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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  April 9, 2021 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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>> with you like better, getting up at 3 in the morning or finishing your night at 11:00 pm? >> i'm an army guy so i'm used to getting up early in the morning. you knock it out early in the morning but you are better at it than me. >> it is great to have you in prime time, doing great on "fox and friends" weekend, good job.
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>> this is the ingraham angle. what the left won't tell you about the true state of the southern border. close youtube accusing cover expert doctor of spreading medical misinformation. is it to respond to the latest censorship effort from who other than big tech. china has painted a target on frequent angle guest jamie mitchell. we are here to explain why. shocking video of a family being kicked off a flight because there 2-year-old wasn't wearing a mask while eating yogurt. maybe it wasn't organic, the horror of that. the mother that 2-year-old is here. the first biden isn't waiting for congress to come after your guns, issuing sweeping executive
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actions today including empowering the doj to go after so-called ghost guns and crackdown on stabilizing braces for pistols. biden is also ordered the justice department to craft model legislation for red flag laws in the state but have no fear, biden assured us that none of this is about grabbing your guns. >> nothing i'm about to recommend in any way in pensions on the second amendment. there phony argument suggesting visa second amendment rights at stake that we are talking about. >> what is phony is biden claiming he's not coming after your right to bear arms. it is a lie of course and that wasn't the only whopper team biden told today. here to separate fact from fiction, second columnist for arms america radio political analyst. thanks for being here, tell us what the facts are on biden's executive orders. you watched what was talked about. what was he really saying. >> good to be with you. if you have an ar pistol don't let that be lost. what he talks about, a ghost
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gun, it is the same language democrats used in the 1990s when they created terminology for an assault weapon, they wanted to create a category of firearms, a political creation to claim your tough on crime. the same thing is "happening now" to, quote, ghost guns and those are guns built from kids. it takes a long time. it takes a large degree of knowledge to do it and the fact that president biden is targeting these is just a repeat of what we saw in the 90s and what it is going to lead to his if you buy a new trigger or parts kit for your suit, maybe for wilson combat or your sig 320 or do whatever they are going to try to expand this so
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you need a background check for that parts kit, that is what this is about. smoke and mirror and we need to be opposed to it. >> we have the video biden talking about the scary sounding ghost guns. listen to this. >> want to rein in the proliferation of so-called ghost guns. these are guns that are homemade built from a kit and include directions on how to finish the firearm, you can go by the kit. from a criminal to a terrorist to buy this kit. i want to see these kids treated as firearms. >> such common sense, why would anyone need or want a kit like this but it is always whether it is a ghost gun or stabilizing pistols. that is a means to another end. >> it always is. important to point out, these originally okay by atf based on
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how they help disabled veterans stabilize an ar 15 pistol and all being twisted and hidden. was we need to understand is there is no misrepresentation here, nothing has been done under the table, an ar pistol is an ar pistol but president biden said they are concealed. this is an important point, they are not concealable like a regular or traditional pistol. these are much longer weapons. maybe they are concealable if you have a large bag or a tall backpack but a lot of things are concealable in a large bag so to use the word concealable is misleading and something someone like biden does because he wants the atf to step away the doj and
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put in place regulatory law instead of legislation. >> you can read between the lines even if you don't know what the way you do, you know the in and out completely they are going to bring bigger ultimately. thank you so much. appreciate it. president biden didn't just put forward new anti-gun measures today. he also announced his pick to head the bureau of alcohol, tobacco and firearms. which apparently goes by different names under the biden administration. >> today i'm proud to nominate david chipmeant to serve as director of the aft. david knows the aft well and i believe he is the right person at this moment for this important agency. >> he knows the aft well and is the right person so who is david chipman? a former atf special agent but more recently a shill to the anti-gun lobby.
