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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer Dana Perino  FOX News  April 9, 2021 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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very much for joining us. ainsley: what a great message. isn't that a great message though? brian: yeah, absolutely. i can not believe how quick he put that baby down and just queued this bandit was amazing. ainsley: have a great weekend, everyone see you monday.
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>> bill: total number of children in u.s. custody now more than 20,000 and climbing. good morning, everybody. it's friday. i'm bill hemmer live from new york. >> dana: i'm dana perino. this is "america's newsroom." that number was 19,000 at the beginning of this week. now we're at nearly 21,000 by monday you could maybe see that go up by 1,000 a day is what they are estimating. >> bill: no signs of it ending. >> dana: not if they don't make a policy change. >> bill: the price tag is staggering. >> dana: $60 million a week just for the children. that record high in migrant children is coming after a month of heartbreaking images. the toddlers dropped over the border wall left to fend for themselves. abandoned little boy crying in the desert. a border patrol officer comforting a frightened child. the "washington post" reports the administration is spending $60 million a week to take care of these things and texas
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governor abbott laying the blame on the president. >> it wasn't happening until biden took office. what will solve this quickly if biden were to reinstate the remain in mexico policy that president trump put in place overnight that would begin to solve this overcrowding problem that we're putting up with right now. >> bill: we begin, alex hogan in mission, texas, good morning, alex. >> good morning, bill. we had the opportunity late last night to join border patrol to see this immigration challenge through their eyes. what we saw in the middle of the night, families and travelers banding together for safety in numbers. some of them requiring immediate medical attention and others lost in the woods for hours to safely get to border patrol. council vice president chris cabrera says in 20 years of doing this he has never seen anything like it.
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>> the worst thing we can ever do is become numb to something like that because that's not normal. it is becoming all too common to us now that we see kids that are in situations like that. >> the tour was organized through a trip led by house republican whip steve scalise. the delegation will continue their visit to the border today meeting with other agencies. scalise calling on the president to come to the border and hear stories for himself as well as take immediate action. >> you know, the single biggest thing the president could do today is reverse the order that he did repeal in the remain in mexico policy. what president trump did working with mexico. getting mexico to be a partner controlling our southern border was working. >> among some of the migrants that we met a 17-year-old boy who was hoping to eventually meet his mother in north
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carolina. i spoke with him and he asked me which way is going to lead me to the united states, not even aware he had finally arrived. >> bill: back in a moment. >> dana: the president of the national border council brandon judd. yesterday secretory mayorkas visited the border. any sign of a change that could stem the surge. >> no sign. he has been down to the border a couple of times. i will remind you that president biden nor vice president kamala harris have come down to the border. i can tell you that when you see this issue firsthand, you are more willing to make changes. vice president pence came to the border, went into the processing facilities, saw how it was going and there were immediate changes that happened right after that visit. so we do need to have the people that are making these decisions come down to the border, see exactly what is going on so that hopefully they
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will go back and say we messed up, we need to go back to what we were doing that solved this issue and dropped us to 45 year lows in illegal immigration and we can get a handle on this and go after the cartels and drug smugglers and the things that are dangerous to the american public. >> dana: i saw someone last night say that the fact that there have been so many arrests and so many children who have been found and now in american custody their argument was this shows that the border patrol is doing what they need to do and have all that they need. the border security is working. that was their point of view. i was kind of shocked by that comment. how would you react to something like that? >> that's upsetting. we were never trained to do a humanitarian mission. although we do it well. when we have to we'll step up to the plate and do our jobs. however, we were trained to go after criminal aliens and cartels. that's exactly what we want to do. we want to do a law enforcement
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mission and protect the american public. when we get flooded with unaccompanied children and when we get flooded with family units it pulls resources out of the field creates artificial gaps which allows the cartels to generate billions of dollars of profit and they are generating that profit off of our policies. that should upset every single american. >> bill: we're coming up on mid-april. if the administration did what you're requesting starting today, let's say, how long it take to stop the surge? >> it is almost immediate. like a light switch. once people understand that they are not going to get released into the united states after they cross our borders illegally they stop coming. if they know that all they have to do is make an illegal entry and they will get released to des moines, iowa, chicago, illinois, miami, florida. if they know they'll be released they'll continue to come. it's the magnet reintroduced
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when president biden rescinded the migrant protection protocols. we need to go back to what is working. if we do that it's like a light switch. >> dana: really interesting. i hope you'll come back and visit us soon because the number of unaccompanied children in federal custody has gone from 19,000 at the beginning of the week to 21,000 today. give you a last word about the conditions that you are finding these children. >> deplore able conditions and makes me sick under the trump administration there were politicians yelling and screaming about kids in cages yet we're putting these kids in the same exact facilities and they don't say anything. that lets you know it is politics and it doesn't matter how these kids -- what the condition these kids are under it's politics and that's disgusting. >> bill: what does it say about the priorities of this administration to you? >> it says there are no priorities as far as border security goes. i was asked last night who is controlling the border.
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president biden, kamala harris, who is it? my answer is the cartels. the cartels control the borders, not the border patrol or u.s. government. >> bill: thank you, sir. brandon judd we'll speak again. thank you for coming on today. in the meantime we have this event at the white house yesterday president biden saying none of the gun control actions he announced yesterday will impinge on the second amendment but he also said this as well. >> president biden: they're phony arguments suggesting that these are second amendment rights at stake what we're talking about. but no amendment, no amendment to the constitution is absolute. >> bill: a lot of reaction on that. >> dana: yes. i had a thought. may i share? so yesterday morning there was an op-ed by senator joe manchin in which he said emphatically i am not going to vote to get rid of the filibuster. i think the white house knew that was maybe coming. so now instead of suggesting that we might be able to get
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big legislative things done. now that they realize that, that's when president biden came out and said basically here is a weak executive action but he had to say something like that about the second amendment to appease the progressive left. >> bill: i see that logic. i can see how that happened. the proposals on the table include the following. ghost guns which are kits that people can buy legally and create a functioning firearm. also he is asking d.o.j. to give an idea about 60 days for a proposal on the braces for handguns as well. and then he is talking about red flag legislation which jonathan turley wrote a very interesting piece at red flag laws allow a family member to report another family member if you believe the family member is in danger of doing harm to someone else or themselves if they were to acquire a handgun.
