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tv   Hannity  FOX News  April 8, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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illegal immigrants fun. it's completely on acceptable, especially in this pandemic won so many of our taxpayers are suffering or out of work or having trouble meeting ends meet, paying the mortgage, putting food on the table. i mean, this just shows you how backwards the priorities are >> sean: >> tucker: it is. sean hannity takes over now. >> sean: welcome to this breaking news addition of "hannity." we begin tonight a fox news alert, joe biden's border and dashboard or neglect, worsening by the hour if you can believe it. did ministry should still refusing to follow the federal law, refusing to get this crisis of their making under control or even acknowledge the unmitigated disaster they themselves created and biden-harris, they are refusing to even travel down to the border despite downright disturbing new developments surrounding the child sex abuse and now tonight, rape allegations inside of one of biden's cages and detention
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centers in south texas because tonight we are now learning that the number of children being held at that san antonio facility at the center of this new controversy has not tripled in less than two weeks. there we have children allegedly being sexually abused, malnourished, cannot socially distanced despite the presence of covid all throughout the building. any american day care center that remotely resembled these disgusting conditions, they would be shut down immediately, the people that run them, that own them, would be arrested for child abuse. now a full investigation in texas is underway tonight thanks to the governor, but biden, harris, they have yet to take any action to mitigate any of this. imagine democrats, the media mob's reaction if all of this is happening to kids under president trump's watch. here to explain more on the developing story are texas governor greg abbott's with us. first off, i want to start at the beginning because you are on the show the governor and
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explaining that you are trying to get child protective services into these facilities and your protective services were being denied access. the first thing we saw where the kids in biden's cages and the overcrowding. now we got allegations of rape. how long did it take child protective services to even get in and take a look? >> well, child protective services still has not been allowed in. i mean, let your audience know what exactly happened and that is yesterday, two state agencies in texas, the health and human services commission, as well as the child protection agency in texas, they each separately received complaints that included allegations about the sexual assault of a child. when i tell you that no, those words were not used, what was used instead was a very specific description about ways in which children are being sexually assaulted. where it was happening, who was
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doing it and the horrific things that were being done that i cannot tell you on tv. here's my point, and that is the biden administration knows about this. they knew about it yesterday because we share the information with them and yes, still nothing is happening and also because it's happening there, it could very well be happening at these other child detention centers, the biden a administration right now, they are now saddled with child sex assault allegations and doing absolutely nothing about it. and sean, that's exactly why yesterday i requested the biden administration shut down this location. let me tell you something else that's really amazing, because i looked at that location. i did not see any security personnel at all. there was not a law enforcement officer, anybody else who seemed like there were a person in charge of or even dealing with securing this location. these could be very dangerous places for these kids who have traveled through mexico, who knows what may have happened to them along the way only to maybe
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repeat assaults they were victims of on the treacherous pathway to the united states. >> sean: you made this announcement yesterday when you went there. now we have the department of family protective services independently now also receiving tips of child abuse, neglect, and even rape allegations at this particular facility. there's been a media blackout, they are not letting the media in to see these facilities, there's been a gag order put on border patrol, child protective services, you're telling me even this hour they are not allowed in? these are children in custody of your state and your child protective services has no access even with rape allegations, abuse allegations? >> they are not allowing anybody in. the only people who went in with the texas rangers who went in with me but there were not allowed to ask any types of questions that would investigate the child sexual assault allegations.
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[indiscernible] they will be using -- >> sean: did you see pictures or video? >> at the texas rangers are doing, they're the lead investigative agency in the state of texas and they are going to get a bottle of this real quick they have been involved in assault allegations in the past and they always are able to prosecute it when it occurs in their undertaking the investigation as we speak right now regardless of any type of blackout that the biden administration tries to put on this issue. >> sean: do you agree with me, governor, when we show these videos of the cages, as we call them, pods, some plastic, some are wired. you know, we see such overcrowding. when i look at that, i see abusive conditions in the middle of a pandemic with a high positivity rate of covid-19 and these kids are on top of each other and they are there for days and weeks at a time. your child protective services is not even allowed in. do you see what i see? you see these kids abused?