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you've probably seen them on tv calling for insane second amendment restrictions for instance three years ago he said this about ar 15s. >> treating them despite machine guns, the gun would have to be in your name and picture and fingerprints on file. if you want to have a weapon of war i don't think it is unreasonable you have to pass a background check. pete: as someone who spent time on the battlefield and owns multiple ar 15s i can tell you that statement is a load of bs. have you ever seen a machine that are fired from? if he has he should know better. like a typical tough guy left he loves to use the language of war but knows nothing about it just as he knows nothing about why our second amendment actually exists. two years ago he went on pbs to
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champion controls on high-capacity magazines. >> i was on atf squat team, my sidearm had 15 rounds, i did have an assault rifle which can hold 30 but i was also tracking and hunting down the most dangerous armed americans which isn't the job of a civilian. pete: i'm glad he didn't think they were magazines with lots of pages in it. always want team members have the right to defend themselves? civilians also faced dangerous criminals especially during the left's right if you want while we defund the police movement. it makes american families less safe when we deprive them of the best tools for self defense and just over a year ago when the china virus hit, he mocked and scolded americans who armed themselves for the first time. >> they might think they are diehard ready to go but they are
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putting themselves and their families in danger hiding behind cans of tuna and beef jerky they have stored in a cabinet, and only bring that out if the zombies start to appear. pete: you are a fool but he knows better. his nomination is a clear sign that biden is dead set on grabbing your guns and depriving you the ability to defend yourself and your family. but of course biden claiming his egregious executive overreach is what our founding fathers would have wanted. >> from the very beginning you couldn't own any weapon you wanted to own. from the beginning the second amendment existed certain people weren't allowed to have weapons so the idea is just bizarre to suggest some of the things we are recommending are contrary to the constitution. pete: joining me is missouri senator josh holly.
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does president biden and his administration have it right or could they use a refresher on constitutional law? >> i thought the fact the president referred to the second amendment as a phony argument shows you that in his mind the second amendment is a phony amendment, he doesn't believe it is in the constitution, clearly does not believe in the right to keep and bear arms. what boggles my mind is liberal seem fine was, without a street having all the firearms they want, they are fine with riding, fine with violence as long as it is being done by girls but law-abiding citizens want to the firearm legally is the second amendment guarantees and they completely lose their mind and that is what biden is proposing to crackdown on. these are law-abiding citizens use rights he wants to take away, the criminals go and do whatever you want but law-abiding citizens are the ones -- it is exactly backwards. pete: it is always backwards, the question you laid out. president biden tried to make it
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sound like his gun grab will solve all of america's problems. listen to this. >> they were taking steps to confront not just the gun crisis but a public health crisis. for a fraction of the cost of gun violence we can save lives, create safe and healthy communities and build economies that work for all of us. pete: this might feel like déjà vu. a covid build that is not about covid, infrastructure build it's not about infrastructure now gun bill that is about a public health crisis or safe and healthy -- what are they really trying to do? >> this is about confiscating weapons, this is what the left is wanted to do for a long time. this is what half the presidential candidates or more on the democrat side ran on a year ago in their primaries and at the end of the day the only
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way to do, to have a national gun registry and ultimately to take firearms from law-abiding citizens. that's where this is headed and many democrats have been open about wanting to do, anti-gun activists, that is what he wants to do so this is where it is headed and i say this idea that cracking down on the second amendment is going to help revitalize economic work prospects from the working class from joe biden, the guy who has presided over millions of jobs going to china, thought that is a great deal, his economic policies and the obama biden administration hollowed out the working class and now he says i take away your right to bear arms that will be good for you economically? it is insanity. pete: in addition to take your pipelines i will take your pistols. it will all go well for you.
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could you talk about what happened in georgia, the way in which major-league baseball and other corporations rallied behind the calls of racism, jim crow 2.oh from joe biden, you call them to be busted up. what needs to happen when it comes to election integrity and the way in which big corporations are ganging up to get their way? >> what is happening in georgia is what they tried to do in january. anyone who said that our elections need to be free and fair in need to consider election a former try to cancel your the woke corporations are trying to do the same thing to georgia and they are going to try to do to anybody, any state, any person stands for election integrity and what it comes to these corporations and gotten big and powerful because government has helped them, subsidized them and looked the other way and it is time to bust them up. republicans used to be the party of trust busting, we believe in
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free competition, we believe in robust competition to we don't believe in protecting monopolies and don't believe in a bunch of woke corporatists running this country and that is what these corporations want, they want to run the country, tell you what to think, tell you what to do. we can't allow that. pete: as you pointed out better than anybody the republican party, we thought they were our friend and it turns out the boardrooms have a quite different view. thank you so much, appreciate your time tonight. the biden administration works to take away your gun rights, one state is fighting to protect the kansas state senate overwhelmingly passed a bill today lowering the legal age to carry concealed firearms from 21 to 18. here to react is former kansas secretary of state, when you are 18 you join the military you can vote, make sense to me but are
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these the measure states need to take to fight back, to resist, you might say, the anti-second amendment efforts of the biden administration? >> that is exactly it and china couldn't be happier, not only did the senate pass it this morning house, thanks to speaker ron raichlen and the sponsor of the bill, they are debating it tonight while your show is going on, on the very same day biden is hollowing out the second amendment or trying to kansas is taking a firm stand to support the second amendment and bolster our right to keep and bear arms. if anything-year-old can be trained to carry a firearm in defense of our country and may give up her life for the country than she should be able to defend herself when she comes home and that is what this bill says. i have 5 daughters and they go to college i don't think they should have to wait until the junior year to be able to
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protect themselves at night. pete: here is how an editor from the atlantic explains your defense of the second amendment. >> the tribalism around gun ownership is exploited by the gop, supporters of the republican party have proven in this pandemic that they are willing to risk their lives and the lives of their loved ones in service to party feels he. they've done it on covid, with masks, vaccines and guns. >> you just want to risk everyone's life. you mention your young daughters, black gun ownership is gone up 58% in the last year as well as all americans of all stripes deserve the right to defend themselves is why is this a characterization?
