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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  April 9, 2021 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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>> thanks, gillian. you too. >> gillian: that does it for "the story" today on this friday. i'm gillian turner. martha is back monday. "your world" with neil cavuto starts right now. >> people we encountered was a young girl, no more than ten years old that was crying. we asked her why are you crying? she said because i don't want to be here. i'm a father. how could president biden and kamala harris allow this to go on? not even come here and see it for themselves? it's a disgrace. >> neil: all right. minority whip steve scalise on visiting the border, the rio grande where a large group of republicans are taking a look for themselves what conditions are like there. let's say getting more crowded.
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we have the latest from the boarder as well as the mixed signals out of the administration as to who, if anyone, could be coming next from the white house. also, we'll be hearing from rick perry, the former governor of texas and indeed a former energy secretary of the united states. it's a busy show. the focus right now is on the border, what's going on there. largely on investigations with different parties sending different groups at different times to echo the same theme it is getting to be rather dangerous down there. welcome. i'm neil cavuto. this is "your world." alex hogan is seeing all of this first hand. she joins us out of mission, texas. hi, alex. >> hi, neil. in the early hours of the morning, we were able to join border patrol and step into their shoes and see how they view this immigration challenge and what we found in the dark families and people traveling alone who banded together for safety in numbers.
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some of those people were seriously ill and needed immediate medical treatment. others were lost and needed direction, not knowing where to go. what we've seen also, the number of children increasing. there's more than 19,000 children who crossed the border just last month alone. border patrol council vice president chris cabrera said in the last 20 years, it's the busiest he's ever seen it's. >> the worst thing we can do is become numb to something like that. that is not normal. it's becoming all too common to us now. wee see these kids in situations like that. >> the tour was organized through a trip led by house republican whip steve scalise. the delegation will continue their visit to the border meeting with other agencies. among them, the texas department of public safety. scalise calling on the president to come to the border and hear
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the stories himself and take immediate action. back here live, president biden's 2022 discretionary funding request has eliminated funding for the unfinished parts of the border wall. one resident that spent his own money had finished part of the wall on his own land and built a road for border agencies to use on his property. meanwhile, back there this morning the brush, we saw some of these migrants come over from the rio grande river. i talked with one boy. he was a 17-year-old. he had been traveling, on the road for one month. he was hoping to reach north carolina. we continue to see more and more migrants. this is happening every day, every hour. neil? >> neil: the numbers just grow and grow. alex hogan, great recording. thanks very much. to rick perry right now. the former governor of the state of texas. one of the longest serving
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governors, the energy secretary for the united states as well. thanks for taking the time, governor. seems out of control. semantics really don't matter, whether you call it crisis. it's a mess. it's getting messier and more crowded. so what to do? >> it is. the issue has been around for some time. in 2012, we saw the trains that were coming up to the border. that's when we first deployed in the state of texas at the obama administration, at that particular point in time, signalling not anywhere near as strongly as the biden administration, but even then they were signalling come on. that signalling is the real problem. that's the real issue. that. and then the commitment that you don't see from this instruction to secure the border. here's the untold story i think, neil, that we really need to talk about. what is happening along that
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border, the message that is being sent now is that it's okay to sexually traffic children because that's what is happening down there in a lot of difference cases. and that business now is now greater than the drug trade. not only are -- this administration and their seeming lack of caring about human beings, that are being trafficked out of central and -- central america and mexico, up in to the united states. i mean, there's a film that will be coming out very soon called "the sound of freedom" that talks about this issue. hopefully it will really get the american people's attention. this isn't about, you know, folks that are just having a