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three years ago hunter biden had an issue and he still has a handgun. >> dana: reaction is pouring in after britain's prince philip passed away at the age of 99 earlier this morning. benjamin hall is live in london. he was a couple months short of that 100th birthday. >> he was 99 years old and the u.k. is today in shock. he was in hospital a month ago. people still cannot believe this news which we heard about two hours ago. prince philip was a man who transcended politics. a constant in the ever-changing world and understood duty and admired and love for it over here. the news broke around 10 past 12 saying it is with deep sorrow her majesty the queen announces the death of her beloved husband prince philip duke of edinburgh. he passed away this morning.
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the outpouring of grief and tributes has already begun. flowers arriving at windsor castle and buckingham palace. a man who was honest, forthright and known for his sense of humor. boris johnson leading the way. >> it is to her majesty and her family that our nation's thoughts must turn today. because they have lost not just a much-loved and highly-respected public figure, but a devoted husband and a proud and loving father, grandfather, and in recent years great grandfather. >> prince philip of greece was married to queen elizabeth for 73 years. she said he was her rock and behind her and a military man. one of the last remaining world war ii general. marshall of the air force to name a few. two months away from his 100th
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birthday. he spent a month in hospital a few weeks ago for a heart condition and infection. it is tragic news. detailed plans but covid changed all of those. nine days his funeral will take place in windsor, a gun salute tomorrow. how it will work out with crowds coming to pay tribute as they will want to do, we don't know at this point. >> dana: thank you. >> bill: that last point is interesting. you stack them deep on the roads but it won't happen with covid. prince philip amazing life. any time you have to make it for 99 and have to think he was pushing for 100. he came up short of that but we knew he was sick for some time. he had a car accident four years ago which means that he was still driving at age 95. impressive. >> dana: i remember the queen was best not, please.
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>> bill: or as he said i did my bit. >> dana: we'll keep talking about. that >> bill: president biden announcing gun control measures. mentioned this a moment ago. including what critics say could have applied to his own son, jonathan turley is on stand by for that coming up in a moment to explain his case. >> dana: pressuring america's past time. what we learn about stacey abrams and the boycott causing her state millions of dollars. >> bill: fears of a fourth wave? is it possible as more americans get their shots? former trump administration testing czar is here to separate fact from fiction. oh... what? i'm an emu! no, buddy! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty. ♪ are you managing your diabetes... ...using fingersticks? with the new freestyle libre 2 system,
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>> bill: president biden set to unveil his budget blueprint today giving insight into his priorities after democrats pass
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had a nearly $2 trillion stimulus bill. the president is pushing another $2 trillion bill with a price tag that is extraordinary. want to bring in utah senator mike lee. good morning to you. they call this a skinny budget. we get a few details. maybe you can tell us. how high is the spending going to go? >> the national debt now stands at $30 trillion. we added $2 trillion a few weeks ago. they are talking about adding another $3 trillion in infrastructure. the $2 trillion was about covid but mostly not covid. the $3 trillion bill is mostly about infrastra*k strak tour but not spending money on infrastructure. no questions have been answered what needs to be a state responsibility or a federal responsibility or how we pay for it. at this point one has to ask the question why budget at all if you are going to recognize
6:20 am
no upper bound limit on what you spend or why it needs to be federal? >> dana: that's a great point. when an administration gets there they have an idea. this administration might be different. they wanted to do covid relief right away as an emergency measure. kim strassel has a headline. the best tonic for restoring the republican party is overreaching democrats. republicans have a record fundraising quarter. no thanks to corporate pacs. there has been a change here, senator. >> yeah, there has been a change and i think a lot of americans, especially hard working poor middle class americans will behave voting with their feet and suspect eye of what is happening in washington, d.c. and democratic party. the spending levels are out of control. these are all going to lead to economic catastrophe. >> bill: want to double back on
6:21 am
a topic we were discussing in new york a few moments ago. the president yesterday talked about new gun action he would like to see happen here. he mentioned this comment about no amendment in the constitution is absolute. you talk about the constitution a lot. let me quote him. you can't yell fire in a crowded movie theater, we call freedom of speech. his words. from the beginning you could not own any weapon you wanted to own. just want to get your comment on that. >> okay, look. first of all i would direct him to a supreme court decision called heller versus district of columbia. what the supreme court said in that case on its face is arguably consistent with what president biden said. second amendment protects an individual right and extends to what people who are law abiding would commonly utilize and own for lawful purposes. so yeah, they've acknowledged it is not absolute. i have a feeling, though, he doesn't necessarily have the
6:22 am
same thing in mind as the supreme court said. the fact that an amendment is not absolute, that there are no exceptions ever to any protection doesn't get him to where he wants to go here which is i suspect a national gun registry system and massive process of federaly banning firearms held by law abiding persons for lawful purposes. that is not consistent with the constitution or what the american people will accept. >> bill: what his words yesterday those are phony arguments suggesting second amendment rights are at stake for what he is talking about. sir, we'll continue this conversation again very soon. thank you, senator, mike lee in utah today. thank you. >> dana: thank you. cdc is warning about a possible fourth wave of coronavirus as cases rise in parts of the country. this as vaccinations also continue to increase. 1 in 4 adults in the united states are fully vaccinated and more than 112 million people have received at least one shot.
