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tv   FOX News Primetime  FOX News  April 9, 2021 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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texas governor greg abbott. check your local listings. thanks for watching "special report." bret baeier will be back. fox news primetime hosted by mark stein starts now. >> mark: i think i'm going to get senator kennedy singing born free as my ring tone. that will be a good one. let's get to it. good evening and welcome to fox news primetime. i'm mark stein. we have all the big news of the day, from packing the supreme court to unpacking hunter's lap top. that's just in this first segment. as you might be able to tell if you're listening to dolby digital stereo, i might sound slightly foreign. i resisted the testimony takes to devote the full hour to the death of the duke of edinburg.
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i was at bucking ham palace a few years ago and found him a very observant of the scene. on the surface, this isn't age friendly to kings. prince phillip's cousins were murdered. his grandfather, king george i of greece was assassinated. yet monarchy has been the natural order of things for almost the entirety of human history. whether it is an actual monarchy or as is more fashionable, hereditary dictatorship such as in north korea. benjamin franklin wouldn't disagree with that, leaving the constitutional convention he ran into a lady who wanted to know what system of government they agreed on. he famously replied a republic, if you can keep it, because keeping it is the tricky bit. packing the supreme court. well, a judge's republic is a contradiction in terms. you're just replacing one guy with nine or 11 or 15 in basic
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black. but beyond that, certain monarchical urge always persists. there are no titles of nobility yet the hereditary principle seems to be given to hunter biden, chelsea clinton, any cousin of jfk who decides to run for office. our elites marriage each other. joe biden's son's business partner is the stepson of john kerry, who's biden's climate czar. more crudely, there is a royal court. there inside the circle and protected and if you're outside that circle, you're not. if you think eternally imminent darhum report is going to put anyone behind bars, i have got a seven figure clinton foundation
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speech by chelsea on diarrhea in africa to sell you. no matter how many times bill clinton's name shows up on the manifest with all the inflight jail bait on jeffrey epstein's express, he's under no threat of criminal investigation. and while we're comparing monarchy and republic, of all the elite big shots palling around with the signature procura, clinton, former new mexico governor bill richardson, the only one, the only one to pay a price for his friendship with epstein has been prince andrew, duke of york, who got fired from the royal family by the queen for it. because one advantage of a real monarchy over a pseudo monarchy is that the very titles of prince and duke put the bearer under scrutiny. our informal princes, such as prince hunter, duke of crack, have no such restraint.
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right now there are two guys in the news who are in a spot of bother. congressman meat gaetz, who's been accused of paying a sex trafficker for hookups with under age girls. this billboard's going up all over the sunshine state. matt gaetz wants to date your child. simultaneously we have hunter biden and his lap top which contains quite a lot of tprafbic evidence because hunter liked to make porn movies. prince hunter con sorting with hookers, some of whom appeared to be rather young and some he assumes to be treating violently. there are no such pictures of matt gaetz. you won't see hunter's pictures on those shows. ever since the new york post broke the story, the aby mall main stream media have
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prostrated themselves and buried any needs of hunter. the crack pipe, the hookers. we although the kremlin planted this stuff. >> he's still pedalling propaganda that is spebgted to having links to russian intelligence. >> we do know it's an active russian campaign. >> some of the russian misinformation about biden that's accurate. this is a different thing. this is a public disinformation campaign to mess with us. >> and let's not forget the queen of preem christian i'm not a reporter, amman pour. >> the fbi said this lap top is not russian disinformation. so what are you talking about here? this lap top is real. it's not just a lap top. there's e-mails. there's text messages. they are real. according to the u.s. government, the fbi has verified
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think. >> that's not what we are doing. >> why don't you want to report this? this is one of the most powerful families in washington. >> i'm a journalist and reporter and i follow the facts. there has never been any issues in terms of corruption. >> she followed the facts straight to hunter's crack pipe. that's the only explanation for that. either christian rented a midsize sedan from hertz and hunter still left the pipe in it, or her priority is ensuring that that story dies quicker than jeffrey epstein. so hunter got less coverage than the late breaking election results. when all those hither to silent went into full system mode. stories about both these men, matt gaetz and prince hunter duke of crack on the other are true, only one is at risk of criminal prosecution and losing his liberty. it's not hunter biden, because
