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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  April 9, 2021 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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jalopy so there you go. >> that -- that's a bentley. >> take care, goodbye. ♪ ♪ >> good evening, i'm john roberts in and for bret baier tonight. president biden is ordering the creation of a bipartisan committee to study potential reforms to the supreme court. that will include whether to expand the number of justices. a major goal of progressive spirit and is updated, president biden has called it a boneheaded idea in the past and refused to address a datalink during the 2020 campaign. as correspondent peter doocy has the story, this is the white house for us this evening. >> that evening, john, adding supreme court justices to the high court, or putting term
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limits on the justices, are on the table as a presidential commission examines the impact of the changes that could be raised to current conservative majority. they are going to report back here within 180 days. >> before the election democrats really didn't want to go there. >> should democrats pack the supreme court? >> this was as close as biting god? >> i've already spoken, i'm not a fan of court packing. >> now that they are the white house the administration is asking 36 as experts to study the effects of expanding the supreme court and filling new seats would liberal justices, something biden did not like as a senator in 1983. >> he said he thought that court packing was the boneheaded idea when fdr tried it. >> it was a boneheaded idea. it was a terrible mistake to make. >> so why should he do it now if it is a good idea? >> so the panel is being asked to do a number of steps,
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including the pros and cons on exactly that issue. they will also be were looking at the courts rule on the constitutional system, the length of service and turnover of justice on the court. the membership and size of the cord. >> ben sasse writes that what the president doesn't have is the courage to come out and flatly tell the radical left that he's not going to pack the supreme court. liberal justice stephen breyer is warning that there is going to politicize the court as activists calling him to retire. demand justice writes this can't wait much longer. we can't assume democrats will have control of the center for the next two years. what is the president think about that? >> he believes that the decision justice breyer will make when he decides it is time to no longer suck serve on the supreme court. >> the white house is now discovering the texas governor's call. there were complaints that were filed with state agencies and those complaints are articulated very specific accusations about sexual assault on minors at the
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center. >> currently we have no basis for is called social tone descendant some for antonio as an intake side but we will of course take these allegations seriously and they will be investigated. >> the feds are now spending $60 million a week to shelter migrant children according to "the washington post." talking about his new budget, the president didn't mention the border war immigration. he did talk about another threat though. >> major investments in the fight against climate change. >> the grenade over the southwest partners on her way out, ambassador roberto jacobson always had her plane was always going to be to leave after the first 100 days bid officials here icing the vice president, kamala harris, will continue overseeing a whole of government approach to dealing with immigration. that's different than what they have been saying to him that she was just in charge of diplomacy with central american countries and that's why she hasn't been at the border yet. john. >> ambassador jacobson's tenure
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didn't last long. peter doocy at the white house for us. a behind-the-scenes view of the humanitarian crisis along the southern border. fox news gets an exclusive right along with the national border patrol council and a delegation led by house republican, steve scalise, the see the challenges border agents are facing. alex hogan has the story for us tonight from mission texas. >> footsteps in the dark come of the last leg of a trip migrants hope will lead to a new life. >> across hundreds and hundreds through here. >> fox news on an exclusive right along with border patrol joining a congressional thumb delegation. chris la brea said in 20 years he's never seen this many crossings. >> i mean when february ended and we thought that was rough, march out did it by a long shot. >> in march, 172,000 migrants made the journey, not without violence or injury on the road. >> not too far from here we
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found a young boy that had died of exposure from heat exhaustion eight years old. >> planning for the worst, according to agent some girls bring the morning-after pill. >> many of these young girls that are coming across are being sexually assaulted and raped. calling on president biden to reinstate one trump policy. >> the single biggest thing the president could do today is reverse the order that he could do repealing the remain in mexico policy. >> hours later by daybreak a second to her, this time of the water arm both racing across the rio grande river. >> anywhere that's got a clear path for them to get up and get off the river bank. >> president biden needs to come down and see this himself. >> off the water at his group after group finding their way, agency's night vision goggles and thermal imaging knowing others are watching back with the same high-end military grade equipment. >> the cartels control hoop