6:23 am
joining us now former coronavirus task force testing czar admiral girard. i will ask you a year -- think back to a year ago when you were right in the middle of the beginning of the pandemic. did you ever think we would be at this stage where we had this many vaccinations and shots in arms? >> well, thanks for having me on. of course we knew that vaccines were the only way out of the pandemic barring everyone getting the disease. we started working on that immediately. but i could honestly say that nobody would have expected to have three authorized vaccines that were 100% protective at the doses. so we really do have the end in sight. it is a miraculous type of accomplishment and we couldn't have imagined this type of success. >> dana: these are the headlines. i want to get your reaction. how worried should we be? "l. a. times," "washington post", new and wink saying there is a double mutant
6:24 am
coronavirus variant that is sweeping the nation. what shall we know about this? >> mutations occur all the time. this particular variant has a couple of mutations that we need to watch but the bottom line is that all these variants, whether it's south african, brazil, u.k. or this likely double variant will all be protected against by the vaccines. the vaccines work. you have to have both of them. if you have pfizer or moderna. we need to be concerned about these mutants and follow them but double mutant sounds really awful and scary. the american people should not be scared. they should get their vaccines and the end of this will become soon after the vaccines are more widespread. >> dana: 80% of teachers have gotten the first shot of vaccines. you've been on here before talking about what can happen or what people can do once they get a vaccine. in your opinion can kids and teachers get back into the
6:25 am
classroom? >> teachers and children should be back in the classroom already. even cdc said it is not necessary for teachers to get the vaccine. in texas where i am children have been back in school since last august. my younger daughter is in education and it is going very well. this is creating -- it is causing harm. this is causing a lot of harm to children. vaccines is an added bonus for the teachers. i am so happy they're getting it. teachers should be back in school with their students today and should have been six months ago. >> dana: i want you to listen to sound from the cdc director. take a listen to this real quick. >> i'll reflect on the recurring feeling i have of impending doom. right now i'm scared. our data today suggests that vaccinated people do not carry
6:26 am
the virus, don't get sick, and that it's not just in the clinical trials but also in real world data. i would advocate against general travel overall. our guidance is bound on recommending or not recommending fully vaccinated people travel. >> dana: the last question to you sir. how are americans supposed the take the information what they are seeing in their own communities, getting the vaccine but hearing messages like that from the cdc? feels like it is confusing. >> bill: >> there are a lot of mixed messages here. the facts where they are. if you are fully vaccinated you are 95% protected against getting any infection. it is very unlikely you'll transmit it. there is a small chance. i feel very comfortable traveling. i'm ready to go on cruises again with a fully vaccinated crew and passengers. so we're not out of this yet. i don't think we'll have a fourth wave because of the vaccines and pre-existing immunity from people getting
6:27 am
infebted. i still wear a mask in public. there is a small chance that even vaccinated you could have a virus and pass it to someone vulnerable but we're on our way out of this. i do believe herd immunity is around the corner and deaths continue to decrease because we've done well with our elderly and vulnerable. don't be scared, be vigilant. get your vaccine and we'll be out of this. >> dana: always a pleasure to see you. >> bill: 27 past the hour. police say a former nfl player killed five people before killing himself. we don't have a motive. experts wonder if it has anything to do with his football career. we'll talk about that coming up. our next guest says one of president biden's new gun proposals could have addressed the danger his own son hunter posed three years ago. tucker carlson suggesting the president's new head of the a.t.f. might have arrested hunter biden. >> joe biden just appointed a guy who thinks people who lie
6:28 am
on federal firearms background checks should go to prison. do you know any? hunter biden purchased a handgun illegally and lied on a federal background check. that's not speculation, he did.
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refiplus from newday usa. >> dana: a long-time associate of matt gaetz is expected to reach a plea deal with prosecutors in a sex trafficking investigation amid new reports of claims that gaetz sent that associate cash transfers to play three different women. lucas tomlinson in washington with more. >> the attorney for joel greenberg the former tax collector for seminole county said i'm sure matt gaetz isn't feeling very comfortable today. >> do you think he has a good bargaining chip now that other people are involved in the investigation including matt gaetz? >> i think mr. greenberg
6:34 am
accepts a plea agreement that will show his sense of remorse, which he does have and acceptance of responsibility. >> exactly how far the negotiations have gone. he was charged last summer with sex trafficking of a minor and stealing from the county tax office. in the course of that investigation matt gaetz ties sparked a new investigation. yesterday a statement was issued by gaetz signed by the women of the office of u.s. congressman matt gaetz. no names attached. it was reported he sent greenberg money to pay three different women. congressman adam kinzinger who broke with the g.o.p. became the first republican to call for gaetz's resignation and he couldn't think he was speaking this weekend. >> our politics are broken.
6:35 am
with such an accusation i can't believe it's real but again i'm not surprised. gaetz hasn't been charged with any crimes to date and denied he slept with a 17-year-old girl or paid for sex. >> dana: we appreciate it. thank you. >> president biden: these laws allow a police or family member to petition a court in their jurisdiction and say i want you to temporarily remove from the following people any firearm they may possess because they are a danger and a crisis. they are presenting a danger to themselves and to others. >> bill: well, president biden talking about red flag laws while unveiling new gun control measures yesterday at the white house. our next guest says president biden is pushing a law to address precisely the danger presented by hunter biden three years ago in 2018. jonathan turley wrote the piece. good morning to you. it is an interesting piece,
6:36 am
read it earlier and make your case. how would it apply? >> well thank you, bill. it was striking that the red flag provision could very well be called the hunter biden act. this was a provision written for precisely what seems to have occurred in 2018. at that time hunter biden was involved in an intimate relationship with the widow of his late brother, beau and she apparently was so concerned about his stability that she attempted to throw out his gun into a bin that was not far from a school yard. that led to an effort to reclaim or find the gun and the intervention of local law enforcement. there is also an allegation that the secret service intervened to try to essentially remove his permitting information from a gun store. most of that has not been pursued by the media, which has
6:37 am
shown a remarkable lack of interest even though this new push by his father addresses specifically the controversy or the type of controversy involved with his son. >> bill: to get the gun back he had to answer some questions and some believe that the questions he answered were not truthful. you mentioned the media. hunter biden is making a book tour on jimmie kimmel last night. let me play a little bit of the back and forth from that interview on abc. >> when they ask you if that was your laptop you say you don't know. which is hard to believe unless you read the book. >> and then it is kind of like i'm surprised you have shoes on, you know? >> yeah. i am absolutely -- i think within my rights to question anything that comes from the desk of rudy giuliani and so i don't know is the answer.
6:38 am
>> do you ever wish you had apple care? >> that would have been good. >> the follow up, it is a late night show. another good follow up why are there hundreds if not thousands of pictures on that laptop of you? >> this is part of a media reklimation project called hunter biden. there are no follow-up questions. he has been aware of this laptop and the files for over a year. the f.b.i. has been going over this laptop with his lawyers and he is suggesting he has no idea whether the laptop is authentic, the underlying emails are authentic. the people on the other side of the emails have authenticated them yet the media is allowing him to have lapses of memory. he can remember things from being 8 years old but when it comes to fathering a child or a laptop, those are just sort of blacked out in his memory. what kimmel did is what we're
6:39 am
seeing in other interviews. they ask and then show the flag and then leave the field. there are important questions here and you raise the gun violation. he was asked do you have a drug or alcohol problem? he said no. that's a false statement. in his book he says he was a crack addict going up to his father's 2020 presidential campaign. by the way, that period also overlaps with his time as burisma, which was also raised by kimmel. and in the interview actually hunter says look, i served on a lot of boards and i was pretty qualified for this type of thing. yet in his book he talks about this period as being part of his addiction and how he has lapses of memory of critical facts even to this day. >> bill: jonathan, thanks for coming on. nice to see you again jonathan turley. check out his piece at clearly dana, he has a strategy on this media tour.