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one of them is inside the club and the other isn't. prince hunter left his crack pipe on the car seat of his rental car but he's joe biden's son. hunter's gun turned up in an overflowing trash can across the street from a school in delaware. that would be a bad place for you to check your firearm. but he's joe's son, so all that happened is that a detail of secret service agents went around to the gun store and tried to brow beat the owner into coughing up hunter's paperwork so that all evidence of his ownership of said piece would be gone. i don't know what you call a system where officialdom goes to such lengths to protect the depraved signs of the ruling class but a republic of citizens equal before the law isn't the first thing that springs to mind. carry kupek was in the
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department of justice at the time the core unex of the main stream media moved en masse to protect prince hunter last october. that must have been a very weird experience for you, knowing what the department of justice knew at the time watching the media instantly say there's nothing to see here, it's all been planted by the russians. >> it was quite something. it was the week of october 19th. i remember it very clearly. on october 19th, if you remember, a group of former intelligence officials put out a letter saying, so we have no evidence to support what we are about to say, but based on what we've read, we're suspicious. we think that lap top is part of some russian disinformation campaign. then the director of dni came out and said, no, actually, the fbi has the lap top and, two, it is not part of any kind of russian disinformation campaign. then the fbi the next day
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submitted a letter to congress where they said we have nothing to add to what director radcliffe said. you have dni and the fbi who had the access to information which would support what they are saying. look, this is not part of any russian campaign. what does then candidate joe biden do? he turned around on that debate stage, in the third presidential debate, he said the lap top was a russian plant and he pointed to the letter from those 50 former intelligence officials who said up front, we have no evidence to support what we are saying. we're just suspicious. >> what's going on here? why would former members of the, quote unquote, intelligence community stampede like a herd of elephants to defend a guy who has committed all kinds of criminal offenses? >> the fact that they would put a letter out like that. this is a high stakes election.
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touching on that hunter biden lap top was a hot topic. the fact that they would put out a letter like that, they were grocery politicizing the intelligence community. the thing is when formers, whether former intelligence officials or former doj prosecutors say something, they know the department of justice really can't do anything. they can't say anything bad because there's a policy that does not allow them to comment on investigations. it's just a strong political campaign, knowing the people who have the information are ham strung and can't respond. so they know that narrative will be pushed and that narrative will be the one adopted by the media. so it's all very intentional. >> you said something there, politicization of the intelligence agencies. a story in the daily mail in london about hunter biden in 2018 getting secret service protection, to which he's not entitled and wasn't entitled in
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2018. getting secret service protection for a week long drugs and hooker binge in california that american taxpayers essentially paid for. are you concerned about the corruption of some of the most powerful agencies on earth in the protection of people like hunter biden? >> it's certainly unfortunate. i read that account. i don't have any access to any information or facts on that, so i can only comment on what i read and what you read. sure. even with president biden issuing the eo and the possible red flags with the gun laws. one has to ask president biden, with all due respect, was this inspired by your son, a known troubled gun owner? if that's the case, how are you going to address that? how are you going to address the fact that he allegedly lied on a federal form in order to get that gun back? which is a felony? this is the kind of questions an honest media needs to be asking
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the president. they certainly would have been asking president trump those questions. how many times did we hear about don jr. and his trump tower meeting? that's all we heard about for years. the media gives a pass. all they need to do is just be fair and ask the hard questions. that's their job. >> thanks for that. it appears to be one rule for hunter biden and another for the poor unemployed guy sitting in the rusting double wide wondering why he can't get his guns. america rid itself of the monarchy a quarter millennium back but by the early years of this century it looked like it was replacing him with nine in black. nancy pelosi said of decisions by the supreme court that it's, quote, almost as if god has spoken. that's not how the founders would have thought of it, nor would any sane person. as we saw last october, the appointment of a high judge to the high court now convulses the