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crosses where and when. >> 19,000 kids across the border alone in march. some arriving with nothing to mourn and that a blanket. the siblings crossed the border all alone. so exhausted, agents had to carry them the final stretch. >> john, unaccompanied minors continue to arrive in the darkness we saw a group start out the road only coming out when they realized we wouldn't harm them, showing the reality of many of the interactions on this journey. while they made it, most won't be able to stay. >> exclusive reporter from alex hogan emission texas this morning. alex, thanks so much. house panels is opening an ethics probe. republican congressman matt gaetz amid a federal confrontation. gates has hired her legal team to deal with the allegations against him for the spokesman for the congressman says he has always been a fighter. meanwhile, a gaetz associate is an plea deal negotiations with prosecutors over fraud and child
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sex trafficking charges. gaetz is not been charged and denies any wrongdoing. gaetz is scheduled to speak this evening at a gathering of conservative women in miami. and a major policy statement, the director for the center for disease can says racism is a serious public health threat. tonight critics are wondering whether the agency is overstepping its bounds. >> the head of the centers for disease control says racism is an epidemic impacting public health. in a statement posted on the agency's website, cdc director said covid-19's disproportionate impact on minorities through draw attention to generations of "entrenched systemic and structural barriers that prevented people of color from getting proper health care." according to her racism is a serious public health threat that directly address of the well-being of millions of american bid the announcement follows the cdc called to
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housing -- accuses the agency of playing politics by using racism. >> instead of focusing on health disparities, which we should do because they are real and covid highlighted those, the cdc is doing the bidding of the biting administration by once again inserting a race, racism, and calling people racists, for no reason. >> cdc statistics show black men of 5.7% shorter life expectancy of nonwhites, for black women at 3.4% less. blacks are also at higher risk for heart disease and cancer. dr. david hodges at the bio ethics center says the cdc announcement is good news, but it is skeptical about what will be accomplished. >> there is little basis for confidence in the historic public health violations -- there's always hope but hope and optimism are not the same kind of thing. >> the cdc director says the agency will use covid-19 funding
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to advancement at investments in minority communities and enforce greater diversity in the organization. it is also launching a new website called racism and hope to encourage further discussion and accountability for progress. during the pandemic the cdc was accused of providing misleading and contradictory information. now critics question whether it's the best use of taxpayer money to use covid funding the battle racism at a time the virus is still a serious threat. john question marks become more and this with the panel later on this hour. david lee miller in new york get thank you. a pfizer pharmaceuticals say that its german partners as they've asked the food and drug administration to its band emergency use of the covid-19 vaccine to include adolescents aged 12-15 beer last month the drugmaker says the vaccine was found to be safe, effective and producing robust antibody responses and 12-50 years in a clinical trial. enter retired clinical ethologists as george floyd died of a lack of oxygen because of
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the ways held down by police. jurors heard that testimony today in the trial of the former minneapolis police officer accused in floyd's death. dog dare lyndsey thomas but the blame on law enforcement. >> what was scum of the manner of death for mr. george floyd? speak of the of death was the law enforcement's subdural restraint and compression on site. >> derek chauvin's attorney has argued that the officer followed his training and was not responsible for floyd's death. the floyd incident and that he found the police movement, which kicked off efforts to roll back protections for officers, are leading to a crisis in the recruitment of law enforcement personnel. corresponded to mike meredith has a look at that for us the night. >> to the people we count on in a crisis -- experts i police officers nationwide now face a crisis of their own. >> we are seeing people leave this profession at an alarming
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grade. >> the president of the national fraternal order of police. he says many potential cops are considering other careers as it calls to and rollbacks of's legal protection for law enforcement officers. >> this rhetoric is causing some serious problems in us attracting them into this profession. >> officer dobbs or me not only challenging, but deadly peers over this year, 34 broke people have died for because it's tied to their work. still others argue changes are long overdue. this week, maryland lawmakers perform several police reform measures including adopting a use of poor standards, expanding the public's access to osprey officers disciplinary records gimmicks and mandating to body cameras be used statewide. >> i think this will beat out the bad officers. those are that are part of a culture that has accommodated corruption, accommodated misconduct, they are going to leave but we want them to leave.
