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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  April 8, 2021 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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cruel saddam hussein. thank you very much, jason. fox news prime time" back tomorrow. but don't touch that dial number because tucker starts right here, right now. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." we often accuse politicians of dishonesty on the show. let us boil it on. nothing the democratic party advocates for his more dishonest than gun control. everything is false. most actually aren't like that. try to be honest on the show. you can still sort of see what the other side is talking about. he deeply disliked taxes, but
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you can still acknowledge it's unfair to charge people for the services received by the government. or you can hate abortion and we do. and you can still understand that if you are being totally honest about it, why a scared pregnant teenager might be tempted to have one. but gun control is not like that. gun control is entirely fraudulent. the democratic party claims that guns cause violence. that is a core claim and it is a lie. the places in this country that have the most guns and the loosest controls on those guns also have the least gun violence. that is the bottom line. you can look it up. it's publicly available to anyone. anyone who tries to restrict to illegally own firearms is not trying to make america safer. the point is to disarm you, to strip you of your autonomy on your right to self-defense. gun control is not about guns. gun control is about who
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controls america. is that the population as in a democracy mr. mark orders all control go to a small group of authoritarians as in an oligarchy? those are the stakes in the gun control debate. it's not about guns. it's about who runs the country. so, with that in mind, joe biden's speech today calling for more gun control should make you uncomfortable. almost nothing biden said was true. here are a few highlights to give you a flavor. biden claimed that firearms purchased at gun shows are exempt from background checks. that's a lie. anyone who has ever been to a gun show can show you. joe biden claims that gun manufacturers have total immunity against lawsuits. that is also a lie. gun manufacturers get sued all the time. ask them. so, is the speech aiming to mislead rather than informed? joe biden wanted to remind you that those rights are not really the first place. they are not come as he put it,
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absolute. >> nothing i am about to recommend in any way impinges on the second amendment. phony arguments suggesting that these are second amendment rights at stake we are talking about. but no amendment, no amendment to the constitution is absolute. >> tucker: you heard the sirens in the background responding to the skyrocketing crime rate in the city it resides over. but the right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. that's the promise in the u.s. constitution. but according to joe biden, it's still not an absolute right despite what the text says. no, that right is subject to his approval and his interpretation. joe biden's in charge of the constitution now. joe biden defines its terms. and joe biden has decided to something called stabilizing can no longer be allowed. it is used by target shooters to hold heavy firearms. they play zero role in the
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murder the murder epidemic now underway in our cities. the wise joe biden banning them without the approval of congress? probably because up to 40 million law-abiding americans own this device and under this order, joe biden's order, everyone of those people have to alert federal authorities and pay hundreds of dollars in fines for the crime of owning a harmless piece of plastic that was legal yesterday. and if they don't comply, joe biden's federal authorities can then drag them off in handcuffs, use the property, and charge them with a felony. so with a single stroke of a pen, joe biden just turned tens of millions of overwhelmingly republican voters into criminals. is the starting to make sense now? think about that for a minute and you will begin to understand why the democratic party is so focused on what they call weapons of war. you might know them as a semiautomatic small caliber sporting rifles that normal people used for hunting and target shooting and home defense. here's the thing that you should
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know. and again, don't take our word for it. look it up. no subject is more carefully catalogued than guns. guns like the scum of the so-called weapons of war play no meaningful role in crime. virtually all gun owners have a handgun. a small number of people, again, provable, a small number of people are responsible for most of the violence and they use a small number of weapons to commit it. here are the numbers. according to the most recent data from the fbi, firearms were involved in a total of 10,258 homicides in 2019, the last date available. fewer than 500 were committed with rifles including weapons of war. so, criminals don't use rifles. they are not concealable. maybe that's why. in fact, more people were murdered with knives than with rifles. so, if you actually cared about making the country safer comic keeping people from getting
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murdered, you would target handguns in big cities. that is where the murders are. that is where the violence is. but the biden administration is doing the opposite of this. the mirror image of this. the biden administration is letting big-city criminals go. people who use guns for violence are walking out of jail. instead, the biden demonstration is using, you saw it today, the full force of government to disarm peaceful voters and zip code voters who voted for donald trump. it is that simple. today, biden announced that he wants to ban what he calls "assault weapons." he is speaking about they are 15, which of the single most popular sporting rifle in america. so, the point is if they ban so-called assault weapons, with the country become safer? that is the only question that matters. we don't need to get to the answer because we have tried this before. under bill clinton, for ten full years, he banned assault rifles. and that my law, the department of justice saw the effect. so we know the effect. you can look it up if you want.