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difficult time in their country and wanting to find a better life. this is about modern-day slavery that this administration, by allowing this to happen, but not sending the signal don't come, they're supporting it. i don't know how they can have a conscious at all. just to stand up and say, you know, where is your shame and allowing this type of activity to occur are. it's just -- this is inhumane in the greatest sense, neil. >> neil: all right. now, they like to point out that these cases you're talking about are very rare. we can go back and forth on that. what we do know to your point, the funding along the border was not a priority in this latest skinny budget that the biden administration released today. no border wall funding here. a lot of the issues are discretionary, nondefense
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related items. very little to address the kind of things you're talking about. >> so maybe -- maybe there is a reason to go take a look at this. nor the vice president to breakaway from whatever she's doing that is so important, to go to the border. she doesn't have to go to the border of texas if she decides that's not where she wants to go. plenty of border in arizona, new mexico, california. what is happening is unconscionable. i don't know how they can stand up in front of the american people and say, we have a caring bone in our body, knowing what's going on there. i will tell you, if they are standing up and saying, well, these are very rare occurrences of people being sexually trafficked, they're wrong. they're absolutely wrong. this have a massive problem that this open border is promoting. they are going to be held
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accountable for it. they should be. >> neil: now, the meantime, we know the numbers are growing at the rate some say as 5,000 to 7,500 a week at this rate. a lot of the people, you know, were first if they're young and migrant minor, you know, holding cells or whatever they want to call them, they're later sent to other locals all over the country. also litigating a lot of the other cases on the american side of the border prior to the mexican side of the border as it was under president trump. what is your best guest, governor, as to where those who are having their cases litigated in the united states now, where they go? how many of them do you suspect will return to either mexico or points south? >> very few would be my bet. that's what we've seen through
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the years. history is a pretty good teacher. once they get in to the united states, they try to dissolve into the society, this administration is -- seems to be rewarding them for doing that. if you'll just get here, we'll take care of you from now on out. what a horrible message, number 1, in so many cases and to bait people into trying to come on this very difficult trip where you've got cartels, other criminal elements that will use these individuals different way. as we talked about in the sexual trafficking side as mules to bring drugs in. there's so much wrong with what is going on down there.
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we know -- >> neil: governor, to your point -- i'm sorry to jump on you there. we're getting word that roberta jacobsen is resigning, she's leaving, this is coming from jake sullivan, the national security adviser. she's been an invaluable contribution to the biden-harris administration. ambassador jacobs worked her career to advance u.s. interests in the western hemisphere. i can go on but she's leaving. she's not been on the job long. what do you think? >> well, i let her speak for the reasons that she's leaving. but my bet is the individual that you mentioned may have a conscious. she may be seeing what's going on and recognizing that she can't live with herself if she
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continues to allow the activities going on on that border to go forward without addressing them -- >> neil: or she could have been forced out. >> that's been known to happen as well. the point is, i think we can't side step what's going on down there. the idea -- particularly -- i'm going back to this issue of the sexual trafficking of individuals, particularly children is unconscionable. it's going on down there and the policies that are put in place by the biden administration, it helps that occur. and they have to stand up, they have to face this, they have to address this issue. there's no dancing around it. they're going to be held accountable for it and need to be held accountable now before it goes on further. >> neil: all right. governor, i want to thank you very much as always as we do to
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anyone that comes on addresses this. i want to tell you more about the virus. by in large in both states, vaccinations are working and bringing cases down. but in michigan, it's a different situation. governor whitmire has now asked people to stop dining indoors, suspended sports for two weeks. governor gretchen whitmire argues that this is to get a handle on a spike in cases that seems to be getting out of hand. we're going to be getting the read from this from a republican and democratic representative each talking to us simultaneously about the need for vaccines and help in michigan next.