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>> married a republican governor says he has reviewed legislation but is not committed to signing it yet. lawmakers sees pensions if they are convicted of certain misconduct. it's one of the aforementioned third stage because we are clear that we are going to have to come back to the assembly in future sessions to move further in the direction we think it needs to go. >> today kentucky democratic governor signed a bill to limit no-knock warrants in his state, the change comes roughly a year after the shooting death of breonna taylor. outrage over her case prompted weeks of protest and violence and louisville and beyond. officials in portland, oregon, say they have a new way to fight crime, hiring unarmed park rangers. the city plans to add 20 or more park rangers to patrol certain neighborhoods amid a recent rise in crime in portland. john? >> so far that's not working out the way they had hoped. mark meredith in washington tonight. mark, thank you. coming up next, big tech is at it again, accused of censorship.
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this time it's youtube censoring public policy discussions. first here's what some of our fox affiliates around the country are covering tonight. was to go to says of a federal court hears arguments on whether the dakota axis poor plane should be allowed to continue operating without a key permit. while u.s. army corps of engineers conducts an environmental review, a lawyer for an indian tribe expects a decision from the judge to come in may. fox seven in austin, texas, as authorities say a man that opened fired at a cabinetmaking company where he worked, killing one person and wounding five others is now facing murder charges. 27-year-old larry winston ballin of viola texas also shot a state trooper. officials say two of the five people wounded are in critical condition. the four others are in serious but stable condition. this is a live look at new york from fox five, the big city there tonight amusement parks on coney island reopened after more than a year. they began offering rides today
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come occupancy limited to just 33% of park capacity. all guests and staff are required to wear a mask and social distancing is encouraged. but there are open for that is tonight's live look outside the beltway from special report. we will be right back. ♪ ♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ comfort in the extreme.
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♪ ♪ >> amazon workers who voted against forming a union at a warehouse in an alabama. amazon crossed the threshold to secure a majority of votes with 1800 workers voting against the union and fewer than 750 in favor. union organizers so they will file an objection with the national labor relations board contending the company illegally interviewed with the voting. amazon says that it did not intimidate employees. the dow jumped 270 and hit a new record high come of the s&p 500 was up a record 32 for the nasdaq gained 71 for the week. the dow was up almost 2%. the s&p again two and three
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quarters peered the nasdaq jumped more than three. we have no information tonight about the growing trend by big tech to try and control, some say sensor, the news. this time it's youtube. scrubbing at side of videos for a policy. here's fox news media analyst and host of fox news media buzz, howard kurtz. >> youtube going global is a enormous cloud as for the governor robert sanchez is included former white house advisor scott alton. republican governor talked about the fallout from lockdowns and school closings and criticized mack mandates. >> at dr. buttes and mentioned about not putting masks on kids is not effective, not necessary. >> they don't need it for their own protection and they don't need to for predicting other people either. >> that youtube violated the consensus of local and global
3:20 pm
health authorities regarding the efficacy of masks to prevent the spread of covid-19. the santos spokesman santos spokesman told fox news that youtube's attempts to silence those who disagree with their own corporate agenda recording world-renowned scientist from oxford, stanford command harvard. the journals conservative paid for overwhelming misinformation is information that contradicts authorities. most experts say masks work against covid, but that view has been debated for a year. >> as they suggested for a period of time, but this is voluntary. i don't think i'm going to be doing it. >> resident trump remains banned by youtube, facebook, and twitter, there was a similar report twitter barred users from sharing a "new york post" story on hunter biden's leapt up. >> we recognize that as a
3:21 pm
mistake we made. >> chuck dorsey were also grilled at a house hearing last month. tori ceasing his company believes in free speech with certain limits. >> we must balance that with the desire to support our service and not to be used for confusion, or destruction. >> is clearly important for social media to crack, and outright lies or the vaccine. about a win tech companies bar conservative officeholders or scientists from sharing dissenting abuse it's little wonder critics view that is political censorship. john? >> howard kurtz for us tonight we will see you on 11:00 a.m. on sunday morning. the u.s. has seen some signs of iranian seriousness during indirect talks in vienna over its nuclear deal with the west. a senior state department official says the united states has not seen enough and the main? is over at tehran's repeated demand that washington left all sanctions imposed since 2017. the official says there will be no deal if iran sticks to that
3:22 pm
position. up next the passing of prince philip. we will have a live report from london. first other news from beyond our borders tonight. an explosive eruption rocks evoking on the eastern caribbean island of st. vincent. it comes following mandatory evacuation orders from local government. emergency management officials said the ashkelon was about 20,000 feet high. police in northern ireland deployed water cannons for the first time in six years as they try to disperse protesters who hurled stones, fireworks, and molotov cocktails at officers during another night of violence in belfast. the violence erupted last week has anger over covid-19 restrictions and post bricks at trade rules fuel tensions between the protestant and catholic communities in northern ireland. in egyptian archaeologists unearthed a 3,000 year old lost city complete with mud brick houses, artifacts, and tools from veronica times.
