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tv   FOX and Friends Saturday  FOX News  April 10, 2021 3:00am-7:00am PDT

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i've been driving my old black jalopy so there you go. >> that -- that's a ♪♪ here i go again on my own ♪♪ down the only road i have ever known ♪♪ brian: a shot of the nation's capital saturday morning on "fox and friends". good morning. neil: excited to be here. pete: it is national siblings day.
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we have special treatment behind the scenes. jedediah: i noticed a change. will: can i just say how dare he? the first day they put a blow dryer on my hair, the first day. jedediah: i did notice before we went on the air, sometimes we see each other for a second and i said did he get a haircut? what did he do? it is a win for you. jedediah: i will take on a teleprompter. pete: we begin with an overnight victory for religious freedom, the supreme court ruling california cannot
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enforce covid restrictions on in-home religious gatherings like bible studies and prayer meetings. jedediah: this overturned a ruling that upheld gavin newsom's limit on people attending a gathering. jedediah: to do other activities like shopping, the state cannot limit at home religious gatherings. we have more on this decision coming up later in the show. jonathan will let us know what he thinks of that ruling from the supreme court. heading into the presidential election, joe biden was reluctant to tell us if he was interested in packing the supreme court. he wasn't always so open to the idea. he along with several on the liberal side of the aisle of the supreme court have said this has been a bad idea, the idea of increasing the number of justices who sit on the
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supreme court from 9. now they are more open to the idea at least more open than they have been in the past. this is what joe biden said in 1983. >> president roosevelt has a right to send a proposal, it was totally within his right to do that. he violated no law. he will legal a sickly absolutely correct but it was a bonehead idea. it was a terrible terrible mistake to make and put in question for an entire decade the independence of the most significant body, including the congress in my view, the most significant body in this country, the supreme court of the united states of america. >> in 2021 he created a commission to study reforms of the supreme court including expanding the court. jedediah: i'm surprised are sharp he was in 1983, he was the chairman of the senate judiciary committee. he was always defend her, the
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vanguard of the senate, the institutional norms we shall not touch because they are so central to our democracy, republic, we can't allow them to be crumbled until he was an empty vessel candidate who didn't want to choose the position because he objected to the meetings of this, we want to open up the court so he said let's at least do a commission on it which we knew what the commission was. it was always a step toward a rationalization or justification of adding justices because the supreme court is the one place the left doesn't have complete power. even as you referenced, breyer and ruth bader ginsburg said that idea politicizing the whole thing. who is asking questions about this about-face from joe biden, peter doocy in the press briefing room asked jen psaki
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about the current president's previous comments. here's how it went. >> president biden said in 1983 he thought court packing -- >> time machine. >> the court packing was a bonehead idea when fdr tried it so why ask a panel to see if it is a good idea? >> the panel is being asked to take a number of steps including the pro-plaps and cons on that issue, there are progressives on the court, conservatives on the court, people present different opinions in different points of view and have a report at the end of 180 days. >> everyone knows the consequences of doing this. she happens to toe that line but it is an absolutely ridiculous event. you should always think about
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as a politician what you want these decisions to look like when someone else is making them. you are in power, you can get everything done but someone else is going to be in power again may be very soon and they could make similar patterns of decisions. are you comfortable with that. what is the goal? what do you wind up with, 36 people on the court? 400? joe biden decides to add a few more and republicans gain power at the white house and want their own commission? do these numbers not mean anything anymore. they should take a moment to consider the uselessness of this commission and do they want to make a decision like this that is so divisive and threatens the sanctity of well-established institution for what? will they be comfortable with the other party makes a similar decision in the near future in a similar pattern. kayleigh mcenany weighed in on this talking about when they are or are not willing to change those positions. >> democrats change institutions when they don't get their way. the filibuster they want to eradicate, get rid of it so
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they have complete control of the legislature. let's pack the court. since 1869 it has been a 9 justice supreme court, let's get rid of that and let's get rid of the electoral college so we can have one party rule and win elections in perpetuity. they are distracting from this with immigration, infrastructure and the like. will: it is important to understand what is going on. whether this commission can actually accomplish packing the court it shows the desire, it shows the goal of many on the left to do away with the checks and balances the keep them from accomplishing their agenda. it puts to the side anyone who oppose their power and make no mistake it is not an isolated incident. there have been attempts to do away with the filibuster, also a check on their power, tends to bring dc and puerto rico in expanding their power, packing
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the supreme court is just another in the line of doing away with pediments to absolutely getting your willing government. pete: got to think about the shoe, what is the point is to prevent the issue from being on the other foot and that seems this approach is what they are doing. combining the filibuster, combining hr one, rationalization for reducing zoning laws and open the doors and demand or dreamers they see as future voters, to make sure they don't have to deal with this problem but not as easy as they think. another bad idea from the left that has emanated over the past year and longer is defunding the police and making police the bad guys and systemic racism is everywhere in every department therefore behavior against the police is completely justified. here's one example that came from the nypd police benevolent association, men on the street
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in upper manhattan where i used to live, man on the street harassing nypd officers. this is from tuesday but here is a portion. >> what is your badge number? that is for you. out! go! goodbye! >> he wants to hold two minutes of video nothing more than harassment, no actual specific grievance against those officers, you're an officer in our neighborhood and this is what -- how we are going to
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treat you. this is from the police benevolent association, this is the hate and harassment directed at these nypd thirtieth precinct coordination officers, no reason apart from the uniform. these haters don't speak for the community but politicians think they do. that is the problem. there is a noisy group of folks screaming about the police and nobody on the left stands up to them. jedediah: the consequence of police budgets being cut, police feeling they are going into communities and get treated like this is a lot of areas get less safe and that is widening out. there were always safe and unsafe neighborhoods in manhattan in the new york city area but that area is spreading out again the way it looks in the pre-giuliani years, on social media you see any number of videos of harassment occurring on subways, many people, this is my city, i
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lived here my whole life, i say i wouldn't walk down the street which is horrific because a year ago i would have felt comfortable walking down there at night alone. this is a problem. there are consequences for treating police officers this way. the police officers feeling completely unsupported and the consequences affect the community at large. something needs to be done and it needs to start with people at the top. bill deblasio, cuomo who somehow is in a position of power, they need to do something because the whole community is suffering at large as a result of people who are very outspoken and making police feel very uncomfortable doing their jobs on a day-to-day basis. pete: they understand having police power reduced in their neighborhoods, citizens of washington heights to do notch share the point of view we saw in that sweet, when police are pushed out of their neighborhoods. you brought up bill deblasio
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and what he might be doing. here is his spokesman who put this tweet out, new york city mayor is having too much fun this week, he's riding the roller coaster talking to people, holding a banner that says 6 feet apart because we didn't know that yet, thanks. a heckuva tight end, no doubt. jedediah: he is trying to invite people to reopen the city, it is safe, we get it, they are having fun sending a message but we also get, nothing about soaring crime in a city where people are feeling increasingly unsafe and police are feeling increasingly unsupported so you can do both things at the same time, some people can juggle walking and chewing gum at the same time.
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it is hard. some headlines now, we begin with cold weather, tornado watch in effect in parts of the south after powerful storms ripped through louisiana and mississippi bringing high winds, heavy rain and large hail, tornadoes were reported in the region. a tree nearly splitting a mobile home in half in central mississippi, no word on any injuries. us climate czar john kerry facing backlash because of his private jet, the jet flew his family from boston to idaho thursday. john kerry was not on board the gas guzzling just because he was on a closet taurean asia preaching against carbon emissions which is calling for net 0 emissions despite private just estimated we met 40 times more carbon per passenger is commercial flights. mlb pitcher becomes a hero for his hometown team. >> the shortstop. makes history.
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>> reporter: pitching the first no-hitter in padres history, struck out 10 batters and the texas rangers 3-0. those are your headlines. pete: beat the rangers, congratulations. they are playing baseball this year? i didn't even know. where is the all-star game? that moved to colorado. president biden pushing for brand-new gun-control laws but one of his new proposals links to criminal allegations against his son hunter. this story is the next test for the liberal media. ♪♪ any way you want it
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>> 9 seems to be a good number. >> i'm trying to make those whose initial instant favor important structural change rather than institutional changes such as court packing think long and hard before they embody those changes in law. >> the white house is still considering supreme court expansion. what does this mean for the future of the high court. here is george washington university law professor jonathan turley. thanks for being with us. in 1934 franklin delano roosevelt attempted to pack the supreme court. in 1983 joe biden called it boneheaded and a radical idea.
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why has it changed? >> obviously times have changed. we are living in an age of rage and with that comes a certain impulse buy environment, people want to just change institutions or cancel individuals they disagree with. for many years i argued the supreme court should the expanded but my proposal would take a very long time. that is not what is being discussed here. what people are arguing for is an immediate addition of two justices to give liberals a controlling majority on the court and they are not very subtle about this was a harvard professor said we need to control the court so they sign off on all the fundamental changes, you need the court and congress in order to transform the system. that is really saying the quiet part out loud. many of these individuals who
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advocate for court packing are not very subtle. the question is where is the president and many of us had hoped that he would be the biden we knew in the senate, someone who is a moderating voice. he hasn't thus far. >> the case that came out of the supreme court recently a 5-4 decision regarding limits on in-home religious gatherings, the court will california cannot limit in-home religious gatherings while also allowing secular activities albeit outside the home. would you agree with this opinion which it is worth noting conservative or republican appointed supreme court justice john roberts found himself in the dissent along with more liberal justices. >> that is the interesting thing about this. it shows the john roberts is not necessarily the swing vote but the middle of the court.
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you do have a controlling 5 justice majority on the right. this is only the latest in a series of losses in states like michigan and california on constitutional and statutory ground courts are beginning to push back on the sweeping orders and part of the reason is they are saying there is protection in the constitution for religious exercise that you can't allow nonreligious activities to occur in groups but say you can't gather for this purpose, you need to shoulder the higher burden and you didn't do it but this is going to fuel a lot of the people saying we just need to change the court, add a couple justices to give us a controlling liberal majority. >> i encourage you to go to and check out jonathan's op-ed where he talks about the new gun control laws, the hypocrisy and so these laws, he is violating the very laws he is proposing, let's
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>> some quick headlines was a fourth vaccination site closes 3 days after people report having adverse reactions to the johnson & johnson vaccine. the latest every closures and trajectory eight people reported bad reactions. one was sent to the hospital and later released. similar incidents happened in colorado, iowa and north carolina. the boston marathon's new covid
3:26 am
restrictions could exhaust races before the reached starting line. they need to show two negative covid tests even if vaccinated. the race is scheduled to be in october. pete: jedediah: pete: barre michael walsh demanding the youth had any turnover all material used in the seminar after screen shots showed topics like white rage, understanding that, saying it is antithetical to military values. >> when you come into the united states army, from day one you are all the same, you believe army green and the only skin color worry about is camouflage and enemy bullets don't care about black, white, brown, political party or race or religion or any of that and we shouldn't care about it either as we teach future leaders of the united states army. pete: 20 ms. jeremy hunt,
3:27 am
thanks for being here. some of these include training on white power at west point, racist dog whistles at west point. is this the kind of thing you saw when you were there? >> know. i was only there six years ago and never saw anything like this. we would have mandatory diversity training and that kind of thing but the same basic thing about treating people with respect, different backgrounds, critical race theory is something different. this is something very strategic and specific they want to teach this ideology at the nation's premier military academy as it metastasizes to the rest of the course. this is very dangerous but i appreciate the congressman speaking out against this. this is not just run-of-the-mill culture war issue, this is what kind of
3:28 am
america do we want to live in, do we want to be judged by the content of our character or the color of our skin. >> it will metastasizes to jessica lieutenant at west point, what they should be emphasizing his future leaders in the army and the woke pentagon says here's your curriculum it is amazing and what does it do to the force? think about leading troops if you are sent in to be skeptical about race and people's background how will it affect your job? >> the problem is it sends a contradictory message. on the one hand we are telling especially young people it is all about one team, trust each other but on the other hand we are saying race is everything and the only thing you should be concerned about is the color of your fellow soldier's skin. the message makes absolutely no sense and could have an impact on the armed forces and our readiness. this something all of us need to pay attention to.
3:29 am
>> the military is meant to be the ultimate melting pot no matter your background, you work together as a team. we reached out to west point for comment. if we get one we will give you one tomorrow but the secretary of defense lloyd austin announced new dod actions to counter extremism. they want to review and update extremism, the definition of it, update transition checklist for servicemembers leaving the military, do screening questions and form a commission on extremism studies. they will not be studying if there's extremism topic critical race theory. this is something different. >> the big question is what is the new definition. if anything the biden administration has taught us they like to do the bait and switch where they say we will target extremism and americans say that is a good thing to do but then they switch, actually
3:30 am
what we mean is target people who think differently from us. we have to be careful what this means when we debate, see how they define extremism going forward because it is an interesting time to redefine it now. pete: i wonder what the rationale might be, obama generals have been busy. thank you for your expertise. with holes exposed in the unfinished border wall migrants are finding easy access to cross into the united states. residents like our next guest made his property unmanageable, demanding president biden finished the wall. there it is... “the extra mile.” on the border of expected and extraordinary. for those willing to go further.
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's >> what is happening in arizona will affect the entire country. the biden administration decriminalize and incentivize border crossings and as a result of that there is a 5-year high in sex offenders being apprehended. the cartels, $9,000 per border crossing. look at the numbers, we are talking ability and dollars they put in their pockets as a result of this process. this affects all of us. the democratic party, 1960s jfk put a man on the moon and now in a 21st-century joe biden will put a felon and everyone's neighborhood.
