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tv   The Five  FOX News  April 9, 2021 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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that could be handled through the federal agencies that oversee it. >> neil: yeah. union or not, you have a right to go to the bathroom. thanks very much for that, rebecca. we'll be exploring this tomorrow. here's "the five" right now. >> hello. i'm katie pavlich. it's 5:00 in new york city and this is "the five." hunter biden goes hollywood. he hit up late night television for laughs with jimmy kimmel. hunter joking around act his drug addiction and dismissing the laptop scandal that big tech tried to censor. take a look. >> if that was your laptop, you say you don't know, which is hard to believe unless you read the book. and then it's like i'm surprised
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you have shoes on. >> yeah. pants were the problem. >> i don't know. and the fact of the matter is it's a red herring. i think within my rights to question anything that comes from the desk of rudy guliani. so i don't know is the answer. >> how is this funny? hunter biden went into great detail on why he was qualified for that cushy gig on the burisma job. >> i went to yale law school. i served on at least a dozen boards before burisma. i had an expertise in corporate governance. i was asked to serve on the board. i was a lawyer also, which is how i was first approached. what i didn't take into account is the way in which they would
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use the perception against my dad. for that, i have -- i wouldn't do it again for that reason. >> so i have to go to our own in-house late night host, greg gutfeld for a response. >> so you know, my show, "gutfeld" put in a request for hunter. it was monday. he's people because he has people said he wasn't doing any more press. so that was monday. so i cannot believe that hunter biden would lie like that. i'm shocked. knowing his character. a couple things that are good and bad about this. obviously the really bad thing is that he's using his drug addiction as kind of a moat against questions about honesty. it's like hey, dude, i was so wasted, i would have no idea. that's my laptop. i don't know. i was gone. an then he says he doesn't trust
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guliani's porn of view so a crackhead said that he can't trust the guy that saved new york, i have a problem with that as well. one thing that he said is correct is when he said this was like all a red herring. he's kind of right. hunter biden is the red herring. steer all of the attention away from his dad and his dad's complicity in the dealings and the big story, which is china. and i got to say, it worked. i'm a sucker for this stuff. i saw "the daily mail" story. it sucked 30 minutes out of my day. i'm as shallow and desirous of every grisly more sell out there. that shifts away from the cover-up and corruption and what social media did. it worked. have to hand it to him.
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>> greg, i don't think you're shallow. maybe we have to look into that a little more. sean duffy, greg mentioned the daily mail. they published photos from the laptop. we won't show the ones that are not safe for work. but a number of photos that show a different story of hunter biden and his life than he's telling in the tell-all memoir that they're pushing. >> right. if you don't know if that is your laptop or not, maybe what is -- were those your e-mails where you called your dad the big guy and used his power and influence in american government to make millions? those are good follow up questions that he could answer. by the way, as hinter with kimmel is saying i can barely put my shoes on i was so wasted on drugs, that's the same time that he's serving as the burisma
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board member. he's not qualified. he's a drug addict. one thing -- i don't know, greg, i imagine you're not a fan with the guests that come on, but kimmel was a fan of hunter biden. it was embarrassing. as a republican, it's a political impossibility that any republican could ever get treated this well on liberal networks. >> the story of hunter biden is a story of corruption with hunter biden and joe biden. it comes down to standards. joe biden for many years has been for very harsh penalties for people that do drugs. and if any normal person did these things, the fbi or local law enforcement officials found a laptop, they would be charged and put in press son for their behavior. >> katie, the red herring is a misleading clue. what was the misleading clue
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with the pornographic pictures that he was having a good time? maybe he's obviously a wasted drug addict, but these pictures that came out, as much as he deplores them are great for book sales. clearly this guy was a horror mongering self-indulgent in those pictures seem -- he seems to be as conscious and credible as you can possibly be in that kind of setting. that is the real hunter biden, the computer is his. you know, the mail and others have done the forensics on it. it's a humiliation to his father, the president of the united states. he gunked up the ukraine situation. who knows what rotten business he did. and for him to get laughs on jimmy kimmel. what if it was on the other side? you kidding?