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nation for years on end. the host of fox and friends every weekend will be in for laura ingraham tonight. what do you make of this supposed commission that's gonna look at expanding the high court to 27 judges. >> who knows how many. thank you very much for having me. here's the thing. we knew this was coming. this commission was always a cover for him to buy time to placate the left to get to a place where he can totally reverse his stance. before he was king biden, he was the defender of the senate. the defender of institutional norms. all the power prerogatives that senators ought to have to check the executive until he ran as an empty vessel and the left said, not so fast. he was happy to say, you know what? you got me. when it comes to the filibuster, packing the court, federalizing elections in hr1. if it pleases the far left who he needs and his cabinet and white house are full of, he's happy to throw away the 40, 50
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years where he said it was a bone head idea to pack the court because the left demands it. continues to double down on executive orders further showing -- was it just kidding? oops, gotcha? didn't really mean what he said in the senate. he ran as a uniter. he's doing the opposite. that's what the left always does, mark. >> there's supposedly a 6-3 conservative majority on the current court. do you think they're determined to erase that? >> of course. look at institutional washington. not just the white house and capitol hill, but all the levels of influence the swamp, as the former president labeled it. they're all controlled by the left. there's one institution by fortune of a candidate that won in 2016 and certain things that happened that is not in their control. they cannot tolerate that, mark. they've got hollywood, social media, big tech, the board rooms, major league baseball. they've got everyone woke going
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crazy. then they've got these folks in black robes that won't give them everything they want. they got an empty guy in the white house who susan rice can shuffle papers in front of, who will ultimately let this commission make the tough decisions about what they ought do and twist some arms on capitol hill to see if they can pack that court and get rid of the one thing that's blocking their progressive takeover. >> yeah, yeah. just a couple judges standing between them and a clean sweep. thank you. if you like what you saw, you got a full hour with pete coming up at 10 p.m. eastern, 7:00 p.m. pacific. if you didn't like it and that's enough for you, feel free to go out and get drunk or the crack and the hookers like hunter. up next, don't try that at home, boys and girls. up next on fox news primetime, the centers for disease control said racism is a public health crisis and there's no vaccine for that. tammy bruce straight ahead.
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>> only yesterday joe biden was saying the 2nd amendment is a public health crisis. time magazine thinks climate change is a public health crisis. last summer the same public health experts telling you to stay at home and social distance were hailing the george floyd riots as a vital response to the public health crisis of white supremacy, and now the centers for disease control a lavishly overfunded bureaucracy which has been all over the place with its covid advice, has declared racism is a public health crisis. do you have to social distance or what's the word? segregate for that? there are many fascinating aspects of the china virus. it impacts men more than women, black men more than white men.
4:22 pm
the average mortality is a few years lower in america than in, say, italy. but declaring racism itself is a public health crisis just ensures that the discussion is framed in the same useless way as the rest of the so-called national conversation on race. even as some guy in some lab somewhere in wuhan is working on covid 22. this is the cdc destroying its brand. you can't even dignify it as mission creep. it's dribble creep. fox nation's show is worth the subscription all by itself, is here. tammy, there's a lot of this about. i see brigham and women's hospital in boston is planning to offer preferential health care based on race. are you looking forward to this new regime? >> yes. we see this flowing out kind of naturally like it was a plan.
4:23 pm
fact of the matter is that the cdc is not just now ruining its brand. it started in 1932 and probably before. but there's a reason why certain americans don't trust the big government and the medical establishment. in 1932 the tuskegee experiments began where the cdc told black men in alabama that they were giving them free health care. and what they were doing them was not treating them for syphilis as they watched for 40 years what it would do to the human body. it was a human experiment. it was obscene. and it went from 1932 to 1972. people wonder why the black community in this country doesn't trust the government. now you've got the cdc, federal health care saying, oh, we're coming back to help you again. we're gonna spend covid-19 funds to create racial equity in health care. at brigham women's hospital and
4:24 pm
