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tv   The Faulkner Focus  FOX News  April 9, 2021 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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>> dana: jennifer williams who raised spike during the daily briefing and we named tyrus in honor of tyrus. she does a lot of work raising canine companions for heroes. >> bill: i know how much jasper means to you so enjoy the weekend. all right, bye-bye. >> est level ever. this is "the faulkner focus". good morning, i'm jon roberts for harris. the biden white house blaming the trump administration for the crisis as the president has called the surge of migrants seasonable saying nothing has changed. but the month-to-month numbers tell a different story. they have steadily increased for a year and skyrocketed in
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february and march. dhs secretary mayorkas met with border officials in texas yesterday but denied access to those meetings to reporters. senator ted cruz tweeting closed press once again joe biden has tried to hide his failures at the border from the american people. #hideen bideen. texas governor abbott says biden is blocking state officials to investigate allegations of sexual assault and abuse of minors. >> the biden administration knows about this and knew about it yesterday because we shared the information with them. and yet still nothing is happening and know also because it is happening there, it could very well be happening at these other child detention centers. the biden administration right now are now saddled with child sex assault allegations. doing absolutely nothing about it. >> first we go to alex hogan
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live in mission, texas where fox is getting an exclusive look at the crisis. you got a ride along, all ex. >> they explained the difference they see between policy and perception. migrants who say they believe the biden administration will let them in and then sending that message back to others in their home country. this is a dangerous journey and border patrol say recently they've found bodies in the woods near the rio grande river as well a children. not in groups but kids just traveling alone. and not only higher age kids but kids as young as 2 and 3 years old. >> we had not too far from here we found a young boy that died of exposure from heat exhaustion, 8 years old. he had a little pokemon belt on. you see that and you relate to
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your own kids. >> house republican whip steve scalise led the delegation of 10 members to the southern border for this tour. the group hearing the harrowing stories from border patrol of interactions with the cartel, recent rescues and resources needed. scalise sharing his message calling for the biden administration to reinstate former president trump's policies requiring migrants to remain in mexico while seeking asylum. >> he could reverse this tomorrow and he won't come down and see it firsthand because he knows what's going on. he said he put kamala harris in charge. she won't even come down. >> we'll join this group of delegates on a boat tour with the texas department of safety. now, this is just one of these weeks and months we've seen more and more migrants cross through. last month alone there were 172,000 stops. that was up 71% from february. jon.
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>> texas department of public safety gun boats are quite a presence an the rio grande. jason jones, retired captain of the texas department of public safety. the white house, jason, is saying that this is just purely seasonal. that nothing has changed. but when you look at the numbers, 172,000 in march of this year, that compares to 34,000 in march of last year. now you can say covid was responsible for that. but the high watermark previous to that was 219 with 103,000. we're 70% above the worst to date. what does that say? >> it speaks volumes. i think it really is a telltale sign of what's to come. we're not out of this yet. we're just getting into it. it broke my heart to hear an 8-year-old was found deceased due to inclement weather. it's 101 degrees two days ago. it will only increase. we'll continue to see as the summer months hit more deaths
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of migrants trying to make a better life for themselves. i will say this. the data shows us exactly what you are saying. the policies of this administration are not working. it is not a perception. it is not a feeling. the data shows it. it will only continue to get worse. border security truly is national security. i know we're starting to hear that term a lot but it is very true. i'm also very concerned at the amount of fentanyl we're seeing that is seized at the southwest border. in the first six months they've seized 5500 pounds. the reason that's significant how it affects all americans across this country in all of 2020 we only seized 4700 pounds. that was a record year. so when we're averaging now 88,000 overdose deaths according to the cdc, we've got problems and we've got challenges that are directly connected to the mexican cartels and unsecure border and we're seeing that across the board now. >> you mentioned the public