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you know, it's -- i believe that addiction is real. i believe that it's a disease. this guy after getting thrown out of the military for partying and hooking up with his brother's widow and all the rest of it and the pole dancers, he's had a lot of chances. there's been a lot of moments during sober moments that i'm sure where he's done things that his family is less than proud of. he's a loser and an embarrassment. if you buy his book, do it at your own peril. that's the red herring. >> isn't that this point? hunter biden is not apologizing for this. he's trying to get people to feel sorry for him, his family, his dad and using it as a political weapon against the right. >> sort of the opposite of an apology. that's what i was thinking. there's the very serious question to be asked here, which is whether joking about
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potential foreign influence in u.s. government policy and corruption is appropriate. i liked greg's point about how hunter biden seems to be using his addiction as kind of a moat here. my personal take on that is that if people want to joke about their own personal tragedies and make light of it because it's helpful or useful or productive, that's fine. that's his prerogative. the stuff about advocating vice president biden makes or moves in ukraine is the crux of the matter here. that surprised me the most in that interview when he said, he had no way of anticipating that signing up for the border of burisma was going to be a political cudjole. i would say if i was entering him, i would ask, are you
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serious? this is you, your father's team couldn't have anticipated push back on this. probably the most seasoned political family in america right now. they have a team of p.r. and communications experts that have been working in government p.r. for decades. to me, that was kind of the most like awe inspiring moment of the entire interview when he made that claim. >> especially at the time. vice president biden was in charge of the corruption -- >> that's what makes this a national security issue. >> yep. absolutely. all right. moving on. up next, the cdc has their eye on a new public health threat. racism. ♪♪
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>> the cdc identifying the newest threat to public health. it's racism. dr. rochelle walensky igniting a raging debate after she said "what we know is this, racism is a serious public health threat that directly affects the well-being of millions of americans. as a result, it affects the health of our entire nation." she blamed racism for covid's impact on communities of color. greg, there's a disproportionate impact on communities of color. is that racism? >> greg: i don't know. the problem with the racism argument is that all the other variables that make up this world disappear. suddenly racism is the only variable that matters. and i agree. it's a health threat to the elderly asian woman that was beaten to death on the streets of new york. but who was the guilty party in that? probably the system that let
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that murderer out that beat her up. if you say racism is a health threat, you need to say who is behind that threat. who are attacking the asians? will you agree with the answer you get when you look at the science, e.i. the data. so if you want to call it a health threat, look at the data. the sad thing is, we know the more obsessed we get over race, the more we see hate crime hoaxes. there was one at albion college where anti-black graffiti nearly shut down a college. turned out, it was a black student. didn't matter. they still did the boycott. so what we're doing, we're creating -- there's so much pay-off to being a victim now that everybody can play and no one is getting along. it's -- i don't know how this helps. i don't know why the cdc would
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think this helps. >> katie, in that regards, racism is real in this country. for example, a black man being stopped by a cop on a dark street, you know, at night has a different experience and a different set of feelings than a white guy. so you can't deny that racism exists. does it apply here? is it racism or lack of adequate healthcare resources, education, housing and so forth, katie? >> katie: this is about a completely different issue. so first of all, her comments bringing race in to a public health crisis is why the majority of americans have various questions about the political motives of government bureaucrats and have a hard time trusting them. the cdc and the left don't realize under the guise of
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public health crisis, they can take away your first amendment rights, take a way you travel rights, shut down businesses. so they're saying we can use racism and say it's a public health crisis to implement our agenda when it comes to this issue. let's not forget, the cdc was getting advice from woke professors that are not health experts saying that we should vaccinate people of color before the vulnerable for the sake of social justice that meant that people that were white, shouldn't get vaccinated first even though they're more likely to die from this disease. they were offering a solution to something because of their social justice agenda that cost people's lives because they didn't want to vaccinate the people that died from the disease first. so this is not about solving racism as an issue. this is about the left seeing an opening in an agenda based on everything that they've got ten away with with government power the last year.