a couple doctors who teach at harvard had put out an op ed saying, in order to fix racial inequity in health care -- and there is some. there's no mistake about that when it comes to racism in this country. but they're saying we need to implement the opposite racism effectively by giving race preferences for health care. this is the same as the horrible vietnam excuse that we had to destroy the village to save it. americans have had enough of this. this is an excuse by the left to continue to divide americans among race. after all, mark, if racism is a public health crisis, it means that your neighbor's a racist. it means tens of millions of americans are racist, when the only entity that has really shown its malevolance is the massive gigantic bloated government that doesn't see us
4:25 pm
as people, but sees us as marks and chips on a piece of paper. this is a horrible format that we've seen play out around the world that destroys country, destroys trust by individuals and their neighbors. americans have a way to stand up and say no by simply saying it and making sure that our voices continue to be heard. >> are you concerned that a lot of this stuff. it would be in the university faculty lounge and you'd hear it in an npr panel discussion. it's now actually the same deadly paradigm is now seeping out to things like health care. things that matter. things that are life and death. the same sterile paradigm. >> well, and it's come out from the academy, which everyone dismissed as all those woke ideas and crazy talks will stay right there. it's never gonna come out into society. all those people were going to law school and medical school
4:26 pm
and have become social workers and teachers, and look what happened. and we're shocked, understandably, but americans, no matter what our complexion or political party are looking at this and saying, this is not what we voted for. this is not the american way. this must be taken seriously. and it's not going to be government that helps us out of it. government is, they're looking away from it as well. this is our responsibility. we're going to be able to handle it, i think. >> thank you. thank you for that optimistic note, tammy. i have getting a little depressed thinking of all that biden unifying talk that doesn't seem to have gone anywhere since january. tammy bruce, everyone. still to come, republican moderates versus the quote lunatics. the guys who think facebook aren't censoring you enough. and john kerry wind surfing off nantuckett in butt hugging
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>> john boehner has a new book out. wait a minute, who's john boehner? he was the republican speaker of the house of representatives. are you sure about that? was it recently, or in my life time? it was within the last ten years. boy, i must have been washing my hair that week. gee, it's almost like he was never there. but look at that, there he is. he wears orange before orange men were cool. then bad. all those years in congress working on his tan. anyway, john boehner's new book, you can find it in all new bookstores in the back propping up the third leg on the sales table. it includes michelle bachman who
4:33 pm
represented minnesota's 6th congressional district since 2007 and made a name for herself as a lunatic came to meet with me in late 2010 after the election. she wanted a seat on the ways and means committee. there were many members in line ahead of her for a post like this. people who had waited patiently for their turn and who also, by the way, weren't wild eyed crazies. the wild eyed crazy herself is here. michelle bachman is a former presidential candidate now dean of the regent university school of government where, as john boehner has become the william devane of cannabis. i think that's the best way to put it. michelle, serious point about this is that someone like john
4:34 pm
boehner is exactly the kind of ineffectual republican leader who basically sees this as a question of controlling his caucus and he's there for a couple of years and it's like he was never there. this level of leadership just isn't getting us anywhere. >> no, it isn't. i mean, what's sad is that you get a brief window of time when you can do something, when you're privileged enough to get into congress. the average member of congress serves about six years. and so there's an opportunity to do something and yet what they did, they keyed up the point where we are now in history. and the fact is, when you talk about the elites in congress, these people aren't us. they are not us. they abhore us. they give get out of jail free cards to people like mark zuckerberg and jack dorsey. they're more like low level
4:35 pm
tools working on their post congressional life. for people like us, we're considered the lunatics. how lacking in self-awareness do you have to be to call fox news lunatics? that's really what they're doing. they're calling the viewers lunatics. >> he actually talks about roger ales and rupert murdoch as if they are pandering to the lunatics. the problem here is we have serious challenges. this is a broke nation. china could yank the carpet under the dollar as the global reserve currency any day it wants to. and we need people who recognize that, not just people who -- i have got a cheap line which is when the democrats are in power and when republicans are in there in office. when you look at some guy like john boehner, he personifies that. >> well, he does. again, it's like i said, they're the hand maidens of the rich and powerful because they're looking
4:36 pm