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safety aspect of this including drug smuggling and other cross border trafficking. sheriffs, 275 of them from 39 different states have signed a letter to president biden on the border crisis calling it a reckless effort to put politics before safety. mark lamb, the sheriff of a county told us this. >> they are trying to come into this country undeteted. no idea what kind of criminal history, what gangs they represent. honestly it's a disaster for us. it is staggering numbers. we cannot sustain this in our communities in the states nor sustain them throughout communities. >> we have two different situations here, jason. we have these migrant families, we have this unaccompanied minors who are coming across the border hoping to get picked up by the border patrol because they know they'll get into the system and eventually end up somewhere in the united states either with a foster family or
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maybe reunited with family members of their own. then we have a group of people who are trying not to get caught. and we heard from raul ortiz the deputy chief of the u.s. border patrol more than 100,000 people, the so-called gotaways probably came into the country this year and we don't know where they went or what they were doing here. we've also had ms-13 members apprehended as well as people on the terror watch list. what does that say about the public safety and national security aspect of all of this? >> it really is. you are nailing it right now. a lot of times what we focus on is the family units. the cartel by design, by design and the tactics they use will send those family units directly to border patrol to tie up resources. this is where it gets really important because the single males and single females, you won't see them in the family units because the cartels are smuggling up and down river those individuals along with drugs and what we call high
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values, those people who come from a country where the terrorism texas, special interest aliens. they get funneled there. that's why you see in texas the gun boats and other state agencies coming to help at the border. this is where i get very frustrated with other federal agencies. where is the f.b.i. director right now? where is the department of justice? the dea administrator and many other federal agencies to stand up in front of the american people and say we see what's happening, we're also going to provide air assets and different special response teams to help cbp as we deal with this crisis. texas is doing a great job with the response that you are seeing and what we've been doing going back to 2014. what about new mexico, arizona and california? they don't have the resources that texas does to be able to respond. this is where these federal agencies need to be standing up, being transparent with the data and what they're seeing and help. i will tell you right now
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aircraft is a huge asset. helicopters the cartels will tell you when you sit across from them. the one thing in the sectors they can't outrun or get away from. air assets are redly available. i don't understand why the lack of collaboration is happening from the federal agency. >> where are the directors of these federal agencies? i will add one to that? where is the vice president supposed to be in charge of all of this? >> well said. we are in the middle of a massive crisis. the state of texas has put up over $800 million for border security. we've got unaccompanied alien children wandering and dying in the desert. we haven't seen the leadership come down to at least see what's happening. i get politics get involved but i get very frustrated. we have a lot of men and women in harm's way with cdp. they transition from a border security initiative into migrant care all the other
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layers that are usually not discussed like human trafficking, human smuggling, weapons trafficking, drug trafficking, all that then immediately activates. i will say it right now and put this out. we will see a lot more overdose deaths as a result of fentanyl. the cartels are doubling down on fentanyl. that's not a drug, it is a poison and we can see it in the overdose data. again that affects all americans. that's why i get frustrated. leadership is simple. pick up a phone, call troy miller with cbp the current acting commissioner. i know troy and say what can we do to help you? i have certain assets and capabilities. what can we do? it's that simple. >> jason jones, great to get your perspective on all of this. appreciate your joining us this morning. >> sources saying stacey abrams put a lot of pressure on major league baseball and led to the
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led pulling the games out of atlanta and what it could mean for abrams future political ambitions and then there is this. >> i really don't know. the fact of the matter is it's a red herring. a red herring. i am absolutely i think within my rights to question anything that comes from the -- from the desk of rudy giuliani. >> hunter biden on that laptop in a less than hard hitting interview on jimmy kimmel. is that a good look for someone the feds are investigating? jason chaffetz weighs in on all of this coming up next. veteran homeownersxcitinr who need cash. refiplus from newday usa. with mortgage rates low and home values high refiplus can help you lower your rate plus turn your home equity into an average of $50,000. money for security today. money for retirement tomorrow. refiplus from newday usa.