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>> we're not even halfway through a vaccination program. so now is not the time to change course on vaccine allocation. >> neil: disappointing news in michigan. governor whitmire is asking people to voluntarily suspend youth sports the next couple weeks or stop dining indoors amid a surge of covid-19 cases. the state's congressional delegation, republicans and democrats have been making the case of that in light of this surge that they need more vaccine. to help illustrate that point, debbie dingell joins us, fred upton, republican congressman. both kind enough to join us right now. thanks to you both for coming. i appreciate it. congressman dingell, if i can begin with you. you made a personal petition to the administration to open this
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up to change the vaccine allocation. sounds like certainly by the white house coronavirus response coordinator, you were turned back. did i get the gist of that? >> well, i talked to our governor and i talked to a number of people at the white house. the governor said not at this time. i was on another program this morning and discussing that. they said that is a public health recommendation that we should have. our governor is doing everything. every hospital is in capacity. they're cancelling surgeries, et cetera. the people in the hospitals are not what we saw initially. they're 20 to 30 and 40 to 50. we -- our numbers are the
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highest in the country. seven out of the top ten are in michigan. we're doing everything we can, fred and i as we said ten times, that i would disagree respectfully with the white house and say to them, i think it's accepted public policy and ask them to reconsider. >> neil: congressman upton, are you open to a second plan that not everybody needs two doses? the second dose, give it to people that need it right now. are you for that? >> if that's what it takes, that's what it takes. what i'm hearing from my hospitals, it's not a pretty situation right now in their words. hospitalizations are two, three, four times higher than they were a couple weeks ago. as we see the numbers -- a lot
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of people go to florida for spring break. guess what? they're coming back. we're scared to death about where we're going to be a couple weeks from now, which is why we've got to make sure that -- take every effort that we can to increase the vaccinations for folks to slow down that otherwise surge that is coming. so that means you take the moderna shot, the pfizer shot, wait longer to get the second one. to me, if we can get more people included than not, that's not a bad thing. with j&j, that is just a one-shot deal. we're trying to avoid something that is around the corner that we see coming, that is going to be a lot worse if we don't get more michiganders vaccinated. this is bipartisan. every republican and every democrat in our state has been on board, using all the connections we can, whether it's
1:21 pm
a former fda director, whether it's tony fauci or francis collins. the white house knows about it. and maybe the news today that the governor asked for some volunteer effort, it's not a mandate but a volunteer to be more comfortable, maybe as we see the numbers escalate the next couple days as they have the last couple weeks, maybe we get them to reconsider. maybe ship some doses that perhaps other states are not using right now. >> neil: got it. congressman dingell, what is remarkable here, michigan has had strenuous restrictions in the past. the governor took a lot of blowback to protect michigan residents. yesterday with all of that and among the more severe restrictions in the country, this is still happening while in places like florida, texas, not nearly as much.
1:22 pm
i'm wondering if it's just the luck or the tragic luck of the draw or something we're missing here. congresswoman, your thoughts. >> i think it's a combination of several things. first, there's covid fatigue. that is a reality. we may be tired of covid, covid is not tired of us. also, it's a big state. i think we're the highest in the nation again, have to be -- b-117, the british version and it's the highest variant in the state itself. as fred said, we have people coming back from spring break. i want to make the point, the white house is saying you can do more mitigation. our governor has. our restaurants, even though they're open, they're not open to full capacity.
1:23 pm
nothing is open to full capacity. the governor -- >> neil: it is weird that in places where it's been fully open and there's been relaxing of almost all restrictions, the numbers are looking pretty good. i'm just wondering, maybe congressman upton, i don't want to pay politics, but i commend you both for coming here to talk about a common interest, maybe this can illustrate another wild card development in the progression of this virus like we seen spikes in england with herd immunity certain now by early next week. what is going on here? you're worried this goes beyond what is happening in michigan, congressman upton? >> that's why we're still worried. you know, we got some counties that are only 10% of the folks that have been vaccinated. you know, the vaccination distribution has been done by a
1:24 pm
strict percentage of population. in michigan, it's cold in in the winter. snowed last week. in warm climates, the virus doesn't do as well. it's the general concept. it's here. it's going to get worse. that's why -- we have the u.k. variant everywhere across our state. so that's why it's important that we really send the word to get your damn vacs, get it. >> neil: wise words. i hate to jump on you but we're running out of time. thanks. your both fighting the good fight, letting the message be clear and putting aside political differences to get it done. wish you well. thank you. we're also following other developments out of the administration just the response of what's going on in michigan and not altering the
