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tv   The Story With Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  April 9, 2021 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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in this royal author reporting prince harry, his grandson, may make his way over. he's been in the news a lot lately. >> john: we'll keep following that. a week saturday. >> sandra: indeed. i'm sandra smith. >> john: and i'm john roberts. i'll see you tonight filling in for bret baier. "the story" with martha starts right now. >> martha: thanks, john and sandra. good afternoon. i'm gillian turner in for martha maccallum. right now on "the story," you're looking live at mission, texas where republican makers are being briefed. they're there to assess deteriorating health conditions in what is called a major humanitarian crisis. we'll bring you live updates. and this caps off a week that saw the most unaccompanied children arriving at the
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border.among them, this sobbing boy wandering alone and pleading for help. we also got footage of these two little girls dangled and dropped 14 feet over the border wall. we're learning their parents already here in the united states paid smugglers to bring them across the border. a reunion is soon to be in the works. now new disturbing allegations of sexual abuse of migrant children. takes a look at greg abbott on fox news earlier today. >> go to san antonio. there were complaints that were filed with state agencies to health and human services commission and the department of child protective services, and those complaints articulated very specific allegations about sexual assault on minors in addition to the other allegations which include exposing other minors to the spread of covid-19. the numbers that were provided
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me at the staff were roughly 15% of these young children have covid. >> we have chad wolf standing by. first, we begin with alex hogan who is live at the border. hi, alex. >> hi, gillian. last night we joined border patrol as they surveyed the area the moment showing these migrants crossing the rio grande river for the very first time. >> this is happening every day. it's not a one-time thing. these border patrol agents will tell you story after story that are just like that. if you're not heart broken by that, if you don't recognize this policy is having a devastating impact on real people, president biden needs to -- if he hasn't heard the stories, he needs to come himself and hear it. >> this is the first step on to american soil for people who arrive crossing through the rio grande river. we've seen about 50 people
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already tonight. they made the journey. we stopped, we asked some of them their stories. one of them, a 17-year-old boy travelling from honduras a month and a day. he took a train, a bus and walked all the while to get here. he scratches on his arm. tearfully explaining that he was hoping he would make his way to north carolina and eventually see his mother. >> this morning, we joined the delegates also on a boat tour with texas department of safety. they're along the rio grant river. all of this part of a mission to come here and see what border patrol, law enforcement, all of the local agencies are seeing every day. 172,000 people. that is the number of people stopped last month alone as people here call for more support. meanwhile, the biden administration has vowed to take a humanitarian approach to this
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immigration challenge. gillian? >> alex hogan live at the southern border. here now, let's bring in chad wolf, the former acting homeland secretary and a heritage noundation visiting fellow. so governor abbott of texas said he's a water that at least one child has been sexually assaulted while in u.s. custody near the southern border. now, if true, this is an acknowledgements that the united states government is failing in their obligation to keep the children safe from predators and also to keep them safe health-wise, which includes keeping them from spreading diseases. there's a rate of 15% infection of covid-19 at the facilities. does this surprise you, does it shock you? what do you think? >> it's very concerning that allegation. certainly needs to be
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investigated. what this really shows you at the end of the day, border patrol facilities, hhs facilities are not built for the influx of the migrants. there's a reason why we can't handle 170,000 individuals in a month alone, upwards of 120,000 minors. the facility is not built for that. so you have to put policies and procedures in place so the numbers don't get there. what we saw those were torn down after inauguration day, which is concerning. any type of abuse needs to be investigated. this really shows you the challenge of the biden administration. they have put together systems like this and facilities that are not built for the number of individuals that we see today. >> governor abbott proposed shut down the san antonio facility. take a quick listen to jen psaki
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earlier today. >> we take safety and the well-being of children in our care very seriously. his claims will be looked into and investigated by the department of health and human services. currently we have no basis for his call to shut down the san antonio freeman coliseum as an intake site. we take the allegations seriously and they will be investigated. >> so chad, what would you advise president biden if you were still dhs secretary today? >> i'd advise him to put procedures in place to stop the flow. and you need to see who is operating it, background checks, what's going on there. this is about the children. making sure they're safe and secure. the message and the policies that we have from the administration is encouraging this month after month after month. so as they continue to build more facilities and continue,
