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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  April 9, 2021 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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that is all-time we have thursday night. you can catch me every saturday and sunday on "fox and friends" weekend a little earlier. greg hatfield, you are not watching it, you're missing out. he takes it all from here. jillian: it is friday april 9th, shocking numbers at the southern border, agents encounter half 1 million migrants so far this year. and with the record breaking number of unaccompanied minor shelters are overflowing. >> gunning for control of second amendment rights. >> it is international embarrassment. >> legal action over the president's gun grabbed.
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jillian: pro golfer rory mcelroy with a rough shot in the masters. "fox and friends first" starts right now. ♪♪ why don't you hit me with your best shot ♪♪ hit me with your best shot ♪♪ fire away ♪♪ as a golfer i'm not a pro golfer i have come close many times, i have hit the golf cart michael was sitting in. is payb his shot, going to get your bag. lawrence: thanks for starting your day with us. let's begin with those shocking numbers showing 569,000 border encounters just this year alone.
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lawrence: unaccompanied minors costing taxpayers $60 million a week. griff jenkins joins us to break the numbers down. >> reporter: those numbers just job dropping. more than 172,000 migrants encountered, the most seen in 15 years. the highest ever recorded. >> there is no doubt about about it. it is unsustainable to the agency. >> they excelled 100,000 migrants.
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under title 42, it comes as alejandro mayorkas visited the border. and a listening tour, with senator ted cruz, close press. he tried to hide his egregious failures. and and and and for sexual abuse allegations. like kim reynolds of iowa, >> he opened the borders is responsible for this.
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he needs to stop it. >> and 5500 pounds of fentanyl so far in 2021. >> you wonder how they are getting a hold of it. >> democrats, democrats don't want you to know what but they are running the border right now. >> criminal cartels are in charge of the border. our operations are going to be. we have to look at politicians and ask what is happening when cartels cross any supplies they want, tie border patrol or bills so that we can't go after
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dangerous drugs. in central california, that is what they are. lawrence: the threat of the cartel and smugglers is real. remember this being released by border patrol dropping two little girls. president biden's executive action in an effort to curb gun violence. jillian: republicans threaten legal action. good morning. >> reporter: the president called gun violence and epidemic and public health crisis and said the second amendment doesn't grant an absolute right to own a gun. >> no amendment to the constitution is the idea to
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suggest some of the things are contrary to the constitution. >> reporter: biden introduced six gun-control executive actions including tightening restrictions that can be put together at home with untraceable parts and no serial numbers. and rifles calling for red flag laws, allowing them to seek a court order barring certain people from purchasing guns. there will be investment in community violence intervention, and the department of justice on firearms tracking. finally, david chipman nominated to serve on the bureau of alcohol, tobacco and firearms, he has previously called for a ban on assault weapons with other gun restrictions. there was a lot of backlash, talking about the closing of
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this gun show loophole which allowed people to buy guns without a background check. that is just not true. many republicans including house minority leader kevin mccarthy, tweeting republicans strongly oppose every option be it legislative or judicial to protect the right to keep and bear arms from infringement by this administration. in addition to the executive orders the president urged lawmakers to push for more gun-control legislation. the national rifle association called biden's rose garden event a circus and vowed to oppose his movement. lawrence: a big gun debate. >> jason riley says no matter which way you cut it law-abiding owners will be the losers of gun-control. >> the problem the biden
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administration and democrats have is gun rights unlike abortion rights are part of the constitution. that means they require acts of congress, and at the end of the day you are only putting more burden on law-abiding gun owners. criminals don't care what current laws are, simply putting more burdens on law-abiding people and they are not the problem. jillian: the president pushes gun-control on the federal level, utah declaring itself the second amendment sanctuary. the sheriff will join us later this hour. lawrence: the dc medical examiner reveals billy evans died of multiple can't force head injuries.
