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tv   Fox News at Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  April 8, 2021 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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secular, cat -- the studio audience. shannon bream is next [cheers and applause] ♪ ♪ >> shannon: hello, and welcome to fox news that night, i'm shannon bream in washington. here's a preview of tonight's big show. to speak of the body administration is now presidingr the abuse of children. >> their goal was to simply try to smear florida, spare me. how many critical stories are they doing about the governor of new york? >> shannon: red state governors try to flip the script. are they eyeing the white house in 2024 as new border policies backfire on the buy didn't administration? >> they are creating this crisis
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on purpose. >> shannon: the mainstream media can't believe how these governors have weathered the pandemic. >> cases are on the rise. while in the south, states like arkansas and texas are seeing their numbers drop. we want shooting shocks texas shortly after he a defiant tweet from governor drug habit. it did the president get caught in another pinocchio? >> president biden: go to a gun show, buy whatever you want. if >> if the president believes they don't have to undergo a background check out a gun show. >> that's not his belief. he believes that background checks should be universal. >> shannon: "fox news @ night" starts right now. not long after president biden signed a new executive orders on gun control, a bryan, texas , man allegedly shot five people at an industrial complex he worked at, killing one of them. the suspect led the lease on a high speed chase before being stopped and arrested. kevin corke and is looking tonight about the politics of
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both guns and covid are shaping the messaging of potential g.o.p. contenders for the white house. we go you know, there's an old saying in washington. in politics as in life, it's not what you say, it's how and when you say it that really matters. for a growing number of republicans who may or may not harbor dreams of a white house run in 2024, speaking up forcefully against the by didn't administration as well a good policy and good politics. >> police received a call to an active shooter. >> a reaction following the deadly shooting in the lone star state get violent coming alongside a nationwide reckoning over guns. the statehouse houses like in texas now preparing to challenge the white house's proposed gun restrictions. in his state, governor garrick abbott's housing files tell mike bell 2622 which would permit local governments from enforcing
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new federal gun laws or rules. it >> president biden: i'm proud to nominate david chipman to serve as the director of the aft. >> by which he meant, the atf, the bureau of alcohol, tobacco, and firearms. following the event today, the texas leader took to twitter, this time to accuse of mr. wyden of threatening our second amendment rights, saying he just announced a new liberal power grab, adding that now is the time to make texas a second amendment sanctuary state. if i but also pointed directly at 1600 pennsylvania avenue when claiming there's child sexual assaults happening at a san antonio migrant facility run by the federal government. because the biden administration is presiding over the abuse of children. >> his targeting of mr. biden's policy was doing more than drawing support from texas. a politically speaking, cast him as an obvious oil to the man in the white house.
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avenue it is not the only g.o.p. governor building a national brand by opposing biden policies. florida governor ron desantis has parlayed his estates defiant and psycho lid shutdown rules, and a much criticized 60 minutes report -- >> isn't there -- go to further burnish his credentials, he has taken the white house had on. vaccine hesitancy around the country, voicing his strong opposition to talk of possible vaccine passports. by the way, he is also suing the biden administration over the cruise ship shut down. >> people will cruise one way or another. of >> indeed they will. if the biden administration, by the way, is facing the prospect of fairly strong opposition from progressive democrats tonight over its newly proposed pentagon budget. multiple sources reporting tonight at the white house will very soon plan to request
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$750 billion for the pentagon this year which is, wait for it, in an increase from the current level. progressive democrats have made no secret that desire to see the budget slashed, which could set up for some very strange bedfellows politically speaking at some republican dod hawks could be siding with the administration were asking for all of that money. we will see. >> shannon: you're right what they say about politics. at kevin, we'll see you in just a minute. ♪ ♪ first up into nights of real news homeland security alejandro mayorkas travel to el paso and mcallen, texas, today to meet with those on the front lines of the growing border crisis. the trip was his third to the area since he took office, neither president biden north vice president harris has visited the border yet or announced any plans to do so. the customs and border protection show a historically
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high number of border crossings in march. at the 170,000 migrants taken into custody by highest monthly figure in 15 years. an attorney general facing some serious blowback from gun aficionados tonight proclaiming during the president's gun-control news conference that ari pistols are concealable. he said because they have a brace instead of a stock. in fact-checkers of not going to be kind to garlands on that one. lawmakers in new york for a $2 billion coronavirus release button for people in the u.s. illegally. that includes one-time payments of up to $15,600 to undocumented workers who lost their jobs during the pandemic. if the money would also go to unemployed workers who are ineligible for federal aid. fox news major league baseball commissioner decided to move the all-star game after pressure from voting rights groups. stacey abrams, al sharpton, and to lebron james.