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it didn't work. once that ban expired in 2004, gun homicides fell in almost every major city. so, policies like this one are unhinged from reality to put it gently. so, to enforce them, joe biden has nominated a man who is unhinged from reality. his name is david chipman he will now run tobacco and fire alarms. an agency that joe biden referred to as afc. >> today am proud to nominate david chipman to serve as the director of the aft. david knows aft well. >> tucker: [laughs] david knows aft well. hilarious. if you are joe biden, aft is the teachers union. so, who is david chipman? well, he is a conspiracy nut. he claims that it shot down helicopters during a waco siege in 1993. no, it didn't.
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no one was shot or injured that day. the helicopters do not crash. that is a bizarre claim to me for someone who is directly involved in the case, as david chipman was. but it's worse than that. in 1993, the atf killed dozens of innocent children and at least one pregnant woman for no obvious reason. it is one of the worst things that federal agents have ever done in this country. so if you are taking over the atf, maybe you could apologize for that. but no, he lied about it and then -- attacking the victims forgetting syphilis. it was not evidence of a generous spirit. it was evidence of zealous. this is the man that joe biden has nominated to lead atf. but it gets worse thing on that. he suggested that people who failed background checks should be arrested on the spot. while at atf, i conducted studies involving people who conducted --
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this is a perfect opportunity to arrest people before committing crimes rather than responding after the fact. arrest people before they commit crimes. that is a brand-new concept in american law, that the chinese are highly familiar with. but the suggestion does raise a point to the joe biden family. he just appointed a guy who thinks that people rely on federal background checks should go to prison. do you know any? he lied on a federal background check. that is not speculation. he did. we have seen the form. so the question is, will he arrest the president's son? and if he doesn't arrest the president's son, the question is how exactly are you obligated to follow these rules? how can you participate in a system like that? again, sincere question. they should explain. we should note that david
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chipman has said a lot of other things on the internet that hasn't want you to see. he blocked his twitter account so that nobody can read it. the daily wire found an archive version. they found that david chipman has deleted at least a thousand tweets in recent days and we can only speculate about what he said. we do know that what he said publicly tells us all we need to know about how he got this job. in october 2018, for example, david chipman told the hill that ar-15s it should be treated "just like machine guns." well, machine guns are banned in this country. he believes the single most popular rental in america should be banned. he made that remark in the past. in 2012, he suggested to msnbc that the secret service should not carry firearms and last year, david chipman openly mocked millions of americans who were buying to protect their families from the crime wave that his party has unleashed on
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the country. >> they may think that they are diehard, ready to go, but unfortunately they are putting themselves and their families and dangers. but i would suggest is for those people who are first-time gun owners, that they did go out and buy a gun, i would secure that gun locked and hide it behind the cans of beef jerky stored in the cabinet and only bring that out if the zombies start to appear. and i don't think they are. >> tucker: it's hard to imagine a remark that is more inferior rating than that one. if you brought down mike bought a gun to protect your family, your business, your home duringt these people unleashed on the country, a conspiracy not running the atf calls you crazy, that is why if you made the mistake of buying a handgun with a magazine that holds more than ten rounds, in other words if
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you own one of the most popular guns in america, you would be obligated to surrender to that guy. >> high-capacity means, what kind of numbers i was talking about? >> yeah, so i think the consensus has been around 10. and there are a number of reasons why -- >> 10 and above would be high customer >> yeah, let's say 10 and below would be reaso. above would be regulated. >> tucker: so, this raises a lot of questions. why is david chipman allowed to decide how many rollout? is he in charge of protecting your family? does he live in your neighborhood? are your children his responsibility? this is outrageous. but worse than that, it's not real. people like david chipman art opposed to gun violence. in fact, people like david chipman and his party certainly are making gun violence possible in this country. we could give you many examples we have for years peer here is a new one. in washington, the city is planning to stop enforcing gun
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laws. really? the party that thinks guns cause violence is no longer pulling them off the streets. he just sent a memo announcing "no longer are we focused on getting guns." are they telling you that your guns are the problem? not a criminal's gun. your guns. because you are the criminal now. meanwhile, in chicago where a 20-month-old child was just shot on the street last month, mayor has decided that not all guns need to be removed. according to lori lightfoot, it is "military grade weapons from other states." >> tuesday, little kayden was shot on lakeshore drive. 18 others were shot. 5 of them died. wednesday, mayor lori lightfoot said part of the crime issue is gun control. >> if you can go over to the border and literally buy military grade weapons at any
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quantity. >> number show that crime is up. around this time last year, there were 521 people shot. now that number 743. >> tucker: this is one of those topics that is hard to do on tv. because in about an hour, you can learn more about this topic. actual facts about this topic that every single person making the policy. everything they say is untrue and provably so. there is no issue which they mined more than this one. lori lightfoot, the one that you just saw. chicago's own data proves it. according to chicago police in 2018, 2019, authorities encountered a grand total of -- 4 people in the whole city with rifles. that's it. and that is what lori lightfoot is focused on.