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because i see that -- these are abusive conditions for kids that i see. >> we know for a fact based upon allegations that come from within side that center there in san antonio about the abuse allegations but also we know from a question i ask of them, maybe just look at the numbers that they gave to me, didn't want to put credence in what they shared, at least 15% of the children at the location that i was in, they said tested positive for covid. what no one knows is the extent to which the kids who are positive for covid are spreading that covid to either other kids or to the adults who work with those kids who then will go back home into their communities and spread covid. this is a health and safety disaster that was made by the biden administration. >> sean: if this video were of a day care center anywhere in your state of texas where the kids were on top of each other in this tight environment, over 1700% capacity in some cases
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that we have chronicled and reported on in those images were put on any local tv station in your state of texas, any big market, dallas, houston, san antonio, whatever and those videos were witnessed by your child protective services, what with the reaction be? what would your reaction be if this was a day care center and you saw these kids living in these conditions? >> they would shut it down and the rangers or other law enforcement officers would go investigate it. along the numbers that you are talking about, another issue is -- that was reported to the healthcare services, to the child protection agency was there were insufficient number of adults to supervise these children. and what that means is that gives the opportunity for other children who want to pray upon weaker victims to be able to act out on the crimes that allegedly have already taken place, so among other things, the children
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far outnumber adults and that is another reason why this facility must be shut down. >> sean: all right, as governor of the state of texas, you have a sworn oath to uphold the laws of texas. i know you have put your rangers and guard on the border and they are doing their job, but the federal government is now facilitating aiding and abetting and lawbreaking. my question to you is what authority as governor of the state of texas you have two not facilitate, not partake in what are clear violations of the law? >> so what state of texas has done in our approach to the migrant centers that are set up, they are all completely run by federal authorities and the federal government. they have leases or otherwise own the land in which they have these child migrant centers in the state has no involvement in it, so these are basically federally run operations. that said, if a crime occurs,
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doesn't matter on who's property it is, if it's a state crime in the state of texas that occurs, we are going to put the elite investigative team in charge of it, which is the texas rangers, which is exactly what i did do to make sure that yeah, a crime has occurred, it will be investigated, it will be discovered and it will be prosecuted. >> sean: anything you can do to stop this overcrowding in these cages biden is building? >> the best thing that we can do is exactly what i've requested of the biden administration. that is to shut down these overcrowded facilities that exist in texas and do with the president said he was going to do. he said he was going to move these migrants across the entire united states. if they are going to be allowed into the country, they need to be in locations that will be staffed adequately, that will have a safe environment in a pandemic -- >> sean: i thought it was illegal. >> you and i both know something else, and that is we need to stop the issue where it's occurring, which is at the border. you know as well as i do this wasn't taking place to this
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magnitude before president biden took office. but president biden needs to do that will solve this very quickly as if you were to go back and reinstate the remaining mexico policy president trump put in place overnight that would begin to solve this overcrowding problem where putting up with right now. >> sean: governor abbott, playing, thanks for calling the nations attention to this. earlier today we learned the border numbers hit a decade high in this month of march. the last month of march with a whopping 172 encounters last month with illegal migrants. that's up from 70% from the previous record high in february. when you compare the numbers under donald trump this time last year, it was well under 35,000, and it gets worse, because this week authorities arrested a suspected ms-13 gang member at the border and in recent months, border agents nabbed foreigners on the terror watch list from places like
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yemen and elsewhere, so what exactly will it take for the biden and harris administration to take the issue seriously? you have unsanitary conditions, massive overcrowding, covid super-spreader conditions. fights breaking out and now reports of child rape. known terrorists, we have ms-13 gang members and what has been the response? absolutely nothing. there is silence from the white house, silence from joe, kamala, chuck, nancy, the media mob, democrats in general, a national disgrace protecting socialist democrats, clearly now more important than protecting these kids and protecting our country. in the biden administration is cramming migrants into cages where they are now being abused in large numbers and remember, joe and barack, they first built the cages for kids in 2014. remember in 2018 the media mob light and said donald trump did this and then they show the