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>> they have to resort to words like tribalism because they don't have facts they can use to make their argument. it is a fact that in virtually every state that adopted concealed carry over the past 20 years all crimes went down, violent crimes went down and crimes against women, raped in particular, went down because the bad guys have to make the calculation that young lady may be carrying a firearm in her purse. it is a rational and factual and statistically backed statement to say that concealed carry is an equalizer that protects people against criminals and so they don't have the fact that their side to the use words like tribalism. pete: they use emotion and hyperbole when ultimately good guy with gun is the simple answer that does resonate and is effective. appreciate your time. i hope more states do that. good luck in that debate in the house. coming up democrats revealed a
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truly care, but for illegal immigrants, not american citizens. we will explain and bring you the truth afford is happening right now at this moment on the southern border. disturbing video going viral of the family being kicked off a plane because there 2-year-old was maskless while eating yogurt. the child's mother is going to join us, don't go away.
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pete: new york governor andrew cuomo when he's not busy lying about nursing home deaths is giving illegal immigrants in the reason to sneak into our country, free money. new york is setting aside $2.1 billion to dole out to illegal immigrants who lost work during covid 19, these lucky lawbreakers are little to receive 1-time payments of 15,$600 from the state. why? because king cuomo really cares. >> just because you are undocumented doesn't mean we don't care, or have compassion want to help. we want new yorkers to know we are compassionate and doing the right thing.
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pete: he cares not just about american citizens, he and the rest of the open borders crowd don't give a rip about them. you know who else doesn't care what is best for american citizens speak you nancy pelosi. she thinks the growing nightmare at the southern border is actually a positive sign. >> under the leadership of president biden, we were in a bad situation actually trump administration. >> a good path? does she really think we're dumb enough to believe that nonsense? here's what is really going on at the border right now. first the governor of texas calling out the biden administration for endangering the lives of migrant children being held in san antonio. >> this facility is a health and safety nightmare. the biden administration is presiding over the abuse of children.
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to end this abuse the biden administration must immediately shutdown this facility. pete: that's not the only instance of migrant child abuse, 10-year-old boy abandoned by smugglers in the middle of the texas desert. [speaking spanish] >> can you imagine? thank god for border patrol officers that found him and brought him to safety. things are spiraling out of control at the border and the biden white house knows it. maybe they don't care. that is why biden's point woman for the border, vice president kamala harris is distancing herself from the job and the fiasco. >> it is not an assignment,
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quote, handle the border or ba point on a crisis. what she is doing his high-level diplomatic work that is incredibly important to our economic stability in the hemisphere. >> when you do high-level diplomatic work, that dusty dirty stuff that happens at the border is not your responsibility. dhs secretary alejandro mayorkas did go to the border but the press was not allowed to tag along. so much for that vaunted transparency. showing is brandon judd, national border patrol council president. also hears matt schlapp american conservative union chairman. you are right there on the border. give us an update. is this lies and deceit from the biden administration about what is happening? do they know what is happening and don't care? what is happening? >> as a person who puts on a
12:27 am
uniform to see what is happening to them and all we are getting is political rhetoric from nancy pelosi instead of talking about what happens we come up with solutions so we can finally once and for all fix what is happening on the border it does disturb the american public, does disservice to border patrol agents and to service to those crossing the borders illegally. she is flat-out not telling the public the truth. pete: don't know if you can see brandon's shot but i look at that shot dark on the border, that kind of job looks like it what it would have looks like for me on patrol wearing a military "pluplu and women go out every single light putting their lives on the line for the country and to protect our sovereignty, uncertainty greased them every night whether children are smugglers, do people in washington dc have any connection to this? your dialed and the way the city
12:28 am
works or is this an abstract problem and future voters and they don't care? >> the first thing i want to tell brandon, he does our country a great service and it is honorable service. he and his colleagues up and called nazis, fascists they've been told they tried to rip families apart and are cool to children when just the opposite is the fact and for joe biden is the democrats and kamala harris who hasn't even visited the border she is supposed to oversee they don't understand the policy. i'm here at mara lago, i had dinner with several ambassadors to central american countries including el salvador. it took years to fix all the problems at the border but had quite honestly been a bipartisan festering wound and donald trump through his personality of the people in these jobs got it fixed and it has unraveled so