3:35 am
pete: it does affect office, frustration growing among border communities as our next guest calls on president biden to finish the wall. along the arizona mexico border, the surge of migrants is so bad it is making this property unmanageable. >> good morning to you, the implications of this on your livelihood but tell us about the impact of the biden administration's lack of urgency to address this on the border. >> it is around the clock, they are heading north. my cows running around on the ranch. people are scared 24 hours a day.
3:36 am
they destroy our water lines. we don't have privacy anymore. it was tolerable. pete: are there gaps in it? could it be finished? what does the biden administration stop doing? >> the border wall is up, nothing else has been completed. the road is not done, the water crossings, virtual technology -- >> looking through the facts of your ranch, 16,000 acres down there in arizona? tell me what that is like?
3:37 am
you are moving cows from pasture to pasture. this surge in illegal immigrants, water lines broken, how does that change your job day today? what do you see for anybody watching doesn't see about the border crisis? >> the terrain. it is north out of mexico, every low spot the water runs, 58 the length of the ranch. it is a trail for people to come through. that is where you gather out of the wind and the weather, they can't ever rest, 9 passengers in that 16,000 acres.
3:38 am
the cows are in and out, in the whole ranch. jillian: we want to thank you for being here and telling us about it. impacted by these policies in 3 single day. we are going to head over for an update on some weather. >> there has been a lot of severe weather during the overnight hours. get myself fixed up here. severe weather in the overnight hours and we will see a lot here coming up throughout the day. over 300 reports, not as much, and a few more of those throughout the day.
3:39 am
in the last 45 minutes a tornado in the northwest. a tornado watch box in western areas of the panhandle of florida in southern parts of mississippi and alabama. this will spread behind the mild pattern, the latter part of today, tomorrow at the end of the weekend and monday. we are in the thick of severe weather, a lot of that going on. >> the world joins the royal family remembering the late prince philip. >> the gun salutes around the world, tributes from world leaders, steady stream of
3:40 am
mourners, curtailed by covid. he didn't want a big state funeral, he wanted something smaller. there is going to be a small family service in windsor next saturday. a period of morning could go on for weeks, they were married 73 years. politics in the uk paused for a day, no campaigning, philip was a patriarch of the royal family and so many looked to him for advice. >> what he has done is an achievement. a source of encouragement. >> gave them the respect he felt. >> reporter: he was one of the last remaining world war ii veterans in the uk, captain general of the marines at marshall of the air force, and
3:41 am
he was a man who dedicated his life to duty and the service of this country and as such he is being mourned by everybody. pete: jedediah: a liberals leave texas and florida as the new home, a look at the mass migration next. ♪♪ ♪♪
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nasa's ingenuity chopper will attempt the first controlled flight of an aircraft on another planet. the goal, however 10 feet above the surface for 30 seconds. and the artemis program is set to land the first woman on the moon and the first person of color, the administrator revealing the mission objective and a statement on president biden's new budget proposal to send a 6% budging increase to nasa which will better their ability to track climate change as well as resources to the moon, this is over to you. >> the exodus doubles over the past year. here is macro advisor, mitch rochelle. talk to us about san francisco. where are they going and what their motivations?
3:46 am
>> almost revolutionary. taxes and liberties, basically what this country was founded on. if you are paying an exorbitant amount, you're working in a bar or restaurant. in florida and texas home prices, things are open it is a no-brainer. the number of people who left in the last year alone - between march and november of 2020, 89,000 people, staggering amount. >> that's a lot of people.
3:47 am
let's look at those cities, in particular the cities from san francisco relocating to austin, texas, dallas, texas, fort lauderdale, tampa, florida, orlando, florida are the hotspots and what you said about pricing, median home prices, one.4, 482,$000, 248,000, the discrepancy is enormous, you are correct on that and that is a key motivator. i got to ask about this pandemic, business owners in particular, so when it comes to jobs and business owners, where are those people going and why? >> the same places, talking about the cost of living, if you look at the business side,
3:48 am
and at lower cost of living, they are similar in terms of the nightlife, access to ski country, salt lake city has 4% lower cost of doing this in denver. what happens? companies looking to relocate in places it is cheaper to do business. the job havens out there are the places that are the cost of doing business so you have the perfect storm in a good way, lower cost of living or doing business, you have lower economic growth and that is what you see in texas and florida now? jedediah: in places like new york that suffered so badly in terms of industry, does it go backward? back to the way it was before, cities open up, are you going to see an influx of people in
3:49 am
san francisco or new york, what do you think of that? >> if you look at the vacancy rate in new york it is abysmal months ago. the prospect of jobs opening back up, you can't count them out, every year group of kids graduate from college and tend to want to live in cities so every year you have a new class of folks in the workforce, that brings cities back. that is a tough equation, they graduate from college for head went for cities. they tend to be fairly resilient and bounce back.
3:50 am
jedediah: not to put you on the spot but is there any city in the united states, that people are not thinking about in terms of a place to go and start their business that is thriving or welcoming of those industries. >> we don't think of two places in this way. one is orlando, in different types of jobs. the other thing is tampa, tampa has a booming economy, the diversity of employment is the key. those are two places when you talk about florida generally perhaps we are not as specific. i look at orlando and tampa. jedediah: thank you for being with us today. we appreciate it and we will
3:51 am
talk to you again soon. we will be right back with more "fox and friends" on the other side. tex-mex. tex-mex. ♪♪ termites. go back up! hang on! i am hanging on. don't mess up your deck with tex-mex. terminix. hi. the only way to nix it is to terminix it. cal: our confident forever plan is possible with a cfp® professional. a cfp® professional can help you build a complete financial plan. visit to find your cfp® professional. ♪♪
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>> coronavirus pandemic providing scammers with no opportunity to defraud the public. fake vaccine cards. kurt the cyber guy joins us to explain. it is predictable people want or need, the internet is available to provide it to them. >> reporter: it wasn't designed, some forgeries going on, dial into ebay, twitter had some.
3:55 am
even facebook has pages the people are advertising as holders for cards but they come with a card. what is the problem with this, it is a crime here, as well as state attorneys, for 3 different tech companies, this is that good, a child could do in a matter of minutes. the cdc logo, to fill it out, the forgery charges, potentially down the road. doesn't belong on that card. will: businesses aren't asking for cards. what do you need a vaccine
3:56 am
card? >> what will happen, the ticket coming up to get into all sorts of things to cruise ships, major buildings, it is going to be and it will be american business, we want customers and to make customers feel comfortable we want to make sure everybody is safe. a giant population of vaccinated, let's invite vaccinated people through that. you step over here $150 we do an instant covid tests. how many times, it is inevitable. reality, watch out for these vaccine scams. just abundant online. a lot of them posted so you can see what they are, avoid them,
3:57 am
so much muck on the internet related to vaccines. will: don't get one on your own. biden's borders, spiking so what is the outgoing proposal? right here? >> not everybody wants the same thing. wet teddy bears! wet teddy bears here! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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answer a few questions. and our techno wizardry calculates your car's value and gives you a real offer in seconds. when you're ready, we'll come to you, pay you on the spot and pick up your car, that's it. so ditch the old way of selling your car, and say hello to the new way at carvana. ♪♪ because i'm happy. ♪ clap along if you feel like a room without a roof ♪♪ jedediah: welcome to the 7 a.m. hour of "fox & friends" weekend. that is a happy song, and we are happy a because we are sharing our morning with all of you out there. here with will cain and pete hegseth. pete: will and i are happy because our breakfast order will be here in 18 minutes. will: oh, that's good to know. pete: like you, will's having a western omelet, i'm having
4:01 am
sausage, egg and cheese. so pick your pick at home, whatever you want, cook it up or order it. will: that little delivery guy driving along the west side highway this morning is somewhere underneath this oranging new york morning sky. [laughter] meanwhile, in america there is, i guess, a crisis of leadership when it comes to the biden administration, because the border czar, roberta jacobson, is stepping down after serving her 100-day commitment to the administration. as she is stepping down, she is giving a suggestion, pete, as to9 where the administration if should happen from here. pete: hold on, there's a border czar? [laughter] i follow the news pretty closely. i thought that was kamala harris in charge, but she doesn't really want to be in charge. that's her right there, roberta jacobson. you'll be forgiven if you didn't know her or that she was in
4:02 am
charge or that she's diminished the title czar. apparently, she's soon to be former border czar. we're facing criticism that we may be paying migrants to stay in their home countries. here's what she said about that. she said, the soon to be former less than 100-day czar, we're looking at all of the productive options to address both the economic reasons people may be migrating as well as the protection and security reasons. one thing the i can promise you, the u.s. government isn't going to be handing out money or checks to people. so she's reassuring us, jed, they won't be giving out checks, but somehow they're addressing root causes so people won't come here even though they're not supporting the people at the border trying to stop it. jedediah: first, pete, you should know there is a czar for everything. so, of course there's a czar for this. it's interesting that you see an exodus already particularly in light of the catastrophe that's going on at the border. look, they're going to have to have answers for people. we had a rancher on last hour
4:03 am
that we talked to, people's lives are being affected heavily, not only that, but their families and livelihoods. the administration's going to have to get ahold of some people that actually know what they're doing, and they have to be unafraid to look back at policies from the former administration that may have been success offul and actually implement some of those policies. i know that will never happen, of course, but that's what you do. if you're really govern from a good place, you say this worked, let's do something about it. remains to be seen whether that will happen or not. will: in the face of numbers like the following, 172,000 border encounters in the month of march, up 71% from the priest month. -- previous month. they might want to try some different ideas. kevin mccarthy: president biden wants to buy our way out of the crisis with taxpayer money. the administration is spending $60 million a week and now wants to launch a cash transfer in
4:04 am
central america. this insults millions of americans out of work in our country. look, these three issues aren't necessarily exactly tied to one another, but think about the priorities it reflects when it comes to solving our border crisis. sending money to central america to try to stem the crisis, combine that with the story you heard earlier this week that in the state of new york $15,000 of federal money that went to new york to help with, it was for coronavirus relief, is going to undocumented immigrants in new york. $15,000 to undocumented immigrants. and i think we all have various opinions on dreamers and people brought here as children, some of them come here as 15, 16, 17-year-olds and are still called dreamers, but pell grants. joe biden's administration wants to extend pell grants to undocumented immigrants. it really makes me wonder who's the priority here.
4:05 am
pete: yeah, it's a great point. so taxpayer money will be spent to pay people before they're illegal -- will: not even here yet. pete: and after they come here, no matter how long they want to stay. jed, you mentioned john ladd, here's a guy living at the border dealing with the consequences. >> it's round the clock again with the people coming through. they're heading north, my fences are getting cut again, they destroy our water lines. every low spot the water runs, and we have 58 of them in the ranch, every one of them is a trail for people to come through. i've got 9 pasteurs in that 16,000 acres, i can't have pun pasture cut. the cows are in and out. we don't have any privacy anywhere. during president trump's four years it was managed and tolerable. and in the stroke of a pen, it
4:06 am
ended. will: stroke of a pen, it ended. before the election we talked often here, as we should have been, about what joe biden's plans when it came to the supreme court. he dodged that we, you'll remember. he did not want to answer whether or not he would expand, in other words, pack the supreme court as there were many calls to do so from the far left of his party. he wouldn't answer that question, he said he would put in place a commission. he's now delivering on that promise to study the idea of expanding the supreme court. this is what court packing is, and it hasn't been tried since franklin delano roosevelt in the 1930s. it's an absolute radical idea that joe biden himself opposed in the 1980s. this while the supreme court delivers an opinion that might be the kind that joe biden and the far left would try to circumvent with packed supreme court. the supreme court in a 5-4 decision said california's law
4:07 am
on in-home religious activities were unconstitutional. california was saying you can't have small gatherings for religious purposes, and the supreme court said, no, you can. california treats some secular activities more favorably than at-home religious exercises, movie theaters, permitting hair salons, retail stores to bring together the more than three the households at a time. but, jedediah, the rules where you couldn't go to a home and have a small bible study, for example, that was deemed unconstitution constitutional. jedediah: yeah. essentially, the ruling said you have to be able to prove somehow these gatherings of people for religious purposes inside if people's homes are somehow more threatening or problem make it than people going to malls, gym or movie theaters. they have been unable to do that. so they're essentially saying, listen, this is unfair, deeply unfair to the religious community, it's unconstitutional, and we're not going to stand by it.