6:40 am
>> dana: strategy is sell books and get through it. >> bill: correct on that. the questions are only going to go so far. i don't know if you saw it yesterday but there was a beautiful scene at augusta, georgia. not just any spectator getting hit by one of rory mcilroy's shots at the masters. check it out from round one. >> bill: he hit his dad. you know how big augusta is, right? he hit his father. not that many people down there, right? it hit his dad and it's quite a story as you can see. is that a good omen? probably not. he had a chance to win this thing several years ago. he teed off on the back nine
6:41 am
and knocked his shot into a cabin. >> dana: what should i be looking for? >> bill: azaleas. look for the back nine on sunday. >> dana: justin rose in 1998 played in the british open. i was living in st. anns, didn't know nothing about golf. peter reminded me it was justin rose. the cbc identifying the newest threat to public health but sure to set off a strong reaction. as president biden pitches his $2 trillion spending plan. how many americans stand to lose their jobs if it stands? >> there is bipartisan support for infrastructure but not to increase taxes.
6:42 am
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>> dana: the union effort to organize workers at an amazon warehouse in alabama look like it will fail. the union would be the first among amazon employees representing nearly 6,000 workers. union officials already say they plan to challenge the vote.
6:47 am
bill, i thought based on media coverage i thought they were going to go. i thought it was going to happen. >> bill: early returns suggest otherwise. wonder what's that all about? >> dana: like brexit all over again. >> bill: bezos what is he thinking now? he is thinking i'm going to $200 billion soon. >> dana: he also is thinking i better show some love to the biden administration so they back off. >> bill: he is doing that as we will show you now. one million jobs could be lost within the next two years if president biden's proposed corporate tax happens. that number according to the study by the national institution of manufacturers and had larry kudlow on fox business sounding off on it. here is larry. >> biden tax hikes if implemented will do great damage to the economy at home and competitiveness overseas. you can't start chopping away on the base and then raising
6:48 am
tax rates. biden, jobs and companies will suffer. >> bill: austan goolsbee and -- welcome to our friday money team. the biden plan for economic sclerosis. american workers would suffer. the headline is we would lose a million jobs if we do this, steve, do we? >> right now, bill, i'm sitting in florida and you are sitting in new york. and new york has the highest tax rate in the country and florida has a zero income tax. no surprise the jobs are coming to florida. i would submit to you and austan that if we raise our national income and corporate taxes we will see the same effect. we'll see jobs leave the united states as you know, bill, i work for donald trump. we put the tax plan together to bring jobs back to america.
6:49 am
it worked. i don't see the logic of raising taxes on american businesses. i think that study is exactly right. it will lose jobs for americans. >> bill: austan, do you see it creating jobs as opposed to losing a million? >> yes, the moody's report says the entire biden package will add 19 million jobs. to choose one part and say it will lose one million is absurd. >> bill: the projection is -- they are saying -- >> we have 55 of the largest companies in america paying zero tax. we have island nations that are reporting hundreds of billions of profits through these tax haven nations and it doesn't damage the country if corporations start paying the rates that they should be paying. this is exactly like when donald trump, a billionaire, is
6:50 am
reporting he pays $700 of taxes and we say we should have a system where he pays at least what somebody at mcdonalds would pay and they said no it would damage the country to make him have to pay his fair share. >> bill: i thought the projection of the 19 million, at least 16 million would create naturally as the economy starts going again. i thought the projection based on the plan was maybe 2 1/2 million jobs created if you spend the $2 trillion. go ahead, steve. >> that's right, bill. if you look at that number the net increase in jobs. i think it would reduce jobs but let's take austan's numbers. that means it will cost us $800,000 per job created. that's not a very good deal for america. i agree partially with what austan is saying. i think every business that makes money should pay tax, bill. and i think we should have some kind of a tax system where every company pays its fair share. my problem is, austan, i think raising the tax rate on all
6:51 am
american companies is going to mean companies will move to countries -- companies will move to countries like ireland that only have a 12 1/2% rate and we'll lose businesses like we were doing before the trump tax cuts. >> bill: which seems to be the debate going. >> we were not losing jobs before the trump tax cuts. the job creation rate fell by hundreds of thousands of people in the two years after the trump tax cuts compared to the two years before the trump tax cuts. >> that's because of the virus. >> this is before the virus, 2018 and 2019. job creation in 2018 and 2019 was well below the jobs created in 2016 and 2017 before there was a tax cut. the wage growth rate was higher before the tax cuts than the two years after the tax cuts. >> bill: here is what i don't
6:52 am
get. it should be simple math. the two of you can't agree on any of that. guys, it could always be worse. you could be in new york where new york is 23 billion from washington in a blue state bail-out and they raise taxes anyway. you can't escape it. in a city that is broken. go ahead, steve. you said what? >> your problems with new york city. come to chicago. we would love to have you. >> you will be the last person working in new york. all the jobs are coming to florida. they are coming to places where there is low income tax. that is what we need to do for our country. >> dana: britain's prince philip has died at the age of 99. more on list long life coming up. vice president harris is leading the border effort for more than two weeks and still has yet to make a visit.
6:53 am
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that's money for security today or retirement tomorrow. that's me. refiplus. >> dana: the nationwide debate on defunding police and reforming law enforcement is putting police departments in a tough spot as they try to recruit new officers. mark meredith is live at the national law enforcement memorial in washington, d.c. now we see this is happening after people warned us. >> nationwide there has been an ongoing debate how much power police officers should have. in maryland state lawmakers are moving power away from officers giving the public more oversight. state lawmakers approved a series of different measures that would repeal the state's police officer protection. something that goes back several decades. in its place state lawmakers plan to create a use of force standard statewide.
6:59 am
expand public access to police disciplinary fires and create punishment for excessive force and mandate body cameras be used. >> the efforts we're making are sweeping changes. i think they'll bring about accountability and transparency. >> the bills now head to the state's republican governor larry hogan. unclear if he will approve all the measures. we'll hear from the governor later on today. police advocates say departments are struggling to find new officers argue negative media attention and criticism and renewed efforts to punish officers are forcing many to look past the profession. >> this rhetoric is causing a serious problem in us finding the best and brightest. attracting them to this profession and at the same time we're seeing people leaving this profession at an alarming rate. >> police advocates want to see congress create a national standard to protect police officers.