12:29 am
quickly because the biden team and the democrats view the border is something not all that important. it aids their political game to have more illegal people come into the country and they are realizing they might have created a problem they can't soon fix. pete: who is in charge at the border? kamala harris seems to shirk the duties the white house isn't willing to talk about who the point man is, who is in charge and was the more out of border agents? >> google cartels are in charge of the border. when our operations are going to do -- that is light is a crisis. we have to look at the politicians and ask them what is happening when cartels are able to find any of the products they want. at the centers we can't go after
12:30 am
the criminal aliens from special interest countries like yemen or california, it is unfortunate that i'm going to tell you this but they are. pete: with the democrats unwillingness to address are admitted is it because they are with other domestic priorities? they want hr one, they want infrastructure everything. is that what they are focused on, the borders a pesky little problem on the side? >> i don't think they realize how bad, how fast it would get. they view their politics obviously aim towards playing up different communities, they think of americans not as americans but racial communities so the border has been so broken i think they are beginning to realize this issue alone, i make
12:31 am
this prediction tonight, this shouldn't be about politics but the issue of the border alone i think will flip control in congress because this isn't just a republican issue. a lot of common sense americans are looking at the border saying this doesn't make any sense. this is not what america should do. >> i will suggest matt schlapp's dinner was nicer. thank you for your work. we love you, man. we appreciate it. china is targeting frequent ingram a guest, for the covid origin investigation, joins us in moment. youtube removed a video featuring doctor jay who is here to respond next.
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pete: no secret that who's investigations the origins of covid 19 is a total sham. their goal is to appease communist china not follow the signs. now dozens of scientists across the globe are demanding a new and truly independent covid investigation being led by in my next guest, who advisor jane meltzer who writes the final process utilized by the joined team for assessing the likelihood of the lab pathway essentially a show of hands by the joint study team members based on superficial review failed to reach the most basic standards of credible analysis and assessment, jamie mitchell, atlantic council senior fellow joined me now, thanks for being here. is it really just because the who is completely beholden and
12:38 am
any chance and advisor to them gets an opportunity for a real review? >> bad news for you and good news. the bad news is this joint process you described is fatally flawed. the good news is it is not the who doing the investigation but an independent advisory committee organized by the who and their chinese government counterparts, that group issued their report last week that in my view was shocking and incomplete but the good news is who director put out a statement refuting that report calling for exactly the kind of full investigation i think we all recognize is needed. there's been a lot of criticism of the who as being beholden to
12:39 am
china but essentially he risked his career to refute this report and call for a full investigation. i hope we can all rally around him and push the who as much as possible to do the kind of full investigation he has called for. if that doesn't work because china is getting in the way then we need to ramp things up either through a new authorizing resolution or even independent investigation by interested governments. pete: not often we see hope and courage from international organizations. you talk about pressure on china, it is tough to not admit the trump administration was putting pressure on them to include who and how inbred they were with china, president biden was asked by peter doocy whether or not he has talked to xi jinping and here is what he had to say. >> have you asked if china misled the world at the
12:40 am
beginning? >> i have not had that conversation with president xi thank you. >> all this, they supposedly had a tight relationship, all this has been unleashed on the world. if there's been no conversation what are the chances we get real pressure to induce the kind of investigation and answers we need? >> two critical points in that last little bit. first on the trump administration, when donald trump was talking about withdrawing from the who, exactly when this terrible resolution was passed, when these negotiations happened, suppression of investigation, we shouldn't delude ourselves into thinking the trump administration helped make the kind of investigation possible we all need and it is correct
12:41 am
there is a lot of pressure on the biden administration to say china, you can't get away with this anymore. it has been one year, china has been destroying biological samples, hiding evidence, imprisoning journalist, they have universal gag order on scientists and enough is enough. we need a full investigation into the origins of the pandemic. >> the further we get away the tougher that is going to be. thank you for your expertise, appreciate it. speaking of china big tech is taking a page from the communist party's censorship playbook, youtube telling the ingraham angle they remove video of my next guest on the stanford professor claiming he was spreading medical misinformation, very dangerous type and we will you be the judge of that. here's what he said about children wearing masks that youtube found to be volatile content. >> inappropriate and doesn't help, not the right thing to do.