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>> john: fox news learning major league baseball commissioner rob manfred made the decision to move it after
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holding meetings with activists. sources say abrams and other groups wanted the league to denounce georgia's new voetding law and abrams told the commissioner if he didn't move the game the players would probably boycott it. abrams said she is disappointed with the decision but charlie gasparino says she could have done more to prevent it. >> if she really wanted the all-star game to stay there she could have called up lebron james and put a coalition together and say let's keep the game here and keep it non-political and keep the game here. >> john: jason chaffetz joins us now. it almost seems to be a case of be careful what you wish for because it might come true. >> i think she pushed it too far. i think the good people of georgia who are not going to be enjoying the economic benefits or fun of having an all-star game there can look to stacey
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abrams and joe biden who tacitly approved of moving the game out of there and look at these democrats who i believe want a national crisis. they've got to move their house resolution one and they can only do so by saying that there is a major crisis out there and that states can't be allowed to come up with their own voting rules. that's why we have to pass this federal legislation. that's the endgame. they pushed it too far. stacey abrams should and will pay a heavy political price. it was concocted way in advance. shame on major league baseball for being bullied and paying the ransom. >> john: hr1, s1, a lot of people know what it is. the for the people act that would federalize a lot of aspects of voting in presidential elections. atlanta has calculated and cobb county where the stadium is they will probably lose $100 million in revenue as a result
8:19 am
of this decision to move the all-star game. denver has put that figure in terms of the economic benefit at closer to $200 million. stacey abrams likely will be running again for governor of georgia. she narrowly missed the chance to be the governor last time around. how much do you think this is going to hurt her in her reelection chances? >> i think the people who are at the heart and soul of who would vote and support for her, the people in downtown atlanta, they've got to look to her and say wait a second, you pulled out the game? you actually behind the scenes were working to push to get the all-star game out of atlanta? the economic impact particularly on the hills of covid is just astronomical. i think it is shameful what she did behind the scenes and again i think it was in can haouts with major league baseball and some other big organizations who while the legislation was running and was being crafted
8:20 am
were just fine with it. it is only afterwards they needed to make it a crisis because they want to be able to pass this national legislation. that's the endgame. >> john: interesting article in the "new york times" today jason. a lot of democrats on the state level in georgia were not happy about the president giving approval to this boycott. >> yeah. the president needed to weigh in but he did. and that's the problem. i think again very concerted effort from the democrats top to bottom. you look at the two senators. they have some influence. you can look at the president. the vice president. you have stacey abrams on the ground. there is a reason why this game actually moved. i don't think major league baseball makes that move without the white house actually nodding their head saying yes, this is a good idea. >> john: another topic is the justice department, jason, continues investigating hunter biden's taxes, the president's son time to hit jimmy kimmel's show to promote his new memoir and defended his job with
8:21 am
burisma and denied knowing if the laptop the f.b.i. seized was his. listen to this. >> if that was your laptop you say you don't know. that's hard to believe unless you read the book. and then it is kind of like i'm surprised you have shoes on. >> yes. >> i mean it. pants were the problem. >> john: i think that interview redefined the word softball. >> look, jimmy kimmel is a pawn in a bigger public relations campaign. i think they realized that a son of the current president who has had no accomplishments in his life other than being the son of joe biden, who is admittedly a drug addict was kicked out of the united states military, under federal investigation, had his own porn sites, this is not a person who should be put out on the public stage lauded and laughed at to diminish the severity of what
8:22 am
people are going through with addiction. it is all part of a campaign to make the bidens look good and it is shameful. i don't think it will end well. i think he still has addiction problems. the pictures coming out there. the content of this laptop has never been disputed. they aren't disputing the content. he is just like maybe i should have gotten apple care. jimmy kimmel is a pawn, not funny. i don't know why people even watch him. he used to be funny but not anymore. >> john: always good to get your take on things. appreciate it. reaction pouring in after the death of britain's prince philip. a live report from london just ahead plus this. >> human catastrophe. that's what is happening. humanitarian crisis and it will continue for months. >> john: republicans with dire warnings with the situation at the border as the white house stays silent on it all. texas governor greg abbott wants answers on claims of
8:23 am
abuse of migrant children at one facility and he joins us straight ahead.