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the veteran was hit by a car and the second attack of the capital of this year. the capital rotunda, he will lie and honor next week. >> one person did and four others in critical condition including a state trooper, the terrifying moments as gunshots rang out inside the facility. >> i tell my daughter i love her, don't know what is going to happen. there were several people involved. jillian: the department releasing a mug shot overnight. the cabinetmaking facility, his motive remains unclear. he is being held on $1 million bond. >> a 3-man crew of us and russian astronauts blast off to the international space station.
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>> booster ignition. >> engines at maximum thrust. lift off. ms 18 on its way to the international space station. >> it will dock in the 3 hours. jillian: day 2 of the masters tees off in a few hours, justin rhodes taking a commanding lead in the opening-round but tommy fleetwould had a shot today. the change in the whole. >> this looks easy, cleveland nailing the hole-in-1 in augustine. rory mcelroy getting up on the wrong foot striking is that in the leg with a strange shot.
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it is 10 minutes after the hour. shocking data reveals 19,000 migrants children traveling alone at the border in march. a big part of the border crisis. lawrence: catwalk, catfight. a beauty pageant turned ugly after the winners crowned unmasked on stage. we will tell you why coming up. ♪♪ nstipation with belly pain was the same old story for years. trying this. doing that. spending countless days right here. still came the belly pain, discomfort, and bloating. awful feelings she kept sugar-coating. finally, with the help of her doctor, it came to be. that her symptoms were all signs of ibs-c. and that's why she said yes to adding linzess. linzess is not a laxative. it helps you have more frequent and complete bowel movements. and is proven to help relieve
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.. >> reporter: shocking number at the southern border, 200 migrants just on tuesday morning. >> job dropping figures a record number of unaccompanied migrant children in march. the spiraling crisis at the
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border for the center for immigration studies. let's go ahead and pull up these numbers because they are alarming. in march alone 18,663, unaccompanied migrant children encounters, the previous high was may of 2019 just over 10,500. how do we get a handle on this? >> the president of the united states can stop inviting them in. the last press conference the president told the world of aspiring migrants there would be no child left behind, nobody left in mexico so of course they are coming and they will continue to come in larger numbers every time someone in the administration says something like that they will come.
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>> when you talk to republicans, all the biden administration needs to do, is border policy. is it too late? >> the president has himself boxed into a corner here because under no circumstances politically could the biden administration reinstitute returning families to mexico under glare of television cameras and that sort of thing. they are boxed in, they hold sway, tremendous influence there, stuck with what the setup, we are going to see a cavalcade of children and families come over the border in
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charter buses from all 4 corners of the country. >> you are saying the far left wing of the party has leveraged the president when it comes to what is going on at the border. you couldn't go back in time now and adopt the former president's policies and if that is the case, where does that go the next few years? >> an unending stream of immigrants coming over the border in escalating numbers that will show a trend line that goes skyward. unless they have a change of heart, the president tried to get the mexican government to maintain its national guard on the southern border with guatemala but that is not
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working, a lot of migrants on my last trip to mexico, the national guard in mexico, that is because the policies trump worked with the national guard, the national guard without the trump policies won't work. even that is a fail -- lawrence: don't forget to pick up your copy of america's covert border. >> how a discount led to this confrontation. lawrence: the decision to pull in all-star game could cost the city business, $100 million, the very people it wants to send. ♪♪
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jillian: georgia's small business owners outraged over the mlb decision to pull its all-star game out of atlanta. more than 1 million businesses condemned the move which they say had a healthy price tag. how freda ortiz wrote that letter. we appreciate it. $100 million is the estimated cost to county tourism. these are business owners struggling for a year, and put money into what they might do to
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help these people already. they suffer? >> we remember that elections have consequences. $100 million figure, that is a figure for real people prepared, an opportunity to get desperately needed revenue, horrific 2020 pandemic we are having and a lot were crushed because of this move and when you look at for example black-owned businesses versus colorado we have 9 times as many black-owned businesses in georgia than colorado does. from a different franchise, actually robbed the american dreams of theirs in terms of their businesses and future and we are concerned what will
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happen going forward. this is the mlb, there is a lot of folks in the convention centers. jillian: a response to your letter. >> just in case, we pulled a full page ad in the new york times. if you open the new york times just in case it is for a letter we want to make sure you pull the ad in the new york times this morning. >> anything mlb can do to salvage their relationship with business owners in georgia who might be upset about this? >> folks are very upset about. a lot of major league baseball season holders are upset about this that i have spoken to. it is not too late to reverse
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this decision and that is what we are asking for. if you look at the decision to move to denver to reverse course and bring it back, atlanta is ready to host and a lot of hopes and dreams were counting on this happening here and we want to make sure minority owned businesses have that opportunity they originally anticipated and counting on. jillian: pulling up demographics when you look at the difference between atlanta and denver you can see on your screen it is different. we will continue to cover this and see if mlb does anything else. keep us updated if you get a response back we would love to hear about it, have a good day.