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life support for the past few days. dmx was just 50 years old. britain's prince philip has died just weeks before what would have been his 100th birthday. buckingham palace is the husband who queen elizabeth had passed away peacefully at windsor castle. greg palkot is outside buckingham palace for us tonight. >> flowers for prince philip laid carefully for the duke of edinburg. passed away earlier this morning according to a statement about the royal family. he was 99, he would've been 100 in june. he was the longest-serving royal spouse in history through thick and thin. >> like the expert carriage driver that he was, he helped steer of the family and the monarchy so that it remains an institution indisputably vital to the balance and happiness of our national life. >> he spend a month in the hospital earlier this year during the latest controversy involving prince harry and
3:28 pm
meghan markle. returned to windsor castle and the queen last month. he officiated at literally tens of thousands of events. often what they sometimes raw and irreverent sense of humor. he supported young people, sports, compensation, and the queen. she called him her strength. >> he was able to get all of the support that his wife, the queen, wanted from him. and to his dying day. prince philip traveled the world with a queen and world leaders held him in high regard. including president biden, who said in a statement apart from his service during worldwide to come he was 73 as the lungs of the queen and his entire life in the public eye, prince philip gladly dedicated himself to the people of the u.k., the commonwealth, and to his family. due to covid-19 restrictions, buckingham palace asked that a modified funeral and ceremonial arrangements were being considered. the public was asked not to gather in large numbers. that didn't stop people today, including the young. >> i thought it was extremely good man who diverted a large portion of his life to a job he
3:29 pm
didn't even choose. >> i think it's a great loss to the country. >> i think the monarchy really are well up. >> you some of that you look at doing to think you know what? this is a man of class. >> there are reports that prince harry will be flying in for his grandfather's funeral from california for the two of them were very close. it will be a scaled-down affair due to covid-19 regulations. in the end, loki. maybe a prince philip's really wanted it. >> greg you've been out there at buckingham palace all day. it covered so many royal events. much of the much happier in town than this one. what's your sense of how heavily the sways in the british people? >> very heavily i think, john. but there is a feeling of goodness out there. we spoke to a lot of people today, there were small crowds laying flowers here in front of buckingham palace. young people as you saw. we think it's a mix of prince philip's very irreverent humor at times.
3:30 pm
and his very aggressive in his own way during this year's of the mentor -- royal family that had people thinking very warmly about him tonight. >> he shortly did live a very long and rich life. president chester arthur is chiefly remembered for his impressive sideburns, mustache, and expansive waistcoat. he also gave us today's irs. tonight bret baier explains arthur's important legacy in the unauthorized history of taxes. ♪ ♪ >> within months of these so out there and surrender at appomattox, a new rebellion began in the south. like the first whiskey rebellion come in this one pivot pitted federal tax authorities against rule makers on regulated spirits who came to be called moonshiners. because they upgraded their stills at night to avoid capture. unlike the earlier whiskey or
3:31 pm
rebellion come of this one for years helping to shape practices and methods of the institution that would later become the irs. >> it becomes a mechanism to hire just a chain of law-enforcement operators, law enforcement figures that travel across the interior of the country looking for illicit moonshine. the next thing you know, there are actual battles, gunshots being fought between the moonshiners on the revenue men. that led straight into the idea that you should have a professional internal revenue service doing this with modern tools and a high degree of professionalism. but to make tax collection more professional would require a major, major change in how the internal revenue code bureau with staff. >> james garfield is elected in 1882's deal with the spoils system. one of these jobseekers who didn't get a job killed him.