7:00 am
it is unclear if that will move forward any time soon. the morale issue is a big topic across the country. >> dana: absolutely. mark meredith, thank you. >> i was asked last night who is controlling the border? is it president biden, kamala harris? who is it? and my answer was it's the cartels. the cartels control the borders now. it is not even the border patrol or u.s. government. >> dana: the border patr migrants trying to enter the countries. the numbers are stunning. 172,000 migrants in march. the most in nearly two decades. the latest sign the border crisis has become a humanitarian disaster under president biden. welcome to a brand-new hour of "america's newsroom," i'm dana perino. >> bill: i'm bill hemmer. brandon judd is very interesting. we asked him how to stop the surge. he said say you are not taking kids anymore. it would be like flipping a light switch and all stop. that's his perspective anyway.
7:01 am
the white house under fire with the growing chaos on the border. now the administration is blaming the prior administration for the crisis. >> dana: joining us now is a sheriff from texas. sheriff joe, i want you to listen to a rancher who was on with us yesterday from texas. he was talking about how distressing it is for ranchers encountering and finding people who died and expired on their journey trying to get to america. listen here. >> a neighbor of mine has been finding close to 10 a year for the last 10 years. there is a real kind of -- a little bit more of a dangerous situation. you have single men, males, coming up and, you know, it is just -- there is a sense of fear that exists down here all the time. it's a terrible situation. >> dana: sheriff joe, what has your experience been like? >> our experience here in our county, we've had the individuals that ranchers and
7:02 am
hunters have found on their ranchs that have been expired for a length of time. so we find about four or five individuals per year in that manner. here lately we've been dealing with people trying to cross the river. we've had six people that have drowned. actually we had an additional one yesterday. we're working with six drownings on the u.s. side and three on the mexican side. >> dana: brandon judd was also talking about what happens when the border protection officers get pulled away from dealing with border protection because they're dealing with a humanitarian crisis. listen here. >> when we get flooded with unaccompanied children and family units, it pulls our resources out of the field and it creates artificial gaps which allows the cartels to
7:03 am
generate billions of dollars of profit and they are generating that profit off of our policies. >> dana: what has your experience been dealing with the cartels? is there something different or new you've seen from previous years? >> well, what's new here with us is when border patrol gets called away because they are the ending to immigrants at their office our deputies are responding to a location and last month we handled 458, this month so far 107. but border patrol intelligence tell us that the cartels are making $11 million a week coming through this border patrol sector. >> dana: through your sector alone? >> yes, through our sector alone. >> dana: what would you like to ask the federal government to do and the biden administration to try to help you deal with this? >> well, you know, there is a need for more manpower. more resources to be put into
7:04 am
these areas, these rural areas because there is not enough manpower to do what is being asked of them to do to be effective. >> dana: we'll see if they are willing to do that. they were warned about the crisis, they changed the policy anyway and here we are. sheriff joe. thank you so much and best of luck to you. we'll stay in touch. >> thank you for having me. >> bill: it has been more than two weeks since the vice president kamala harris was tapped to lead efforts to deal with the crisis at the border and still hasn't gone there. but the v.p. has been to other parts of the country including her home state of california. here is the arizona a.g. after sending the vice president an invitation to come down to his state. >> i guess if you are a philosopher you would say no response is a very loud response. we haven't received any response. >> bill: chris wallace, good morning on a friday. 16 days. you have to make a comment about this.
7:05 am
what do you think this indicates about what this administration's priorities are, chris? >> well, i don't know about priorities. it doesn't seem they have much of an answer to the crisis at the border. maybe that's the reason that they are not pushing it. and you know it's so interesting. when the president first said he was put kamala harris, his vice president, in charge of the border the sense was he was putting her in charge of the border, the whole issue. then a day or so later the clarification came she is not in charge of the border, she is in charge of diplomacy with mexico and with the northern triangle countries to try to stem the flow to the border. she has had a couple of phone calls with top officials in those countries but she hasn't gone to the border and she hasn't gone to the northern triangle and she hasn't gone to mexico, which kind of makes you wonder whether she knows this is a mess and doesn't want her fingerprints on it. >> dana: i wonder if it's that
7:06 am
or i wonder also if they think if they are going would just solidify in everybody's mind it is the crisis that people have been clamoring about, not just a challenge? >> at a certain point i suppose maybe a month or so ago you could play this game well, it is not a crisis, it is a challenge. but when you see these videos that you have just shown of the kids being dropped from the wall or that little boy deserted in the desert or more importantly the tremendous and terrible overcrowding of cbp facilities, 20,000 people in federal custody, 172,000 border stops in the month of march we're way past the point where you can even pretend this isn't a crisis. it is. it's an immigration national sovereignty crisis. the question is what are you going to do about it?
7:07 am
>> bill: here is joe biden in the rose garden at the white house on gun proposals he is now putting forward. give it a listen. >> president biden: nothing -- nothing i'm about to recommend in any way impinges on the second amendment. they are phony arguments. the idea is just bizarre to suggest that some of the things we're recommending are contrary to the constitution. gun violence in this country is an epidemic. let me say it again. gun violence in this country is an epidemic and it is an international embarrassment. >> bill: do you think his proposals go anywhere? maybe that's the right question now. >> well, in terms of his executive orders, yeah, those go into effect, regulation of ghost guns, calling on -- they're not even actually submitting legislation on red flag. we take away a gun from somebody adjudicated to be a danger to themselves or others. they're simply saying to the justice department write the
7:08 am
legislation. so the executive orders go as far as they do but they certainly aren't going to solve this problem. it is the second amendment to the constitution, the right to bear arms. i think quite rightly you should have to if you are going to in any way limit it do it through legislation not executive fiat. the president doesn't have the votes. i don't know if he has 50 democratic votes but certainly doesn't have 10 republican votes to break a filibuster with the 60-vote margin. we've seen this movie before, bill. terrible incidences of blood shed just this week in south carolina and texas. everybody talking about what can we do about it? huffing and puffing on all sides of the issue and i think there is good faith on both the side of more gun control and the side of trying to protect our second amendment but we never seem to be able to solve the problem. i don't have any indication the movie will end any differently this time.