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>> he played within the rules, he served his duty throughout his entire career and his life. and yet it was always that slightly impish human side to him and that's why people loved him. >> john: tributes pouring in after the passing of prince philip this morning. he was 99 years old. the longest serving royal con sort in british history. benjamin hall is live in london. a sad day in the u.k. today, benjamin. >> although prince philip had been on well it is still a shock to many people. he had been a towering figure for so long over here people today are mourning his loss. he was a man who transcended politics. someone who was a constant figure in this changing world
8:29 am
and who personified duty among all else. the news broke after midday with a message released by buckingham palace saying with deep sorrow her majesty announces that phillip passed away. the royal family joined with people around the world in mourning his loss. the outpouring of grief and tributes has begun. flowers arriving at the palace's, covid won't stop people paying tribute to a remarkable man. straight talking, honesty and politically incorrect sense of humor at times. we received a statement from the white house president biden offering his condolences and saying his legacy will live on not only through his family but in all the charitable endeavors he shaped. he was married to the queen for 73 years. often said he was her rock. a military man, world war ii veteran that served in the navy and captain general of the
8:30 am
marines and marshall of the air force. the funeral will be held at windsor eight days from now on a saturday. we're getting reports prince harry will be coming from los angeles. still a big question whether meghan markle will join him. she is pregnant and also the case of a five-day quarantine on arrival. even though the story is breaking here a lot of eyes on the west coast. john. >> john: very sad day in the deferred about breaking the law. when you house them with other people those others become victims. they are using athletic facilities and military bases just for what has come so far. what are they going to do a month from now and three months from now? how much more abuse will be going on because they can't police it? >> john: republicans sounding the alarm on claims of sexual
8:31 am
assault and other abuse of migrant children in san antonio, texas. more than 172,000 migrants encountered in march. that is a 20-year high. it includes nearly 19,000 unaccompanied minors. that is the highest monthly number on record. joining us now is the first official to sound the alarm on abuse at that facility in san antonio, texas governor greg abbott. good to be with you again today. you had asked the federal government for access to that facility. the freeman coliseum and you wanted to know what was going on inside. what have you heard back from the federal government so far? >> i will tell you about that but first let me mention this. you talked about number of people who came across the border just last month. if you translate that into a 12-month period it would pretty much be the largest city in texas of all these people coming in and shows the high volume of the number of people
8:32 am
coming across the border and what it can do to the population base in the state of texas. going specifically to the freeman center in san antonio, there were complaints that were filed with state agencies the health and human services commission and child protective services and they articulated specific allegations about sexual assault on minors at this freeman center. we've been able to try to get in. i got in with two texas rangers. they are tow elite investigative force in the state of texas. child protective services and other agencies are not being allowed into this facility. i got to tell you looking at the facility from the inside and outside there was one thing apparent to me. there were absolutely no security, no guards, no law enforcement. no one who would be responsible for preventing something like this from happening. there were massively overcrowded facilities. there were so many people in there one of the complaints is that there are not enough adults who are there to
8:33 am
supervise the children because the children far outnumber the superviseors and as a result they can give rise to allegations such as what we've seen with regard to sexual assault of a minor in addition to the other allegations that include exposing other minors to the spread of covid-19. the numbers that were provided to me by the staff at the location were roughly about 15% of these young children have covid with challenges about being able to contain the spread of that covid because these children will expose themselves to other children as well as adults in the location and those adults could take that covid and spread it into the local community. >> john: clearly there are a lot of concerns here. when you talk about populations as well we're expecting to have the number of unaccompanied minors cross the border over the next 12 months that would equal the population of the city of fort lauderdale and now hearing terrible stories, jason jones who used to be with the
8:34 am
department of public safety talked about an 8-year-old boy found dead out in the desert because of conditions there and texas rancher whitt jones on he and his neighbors finding dead migrants on their properties. listen here. >> based on where you are geographically located and how people travel and where you are as to where the bodies are found. but we find more two to three. that's still enough. neighbor of mine has been finding close to 10 a year for the last 10 years. there is a sense of fear that exists down here all the time. it is a terrible situation. >> john: there are plenty of jane and john does found deceased out there in the desert. we see these other pictures like the 3 and 5-year-old girls who were dropped over the border fence, that 11-year-old boy the other day abandoned by the group he was traveling with, and you wonder where is the outrage on