3:32 pm
>> garfield assassin was the deranged charles the tow, who somehow believed that garfield's vice president, chester arthur, why to preserve the spoils system. >> arthur comes in it he says you know what? we have to fix the system. so he lent his support to something that becomes law in 1887, which is the pendleton civil service reform act. and that drastically cut down the number of jobs that a single president could give away. good, right? no. i liken it to this horror movie where the creatures growing behind the teenager on the phone like it's just so great and behind or is this growing -- you are going to turn around, turn around is going to kill you. it will eat you. you know the government is growing with every election. nobody notices it. it greatly increases the size and scope of the federal
3:33 pm
government. >> next week we continue with what the beatles, the rolling stones, and jfk can all teach us about taxes. join me please this sunday for one hour special, and authorized history of taxes and stream the entire five part series starting monday. that's when it drops on fox nation. john? back to you. >> thank you so much. the beatles of course, taxman. up next a panel unpacking the supreme court. ♪ ♪ >> i'm not a fan of supreme court packing. >> it was a bonehead idea. it was a terrible, terrible mistake to make. ♪ ♪ to prove our aa battery is the world's longest-lasting,
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3:38 pm
law, depends on trust. a trust that the court is guided by legal principle, not politics. structural alteration motivated by the perception of political influence can only exceed that -- >> stephen breyer speaking on the issues of structural changes to the supreme court of president biden forms a commission to consider expanding the number of justices bear that's bringing the panel, harold ford jr. and inclusion capital. morgan ortagus, former state department spokesperson, annabella bennett, formal education host of the bill bennett show podcast. of morgan, start us off tonight. justin's prior thwarting against it packing the supreme court encouraging progressives and democrats to think long and hard about it. where'd you come down? >> so when i first heard about the executive order today i thought there is no way they can
3:39 pm
actually be serious about this. perhaps this is a way that president biden is intending to pacify his liberal base by establishing this commission and then, john, perhaps using it as an excuse why he can't pass the dash pack the court because this commission came up with a bipartisan consensus against doing so. i hope that's what happens. if you look at them at the far left wants, which seems to be controlling this presidency now at every turn, they want to end the legitimacy of the supreme court as we know it. they want to end the independence of justices. you've got a briar against it, you've got ruth bader ginsburg at before she passed away, so when you look at doesn't say why do they want to take an institution that has been above reproach, that has not been political, that is not been partisan, why do they want to turn one of the only institutions that we have left that's not viciously partisan into an instrument of being the tool of whoever is in power?
3:40 pm
i would've thought the democrats would've learned their lesson from 2013 but apparently they like learning the same lessons. >> harold ford jr., what do you think this is? is this looking for a reason to expand the court or looking for a reason not to give the progressives what they are looking for? >> thanks again for having me on. i think if we explore is this executive order calls for the expiration of the number of justices, and probably the number of jurists on the very circuit courts, i think america will learn a lot about how our court system works, why worry are the envy of the world and why many of the things are true about our system and about checks and balances that we had to. i sure justice breyer's view appeared it will be interesting to see this topic has come up -- whether or not each circuit should have the same number of jurists and how we have divided our federal judgeship across the country.
3:41 pm
hopefully that reinforces for all of us for the independence of our judicial system is so critical to a functioning democracy. >> before 1984, bill bennett the number of justices in the supreme court did fluctuate from five to a maximum of ten. it was set at 9:30 is any reason to increase that number? >> now. i like the look of hers followed me a code harold said. thank you for having harold on tonight. second, i agree with him and i agree with morgan. don't mess with the court. don't mess with the court size. stephen breyer is right, my professor at harvard law school. the founders called it the least dangerous branch. one of the reasons they call that that was because they thought it would be the least susceptible to politics. you start getting into this will make it ten, 12, 14, the republicans get in the court will lose all of its credibility. the court has credibility. not that people don't disagree with its decisions, but people
3:42 pm
listen to the court. >> the american people get the sense that the court is just a political instrument. i think you're going to see people start to divide our court orders in ways that you have not seen before. preserve the integrity of the court. not a good start to the chair of this commission come a very political lawyer, bob baer, who does not have a represent representation for political work. >> i can say with confidence that stephen breyer was not my professor at harvard law school. but he is under pressure from progressives to retire so that president biden can appoint his own justice. do you see any rush to get him out the door here more? is there any reason to? >> the outcome of the reason is that they have a democrat senate at the moment. they would like to get a supreme court justice while they can. seeing that it can be no they try the same thing report of the even with justice ginsburg whenever president obama was in office.