4:08 am
also interesting this is the fifth time, the fifth time that the supreme court has rejected the ninth circuit's analysis of california's covid restrictions. not a small thing. pete: and this is now the 50th thing that john roberts has sided with the liberals of the court. so he continues to be the sway vote. ultimately, this is part of the reason why the supreme court matters. these are where these things get adjudicated, and that's why this commission which was announced late this week by the biden administration is so significant. feels like almost a laundering process to say we were against it, then a bunch of smart people taught it, and then they gave us the okay card to go forward and actually potentially pack the court even if it might be difficult to do in a very divided senate. we asked jonathan turley earlier on the program about packing the court, the consequence of this especially on issues like religious lockdowns. here's what he had to say. >> this is only the latest in a
4:09 am
series of losses in states like michigan and california on constitutional and statutory grounds. courts are beginning to push back on these sweeping orders. and part of the reason if the decision, look -- for the decision, look, there is protection in the constitution for religious exercise. you can't allow all these nonreligious activities to occur in group but say, well, you can't gather for this purpose. you need to shoulder that higher burden, and you didn't do it. but this is going to fuel a lot of the people saying, well, we just need to change the court. we need to add a couple of justices to give us a controlling liberal majority. pete: this is the thing from the beginning, will, that's been argued, the double standard from the beginning. you can go to walmart but you can't go to church. will: all right. you're ready for this story the, you know, 10, 15 years ago i would have said, be careful, don't throw your newspaper as you're drinking your morning
4:10 am
coffee. this story will make your blood boil. [laughter] you know the american federation of teachers and most teachers unions have been opposed to school reopenings because of social distancing measures, who knows, vaccines, they have a different reason all the time why not to get back to school. let me show you a tweet and a foe question from -- photo from randi weingarten. so great to finish the day in new mexico with our great leaders. they're in person -- pete: yep. will: look at that. they are in person, much closer than 3 feet apart. they are doing the exact thing they are depriving school children of doing in this country. pete: did i just not see the plexiglas? am i missing it. will: i don't see i it either. this is enough to make your blood boil, jedediah. jedediah: you know, when you were a kid and you used to play that game where you would circle the differences in go photos? how many things can you spot in
4:11 am
that photo that would be banned or people would be outraged about it if it were happening in a school class rooms? they're close together, they all had to travel there, did they not? i mean, it's utterly ridiculous, and they're sitting face to face. now, i would ask them though why did they have to meet face to face? why was that important? if they could have easily held that meeting by zoom or remotely, they didn't. they chose to meet in person because meeting in person is different. things do work better in person. we all know that. so why? why was that choice made, and why is that choice not being made for the kids in school? that kind of double standard when parents look at that, you guys know, you guys have kids of school age, your blood's got to be boiling. will: randi weingarten flies private, just in case -- pete: oh, she does? will: she had a charter plane.
4:12 am
pete: i bet you $10 is all the people in that photo have been vaccinated. so they're vaccinated and wearing masks. she took her own picture. >> means she's utterly unaffair. jedediah: right. pete: she wasn't like gavin newsom who got caught. check me out, everybody. my kids have been in school the whole year without masks. jedediah: up aware but also feel very protected, right? imagine the awe a dasty to be able to take a photo like that and know regardless -- pete: yep. you really can't be fired. how do you union oohize against the union? can you do it? there's a mind-blower. new york post editorial board said kids in many schools that have reopened must remained mask and 6 feet apart, why, parents are asking, is sitting shoulder to shoulder okay in this photo? randi and her union aren't
4:13 am
worried about safety, they just want their members not to have to return to school. once again reminding us why "the new york post" is america's indies pence bl newspaper. there you have it. it's your shot of the morning. [laughter] will: shot of the morning. pete: all right. a few additional headlines for you this morning as well. a medical examiner takes the stand at ex-officer derek chauvin's trial testifying that chauvin's use of force was the main cause of death but said floyd's heart issue and fentanyl were also contributing factors. >> he has a heart that already needs more oxygen than a normal heart by virtue of its size, and it's limited in its ability to step up and provide more oxygen when there's demand because of the coronary arteries. itjust more than mr. floyd could
4:14 am
take. pete: the medical examiner ruled flowld's death a homicide back in may and stood by that ruling. a wildfire forcing roughly 200 people to evacuate in arizona. the fire has destroyed at least 12 homes and is only about 50% contained. 75 firefighters are working to put out the flames. the fire's cause is under investigation. and a skydiver swoops up a can of red bull right as he hits the ground. [background sounds] pete: that's pretty good. do you know how accurate you have to be to do that? the skydiver jumped from 12,000 peat and still managed to grab the can off the ground. fellow sky drivers bet him he couldn't do that. will: i like that a lot. oh, you say i can't? watch this. progressives are calling out president biden, stuart varney
4:15 am
is here to act. he reacts to the call for cuts, next. ♪♪ bike shop please hold. bike sales are booming. you need to hire. i need indeed. indeed you do. the moment you sponsor a job on indeed you get a shortlist of quality candidates from our resume database. claim your $75 credit when you post your first job at
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4:19 am
the massive cost overruns, the waste and fraud that currently exist at the pentagon. massachusetts senator ed markey says we don't need to fund a permanent arms industry. here to react the host of "varney & company," stuart varney. stuart, here's the thick, they're spending a little bit more on defense, but i was kind of surprised they weren't cutting it. what's your take on this budget allocation? >> look, you've got to remember that this is the most left-wing administration in this generation. they have absolutely no interest in bolstering and supporting the military. look, remember this, pete, jed, will, we've had a $1.9 trillion so-called covid relief, a $2.3 trillion so-called infrastructure package and now a $1.5 trillion budget. in all of that there's just 13 billion, with a b, increase in military spending. that's it. $13 billion extra in a sea of
4:20 am
spending on everything else. you've got to remember this script, president biden's script ising being written by bernie sanders and a a o to c. aoc. that script is all about the green new deal. it's all about bailing out big democrat states. it's all about hundreds of billions of dollars to the teachers union. they will run down the military, and they're going to attack even that $13 billion military spending increase. you know, i think we're going backwards. i think we're going backwards towards starve thing the military and open -- starving the military and opening the borders, and that's not real good now, is it? jedediah: stuart, there seems to be a selective interest in cutting things here. obviously, based on motivations, based on who they're getting pushback from inside the democratic party. but i want to get to another topic on amazon voters voting against unionizing. here's what it says. it's easy to predict the union will say amazon won because they
4:21 am
intimidated employees, but that's not true. our employees heard far more anti-amazon messages from the union than they heard from us. did this surprise you, and what are you thoughts -- your thoughts on the decision? >> it was a huge loss for the union. the vote was 71% saying no to the union, 29% said yes to the union. that's a huge, lopsided loss for the union. only 738 people at that gigantic warehouse in alabama actually voted for the union. only 700. the union campaign of social justice, they frequently mention jeff bezos asking with the richest potential in the world with, he can afford it. they campaigned on social justice. they campaigned on race. most of the workers at their alabama warehouse are black. but the union failed. biden came in with a video, bernie sanders came in, and the union still failed.
4:22 am
this is a huge setback for the union. they only represent 6% of the private sector workers now versus 23% back in 1973. huge setback for the union, big plus for amazon. will: we've got to run, but you can. watch stuart every morning 9-noon on fox business. stuart the, good to see you. pete: more "fox & friends" comingin up. more inclusive world for the millions of people on the autism spectrum. go to guy fieri! ya know, if you wanna make that sandwich the real deal, ya gotta focus on the bread layers. king's hawaiian sliced bread makes everything better! ♪ (angelic choir) ♪ and here's mine!
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♪♪ pete: time now for your use by the numbers. first, $23 million, that's how much facebook spent on security for ceo mark zuckerberg during the 2020 fiscal year. the social media giant disclosing data showing he spent over $13 million in personal security, 10 million for security equipment and personnel
4:26 am
for his family. next, nearly $16 million, that's how much this mansion will set you back. it's said to be the home where oreo cookies were created. the home, located in connecticut, belonged to the chairman of oreo's parent company, nabisco. and finally, 30, that's how many years it's been since a u.s. marine has competed in the olympics. staff sergeant john stefano work ich made the team after three straight wings last weekend -- wins last weekend. semper fi. jed. jedediah: youtube has yanked a video featuring florida governor ron desantis with medical experts. >> doctor gupta mentioned about, you know, not putting masks on kids, it's not effective, not
4:27 am
necessary. do you agree in schools, there's no need for them to be wearing face masks? >> children should not wear a face mask. they don't need it for their own protection, and they don't need it for protecting other people. >> i think it's inappropriate, and it just doesn't help on the disease spread. >> there's no scientific rationale or logic to have children wear masks in schools. jedediah: this as families like this one get kicked off airplanes for maskless toddlers. what is really fair? joining me now is dr. marc siegel, fox news medical contributor and author of "covid: the politic of fear and the power of science." thank you for being here today. dr. siegel, i'll start with you from a medical perspective. what is the so-called consensus, if any, on children and wearing masks, and were those doctors wrong? >> well, first of all, jed, you have to understand that under 500,000 kids have actually had
4:28 am
covid total. less than 2% between the ages of 0-4 of the cases. less than 2% of all the covid cases are 0-4. they're not spreading covid very much, they're not getting it much, they're not getting sick with it much. and if you try to put a mask on a 2-year-old with, as you know from your own kids, it's very difficult to get them to comply with it. it's worth trying, but actually it's con scriptive, and it interferes with their normal behavior and function. it can have a huge psychological impact. so the sound bite that you had on before is correct. i'm for trying it, but understanding it has very, very limited value both in terms of spread and in terms of risk. jedediah: you know, i want to ask can you about this youtube incident, about the fact that they pulled this video. and they're playing this, you know, this violates what the science has been say, what the med call community's consensus is on this issue. are they then going to look at
4:29 am
every video on youtube, dissect it, make sure everything is 100% in line with the consensus of the medical community? my guess is no, this was a selective purging. what is your take? >> i actually think it's scarier, that maybe they may begin to do that. the way i looked at it, science is a method of inquiry. not what some authority says. it depends on the open exchange of ideas. just like democracy, it isn't about just casting some ballot every innovate. it depends on free debate and open speech. the integrity of science and democracy both depend on it. and i'll tell you this, covid-19 policies were arguably the most significant debate of the last year, and google has consistently come out and censored only one side of that debate. that's downright frightening. if they take the stated standard of the w.h.o. as truth just a year ago, last january, they would have cent sured any video -- cent sured that said the coronavirus was
4:30 am
transmissable. i think if the last year teaches us anything, it's that most of you our current beliefs will be at some point proven false or modified in some way, and the only way we're going to get there is through more speech, not less. and yet the overlords in silicon valley are fail to understand that. jedediah: we do have a statement from youtube. clear policies around covid-19 medical misinformation to support the health and safety of our users. we removed this video because it contradicts the consensus of local and global health authorities to prevent the spread of covid-19. dr. siegel, final words on children as small as 2 years old having these masks on and whether or not that is as important as children in high school. >> i agree with everything just
4:31 am
said, and i'm deeply disturbed about what's going on parades. all the disruption over superimposedded regulations. it increases your risk of covid spread in the airports. planes themselves are not places where covid spreads very easily because of the filtration. so that imposition of rigid adherence to regulation causes more risk than any benefit. jedediah: well, thank you both. a great discussion on a very important topic that's not going away anytime soon. we appreciate it. >> thank you. jedediah: still ahead, politics in the world of pro sports. the masters tournament facing calls for a boycott after the mlb all-star game was moved over georgia's voting law. our next guest plays baseball and says these decisions will drive fans away. more on that next. ♪ ♪ (burke) phone it in to 1-800-farmers to get policy perks, like a home and auto-bundle discount. (man) i'm phoning it in and just saved twenty percent.
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♪ [cheers and applause] >> hurt a city like atlanta who really needs some income in that situation. i mean, atlanta's a great place to play baseball. i don't watch anymore, brian. i don't want no part of it. and this was my life. for me to not want to go to a baseball game or even watch it, it kills me, because i don't pay up with that kind of crap. >> david wells talking about the
4:36 am
fallout over georgia's new voting law speeching into the world of -- seeping into the world of sports. now the masters at awe bus that faces a new boycott threat as we watch politics and pro sports continue to collide. baseball player ty hensley says they're, in fact, driving their fans away, and he joins me now. good morning, ty, thank you for being with us. do you think baseball realizes that? we did see ratings increase in the nfl after the national anthem, in the nba after after they fully embraced the message of social justice warriors. do you think baseball realizes they could be hurting their potential revenue, audience, fans? >> good morning, will. how you doing? yeah, you know, i -- in the regards to that, i really don't know, can't really speak on that. but i will just say that i think that shorts are kind of a getaway from regular life for
4:37 am
people. and i think that we probably should keep politics away from that kind of entertainment. just because i think people get so much of it on a daily basis, and i just think it's really important to kind of, you know, stay away from it as much as you can. will: i think you're right, ty the. we have so few places left in our culture that are refuges away from our political fights. and it seems now sports is no longer one of those. here's a quote from chairman ridley on the boycott over georgia's -- we realize opinions on this law differ and there have been calls for boycotts and punitive measures. unfortunately, those are imposed on the most vulnerable in our society, talking about hurting potential businesses there in the atlanta area after baseball pulled out. ty, i want to ask you about a new fox nation show that you're a part of. it's called pitch of faith. it's available now.