8:35 am
the left that we heard so much during the trump administration to similar situations? >> you are exactly right and that's what people need to understand. these horrific images and tragic deaths as well as assaults that we're seeing now would not be happening if the biden administration had not opened up the border and been completely unprepared for the massive influx of the young migrant children that they are enticing to come across the border. those deaths that you are talking about, the bodies that were found, that is only going to increase as the summer months get very hot. we see the deaths of the migrants coming across the border increase in july and august when typically the temperatures down there can be 100 or above 100 degrees. the temperatures are mild right now. the terrain as well as the temperature will be far worse in the coming months and we believe unfortunately the deaths will increase in the coming months. this exposes exactly what the
8:36 am
cartels' approach is. they make money off getting these children to come across the border. all the cartels want is to get money by delivering these children across the border. after that they could care less what happens to them. we had this story about the cartels throwing a young child a 6-month-old child into the rio grande river that's what they think about it. they dropped the kids across the fence. these are very dangerous people who could care less about life. they are trying to profit off them. the biden administration needs to crack down on the cartels, secure the border exactly the way it was done before with the remain in mexico protocol and make sure that things like these tragedies don't occur again. >> john: thank goodness there was a texas public safety officer close by when the 6-month-old was thrown into the rio ground and went out and saved him himself. thanks for being with us today. we'll stay in touch with you about what happens with the freeman coliseum in san antonio.
8:37 am
florida republicans looking to take down cancel culture in schools. their proposed legislation could open the door to political interference in education. is that a fair criticism? plus president biden announcing new executive orders on gun control making several false claims while doing it. the backlash coming up next. >> has this guy ever been to a gun show? does he realize he sounds like an idiot to people who know what they are talking about. he is a liar and he must think you are really stupid. the journey is why they ride. when the road is all you need, there is no destination. uh, i-i'm actually just going to get an iced coffee. well, she may have a destination this one time, but usually -- no, i-i usually have a destination. yeah, but most of the time, her destination is freedom. nope, just the coffee shop. announcer: no matter why you ride, progressive has you covered with protection starting at $79 a year.
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>> most people don't know you walk into a store and buy a gun you have a background check. but you go to a gun show, you can buy whatever you want and no background check. the only industry in america, a billion dollar industry, that can't be sued. exempt from being sued are gun manufacturers. nothing i'm about to recommend in any way impinges on the second amendment. they are phony arguments suggesting that these are second amendment rights at stake for what we're talking about. >> john: president biden being called out for making several false claims while announcing executive orders on gun control
8:43 am
yesterday. you heard him saying anyone can walk into a gun show and buy whatever they want without a background check. tucker carlson calling his moves yesterday an attack on americans' freedoms. >> gun control is not about guns. it is about who controls america. if you actually cared about making the country safer keeping people from getting murdered you would target handguns in big cities. biden administration is doing the opposite of this. the mirror image of this. the biden administration is letting big city criminals go. people use guns for violence are walking out of jail. instead the biden administration is using as you saw today the full force of government to disarm peaceful voters in zip codes that voted for donald trump. >> john: the power panel now. former obama administration staffer and senior communications director for john kerry and jason meister former trump 2020 advisory board member. jason, what do you make of what
8:44 am
the president said the other day in the rose garden? >> thanks for having me. there was almost nothing that the president said that was true. it was a complete strongman argument because what tucker said last night was correct. gun control isn't actually about guns, it's control and who controls the government. for decades they told us guns cause violence. that's a lie and proven it is a lie. if you look at areas in this country with the most guns and loosest restrictions those are the safest places. if you go the areas of the countries with the least guns and most restrictions like chicago and new york, they are the most unsafe areas in this country. look, the constitution is very explicit. you have the right to keep and bear arms and that shall not be infringed. it doesn't matter who is president, doesn't matter their interpretation of it. i have to say democrats clearly don't take guns and walls, they surround themselves with them. they don't want you to.