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video. fortunately that video was from the obama-biden era. this entire crisis is self-inflicted, it's a catastrophe of joe biden's own making. he told the migrants to come. he provided incentives for them to come, held out amnesty as a reward and he was totally unprepared when they did come. and he's now closed his eyes and his ears to any of the problems he has now caused. by the way, making conditions at the border facilities horrendous, law enforcement now is stretched razor-thin. what does that mean? that's a field day for drug dealers and traffickers and human traffickers, they are cashing in at all think to joe biden's failed policies and that is a simple truth. now more than ever it's time to put the safety, security, sovereignty of our nation's borders over biden's reckless, irresponsible political power hungry political pandering and perpetual lying that's going on. here with reaction, investigative reporter, fox news
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contributor, she's down in mcallen, texas, tonight, sara carter. >> sean, i've got to tell you, you know, the numbers are startling and border patrol officials that i've spoken with today as well as other law enforcement officials say it's so alarming and they fear what's going to happen in the future. just in the month of march alone, there were about 20,000 undocumented, unaccompanied minors that crossed into the united states. yesterday i spent the day with congressman jim jordan on the border and here's what he had to say about the issue. >> this is truly chaos. 40% of their time is spent processing, and not doing the job that the taxpayers expect them to do and that they want to do. we saw one pot on the covert protocol that is supposed to house 33 kids. there were 527 children in the facility. >> what goes through your mind when you see that? when you see it in person? we know that this is been a huge complaint on the border patrol as well as health and human
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services. >> it's what goes through every american's mind. you feel for those kids and those families who want what we've enjoyed, they want to be in the greatest country ever, but you have to do it in a legal way, you have to do it in an orderly fashion. you can't have this surge. we heard from the head of border patrol that this is the biggest surge they've ever seen. last month they had the busiest month in a history of border patrol since they've been keeping records. there's no other way to describe it then it's chaotic in these families are trying to get here, particularly the children, what they have to go through is just heartbreaking. you can see it on some of the kids' faces when you're in the facility walking around. >> sean, it's really gut wrenching. i've been out of the border with many of those children coming across, their very first time actually in the united states of america, coming across illegally. no parents, nobody with them, the first person that they meet,
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the first person that they see is actually border patrol agents on the other side of the river waiting for them. i've got to tell you the situation is a crisis and that is the reason why today at dhs secretary alejandra mayor chris flew into mcallen, texas. came into the mcallen, texas, airport, it's a private airfield. he landed there when he spoke to roughly 50 or so border patrol officials, cbp officials as well as people with air and marine aviation who patrol the area. he did not stay very long, he just stopped here, he flew out. i did hear though while he was in the meeting that he was asked why is there a gag order on the media, why won't you allow the media to ask you questions? according to the people i spoke with, he said there was no gag order, he said that he did not issue a gag order on the media, but i can tell you none of us had an opportunity to speak with him, he was here very briefly and then he flew out. >> sean: you know that
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directly because 119 senators led by senator cruz in texas and lindsey graham and ron johnson and senator cotton, when they were all down there, you were with them. our cameras were with them and when they actually went into the facilities holding these kids, what did they say when you wanted to go in with your cameras? >> right, they wouldn't let anybody in with a camera and it's really disheartening because we know based on sources and people that we've spoken with here in mcallen, texas, as well as the facility and the whistle-blower letters that we got, we know that the facility was overcrowded exponentially, that there were children in there with covid that they couldn't separate one from another, now there's another delegation here tonight, congressman devin nunes of california, house with steve scalise, as well as michael mccaul. they are going down to the rio grande river. they're going to be out there with border patrol. they're going to see for themselves when it's happening, all the agents are asking for
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right now is that the biden administration, president biden, vice president kamala harris listen to them, come down on the ground. this is not from 30,000 feet up, this has to be with boots on the ground so that they can see for themselves the crisis that is happening at the border and a crisis that they say they are responsible for. >> sean: the remarkable thing is -- again, i use the analogy, any american day care center and his images were coming out of children in overcrowded positions in the middle of a pandemic with a high rate of covert positivity on top of each other, zero social distancing and not a lot of mask wearing and a lot of illness and now allegations of violence, rape among kids and much, much more. overcrowding, 600%, 700%, 1600%, 1700% and you see the images that we were able to get, it's only the tip of the iceberg, is that accurate?