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>> and sean duffy, the reality is that black men live four years less than white men. there's a reason for that. is it racism? is it public health? what do you see it as? >> yeah, those stats don't lie. if black men live four years less than white men, what is causing it? the cdc minority rates have obesity, asthma, diabetes, heart disease. so what personal choices are people making? look at those from public assistance. and then say you have to buy fruits and vegetables and whole grain foods instead of chips and coca-cola that causes diabetes. we have to take personal responsibility for the choices in our lives to say it's all racism is a farce. by the way, with regard to covid, the more obese you were, the higher the risk is you would die from covid.
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there's a direct correlation in community health to their ability to fight covid. so we don't look at simple answers to the data doesn't make sense and to fall back on racism is just -- everything is racism, right? racism is the answer for everything wrong in america. >> to that point, gillian, is there a danger that that charge -- if you call someone a racist, that is like stick with mud and can't get it off. it's a charge that is easily lodged, easily tossed. it's hard to rebut. is there a danger that the word itself, that racism will become meaningless because twit be applied in every sink? >> of course. we're seeing that. i think there's more of an onus here on the cdc if they're going to make this official and make it policy to show the underlying data as greg said at the top of the segment. we have the reality here --
2:21 pm
nobody is saying racism doesn't exist. it's a scourge that needs to be rooted out. but we've got this set of facts, we know from the cdc that black and latino americans are being hospitalized at three times the rates of whites. we also know they're dying at twice the rate of white people in america. that is real. the disconnect here is if the cdc is going to pin this on racism, they need to bridge the gap. they need to show us what evidence they're looking at, that is leading them to pin it on racism as the predominant factor here. otherwise, we have a whole slew of cultural issues, systemic issues to look at here and is government the right place to address racism anyway. >> public safety, health resources. so many issue that's it could be
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related to rather than using this sloppy description, racism. very, very unspecific. up ahead, republicans accusing president biden of being the human trafficker in chief. are you kidding me? over the record surge of migrants at the border. you need a financial plan that can help grow and protect your money. an annuity can help cover essential expenses in retirement. have the right financial professional show you how... this is what an annuity can do. i'd call my grandfather as a result of the research that i've started to do on ancestry.
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2:27 pm
>> the biden administration has been anti-wall and awol. >> how could president biden and kamala harris allow this to go on and not even come here and see it for themselves? >> this is a humanitarian crisis. i can't even in good conscious call president biden president. i have to call him trafficker in chief. >> sean: and greg abbott is demanding that the biden administration is investigating allegations of child abuse at a border facility. >> these horrific images and tragic deaths as well as assaults that we're seeing right now, they wouldn't be happening if the biden administration had not opened the border and been unprepared for the massive influx of the young migrant children that they're enticing to come across the border. >> sean: we're learning that biden's border czar is stepping down as the crisis grows. geraldo, come to you first.we
2:28 pm
have allegations of joe biden, you know, being a guy who is out of control at the border. we have little kids that are raped and abused on the way north. kids dieing in the desert. now there's allegations in a border facility, you know, little kids are being sexually assaulted. isn't this policy heartless from joe biden? >> geraldo: i have to first say, sean, that florida congress woman that is new to the job calling the president of the united states the human trafficker in chief is low down and dirty. it's disgusting. how dare she to accuse him of child rape and supporting and collaborating in this hideous crimes. it's horrible. joe biden is guilty of naivety and incompetence. we have to restart the wall right now. should be part of a big deal with the democrats. we have the dreamers get a pathway to citizenship and the
2:29 pm
wall restarts. but to call the united states a despicable slur is beyond the pale. is this where we are now in politics in america? you can call the president of the united states complicit in child rape? it's -- to me it's almost impeachable, this congress woman went way over the cliff. >> sean: geraldo, we just had four years of the other side labelling republicans nazis, comparing trump to hitler every other hour. this is nothing compared to what anybody on the right has endured. i agree with you. it doesn't help the conversation to act to outrage over this, you must have been asleep for four years but i know you weren't. i saw you here. >> geraldo: i was sleep walking. >> greg: i think you might have been called a couple of names.