12:42 am
shannon: help me out here. that part of the clip and the entire clip. -- >> i think maybe they like having children be developmentally held back by masks. i would challenge whatever 24-year-old intern decided this was medical information to a debate. pete: this is an open forum with the governor of florida who had a strong track record and one counter to the mainstream media, not acceptable to youtube, you won't get the chance to debate that 24-year-old. what is the insidious agenda that tells that 24-year-old take
12:43 am
the video down? >> it is really crazy, one of these things you look at and say how can you have an open discussion about a policy that affects every single person's like when you can't actually even have -- make a point based on scientific evidence, they want to make you think the only way forward is these lockdowns that failed. let's have that debate. pete: they want to tell you the science is settled when one thing that hasn't been settled is the science whether masks are no masks, distance or no distance and yet we are not allowed to have a debate about it by very smart people that i want to listen to you, thank you, appreciate your time. shocking video shows a family being kicked off a flight because they say they're 2-year-old was maskless while being, the little girl's parents are here next. these folks, they don't have time to go to the post office
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flying with the masks. >> 2-year-old ricky eisenberg wasn't eating with her mask on, her parents say. their entire family along with the rest of the plane was kicked off the spirit airlines flight earlier this week. everyone was eventually led back on the plane but the family says the entire ordeal was understandably traumatic. is a ricky eisenberg's parents, ari, her father and also with these eisenberg family attorney, thank you for being here. let me start with you. we see you in that video. what is going through your mind when this went down? >> i was panicked, i was confused, taken aback, stressed out, i was going through early labor.
12:50 am
very overwhelmed. a lot of emotions flying, caught off guard. >> your daughter is there eating yogurt and you say that is the reason, the flight attendants, how much warning did you get? >> we were told once in the beginning and clear in a respectful way that my son cannot wear a mask because he has seizures. my daughter is a toddler who acts out, and as i explained, and the stewardess came up to us and started harassing us about my synapse phone, the volume of the phone that it was too loud and that he doesn't get
12:51 am
agitated, he could start hurting himself, we wanted to avoid that and the third incident was when they had my daughter put a mask, we tried our best but it wasn't enough for them. it spun out of control. we had no warning, then we were told we had to exit the plane. pete: we spoke with spirit airlines and they told us prior to the video being taken the adults in the party, presumably you and your wife were asked multiple times to wear your masks but haven't complied. what is your response to that? was it about you? was it about the kids? they had it out for you in your circumstances? >> my husband lost his voice due to the stress, not eating and
12:52 am
i'm extremely chaotic. i have been throwing up and it has been a disaster, extremely anxious from all of this as you can imagine but to answer the question we were both fully covered from here to here. i grew up with masks, we were both fully covered. we never once did we violate -- the only time we violated was when my husband was being assaulted by a stewardess and was trying to pull down his mask to talk to the lady, only natural thing, we are human beings, not natural to have them covering your face, pulling it down when he was talking but before that and after that his face was fully covered, my face was fully covered and shouldn't have even happened and covering his face and my dog's face.
12:53 am
pete: spirit told us they want to open up a direct dialogue with the family. what is your next step? to open up a direct dialogue with the family. what is your next step? >> 732-966-0998. i have been waiting for three days to get a call. we did get an email and you mentioned that spirit told you i got an email three days later, that was this morning, saying we have information, you said the -- you know what i wrote back? give me the information, i was told we can't do that without a subpoena. i said are you encouraging litigation? i have given you everything, the worst part about this is they keep on changing their story, they put a press release, took it down and you heard the nurse, the stewardess herself saying it is because of your kid. which is it?
12:54 am
doesn't make sense but my next step i asked for an apology. tuesday at midnight, nothing, no contact, you know where to find my number, today at 10:38 listen to this, we understand how it must feel, you don't understand nothing. i represent special education children throughout the state and you don't understand. and if you have information. pete: we are about to run out of time but they have your number now in this is a story, you get more responses keep us posted. we will be right back.
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>> ♪ ♪ >> ♪ ♪ >> thanks for being here. that's all >> thank you for being here.
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that is all-time we have thursday night. you can catch me every saturday and sunday on "fox and friends" weekend a little earlier. greg hatfield, you are not watching it, you're missing out. he takes it all from here. jillian: it is friday april 9th, shocking numbers at the southern border, agents encounter half 1 million migrants so far this year. and with the record breaking number of unaccompanied minor shelters are overflowing. >> gunning for control of second amendment rights. >> it is international embarrassment. >> legal action over the president's gun grabbed.


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