3:43 pm
she rebuffed those calls. i think that the supreme court members are probably feeling a bit of an attack on the judiciary at the moment. i think it is sort of the opposite reaction of like when you want your daughter to break up with her boyfriend and she's going to dig her heels in and stay with him. i think we might see a little bit of data. >> hopefully you have a while before you have to worry about that. >> she's not dating ever. >> not for a few years at least. harold ford jr. do think briar should be able to stay as long as he wants our city for the good of the democratic party stepped down down? >> i think you should do what justice breyer wants to do. we should not be pretending that this conversation is not becoming more relevant because what we thought it was a room of the senate that you would not take up a nomination during a presidential election year. and we change that rule in 2020. we applied it in 2016 and it probably was the right thing to do. but to do it in october i think some people were worried that
3:44 pm
the change tradition should be followed. we should consider some other things. that is why we are where we are. i agree with secretary bennett, the integrity of our judicial system, let's not harm that. >> bill, just a few seconds left here. does the rush to get breyer out the door it seems that progressives don't have a whole lot of confidence that biden will have much time to do it? >> well it could be worse. the guy gives a talk and says keep the court at nine. as he's told to get out the door. it doesn't look good. this is a very judicious and thoughtful man. he's a liberal, i disagree with most of his decisions. but that's the way the court works. don't mess with that. >> all right, folks, stay right where you are right up next friday lightning round plus winners and losers. ♪ ♪ tex-mex. tex-mex. ♪♪ termites.
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>> instead of focusing on health disparities, which we should do because they're real and covid highlighted those. the cdc is doing the bidding of the biden administration by inserting race, racism and calling people racists for no reason. >> people within cdc for generations that have recognized that racism is a threat to the health and well being of the
3:49 pm
nation. but for the agency now to say that with one voice from the top is what is different. i think that it is amazing. >> john: controversy over the declaration last evening from the cdc director that racism poses a public health threat to the united states. also big tech is at it again, deciding for us what we can and cannot see. we're back with the panel for our lightning round. as a result it affects the health of our entire nation over generations, the structural inequalities have resulted in health disparities that are severe, far reaching and unacceptable. harold ford jr., there are health disparities to be sure, but are they because of racism? >> well, i think covid unmasked for us demographically rural, urban alike, where there are deficiencies, short comings and
3:50 pm
lack of access. there's no doubt when you drill down, some of the data is uncomfortable, unfortunate and as much as i would not like it for it to be a race, race and income plays a role in this. i can understand where she is coming from. what we have to understand as a country is that education and health care and the kinds of jobs that people have, socioeconomically and racially, we cannot ignore this data. we should pay attention to it and find ways to learn from this moment and grow from this moment. >> john: bill bennett, so many things these days seem to be based on racism. >> for this administration, particularly. again, i'll quote my friend harold ford from wednesday night when he said that we turn to quick to race as an explanation. this administration does all the time. to a lot of people, when they heard race is a public health hazard, just doesn't quite parse. there are reasons for the
3:51 pm
disparities harold might be talking about, but the reasons are many. i don't any more believe that race by itself is a public health hazard than i believe that there's systematic racism. there are disparities. there are cases of racism. these claims are too grand. when you get that kind of grand claim the administration seems to be making on a lot of things about race, i'm afraid you obscure the real cases of racism when they appear. >> john: morgan, your thoughts? >> i think the cdc needs to be an institution that everyone can trust. so i would urge them to stay away from politically charged language. saying that, i do agree with harold that these outcomes are real for many people. i know when i was working on the covid task force last summer, we saw how communities of color were disproportionately affected by covid, especially for a time i was working with hispanics in south florida. saw how the multigenerational house holds are being affected.