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the flow won't change until there's stronger enforcement measures at the end of the day. that's what's concerning me. we'll see this not only in april, may, june, july but for the foreseeable future. they're going to continue to treat this as a capacity issue, which we'll have stories about facilities, about the allegations. they need to stem the flow of these individuals coming in, return them to their home countries, reunite them with their families. >> also learning now, chad, this comes with a hefty price tag. american taxpayers are paying up to $60 million a week to take care of these children. love to get you back soon, here about the unfolding situation at the border. chad wolf, thanks so much. >> this is a fox news alert. a new executive order from the president could alter the nation's future. and could keep the far left
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critics at bay. the mention of expanding the supreme court bench is firing up washington. peter doocy has more. >> at question right now is whether democrats will try to use control of the white house and the senate while they have it to try to expand the supreme court and water down the current conservative majority even though the president has a long established position on this issue of court packing. >> you said you thought that court packing was a bonehead idea when f.d.r. tried it. so why now ask a panel to see if it's a good idea? >> first the panel is being asked to do a number of -- take a number of steps including pros and cons on that issue. they will also be looking at the court's rule on the constitutional system, the length of service and turnover of justices on the court, the membership and size of the
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court. >> the size right now is nine justices. an appointment and confirmation equals a job for life. the recommendations of the panel may suggest that any or all of those things change. there's some republicans already that think this is just biden administration lip service. senator ben sasse writes this progressive court-packing commission is going nowhere fast. president biden knows he doesn't have the votes in his own party to pack the court. he knows court-packing is a nonstarter with the american people and he knows this commission's report is just going to be a tax payer-funded door stopper. the press pool that was in the oval office today for an economic event sent out the president's highlights and doesn't appear this came up. this will many times between now and the 180-day from now deadline to get the commission to get the report back. gillian? >> that's why we have you. we're counting on it.
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thanks so much. hunter biden is turning that infamous laptop to a laugh line on late night tv. with the son's president under investigation, why are so many in the media willing to laugh along? and the markets are off today. we have to get our take on all things royal. britain honored prince philip. the big question now for americans is whether harry and meghan will head home to pay their respects. stick with us. ♪ limu emu & doug ♪ liberty mutual customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need. thank you! hey, hey, no, no limu, no limu! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ age is just a number. and mine's unlisted. try boost® high protein with 20 grams of protein for muscle health. versus 16 grams in ensure high protein. boost® high protein also has key nutrients
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>> hunter biden's joking around with jimmy kimmel while promoting his memoire on late night tv as the justice
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department continues an investigation into his taxes. hunter biden is 100% his name will be cleared but he's not sure the infamous laptop is his. listen. >> when they asked you if that is your laptop, you don't know. it's hard to believe unless you read the book. it's kind of like i'm surprised you have shoes on. you know? >> gillian: let's bring in the "new york post" chief political columnist. he's also a fox news contributor. michael goodwin. good to see you. let's break this story down. really a couple issues at play here. first off, a very serious question of joking about potential foreign influence on u.s. policy and potential corruption is appropriate. people seem to wisely agree that hunter biden is perfectly -- it's his prerogative to joke about his past struggles with
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addiction if he chooses but when it comes to influences upon his father and the current administration and his foreign business dealings, it's not a laughing matter. what do you think? >> thank you, gillian. i think if we want to understand the context, try to imagine that is donald trump's son sitting there with an addiction problem and with an influence pedalling history. would we be laughing about it? would jimmy kimmel be laughing about it? i'd say no. he wouldn't be invited on the show. the media is trying to turn this into a joke. i agree with you. addiction itself is no laughing matter. secondly, this is about the man that is now president of the united states. the laptop, hunter biden doesn't want to confess it's his. there's no doubt it is. it's the contents on the laptop that are the troubling thing.
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they show that joe biden, contrary to what he said publicly, was actively helping his son and according to tony bobulinski, the partner and ceo in a joint venture with the bidens and the chinese energy conglomerate said he met with joe biden and joe biden was not only aware of these partnerships, he was going to get a secret 10% cut. >> gillian: so michael, let me stop you there for a quick second. so on the issue of the laptop specifically, what hunter biden said last night, it's a red herring, by which he means it's meant to distract from other issues going on right now. it's being used as a weapon, a political weapon against him. what is your take on that? why doesn't he just deny it if it's not his? >> because he can't. the evidence is overwhelming that it's his laptop and the e-mails and messages and photos are all about him.