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>> that's absolutely accurate and i can tell you this, think about with the children are going through inside these facilities, how it's overcrowded, the allegations of sexual abuse. well, imagine the eight weeks that they spent on the road, some of them coming from as far as honduras, el salvador, going to guatemala, going through mexico alone, being carried into the united states speak 29. these are people that are monsters, they don't care about these children. in fact there were reports that some of these folks, smugglers, through a child into the rio grande river so that our border patrol agents would have to go after and rescue the child in the river so that way they could cross other people on another area or contraband in another area of the rio grande. these children have suffered exponentially and they say it's based mainly on the policies in the united states. failed policies that basically allow the drug cartel as well as the human traffickers to lie to the people in central america and say look, president biden has opened the door, if you all can come in. this is just the beginning, sean.
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i can tell you this, they are expecting the numbers to surpass anything we've seen in the past and possibly even go up to 200,000 undocumented children this year in the united states alone. >> sean: all right, sara carter, thank you, good reporting. directly head, joe biden's assault today on the second amendment. dan bongino, geraldo rivera, they will debate that. they will debate the border. later, a shocking situation in seattle in these homeless encampments at two schools in seattle. you're not going to believe this, we have a full investigative report there as well. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> sean: turning to our other top story tonight, joe biden earlier today rolled out a series of executive orders, yes, bypassing that other coequal branch of government known as the legislative branch,
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targeting so-called what he calls "ghost guns" and pistol-stabilizing braces, all well teasing further action to undermine your second amendment rights. don't say we didn't warn you. a so-called ban on so-called assault weapons. here's biden, a little confused as usual earlier today. >> president biden: nothing, nothing i'm about to recommend in any way impinges on the second amendment. they are phony arguments suggesting that these are second amendment rights at stake in what we are talking about. but no amendment, no amendment to the constitution is absolute. alcoholic tobacco and firearms, the key agency enforcing gun laws hasn't had a permanent director since 2015. today i am proud to nominate david chipman to serve as the director of the aft. david knows the aft well.
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>> sean: the atf, joe, alcohol, tobacco, firearms. now these actions bypass the legislature, that coequal branch of government again. they will likely be challenged in court, that third coequal branch of government known as the traditional branch, unconstitutional and for being a complete affront to the second amendment. of course biden did not stop there because no democrat talking point about guns would be complete without the lie about alleged -- the gun show loophole they call it. take a look. >> president biden: these bills, one, require background checks for anyone purchasing a gun at a gun show or an online sale. [applause] [indiscernible] you walk into a score and you have a gun, you have a background check. you go to a gun show, you can buy whatever you want, no background check. >> sean: more biden lies. joe got blown over by the wind
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three times getting aboard air force one. jim crow 2.0, delaware laws are way more restrictive than georgia. let me break it down for you, joe. if a licensed firearm dealer wants to sell you a gun, you must fill out a 4473 firearms transaction form, undergo a background check. it doesn't matter whether or not you're at a gun show. get your facts straight, joe, you're supposed to be the commander-in-chief. the law actually means something, although you don't enforce it at the border for sure. of course biden's actions have nothing to do with the safety and everything to do with making it harder for law-abiding, everyday americans to defend themselves and their families. it is the right of the people to keep and to bear arms in case you forgot that part. and get this, we are also finding out tonight that snuck into biden's noninfrastructure infrastructure package is a $5 billion so-called gun