4:38 am
it's about your journey being drafted in the first round by the yankees, fighting through some injuries and finding your way back. let's take a look at a quick clip. ♪ >> i'm done sitting here feeling sorry for myself. >> ty hensley has history here tonight. ♪♪ will: tell us about the hoe ask your journey in baseball. >> yeah. pitch of faith is pretty much just kind of a walk through of my career over the past several years, and unfortunately, it's been filled with a lot more valleys than peaks. but i think now everything that i've been through has kind of led me to where i'm at now. i just think it's a good, good story for people to see kind of like, it's just not all sunshine
4:39 am
and rainbows all the time. and, you know, in order to get to where you want to go no matter what you want to do, you have to really look for it. will: really quickly, can you tell me the list of injuries you've been suffered? >> yeah, get your note pads ready. [laughter] let's see, 2013 i had right hip surgery just to fix my joint and the lake rum in there, then about seven weeks later i had my left hip done. and then two weeks after my left hip i had noticed that i had, like, an abscess forming. come to find out i had a staph infection, so i had two more surgeries to clean that out june of that year. fast forward, spring training 2014 i had a sports hernia repaired. played that season finally. and then fast forward to 2015 spring training, i had a, my
4:40 am
first tommy john proceed your. and then -- procedure. and then rehab was iffy, and a year later i had my second tommy john. so i hadn't even got back into competition yet. so i had my second tommy john in 2016. i get essentially traded and beginning of 2017 kind of when i started throwing to hitters and stuff again, i broke that bone in my elbow, so then i had to get a screw -- unfortunately, your list of injuries, i have run out of time. two tommy johns, a broken el elbow, a torn ab, a staph infection, we all know this, it's about resilience. it is about the valleys as much as the peaks, and faith is one of the things that can help guide people through that journey. ty, we look forward to seeing your story on fox nation, pitch of faith. thanks for sharing a little bit this morning. >> you bet. thanks, will. will: turning to jedediah with a
4:41 am
few additional headlines for you. jedediah: thanks so much, will. new details emerge in the disappearance of a california mother. fox news learning she made an appointment to see a divorce lawyer the day she vanished. her family says she decided to separate from her his husband. -- her husband. and los angeles county district attorney george gascon is pushing for the elimination of juvenile strikes in sentencing, allowing those 16 and up to commit serious crimes without couple towards the three strike moil. the law gives out life sentences for those who commitment three violent or serious felonies, but gascon says it crowds prisons and hurts people of colorado. and business is buzzing for beekeepers in new york city. they're selling live bees on busy streets in the heart of manhattan. >> it's a nice hobby.
4:42 am
it's a nice way to connect with nature, and in a city like this it's fun. jedediah: andrew doing business right out of the back of his truck. his customers say their bees are thriving in the city. and those are your headlines. well, that's interesting. i don't know if i would need bees, maybe some flowers, a plant or two. i don't know if bees would be my thing. pete: i'm very confused. why are we selling bees in new york city? jed, i don't know, you're from around here, why are we selling bees in new york city? jedediah: because you want the sound of the bees buzzing. it's kind of like how you miss the birds chirping sometimes when you live in the city? i don't know. will: all right. the cdc has declared the new public health threat, it's racism. but our next guest says it's just the latest tactic by the biden administration the divide america. that's next.
4:43 am
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♪♪ pete: welcome back. first, gun control was the biden administration's rising health crisis. but now the cdc director says racism is a, quote, serious public health threat that directly affects the well-being of millions of americans. former professor, dr. carol swain, says it's just the latest steps in the administration's efforts to divide and conquer. she joins me now. doctor, always love having you. so when you use racism this way, again, now it's a public health threat, what does it do to that word and its meaning? >> i mean, the word has lost all meaning because when they talk about racism, they're really talking about white people and non-whites. and it always runs in one direction. they're not attacking racism as a concept that any group could use against another. and what i find most dangerous about the cdc is that these organizations that are using the
4:47 am
administration's talking points, they are being pushed away from their mission, what they should be doing. the cdc should be educating people about their health, helping every group improve their well-being when it comes to diseases that affect americans. so instead of doing that, they are pushing the critical race theory agenda that divides americans. it does nothing for the country, and i think it's very unfortunate that we have an administration that's so focused on dividing americans around race. and people are fed up. black people are fed up, white people are fed up. we don't need this. pete: you're right. multiple left-wing lawmakers and others have been pushing, pressing the cdc to make this declaration for weeks and they finally caved and just did it. here's a portion of how the cdc, remember, the center for disease
4:48 am
control, is planning to address racism. they're going to study the impact, they want to make new and expanded investment, expand internal agency efforts, launch new racism and health web portal. is a racism and health web portal going to set us on the right track? >> no, but what might help racial ethnic minorities would be if the cdc talked to americans about individual responsibility. we know that the obesity, diabetes, heart disease, risky sexual behaviors, all of these things affect americans' health. so what they should be doing is going into communities, educating people about real health conditions. more talk about the racism angers minorities, it angers whites. it does nothing for the nation. we have had enough about racism. what we should be talking about is things that unite all americans. and if the cdc wants to address
4:49 am
racism, they need to address the racial hatred that leads to hate crimes against whites and asians and other groups. they need to look at it as it runs in more than one direction. it's not white people against other groups, it's americans at each other's throats. and this has been encouraged and fostered by our u.s. government. that's unacceptable. and i go back to the mission of os. you look at the -- of organizations. you look at whether it's the military, the fbi or the immigration services, all of these agencies have deviated from their mission. they're pushing a political agenda that's not in the interest of the american public. pete: we only have 30 seconds here, but because the mission of the left has been to advance critical race theory that tells us we look at what's on the surface more, and we look at the sins of our country before we look at the goodness that it's created. real quick. >> and they say that racism is
4:50 am
permanent, there's nothing you can do about it. but since racism is permanent and there's nothing you can do about it, why are they talking about? why is that the only thing, the message they have? pete: such a great point. dr. carol swain, you enlighten us every morning. come back soon. >> thank you. pete: appreciate it. all right. this morning we've got exclusive sales to put a spring in your step. megan meanie is next. ♪ ♪
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no matter how you choose to feed him. dignity is not effortless nor easy. at abbott, we fight for it every day, developing life-changing technologies. because dignity demands it. ♪ >> ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ pete: good morning and welcome to the 8:00 a.m. eastern time 7:00 central, 5:00 mountain, 4:00 pacific, which means you probably are still up and awake and a little hazy as you watch it's just like the skies over new york city this morning. we're very glad you're with us on this saturday edition of fox & friends and i'm here with jedediah and will cain. will: that's not right. that math was bad. that was fake news. pete: i was wrong. it's 8:00 here, 7:00 central,
5:01 am
6:00 mountain, 5 pacific. will: yeah. correct and i guess that would make it, is it 2:00 hawaiian right now? they don't do daylight savings so i get mixed up it's 2:00, it's 3:00, but the important thing is we're helping you through some facts this morning. okay? especially when it comes to -- pete: it's going great. jedediah: look at you. will: i believe it's 8:00 where you are, jedediah. jedediah: will look at you fact checking pete hegseth, right from the top of the hour. that's some good stuff right there i appreciate it. [laughter] pete: true i need it, we need it jedediah: good to see you both, and welcome to everyone whose just joining us and with those would have been hanging out with us for a little bit now , thank you so much for being with us and we begin this hour with some pretty big news when it comes to president biden, as we know, we've been talking for a very long time now, back to the campaign, we can go back with this one, about packing the court, and would president biden be someone who despite condemning packing the court in the past, would turn around and change course on that.
5:02 am
the reason was we couldn't get a straight answer from him on on the campaign. we now know he's created this commission, bipartisan commission, of people who are going to consider packing the court and whether or not expanding the supreme court be a good idea. well, as i've mentioned, joe biden himself condemned packing the court in the past and talked about why that was banned. it's just not joe biden that's done that not just the president some other justices, not right wing justices, justice steven br yer also warned against expanding the court let's listen to what they had to say and we'll talk about it some more. >> what i'm trying to do is those whose initial instincts may favor important structural change or other similar institutional changes, such as court packing. think long and hard before they embody those changes in law. >> nine seems to be a good number and its been that way for a long time. i think that was a bad idea when president franklin roosevelt
5:03 am
tried to pack the court. pete: so those are the old school liberals saying what a bad idea it is the leftists have taken over and you would call joe biden a coward for caving if you thought he knew exactly what he was doing. instead during the campaign he felt like politico appease the leftist i'm not going to answer this question, the media didn't push too hard because the media was on his side so instead, i'll form a commission and the commission will study it , and then they will give me a recommendation which will lander the bad ideas that are harmful to our republic and then hide behind the commission if it recommends we have i don't know, will, what is it two, three, four, doesn't really matter, right? as long as joe biden gets to pick them and chuck schumer gets to nominate them, then they will all be leftist who overtake the majority of the court. that's the scary part of it. will: the number does not matter because the point is pass, approve make sure my agenda encounters no resistance. that's the point that packing the supreme court. jonathan turley of fox news contributor george washington university law professor was on
5:04 am
fox & friends a little bit earlier and he talked about this move. >> we're living in an age of rage and with that comes a certain impulse by environment, people just want to change institutions, or cancel individuals they disagree with. what people are arguing for is for in the media, an immediate addition of justices to give liberals a controlling majority on the court, and they're not very subtle about this. many of these individuals who advocate for court packing are not very subtle. so the question is, where is the president and many of us had hoped that he be the biden we knew in the senate. someone whose a moderating voice he hasn't thus far. will: two quick points before we move onment number one, there is a con setter effort on the left that when you are staring in the face of losing an argument change the argument in fact stop arguing change the language and we seen when it comes to definition of infrastructure and
5:05 am
the definition of racism. pete: call your o opponent racism. will: you will see it the republicans pack the supreme court meaning they appointed judges that reflect the justices that reflect their ideology. that's not packing. packing is enlarging the court. that's specifically what's happening and the second quick point is make no mistake, this is drastic and this is radical and it hasn't been attempted since the 1930s and this is a big big deal. as was pulling the major league baseball game out of georgia in response to the voting bill in that state. we knew at the time that would pull $100 million approximately of revenue out of that local economy, an economy where 51% of the residents of atlanta are minority, or african american. here is a quote from the president of national limousine verse, inc. in atlanta telling the washington free beacon how this impacts his business. as the owner of a transportation service i know firsthand how badly the community wanted the
5:06 am
all-star game here the 100 million in revenue to this area was for the opportunity of all of us to recover some of the losses we incurred during the pandemic, now not only is that revenue gone, we may lose even more because conventions that were planned for anatomy are now up in the air thanks to the decision by major league baseball so these policies clearly helping those intended to help, jedediah. jedediah: yeah, right. i mean, the implications of these policies, the effect on business owners, so of course, you are, that's why i said of course, but yeah, it's terrible. it's terrible, to see these businesses, to see and what's worse is to see politicians come out, you know, media figures, whoever it maybe come out and make it like we're doing something for you. we're making a statement. they make a statement and the product of that state is that the very people they claim to want to help obviously suffer that happens very often. right now, this is one case that we're seeing, this happens all the time in culture, and in business, and in economics, when one side is trying so hard to make a point but not really thinking that through and now you see the implications and i think you'll have business owner
5:07 am
s that speak out more and more and more and just saying listen if you're trying to help us, i don't care about your statement. i care about the policies that are now hurting my business, hurting my family, hurting my ability to put food on the table and to live in a place that has energy and is growing. so one example of many to come. pete: yeah the folks that competed in the woke olympics over the major league baseball issue don't ultimately care what happened. will, you shared with me the master's is going on in augusta. lots of private jets flying in there. whose flying those private jets. will: i saw a list of charter planes headed into augusta national. i mean, you weren't surprised. pete: no. will: coca cola, delta, all of the ceo's, all of the executives where they headed? pete: they flew to a racist golf course? will: one of them flew, i believe, the flight was from atlanta, to augusta by the way, which is a 2.5 hour drive. pete: of course because these corporations, jed, all they do is pay the woke tax. they don't care. they are still going to augusta,
5:08 am
hanging out in atlanta, still love georgia, but pay the mob the tax, and who pays for it? the businesses in atlanta and the people who work hard for a living. jedediah: that's right. pete: lawrence jones does a good job talking about real people and how they are affected by policies. here is a portion of what he said about georgia. >> i think this boycott nonsense is just an attempt to get more votes. this is cancel culture going wrong but it's also a democratic party that wants to preserve power, is not about black voters because as you can see , they're willing to allow black businesses to suffer in atlanta. atlanta is the modern day black wall street. i don't understand how you help black folks by making sure that they don't get a financial incentive. pete: well said, lawrence jones. one more story for you at the top of this 8:00 hour, 5:00 pacific time, new york city, crime and homelessness speaking in this city as it is in many
5:09 am
other democrat-run cities, the smell of weed, walk one or two blocks good luck trying not to be hit by it, it's true but there's a video that came out on tuesday, filmed on tuesday, excuse me but it came out on twitter just yesterday, that shows the type of environment law enforcement are dealing with here in new york city. here is a video of just a random street corner in new york, men harassing nypd officers. watch this. >> what's your badge number? what's your badge number? oh, i like that. i like that fact. that's a gift for you! get out! move! [chanting]
5:10 am
will: well that kind of example might be extreme. it reflects an attitude of culture that has been encouraged in places like new york city, fostered in an environment of that towards police officers. here is what the new york city police association had to say. listen to the hate and harassment directed at these two nypd neighborhood coordination officers. why? no reason to part from the uniform. we know these haters don't speak to the community but the politicians think they do and that's the problem, we need police. you know what i like about that statement from the police union, jedediah. it's true, the community at large, no matter which part of new york city you go into realizes the importance of policing and that right there, is still a minority, extreme minority attitude that exists but that's the voice that everyone is caving to. the truth, the voice that everyone from every corporate ceo, to every politician, to every mayor whatever it maybe is caving to that radicalism. jedediah: yeah, it's really terrible. i mean, it's no surprise that
5:11 am
police officers don't want to do this anymore, in cities like new york. they get harassed they feel they aren't respected, they feel they've been painted as the enemy when they are in these communities to try to help people, to try to be that person you call when you don't know what else to do. you pick-up the phone and call 911 and they come, and as a result, you're going to have less police officers, they aren't going to want to do these jobs, they will feel unsupported and you'll have increased crime on the streets of places like new york city which we have already seen. that is expanding, and started in certain pockets and now it's just growing to a point, you know i've been a young woman in new york city for many years now, slightly less young, but been in new york city for a lot of years and there's a lot of parts i used to feel safe walking by myself that i don't anymore, and that's deeply sad for anyone that lives in this city and you might wonder what's leadership doing, what's bill deblasio maybe behind the scenes working out a plan to fix all of this? no, bill deblasio is riding rollercoasters right now as we discuss the rise in crime in new york city. here is a tweet first of all and
5:12 am
this is a spokesman that says new york city mayor is having too much fun this week. and you'll see , he's riding a rollercoaster, he's out, you know, obviously he's out, yes, we know, trying to alert people that new york city is open, trying to get people to go to places like coney island, to go and live their lives we get it but what have you been doing for all of these months to prevent the spikes in crime, or what have you been doing for all of these months that led to this horrible culture against the police in new york city, that has now pivoted into this increase in crime. you know, it's one thing to ride a rollercoaster and support the opening of businesses but why can't you chew gum and walk at the same time and simultaneously condemn the violence and do something about it. will: i'll let you dollars to donuts that he was two and a half hours late to that rollercoaster ride. pete: [laughter] will: i will bet you. jedediah: [laughter] will: i'm serious, dead serious. pete: he always is, right? will: if you ever read about his tardiness i'm not talking 15 minutes late, two, two and a half hours late.
