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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  April 9, 2021 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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all the time we have left this evening. please set your dvr so you never miss an episode. now, hope you have a great weekend and let not your hearts be troubled. we'll see you back here monday! good friday evening, everybody. i'm pete in for laura ingraham. this is a special edition of "the ingraham angle." tonight, the cdc caves to the left declaring racism a serious public health threat. and a michigan college is still reeling from yet another hate crime hoax. dr. ben carson and dinesh de souza here on those topics and more. plus we expose some of the egregious examples of bogus so-called journalism this week. it's the return of worse in the media. always tough to take that one. hunter biden doing more interviews than kamala harris
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and mayor pete gets a new best friend. raymond arroyo that has all on friday's follies. don't miss that. president biden signing an executive order to create a commission on reforming the supreme court. we all know what that is code for. it's called court packing, adding justice that has democrats like. how many? who knows? let's find out. it's an idea the old joe biden as a "senator" and "chairman of the judiciary committee" bitterly opposed. remember this? >> president roosevelt clearly had the right to send the united states congress to pack the court but it was a bone-head idea. it was a terrible, terrible mistake to make and it's put in question for an entire decade the independence of "the" most significant body in this country, the supreme court of the united states of america. >> man, he really was sharp back in 1983, his young days. but that was before joe became a
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captive vessel for the radical left. now, biden's the bonehead. he's the bonehead. he's attempting to give democrats cover to pack the court with far left judges who legislate your rights away on the bench. of course, the white house is trying to on facecate what this new commission is really -- officecate what this new commission is really about. >> the panel is looking at the court's rule on the constitutional system, the length of service and turnover of justices on the court, the membership and sizest court and the court's case selection rules and practices. then they'll have a report at the end of 180 days. >> let me read off the clips of all the wonderful things we'll be doing in 180 days. joining me now is congressman lee who just announced his candidacy for governor of new york. also with me is greg jaret, fox news legal analyst. thank you for being here this evening. we appreciate it. it feels like they could dress this committee up however they like calling it reform.
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seems its true purpose has always been clear. your thoughts? >> the president doesn't have the mandate to do this, because during the campaign, what he was telling voters was the opposite position. he can't claim the voters elected him to pack courts. president biden as a candidate was essentially promising not to do this. and what did president trump do by appointing the supreme court justices? what was his job? there were vacancies. he put forward nominees who got confirmed. furthermore, president biden in what they want -- what he wants as far as a vision for the court is now talking about our rights not being absolute in the constitution even though constitution uses words like "shall not be infringed" and president biden's indicating that shall be infringed. >> peter: only some are absolute but not the ones that
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he likes. listen to this. >> what i'm trying to do is to make those whose initial instincts may favor important structural change or other similar institutional changes such as forms of court packing. think long and hard before they embody those changes in law. structural alteration motivated by the perception of political influence could only feed that latter perception. eroding that trust. >> greg, he knew exactly what he was saying. ruth bader ginsburg said the same thing. folks on the left are calling for him to step down because they want a replacement now. what's going to happen here? >> it's a tortured fantasy packing the supreme court and it won't happen, and the reason is pretty simple. to accomplish it, democrats have to kill the fillbuster and they don't have the votes to do -- filibuster and they don't have the votes to do that. joe biden surrendered to the woke crowd led by his ice
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president, the wokest of the woke. there's a reason why breyer and ginsburg were against this and that's because they see it for what it is, a naked power grab that would erode the public's trust in the supreme court designed by the founders to be a fact stop against governmental excess, abuse of power and foolish ideas and if you try to pack the court, what you're really doing is setting a new and dangerous norm anytime a new political party gains power. they'll try to alter the composition of the court for their political desires and when they lose power, another party takes over. they'll add either more justices or retract the one that has were added. the net affect -- the other ones that were added. the net affect is you'd have a whip saw of our laws. it'll be in constant flux. one year something is lawful and constitutional, the next year it is not. but joe biden has unwittingly handed a political gift to
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republicans they'll use against him in the midterm election. look at any poll. americans are against court packing so this by biden really political suicide. >> he may not do it for the reasons you said. >> lee, i could ask you another question about this. we never give you guys enough time to answer two questions about why they're running. some candidates get stumped as to why they're running. you want to run as the governor of new york. it's been since 2002 since a governor won, governor pataki won. how will you support voters in a solid blue state it's time to end the grip on democrat power? >> we have to save our state. this is actually the first time in my lifetime that we're seeing new york city, albany and d.c. all with one party democrat rule. as a consequence of it, in albany just this week, they created the newest highest