12:18 pm
again, tony bobulinski has corroborated the most important e-mails. he was involved in the project. you also have the e-mail of a former adviser to burisma thanking him. joe biden said i never talked about my son's businesses with him. yet he took hunter biden to china with him where hunter biden scored a huge deal with a chinese investment bank. so all of these things are a lie. we're just supposed to keep laughing because he was so stoned out of his mind he doesn't remember? i don't think it's very funny. >> gillian: i agree. they're not funny or comical when dealing with the struggles of addicts or foreign government influence. we have to leave it there, michael. love hearing your take. appreciate it. >> thank you. >> gillian: so political ally of matt gaetz could be working with
12:19 pm
the feds. they could be looking at whether gaetz paid for sex with minors. lucas tomlinson has got the scoop. hi, lucas. >> hi, gillian. joe greenberg, the former tax collector pleaded guilty to 33 charges in florida. greenberg did not a tend. his attorneys are seeking a plea deal with federal prosecutors. >> i'm sure matt gaetz is not feeling comfortable today. you've seen the number of stories and the emphasis is on the matt gaetz joel greenberg relationship, right? so wouldn't it be obvious to assume that he would be concerned? >> a federal judge put a may 15 deadline on the plea agreement. greenberg has been under investigation over allegation as the he made have paid underage girls for sex. the daily beast said that he
12:20 pm
paid payments to three young woman, a spokesperson said matt is always a fighter, a fighter for his constituents, a fighter for the country and a fighter for the constitution. he will fight back against the allegations against him. gates has hired a pair of high profile new york attorneys which worked for donald trump in the past. congressman adam kinsinger became the first republican to call gaetz resignation. today gaetz denies the charges. >> gillian: thanks, lucas. well, the cdc is dealing with the worst public health crisis in over a century. the government's top doctors want to tackle an additional health threat now, which they
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a retired forensic pathologist says she agrees with the lung specialist that testified a healthy person also would have died. matt finn joins us from minneapolis with the details from the trial this afternoon. hi, matt. >> hi, gillian. right now inside court on the stand is the hennepin county medical examiner doctor andrew baker. he did the autopsy on george floyd. it's controversial, scrutinized. although he ruled the death as a homicide, he didn't list the cause as asphyxia but as a homicide, cardiac arrest complicated by law enforcement restrained. right now he's testified by systematically going through the autopsy pictures and in the process. he explained a controversial decision not to watch any of the videos of floyd's death before the autopsy. >> i was aware that at least one video had gone viral on the
12:26 pm
internet but i intentionally chose not to look at it until i examined mr. floyd. i didn't want to bias my exam. >> shortly after the autopsy, the floyd family paid another medical expert that ruled asphyxia as a cause of death. in the murder trial right now, the defense has repeatedly argued that george floyd died from a combination of his severe heart condition, taking fentanyl and methamphetamine on the day he died combined with his struggle with the police. the state played examiners that floyd did have a severe heart condition but he did not suffer a heart attack or drug overdose but he died from a lack of oxygen. the medical examiner said floyd's methamphetamine and fentanyl use may have contributed to his death but didn't cause it. julia in. >> gillian: matt finn in minneapolis. thanks so much. the cdc is declaring racism is
12:27 pm
no longer a scourge but a serious health threat. the agency's director rochelle walensky said it's existed for decades. raisism. joining me now, leo terrell, a civil rights attorney and host of "the leo terrell podcast" and a fox news contributor. leo, welcome to the show. thanks for coming on with us. sounds like what dr. walensky is saying here is during the pandemic, racism has become a very real public health crisis, an issue. i don't want to put words in your mouth. but you say essentially, leo, she's just playing politics. >> oh, it's pure politics. she's lying. sorry to say that. she has a conclusion without any supporting facts. what is your qualification to
12:28 pm
say that? she's a doctor. she's not a civil rights attorney or judge or expert. he's not head of the eeoc. if that is the case, why don't they call in to the department of justice and eradicate this discrimination? it doesn't exist. why don't they file civil rights lawsuits? doesn't exist. is this happening in california? it's all democrats. who are the individuals responsible for all of this racist activity? it's a talking point for the democrats to distract from the border, to basically jack up our taxes. it's a distraction. everything in the biden administration is race. >> gillian: so leo, walensky's main point here is that covid, the virus, is disproportionately impacted minorities in the united states, not only because they tend to work in low-wage jobs that require them to show
12:29 pm
up in person, already suffering financially but the cdc says the number of blacks and latin x were hospitalized three times as whites and the death rates were two times higher. so you agree with the stats, the data and the facts. you're seeing to call it racism is -- i'm putting this as a phrase. it's a question. the culprit here is not racism. the culprit is underlying factors that need to be addressed. >> you're right. for her to conclude racism, she ignores 10,000 other reasons. she just goes to a conclusion without fact. it could be economic status, could be lack of education, could be individuals not having the access. a variety of reasons. the assumption is that the motivation is based on discriminatory conduct because somebody is black or brown.
