children so basically it looks like the vaccine just as safe for 15-year-old as it is an adult is a robust study where we've looked at over 100,000 adults and now millions of adults have gotten the vaccine is now it's looking like safety
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and side effect profile and our children. arthel: i want to talk about adults now, the parents of these children we are talking about and that brings me to shingles. what is shingles? who gets it, how you catch it? should they get the same shingles vaccine? >> that's such a good question. shingles is nobody's friend. it's a reactivation of the chickenpox virus so if you have had chickenpox or even the vaccine in some cases, years down the road you can get shingles which is a painful infection that affects one side of the body on the skin, it can be painful nerve like and you get a blister and some shingles can get a debilitating neuralgia which causes severe pain. good news is that we have a safe vaccination for shingles and if you get the vaccination, it's over 90% effective you likely will not get the shingles. the people who should get the
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vaccine are over the age of 50, if you're 50 and older, you should get it and shots of two doses, two to six months apart, it's a dead vaccine so you have no chance of getting the shingles from the vaccine so you don't want the shingles, you should get the vaccine. arthel: so if you get the vaccine, he said there are two so once i get the double dose in the appropriate time, is that it will do i keep getting a shingles shot? >> that's it. two months apart, you have over 90% chance of being a man, even older people, and 70s, it is great. there was another vaccine that came out in 2006 before this one and that was only about 50% effective and even 40% in older people but the one the cdc recommends so if you have had chickenpox or even the vaccine in your and older or
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immunocompromised, definitely is recommended you get the shingles vaccine. arthel: okay, i keep hearing and seeing commercials, i'm going to ask what is this? what should i do about it? i want to wrap up, another 30 or 40 seconds with you and i want to go back to the kids. the cdc says listen, pretty much most if not all kids school-age kids will be back in the classroom come this fall, i know you said you recommend parents have their kids vaccinated for covered, the vaccine is safe. do you think a little off topic but kind of not but i want to go, do you think much like you have to bring whatever vaccination papers to school, do you think the covid vaccine should be on the list, included on the list, my child has been vaccinated? >> that is a tricky topic because right now the vaccine only has emergency use
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authorization and they have not gone through the full two years after you receive the second dose. it's difficult to require they've done it so right now what i recommend is scientists, physicians and healthcare providers just keep pushing and pushing the evidence and reality we are in a real pandemic, we've had over 80000 cases a day, we've got death continuing, variance on the rise so i hope people take a community perspective and responsibly and that they get the vaccine. down the road once we receive a general authorization that i do believe likely there will be requirements much like measles mumps and rubella and all these vaccines we've been getting all our lives but right now with just having the eua and not even receiving the children yet, i think we just have to make best recommendations for the community and go from there. arthel: thank you for delicately
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answering that delicate question, appreciated having you on and we look forward to next time. >> thank you. ♪♪ eric: supreme court blocking covers restriction on religious services in california. the latest, the number of rulings that have gone against these measures. 524 ruling that happened last night, justices looked at governor gavin newsom's orders that have limited home-based religious worship and bible studies and prayer meetings at home. more on the impact of this and what the ruling said. reporter: the ruling specifically impacts religious gatherings inside private homes like bible study classes or prayer meetings and in that vote, the supreme court basically unassigned order that lives california's restrictive nonsecular get-togethers in private residencies. the majority of the opinions say
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california treats some comparable secular activities more favorable than at home religious exercise permitting hair salons, retail stores, personal care services, movie theaters, private suites and sporting events and indoor dining to bring together more than three households out of time and added california can't assume the worst when people go to worship but assume the best when people go to work for in this, elena kagan said california limits religious gatherings and homes to three households. at the state limits all secular gatherings and homes to three households, it's complied with the first amendment and the state does exactly that, it's adopted a blanket restriction on at-home gatherings of all kinds, religious and secular alike. california does not need to treat at home religious gatherings the same as hardware stores hair salons and that the
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law does not require that the state equally treat apples and watermelons. lawyers for the state reportedly have said it's policy is neutral and limits gatherings for any purpose, secular or religious and say strickland will change next week on the 15th of april and allow as many as 25 people at services. eric: thanks so much. arthel: severe storms in the forecast, parts of the u.s., a closer look at your weekend weather coming up next.
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parts of the south bracing for bad weather, severe thunderstorms, heavy rain, high wind and possible tornadoes to areas raining from southeast louisiana to the florida panhandle. adam has all the details, he is here now.