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income tax rate in the country to pay for a multibillion dollar fund for people who are illegally in our country. what i'm hearing talking to new yorkers is that they're upset with the attacks on their wallets, their safety and their freedoms. they're upset about the taxes and the cashless fail and the police movement not supporting law enforcement and their kids not fully being back in school. this is not red on blue. this is not republican on democrat. this is about new yorkers going all in to save the state, going all in to return the empire state to its former glory. i look forward to the next year and a half campaigning to earn the votes of the new yorkers and get to work finally with political and geographic balance in our state capitol. all of your listeners all across the country need to fight for this nation. we can't be frustrated and complacent wherever in america that you're watching. >> you jumping in ups the ante in the race. no doubt. republicans having a candidate of caliber certainly makes it something that puts it on a lot of people's radar. last question to you, gregg,
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real quick is joe biden talks a lot about it, he used the executive order more than anyone else in the first year in modern times. he talked recently as recently as october of 2020 on the campaign trail about how donald trump used executive order. listen to how he talked about donald trump's use of executive order. >> some of my republican friends and some of my democratic friends even occasionally say, well f you can't get the votes by -- if you can't get the votes by executive order, you're going to do something. things you can't do by executive order unless you're a dictator. we're a democracy. you need consensus. >> how do you get away with this, gregg? to call it a dictatorship and do more executive orders than anyone else and potentially talk about, i don't know, ending the filibuster and court packing whether they can get it done or not. >> joe biden has a long and distinguished record of being a hypocrite. sometimes i think it's intentional but other times i think he just can't remember the positions he's taken previously which is a sad commentary on his
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diminished mental acute -- acuity. you showed a clip of biden from 1983. back then he was so sharp. he's no longer the same man in that regard, sort of fear for the future of this country. >> absolutely, i share that sentiment sincerely. thank you very much, gentlemen. lee zeldin, thank you very much. keep us posted. the size of the supreme court isn't the only thing biden wants to increase. he's also aiming for your taxes. how much? $2.5 trillion according to the treasury department, much of it coming from gouging business which really just means american workers will eventually get the shaft. so much for america first. in fact, the national association of manufacturers estimates biden's tax plan will eliminate, not add, eliminate one million jobs in just two years. larry kudlow is joining me now. white house economic adviser to president trump and the man who helped to bring so many american jobs back home.
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larry, you said the tax hikes could bring damage not just at home but also abroad. can you please explain that to our audience? >> major damage, yes. look, the estimates are from two professors from rice university which is a very good school. they're saying we'll lose a million jobs in two years if this thing goes through. the tax foundation has very similar estimates, pete, and the, um, the 10 wharton model gives you the same so this idea that these taxes are going to somehow help the economy and this idea they're going to raise lots of revenue to pay for all the social welfare that the democrats want is just nonsense. it's not going to happen. and if you start taxing american business and 2 $2.5 trillion -- we don't know. there's more coming when the budget is finalized, pete, you'll probably be above $3 trillion in taxes. you're going after corporations, you're going after their profits, ok? that means investment is going
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to fall. that means jobs are going to fall. that means wages are going to fall. this is not a free lunch. this is going to be a very very painful and it'll make us less competitive globally. before donald trump. we had the highest corporate tax in the world. donald trump brought us down 25 or 30 points and, um, made a big score and the results showed with job creation, low unemployment and repatriation of overseas money. if the biden plan goes through, 28% top rate put in 4.5% per state, we'll resume our position as the highest corporate tax among developed countries. that is not something that mr. biden wants to have hung around his neck being first in the highest tax rate. >> larry, you laid it out so well but they just seem to not care. here's how pete buttigieg,
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transportation secretary, justified biden's corporate tax increase. listen to this. >> the jobs plan envisions this being covered through corporate taxes, american corporations can be competitive at a tax rate like 28 for the simple reason they were extremely competitive at a tax rate like 35 them could handle 35, surely they could handle 28. >> ha-ha. larry, 38? 28. 35, 28? what's it matter? >> you're right, well, he's the bicycle guy. he's not a car guy. he's the guy who said he's going to subtract roads when he gets the infrastructure package if it ever gets through so he was wrong. he were not competitive at 35. as i say, we were the top of the heap and we were losing money and losing jobs and losing factories all over the world. listen, think of this, if you do 28% which is what biden wants and add 4.5%, 32.5%.