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both telling the commissioner that players would boycott the game if it was not moved out of georgia. the centers for disease control declaring racism a serious public health threat. the determination reportedly frees up covid relief funding for investment in racial and ethnic minority communities. at the cdc says a growing body of research shows that centuries of racism in this country has had a profound negative impact on comnities of color. the impact is pervasive and deeply embedded in our society. a black student is student is responsible for racist graffiti written in a dorm in alban college in michigan. the troubling images were of the campus this week before the 21-year-old admission that he acted alone. at the student was removed from campus and has been temporarily suspect about the college completes a full investigation. as the mass vaccination thing colorado remains temporarily close following multiple adverse
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reactions to the johnson & johnson chart, succulent has paused after 18 people there had reactions, most were treated on site, four were taking to a local hospital. they've deleted a video of an event featuring loretta governor ron desantis speaking with the medical experts the effectiveness of having children wear masks was questioned. the google owned websites of the video was removed for contradicting the concessions atomic consensus of authority. toxic letter in florida is taking a plea deal with federal prosecutors investigating sex trafficking operation. it's also focused on congressman matt gaetz, gates has denied any wrongdoing. both sides of the political spectrum tried to gain the high ground in the debate about voting lights and over don my collection reform, and aquatic governors attempting to trash talk each other. here's how it started, andy beshear signed a law that sought to expand voting access in the
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voting ground state. while republicans like brian kemp are implementing jim crow 2.0, yet another democratic governor expanded voting rights, this time in deep red kentucky. it charges georgia's republican governor was having enough of that. he was fighting back, these bills revert kentucky back to requiring an excuse for absentee ballots. georgia has no excuse after the balloting. kentucky will have three days of early voting, none on sunday. a georgia has 17 days of early voting along with two optional sundays. read the law. let's bring back kevin corke to get into his take on all of this. kevin, it seems regardless of who's making what claim about what bill, we can just go greet them and find out for ourselves. >> you nailed it. unfortunately, what happens is -- my mom used to say this, maybe your mom to, you can tell a lie it will make its way all the brown think will be for the truth has the chance to get its shoes on. what happened to somebody makes this wild accusation about it being this or that it's being
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that. it's not like it's everywhere. by the time someone reads the bill or actually fact checks what has been said. unfortunately, gets lost in the wash. i would say this, any time someone wants to invoke the expression, jim crow, you've got to really be careful. especially for those of us who grew up with parents who actually lived through real jim crow. this idea that somehow having some sort of limitation or at least asking something very basic like making sure you have an i.d. is somehow jim crow -- it's a bridge too far for a great number of americans. i can tell you, i talked to people in my barbershop, they all rolled their eyes when they hear things that someone click this. politicians can say it, it sounds catchy. when you get down and talk to people, a lot of people don't buy that argument. >> shannon: the barbershop is one of the great places to have conversation about things going on in the world. as sometimes you will find some solutions. kevin, thank you.