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violence prevention program. all right, but what do biden and harris know about violence prevention? i don't remember either one of them at all talking about or even recognizing all the rioting that took place all summer long. vice president harris even promoting that bail fund to help out violent criminals. the entire summer they downplayed attacks against our brave men and women in law enforcement, 3,000 injured, rocks, bottles, bricks, molotov cocktails and worse. you know, they supported the left's efforts to defund the police, joe biden said police become the enemy and now they want to further restrict your ability to defend yourself and your family to stop criminals and keep your homes and communities safe. first they killed american energy jobs. then they opened the borders and ushered in a humanitarian security and health crisis. then they spent trillions on the far left radical socialist agenda. they lied about it, said it was emergency covid relief and now
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they are saying it's infrastructure. now they want to leave you defenseless even as crime rises all across the country. on top of that, they want d.c., puerto rico statehood, they want to pack the courts and they are doing all of this in the name of unity. here with reaction, fox news contributor dan bongino along with fox news correspondent at large geraldo rivera. if you know, dan, the main thing that i can't take care of is when we are being lied to. i don't think joe biden got blown over by the wind three times on his way up air force one. i don't think joe biden doesn't know about the catastrophe of the border, but the media gives him a pass. i don't think joe biden doesn't know the truth about what he saying about guns, is just going to do what he wants anyway. anything controversial, he'll bypass congress with the stroke of a pen. >> yeah. i'm glad you're framing it this way because it brings up a very important question and the question is this: is joe biden just don't be or is joe biden
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just a liar? because there's no option c. >> sean: does joe biden even know what day of the week it is? >> that is true, forgive me. option c is biden sadly cognitively impaired beyond recognition. there is an option c, let's play with option a and b. c dopey -- >> cognitively impaired? we already go cognitively impaired? cognitively impaired. [indiscernible]. >> sean: we will give you time, relax. >> yeah, calm down, buddy. take it easy. here's the problem with this guy. everything he comments on he either lies about or if he doesn't like it he just doesn't know the georgia law. listen, man, your job closes at 5:00 and so to the polls -- they don't close at 5:00, the law allows the polls to stay open until seven, did he even read the georgia law? then you hear him today on the
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gun thing. as you accurately stated, you know, you go to a gun show, you buy whatever you want without a background check. has this guy ever been to a gun show? does he realize he sounds like an idiot to people who actually know what they're talking about? all you have to do is go to assert atomic search engine and put "myth of the gun show loophole." he is either dopey or he is a liar and he thinks are really stupid. >> sean: you know, geraldo, you've been now in broadcasting 50 years, congratulations. we are all friends even though we do have at times like this political disagreements. >> i love you both. >> sean: the feeling is mutual. one of the best pieces of work you ever did in your career was expose the abusive conditions for children at a place called willowbrook and it shocks the conscience what you discovered. you actually change for the better how we treat mentally disabled people in this country. to your credit.
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i want your take. it's certainly not willowbrook, but you look at those kids in cages, geraldo, those overcrowded cages built by joe biden in the middle of the pandemic and now credible charges of child rape on top of a pandemic and covid spreading like wildfire in these facilities, kids not being able to shower. you tell me, geraldo, if those were images of a day care center in any state in this country, what that day care center be shut down? would you want those owners arrested? >> yes, and yes. and i think it's a very fair point. but you know the old saying the road to hell is paved with good intentions. i believe joe biden had good intentions. he had no idea of the cataclysm he was unleashing when he said he would not deport unaccompanied minors. he had no clue. >> sean: we've been reporting on for weeks.