12:30 pm
there's no fact. if she take that same argument into a federal court, a judge would laugh at her. i'll say this again. if it's such a bad situation that the department of justice, the civil rights division, they're not doing it. it's a lie. >> gillian: i want to ask you this for the sake of argument. let's say she's right. racism is the culprit and that's why minority communities are impacted like this. is the government the right entity in the united states to help solve these problems to impose policies to try to eliminate racism? is it something that can be done anyway or is the whole idea misguided? >> if there was the existence -- if i buy your premise, yes, the government can enforce policies upon private companies and implement policies. yes. they're not doing that. >> gillian: interesting. >> it doesn't exist. >> gillian: thanks, leo. always love hearing your perspective on things.
12:31 pm
have a great weekend. >> you too, gillian. >> gillian: a murder spree so seemingly random, it has a whole team of investigators stumped. what we're finding out today about the former nfl player and the five people he murdered coming up. first, what the passing of prince philip means for the british monarchy and americans here and could his departure make it possible to make amends. more next. struggling to manage my type 2 diabetes was knocking me out of my zone, but lowering my a1c with once-weekly ozempic® helped me get back in it. ♪ oh, oh, oh, ozempic® ♪ my zone? lowering my a1c and losing some weight.
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12:36 pm
weddings of several of his grandchildren including prince harry and meghan markle. joining me now phone, martha maccallum. she's covered every major royal event the last 20 years on the ground in the u.k. martha, thanks for calling in. we appreciate it. i want to take your temperature on the latest reporting coming outs of the u.k. their press seems to speculate that harry will fly back from l.a. to london for the funeral of his grandfather who he was very close to by all accounts. we're hearing meghan, who is heavily pregnant, is probably not going to make it back. that's what you're hearing? >> yeah, hi, gillian. thanks for filling in today. good to be with you on this breaking story today. you know, prince philip and queen elizabeth have been the leaders of the royal family. the queen for 73 years. they've been there -- prime
12:37 pm
ministers come and go. the queen and her prince have been the leading figures for the people of the united kingdom for so many years. this is a really enormous event for the people of england. you know, there's so much that we think about when we think about philip that shines light on meghan and harry's situation. he will not lie in state, which was an option for him given his prominence in the family. but thought he wasn't important enough for that. he was a very outgoing, very strong figure, very sort of man throughout the course of his life. he was in the navy, this strapping athlete. he was very humble about the role that he played as compared to queen elizabeth. he didn't talk about his feelings very much. he didn't think that was very important. so when you think about meghan and harry and how much time has been spent talking about their feelings, it's exhaustive oprah
12:38 pm
interview, it shows the difference between the old school royal family and what is happening now. no doubt that harry will return and welcome the opportunity. there's some reporting that he feels upset that he didn't get a chance to say good-bye to his grandfather to whom he was very close. this may provide an opportunity for him to spend one-on-one time with his close family members and perhaps open the door for some reconciliation. i wouldn't be surprised if meghan markle goesn't go. she has a built-in expose. she's having a baby. but when she was six months pregnant, she went to new york nor a baby shower but circumstances are different now. >> gillian: a really great point. i forgot about the baby shower. he went to l.a., new york. martha, i want to ask you about the queen. publicly we're looking at a monarch that will serve out the remainder of her life without royal consort but her side, her
12:39 pm
husband. she's been part of the last seven decades with him. it's so easy to forget she's a human being. she's an elderly woman who lost her beloved spouse. you know, his death might not be tragic but it's deeply, deeply sad. >> yeah, they met when they were teenagers. she fell in love with him. he was a dashing naval cadet and she was a teen. her parents thought she fell in love too long. she picked him out. he was in lean for the green throne until the royal family was exiled and he went to school in the u.k. his mother's side is british. so she will obviously miss him dearly. she's lost every one from her generation now with the passing of her husband. she lost margaret and the queen mother in 2012. lost them both in the same year. philip is her last sort of string to her background, to her
12:40 pm