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former football star herschel walker is not running for senate in his home state of georgia yet, but he's got some advice for corporations and credit, critics of the new election reform law. >> these companies have been talking so much that -- why don't they have herschel walker to help these people who don't have an i.d. to get the idea? what do we have to do to get buses, get other things, fill out paperwork, help them get an i.d., and not keep complaining about it. >> shannon: bringing tonight penalty talk about all things georgia. we can't republican candidate barnett, and executive director of turning point usa, charlie kirk. great to have both of you with estimates. kathy, what about that, herschel walker, it's no secret he is a conservative, both republican, he says, if you're going to complain, why not set up a way
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to get rid of these problems to make sure people have full access. if you're going to complain about it, rather than boycott or shaming, do something about it? >> exactly. for small, my first question is, who are these people who don't have an i.d.? i said, many times, i've been black all of my life. i know a lot of black people, and i don't know one black person who doesn't have an i.d. so if democrats know these people, and they know where they are, they go into these communities every two to four years, these cans of beans just to take a photo shop, they should also bring buses and other things such as fat and print out ids for these individuals. what is the point of knowing someone has a need, and exploiting that need to so that you can remain in power. referencing it to
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segregationists or to jim crow law, it is extremely offensive. i agree with kevin 100%. i grew up in southern alabama on a pig farm. i grew up in the home of my great, great great-grandmother, grandma rhoda was born in 1846. she was a. by the time i came along, jim crow was no longer around, but i thought the remnants. my grandmother showed me the buildings where she had to walk into the room from the back door. this is very scary, words have meeting. it's on my stomach meaning, history, and experience that comes with it. i would advise democrats to grow up and do what is necessary for our country, which is far-fetched, that they would actually do it, but they need to grow up. it's time. >> shannon: this is clearly become a very partisan issue the way the bills are portrayed, what is said about them, even the president has been fact-checked by "the washington post," which is not a conservative outlet.
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he continues to make statements that are -- read the law. it doesn't line up with what's on paper. because that's exactly right. i think what herschel walker is saying is, why don't these companies focus on solutions? why don't they focus on actually solving these problems instead of just complaining about them? my biggest concern with this entire issue with georgia is how they moved from a black majority county in atlanta to a white majority county in denver, all under the guise of trying to fight systemic racism. it has had the opposite effect, actually. we have $30 million of stimulus for black-owned businesses -- that's more on major league baseball. i'm afraid that there really isn't a inclination or desire to find solutions. instead, the democrats want to intentionally misrepresent this issue as something that it isn't. i agree completely with what
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herschel walker and other people's side, it's insulting to compare this to jim crow. if this expands voting access on the weekends, and it actually ensures and protects the right to vote so that there are no questions about the integrity of the ballots that are being sent in. we went to the point of major league baseball making ths decision -- what we reported a e earlier, there was a lot of pressure on them. if they were being warned that players would boycott the all-star game. not that it's been moved, we have a who set it for you tonight. want to read this statement about the president wang and on major league baseball moving the game. i think you probably should not have weight impaired as push came to shove, a lot of the elected officials were disappointed that he weighed in. any idea who said it or what their party affiliation is? >> i don't know who said it, i'm going to assume it was a democrat, may be an unwoke democrat. >> shannon: it was actually
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jacqueline benedict carter, she's the chair of the county of democrats. in the end, it wasn't helpful that the president wait in or that wasn't a good idea. >> listen, the problem it with wokeness, you always have to stay woke. you can never take a nap, you must always remain awake. ask sharon osbourne. at the moment to think you can think for yourself, look what happened to her and so many others. if that's the problem. when you have these corporations and counties officials making these statements and not reading, not understanding, and their consequences with that. now, they're going to be consequences of the hundreds of millions of dollars being removed from an area that really needed it. i know individuals who live in that particular area, they were really counting on the mlb coming to their area.
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>> shannon: a very quick, final word for you, charlie. >> i kind of enjoy that game, was a little fooled. i said, i don't know if there's a democrat saying that. they deserve credit, because anyone in the democrat party willing to stand up to the mob has courage, and we are lacking not in our country right now. >> shannon: a great to see you both, come back soon. a car rampages through a hobby lobby and the underwater gymnastics video that has gone viral, a must video of the day, up next. es can repel pet hair. look how the shirt on the left attracts pet hair like a magnet! pet hair is no match for bounce. with bounce, you can love your pets, and lint roll less.