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guess what china's tax rate is? 25%. we'll be so far above china and in my judgment, that is not something this country could afford to do. we'll lose capital. we'll lose investments. we'll lose factories to china of all places. we'll provide funds for them to expand their military. this is a very unwise thing to do and, pete, i'll just layer on one more thought. >> yep. >> you hear this from yellen and biden, "we have to stop taxes! the race to the bottom! taxes are falling too much!" well, first of all, they're not falling too much. they've fallen a little bit. there's no zero tax out there from any country. most taxes, now corporate tax is around 23% to 25%. ok. second point, really, pete? this is about class worker, is it not? tax successful people. this is class warfare. everyone knows that. we don't like corporations in
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the new administration. we want to give all their money to social welfare programs that don't even have work requirements and we're going to turn everything over to the green new deal. let me just say this: investments from business' best friend. you need a good job, you need a good business to have a good job and you need investments to put into the business. so actually investment is the worker and his family's best friend and to me, that point has to be made as a challenge to all of this class worker nonsense. >> pete: it's punitive at this point, larry. you made it very well. we love you being here at fox, but we miss you making decisions we need more of that. larry, thank you very much. we appreciate it. >> appreciate it. biden isn't only empowering the irs but he's propping up the
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so-called medical experts who's been consistently wrong about covid. case in point, you remember when the "experts" told us to disinfect everything, anything you touch outside of your home or outside of your apartment to stop the spread of covid? >> we do know that the virus could live on surfaces, for example, live on plastic for up to three days. i'm going to clean all the virus off here. i don't need to do too much. it's a pretty sensitive virus. for cardboard, it's typically going to be closer to 24 hours. >> pete: scrub down that campbell's soup can. now, the cdc is saying the opposite, saying this, there's little scientific support for routine use of disinfectant in community settings, whether indoor or outdoor, to prevent transmission from surfaces. here now to walk us through these "experts" got wrong is dr. marty mccarrie, professor of medicine at johns hopkins university and fox news contributor. doctor, why are we putting our
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lives in the hands of people who are getting it wrong? >> cdc got it right but they're 11 months late to the game. when we were telling people to wash their hands like crazy, we should have been telling them to wear masks. when the guidance was to stay at home, we should have been telling people to get outside. the evidence was there. if you think about it, the one job of the cdc and dr. fauci is to warn us of a pandemic and help us manage an infection. and guess what? sars cov-2, covid-19, is transmitted just like sars cov-1 or sars when it came around about 17 years ago, it was the exact same motive. aerosolized virus, micro droplet transmission. how'd they not know that was the mechanism of transmission? it's important for some people to have a degree of humility to say they got things wrong. >> pete: if it's so similar, we know it'll be a little bit different, we get it. but wouldn't you generally know these are the steps that you
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would take? how'd they get it wrong? >> they hedged their bets this was an influenza-like transmission. they got that wrong big time. that was costly, because in new york you saw the density in the buildings and in the elevators and when people went inside, they were washing everything like crazy and they were doing the so-called "deep cleanings." remember the deep cleanings in business places? turns out it was floating in the air. that was a big miss. >> well, here's another big miss. biden surgeon general made it clear today that they're not ending the lockdowns anytime soon. listen to this. >> we still have high confidence these vaccines are effective but because they're not perfect, it's precisely why we're still urging people to be cautious. it's why we have such an emphasis on wearing masks, keeping distance, washing their hands, avoiding indoor gatherings. >> dr. makary, perfect? they have to be perfect? how does this not discourage people when the vaccine was supposed to be our hope? >> the pandemic is regional. if you look around the united
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states, there's places that's achieved herd immunity already. the burden of infection is low and the risks to engaging regular activities is extremely low. remember, when we came out with recommendations, our routine was to tell everybody to do one thing, right? we told everybody to wear a mask. maybe now it's time for two different recommendations? one for half the country that's immune and the other for the other half of the country which maybe needs to continue to be careful. why are we not seeing that humility to say look, we're going to give you two sets of guidance depending on whether or not you're protected. >> humility. it's in limited supply across the board in a lot of ways. um, personal responsibility as well which i appreciate you emphasizing when people in this country can think for themselves. dr. makary, thank you very much. appreciate your time. >> thank you, pete. >> pete: turns out the real public health crisis is not covid. it's racism. ben carson joins us to debunked
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the latest proclamation. then we expose the latest hate crime hoax. you don't want to miss it.