2:30 pm
but can i say -- since i'm talking, i just saw that like biden is considering sending cash to central america to kind of persuade people not to come to guatemala, honduras and el salvador. it's a win-win. if you come here, you'll get free services. if you stay home, you'll get paid. can they do this to me? like if i decide, if i say on the show if i want to go to canada, canada wouldn't want that. would they pay me to stay in the united states? i know, jillian, they wouldn't let me come. >> i just checked. they don't want you. i'm sorry to be the one to tell you. >> greg: how much are they going to pay me? $500? >> katie: zero. >> i'll get you an answer. >> sean: i want to respond to geraldo. a lot of americans, a lot of republicans look at the policy that allowed so many migrants to come to the border, biden's
2:31 pm
policy. the kids are being sex trafficked and sold. why shouldn't that fall at the feet of joe biden? >> the big story now, especially if what governor abbott said is true, if one child has been sexually assaulted, the fact that the u.s. government is failing large at its duty protect foreign children that it takes into their custody. they have a legal obligation to ensure they're safe and protected from predators and number 2, to ensure that they're healthy and they're not unnecessarily subjected to communicable diseases while in u.s. custody. some of these facilities at the border, covid transmission rates are 15% so the story becomes not so much -- look, assigning blame is always an important part of policy and politics. but the story now is not so much
2:32 pm
who exactly, but acknowledgement that we have this epic problem on our hands. the u.s. government is failing writ large. >> sean: success would be making sure kids stay at home instead of going on this journey. katie, i want to come to you. the amount of money that we pay to house migrant children is $3.1 billion. that is four times the amount that we spent on the small business administration. this is insane, isn't it? >> katie: the money is insane. i want to respond to geraldo. if we're going to solve this problem, you have to deal in reality of what is going on. you can put politics aside. there's consequences for joe biden's policy positions on the border. i'm in arizona. i was out with the sheriff's department yesterday look at smuggling routes, looking what they're talking about. it's is now more lucrative for
2:33 pm
drug cartels in mexico to be trafficking human beings than it is for them to be trafficking drugs. this is no longer about enabling people to come to america for a better way of life, this is about enabling a multibillion dollar trafficking industry and smuggling industry where human beings are a commodity that are worth more money than smuggling drugs. on the issue of the accusation that joe biden is complicit in the trafficking he is, the policy we've known for years. open border policies enabled trafficking and smuggling. the federal government is allowing people in these northern triangle countries to take their child, give to it a smuggler, take them to the border and dhs takes the child and delivers them to wherever their phone number is or to a sponsor family that hasn't been fully vetted. so they're completing the smuggling ring on behalf of this billion dollar industry. those are the facts. a lot of what happens on the
2:34 pm
boreder is not easy to stomach. if we're going to solve the problem, we can't act like it's not happening that is the reality of what's happening on the ground. >> sean: when you -- >> geraldo: when you call the president of the united states a trafficker, you're destroying your own argument. that is all you focus on. >> katie: nobody said he's a trafficker. his policies enable trafficking and smuggling. it's a fact if you talk to anybody, including the traffickers. >> sean: he can stop the trafficking on day two if he would implement donald trump's policies. this would be over if he cared about kids. great discussion, guys. up negligent is the fastest. ♪♪ stay restless with the icon that does the same. the rx crafted by lexus. lease the 2021 rx 350 for $439 a month for 36 months.