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comcast is committing $1 billion to reach 50 million low-income americans with the tools and resources they need to be ready for anything. i hope you're ready. 'cause we are. >> shannon: check out this not so itsy-bitsy spider, a woman calling herself a wannabe entomologist, someone who studies bug, creeping out
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millions online, posting this video now grown viral of what a spider crawling over her face and neck. she says the species is venomous but not considered deadly. either way, i think i'm going to pass on that whole arachnid on the face trend. the precise moment he knew he messed up, about scooter related injuries, got to be vigilant and safe out there. it's a bird, it's a plane, it's a semi truck. after colliding with a roadside barrier on a motorway bridge in england, this trailer was left dangling dangerously from its side. no serious injuries were reported, the roads were reopened after the vehicle was recovered and repairs to the roadway were complete. new released footage of the destructive rampage of a hobby lobby in massachusetts, crashing
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through sliding doors, knocking out a wall, smashing multiple displays -- officers were able to track down the driver who has been released on a personal recognizance bond. no motive has been announced, it happened around five in the morning, so no one was injured. moving on, a touching story in michigan where they found an abandoned 4-month-old baby in the woods. a little boy lying facedown in the hypothermic state, but still breathing. if they moved quickly to replace his clothes with warm link is, he spent the night at the hospital and is now in the care of child protective. writers setting claim to a double-decker bus with unrest an and nationalists continue to clash with the police. christina maikel franco, a gymnast and blogger is winning t with her underwater acrobatic
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moves. it took her out, she's a four-time world champion in artistic swimming. tweet us at fox news night or just chain them dream, send us some viral videos of your own. for in person learning, heading to court in southern california, the race card is already being played against some of the parents suing the los angeles unified school district and its teachers union. it follows tracking the story. he's like in our west coast newsroom in l.a. >> shannon, you've probably heard of personal injury lawsuits when it comes to car crashes or slip or slip and fall mishaps. a group of parents are now filing one against a school district. it's all related to classroom closures that started at the beginning of the pandemic appeared to the attorney representing them, timothy snow bow, says the zoo is the first of its kind in the country. the parents behind the legal action allege their children have suffered academically and emotionally without in person
9:25 pm
schooling. they are now suing the l.a. unified school district into the local teachers union. the parents want classrooms to reopen, and are also seeking financial reimbursement for what it cost to keep the kids educated. >> children like our clients in this lawsuit have been suffering needlessly because of the apolitical demand of ut l.a., which has nothing to do with the health and safety of teachers or students. schools can be reopened. it because the parents involved in the lawsuit are only listed by their initials because they fear retaliation from their actions. they say, this goes beyond poor education and the regression of academic skills. they allege their kids, once active and socially outgoing have become addicted to their computers and at times, suicidal from being so isolated. >> it's been horrible. it is so bad, it's so terrible. i'm in a union, the moment i
9:26 pm
peacefully advocated for my child's education, they called me a white supremacist. >> the school district purportedly has no common, and the union hasn't responded yet. >> shannon: thank you very much. first up into nights, where in the world? protesters burning russian and chinese flags, they believe those countries are backing the military coup, another 11 protesters were reportedly killed in clashes tonight. russian troops performing more near the ukraine as president vladimir putin sits down for his first interview since joe biden became president. he reportedly said he sent a 28,000 troops of the ukraine border because biden called him a killer. there was a multi-caller crash in the electric car off road series in saudi arabia. there are five extreme erases ranging from the arctic to the amazon to the desert.
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let's get back to talking smack with a side of mac and cheese. before we can safely come together, we need the facts on covid-19 vaccines. to get the facts, visit so you can make an informed decision when vaccines are available to you.