6:32 pm
now he knows, geraldo, we got the images -- we now got them. >> right. what biden has to do tomorrow is have a press conference and say he is restarting the border wall tomorrow. he's got to do that, got to do some affirmative action, recognizing that has policy is bankrupt. the second thing he has to do is demand of president lopez of mexico and immediate emergency summit for -- the presidents of guatemala, honduras, and el salvador. they have to get together. why is that the mexican army deployed the way it was during the last year of the trump administration? to stop the flow of migrants from central america at the southern border of mexico, not allowing them to come through mexico to present themselves to the united states. dramatic action is to be taken immediately. i don't think that anyone wanted
6:33 pm
the result that these pictures have so graphically showed. >> sean: let's concede the point, let's say you're right, maybe he didn't protect this has been happening. we've been on this for two weeks, they haven't lifted a finger. we don't need a summit, i don't think joe was even capable, frankly, of having a summit without weeks worth of rest and sleep in preparation. so he can just reinstate the stay in mexico policy, go back to border wall construction and then end the insanity of catch and release, dan. >> i mean listen, geraldo, with due respect here, you have a role in this too. you have a national audience to talk to, you've been a figure in american media for, gosh, decades now and i get where your emotions are, i understand, seriously. you say things like these are human beings, they should be treated with signet late. absolutely, you are 100% correct but i think when you constantly fail to address on the show is the power of incentive and i
6:34 pm
abated you now for three years on shawn 's show you constantly say things like what are we going to do, deport these people? yes! because once you start doing it you set up a series of incentives where people say maybe it's not worth it for me to break the law and go into the united states because i'm going to be sent home and maybe i should do it the right way and when you talk like that, people with your profile, it encourages others listening to you to follow this destructive advice and that's how we wind up -- i'm not blaming you for the crisis, i'm just saying you understand these negative incentives are encouraging more people to do exactly what you're recommending. >> i agree with that part, i have said that, this is joe biden's and joe biden's naivete or incompetence that led to this result. but we all saw, dan, and i know you are a person of good heart. we also saw the 5-year-old unaccompanied crying saying that the child was afraid that she would be snatched or he would be
6:35 pm
snatched or kidnapped or hurt in some way. what are you going to do? your going to carry that get to the border and say not my problem anymore? that's where we are in this jam, because -- >> sean: no it's not, joe invited them. we are in this jam -- wait a minute, one year ago we only had 35,000 people in march. we've got 175,000 this year because of joe. and then they see that everybody that has come is getting in and that are also holding out the prize of great worth, and that is amnesty for everybody. and that is what's driving all of this. >> there is something else driving it and we never talk about it because they are mostly republicans, they are the farm in the agricultural industry offering jobs to everyone who can make it.
6:36 pm
they take no responsibility other than looking at the phony social security card and they all have the same number. they take no responsibility, they are pulling these people. hundreds of thousands of jobs. we have to regularize these temporary workers, because we need them, they are essential workers, we have to regularize it, we can't have this hypocrisy where they can -- you can make it, you get deported, you go to suv and you'd died -- 13 if you die, just trying to claw their way to get a job, they just want to get a job. they get [indiscernible] on one side of the border and a dollar 50 on the other. >> this is where we get into the emotional argument. again, not the facts, there is a legal process to apply for a work visa! i'm really sorry that the rest of the world does not have the prosperity of the united states. they should try freedom and liberty, some of these governments. it works, we are the test tube for it, but we are not responsible for the rest of the
6:37 pm
world employment problems. we are responsible for ours. >> we are responsible for the five euros. we are responsible. >> sean: no, geraldo. >> you're making my case, not yours! the 5-year-old, we took care of the five year old, you're making my point, not yours! there are individual tough cases that we -- no one in the united states was going let's launch this 5-year-old out of the country tomorrow, nobody! there are tough cases and we have a court system for that. what you just throwing out the whole system because some loser smugglers abandoned a 5-year-old in the desert, that's not legislate -- that's not responsibility. >> we should announce -- one last point, one last point, in the press conference where he announces the restarting of the construction of the border wall, president biden should also with the mexican president, say to these traffickers, we are coming for you, we are going to throw the book at you, you're not going to see the blue sky for
6:38 pm
decades if you are smuggling these -- we have to get tough on these human traffickers. >> sean: i don't think is capable of scaring a fly in my own humble opinion. all right, thank you both. geraldo, thank you. dan bongino. up next, shocking revelations about hunter's infamous laptop, pictures [indiscernible], candace owens will explain and homeless in camas at seattle schools, you won't believe, this is at the school. you won't believe this story, coming up. ♪ ♪ n-drowsy, allergy relief plus an immediate cooling sensation for your throat. feel the clarity, and live claritin clear.