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1:30 pm
in the past, joe biden has said what the f.d.r. was doing it, tried to pack the court, it was a bone head idea. so what has changed. >> hard to say. i've seen a partial list. only two republicans on the list that i saw. there may be more. here's the give-away. the co-chairman is bob bauer. before the 2008 election, it was the dnc general for obama. he was counsel for the obama re-elect in 2012. dnc general counsel. in 2012, he helped biden and in the debate prep played donald trump in the debate prep for joe biden. so here we have a very touchy issue, should we or should we not expand the supreme court and rather than having a legal scholar with broad bipartisan respect, they put in with all due respect to mr. bauer, whom i sure is an excellent lawyer a political hack lawyer, this is
1:31 pm
not going to increase the sense that this is a commission that is not going to be highly political, highly partisan and arrive at what the left of the democratic party wants. i'll be surprised if they don't come up with a bunch of ways to constrain the supreme court, potentially expand the court, expand the appellate courts and otherwise undermine a conservative supreme court. all of which will read down to the political disadvantage of the democrats by creating issues that they don't want in the 2020 election if they're thinking about it. 2022. >> neil: i'm wondering too, be careful what you wish for. >> yeah. >> neil: let's say that joe biden represents a string of democratic administrations. we don't know what the will happen in 2020 or if you have that going for you and then a court packed with a lot of older justices, you could make an argument that you don't want to risk that now, especially if a
1:32 pm
republican comes in and he or she can reverse what has been done. timing is everything with this snuff. what do you think? >> well, i think what they may try to do is say, for example, we're going to place term limits. that way they can say if your justice is conservative term out after a certain number of years or certain age, they get replaced by the sitting president and miracle of miracles, that, who to the advantage of the democrats, this is about partisanship. this is about a partisan reaction to the fact that there's six conservative judges on the supreme court. if we don't want to undermine confidence in the supreme court, we shouldn't be playing partisan games with it. look at what is happening now. justice brier, 80 years old, liberal, is now being the left of the democratic party is demanding that he resign now so that he can be replaced with a much younger democrat. that sort of an indication of hugh politicized the court is.
1:33 pm
do we want to politicize it more by this commission coming up with stupid ideas. >> neil: what i do see a pattern here, karl, the administration is hearing progressives and is bending to their wishes even the so-called skinny president that the president says is a blueprint for a lot of things like defense spending and boosting it for health and human services, transportation, all of these pet projects. at the same time, we've had a lot of spending and a lot of plans for infrastructure that are not all infrastructure and covid stimulus that isn't all going to covid. this is a pattern. the administration does play ball with that pattern. >> absolutely. it's worse than you said. on defense spending, they keep a 2% increase in defense spending. as i read the description of it,
1:34 pm
they're putting climate measures in to the defense budget. so in reality, i bet the defense budget is not increasing at the rate of inflation. probably declining and on the social side of the budget, we're having a 20% increase of the budget in one year after we've had a $2 trillion covid relief bill, which a very small fraction is related to covid relief. the rest is for creation of new government spending programs that are going -- >> neil: in this budget, karl, the department of education is going to get 41%, health an human services more than 23%, public housing 15%. i could go on and on. i know inflation has been ticking up, but it's running a 2, 2 1/2 percent rate, not 41%, not running at a 15% rate. >> yeah. think what you just said. going to give money to education.
1:35 pm
that makes the teacher unions which refuse to open our schools very happy. you talked about a dramatic increase in public housing. big city mayors, everyone of them democrat, they love that. what we're seeing here is a laundry list of the left's most fervent policy goals, also seeing paying out to the democratic party's institutional supporters. you know, it stinks. it's a bad budget from what i can read so far. the idea that it's a skinny budget -- think about it. between that budget and the $2 trillion, we'll be spending over $5 trillion and the interest on the national debt and mandatory spending on top of that. spending in this year probably $7 trillion. as much as $7 trillion. >> neil: and could get as high as 9. you're right. if the only good news, they call it a skinny budget, which has forced me to say i'm mildly
1:36 pm
overweight. that's not a bad compromise. >> take your comfort where you can get it. take your comfort where you can get it. >> neil: absolutely. it's in the eye hoff the beholder. thanks, karl rove, former top staffer for president bush. we've got more coming up including tragic death of prince philip. they're already planning to say good-bye to him. he wanted a low-key affair so they're giving it to him. people are wondering about, who will come, particularly prince harry, maybe meghan markle and maybe a little drama at an affair he wanted to be none of that after this. look at that scuffed up wall. embarrassing you. that wall is your everest. but not any more. today let's paint. behr. exclusively at the home depot. it's an important time to save. with priceline, you can get up to 60% off amazing hotels.