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>> shannon: a christian wedding photographers suing the state over a law requiring her to work same-sex wedding ceremonies by her religious objections. a chief religion correspondent lauren green shows us tonight. good evening lauren. >> good evening, shannon. it's a preemptive strike against the antidiscrimination law. she is fighting for the right to express her faith through her profession. emily carpenter has been photographing weddings for nearly a decade. it is her passion. because of her faith, she believes marriage is a union between one man and one woman. she has filed a lawsuit this week in federal courts against
9:32 pm
new york officials including the attorney general and the human rights commission are challenging the state's nondiscrimination law that could force her to photograph same-sex weddings. at the suit says in part, new york officials demand ideological purity, that emily violate her conscience by tesco violators of the law would face a $100,000 fine and possibly jail time. because this is an issue of free speech. ultimately, i would want the right of all artists protected for spree to free speech. everyone should be free to choose the messages they are promoting. >> a group called the suit grossly irresponsible, saying in a statement, this is not an attempt to scare the public into believing these laws require something that they don't. broadway lien agrees. he cosponsored the law appeared to speak of the law doesn't require the photographer to take a job she doesn't want. this is simply a nuisance
9:33 pm
lawsuit from americans fighting for freedom that aims to mislead the public and to tie up our courts. as >> emily's attorney says there's a larger picture at stake, the supreme court decision in favor of phillips didn't tell mike address the issue of freedom of speech. the legislation could elevate similar state laws to the federal level. >> more than 20 states have these kinds of laws, if the equality act is passed, we are going to see a lot like this on a national level. the goat new york state's attorney general office, they said they are declining to comment on the matter. >> shannon: we will fall away, lauren green, thank you. a breaking tonight, president biden tackling gun regulation through a series of executive orders and denominated david chipman for atf director, former federal agent who is advocated for limits on gun magazines. >> and high-capacity means, what kind of numbers are we talking about? >> i think the consensus has
9:34 pm
been around ten. there are number of reasons -- >> ten and above would be high? >> ten and below are okay, or reasonable. above would be regulated. >> shannon: good to have you back. let's start with the nominee, this is what chuck ross over "the daily caller" reports about, in an april 2020 interview, david chipman compared the gun buyers to people preparing for a zombie attack, and to suggested they hide their unloaded firearms from themselves and ordered to stay safe. talking about first-time gun buyers last year. what do you know anything more about this nominee? >> i know he's not very popular with anyone that is a second amendment enthusiast or maybe even a constitutional enthusiast. people who enjoy their rights. beyond that, i think the problem comes when you start tapping
9:35 pm
people who are activists, essentially, in something. could they really ever be a fair, i guess, moderator of things? good guns are absolutely something people are going to fight about. the fight people don't know about, the people in the streets don't understand, the fight between the atf and gun manufacturers, gun dealers, and even gun rights activists that are just lobbying to get clarification. if one of the executive orders president biden put out today about the pistol brace is something that just in november under the trump administration, the atf changed its mind about twice in the same week. and that period of time, cost good hardworking people the jobs and companies millions of dollars. i was in a plant in georgia that manufactures these guns the morning that the atf just decided that midnight that braces were illegal. if the man who owns the plant looks at me and said, that cost
9:36 pm
me $1 million a day. nobody deserves that. it just because we can't understand our own regulations, no you put someone in charge of that organization that obviously has an anti-gun demeanor. that was just asking for lawsuits. >> the president made a number of statements today, some of them being fact-checked by mainstream media, "the new york times," and other that are not conservative out dominic outlets. >> president biden: most people don't know, you walk into his store, you have a background check. you go to a gun show, you can buy whatever you want, no background check. >> shannon: most people don't know that, because it's not true. if that's even according to "the new york times." tell us a little bit about that, and where the president may be not exactly accurate. >> agreed to do something revolutionary. i'm going to tell you the way it works and let you decide what you think about it.