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>> we have to declare racism a public health crisis.
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we already have sufficient data to declare structural racism as the public health crisis that it is. >> racism is a public health crisis. >> pete: well, the lefties, they were clamoring for it, and the cdc finally did it! they caved into the months' long campaign by the left to declare racism a "serious public health threat." forget about covid-19. this is absolutely what the cdc should be focusing its time on right now. they're nailing it! they should focus on this. the agency saying in a statement that racism "directly affects the well-being of millions of americans and the health of our entire nation." joining me now is dr. ben carson, founder and chairman of the american cornerstone institute and former hud secretary. doctor, thank you very much for joining us tonight. i got to ask you this, in your expert medical opinion, because those words should matter, is racism a serious public health threat? >> well, you know t would be funny if it wasn't so seer --
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you know, it would be funny if it wasn't so serious pete. >> pete: sure. >> a few weeks ago you probably will remember the french said the greatest danger facing them is a woke america. that's where the real health crisis is going on i was looking at a news story not too long ago and they were interviewing college student from other parts of the world. one -- students from other parts of the world. one of the questions was like would you like that come to america? they all said there was a time where they wanted to but that time has past. what happened to the shiny city on the hill that was the goal for people all over the world? and we have to be very concerned about what is going on right now. you know, america, the idea, not america the place, is so important. as far as the cdc is concerned, it used to be a place of science where people did things based on evidence and on facts. and when you start injecting politics into it, it really damages the credibility of that
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organization. and that's problematic for us all in terms of our -- in terms of public health. that's the real hazard, injecting politics into science. >> pete: yeah, just like when you pack the court, you delegitimize an institution our country requires and needs. same thing with the cdc here. same thing with the word racism. when you call everything racist, it dilutes the actual meaning when democrats actually act like racists, it seems like they're forgiven for it. remember this? >> governor northam led the most forward-looking virginia ever, with real progress on our original center of racism and with the abolition of the death penalty. >> that's a representative. remember, ralph northam was caught wearing black face and now he singlehandedly somehow removed virginia's so-called original sin. racism. you could be forgiven if you bend to the woke folks for the mistakes that you've made. never the other way around.
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>> well, you know what is so serious here is that we are doing exactly what needs to be done to move to socialism and communism and that is replacing god with government. >> >> pete: amen. >> as government expands, as ronald reagan says, our freedoms decrease. that's what is really going on people need to wake up. that's why we developed american cornerstone institute so we can bring back those principles, remind people of who we are as americans. we -- you know, a godly principle is to love your neighbor. a woke principle is to cancel your neighbor. is that really where we want to go? when you look down the road on those two pathways, they lead to very different places. we now still have a chance to change the direction of this country, to save it for our children and for our grandchildren. we need to stop being selfish.