5:13 am
pete: there's a lot of weed to be smoked, will. will: turning to your headlines starting withism team weather, a man dies after three falls on his, after a tree falls on his mobile home. deputies say strong winds caused the tree to fall. another home in the state was badly damaged when a tree came crashing down on top of it. thankfully no one was hurt. it comes as a brutal storm brings wind and rain across the south and alabama residents even saw hail. some of the hail stones were as large as baseballs. look at that on your screen. more than 150,000 outages have been reported across six states. >> the reigning mrs. world gives up her title after she tried taking a crown away from another pageant winner. carolyn jury announced she's stepping down in an apology video. >> i am now ready to hand over the crown. after all, one chance is all a
5:14 am
woman needs. will: she was arrested after she injured mrs. sri lanka. at the time, she insisted the contestant couldn't claim the tiara because she was divorced because it's against pageant rules and she was released on bail and due in court later this month. i need a documentary on this. pete: i need more. will: space force will have headquarters in los angeles, california governor gavin newsom announcing a new field command site to the military branch at the la air force base. the command will oversee efforts to develop and launch the branch 's space systems. newsom calling it the beginning of a new era focused on space, for his state. and those are your headlines. pete: the only businesses moving to california, government businesses. will: there you go. pete: hope it works out for them admiral bill mccraven is one of america's most distinguished military leaders with one very simple secret to success. >> if you want to change the
5:15 am
world, start off by making your bed. >> [laughter] pete: he'll share more words of wisdom when he joins us live, coming up. >> ♪ ain't no mountain high enough, ain't no mountain low enough, ain't no river wide enough ♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪
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♪♪ ♪♪ comfort in the extreme. ♪♪ the lincoln family of luxury suvs.
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use a single hr software? nope. we use 11. eleven. why do an expense report from your phone when you can do it from a machine that jams? i just emailed my wife's social security number to the entire company instead of hr,
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so... please come back. how hard is your business software working for you? with paycom, employees enter and manage their own hr data in one easy-to-use software. visit for a free demo. hon? first off, we love each other... >> the panel is being asked to take a number of steps including the pros and cons on exactly that issue, but they will also be looking at the court's rule and the constitutional system, the length of service and turn over of justice on the court , justices on the court , the membership and size of the court. jedediah: we've been talking about this all morning the biden white house taking the first step in a possible packing of the supreme court, a long time
5:19 am
dream of progressive democrats. here to react is president of the judicial crisis network, car rie severino. thank you so much for joining us on this. first and foremost want to get your thoughts overall on the commission. >> yeah, you know, biden knows this is a bad idea. he called it a bonehead idea, he said fdr was corrupted by power when he tried to pack the court but now that liberal dark money groups who spent over $100 million to get biden in office are desperate for this. he's reconsidering and now this commission is really just a way to lend a eventual ear of respectability to this complete change and a change in position that also is against what the american people want, and i think it's obviously against what is good for the court, and even people like ruth bader gins burg has spoken out about. jedediah: he promised he has to appease those people in the far left wing of his party because he said had ewould do it but the question on everyone's mind
5:20 am
is what would it lead to? how transparent do you think these conversations that happen among members of the commission will be in terms of the public really finding out what gets discussed, what those conclusions actually are, behind closed doors. >> yeah, some of their meetings they say they will be holding publicly but i think the real meat of it is going to have to be behind the scenes and look there's no question what it's going to say. this is a commission of several dozen members with a handful of moderate republicans thrown in kind of a window dressing. we know the direction they're going. it's really just let's just take the step by step but they have a clear agenda in mind, and yeah, we don't know, is foya going to cover this or are we going to have the ability to find out what's even happening behind closed doors by this kind of pre -determined commission. jedediah: do you think he'll pack the court, carrie? >> personnel is policy if you look at the people on this commission its got people like lawrence tribe, the guy who invented the idea of borking
5:21 am
back in the 80s, you've got carolyn frederickson, whose run every liberal dark money group under the sun from the american constitution society, the aclu to pro-choice america. this is a group of real extremists. i think there's no question what they are going to say and i think ultimately, it seems like biden's responding not to what the american people want, not to what is good for court or the country, but to what the big money is saying on the left and the big money is desperate to pack the court. they are even running billboards trying to get justice bryer to retire, really offensive kind of intimidation tactics against the current members of the court , so i think that's where it's going for sure. jedediah: yeah, well the decision whatever it is , will be a defining moment for president biden and for his administration, so, we'll see where it goes thank you, we appreciate it. >> thanks. jedediah: coming up, admiral bill mcraven spent his career among heros and now paying tribute to the brave men and
5:22 am
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will: back with quick sports headlines justin rose holding the master's lead ahead of today 's round of three but he now has 10 contenders within three shots of his top spot entering day three, and meanwhile, reigning champion dustin johnson is among notable players to miss the cut. >> and in los angeles, mayor eric garsetti gets a cold reception at the unveiling of the dodger's championship banner >> please join me in welcoming los angeles mayor, eric garsetti , la city councilmember
5:26 am
-- will: there you go the los angeles mayor being greeted by b oo's at the ceremony and he wasn't the only one. illinois governor and chicago mayor lori lightfoot receiving a similar welcome at the white sox home opener. pete: that whole video of the white sox is amazing. as they should. will: over to you, pete. pete: thank you, will. well, admiral bill mcraven is one of america's most distinguished military leaders from overseeing the raid that killed osama bin laden and a man of many accomplishments with one very simple secret to success. >> if you want to change the world, start off by making your bed. >> [laughter] >> the little things in life matter. if you can't do the little things right, you'll never be able to do the big things right. pete: a lot of people inspired by those words now admiral mc raven is paying tribute to those who have inspired him. his new book is called "the here
5:27 am
it code, lessons learned from lives well-lived" and he joins us now admiral thank you very much for being here this morning appreciate it. tell us about the book. tell us about what inspired you to write it. >> yeah, thanks, pete. you know, 40 years of being in leadership positions and 40 years of having an opportunity to encounter some of these remarkable men and women, i felt it was important to talk about the qualities and the traits and the virtues that i saw in these heros. the courage and the humility and the perseverence and the sense of sacrifice, and you know, every society needs heros. we probably need heros today more than ever before, because frankly, heros inspire the next generation to be better than the current generation, and it moves society forward, and the fact of the matter is, you can learn to have these qualit ies. you can learn to be a hero. you can learn to be courageous, you can learn to be humble, and i hope people particularly the younger generation, the millennials and the gen z will find some value in this
5:28 am
little book of mine. pete: admiral sometimes someone needs to point it out for you. we've been playing a disgusting clip this morning of people in new york city harassing the nypd, you've seen it. yet, your father had a different view when you were eight years old in new york, part of the book. >> yeah, in fact, it's the introduction to the book, pete. you know, when i came back from france, my father was stationed there and we arrived in new york city and i grew up as a young kid reading comics. we didn't have television in france back in the 60s and my favorite comic book hero was superman. so we traveled france to new york city. we get to new york city, we get in the hotel room and i turn on the tv and there in beautiful black and white is superman. again, i was seven or eight years old. soon, my dad takes me out on the streets of new york and we're looking at the empire state building, we're going to the world's fair, and of course, i keep kind of looking up and my
5:29 am
dad says bill, what are you looking for? and you know, nothing dad, nothing and we keep moving and i keep looking up and finally, he says son, what are you looking for? and i said well, dad, you know, this is new york city. it is metropolis and i just thought i'd get a chance to maybe see superman, and he turned to me and he pointed to a new york cop standing on the corner and he said son, that's the man that protects new york city and i never forgot that and it really was about the real-world heros that are out there everyday. the police and the teachers and the healthcare workers, and these people that inspire us with the little things that they do in life. these nobel qualities that make them heros and that's really what the book is all about. pete: it's a great story another one of the nobel qualities is humility and here is an excerpt from your book about meeting astronaut charlie duke and humility. during our entire dinner
5:30 am
conversation, never once did he mention the small trivial in significant fact that he walked on the moon. humility is the simplest of all heroic qualities to assume and yet the least expressed. you want to talk about how he asked you all about you, just never happened to mention that detail. >> yeah, it was a remarkable dinner conversation, and when i first got there, you know, went around the table and introduced myself but i didn't catch his last name and we spent the next two hours talking and to your point, pete, all he wanted to do was ask me about my family. he told me he had been in the air force and i said well my sons in the air' force, he asked about my other kids and my wife and it wasn't until we were leaving dinner that one of my dinner colleagues comes up and he says i saw you were chatting with charlie. i said yeah! yeah, he said well isn't that just amazing? i said what? he goes can you imagine that! i said what are you talking about? he goes walking on the moon. can you imagine walking on the moon? i said what are you talking
5:31 am
about? he goes charlie duke. charlie duke was the youngest man ever to walk on the moon. and never once in our hour and a half conversation, did charlie duke ever mention that he walked on the moon, because he had learned humility he had learned it kind of the hard way after coming back from the moon and again, i hi humility is a great quality that you don't always see in the heros we tend to idol ize today. pete: well the book is called " the hero code" it hits shelves this tuesday and a lot of great stories in there, admiral william h. mcraven thank you so much for your time. appreciate it. >> thank you. pete: all right, joe biden's border czar, set to step down. i didn't know he had one, as border counters are speaking and what's your outgoing proposal? paying residents in central america not to come to america. congressman burgess owens and tony gonzalez have seen the crisis in person and they join us next.
5:32 am
5:33 am
5:34 am
5:35 am
when it comes to autism, finding the right words can be tough. finding understanding doesn't have to be. together, we can create a kinder, more inclusive world for the millions of people on the autism spectrum. go to will: as border patrol reports record breaking numbers at the u.s. mexico border the biden administration is reportedly considering cash payments to central americans in an effort to deter them from making the journey north but biden's outgoing border czar telling reuters we're looking at all of the productive options to address book the economic reasons people maybe migrating as well as the protection and security reasons. the one thing i can promise you
5:36 am
is the u.s. government is going, is not going to be handing out money or checks to people. our next guest are both returning from recent trips to the border utah congressman burgess owens and texas congressman tony gonzalez who joins us now. thank you both for being here. burgess let me start with you. i don't know that roberta jacob son, can make that promise can she? if we're sending money to central america do we have much control where it goes once it down there? >> no, she can't, thank you, will first of all. she can't make promises first of all keeping promises even the american people to protect our nation, and this is not something they have t reimagine. we've seen how this can work, and let me just say will american people, please realize we're being blitzed at this point. they are throwing everything they can to kick this at us and at the end of the day, the greatest threat we have right now is a mass invasion at our borders. right now, it's 19,000 un accompanied children are being held in these pods down south
5:37 am
and in another two weeks there's going to be a higher number but definitely a group of 19,000. these people, they are being pushed into our country. they have no idea what our culture is about can't speak the language and at some point ms-13 is coming into each and every one of those neighborhoods will: congressman gonzalez i would imagine that if a representative of the biden administration were on this program right now they would say we're trying to address the root cause of this migration surge but i can't help but notice we're planning to sent money to central america , new york state is spending covid relief funds to send $15,000 to undocumented immigrants here in new york, there's a talk of extending pell grants to undocumented dreamers in the united states. meanwhile, the border itself is less locked down than it ever has been. it's just a real odd priority. >> yeah, well, you know i've been sounding the alarm on this since january. my districts over 800 miles of border, and this humanitarian
5:38 am
crisis, we can see this coming. now i'm going to sound another alarm. what is happening on the ground is the biden administration is defunding the border patrol agents, right? so they are sending tens of millions of dollars to ngo's to house my grants in hotels and other areas. meanwhile, border patrol agents are having to spend money out of their operational budget in del rio sector, it's the second-most active sector on the southern border. i just visited along with eight other members a couple days ago. they are having to spend $25 million a quarter, that's $100 million a year, on this new processing center. that's coming out of high not coming from the administration. that's wrong. also, on the ground, the sheriff s are the ones doing the heavy lifting. we met with seven or eight sheriffs from the border area. they are the untold heros in this whole crisis. the sheriffs along the border deserve credit. will: you know, vice president kamala harris is reportedly task ed with fixing this border
5:39 am
issue dealing with this migration surge. congressman owens i know both you and congressman gonzalez have been to the border recently i know that congressman jim jordan was there. i've been there. i was there this week, and now we all have different levels of job responsibility and busyness i guess, but kamala harris still hasn't managed to make a trip to visit the very issue in which she's tasked to fix. >> yeah, let me just add one other number. these young people, it's going to cost us, the american people, $3 trillion to facilitate, house , and push these young people into our country. what we're looking at is empathy -free administration and when i say that, it takes courage to see a problem and to deal with it. these people closing their eyes and by the way, will, this is nothing but slavery. this is human trafficking, child trafficking, sex trafficking, and it's evil, for us to facilitate and allow these cartels make half a billion dollars a month and then we pay to finish that trap, the trip
5:40 am
for them into our nation. this administration is heartless , and we need to make sure we hold them accountable for this. will: only have a few seconds left but congressman gonzalez do you expect to see the vice president at the border anytime soon? >> you know i urged the vice president and the president to come visit. look my district is very compassionate. we believe in legal immigration. we want people to come and live the american dream but what is happening now is wrong and i urge this administration to please, take light of what is happening and listen to others. will: right, all right congressman gonzalez, congressman owens, thank you both for joining us this morning >> thank you, will. will: take care. over to you, jed. jedediah: thank, will. we have headlines now this hour, doctors will test a former nfl player's brain for cte after he was allegedly involved in a horrific murder-suicide. the charlotte observer reporting phillip adam's family allowed testing for the disease linked to head trauma and irrational behavior. adams is accused of shooting and killing five people in a south carolina home before killing himself.