7:09 am
>> bill: quickly on sunday. go ahead. >> dana: what do you have coming up this weekend? >> we have the perfect guest to talk about both guns and the border. interview with the governor of texas, greg abbott. he is on the front lines on both of these issues. we'll also talk to him about covid because texas has taken an interesting approach. lifted a lot of mandates on masks and limiting people coming in. they had a full house for the texas rangers opening day and doing pretty well. maybe they know something we don't. we'll talk to the governor. infrastructure we talk to the secretary of transportation pete buttigieg. what is infrastructure, how do you pay for it and the number two republican in the senate john thune who has different views. our lead guest the governor of texas fox news you sunday. >> bill: thank you, chris. >> dana: public safety at risk in portland where there is unprecedented gun violence after cuts to the police force.
7:10 am
the city is trying to fight crime in an unusual way by hiring park rangers instead of police officers. dan springer is live with the details. how will this work? >> the city of portland is taking a different approach to a month's long violent crime wave. instead of supporting law enforcement they give millions of dollars to community groups and hiring park rangers, unarmed. shootings and homicides have been at historic highs since last june. at the same time the city defunded the police department and took 84 officers office the streets. since july an unprecedented 115 officers have quit the department dropping the police force by about 20% the last year and a hiring freeze in place. so far this year there has been 25 murders, 288 shooting incidents and 92 gunfire injuries. mayor ted wheeler wanted $2 million for the police but the council rejected it. >> the police will never transform themselves.
7:11 am
it is our job, the community, to transform the police and then hire police that fit our vision of where we're moving. >> so instead of police to deal with the record gun violence they'll give more money to nonprofits contracted with the city and hire 24 more park rangers armed with pepper spray and a radio. just last weekend two rangers were chased out of this downtown park by a guy who was threatening to kill them. he carried a paint balogun and machete. >> park rangers won't have that big of an impact. not what they signed on for. they don't even have ballistic vests for protection. >> the council did approve the reinstitution of a gun violence team for the police department but they said it has to be smaller and it has to have civilian oversight. we spoke with a couple of park rangers and said they're not equipped to curb gun violence in the parks or anywhere else
7:12 am
in the city. >> bill: thank you, dan. is woke culture coming to the cdc? what it says is threatening your well-being in america. >> dana: senator biden's memoir was a tellall about his struggles with addiction and some say it left out a lot. >> do you ever wish you had apple care? >> that would have been good. [laughter] here's huge news for veteran homeowners. introducing refiplus from newday usa. with interest rates near record lows refiplus lets you refinance to save money every month. plus you could get an average of $50,000 cash. that's money for security today
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>> dana: cdc director is calling racism a public health
7:18 am
threat saying it has a negative impact on physical and mental health. the cdc director said this, the pandemic illuminated inequities that have existed for generations and revealed for all of america a known but often unaddressed epidemic, racism. david lee miller is here with more on the story. >> the head of the cdc says as the country's leading healthcare agency it has a critical role to play when it comes to racism and public health. cdc director says the covid pandemic drew attention to a longstanding problem. she says stark racial and ethnic disparities are severe and far reaching and blames entrenched structural barriers, her words for preventing people of color to get proper healthcare. her statement said racism is a serious public health threat that affects millions of americans and the health of our entire nation.
7:19 am
according to the cdc black men have a 5.7% shorter life expectancy than whites. black women 3.4% less. the death rate is 100% higher for blacks and diabetes. death by cancer is 13% greater. the agency will implement solutions the address racism affecting health and use covid-19 funding to expand investments in minority communities and foster greater diversity within its own organization and also launching a new website called racism and health to encourage further discussion and accountability for progress. she says affecting racism is not going to be an easy task and that it is going to require overcoming centuries of what she calls discrimination. >> dana: thank you for the report. >> bill: another report revealing bombshell details. hunter biden left out of his memoir including how he had
7:20 am
secret service protection while on a drug binge. here to talk about it now is carley shimkus. what did you find out here? >> my reaction to this may be a little different than others. i think this is quite frankly heartbreaking. the daily mail published a slew of pictures of hunter biden during his drug-fueled escapades and published some really personal text messages between the president and hunter. in one of them the president says good morning, my beautiful son. i love you and i miss you. hunter then rips into his dad. so it really shows the devotion that the president has for his son. he also according to these text messages tried to get him help for his drug addiction and also financial help paying for his -- hunter's kids' medical expenses and things of that nature. you could say something about the president as a politician but a father on a personal
7:21 am
level a lot of parents who have troubled children can relate to this side of him. >> bill: he is on this tour, right, the book tour continues. play this clip from jimmy kimmel last night. >> i really don't know. the fact of the matter is it's a red herring. a red herring. but i am absolutely i think within my rights to question anything that comes from the desk of rudy giuliani. and so i don't know is the answer. >> bill: that's been the answer. he had his lines down for all these interviews. the question is whether or not the people doing the interview pressed him more. so far that hasn't been the case and he hasn't given up much at all. he can remember having a drink at the age of 8 but other memories are just gone. >> i want to talk about the jimmy kimmel interview for a little bit. the thing that struck me about that it was a very strange interview. it was a new low for late night tv.