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♪ ♪ >> sean: my sources have been telling me this is coming. tonight we're learning new details about the salacious contents of hunter biden's laptop and hard drive from hell. this is the daily mail and their
6:43 pm
blockbuster report today reporting on new contents, exposing hunter's struggles, his debauchery, his conversations with his father. for example, texts from 2019 showing hunter begging joe to run for president in part to salvage his own reputation. the materials show he repeatedly dodged law enforcement action despite alleged involvement with, drugs, and it's worse according to my sources, and despite not being entitled to secret service protection at the time, hunter reportedly guarded by the agency while on a bender in los angeles. look at the screen right there showing photos. there is doubt one picture right there. this was in a daily mail today, that's 1 of 2 of a sexual nature that is there. you can see -- we will go back and show you without a variety of troubling situations or hunter biden didn't make it into his new book that's coming out and totally ignored by the media
6:44 pm
mob and showing him engaging in sex acts, drug use. look at that, you see those teeth? a well known side effect for huge amounts of drug abuse. especially with crack cocaine. remember the mob in the media, big tech, remember? they wouldn't let you see and learn what was on that laptop before the election. they told you this was russian disinformation and it was all fake and big tech, they were happy to participate in their big lie and as jonathan turley wrote in an op-ed today, biden's new red flag gun control proposal could be applied directly the story about hunter and his gun from 2018. get that for irony. there with reaction, the host of candace, appropriate entitled, candace owens is back with us. good to have you back, candace. >> thanks. >> sean: first let's -- i don't know if you have the same sources i do or different sources, this is another step, but i'm told there is more and
6:45 pm
far worse. have you heard that? >> i haven't just heard that, i actually was one of the early people that shared some of the text messages that you're referring to, it is going to get much verse, chorus and twitter locked me out of my account, they said it was a form of victimization to the people hunter biden was allegedly -- i will say allegedly now -- victimizing in that text message is going to get much, much more sick and more twisted and the fact that this was suppressed, the fact that this was allowed to be suppressed points to a larger problem across social media. what's come out now is fully despicable. it's completely perverse and i have a lot of questions about it, namely where is the #metoo movement on this, right? it was not about women among men in positions of power utilizing women against their will? we see a bunch of drug-fueled parties, we see these videos of women that are in compromising positions, are we supposed to believe that these women gave their consent, that they were clear minded to give their consent to be videotaping, recording them, putting them on the internet, putting them on
6:46 pm
pornographic websites? aren't there questions for joe biden here, the author of the three strict policy? wasn't black america same just a fort while ago when white people commit crimes they don't ever see any time and when black people commit those theme times they spend sons of time in prison? how many days has hunter biden spent in prison? hunter biden, how many times and how forgiving -- how many strikes would he have gotten based on just the photos alone that show that he was deeply emerged in these illegal activities? a lot of this -- the biggest thing we do want to get lost here, we should not forget here, is that joe biden lied. he lied. he called this russian disinformation. the sitting president of the united states lied to the american people. >> sean: i know people that have seen the entire laptop. i've interviewed the laptop repair man, for example. i have other sources, that it's so sensitive in terms of how it would be characterized legally, watching my words carefully
6:47 pm
here, that i can't take possession of it. or else i could be charged for having possession of it. does that make sense to you? >> that makes perfect sense to me, i know exactly what you're talking about and i also received these messages a long time ago when it was then-candidate joe biden for president and i shared it on twitter because i said to myself this is so despicable that america needs to know this information, because we have a president, h2b president that could potentially be covering this up and this is the kind of stuff that any person, any decent human being in america would say you know what, if there was a person that is covering up this kind of information to protect his son and not saying you know, i want nothing to do with you, i would not want him sitting in the white house. >> sean: last-minute -- last name was trump to think we would already have it out? >> could you imagine if those pictures were donald trump jr. or eric trump, what the meter would be doing as of twitter would ever be censoring it? despicable. the double standards here are