upbringing. every person that knew her in a way that no one else does. i'm sure that this will obviously be just a tremendous, tremendous loss for her. it's been a very tough period for him. what happened with harry has been difficult for the family and especially as it came in the middle of the failing of philip's health. so out in a very difficult time for her. >> gillian: yeah, very well-said. martha, we're going to leave it there. i know everybody looks forward to having you back on monday. we hope that you get some time off over the weekend. thanks so much. >> thanks, gillian. good to speak with you. >> gillian: you too. joining me now live from london, a royal author and broadcaster. thanks for taking time for us. want to ask you about the funeral. we're hearing it is private. how disappointing is that for
12:41 pm
the british people by all public polling coming out of the u.k. recently, philip enjoyed a uniquely positive and high public approval rating. >> good afternoon, gillian. let me thank martha. wonderful words about our british royal family. i know she's a wonderful supporter. very nice to hear that from the united states. >> gillian: yeah, it was. >> she's an eloquent lady, we know. it is a sad thing. it is. the situation is this. you know, for everyone that could possibly only be around 30 people invited to a small private service. he could have had the full military honors, the great state funeral. we did hear time and time again, even from the great man himself when he was alive that he didn't like all of that fuss and stuff. it wasn't for him. so perhaps maybe he's getting his wish, albeit in tragic circumstances for the queen. but i think for the public,
12:42 pm
we've seen buckingham palace today, the crowds are phenomenal. they had to bring police in to hold people back. i think it's very difficult even in these covid times to tell people not to grieve. members of the british royal family, we're connected to them. it's hard to explain to a non-british person. they're like your family. it's very difficult. >> gillian: it's a unique public relationship there. neil, i want to pick your brain on the future here. president biden will meet with the queen ahead of the g-7 summit in june. we know about how close former president obama was with the british royal family. the biden monarch relationship is more opaque. can you share any insight with us to what that meeting will be like or what the relationship is like? >> i'm glad you mentioned that. over here we find your president biden invisible. i have to say the queen, i have a very good source that she was a big fan of the former
12:43 pm
president, donald trump. she found him to be very cheeky. i think biden has a lot to live up to, to try to make that bond with the queen. let's not forget when your former president, mr. trump, met with the queen, she had as you said prince philip at her side. i think there's a lot of eyes on that. the queen has melt every president over so many years as she has british prime ministers. nothing will face her majesty. >> gillian: great insight. we can agree president trump is certainly cheeky. a great adjective. we have to leave it there. thanks for joining us. >> thank you. >> gillian: you bet. so on the other side of the atlantic, root mass shooting at an office park in texas. investigators say an employee showed up to work and opened fire. now they're trying to figure out why. also, are investigators in south carolina any closer to finding out why a former n
12:44 pm
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♪♪ ♪♪ ocean spray works with nature every day to keep you healthy >> i heard the gun shots. i took off running when everybody else did. i saw two bodies on the street. people trying to help them. >> gillian: that's one of the workers that got out when bullets started flying at a cabinet company in texas. police say a gunman killed one, wounded five others and shot and wounded a state trooper. christina coleman is reporting from bryan, texas. she's northwest of houston. hi, christina. >> hi, gillian. >> police are investigating a motive for the attacks. nor the suspect, 27-year-old
12:49 pm
larry bolin, he made his first appearance in court. he's charged with murder and attempted capitol murder. police say he was an employee at kentmore cabinets. that's where the shooting happened 2:30 local time yesterday afternoon. this is a cabinet manufacturing warehouse about 100 mile northwest of houston and near texas a&m university. officers say bolin used a handgun to shoot multiple employees. one killed at the scene. five others were injured. two remain in critical condition. conditionses say bolin may have been targeting specific people. >> i felt like he came with the intention of harming somebody. he was looking for the right person at the right time. >> you think he spared you? >> that's why i'm still shook.
12:50 pm
>> authorities arrived on scene within minutes of the shooting. bolin had already fled the warehouse leading police on a massive man hunt. >> during the attempt, the suspect shot at the trooper, injuring the trooper. that suspect then fled the scene. >> earlier today, the texas department of public safety identifying the trooper as one rojas tovar. he's listed in serious but stable condition. bolin was taken into custody eventually in a small community about 25 miles from where the first shooting took place about an hour after the attack. we just learned this afternoon that one of the five victims that was injured in that workplace, one of them was discharged from the hospital. so good news there. gillian? >> gillian: christina coleman, from bryan, texas.