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lawrence: many worry president biden will overstep the right to bear arms. the second amendment sanctuary, the sheriff joins us next. plus, one senator urges americans to get vaccinated. ♪♪ free and beauty surrounds you ♪♪ the world still astounds you ♪♪ each time you look at a star ♪♪ i am senator john kennedy
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>> when they ask if that was your laptop you say you don't know which is hard to be leave and it is like i'm surprised you have shoes on. >> the fact of the matter -- >> hunter biden joking on jimmy kimmel live last night, so disconnected from reality that wearing pants is the problem. kimmel asked hunter about his controversial laptop which hunter reiterated that he
1:30 am
doesn't know if the device is his, this as the daily mail confirms the laptop was his, forensic experts analysis of its content. lawrence: president biden curbing gun violence. >> nothing i am about to recommend in any way impinges on the second amendment. they are phony argument suggesting your second amendment rights are at stake. lawrence: commissioner weber county saying not so fast, fighting back declaring the county a second amendment sanctuary. joining me to discuss is county sheriff, let's get into this. what exactly this executive action does. it stops build out of those guns, requires stabilizing braces, manages legislation for state and community violence and so much more. what is your reaction to what
1:31 am
this does? we see what this doe resolution to be a sanctuary county, gives confidence to our residents and citizens that we support their right to carry and the right to carry arms. this is what they have to do, this is their freedom. we are holding these basic fundamental rights to make sure they have the right to carry firearms. >> what does this do? that we are not going to prosecute or enforce the president's executive action that is not even a law? >> this is a declaration and was we have found out over the last year is an >> in presidency, a nervousness
1:32 am
that guns are going to be taken away and i remember when i became a police officer i swore to defend the constitution so a lot of residents and other elected officials feel this would constitute the second amendment, they don't offer that. so there is this desire for people to feel they are reassured they won't take guns away or in my case and elected sheriff, but i will protect those rights for them. that was the declaration of the county commissioners we have wonderful support from and support this resolution. lawrence: a lot of folks are saying when you look at the numbers, black ownership is up, when it comes to guns.
1:33 am
the defund the police movement. they feel they have to protect themselves. >> they do. it would be nice to have lots of law enforcement officers to protect, we can't always be there in a split second. where crime spikes we see people feel a desire that they want to protect themselves and that protection may be needed in a second and they have a right to do that. lawrence: i want to get your response to this, yesterday, there was this. >> a lot of this is being pushed by special interest groups behind the scenes. there is an out and out gun-control lobby no one wants to talk about, they talk the covid lobby but never the anti-gun lobby, the big money
1:34 am
behind this that is pushing this and they so you this idea that we are here to keep you safe but you are not here to keep us safe. someone kicks in my door in the middle of the night you will not be able to do anything about it. i have to do something about that. the rest of americans in this country we are first responders but what does that do? facilitates the notion of independence, self-reliance but you can't have that when you want to expand the powers of the government. have to make you dependent on us. the most valuable thing you have is to depend on us to protect you. lawrence: we appreciate what you do and all the law enforcement officers but only so many of you. at night when we have to protect our families we need something that will equalize the enemy that is coming through that door. >> i agree.