3:52 pm
so they're real. i would just urge the cdc to stick to its mandate because we need trust in our institutions and not feel like they are politicized during the time of a pandemic. >> john: you tube. i sound like george bush. you tube taking down videos based on medical misinformation policy. one was a round table hosted by governor ron desantis. the offending part when they talked about whether or not masks should be worn. listen here. >> i think masks, in some ways they've been harmful because people believe that masks protect them, vulnerable people, and they end up taking more risks than they ought because they feel like they're protected by something that actually does not protect them. >> john: harold ford jr., do we need you tube to tell us what we can and cannot listen to when it comes to politicians and public discussion? >> i'm a first air mendment guy. unless someone is saying something that incites violence or tkpwoe too far, even if i
3:53 pm
disagree with them. i think it's okay for it all to be out there. we get to learn what our public officials are saying. i don't agree. i think people should wear masks. i don't want officials and executives at you tube determining what i can see or not. >> john: let's move on to winners and losers. bill bennett, start us off? >> fred windily not buckling to the woke crowd and major league baseball. milos are unusual for me. close family friend pointed out 20% of americans do not have healthy drinking water. drinking water, we talked about in regard to flint. really serious problem for a lot of americans. let's address it. infrastructure is supposed to. i don't know if it's going to. >> john: morgan, 15 seconds for you. >> i'll be very quick. winner of the week islamic republic of iran. they are getting everything they want and not having to do a single thing at the negotiating table to get sanctioned released. loser, matt gaetz.
3:54 pm
he's got multiple investigations. not a great week. >> john: harold ford jr., quick quick quick. >> winner dr. martin tobin pull monthologist testified at the chauvin trial. my losers american workers in manufacturing plants, particularly cars and those who want to buy cars. we need better supply chains and a big investment in infrastructure. >> john: we got itself all in. thanks, panel. when we come back, notable quotables. stay with us. it's a thirteen-hour flight, that's not a weekend trip. fifteen minutes until we board. oh yeah, we gotta take off. you downloaded the td ameritrade mobile app so you can quickly check the markets? yeah, actually i'm taking one last look at my dashboard before we board. excellent. and you have thinkorswim mobile- -so i can finish analyzing the risk on this position. you two are all set. have a great flight. thanks. we'll see ya. ah, they're getting so smart. choose the app that fits your investing style. ♪♪
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stay restless with the icon that does the same. the rx crafted by lexus. get 0.9% apr financing on the 2021 rx 350 experience amazing at your lexus dealer. >> john: finally tonight to finish out the week, notable quotables. >> new jim crow laws are just -- >> i think it's sick to say that what they are doing in georgia is jim crow 2.0. >> it's devastating to the city. it's devastating to many businesses. >> republicans drank coca-cola, too.
3:59 pm
♪ born free as free as the wind blows ♪ >> be free. be cool. get the vaccine. >> the biden administration is presiding over the abuse of children. >> gun violence in this country is an epidemic. enough prayers. time for some action. >> did you rule out drug overdose as a cause of death? >> yes. >> here we have what appears to be the shin coming over the top of mr. floyd's shoulder blade. >> i would say that your life matters, as any other life. >> we have come down here as a family today. >> i probably smoked more parmesan cheese than anyone that you know. >> it's wrong. it's a fake narrative. i just disabused you of the narrative. you don't care about the facts. >> all right. nice to see you all. >> john: and the rabbit had a mask. this weekend on fox news sunday,
4:00 pm
chris wallace will speak with texas governor greg abbott. check your local listings. thanks for watching "special report." bret baeier will be back. fox news primetime hosted by mark stein starts now. >> mark: i think i'm going to get senator kennedy singing born free as my ring tone. that will be a good one. let's get to it. good evening and welcome to fox news primetime. i'm mark stein. we have all the big news of the day, from packing the supreme court to unpacking hunter's lap top. that's just in this first segment. as you might be able to tell if you're listening to dolby digital stereo, i might sound slightly foreign. i resisted the testimony takes to devote the full hour to the death of the duke of


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