9:37 pm
there is no federal mandates against person-to-person sales, which means, in most cases, if we live in the same states, i can tell you the gun that i bought. if the state doesn't disallow it. it depending on the type of gun show, which most of them are put on by the nra, the nra mandates that you follow the state's laws. if the state of georgia has an nra gun show, you can go in as a licensed dealer and a rented table at the gun show. if you have a federal firearms license, you have to run a background check right there at the gun show for any when you sell a gun too. however, as a private citizen, if i have a gun i want to sell, can register for the gun show was a private citizen, walk into the gun show, the gun is locked, unloaded, and kept that way. i can sell that to another private citizen while i'm on the floor at a gun show. now, one of these are tables of hundreds of guns, the other one is just you happen to run into them and has a gun you are looking for on their back. if the numbers are pretty rare
9:38 pm
that it even happens to begin with, much less that someone goes there to could commit mass murder with a gun. america has to decide how we want background checks, how frequently will they want them, and neither side wants to get the whole truth at any given time. >> and overstating issue, because this is such -- we had to shootings, and it seems the president wants to take action. he can only do so to for these executive orders. he says come it's got to be legislative action to make the long-term final changes with laws that actually have teased for john. >> when it comes out, i don't have any understanding of why he speaks the way he does. to be fair, some people felt that way about president trump. he speaks of mistruths, partiality's, and points that seem to be fed to him.
9:39 pm
at the things that joe biden did today will not and would not save lives on the issue that people are concerned about. that's the truth, and if the american people who decide, nearly 400 lives -- are those the one we are trying to save? or the 6,000 lost to gun violence that were mostly suicide and criminals? where are we going to focus and what laws do we want? it technically is a reversal of scotus decisions on those 6,000. it that's probably not going to happen. >> shannon: there are some more cases percolating up. it i'm always a fan of the more information you have, the better decisions you make. joey, thanks for being with us. experts in the mainstream media struggling to explain how it appears texas is avoiding the covid search despite opening up a weeks ago. we dig into that, next.
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spew on nbc's today show making an admission for big meet at the experts are stumped as to why c9 cases are dropped in many states that have completely reopened. let's discuss that with hoover institution senior fellow, victor davis hanson. always great to have you back. >> thank you for having me, shannon. >> shannon: what do you make of this? they are asking some interesting, important questions. if they are doing it publicly, and acknowledging the reality of what's going on in these different states. >> yeah, i think they've seen after more than a year that there was a reason that we never had a national complete lockdown
9:45 pm
in the past. people use math, they had regional quarantines, they understood the cultural, psychological, medical, damage could've been greater than the pandemic. they weren't sure it would work. nature has a face. when you mention the states like connecticut, massachusetts, new jersey around chicago in new york, and colder clients, people wear indoors more. if there's less vitamin d you absorbed, the virus lives longer in the air and on surfaces. states that have a high density living in condos, apartments, high-rises, mass transit elevators, same states have a greater challenge greatest states i have a lot of working-class, port of all races, people have to get to the public. parts of greater l.a., a lot of people have greater morbidities -- greater instances of diabetes, or vitamin d deficiencies.
9:46 pm
that's what nature is saying to us, and we always knew that the only way we are going to defeat this was two things, vaccinations, and antibodies. it looks like now we've got about 35 million people that have tested positive, another 60 to 70 that probably have antibodies according to models. about another 120 million that have one shot. we're getting up there to 65% of the population with antibodies or one child, and you can see the cases starting to go down gradually. i think when we hit another two weeks at the rate of 3 million vaccinations a day, or 20 million, we will get close to 75% in two weeks. >> shannon: that's good news. it people are looking for good news for the most part. with texas over the last few weeks, and other states, we've been told and warned by many experts that it was dangerous, the president asking for states to put their mask mandates back,
9:47 pm
not to reopen, it almost seems like some of the media are -- i don't want to say disappointed, but they don't have a story they thought they were going to have about taxes stomach places like texas a few weeks into the spirit of >> i would say come imovie if you're hesitant, they think they are disappointed. if they had a narrative of these red states being more deplorable, but -- they've been pilloried as unthinking, not sophisticated bicoastal people, they opened up, went to trump rallies. all of a sudden, their unemployment rates and gdp are better. if they're having a little bit less fallout from the quarantines because they were never sacred, their kids are back in school, there's less mental health among the young people. at that model, why it's not perfect seems to be superior to the complete lockdown that we did in california or new york or massachusetts. in other words, we didn't suffer -- they didn't suffer the