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that means also not massive raising the debt, because who is going to have to pay that? not us older people. we're going to be dead and gone. it's going to be our children and our grandchildren. we're ruining their lives! that's not fair! thomas jefferson said it was immoral. >> pete: amen when we forget we're all sinners redeemed by grace then we start pointing fingers in ways we never should and then we can't walk back from it. i love the idea of the american cornerstone institute. it is about god. thank you for continuing to talk about it. dr. carson, have a great evening. >> thank you. >> pete: if racism is such a pervasive problem, why do so many high-profile incidents turn out to be fake? think about it. jussie smollett's maga hat attack. the nascar news that wasn't. and the latest example comes from a college in michigan where a black male student has taken responsible for -- responsibility, excuse me, for racist graffiti that was
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discovered on campus last week. but the most bizarre part of the story is not what the student did but how the college responded. listen to this statement. they say "we know the acts of racism that have occurred this week are not about one particular person or one particular incident. we know there's a significant history of racial pain and trauma on campus and we're taking action to repair our community." joining me now is dinesh de souza, conservative commentator and filmmaker. what we know about this case is it was a 21-year-old black male who acted along yet it's a community thing and the school is acting like this wasn't a hoax in the first place. >> yeah, if you step back for a minute and look at the incidents you realize how bizarre this is. you have to ask yourself why would anyone stage a racial incident? it racism a serious problem, if the incidents were to occur all
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by themselves -- i mean f you go back a -- i mean f you go back a century, blacks didn't have to stage lynchings because lynchings were going on. racism has become extremely rare on campus, particularly progressive college campuses. people bend over backward toes accommodate minorities. -- to accommodate minorities. you have to apply a law that the demand for racism exceeds the supply so racism has to be manufactured in order to satisfy this demand. it's not just the pathological behavior of the student which is disturbed in some ways but it's almost like the college having been exonerated is not pleading guilty to a crime which was actually committed by the kid who said he was the victim of it. >> pete: it's also the diversity and others who
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ultimately exist because of this pervasive racism. if there isn't a supply of it, then what are they doing there in the first place? >> so now that's the key point. there's a whole racism industry in place and this industry exists to ultimately service the cause of antiracism. if there's not racism around, why do they exist? as a result, this is why the college is pleading guilty, and there's also some sort of pathology on the part of even white students, because they're very eager to plead guilty to crimes they haven't committed. it's almost as if there's a desire psychologically to disassociate themselves and say, listen, i'm not the racist. it's all of these other fictitious or hypothetical other white guys who maybe could never be identified but somehow the racism nevertheless sneaks through institutionally and has this effect on us. >> dinesh real quick on one other topic, we only have a minute here. there's a bill that could lead to reparation proposals under
7:32 pm
consideration at the house floor. are we at the point where reparation and critical race theory could be passed in the halls of congress? >> that's very unlikely that could happen. there's a precedence for it where congress gave reparations for japanese families interned unjustly in world war ii. let's remember in that case, the reparations were paid to the actual families that were in the camps. in this case, we'd be talking about reparations for events which ended more than 150 years ago. it's a whole different matter. >> pete: dinesh, very smart guy. that supply and demand thing, the more you think about it makes a ton of sense. thank you for breaking it down for us tonight. >> my pleasure. >> pete: move over, joe. your friends in the media have a new biden to fawn over. plus s mayor pete vouching for the most -- plus, is mayor pete vouching for the most aggressive fight? friday follies next. this isn't just freight. these aren't just shipments.
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>> pete: it is friday night. that means it's time for friday follies. fox news contributor raymond arroyo is joining us now. great music, raymond. that's fun. raymond, hunter biden is still doing the two-step about that infamous laptop with assistance from jimmy kimmel. >> i've seen you on some interviews talking about the laptop. it became this big thing. the laptop. when they ask you if that was your laptop, you say you don't know. >> you know, look, i really don't know. the fact of the matter is, it's a red herring. it's absolutely a red herring but i'm absolutely, um, i think within my rights to question anything that comes from the -- from the desk of rudy giuliani. >> pete: absolutely he thinks! >> pete two quick points here, hunter and the biden
7:39 pm
administration continue to dismiss this laptop as a political affiliation with rudy giuliani or the russians. neither is the true. the director of national intelligence told us there's no russian misinformation. there's a red herring here. it's hunter's constant innovation to his crack addiction paper over his sins, mainly that profited off of his father's vice presidency and sold access to his dad. that's the problem, but if you're watching cnn, pete, hunter's memoir sits somewhere between angela's ashes and "out of africa." >> i'll tell what you, i read a lot of memoirs but none like this before. this book about addiction b how many times hunter biden could have died, the president's son, it's breathtaking. >> pete: breathtaking! >> they should put that in the books.