1:35 am
there is a lot of truth to what was just said. people have the right to protect themselves when those break ins occur, we could be minutes away or 20 minutes away, those families have that right to protect themselves themselves especially when someone else might not be able to. that is the fundamental right according to the constitution. >> we pray every night for your safety and your brothers and sisters in law enforcement, thanks for coming on the program. jillian: medical experts take the stand during derek chauvin's trial, doctors dismissing george floyd died from drugs or health problems. >> floyd died from a sexy a which is a fancy way of saying he died because he had no oxygen left in his body.
1:36 am
>> witnesses blame chauvin for keeping his knee on floyd's net. the examiner who performed the autopsy is expected to testify was a woman is stabbed to death while trying to buy a refrigerator from a man she met on facebook marketplace. denise williams was found dead in a pennsylvania apartment. joshua admitted to killing williams after they got into a fight over the refrigerator's price. is charged with homicide. lawrence: the customer attacked in a texas drive-through. take a look. security video shows an employee lunging out the window repeatedly hitting the driver. it happened at a chicken express, the customer reportedly was served an incorrect order from a previous visit and wanted a discount for the new order. the driver plans to take legal action.
1:37 am
a high school track coach is fired for not requiring athletes to wear a facemask during outdoor races. brad keith says he lost his job in new hampshire because he didn't enforce the mask mandate. he emailed the school's athletic director saying this is not about protecting the athletes or their families. it is all about covering bureaucratic excellence. the school has not commented on the matter, the coach will join us next hour. jillian: a new cuomo cover-up? the new claim by staffers have the governor's pandemic book was put together. lawrence: big tech strikes again. youtube silencing governor ron desantis and a panel of doctors, the super 6 apps, a chance to win $2,000.
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>> new york governor andrew cuomo, 48 charlotte bennett writes a scathing statement as growing allegations come to light, also accusing cuomo of sexual misconduct responding to the claim in part, quote, the governor's pattern of predatory behavior is clear and cut and the similarities between my allegations and allegations of anonymous former coworkers are nauseating. some cuomo staffers say working on his american crisis book was
1:42 am
nonvoluntary and they were given book related assignments during the normal workday. jillian: republican congresswoman elyse stefanik could challenge governor cuomo in the next election. a senior advisor says, quote, she appreciates the widespread encouragement and is not ruling anything out nor will she make her decision based on others timetable. congressman lisle them announces candidacy yesterday becoming the first major republican to do so. lawrence: florida governor can't catch a break, youtube since the covid roundtable because some of the experts questioned lockdowns and other mandates. >> reporter: the facemask, they don't need it for their own protection or protecting other people. >> developed by watching other people, it is inappropriate and doesn't help disease spread. not the right thing to do.
1:43 am
jillian: one of those expert spoke to fox news. carley shimkus with serious xm 115 as the latest. carley: you said it, youtube removed this panel of doctors questioning the effectiveness of lockdowns and masks. youtube said they removed the video hosted by florida governor ron desantis because it contradicts the consensus of local and global health authorities but a doctor who took part in a panel discussion is speaking out about the dangers of censoring medical discussions. >> how can you have an open discussion about a policy that affect every single person's life when you can't even make a point based on scientific evidence? the only way forward is the
1:44 am
lockdowns. you see they failed but how about debate? jillian: they removed video for doctor testifying before a senate panel. many say if senators were allowed to hear the discussion why can't the american people here it as well. lawrence: what is this catfight that happened at a pageant? >> this is when beauty pageants turn ugly. this is going down in sri lanka, arrested for this moment yanking a crowd off of the current winner's head. she says this woman is not the actual winner. take a listen. . there is a bull you have to be married.
1:45 am
carley: she won in 2019, she like this and remove the crown from the current winner's head saying this woman is divorced, she's not the real winner. she was arrested because that moment cost head injuries to the woman if you can believe that. she has since been released from jail. the winner of the pageant who may or may not be divorced is proven to be not divorced and given the crown. that is where the drama starts and ends. i sat here with my mouth open the entire time. lawrence: steve harvey is going not me this time. jillian: i don't know what to say about this next story. carley: this is so great. senator john kennedy singing on social media for a good cause. take a listen. ♪♪ born free ♪♪ as free as the wind blows
1:46 am
♪♪ get the vaccine. i did. it works. carley: we know senator kenny to be a wordsmith and he can carry a tune as well. all in the name of vaccines. >> i love the senator but that was terrible. carley: a song or his singing voice? lawrence: singing all of it. carley: i will vote against you. i love it. lawrence: i love the senator but got to stay in your lane. carley: i can't sing. not me. lawrence: thought you were quiet. jillian: it is 14 minutes until the top of the hour, virginia is the first southern state to legalize marijuana but what potential costs to people's health and well-being? of doctor who says lawmakers made a major mistake joins us next.