for what is it going to bring to them later on in their post congressional life? that was the old school way of doing things. but they keyed up this current existence that we've got. now with the biden administration, it's like a clearance sale right now. it's a fire sale of the greatest nation that ever existed on earth. so they're selling off all of america's majesty and greatness. we're the bystanders watching them do this. where are the republicans? where are the republicans today? the fighters that we needed at the time were called lunatics. it's a shame. we still fight. >> what he means is you saw the urgency and a complacency cannabis pedalling twit didn't. don't buy his book. wait for michelle's book. it will be much more worth it. great to see you this evening. lindsey shepherd was a
4:37 pm
22-year-old teaching assistant whose life got turned upside down because she had the tamarity to mention jordan peterson in a university class. you have seen jordan on fox and friends and tucker and all kinds of shows on this network. it takes a lot of strength to stand up to what that wretched and contemptible university administration tried to do to her. lindsey has put it down in a brand new book called diversity and exclusion, confronting the campus free speech crisis. it's well worth your time. oddly enough, despite the free speech crisis, there are a lot of people who think we still have far too much free speech. among them is a group called muslim advocates in washington, which is suing facebook for not cracking down on, quote unquote, islamic phobic content they object to. lindsey, i find this slightly amazing. at the same time as zuckerberg is censoring people day and
4:38 pm
night on facebook, around the planet, there are people saying, no, no, no, you need to go faster. what do you make of this? >> yeah, it's hard, because no one wants to see vicious language being used against anybody. but at the same time, it seems really unrealistic and, frankly, ridiculous, to eradicate anything that anybody deems to be hate speech from such a massive platform like facebook. >> well, basically facebook is now the principle purveyor of information to the planet. we have a situation that keeps defining what you are allowed to say. you said vicious speech and the rest of it. it doesn't even have to be that. they just eliminated this week a discussion on covid by people who don't think it's necessary for children to wear masks. there's nothing vicious about that. it's a difference of opinion. yet eve than is too much in our
4:39 pm
world. >> yep. and i can remember when they restricted the hunter biden story in "the new york post." when they purged supposed counts. i think they're censoring enough. >> the first time i spoke to you, you had never been a committed right winger in any sense when all this stuff happened to you. but you must have noticed there's a one way direction to all this. it would be nice to think that this guy zuckerberg is just slamming people here and there. but there's a definite trend in the direction, isn't there? >> yeah. i mean, my view is the standard needs to be, is there an immediate call to violence? because otherwise, when it comes to this muslim advocate group who are suing facebook, what do you think you're going to achieve? are you just trying to censor a
4:40 pm
group of 30 disgruntled people who just are complaining on the internet. it seems they want to eradicate sentiments of hate from the universe. we'll see if that gets them closer to that goal. >> it's always a good sign when they are trying to re-engineer humanity to eliminate human emotions. thanks for that, lindsey. congratulations on the book. we shall read it with great interest. joe biden's climate czar john kerry is confident he can persuade the chinese to work with him in destroying the global economy. that's coming up next. what better way to start your weekend than with fox news primetime.
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>> who doesn't enjoy john kerry wind surfing in his but tuck hugging lycra? is he wind surfing to the upcoming climate summit in tahiti or will he be taking the
4:46 pm
jet. his climate czar says he's confident he can work with china on persuading them to become carbon neutral by 2060. i believe they will be neutral long before then. on present course by 2060 there's not going to be anything recogniable as the united states so who cares. bill gates is committed to turning off the sun which apparently you can do for about a billion bucks without any government's permission. i don't know why we need to because biden's epa administrator says the new infrastructure bill which reclassifies everything from a decaf machiato to your transitions middle schooler as, quote unquote infrastructure, that bill said the epa guy, will save the climate. just another week in the whacky world of climate change. mark morano is the author of green ford. why the green new deal is far worse than we think.
4:47 pm
i wrote the introduction to the book but the 300 pages that follow my intro aren't too shabby. mark, great to see you. i would have thought after a year of pandemic, a year of economic devastation, that climate change would be an indulgence the western world could no longer afford. apparently, the lockdown has just been a warm-up act for what's coming. >> it really has. you would think that this would be the lowest -- it actually is a very low priority. even the harris polling ceo said it's dropped off the map given concerning of every american. not among government officials in the progressive democratic party ruling the country right now. what they've done, they've been inspired. james bond was god's gift to the left was covid because of the lockdown. john kerry is excited specifically because the lockdowns have crushed the economy and now they can rebuild it in a nice green image.