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>> welcome back. time for the fastest now. with the owners getting back to the office, dogs are feeling separation anxiety after being with their humans for 24/7. people are turning to expensive therapy to help them cope with some humans and professional training. so critics today are telling us we can't send our dogs to therapy. what is next? we have to stop buying them fine jewelry? >> greg: it's disgusting. this is a fake news alert. we have to have a fake news alert. millions -- they say millions are suffering from separation anxiety. who did that poll? do they have any science behind this? how do we believe this. >> obviously they asked the dogs. >> greg: this was a story planted by an animal counselor
2:40 pm
that had one example. my client spent $4,800 on an adjustment. i'm going like this is b.s. this is like i have to hand it to you. i get the "new york post." it's like friday. oh, god, a slow news week. has to be a stupid story to throw in here. somebody says i have a press release from an animal counselor. put it in there. i have golf at 2:00 p.m. that's what happened. >> geraldo, why does greg hate dogs? >> geraldo: try. he's a city curmudgeon. the things we do for love. we drove to florida so the dogs would not have separation anxiety. we got a pet friendly place to stay. ricky and lucy. they're 11 years old, believe it or not. the same age as i am in doggie
2:41 pm
use. multi-pooh. >> greg: that's what they leave. >> geraldo: that's the other thing you have to do. pick up after them. going so far as therapy, i'd draw the line there. >> katie, would you sets gadsden to therapy? >> katie: this is the the opposite for me. i have the separation anxiety. gadsden is the one that is like lady, get out of here. i sleep all day. i don't need you to do anything but feed me and walk me. that's it. so probably wouldn't send them to therapy. >> he has stuff to do. >> katie: he's a busy dog. sean, what do you think? >> sean: listen, i love my dog. he's a great little pup. but i got nine kids. so that's my -- he was french kissing me and missed his hair cut. i groom him better. nine kids. a lot of school, a lot of
2:42 pm
weddings. i'm going to reserve the cash. put a picture up on the tv screen. >> katie: we don't need your family. just want the dog. next up, listen to this. >> to jurassic park. ♪ ♪ >> katie: a real life jurassic park is not outside the realm of possibility according to elon musk's business partner saying we could build jurassic park if we wanted to. about 15 years of breeding and engineering to get super novel species. greg, in or out? >> greg: we don't need to bring anything back. why not make something new around functional? not -- okay. let's bring back -- let's combine the human dna with
2:43 pm
animal dna to create adorable servants? that's what i'd do. >> geraldo, it occurred to me is put money into researching animal to human virus transmissions. that's a smart way to spend some bucks these days. >> geraldo: speaking seriously. i don't this that happened if you talked to him about covid-19. it was a leak from the lab. i think that elon musk is suggesting that he's going to make robots or do whatever he says he's going to do. he's one of those generational geniuses. thomas edison, ben franklin. if elon musk said in the foreseeable future he's going to have a robot skipping through hoops and speaking spanish and translating to polish, i'd say that he's going to go for it. >> katie what do you think? >> katie: i don't know why humans are building and making things that want to destroy us.
2:44 pm
also, if they're going to through a ball at it, bring back the dinosaurs that eat plants. no t-rexes. they're made of things that dinosaurs want to eat. i've seen jurassic park. it doesn't end well. >> katie: sean a good point. >> sean: i love this idea. boy as cross america will celebrate a new jurassic park. will be great. >> katie: talk about dogs needing therapy. if there's t-rexes, none of us could afford that. >> greg: we do have them. birds are called dinosaurs. avian dinosaurs. >> i stand corrected. you're right. birds are dinosaurs. stick with us. fan mail friday is next. ♪♪ get to tell everybody how liberty mutual customizes your car insurance
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♪♪ >> greg: all right. fan mail friday. we're answering your questions. this is an interesting question from facebook. a guy name steve. what is one thing you were
2:49 pm
scared of as a kid that you're still scared of now? how about you, jillian? >> why do i have to go first? >> greg: you're with child. you're with child. >> i am with child. >> greg: so you're -- >> you can't see it but she's here with us. she offers you her best. my answer -- >> geraldo: congratulations. >> thanks, geraldo. my answer is pitch dark. terrifying. don't like it. >> greg: that's interesting. i guess. >> maybe i should go to therapy. >> greg: sean, is there anything -- you have nine kids. nothing scares you. >> sean: i don't know, greg. i think -- you have the dreams where you miss your class. you forgot the whole semester. i still have the dreams and had them when i was nine years old. >> greg: i had one the other day. what about you, geraldo? >> geraldo: i had asthma as a
2:50 pm
kid. so it's being deprived of air, not being able to breathe, if i have any. that's not a big deal right now. if i have any. that and afraid of pimples. >> greg: all right, katie. what were you scared of as a kid? >> katie: i wasn't afraid of anything as a child, obviously. if i have to admit something, it's roaches. >> greg: yes. exactly. i was going to say strangers. i get strangers disturb me especially with candy. i don't like strangers with candy. that's why i stay away from doocy. and frenchy asks, what is one thing that you think about the most each day? i already know what that is for me. let's go to you, katie what do you think about the most? >> katie: work. doing a good job on "the five." >> greg: that's a good answer. geraldo? >> geraldo: i think about -- i
2:51 pm
do like an inventory of my five kids, where are they, how are they doing? i run through it every day. >> greg: sean can't do that. it takes hours. sean, we know what you're thinking about. you're thinking about what the hell am i doing with nine kids? where are they? >> sean: i feel like a counselling session. you're leaning back, taking notes. >> greg: why do you feel that way? >> sean: exactly. i think about what i'm going to have for dinner. >> greg: yes. that's all i think about it. even while i'm eating dinner, jillian. i'm eating dinner thinking about my next dinner. >> that was my thing that i think about the most, which is food. also, greg, i read recently on a parenting blog that once somebody becomes a parent, they think about their child on average every two seconds the rest of their life. >> greg: wow. that's crazy.