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lawrence: getting down on one need to pop the question was a labor of love, the training regimen next. ♪♪ ..
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jillian: virginia is the first state in the south to legalize recreational marijuana. first guest is a doctor who warned lawmakers against legalizing the drug saying it leads to an increase in mental health issues and car crashes. doctor james avery studying the effects of marijuana for years and joins us now. thank you for being here. why do you think people are not
1:51 am
necessarily listening to what you have to say? the majority support the legalization of marijuana, 68% of them do. people want to. >> what happened in the last 15 years as medical science, the decade of the brain in medicine, we found marijuana is more problematic than we initially thought. any expert will tell you that. in the last 15 years the average american even safer than they thought 15 years ago. you have a huge gap between the medical evidence, the science evidence and what people believe. it is not that different from early news of covid or pandemic, people need medical education. i was in some of these hearings
1:52 am
trying to get the medical evidence, the scientific evidence across and instead debating how many plants can grow in your home, how to regulate this, nobody seemed interested in knowing what the medical sciences. jillian: why do you think that is? >> four major groups, corporations, this be farmers growing pot in their backyard but major corporations with well-paid lobbyists. number 2, politicians who like the new tax revenue source. number 3 a group of extreme libertarians who want unlimited restrictions on any drugs and the fourth group is celebrities. besides a few most celebrities
1:53 am
if they go on a talk show it is all laugh and giggles about marijuana and talking about car crashes, increase in mental illness, not talking pregnant moms and the unborn, in colorado 50% of the newborns had thc in their bloodstream. they ask folks why would you be using marijuana when you are pregnant? it is natural and green, that was the overwhelming comment and health morning nausea. jillian: what is important for our viewers to know about this? you're not against medical marijuana and different reasons why people need to use it but you say it shouldn't be legalize as a whole. >> if your state has been legalizing you don't. it will hurt the poor and the disadvantaged. the same people who get hurt by cigarettes, alcohol, gambling, lottery tickets etc.. if it is legalized in your state let them limit the thc to 15%. the marijuana today is 30%, 40%
1:54 am
in 60s in 70s it was 2%. limit thc, strict restrictions on teen friendly flavors, they are pushing this for teens, prevent advertising, prevent commercialization, if you're going to legalize it put tight restrictions so people who are going to be hurt are protected somewhat. regulations on driving law, we can't measure if somebody took marijuana a day before or a week before or a month before. jillian: this is good information for parents and teenagers as well. thank you for joining us for the conversation. good day. lawrence: madison proves some things in life are worth waiting for. the young republican reveals he spent months learning to kneel before he proposed to now wife christina. a car accident left him paralyzed 7 years ago.
1:55 am
he posted in the video on social media writing and part i am so excited to spend the rest of my life loving her. the couple was married over the weekend in a private ceremony. jillian: in the next hour of "fox and friends first" to track coach who says he was fired for refusing to make his team mascot outdoors. lawrence: doctor janette nesheiwat, mark warner and retired lieutenant colonel donald, live coming up next. ♪♪
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lawrence: the biden administration, the good guys with the gun.
2:00 am
>> historic number of encounters turning the border into a welcome mat for illegal immigration. >> dolly parton, a internet melt down. ♪♪ ♪♪ working 9 to 5 ♪♪ jillian: i don't know anybody who doesn't love dolly parton. lawrence: when you come for dolly -- jillian: you are watching "fox and friends first" on friday morning. lawrence: president biden unveils new executive action to curb gun violence.


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