7:22 am
the president's son joking about his crack addiction to laughter is not a good look. i recognize jimmy kimmel was trying to humanize him and paint him in a sympathetic light. the fact of the matter he is not. this is somebody who went to court and fought child support payments for a child that was through dna testing proveably his. i thought it was very, very strange to see him walk out on the late night stage and have the applause and the accolades and jimmy kimmel joking about drug addiction. i recognize he is on a book tour but given the fact that he is in the position that he is in as the president's son, maybe stick to the news interviews as opposed to the late night shows. >> bill: the follow-up to that clip was do you wish you had apple care? >> that's what i'm talking about. a 13 minute long interview joking about the laptop. that is significant because
7:23 am
this is the same laptop that was the highlight of the story in the "new york post" that was censored on twitter and hunter biden now is saying it may or may not be his laptop but it does show a link between the president and his family's business dealings. a link that the president had previously denied. he said he never had any involvement. if he did have involvement that would be a huge conflict of interest now that he is the commander-in-chief of the nation and his son and his brother were doing business deals with china, burisma as well also a big focus. >> bill: thank you, carley shimkus having a look back at that. the tour continues. we'll see what he says next. thank you. >> dana: reaction to the death of prince philip is pouring in from around the world this morning. watch. >> he shaped and inspired the lives of countless young people and tens of thousands of events he fostered their hopes and
7:24 am
encouraged their ambitions. >> dana: what his death means for the monarchy and team owners had no idea the league was moving the all-star game. how stacey abrams may have included this decision. ♪♪♪
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7:30 am
numbers of migrants trying to cross the border while cartels are using the crisis to distract from their operations. >> bill: the commissioner of major league baseball throwing a curveball. sources telling charlie gasparino that rob manfred blind-sided the owners by moving the all-star game out of atlanta and after speaking with stacey abrams. charlie is here with what he has learned. her people called his office. some of his senior advisors. the best way to look at it is this. i know stacey abrams the former governor candidate may be the most powerful person in georgia. this is according to my mlb sources. she wants it both ways. she didn't want the game to be moved out of atlanta. she wanted it to stay there. on the other hand according to
7:31 am
the people in manfred's office, she wanted to turn a all-star game into a celebration and political event that opposes the georgia voting rights law. that kind of is why from what i understand rob manfred moved the game out. he was being bombarded with calls from various activists, whether lebron james, stacey abrams and a lot of others to basically attack the georgia law, to embrace voting rights, people in the commissioner's office believed that one of the commissions was supporting hr1, they would push him for that. instead of having a game, an all-star game that was supposed to celebrate hank aaron who passed away a few months ago, to celebrate america coming back after the pandemic with fans in the stadium, it would have turned into a political circus they felt and why they moved out. it is kind of duplicitous that
7:32 am
stacey abrams is saying she wanted them to stay. yeah, she wanted them to stay to further her goals and take sides in the debate over the georgia voting law. they didn't want to do this. she did get some stuff out of them. if you look at manfred's comments in saying he was leaving atlanta for denver. he did talk about and take a shot at the voting rights law but he believed and mlb believed they would get sucked into this huge debate that baseball doesn't want to get involved in. we believe if they had the all-star game there it would have been weeks of boycotts and political statements and something not what they are used to and not what they are supposed to do. that's the back story here. >> bill: did you say faye vincent's piece. the former commissioner. he replaced back when -- fay
7:33 am
vincent hasn't said a word publicly in a decade and that piece in the "wall street journal" goes directly after the current major league baseball commissioner saying he screwed it up and made all the wrong decisions. >> i don't want to be a flak for rob manfred. i know and like him but i will tell you this, if you are him in his shoes, think about what happened here. you have the president of the united states come out and say the georgia voting law is racist. jim crow on steroids. he mentions, the president of the united states that maybe they should move the all-star game out. you are rob manfred fielding this calls from lebron james group and calls from stacey abrams not to maybe move it out but support our political movement. we would really like you to do
7:34 am
that. he worried legitimately, i believe, that the game itself if it stayed there would have turned into a political spectacle and it would have been -- >> bill: i get the point you are making. >> he said enough we'll move it out. i'm not supporting him but i could see why he did why he did. can you imagine if they had the all-star game there in this very toxic political environment? we wouldn't have heard much about hank aaron but hr1, the georgia voting law. >> bill: you would have had -- you are right about that, three months leading up to it. manfred was worried about a boycott based on players, that's my hunch. >> it was some of that. he spoke with players. but remember it was -- stacey abrams, if you really wanted the all-star game to stay there she could have put a coalition together and say let's keep the
7:35 am
game here and non-political and keep the game here. >> bill: charlie gasparino looking at that story for us today. thank you, sir. >> dana: sad news came from london this morning prince philip has died at the age of 99. the royal family posted this on twitter. it is with deep sorrow her majesty has announced the death of her beloved husband, prince philip, duke of edinburgh. he passed away peacefully this morning at windsor castle. let's bring in britain reporter ms. james. a long life. he joined -- became a con sort when churchill was prime minister. >> i think most people in this country have grown up with him there their whole life. by the side of the queen her whole reign 73 years by her side. for most of us he is a constant in our lives. he has died in the middle of this awful global pandemic and
7:36 am
buckingham palace said they don't want to public to try to take part in any of the events. they don't want people to gather outside buckingham palace and there won't be a funeral or lying in state. that's the kind of thing he would have wanted to be honest. the last thing he wanted was a fuss. lots of people in the country want the chance to pay their respects in some way. >> dana: i know people are going to ask prince harry in a little rift with his family but loves his grandfather and as the queen side he will always be a welcome and loved member of their family. what do you think about his coming to the funeral and will it be with his wife? >> well like you say, he has always had a great relationship with him, with prince philip, and it would clear in that interview that they did with oprah and the one that he did with james cordon beforehand they were not in any way
7:37 am
criticizing the queen or duke. that relationship is special to them. no doubt he will want to be here. logistically it will be difficult because coming to this country at the moment you have to quarantine for 10 days and self-isolate for 10 days. if the funeral is within 10 days it will pose some problem since harry will want to be here. whether or not meghan can make the trip especially because she is heavily pregnant we can only speculation. i'm sure she would want to be by his side. >> dana: the crown, the popular show both in britain and the united states. you might have more people aware of prince philip than ever before because of that show. >> absolutely. i think people have found out more about him that they knew. some things in there i'm sure the royal family would say are inaccurate but in many ways it paints a good portrait of him as a funny, humorous man dedicated to his career in the
7:38 am
navy that many of us don't know and above all somebody whose love for the queen was evident and the fact he was by her side and a great family man his whole life. i think that does come across in "the crown." >> bill: what a life. i think the last point is very well taken. you can ask martha, i have a royal family denier for a long time. i didn't really understand -- i did not take a great interest in it. but i watched that series on netflix and it really enhanced my interest and curiosity about what they've been through and what they're doing and what they represent. >> dana: he was two months and a day short of his 100th birthday. >> bill: well done, prince philip. the family of a missing california mother speaking out on the investigation to find maya millette.
7:39 am
a gruesome murder in south carolina. a former nfl player killing five and then himself. no motive yet. dr. marc siegel is next on that. >> well, i can say that he was a good kid. i think that football messed him up. riders, the lone wolves of the great highway. all they need is a bike and a full tank of gas. their only friend? the open road.
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7:44 am
>> bill: the family of a missing california mother says it is losing faith she will be found. her sister and brother-in-law say they haven't gotten answers from police on the case to date. william la jeunesse picks up the story in l.a. what is the family's concern about investigators? >> three months after maya millette vanished, the family expected to hear something from police, an update, suspect, any evidence of how, why, specifically when she disappeared. so far they say nothing.
7:45 am
>> they have camera surveillances from all the neighbors. they said they have over 100 hours to review. three months later you are still looking at those 100 hours reviewing the videos? something has to give. >> a second search is planned this weekend in the san diego area for the 39-year-old mother of three. chula vista police say they have interviewed 47, issued 12 search warrants including the home she shared with her husband. the family attorney says millette disappeared the same day she was to meet a divorce lawyer. >> one of the things that concerned me when i walked through the house immediately following her disappearance is there was a hole punched in a door where she had been hiding from larry for several days. the hole was freshly repaired when i got there. all the windows were open and fans on full blast. house was being aired out.