2:52 pm
i can't believe you read parenting blogs. >> i have that to look forward to. >> greg: one more thing is next. ♪♪ i am robert strickler. i've been involved in communications in the media for 45 years. i've been taking prevagen on a regular basis for at least eight years. for me, the greatest benefit over the years has been that prevagen seems to help me recall things and also think more clearly. and i enthusiastically recommend prevagen.
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it has helped me an awful lot. prevagen. healthier brain. better life.
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>> it's time now for one more thing. greg? >> haven't done this in a while. ♪ ♪ animals are great. could a feline be the next james bond or mr. belt? check out this capable cat making its way through a string of obstacle. i don't think i could pull this off. now if this reminds you of mission impossible it should because the cap and tom cruise
2:57 pm
are exactly the same height. can we see? there you go. look at that appear look at how careful this little cat is. i was going to use the pond mission impawsible, but it's already been used. it's because she has such dainty feet. >> i know that feeling. >> i love the animals, i love that great song. think you. my one more thing, tomorrow is my anniversary with rachel. we will have been married for 22 years. she doesn't look any different in that picture than she does today. it's good to marry your best friends and to have nine kids together. when she took that picture she was living in beverly hills and she moved to a small town, hale wisconsin, with me and she's been here ever since and is not left me. i'm a very blessed manages a great wife and a wonderful mother. >> that is a good woman.
2:58 pm
happy anniversary. now do something a little scarier than 22 years of marriage i would say come of this shark in australia got stuck on the shoreline. there were people of the breach so it is summer there and they had to get everybody out of the water. unfortunately the shark washed up close to the shore because it was injured and could not get itself into the water but they called in all of the experts and they save the shark and put them back out and there were no injuries to any of the beachgoers. that is australia for you. lots of sharks. >> nobody got munched. >> now it's time for jillian. >> take a look at those. we've got a baby, we've got a puppy. they are in new jersey. take a listen. >> a baby. >> so i chose this because it reminds me of basically what
2:59 pm
i've done all day every day during the pandemic, what does sit around and talk to my dog. if you guys are into this debt, yes. if you are into this you can go to logan in hoboken on instagram beer they do it all day. i mean this goes on for hours. it's great. they are just yelling at each other. >> what else is there to do? >> all right, geraldo. >> i'm taking another road trip now that i've been fully vaccinated and him encouraged to go see all my grandchildren. then i will be visiting my grandchildren, here is my family. i have some pictures. those are my big children, my daughter-in-law, deb, cruz, isabella, simone, gabriel, those are my first three grandchildren. jays, arose, and liam. the other two, vincent and desmond a bit i've never seen vincent good i can't wait to see him.
3:00 pm
before you feel sorry for me i've been driving my old black jalopy so there you go. >> that -- that's a bentley. >> take care, goodbye. ♪ ♪ >> good evening, i'm john roberts in and for bret baier tonight. president biden is ordering the creation of a bipartisan committee to study potential reforms to the supreme court. that will include whether to expand the number of justices. a major goal of progressive spirit and is updated, president biden has called it a boneheaded idea in the past and refused to address a datalink during the 2020 campaign. as correspondent peter doocy has the story, this is the white house for us this evening. >> that evening, john, adding supreme court justices to the high court, or putting


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