12:51 pm
thanks very much. the search for a motive in another deadly shooting is i don't know going. a former nfl player, phillip adams is accused of killing five and himself in south carolina. the victims include a doctor and his wife and two grand children. one of the victims survived and said to be fighting hard for his life. jonathan serrie reporting live from atlanta. >> hi, gillian. phillip suffered many head concussions. an autopsy will examine his brain for signs of cte a degenerative condition tom mondayly found in athletes with a history of repeated head injuries. his father told wcnc, i can say he's a good kid. i think the football messed him up. despite rumors, the sheriff says there's no evidence adams had been a patient of the prominent doctor he's accused of killing. he did live nearby in his
12:52 pm
parent's home where authorities found the 33-year-old player dead from what they believed to be a self-inflicted gunshot wound. investigators say that he forced entry into the home of the doctor and shot them. two air conditioning technicians were also shot. one died at the scene. the other was seriously injured but managed to call his employer who then called 911. a separate 911 call came in from a neighbor who described what he heard. >> i was cutting grass out in the yard. i heard the shots. >> how many shots did you hear? >> about 20. >> people are leaving flowers outside the urgent care practice of dr. leslie who residents described as a generous civic-minded physician that wrote about his deep christian faith. his surviving relatives are asking to donate to public food
12:53 pm
pantries, libraries and camp joy a nonprofit serving children with special needs. gillian? >> gillian: jonathan serrie, thanks so much. there's a big weekend ahead for the gop. it continues to plot their future. already lots of talk about who will top the ticket in 2024. we'll break down the contenders with ari fleischer next. ♪♪ [ engines revving ] ♪♪ it's amazing to see them in the wild like th-- shhh. [ engine revs ] for those who were born to ride, there's progressive.
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refiplus lets you refinance at near record lows plus get an average of $50,000 cash for the financial security you and your family deserve. refiplus, only from newday usa. >> gillian: the republican national committee spring donor retreat will kickoff this weekend. those expected to be there include florida governor ron desantis and former president trump. here to discuss the future of the party and this weekend is ari fleischer, former white house press secretary for george w. bush and also a fox news contributor. ari, great to see you. you say in a nutshell, everybody hold your horses.
12:58 pm
it's way too early to predict 2024. the field is wide open. tell us about that. >> yeah, this is april of 2021. it's a great event. good for the party. i hope they raise a lot of money. this is great for candidates to work on spring training. they need to prove they can raise money, practicing messages. there's no reliable good indicator who is in the first place coming outs of this april 2021 visit. >> gillian: political analysts say president trump is the wild card. we have no idea what he's going to do. is that ari, really the case? let's be honest. he teased he was going to run again before he left office. he teased his own run again at cpac. now he's raising tens of millions of dollars. we don't have to have a crystal ball to know he's going to run, right? >> anybody tells you that they know what donald trump will do doesn't know who donald trump
12:59 pm
is. donald trump will do what the donald trump wants to do when donald trump wants to do it. that could include getting in the race. i don't rule out at the age of 78 he will say no, it's time for somebody else. if i'm donald trump, i preserve my options and do everything to get ready but make up my mind the last minute. he would be the frontrunner if he got in. he has plenty of time. >> gillian: so if he doesn't throw his hat in the ring, surveying the field as it stands today, who is best suited to carry his torch? a couple sends left. >> nobody. it's a wide open race. my caution to you, if you remember in 2015, governor walker went to iowa. everybody said he was the frontrunner. >> gillian: yeah, it blew up. >> just hold your horses. let it play out. >> gillian: all right. ari, have to leave it there. love hearing your thoughts. we wish you a great weekend.
1:00 pm
>> thanks, gillian. you too. >> gillian: that does it for "the story" today on this friday. i'm gillian turner. martha is back monday. "your world" with neil cavuto starts right now. >> people we encountered was a young girl, no more than ten years old that was crying. we asked her why are you crying? she said because i don't want to be here. i'm a father. how could president biden and kamala harris allow this to go on? not even come here and see it for themselves? it's a disgrace. >> neil: all right. minority whip steve scalise on visiting the border, the rio grande where a large group of republicans are taking a look for themselves what conditions are like there. let's say getting more


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