8:45 am
>> john: let's let roger get in here. i expect you have a rebuttal to jason. >> first off thank you for having me. great to be here with jason. i do disagree with him on a couple of things. first off all the elements of the constitution have been subject to debate and refinement over time and what's the amendments are. when we talk about the gun shows i think the president was -- paint wednesday a broad bush but not incorrect the transactions at a gun show that happen between a consumer and a licensed gun dealer are subject to background checks in most states. transactions between individuals are unregulated. 14 states have decided to institute their own laws that mandate background checks for transactions between individuals but 33 states do not have those laws. so overall the president is correct you could still go into a gun show and just a transaction between individuals that remains true, you can basically get -- you can buy a weapon without being subject to
8:46 am
a background check at all. there is a legislative history to this i won't bore you with. the definition of what is an individual up until 1986 was anyone who just sells less than 12 guns a year. that cap and definition has been lifted. so there is really no modern definition especially in the internet age for what constitutes an individual that sells guns. that's one of the things the president wants to look at. >> john: the next question would be at your typical gun show what's the percentage of individual sellers versus the percentage of people who are there with a federal firearms license who are selling weapons? jason? >> look, i don't think we're not really addressing the underlying issue. we're focusing on a strawman argument and what joe biden framed yesterday. i think the second amendment is more important now than probably has ever been. we came off a summer where democrat-run cities burned to
8:47 am
the ground. violent looters, people had to protect themselves. joe biden made it very clear in the campaign trail he was going to come for your guns. when cnn asked him he said bingo. i think this is not a slippery slope. it is a cliff about control and who controls the government. >> john: this all came upon in response to what happened in the horrific shooting in boulder and many times jason and roger when we have a mass shooting like that democrats rush to pass new gun control legislation republicans rush to say everything that's being looked at now would not have prevented that shooting. roger, what is the answer here? >> well, one thing that we need to do is have a sober conversation about this not caught up in the 48 hour news cycle right after one of those incidents. one of the unfortunate things about american life reengaging that we see this kind of spike as people start to resume their
8:48 am
normal lives. one of the other subjects that the president talked about is these ghost gun kits which i think we can all agree is a market of people that make kits specifically to circumvent the law. maybe that's something jason and i can agree on. but for example, if someone was out on the dark web selling a kit specifically how to circumvent our border laws i would imagine fox would have many concerns about that. here is a situation where people are literally selling kits on how to make guns that circumvent laws. the president wants to look at that as well. i think he is on to something. frankly, if the far left says you aren't doing enough and the far right says you're doing so much he is probably on to some common sense measures. >> john: 10 seconds to put a button on this. >> i think any restrictions are too many. it is not a slippery slope. it is a cliff. the fact we're doing this now when we have had upheaval in
8:49 am
this country and need to protect ourselves. we have a border crisis, we have illegal immigrants coming over the border at record numbers we haven't seen in 15 and 20 years, to take away our guns or restrict them in any way this a huge mistake. i think joe biden doesn't realize it. democrats also want to protect themselves. >> john: it was a little longer than 10 seconds, jason and roger, good to talk to you this morning. thank you so much. still looks like no consequences for the network as cbs refuses to apologize for a "60 minutes" hit piece on desantis. the silence from other networks is deafening. stick around for "outnumbered." that's coming up at the top of the hour. sandra smith is taking a seat today. here's huge news for veteran homeowners. introducing refiplus from newday usa. with interest rates near record lows refiplus lets you refinance to save money every month.