9:48 pm
collateral damage, but we didn't do any better on the death rates. if that's what it boils down to. it's so obvious that the narrative has to adjust. >> shannon: we continue to pick up more and more data to current on all of those fronts along the way. time is a great teacher in that respect. i want to ask you about -- youtube has taken down a video that includes governor ron desantis. in a number of medical experts were talking about whether or not masks were helpful in stopping the spread for very small children. youtube took it down, it says its cochlear policies policies around covid-19 medical stomach misinformation. they took down the video because it contradicts the consensus of local and global health authorities regarding the efficacy of masks. if even the w.h.o. has said ask for kids under five probably weren't necessary or helpful. are we not to have a discussion about information which may be controversial, but is up for at
9:49 pm
least some kind of debate? >> no, there's not going to be a debate. if there's two things going on there. there's this narrative that the president can't finish his sentence without mentioning masks. they do not want to go back, teachers unions don't want to go matt dominic back. more importantly, governor desantis has become a strange iconic figure to the left that they are afraid of him, he sort of the trump agenda, but he's got hands-on experience, successful experience in florida, sort of the epitome of the other models that they don't like that is successful. if they are very selective in their censorship. i have a special needs granddaughter who is kept -- she's really regressed, only five years old. nobody says, maybe you shouldn't
9:50 pm
hear what the teachers are saying, they're giving misinformation about the dangers of children under six and teachers are faxed, but it's all one-sided. >> shannon: those are the students that need the very most attention. if victor davis hanson, thanks for being with us. come back soon. he found his forever home after some naughty but adorable behavior. good news and good night is next. ♪ ♪ like jack. he wanted a streamlined version he could access anywhere, no download necessary. and kim. she wanted to execute a pre-set trade strategy in seconds. so we gave 'em thinkorswim web. because platforms this innovative, aren't just made for traders—they're made by them. thinkorswim trading. from td ameritrade.
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♪ ♪ >> shannon: some good news before we say good night, this stray dog, he went to fireeye after he kept going in and stealing the uniform from a dollar store. animal control forced to remove the dog because he kept trying to steal the unicorn five times the officer went to pick them up, ended up buying him his favorite unicorn, it animal services then posted pictures of him cuddling, posing, hanging out with his purple unicorn. he was adopted by one of his admirers. if by the way, dollar general donating several bags of pet food to the shelter. do you know i'm a sucker for dog stories. >> i hope you like this one. i want to take you to the volunteer state of tennessee. it's been a tough year for a lot of high school students, especially seniors getting ready
9:55 pm
for senior pictures. if you don't know how to tie a tie, it can be really intimidating. enter officer adam. he saw a couple of kids over at a park, their godmother was trying to help them out and teach them how to tie a tie, one thing led to another, elisha darling and jay lynn lewis getting help officer adam. he's just patrolling the area, he was awfully happy to help them. they acknowledge, the fact that he got the tire bright for pictures, it's great. i will still have to practice, and he understands well what that's like. >> shannon: they look sharp. he want to look good for your senior pictures. because, you are the expert with the ties, pocket squares, all of it. if you can help the people. how young did you start wearing a tie? did you put it off until he became a professional? >> i was in rotc in high school,
9:56 pm
had to tie a tie almost every day. i was brigade s2, intelligence officer. it was important for me to have a tie, and it had to be right. it's the one you are still getting it right every night, kevin corke, think you my friend. it good morning, good night, wherever you are from washington i'm shannon bream.
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what if your clothes could stay fresh for weeks? now they can! this towel has already been used and it still smells fresh. pour a cap of downy unstopables into your washing machine before each load and enjoy fresher smelling laundry for up to 12-weeks. ♪ ♪ >> tucker: good evening, welcome to "tucker carlson tonight," we often accuse politicians of this of dishonesty on the show, but there's grades of it. nothing the democratic party are advocates more is more dishonest than gun control. everything about that one specific issue is false. most policy debates aren't like that, try to be honest about it on the show no matter how passionate you are about the position you have you can still sort of see what the other side's talking about for example, taxes but you can still


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