7:40 pm
>> cnn says hunter biden's story is "a window into america's soul." >> if this is america's soul t needs an exorcism, pete. fox hasn't independently confirmed these pipp pictures butted the daily mail claims they're authentic. forensic folks have looking into it. i'm sorry, but the man is a degenerate. hunter has been closer to more hookers than gonorrhea, ok? the crack pipe, the underaged kids, it's amazing what we're seeing here and what is coming out. >> pete: it is! but the media is totally ignoring t pete. the most interesting thing, there were 100,000 should have something text and this one -- something text and this one from joe biden saying if you don't run, i'll never have a chance at redemption. this is a clue as to why biden even in his cognitive state of decline continues to push himself. he's trying to redeem one son
7:41 pm
and remember beau and being misused by his party. >> it's a sad point. he got the redemption and then writes a book about it. oh, i don't really understand it. by the way, the information, the photo you shared and the information that's in there were it to come from anyone on the right side of the aisle would have been slashed everywhere. instead, they've suppressed it. it's amazing if you actually look as to what is there. >> pete: well, hunter isn't the only political figure with a new memoir. former speaker of the house, john boehner, he's back with his book out this week. some of which i think you've read, raymond? >> i have and it is a foul-mouthed boozy creed, pete. he attacks trump to mark meadows. lucky you're not in there. >> he calls some of the members political terrorist. >> then there's senator ted cruz who painter says is the ultimate false prophet. >> can't beat anyone up. it's not my style, except that jerk.
7:42 pm
>> this is more of the gentle stylings from boehner's audio book. listen. >> p.s., ted cruz, go [bleep] yourself. >> oh, isn't he lovely? pete, this is bitterness from cover to wine-splattered cover and then boehner writes this, "i don't think i could get elected in today's republican party any way, just like i don't think ronald reagan could either." now, in truth, i've spoken to members of his previous caucus, he couldn't get elected barkeep at the capitol hill club but ronald reagan, that's a different story but it takes cahones, pete, to attack the tea party who made you speaker in 2010. >> pete: it's an ugly way to go out. >> you were willing to do all the things you were never willing to do you have all of that political capitol and political power and you did nothing. >> he stood down. now as shield for the marijuana industry. what a way to go. >> before i leave you, we've
7:43 pm
been following the exploits of major behind's dog. he bit another government employee last week. i personally think the dog should be removed from the white house but now pete buttigieg, transportation secretary, is opposed to transporting major anywhere as he told tmz live. >> first time i went into oval office meeting, major was there. said a quick hello. we got along well. >> did you pet major? >> i did and it was just fine. i know there were stories about him but my interactions with him have been great. >> isn't that reassuring? tell that to the park service employee's bit hand, you know? >> pete: in fact, actually, raymond, we have obtained some exclusive video of mayor pete's -- >> really? >> pete: yes, you're our major biden correspondent. surprised you didn't get this first. we got it. a meeting with major. watch it. >> hello, hello. major?
7:44 pm
>> what is that? that is so heartwarming? i think he's auditioning for the cujo sequel, pete. he'll be wonderful in it. >> pete: major pete was a captain in the army. he's outrankled by anyone -- outranked by anyone with the title major. i think he's differential no matter what. >> good point. have a great weekend. watch those dogs and protect that laptop. >> pete: got it right here. raymond, you're the man. thank you. >> i'm protecting mine. >> pete: ha-ha. maybe you'll lose it. maybe you won't know. maybe you will. who knows? coming up, the worst media offenders of the week. ingraham angle has got its eyes on you. the tape you don't want to miss coming up next.