5:41 am
results from the test could take up to six months. >> and the co-founder of the black lives matter movement buys a $1.4 million home in a predominantly white la neighborhood. twitter users were quick to criticize patrice as one person is saying "she capitalized on that injustice against black people" and they have been scam ming since day one, wow. >> and top gun fans will need to wait a little bit longer for a sequal. >> your reputation proceeds you >> i have to admit i wasn't expecting an in division back. >> they called to orders. jedediah: deadline reporting paramount picture cans delayed top gun maverick for a second time and it'll appear november 19. those are your headlines. are you guys top gun fans? will: absolutely. pete: yes. will: absolutely can't wait. pete: for sure.
5:42 am
rick reichmuth also a top gun fan. no? all right rick: just teasing. no, i like it, but i don't know that i need to see the new one. i don't know that i need to see the new one although its been like, we're delayed a year and a half or something by it right now. all right, guys let's talk about the weather we got big storms down across the south again, this is maybe a fourth week in a row, we've had severe storms. it is the season i will tell you that we've got one tornado watch expired there, we still have one going on after this one we'll probably start to see this mellow out a little bit later on say early to mid- afternoon, the strength of the storms is gone. that said, the next few hours, where you see that orange could be looking at the threat for pretty strong storms maybe a tornado or two probably mostly just really strong winds and a little bit of hail, yesterday we had all kinds of hail. notice this take a look at the temperatures yesterday we were talking about temperatures that were well above average into the 80s.
5:43 am
well there you go mother nature give, mother nature takeaway. here is the next few days across parts of the high plains guys take a look at that back into the 40s so summer not fully here just yet. will: so you're not big on maverick or top gun. be up for a days of thunder reboot? you want to see tom cruz again? rick: listen i'm just not a big tom cruz fan. will: we've unearthed something. rick: i'm kind of done. pete: i don't know rick you've been spotted playing vote-a-rama volleyball shirtless in central park. that's not true at all. rick, i love you thank you very much. rick: [laughter] certainly not in the last decade pete: [laughter] all right, still ahead, a track coach who says he was fired for refusing to make his team wear masks outside while running joins us live, next. >> ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
5:44 am
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will: get this a new hampshire high school track coach out of a job after refusing to force his athletes to wear masks while running outside. jedediah: and also the school's athletic director, coach brad keys wrote i won't strand up in front of the kids and lie to them and tell them these masks are doing anything worthwhile out in an open field, fire me if you must. pete: and they did fire him. brad keyes joins us, a lot of people during this covid-19 moment have said well i don't want to do that or i'm not going to get that but they put the mask on or do it anyway, because that's just what you have to do. you said no more, kids running outside with masks on, why did you do do it, and what's the reaction been? >> a couple reasons. one, you guys just read, i
5:48 am
wasn't going to lie to the kids that it made any sense. there are health questions, we have kids with as majority, kids with heart conditions, but even for healthy kids the more i think about it the more i get into it, i'm concerned. i actually went out and ran a 200 meter and 400 meter myself with a mask on to see what it actually felt like, and i've run the races before. the 400-meter especially is a miserable race. it's painful. with the mask on it just magnif ies it. every time you breathe you're literally sucking the mask into your mouth and nose. it seals around your face. the only place air can go is through the fabric, not around, so in addition to making it harder to run and harder to breathe, beginning tok question what is it doing material-wise, what's breaking off, what particles are going into your lungs and getting over and over again, you're breathing back out , breathing back in, it doesn't have anywhere to go so i think there are more health issues than i originally thought , but it really is the
5:49 am
basic principle of it too, and its gone a step further because now, you have coaches and athletic directors that i've heard who are given a little wing and nod to their athletes saying oh, these are the rules but if your mask falls down or falls off during the race there's nothing you can do about it so we're basically telling kids, here are the rules. it's okay to cheat but some will do it, some won't so now you'll end up, i know, with some kids running with masks, some without it goes counter to everything we're supposed to be teaching these kids, that's what high school sports is supposed to be about building character. will: absolutely. what a fascinating place we have arrived at where we have strict rules that nobody really enforces and everybody knows are nonsense and it cost you your job, brad. we're sorry about that but we're happy to hear your story. pete: thanks for standing up. absolutely. jedediah: thanks, brad. >> well thank you for having me on. i appreciate it. pete: and running a 400 is nearly impossible anyway, with a mask have you tried a 400? will: wasn't a track star.
5:50 am
pete: 400 is a long way. go ahead. jedediah: no i used to run high school track, 400 is the worst race ever. will: it's important to note that we reached out to pembrooke academy for a state and they didn't get back to us. we've got even more exclusive sales to put a little spring in your step including a digital air fryer. megan mini is with us next. >> ♪ i feel good, i knew that i would now, i feel good, i knew that i would now ♪ keeping your oysters business growing has you swamped. you need to hire. i need indeed indeed you do. the moment you sponsor a job on indeed you get a shortlist of quality candidates from a resume data base
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of uninterrupted recording. all powered by reliable, secure wifi from xfinity. gotta respect his determination. it's easy and affordable to get started. get self protection for $10 a month. pete: now to spring savings and inclusive deals just for fox & friends viewers. jedediah: we're back with part
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two of that megan mini from megan morning deals welcome back i'm excited for part two. what do you have for us this round? >> we'll start with dog house pearls this is a best seller we've had them before i'm wearing some around my neck. the great thing about these freshwater pearls is their modern twist on a classic, there's earrings, necklaces and bracelets and they come gift wrapped already and love it and there's a certificate of authenticity, $30 our biggest savings 84% off. then we move on to our air fryer , i'm eating some tater tot s, that's the air fryer it takes 15 minutes to make these and there's no oil, it's healthy and cuts calories for you guys. all you do is plug it in and you control the digital panel and it has hot air technology to cook your food it's $69, 64% off today. we're all working from home and doing this , so we have all those sore muscles this is a deep tissue massager you turn it on and it vibrates and has different heads you can put on for different muscle groups get rid of that lactic acid,
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next, all of these are mega morning deals look for them on the fox & friends website and don't forget the pearls, they sell out all the time, you guys so get on there quick. lots of great stuff for mother's day. the pearls, right? pete: it's true. i mean look at that. the air fryer without oil, chemical peel without chemicals. all better for you, and you can peel your skin while eating cheese curds that aren't actually fried. will: all at pete: thank you, megan. >> goodbye, guys. will: still ahead a colorado family kicked off a flight because of their two-year-old who wouldn't wear a mask. they got a free ride though from a pilot. hear their story, coming up. psoriatic arthritis, made my joints stiff, swollen, painful. tremfya® is approved to help reduce joint symptoms in adults
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>> ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ will: a shot of new york city's empire state building on this saturday morning welcome to fox & friends, will cain, jedediah bila and pete hegseth. would you say your more of an empire state building fan or chrysler building fan? i think it's two groups am i wrong, just dividing us unncesssarily, jedediah? jedediah: i think you're creating some unnecessary division, but i will partake in this and say more of an empire state person i think. will: i'm more chrysler. pete: definitely more of a chrysler. there is a distinction. it is real. i walked by the chrysler building for many years it's my favorite. will: i agree. i didn't know that. pete: have we become best friends? will: yup. pete: let's do car at see in the garage. i also need to give a shout out to will cain and your podcast, which is crushing it. will: oh, thank you, man. pete: the will cain podcast on fox nation, rising in the charts if you don't have it get it as
6:01 am
i've said it's crawling into will cain's brain which i just downloaded it right now. will: you did, thank you. number 34 overall in all podcast s i really appreciate that. pete: it's great stuff check it out download it now and we're grateful you're with us on this final hour, number four, fourth hour of fox & friends on this saturday morning lots to talk about as always, including this story. so we've been talking about the border every angle of it. the surge at the border 71% increase in the month of march. out of control talk to anyone whose been there they recognize and realize that that is the case. what i did not realize, as maybe i should be a more astoot observer of the news than i am, is that there is already a border czar and her name is roberta jacobson. maybe i remember her at the podium she talked about the fact there were mixed messages, acknowledged it and that was the sin she committed was admitting there were mixed messages of whether people should come or not. well she's soon to be the former border czar, because she said her job was only 100 days and she's leaving a little bit earlier but you can't be a czar if you only been there for
6:02 am
100 days i digress but one of the ideas floated in the media is that potentially migrants in these northern triangle countries will be paid to stay in their home country. this is one of the many grab bag of ideas to address root causes in those countries so people don't make the treck. well she's leaving her job and this is what reuters had to say and what she said to reuters. we're looking at all of the productive options to address both the economic reasons people maybe migrating as well as the protection and security reasons. the one thing i can promise you is the u.s. government isn't going to be handing out money or checks to people, so will, whenever they look you in the eye and they promise you they won't be handing out checks it probably means there's something in the works. will: they can't make that promise. they have no control over where that money goes once it arrives in central america. i understand the biden administration wants to "deal with migration at the root cause level" meanwhile, doing nothing at the immediate level of our southern border, or doing very little, in fact, taking down
6:03 am
many of the protections at our southern border, but jedediah, and i don't think i'm forcing this several times this morning pointing out they are sending money to central america, giving $15,000 to the state of new york to undocumented immigrants, they are teaching students in-person at reception,"reception facilit ies" in san diego, meanwhile, americans are losing jobs, suffering from covid lockdowns, have their kids out of school. this doesn't seem like an appropriate alignment of priorities. jedediah: it's also going to be terribly unpopular. i mean, you're right. you're just coming through a pandemic with so many people lost their jobs, lost their businesses. they are going to be looking at this and saying well what about us? and sure, yeah, they got some government aid throughout this process but many have come for and and said that that dollar value that they've been given couldn't possibly makeup for almost a year in some cases of having to be shutdown or operate at 20% capacity, 25% capacity, so, the issue becomes how do you a) prevent this from
6:04 am
continuing to prevent the influx of more and more individuals and what you're going to do with the individuals that are here but sending cash payments if they do plan to do that outside the country when so many americans are suffering? that's not a win for the biden administration in my opinion, in terms of popularity with the american people. representative burgess owens and represent tony gonzalez got a firsthand look at the border crisis and they spoke with us earlier on in the show take a listen to what they had to say on this issue and what is really happening on the ground today. >> no, what we're looking at is empathy-free administration. when i say that, it takes heart. it takes courage, to see a problem and to deal with it. these people closing their eyes, this is human trafficking, child trafficking, sex trafficking, and it's evil for us to facilitate and allow these cartels to make half a billion dollars a month and then we pay to finish that trip for them into our nation. >> i urged the vice president and the president to come visit. look my district is very
6:05 am
compassionate. we believe in legal immigration. we want people to come and live the american dream but what is happening now is wrong and i urge this administration to please, take light of what is happening and listening to others. pete: listen to others. whose listening is the question, so roberta jacobson is looking at root cause and economic conditions, not necessarily what's happening at the border and 11 executive orders from joe biden have been to rescind trump adminitration policies on the border so they own that, yet kamala harris is also not in charge of the border because she's doing economic issues in the northern triangle as well so whose actually looking at the border? we don't really know, whether en we find out we'll let you know but another topic of great consequence that the biden administration talked about this week was the supreme court and launching a commission that will review whether reforming the supreme court and whether or not that means additional justices, term limits, whatever, but joe biden promised it, he denied letting the american people know what his position might be, promised the commission they will be
6:06 am
launching that commission to review the supreme court and report back to us in 180 days letting us know what the experts have told us about our wanted supreme court and whether or not we need to add people so they can have a liberal majority , but right now, the majority is a conservative one and it ruled in a pretty important way last night. the supreme court ruled on in california, whether or not at- home religious observants meaning bible studies, prayer groups, whether they can be treated differently from secular activities and they overruled restrictions in california that prevented religious gatherings in homes of more than three families. here is a part of what the supreme court said in a majority opinion. it was a 5-4 decision with roberts as he often does, siding with the libs. here is apportion of the majority opinion. california treats some compar able secular activities more favorable than at-home religious exercise, hair salons, retail store, personal care services, movie theaters, private suites at sporting vents and concerts and indoor
6:07 am
restaurants to bring together more than three households at a time. will, this feels like finally, we've gotten to the core issue that many of us have been yell ing about for over a year. why is there this different treatment of some groups, oftentimes fate, as opposed to all of these other things you can do where covid just doesn't exist. will: the liberals on the court who john roberts ended up voting with in this case tried to make the argument that we shutdown all small group gatherings at home, so you can't do anything in small group gatherings at home so we're not distinguishing religious gatherings. the majority of the supreme court said wait, wait, wait, but you're allowing people to get together in small groups at gyms and theaters and all the things you just listed off which is obviously true, and you're specifically targeting over here, religious gatherings that can't happen and that's unconstitutional, as you'd expect, enhanced protection, obviously, under the first amendment for religious gatherings. it's a big win, it's a big win, but it's the exact kind of thing in attempt to pack the supreme court be about to ensure those types of rulings from