4:48 pm
that's what they're trying to do with everything from domestic now to these international meetings with china. >> yeah. what's weird is that the restrictions on liberty are tainted as somehow environmentally friendly. i saw some lunatic report on the bbc. they were saying ireland has managed to reduce its carbon footprint because nobody's allowed to go more than three miles from their home. think how spectacular that would be if we cut it down from three miles from your home to a mile and a quarter. i mean, that's how they're presenting it. >> yeah. we look at that as insane government overreach. but the left looks at it as what an opportunity. at first the climate activists were jealous of the covid lockdowns. if we can lockdown for a virus, we can do the same for the climate. now they're inspired by it. we have everyone from greta
4:49 pm
sunburg to john kerry. he said the parallels are screaming at it between covid and climate. the uk guardian so inspired they want a lockdown every other year. we could meet our un climate goals if we could have a lockdown every other year according to the paper. >> you mentioned the polls. the polls say this is number 37 in our priority of everything. but why are people reluctant to laugh out loud at john kerry and co with this? when it comes up officially, people still say -- they're not quite as scoffing as they ought to be. >> it's a very good question. i think part of the reason is the media has been so effective in academia at censoring all the dissent out there, the 97%. the public is intimidated by this. that's the whole point of the
4:50 pm
green agenda. if you don't agree, you are an evil denier compared to a holocaust denier. you feel as though you can't legitimately dissent. but then you see what they're doing. i think we're going to see a growing massive dissent when the american public recognizes what's happening now on climate. >> if you think the flatulent bovines of osc's nightmares make a lot of noise, you wait until america sees what's inside that infrastructure bill and the next climate summit. thank you very much for that, mark. great to have that book out, green ford. it's available now. straight ahead, we'll close out the week on fox news primetime with lawrence jones and his take on the big, big story of the week. that's coming up. advil dual action fights pain 2 ways. it's the first and only fda approved
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things go better with woke acola. what's your take on this thing? >> i think this boycott nonsense is just that. we're talking about people who knew exactly what they were doing when it comes to invoking emotion. the republican party should have been prepared for it. when someone bias domain several weeks before this big campaign, before the legislation is even done, they've already told you what their political playbook is. when you have delta and coca-cola that help negotiate the bill, they don't want the woke mind going after them. the lobbyists help write this. again, this is cancer culture
4:57 pm
going wrong. it's also a democratic party that wants to preserve power. it's not about black voters because, as you can see, they're willing to allow black businesses to suffer in atlanta. atlanta is the modern day black wall street. i don't understand how you're helping black folks by making sure they don't get a financial incentives. >> yeah. as you say, this is all laid out in front. they bought the domain names and the republicans, as usual, are kind of slow in realizing that these guys are weaponized this thing against them. >> they're pretty slow most of the time. this is a political party that literally allows the left to just run all over them. i mean, how do you allow someone to give you their political play book and you do nothing? this is part of the disappointment in the governor and the leadership in general. i don't understand how you can't sell liberty when this is supposed to be your trademark.
4:58 pm
>> yeah, that's actually a very good way of putting it. you would think that would be attractive. at the same time, you would think people would get sick being told by democrats that securing election integrity has to be done, if you try to do that, the people are too stupid to figure out how to get voter i.d. aren't people sick of that? >> i think people are sick of the conversation. i guess that's the whole point. these guys shouldn't be that hard to be. that just shows you maybe the issue is on the other side. i agree with republicans on the merits of it. it's true that the bill is a good bill. it protects election a little bit. all the allegations are false. when you have an incompetent spell city after city. i drive all over the country showing philly, chicago.
4:59 pm
shouldn't it be easy to beat these guys? >> yeah, no, no. let me ask you quickly. i see in those cities on sean's show, on hannity. was he the first guy that called you lj? >> yeah, he's the first guy to give me that name. you're the first person to call me my full name on national tv. >> i was trying to think about whether you liked lj. in england they call you lasa and in australia they'd call you laso. >> it should be lbj because you got my full name, so it should be lbj. >> no, no, no. we'll figure that one out for the promos. have a terrific show next week. >> great job this week, man. >> don't miss it starting monday
5:00 pm
on fox news primetime. have a fabulous weekend and do make sure you spend some time with the ones you love. that's lawrence jones. right now tucker. >> tucker: good evening and welcome to tucker carlson. tonight, happy friday. the end of a long week. maybe the age of fraud. we're living in a time when the most powerful people in the world masquerade as the least powerful. they pose as helpless victims. don't criticize bill gates. time when a woman who literally identifies as the duchess of sussex tells oprah


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