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i really hope that this vaccine can get me one step closer to him. to a huge wedding. to give high fives to our patients. to hug my students. with every vaccine, cvs is working to bring you one step closer to a better tomorrow. >> neil: all right. prince philip gone. dead at the age of 99.
1:41 pm
and now funeral plans in a country rebounding by the coronavirus even though we're told they could have herd immunity next week. having said that, a lot of restrictions in place. we found out that prince philip didn't want a big to-do and didn't want anything approaching a state funeral. so the question is, what are we looking at to honor the life of a remarkable global figure? charlie langston joins us from "the daily mail." expert on all things british and the royal family and more. great to see you and thank you. >> thank you very much for having me. >> neil: the prince did not want to make a big to-do of it but a lot of people around the world would like to see a big to-do. and the issue is, what will that to-do be like? what are you hearing? >> we know that prince philip did not want a traditional state funeral. he was against all of that fuss. so what we believe is going to
1:42 pm
happen is a royal ceremony that will take place at the george's chapel at windsor castle. it will be a small intimate family affair. there may be a military procession in landon. philip was an incredibly decorated member of the armed forces. it would be rude to not pay service to what he did in the army. given the pandemic, there's huge fears of crowds gathering. people have been urged to stay home and watch it on the television, not to gather. people had to take down the announcement of prince philip's death because so many people were gathering to take pictures. it's going to be an interesting balance of honoring the incredible man that philip was and staying true to his wishes in that he didn't want a huge amount of pomp and circumstance while trying to keep members of
1:43 pm
the public as safe as possible. >> neil: you know, i was going to ask the obvious question about prince harry and meghan markle, whether they will attend. i don't know how far along meghan markle is. your thoughts on that. >> my thoughts are telling me that prince harry will be there. he's doing his utmost to get back to the u.k. as soon as possible. we believe that he will leave l.a. via a private jet to fly into london. it's suggested he will be given a diplomatic exemption that allows him to avoid the covid quarantine procedure that every other traveler will have to follow. he will likely get tested and then test add again in the u.k. provided both tests are negative, he will be able to see his family immediately. we don't think meghan markle will attend.
1:44 pm
they've not confirmed that. but she is pregnant. her baby is due in the summer. she quite far along. she's going to want to take every precaution to ensure that she's as safe and healthy as possible. given the on going covid restrictions and the covid risk, it makes most sense for her to stay at home around look after herself, her unborn baby and archie. >> neil: just curious, had prince philip seen that oprah winfrey interview with harry and meghan and what did he think about it? >> we do not believe the queen and prince philip watched the interview in its entirety. we know they were briefed on the key points and the key allegations that were made by their closest aides. we do know that prince philip was unset and angry specifically by the fact that dirty laundry was being aired in such a public forum.
1:45 pm
prince philip is of the opinion that when it comes to those big issues, they need to be handled behind closed doors. he's always had a close bond with similar. they have a cheeky sense of humor. so for prince philip, he felt a sense of betrayal and it was over the top and shouldn't have been handled in the way it was. >> neil: interesting. charlie langston, thanks very much. "daily mail" reporter on that. again, an iconic figure and a world war ii hero. the more you hear about his life and times and what he did, now quietly and with dignity he did it is a reminder that we lost someone very special. we'll be back after this.
1:46 pm
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>> neil: all right. here's the good news. mostly florida. restaurants are open for business. many customers as you want. here's the bad news. for all of that demand, devil of a time finding workers. doesn't john horn know it? the annamaria oyster ball. john, very good to have you. you know, these a double whammy,
1:50 pm
right? you can't find people. it's the reason why you're unable to that floors me. can you explain? >> we're open for business. our governor has done a great job getting people to florida. we're up 20% from 19. so we had 393 people on our payroll before covid. right now i have 303. so 90% have not come back since covid. some of them i understand when we first came out of the covid and i had some say i'm going on unemployment. at the time $275 from florida and $600 federal, we know from the $600 came from. they were making $875. we're at 25% open. i won't make that much money.