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>> you are right, these storms we've been tracking here the last couple days continue to march slowly across the southeast, this is the leading edge of storms as we continue to see that they were about, typically the storms are the worst, a couple of hours here for that will continue but the storm reports over the past 24 hours, you see a lot of jail records and when reports write down along the gulf coast, those are tornado reports, that the red dots where we seek tornadoes over the past 24 hours nothing currently on the ground outside with severe thunderstorms but it's where you see hail and wind up to 60 miles an hour, we seen heavy rain also so localized flooding is an issue and we will continue to see it. this is where the bull's-eye is for severe weather as the system marches across the southeast so running through central florida into north florida and portions of south florida, areas where you continue to see big thunderstorms as well as potential for hail and wind up
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to 60 miles an hour. future forecast shows is sweeping through florida and all this rain this to the mid atlantic and eventually new england. it's not likely severe weather but still thunderstorms sweeping through the areas. this is basically where we typically see severe weather so as it lifts to the north, we are going to lose some of the heat that fuels these but toward the west where we seen the past couple of days of severe weather, this is the time of year it happens. tornado l.a. and we will continue to watch this here this afternoon. arthel: it's that time of year. thank you. eric: president biden announced he's forming commission to study possible reforms to the supreme court. one of the changes could include adding more justices to the court and i see the president didn't support as a candidate for the next, if this will happen. ♪♪
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breaking news out of utah, to sheriff's deputies reportedly have been shot outside the sheriff's department in south salt lake. affiliate there reports that one of the concerns, officers is in stable condition, the condition of the other officer is not
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known at this time. the shooter reportedly has been shot and killed to sheriff's deputies reportedly shot, we don't have a motive but we will report more details as we get them. >> president roosevelt has a right to send the u.s. senate and proposal to pack the court. it was totally within his right to do that. he violated no law, he was legally sickly absolutely correct but it was a bonehead idea, it was a terrible, terrible mistake to make. eric: a bonehead move that was senator joe biden in 1983 giving his advice about expanding u.s. supreme court referring to present rosenfeld to do that, court packing in 1937. well, now president biden creates a commission to do just that. enlarging the nation's highest
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court, progressive and liberal democrats calling for republicans and they are up in arms. with the president take his former senators self advice editor of the "wall street journal" joins us now. you think we will see an expansion team? >> president biden said during the campaign that he didn't have firm opinion on this and wasn't inclined to join in the rally to expand the court to dilute cash three conservative now so this is the answer, he said commission and he's done that. if you are a lost student right now, you want to be an intern on the commission because it's a robust very interesting group of conservative as well as liberal legal scholars and lawyers, former judges, a range of people, former congress people
11:53 am
who are going to debate some of the issues presented by the president. eric: but you know what? john -- let me interrupt for second, you get these high fluent people and the criticism is that they are just trying to use it as a cover to expand the court while critics are saying it is all political. >> it could also be a cover for joe biden to satisfy the progressive wing of his own party which has been arguing for an expansion of the court as a result of some of the political imaginations mitch mcconnell pursued to get to conservative members of the court so it might be biden think we'll have a commission but i'm not going to do anything as a result. it would be hard to him to muster those within his own party to expand the court. mind you the court has changed over the years, six members of
11:54 am
the court when it was formed in 1790. a change, it went up and down until 1869 when it settled at nine court members. thomas has the story about this right now so when fdr packing the court, expanding the court, he was angry about social programs not getting the court in overtime the court serves dynamically change and he never did anything about it the court -- [inaudible] eric: >> he went down in flames on that. let me read you to promise about this situation now in fdr's court packing five of six conservative supreme court justices who initially lost the
11:55 am
boat and confirmed by senators representing minority of americans, we need to expand reform expand, the voter by the rules. an author, ashley fight over the number of supreme court justices couldn't put a stop to real reform under joe biden, possible argument against it, perhaps even a powerful one political logic against moving rashly, what you think the president is going to do when he gets that report on his back desk? >> i think it's going to sit on his desk and he'll numeral over and he's going to say i got it and thank you very much. stephen breyer appointed by clinton in 1994, the last couple days says look, we've got to be careful not to politicize reports.
11:56 am
the group is going to look at a number of things. the process by which port numbers chosen, should there be term limits not necessarily expanding the court also, is this really something president biden wants to spend political capitol on something he may not be able to get through his own party as opposed to all the other things he wants to, infrastructure ending, economic expansion of social welfare programs, you have to ask yourself whether or not he does want to spend political capitol that way. eric: we'll see what happens, if there's action or the ends up in a vertical file, you know what that is, it's over there on the floor. great to see you. arthel: we are back in one hour. please join us.
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welcome to the editorial report. i am paul gigot. new election law continues this week as companies including delta airlines, coca-cola and major league baseball based backlash over the criticism of the law which republicans accused them to come into a democratic pressure campaign. president biden said last week he would strongly support the mlb link the game from georgia, changed his tune when asked about pulling this week's masters golf tournament from the state. >> can


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