6:08 am
these state governors and activist and let's be real, authoritarian governors and politicians wouldn't encounter resistance at the supreme court level, jedediah, and that's why this issue about packing the court is so important. jedediah: i think that issue also highlights the fact that common sense has been lost in many cases, obviously, you should have to prove that the gatherings in homes, religious gatherings be more hazards us in gyms or malls in order to condemn them or not others and obviously you can't just arbitrarily make these decisions and the sad thing is that governments have been arbitrarily making these decisions all year and some businesses have suffered while others have not had to suffer, so, that's just a manifestation of that and i think it leaves a lot of people scratching their heads saying finally someone is actually looking at what's going on using some common sense. on the notion of common sense though, because we often talk about a lack thereof, let's take a look at michigan for a second, and governors, that's correct, michigan governor whitmer is now
6:09 am
requesting, important to note, not mandating, a two-week pause on youth sports, but and this is odd, two-week pause on youth sports and you might say to yourself okay, well why. well we don't know why, because they are saying that the sports groups right now, there, that they are outdoors, so again, does this make any sense? i understand it's not a mandate. it's just more of a, shall we say, suggestion, but if the sports are being played outside and we know that outdoor events are not super spreaders, what be the motivation for that? pete: [laughter] i don't know, queen whitmer would have to tell us but she's addicted to the idea of authoritarian instinct and she's not mandating it but putting pressure on and thankful ly as it should be, we were told 15 days it'll just be the spring, it'll just be the summer, just the fall and the winter here we are back in the spring again, finally schools and athletic association s are fighting back and saying enough. here is mark yulp michigan high
6:10 am
school athletic association executive director, basically saying come on what are you talking about? >> the plan for spring sports there's three things in place. the weekly testing is already required, our spring sports by far, it's our lowest group of contact sports of our three seasons, and everything in the spring is outdoors and don't forget, it was our spring kids that lost entire seasons last year, so with testing, the low contact nature of spring sports and everything being outdoors, we're confident that we can finish the third season and do it really well. pete: [laughter] all right let's look at what spring sports are. in michigan, pretty much everywhere else, baseball, softball, track and field, golf, tennis, lacrosse, so maybe there's a little contact in lacrosse and girls soccer, but -- will: essentially socially distanced sports. pete: all outside, all distanced but new variant. pause. will: the cdc started to point to sports as a place where it's being youth sports where the
6:11 am
supposed coronavirus surge is coming after a year of professional sports being conduct on almost every continent in this world and no big spike or large transmission of coronavirus having been recorded on the field of play, at all. over a year's time. i think, jedediah, you used the word common sense to start this segment. it just defies all common sense and good for michigan youth sports saying no we're going to go ahead and do this. jedediah: and of all of the sports you'd think of these are the safest of the bunch, so now we're approaching that. that should be relief and you should say oh, okay now we're in the clear for a minute because these are outside. instead it's like well wait a second maybe we need to re evaluate this now too? people are just going to get exhausted. pete: they are exhausted. and that's why you go to these sporting events with your kids, masks are off, forget about it. it's done. by the way i don't think we have a picture of the new york ranger s game, but that's about the most beautiful i'm sure we don't. if they have it, oh, excuse me, what did i say the new york rangers? what am i saying? will: i know you know the difference. pete: texas rangers the baseball
6:12 am
team, they did 100% capacity at their games it's the most beautiful series of photographs you've seen. it looks like what we're supposed to look like when you come through this , there are natural vaccines, the administered vaccine people are out, normal, that's what we want it to look like. in my opinion. jedediah: all right well we'll turn to headlines for you now. this hour, a fourth vaccination site closes in three days after people report having adverse reactions to the johnson & johnson vaccine. the latest temporary closure is in georgia after eight people reported that reaction. one of them was sent to the hospital and later released. similar incidents happened in colorado, iowa and north carolina. >> and u.s. climate czar john kerry facing backlash over his private jet yet again. flight records show the jet flew his family from boston to idaho on thursday, and kerry was not on board the jet because he's on a climate tour in asia preaching against, guess what, carbon emissions calling for netzero
6:13 am
emissions by 2050 despite private jets being estimated to emit up to 40 times more carbon per passenger than commercial flights. >> and they say you can't judge a book by its cover, but a new study shows we judge a chocolate bar by its wrapper. >> i want just one more, my grandpa joe. >> why not try a regular one? jedediah: the study revealing the package's color can affect how people expect it to taste. chocolate with black wrappers are expected to be bitter while those are pink wrappers are expected to be sweet. researchers say it's because we mentally associate colors with certain past experiences. oh, yes, i think that's true, guys, if i saw a pink wrapper i would assume it's going to be sweet and maybe have raspberry or something going on that i might enjoy. will: they said butterfinger in yellow so it makes it what less sweet? pete: i don't know. you weren't listening. will: i did look at my phone. and then i looked up and i was
6:14 am
interested i was like wait that's interesting. pete: no the pink are more the sweet and the brown are more salty, right? bitter jedediah: yeah, if the wrapper is darker, you assume it's going to be super dark chocolate and you're like oh, i don't know. pete: the only wrapper tasting is bubble game and baseball card s that's the one where it's like you know? will: yeah, yeah, or super crunchy too. pete: the biting analysis. will: that was a really good job vice president harris was tapped to lead the response to the migrant surge but since she took charge two weeks ago she hasn't been to the border or held a news conference, with a white house communications director alyssa farah reacts next.
6:15 am
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6:18 am
the migration to our southern border. pete: its been more than two weeks since kamala harris was put in charge of addressing the migrant surge, but the vice president, well, still not found time to visit the border to get a first-hand look at the crisis. jedediah: here to react is former white house communications director alyssa f arah. alyssa thanks for joining us always great to see you. so you know, this is bothering a lot of people and rightfully so that kamala harris has not gone down there. she's going to be in charge of any aspect related to the border , it should be her priority to get down there and see what's actually going on and talk to people on the ground. why is she not doing that? >> well listen. i can't think of somebody less qualified to run this than senator or vice president harris. when she was in the senate she was not seen as a serious policy maker. she was very much seen as somebody whose hyper-partisan come into committee hearings basically make her partisan points and leave and she doesn't have legislative accomplishments nor does she have the diplomatic experience necessary to deal with the northern triangle, the
6:19 am
root of the immigration problem, as well as mexico. i think that honestly, the biden administration is hoping to just wait this crisis out. they aren't interested in solving it, if they were, she would have been deployed down with a congressional delegation. she be letting press into the border facilities but i truly think they are hoping that they are going to be able to wait this out, and that it's just not going to continue to get media scrutiny. will: alyssa, you recently called out president biden for some of the language he used this past week when he announced his newest executive actions on gun control. let's take a listen to what he had to say and hear from you on the other side. >> nothing i'm about to recommend in anyway impinges on the second amendment. they are phony arguments suggesting that these are second amendment rights at stake and what we're talking about, but no amendment, no amendment to the constitution is absolute. will: alyssa so many things to dive into there. no amendment is absolute,
6:20 am
nothing impinges on the second amendment? this is quite a statement. pete: a lot of amendments. >> that might be the worst line in the history of presidential speechwriting, and i have to wonder how it didn't end up on the cutting room floor. let's just look through this. aside from the first amendment, the second amendment, you've got the 13th amendment. you've gotta bolishing slavery within the amendments, the 14th. you've got the women's right to vote. none of those are absolute, and what i think is funny is if president trump had said this , the media would have been wall to wall, cnn would have been blaring, president trump says, you know, a woman's right to vote is not absolute. pete: they would have. >> slavery is not absolute. pete: you'd know. >> and listen, we don't want to lose sight of what was actually very significant announcement from president biden, which was some of the most sweeping gun restrictions that we've seen in the history of our country, and he's doing it at the executive level, rather than going through congress, because once again, he knows his policies are unpopular
6:21 am
and he can't get bipartisan support for them. pete: it's true. alyssa farah, thank you so much for your time. appreciate it. great stuff. >> thank you. pete: up next, a colorado family kicked off a flight because their two-year-old wouldn't wear a mask. they get a free ride from the pilot, their story, coming up, next. >> ♪ days go by, i can feel the fire like a handout the window ♪ not everybody wants the same thing. that's why i go with liberty mutual — they customize my car insurance so i only pay for what i need. 'cause i do things a little differently. hey, i'll take one, please! wait, this isn't a hot-dog stand? no, can't you see the sign? wet. teddy. bears. get ya' wet teddy bears! one-hundred percent wet, guaranteed! or the next one is on me! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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pete: we're back with a live look at windsor castle in england as crowds of people gather outside to mourn the loss of prince philip. benjamin hall joins us live from london as tributes pour in for
6:25 am
the late prince. benjamin? reporter: yeah, hi, pete. up and down the country people are mourning prince philip. we've seen tributes from world leaders and gun salutes around the world and people as you say are pouring into buckingham palace as well as windsor to offer their condolences but this is being curtailed by covid prince philip didn't want a big over-the-top celebration. he didn't want a state funeral and that's what he will get. the palace is so anxious to keep crowds to a minimum that it's likely they will have a small ceremony at windsor around 30 people next saturday. the queen will enter a period of mourning which could go on for weeks. remember they were married for 73 years, politics here in the uk paused for eight days no campaigning or government announcements. phillip was the patriarch of the family so many looked to him for advice. and here is what some of his children have said about him. >> what he's done is an astonishing achievement. >> a great source of encouragement. >> treated everybody as an
6:26 am
individual and gave them the respect that he felt they were due. reporter: phillip was at his core a military man, and he served in the navy was one of the last remaining world we're two veterans in the uk, captain general of the marines, marshall of the air force, he embodied the values of the wartime generation which is frankly in complete contrast to the modern woke thinking we see today. all eyes now turning though to the west coast of america, and whether or not prince harry and meghan m will arrive, we know that prince harry is likely to attend, whether his wife does is another question but for now this really a country in morning out of respect for prince philip but also his wife, the queen. pete? pete: benjamin great summary, thank you very much. jed over to you. jedediah: thanks, pete. about a week ago, eric and michelle harvey were kicked off a southwest airlines flight when their two-year-old son jackson wouldn't wear his mask. the story caught the attention of an old friend, a pilot who decided to help them out with a private flight to texas from their home in colorado.
6:27 am
eric and michelle join me now along with pilot james pack. thank you all for being here and of course we have the star of the segment, already, jackson who decided to join us as well, hi, jackson. so i want to start with you, eric first of all. obviously, this has gone viral, many have seen it. why did you decide to post the facebook video of this whole experience in the first place? >> yeah, thank you, jed, i appreciate you all having us on. i felt like it was important in the moment just after it happened. it really capture the moment that we had just experienced, and really capture the raw emotion of what we just went through, and share it with anybody that is connected with me on facebook. i felt like it was important to really put it out there and give people an opportunity to see what just happened to us, because, you know, i was aware that we weren't the only ones that this has happened to, so i wanted people to see that this is actually happening to somebody that you know. this is happening to your
6:28 am
friends, your family, your neighbor. it's not just some random person that doesn't mean anything to you. this happens to a fair amount of people, and i'm wanting people to see it and hear my side, and understand what we had just experienced firsthand. jedediah: james what made you want to step up, put on your pilot hat, step in your plane and do something about this? >> you know, more than anything , like erik said, you can see these story happening and you don't necessarily know about the people and you think maybe there was resistance or any other altercation or anything and i've known erik for 13 years. he's about as laid back of a guy as can be so when you find out that you have somebody right there, in your immediate life, whose been treated with such in humane experience, to a two-
6:29 am
year-old, you just do whatever you can to step out and help them, so i looked at it and i thought, you know, i have a real blessing in my life that i'm able to have as much general aviation experience in it as i do, and i can take that and meet the harveys where they are, and help take a bad day they had and a bad experience and turn it around to a positive for them. jedediah: james that's a really wonderful thing to do and send such a wonderful message. michelle i want to get you in here. we do have a statement from southwest airlines and i want to read you that statement and get your reaction. here is what they said. we regret the inconvenience this family experienced on their recent southwest airlines trip, however federal law requires all customers 2 and over to wear a face mask while at the airport and on board the aircraft. our customer relations team has reached out to the customers to further discuss the situation. does that explanation for what went down and what happens to your family does that work for you or how do you feel
6:30 am
about it when you see it? >> i heard that. we waited for about 45 minutes on the phone to hear the very same thing. fortunately, they did refund our tickets after we called in and asked them to, but essentially, we were aware of the mandate. i went and bought a mask for my son, and i was also aware that many friends had reached out to me because i was talking to other moms with young children who recently traveled and said do you know what? flight crews are understanding. they get that you're trying, it's going to be no big deal, so i kind of, i knew that it was technically a mandate but i didn't know that we were going to get thrown off because we were trying. we weren't just going on there. i went on with a mask for my son and he was wearing one so it was pretty shocking to me. i do feel like we need to have more common sense in these mandates. they just they don't make sense, especially for young children, who don't tend to be the large spreaders of disease and a child with antibodies at that.