1:51 pm
so i'm going to get unemployment and i'll come back. they have news to that. they're not coming back. i'm still 90 short. i'm working the dogs out of my staff. we have restaurants around us in bradenton that are closed three day as week so they can staff their restaurants. some are not opening until 4:00 p.m. it's not just hospitality. >> neil: i'm curious. any of them expressing a concern to be and large crowds? they're worried, they're nervous. >> absolutely. but not that many, neil. it's mostly my guests have been the ones. today was the first time my guests have been in a restaurant in over a year. so some of them are. we've kept or inside at 50%. again, we're fortunate to be in florida. we've had quite a bit of
1:52 pm
outside. a lot of districts and the cities are lifted some of their restrictions. we've been able to -- we're 20% over two years ago. we're still at 50% inside. carry-out is good. i had a couple of my servers and my kitchen people that are taking care of an elderly family member. they didn't want to come back and be around a lot of people. with the vaccines, we're getting over that and getting passed that. nobody is applying for jobs. people, they're having trouble with drivers, my beer guy, he doesn't have enough drivers to get beer to me. a lot of issues that we have to get through. >> neil: it's a weird one. obviously the unemployment benefits will be around. they were extended for quite a while, well into the summer. i hope you can overcome that. you have a great reputation, looks delicious there. i'm on my way after the show.
1:53 pm
i wish you well. >> we just need to make sure -- >> neil: if service is slow, i can deal with that. that's okay. thank you. hang in there. >> thank you. we'll get it back. >> neil: i have no doubt you will. john from the oyster bar. looks like a phenomenal place. so that's part of the situation you deal with when you're competing with the united states government and all of that stuff. we also want to update you on amazon. a big union effort failed there. the unions are not giving up. we'll explain after this. some say this is my greatest challenge ever. but i've seen centuries of this. with a companion that powers a digital world, traded with a touch. the gold standard, so to speak ;) obsession has many names. this is ours. the lexus is. all in on the sports sedan.
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>> neil: all right. not so fast on unionizing amazon. the company dodged what could have been a union bullet for them by going ahead and easily slapping down the unionization effort in bessmer, alabama facility. unions are not giving up. rebecca walzer is here. it was expected to be a win but unions are not giving up. what do you make of this? >> it's a win for the worker. the workers in alabama said we're making over $15 an hour when the federal minimum wage is 7.25. we're getting healthcare. unions, there's a place for them but we have so many federal
1:58 pm
protections for the employees now, for health and safety. what were they unionizing for? union is a business that amazon workers rejected in alabama. >> neil: all right, in alabama though, which is a state that right now it's harder there to get that union push, right? there's other facilities in other parts of the country where unions can try again. is amazon over this or does it put more pressure on them to be extra generous with the workers? >> it does put more pressure on them to be generous with benefits. they're a very profitable company. 950,000 workers, neil, we're talking about. so unionization would be a loss nor the end consumer. look how aggressively walmart has fought it. they had a shop that was going to canada and they left canada so they didn't have to unionize. so they know how big of a profit
1:59 pm
killer unionization can be and means higher prices for you and i and every american on amazon every day. >> neil: that was the argument that amazon was making, too. i don't know if it's accurate. but unions are going to a great deal of support out of the white house. joe biden said all the jobs that he wants to be generated, they better be union jobs. so unions are in a good position nationally. what do you make of that? >> i mean, you have to make a difference in where you are. if you're trying to unionize in alabama when you to double the local minimum wage, you have a good job there. so what are they unionizing for? if you have legitimate grievances that are not worked out between federal law and going to management, maybe unionization makes sense. i don't see it in amazon, neil. the worst thing i saw in the complaint of the workers is they weren't getting enough bathroom
2:00 pm
breaks. that could be handled through the federal agencies that oversee it. >> neil: yeah. union or not, you have a right to go to the bathroom. thanks very much for that, rebecca. we'll be exploring this tomorrow. here's "the five" right now. >> hello. i'm katie pavlich. it's 5:00 in new york city and this is "the five." hunter biden goes hollywood. he hit up late night television for laughs with jimmy kimmel. hunter joking around act his drug addiction and dismissing the laptop scandal that big tech tried to censor. take a look. >> if that was your laptop, you say you don't know, which is hard to believe unless you read the book. and then it's like


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