6:48 pm
despicable. >> sean: you have two fans done in florida that say hello. i will tell you later. thank you, candace. directly had come liberal cities in crisis, homeless encampments at seattle schools. you can't make this up, a neighbor, parents, will be her to speak out about that shocking situation. that's next, our investigative report. ♪ ♪
6:49 pm
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a little preparation will make you and your family safer in an emergency. a week's worth of food and water, radio, flashlight, batteries and first aid kit are a good start to learn more, visit ♪ ♪ >> sean: at seattle the students return to in person learning this month, some families are horrified after discovering homeless encampments at or near the campus of two public schools. some residents believe the homeless crisis poses a serious threat to the welfare of students. members of the community are speaking out and seeking action. here with reaction is the founder of neighbors of
6:53 pm
brookfield thompson k-8 school, bill steele and concerned parent. let me start with you, looking at what's here, it's illegal to do this, public school property. you have issues, one statement is the playground is 10 feet from the encampment, fights, drug deals, drug use, defecation, urination, all things report happening and an increase in crime in the area, all true? >> all true, sean. we got together early in march, we drafted the letter, we sent it to the school, the city, police and the parks department officials and we asked them to meet us at a meeting that we had out on our street and at least explained to us what the timeline is for the encampment removal and if there's going to be a plan for ongoing
6:54 pm
mitigation, preventing further encampments on the property, because this is not the first time we've had it and also we reached out to them and said what can we do to help clean up and restore this area after the encampment is removed? >> sean: and the answer? >> nobody -- nobody attended our meeting and since that time we have not received a single word or anything on our request to have those answered. >> sean: mr. goodrich? you are a parent. you want your kids going to that school? >> you know, i'm very concerned. i'm worried that there will be a drug deal gone bad. it right now the kids are there, the playground is right there, they see everything that happens in this encampment. there's been fights reported, drug deals, drug use. i just don't want that near my kids and i feel terrible that they are being subjected to it every day. >> sean: you know, i'm looking
6:55 pm
at this and why not sue? why not take it to court immediately, get an injunction? >> that is one option we are looking at right now, sean. >> sean: it looks like your only option unless you're going to go in there and battle it yourself, which i highly advise you not to do. but kids should have a right to go to school, the law is clear and i just can't believe they are that unresponsive, i'm sorry for both of you. it's not fair to you, it's not fair to the neighborhood, not fair to the kids, not fair to the school district. we will keep on the story, thank you both. you're not going to believe what happened and rosie o'donnell's house, our old friend, straight ahead. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> sean: old friend rosie o'donnell recently sold her new jersey mansion at a $1 million loss, couldn't have happened to a nicer person and get this, real estate developer who bought it plans to demolish the residents and convert the
7:00 pm
5-acre property into 60 units of affordable housing. needless to say, the residents of the ultra-wealthy neighborhood of saddle river, not exactly thrilled. i don't know what's tougher. i think rosie might be a tough neighbor. please set your dvr, we will always be independent, we are never the media mob, let not your heart be troubled. pete hegseth in for laura ingraham. it's what you like better, getting up at 3:00 in the morning or finishing your night at 11:00 p.m.? >> pete: you know, i'm an army guy so i'm used to getting up early in the morning. i don't know how you do it every day. you knock it out early in the morning but i will take this evening stuff, you're better at me, i'm just taking notes. >> sean: great to have you in prime time and you've been doing great on fox and fox & friends weekends, great job. >> pete: thank you, sean, appreciate it, well done as well. i'm pete hegseth in for laura ingraham and this is "the ingraham angle." tonight, with the left won't tell you about the true state of our southern


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