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>> they cut out everything that showed that their narrative was a piece of horse manure.
8:55 am
it shows you how dishonest -- these are smear merchants and why nobody trusts corporate media. they are a disaster in what they are doing. they knew what they were doing was a lie. i knew what they were doing was a lie. everybody here knows what they were doing is a lie. they know that we know they are lying and yet they continue to lie. and they lied and they lied and they lied. >> john: after three statements still no apology from cbs and "60 minutes" for the segment on florida governor ron desantis. critics said they selected the edited the governor's comments. one op-ed reading don't expect professional consequences for the journalists and producers who promoted this baseless theory even new details
8:56 am
including incriminating email and denials by florida democrats have come to light. there will be no repercussions or apology. most other broadcasting cable networks ignoring the controversy. cat tymp is with us. we all make mistakes time to time. critics say this is more than a mistake. >> absolutely. the way they are dealing in the wake of it their statement saying people have a strong reaction to our facts, the omission of facts is what they're upset. it was a good thing and not ron desantis's idea. and the context that this happens, governor newsom accepting millions of campaign donations from blue shield, all that stuff was missing. and if you want to -- your purpose for being in journalism is to push your own side?
8:57 am
even aside from the fact that's not what you are supposed to be doing, you also won't do it effectively if you are this transparent. people aren't going to trust you. >> john: i think the part of this that sticks in many people's craws, the mayor of palm beach county offered to do an interview with "60 minutes." they had a conversation over the telephone and he told them it was me who wanted the public expansion and now cbs is retreating to the position we were looking at racial disparities in an area of western palm beach county called the glades because cvs and walgreens weren't up to speed in that area until the end of february. the governor had with local officials a city part of the glades set up an independent vaccination center on february 3. >> a lot of these things were explained to cbs. desantis and people would worked with him explained it
8:58 am
and they omitted those things because it interfered with their narrative. it becomes a completely different story with those things omitted. not just little differences. if you know all the facts, the entire narrative breaks down. there is such a thing as lying by omission and that's exactly what this is. >> john: topic two. florida republicans have passed a measure that aims to protect college students from cancel culture. the bill now going to be heading to governor desantis's desk let stated indicators impose codes of conduct if a campus is found to lack diversity in viewpoints and requires faculty to complete annual surveys on their political beliefs and would let students secretly record their professors. what do you think of all this? >> it is a reaction to what we've been seeing on college campuses with speech codes. i think that we really need to lean a little more on the first amendment. a lot of us saying you have to allow offensive speech on
8:59 am
campus. the first amendment already does allow that. this is going to be something that they are looking for a political win here too. i'm not saying there isn't a problem on college campuses because there is. pointing back to the first amendment which is at least supposed to be a lot stronger in this country than any state bill would be, i think that's what colleges around the country and students around the country should be leaning on. >> john: i don't think there is a necessity for legislation. >> we have the first amendment. people should be fighting for it. there is a necessity for something to be done. the way things are happening now isn't working. there is suppression of speech on campus. i would like to see the first amendment be put into play. people have sued and things like that. students especially at public universities do have a right to free speech and not up for debate. we were george is talking about this. it is very important. especially if you want to have honest discussions in college,
9:00 am
which is what it supposed to be about, learning. you shouldn't be afraid to be expelled arid >> good to see you. thank you for watching "the faulkner focus." i will see you at 1:00 eastern on "america reports. "outnumbered" starts right now. >> welcome to "outnumbered." president biden taking steps that could allow democrats to pack the supreme court. we are learning that the president will issue an executive order today forming a bipartisan ten of my commission to study supreme court reform. the white house says the group will analyze arguments, including the membership and size of the court. white house course wanted to peter doocy live on that they would need to do for a major shake-up to the supreme court. >> an idea here with packing the court would be that if the size the supreme court expands beyons right now a


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