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>> pete: well, it's easy to become numb to straight-up media bias propaganda these days. the ingraham ang is keeping track of the worst -- angle is keeping track of the worst offenders of the week. joining me now is adam gillette, president of accuracy in media. adam, thank you so much for being here. this is always a tough job, so much to choose from. adam, the biggest lose they're week is undoubtedly cbs "60 minutes" for its job on ron
7:50 pm
desantis. we don't need to play the clip. everyone's seen it by now. it is focused on accusations of pay to play which desantis denied. cbs "60 minutes" edited the clip. what's the fallout been? any sort of mea culpa for cbs? >> no. they were doing the work their allies and the progressive movement expect them to do. >> pete: yes. >> i think the big lesson of this is florida really -- and i'm a floridian -- florida excels in so many ways. we have better weather than the new yorkers. we have better economy than the new yorkers. we even have better democrats than the new yorkers. two democrats in florida, but fact before partisanship came to the defense of ron desantis. imagine if the media put facts before partisanship. doesn't happen at cbs news. >> pete: no, it doesn't. a big black eye for "60 minutes" which has a reputation for not
7:51 pm
normally doing things like this and they went all in on bias with that story. next up, is this absolutely absurd statement from msnbc's joe scarborough, watch this. >> biden seems to me to be a mirror image of ronald reagan. reagan who was seen as tempermentally moderate. everyone's granddad. people liked reagan. here we have with joe biden a guy who is tempermentally moderate a guy who is -- who republicans and talk radio bashes and suggests he's horrible or out of his mind and he's good, old joe. >> pete: he said it with a straight face! he was a congressman who was part of the follow onto reagan. joe biden is about as reaganesque as jimmy carter. your response? >> joe biden is the mirror image of the caricature they painted of ronald reagan. >> pete: sure.
7:52 pm
>> the happy, goofy, silly buffoon whereas reagan had wit, biden has gas. whereas reagan viewed the white house as his life's mission, he wanted to defeat the soviet union, biden used the white house as his nursing home. that's why he delegates the border crisis kamala harris. had 30,000 votes gone differently, biden would be at the villages right now trying to flirt with your grandma! it is amazing for scarborough to say that. i grew up as reagan as a hero. he was a hero of mine. joe biden is no ronald reagan. >> pete: yes, reagan cut against the culture. he had everyone against him. you've got biden who admitted the transmissionnal presidency, third term of obama. no set of convictions. it's amazing. last one, cbs again here ran with this headline, cbs, they said three ways companies could help fight georgia's restrictive new voting law. you can help. but they eventually stealth edited the headline to say
7:53 pm
activists are calling on companies -- or activists are calling on companies to challenge new voting laws. but they kept the thrust of the article. they literally didn't even change the three ways in it. now, what is strange, though, while cbs is pushing to punish georgia, it doesn't want to boycott a major sporting event where they could make some money. listen to this clip. >> viacom cbs, us, one of the many companies publicly opposing the voting law. cbs sports will broadcast the masters as it's done for more than 60 years. got history there. >> pete: so cbs is opposing the law but will broadcast from georgia. got history. >> i like for once they were honest. we say this all the time in accuracy media. these people pretend to be journalists but they're really activists and they admit it because when they put the tweet back up, they say, it's not us saying this it's activists saying this as if there's a difference between the two. it's so frustrating.
7:54 pm
the left realizes they can't get their ideas through via legislation. now they try to do it via corporation. they have willing allies who will clamp down in free speech in the big text out west and now they just bully companies like coke and delta into doing what they want. that's where our sights should be fighting, in the culture. >> pete: thank you for fighting it. thank you for your time. thank you very much. still ahead, covid tyrants get what they deserve. we'll explain. scotts turf builder triple action kills weeds, prevents crab grass and feeds your lawn. all three,in just one bag. i like that. scotts turf builder triple action. it's lawn season. let's get to the yard. people everywhere living with type 2 diabetes are waking up to what's possible with rybelsus®. ♪ you are my sunshine ♪ ♪ my only sunshine... ♪
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pete: when illinois governor -- they were probably expecting a hero's welcome but they got exactly what they deserved. >> we take a moment to honor the leadership of our officials who have worked tirelessly to safeguard our city and state. turn your attention to home
8:00 pm
plate as we welcome pritzker and our public health director. >> the doctor and governor have an all in campaign to carry out a comprehensive response to the pandemic. pete: i'll see you in seven hours on fox and friends. enjoy gutfeld. >> been free to follow your heart. ♪ live free ♪ ♪ beat surrounds you ♪ ♪ the world astounds you each time you look at a star ♪ [bad singing] i can't sing very well but i'm furry and sexy as he will.


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