7:46 am
>> maya's husband denies being involved. >> dana: horrifying murder in south carolina. police say former nfl players killed five people and then himself. medical experts believe concussions from playing football could have played a role. let's bring in dr. marc siegel professor of medicine at nyu langone. that is speculation that concussion could have altered his personality or caused him distress over the years. what is your take on that? >> i think they are asking the right question. in 2017 study out of boston university found almost every former nfl player had an autopsy looking for this showed traumatic brain damage. there could be milder versions of that. back in the day you went back on the field. phillip adams had two concussions within three games. went back on the field and
7:47 am
played and he even had said that in one of them he didn't remember where he was initially. we have better ways of testing for concussion now. we look at visual changes, reading tests, eye movement tests we can do on the sidelines and then people stay out of the game. there is a lot of indications here that back then they were under reacting to condition klaoutions and concussions can occur in lower forms that you aren't even aware is a concussion. can be a simple hit where you are a little groggy or dazed and yet you don't even know you had a concussion. >> dana: listen to his father. he has thoughts on all this. >> i think that football messed him up. you know, i don't think he ever did anybody any harm. all i can tell you we pray for the family. he used to be my doctor a long time ago.
7:48 am
i know they were good folks. i don't know what happened. >> dana: that's a distressed father obviously. many other former athletes involved in situations that you would think well that doesn't seem like something that an upstanding citizen would be responsible for and concussions have been called one of the causes. do you think that these players need more resources in their post play? there is some sort of shame and stigma. you think about this big guy, how could he be so forgetful or doing these things that don't seem normal? maybe they need to -- >> cognitive behavioral therapy to help people deal with it. a lot of emotional problems. they need psychotherapy. a huge spokesperson is harry carson, the nfl linebacker for the new york giants hall of
7:49 am
famer. very outspoken about this and he is not the only one as you just said. we need a lot more attention paid to this. not just by the nfl but also ncaa and high school sports. this can occur from a single blow to the head or can occur over time. we have to look into this. they built new helmets for this but that doesn't really take care of the problem. this is an enormous ongoing issue. there is a lot of great things about football. the teamwork, the camaraderie but there is a down side that has to be taken extremely seriously. >> dana: dr. marc seeing will good for your perspective. we pray for the victims' families. they are in a lot of grief after all of this. thank you. >> bill: 10 minutes before the hour. a high speed police chase coming to a dramatic end. >> i just thought to get him off the street. if i didn't, if they had been behind him for that long and didn't stop him, i have the power. >> bill: we'll talk to the truck driver. you saw there took it upon
7:50 am
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new study out of canada music can be as addictive as alcohol. it triggers the reward center of our brains that produces dopamine. music can also help fight depression and that's why you get songs stuck in your head. >> bill: unless you are a joan jett fan, right? a murder suspect leads police on a high speed chase through l.a. county. the pursuit comes to a dramatic conclusion when a truck driver took matters into his own hands. >> you saw -- oh no, oh no, that's it. he crashed. he crashed right into that big rig. he tried to get away.
7:56 am
okay. the airbags came out as well. i think this truck is done. >> the deal was done. the man behind the wheel is ahmed. a job well done in california. >> thank you. >> bill: this guy went from san diego up to l.a., going on for some time. when did you realize something was going ong, you spotted the vehicle and had to take action? >> a few blocks before i was talking to one of my friends and i saw him passing and i was just telling my friend there is a guy being chased by cops. he said the guy is wanted for murder. he crossed in front of me in the intersection swiftly and then a few blocks later here he comes again just this time he was coming from behind me and i kept watching for my right rearview mirror and looking at the whole thing. he was going to circles and going crazy and driving
7:57 am
extremely radical. i waited until he came to the same street where the intersection is and i put my truck forward and just determine which way he would turn. he turned my way. i decided to block the whole intersection. semi trucks take a second to react they don't just go like cars. by the time my truck reacted towards the intersection i heard him gunning his car trying to get around me. so i gunned my truck, too. i hit him. >> dana: it's a remarkable story and seems to me you didn't hesitate at all. did you worry about your own safety? >> well, i was in the egyptian military. they train us not to fear, be calm under stress and when you take an action you execute. it just kicked in. >> bill: were you waiting for him or did you think hey man, i got lucky here because he is in
7:58 am
my sights? >> no, because if you replay the video you will see i picked up forward with the truck first and stopped and then i gunned it again because i was just waiting to see which way he was going to go. when i saw him coming my way i pushed my truck towards him. >> dana: what did the police say to you? >> they were very happy about it. extremely supportive. which also i wanted to point this out. a lot of people keep saying that hire truck drivers to do police job. that's not fair. these guys work their tails off and leave their homes every morning not knowing if they come home or not. if they wanted to end it violently earlier they could have. they're always worried about public safety and not to shoot at somebody in the presence of other people. >> dana: thank you so much. >> they do this for a living, you know. they are not -- they're not -- they're great people and i have a lot of respect for the cops
7:59 am
and what they do and how they do it. >> bill: so are you, ahmed from egypt originally. nice t-shirt. >> dana: thank you so much. take care. >> bill: great story. thank you very much. >> dana: amazing. i love it. >> bill: awesome stuff. we'll end on a good story, big weekend. >> dana: if it weren't covid time jasper would be here with us. he is 9 years old today. he did a little video for you, check this out. >> bill: jasper did? >> dana: watch. >> bill hemmer, thanks for all the birthday wishes. have a great weekend love jasper. >> dana: right on. he has been coming on fox every year for his birthday, >> bill: he had a tough year by the way but doing great. we have a surprise for you. can you roll this, guys? roll it, watch. >> happy birthday, jasper. from tyrus and spike. >> dana: wow.
8:00 am
>> bill: friends. >> dana: jennifer williams who raised spike during the daily briefing and we named tyrus in honor of tyrus. she does a lot of work raising canine companions for heroes. >> bill: i know how much jasper means to you so enjoy the weekend. all right, bye-bye. >> est level ever. this is "the faulkner focus". good morning, i'm jon roberts for harris. the biden white house blaming the trump administration for the crisis as the president has called the surge of migrants seasonable saying nothing has changed. but the month-to-month numbers tell a different story. they have steadily increased for a year and skyrocketed


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