6:31 am
jedediah: yup and i'm so glad that you brought jackson, because i think people need a reminder of what a two-year-old looks like and what they, i mean they are very unpredictable. i have a 17 month old myself. the idea that, you know, you'll be able to insist that a two- year-old keep a mask on is utterly ridiculous, so, i'm glad they have that visual and thank you guys, so much, for bringing this story to us we so much appreciate it. >> thank you. jedediah: of course coming up major league baseball caving to cancel culture, clay travis from fox sports radio joins us live on the outreach and reacts to the shocking admission from one world series winner. >> ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ this isn't just freight. these aren't just shipments. they're promises. big promises. small promises. cuddly shaped promises.
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6:35 am
unseen at the beginning - god. and freedom is essential to learning. its principles must be studied and defended. learning, character, faith, and freedom: these are the inseparable purposes of hillsdale college. >> so me how do you change the dynamics in a city who really needs some income in that situation. i mean, atlanta is a great place to play baseball. i don't watch baseball anymore brian. are refuse to watch it because of this i don't want no part of it and this was my life. for me not to go to a baseball game or watch it, it kills me because i don't put up with that kind of crap and i don't condone it. will: that's two time world series pitcher david wells on the brian kilmeade show blasting mlb's decision to move its all-star game from atlanta to denver over its response to
6:36 am
georgia's new election laws. our next guest says fans are following in well's footsteps away from the game. clay travis from joins me now. clay, i would ask you if this is bad for business but you and i have had that conversation. we've had it here and had it on your radio show and we talked about the nba. what's fascinating to me, clay is i think many democrats know it's bad for business. stacey abrams, the person that started this entire boycott movement didn't want baseball to pull out of georgia because she was afraid of the ramifications. >> you know, will, what's more popular than democrats and republicans in the state of georgia, the atlanta braves who had their home opener by the way last night and beat philadelphia , and you know, what i think stacey abrams represents and acknowledges is if we're going to have tight elections going forward, she wants all the praise and all the ability to denegrate her opponents but she didn't want to have to
6:37 am
follow through on the consequences when joe biden and rob manfred make the decision to pull the all-star game. she wants all the benefit, none of the blame and unfortunately, for her, i don't think most georgia voters are going to buy it. the all-star games not there, because of what she said. will: that's exactly right. doesn't want to pay the cost of the bill she wrote. will there be a cost? i mean, i said i don't have to ask you that question. we saw nba ratings go down, the nfl suffered during the wake of the national anthem protest. do you think major league baseball ratings will suffer? >> here is a good analogy for you, will. we just saw baylor and gonzaga play on monday and 17 million people watched that national title game, two private schools with religious backgrounds, not massive national following. the average nba finals game had 7 million viewers. people love basketball. they don't love woke basketball. that's a 10 million difference in the overall viewership. people want baseball. they like our national pastime even though it may not be as
6:38 am
popular as the nfl now but the fans of baseball don't like woke baseball so i don't think there's any doubt. baseball took a major body blow, rob manfred's decision was, i believe, the most disastrous decision than any commissioner of any league has made in the 21st century so far. will: and former major league baseball commissioner pay vincent agrees with you, and speaking of wokism i want to show you this headline from the new york times. it reads republicans fake war against woke capitol in the op-ed, the writer goes on to argue that republicans aren't really against corporations taking political stands. they just don't like it when they are on the left. in other words, he's saying, you're happy to argue against minimum wage or whatever other political, you know, business- type issues you want to , but when it comes to voting rights or whatever it maybe now you're upset. >> i'm old school, will. i think that a corporation exists to make a profit and i don't know and to me, i run a corporation. the best way to make a profit is to serve the largest-possible
6:39 am
audience and if you aren't in the political business, i don't know why you would alienate half of your audience by getting into the political business. look, michael jordan had it right. it was the title of my most recent book. republicans buy sneakers too. if i can sell to the entire country, why would i only want to sell to half of them? so i think that new york times editorial has it completely wrong and you and i have talked about this. really, the people who are getting it wrong are the ceo's who aren't doing what's best for the company. they are doing what's best for them to avoid the mob targeting them, but there's a good analogy out there. the master's is going on this weekend, will. do you know what's going to happen. all the boycott talk is over and people are just going to kickback and watch the master's all weekend. if you stand up to the mob for 24 hours, you're golden. will: we'll watch it on tv, all those ceo's boycotting georgia are watching it in person at augusta. >> they are going in person too rob manfred might be going.
6:40 am
will: right. that is nuts. by the way on the business side really quickly we'll leave it with this my puddy pete hegseth sitting here calls it a woke tax >> well said. will: all right, clay travis, catch me and clay talking every wednesday on his radio show fox sports radio. clay always good to talk torque man. >> appreciate it man, have a good morning. pete: good stuff guys turning to a few additional headlines. tributes pouring in for late rapper dmx, lebron james, shaq, and ice cube a few celebrities remembering the music legend, justin babier mourning the loss online writing your gift was so obvious to us all thank you for sharing your gift with the world, fans also paying their respects creating a make shift memorial outside the new york hospital where dmx died after having a heart attack. he was 50 years old. rough riders. >> and a wildfire forcing roughly 200 people to evacuate in southern arizona, fire officials say the margo fire destroyed at least 12 homes and
6:41 am
is only 50% contained. 75 firefighters are working to put out the flames. the fire's cause, under investigation. >> and this marine veteran is driving toward a brighter future after being surprised with a car the indiana american legion, gifting steve griffin some wheel s so he can go to work and see his two kids. griffin served for eight years but has since fallen on hard times, becoming homeless and moving to a housing facility, the non-profit did what they could so he doesn't have to take the bus everywhere, where he goes. nice to see local legions like that stepping up to help vets. very cool. will: absolutely. pete: now we'll toss it out to rick reichmuth, with a little bit of weather on this saturday. rick: hey guys yeah the big storms last night again, we're in the severe weather season. we have a lot of them yesterday afternoon, in fact take a look at this everywhere on this map those green dots are hail reports with over 200 of them, about 100 reports of really strong wind, no tornadoes, fortunately, and only one
6:42 am
tornado watch that we're still watching here across parts of the panhandle of florida. far eastern areas of alabama, that is almost done, and in fact , the storm prediction center is kind of widdled down the severe weather threat for today so things are looking a little bit better and maybe we thought even earlier this morning, the storms beginning to weaken just a little bit. so that's the storm right here, you see that tornado watch right there, as the storms go through lots of lightning still with this , but for the most part the wind is going to be gone and take a look at what we're looking at that threat today for the most part moved a little bit farther off towards the southeast and not as severe so good news. all right guys back to you. will: i think that dog needs a bully belly rub there, rick. rick: i was hoping you couldn't hear. will: i got it. thanks, rick. a new group vowing to take on anti-american indoctrination in our schools, that's next. >> ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
6:43 am
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6:46 am
♪ pete: inspired by former president trump's 1776 commission, the all-new 1776 action group is rolling out a plan to combat what they call anti-american indoctrination in u.s. schools, which is precisely what it is. adam walldeck is the president of that group and he joins me now to explain. adam thank you so much for being here. tell me about 1776 action, and why we need it right now. >> sure, thanks, pete for having me. it really just comes down to this. the fact is that that the overarching value of 1776 is that we are all created equal. we are all individuals made in the image of god with certain rights and every time that we've been, you know, our heros as a country, our founders, abraham
6:47 am
lincoln, martin luther king, what they did was fought for that value, the one to make sure that that value was being realized, and the left, the radical left in schools right now, they are rejecting that. they are teaching kids that basically america is just systemically bad, full of bad people, and bad history, and they are sending kids home thinking that their skin color and their gender is really all that matters and that's what defines them and so our goal is to really just drive home the fact that 1776 the values are revolutionary. they've made the world a better place, and we need to, we want to be an allie of parents that are working to stop that type of brain washing happening all over the country and it's everywhere. pete: adam i love this the website is 1776action.o rg, and you mentioned parents because there's a lot of parents saying where is my backup. what do i do about this and you're saying as a group we're going to come into states and stare down elected officials and school board members, principals , deans, presidents, k -12 university,
6:48 am
whatever it is, one of those examples is a bill in new hampshire and i'm going to play a portion of an ad you're running in new hampshire to call for support for a bill that blocks critical race theory. listen to this. >> last year, radicals destroyed statues and burned cities and now in many new hampshire schools they are brain washing our children to hate america and each other, attacking our history and heros, dividing students by race and gender. our legislators must choose. spend your tax dollars to brain wash our children or support hb-544 and stand up for america. pete: that's it this is a stand up moment isn't it adam you have to go in there and fight fire with fire. >> exactly this came about in part, we launched just a few weeks ago got in touch with a guy named dan richards in new hampshire, who be a great person for you to have on at some point he's a business owner, a warrior on this issue but really at the end of the day he's a parent with young kids, and they were coming home basically learning that america is the same as nazi
6:49 am
germany and that -- pete: wonderful. >> the declaration of independence was a key event in white supremacy and like most parents like what are we doing here? and so he's rather, there's a lot of parents out there talking about this is bad, we should do something about this. he's been writing op-ed and on television and we learned about this bill to get this kind of stuff out of schools, and the promotion or this type of hostility, and so that's what we've been doing is getting out there trying to put pressure on ultimately in the long term, it's school board members but right now, the bill is moving through the house, it just pass and goes to the senate, and we're hoping that the governor will sign it. pete: good on you. >> why should people be paying to have their kids told what a terrible country it is. pete: we shouldn't but they didn't know what else to do. >> all of their friends and things of school as potential enemies. pete: we've been waiting for the cavalry to arrive i hope 1776 action is just that. adam waldeck, it's 1,776action.o
6:50 am
rg to check it out. thanks for what you're doing keep us posted. straight ahead nascar is in the short track spirit, sprint, nope it's spirit, as drivers prepare to take on martinsville speedway, pit reporter jamie little previews tonight. >> ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ my plaque psoriasis... ...the itching ...the burning. the stinging. my skin was no longer mine. my psoriatic arthritis, made my joints stiff, swollen... painful. emerge tremfyant™ with tremfya®, adults with moderate to severe plaque psoriasis... ...can uncover clearer skin and improve symptoms at 16 weeks. tremfya® is also approved for adults with active psoriatic arthritis. serious allergic reactions may occur. tremfya® may increase your risk of infections and lower your ability to fight them.
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tell your doctor if you have an infection or symptoms or if you had a vaccine or plan to. tremfya®. emerge tremfyant™ janssen can help you explore cost support options. when it comes to autism, finding the right words can be tough. finding understanding doesn't have to be. we can create a kinder, more inclusive world for the millions of people on the autism spectrum. go to
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6:53 am
will: start your engines for the next nascar cup series race this time, martinsville speedway in virginia. the race is tonight, and you can catch all the action on fox sports 1. here to give us a preview fox sports fit reporter jamie little jamie let's talk about what makes martinsville unique. first of all i just said it's
6:54 am
tonight, so it's under the lights. it's short track so we're looking at several hour left hand turn. >> yes, you are, but people get excited about short track because it's hard to avoid each other, right? they get into each other, it's usually not just one car spin ning. it's multiple cars, and so it's 500 laps so the tempers flare, guys get frustrated it's just one of those tracks people love to watch. there's a lot of action start to finish so we're excited to do it under the lights for the first time. will: let's take a look at the leaderboard jamie this is what the nascar cup series standings look like, denny hamlynn is first followed by joey lagano, martin truex, kyle larson, and here is what's farce it nateing, jamie, seven races, seven different winners so it seems like it's up for grabs every single week, but some of those top guys, not among the seven. >> that's exactly right. i mean, this season has been really interesting. you've had guys like michael mcd owell who came out and won
6:55 am
the super bowl of racing in the daytona 500, kyle larson has already won this year but you look at the guys who haven't won and you just mentioned denny hamlin hasn't won yet this year, brad keselows ki happens to be really good at martinsville and so does denny, so i'd say he's certainly the favorite and defending series champion everybody's sweetheart chase elliott. he has yet to win but he got it done here last fall. will: i'm sorry who did you say is your favorite? >> i would say denny hamlin, probably the favorite. will: that's important information, i always need to get before these segments are over, because i'm going to tell everybody listening how to apply that information. first i'll say goodbye, jamie thanks for the preview we'll be watching tonight on fox sports 1 from martinsville. thank you. >> thanks for having me. will: let's take jamie's information, denny hamlin and you can employ here at the fox bet super 6 app for your chance to win $10,000, and pick six outcomes in stage two of tonight s race and winners will
6:56 am
be announced in stage three and the free app now to play. more fox & friends moments away. >> ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ still lots of room. just more to view. still the big move. just more moving. still singing. just more in tune. still hard to find a spot. just easier to park. still the gangs all here. just less “are we there yet?” the chevy family of suvs. making life's journey just better. ♪♪♪ look, i gotta say something.
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7:00 am
will: i'm going to put my feet up just like you and they can't even tell on tv. pete: i'm thinking of power washing the deck today. i'm not sure. will: are you serious right now? pete: i might power wash the deck. will: i thought we were doing ka rate in the garage. join us tomorrow, please, for fox & friends. neil: all right, in the middle of debating how much money is being spent in washington, a plan for a so-called bipartisan commission to look at the supreme court and whether we need more judges or whether we need term limits for those judges. its created a firestorm with republicans saying the president is trying to find a way to pack the court and others still saying this has nothing to do with that, just a whole other heated debate to keep the arguing going on on top of infrastructure and money being spent and well, so much happening as we speak. welcome, everybody i'm neil cavuto and i hope you're having a great


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