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in that same period, they encountered 44 people with revolvers. 32 people wielding their feet in a violent manner. and the rest, of course were semiautomatic handguns. that's all the murders and everyone knows it. rifles are not a real threat in chicago and haven't been for a long time, if ever. between 2013 and 2016, just 4.8% of guns were covered by the chicago police peered 4.8%. the most recent murder report from chicago was from all the way back in 2011. but according to that report, just one rifle was used in a homicide in the city of chicago. one. and that is what they want to take away. why? because you own it, not the criminals. in the decades that follow, kim fox took over in chicago and during her tenure, prosecutors started dropping cases for serious gun crimes. not accidentally but as a matter
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of policy. reckless discharge of a firearm, aggravated discharge, serious crimes involving guns. they dropped the charges. they are not worried about gun crimes. they are worried about you protecting yourself. across the country. criminals who commit violent crimes are going free. meanwhile, you haven't heard anyone. you haven't done anything wrong. but suddenly you are a felon for trying to defend your home. you can see what is going on here. again, they are not trying to control guns. they are trying to control you. advocates for the second amendment very effectively. he joins us tonight. thanks so much for coming on. how can you say that you are opposed to gun crime and make it as a matter of policy and the decision to release gun criminals? >> well, as you pointed out, they are not opposed to gun crimes. i have even gone so far as, i
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honestly personally believe they leveraged violence in these places to push their agenda of gaining such control. and so, they use the violence in these places to pack their numbers to make it seem like we have a gun issue in this country when we really don't. you really break the numbers down, we do not have a gun problem in this country. we have over 300 million people and over 400 million guns. when you break those numbers down as far as homicides are concerned, we are looking somewhere around 10-11000 in the vast majority of those are happening in very specific areas in this country that have the exact same problem. yeah, so the gun control in this country is dissing genuine. disingenuous. >> tucker: is just so interesting to me. they clearly have a crime problem. the reality of the rest of us are living with. gun control is demonstrably not the answer. why is this in the first few
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months one of their top agendas? >> welcome you have to understand, a lot of people have to understand that a lot of this is being pushed by special interest groups behind the scenes. light, there is an out and out gun control lobby that no one ever wants to talk about. they talk about all the program lobbies but they never talk about the antigun, the big money that is behind all of this that is pushing this, that is getting a lot of these politicians into power to push their agenda. but they hide behind the scenes and they don't really want to talk about it and then they sell you this idea that you are here to keep us safe. so me the kicks down the door in the middle of night, you are not going to be there to do something about it. i'm going to have to do something about it along with the rest of americans in this country. we are first responders. what is i do? that facilitates the idea and the notion of independence. but you can't have that when you want to expand the powers of the government. no, no, no, no.
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we have to make you dependent on us. most valuable thing you have come you have to depend on us to protect it. >> tucker: that's nicely-put. the most valuable thing you have. thank you. >> absolutely. thanks for having me, tucker. >> tucker: so, speaking of the most famous gun criminal who will never be arrested, like you. hunter biden. he has a memoir. not all the details are there, though, like how he got on authorized illegal secret service protection, lied and so on. one reporter is here to fill in the blanks on everything that isn't in the report. that's next. ♪ ♪
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musical >> tucker: hunter biden is out with a new memoir called "beautiful things." it is a tell all but explains how hunter biden is finally able to appreciate his life. the book is going to have some gaps in there. >> you make just one reference to it in the book. is that laptop yours? >> you don't need the laptop.
5:25 pm
you got a book. it's all in the book. and i don't know. i truly, the serious answer is that i truly do not know. >> did you leave a laptop with a repair man? you don't remember? >> no. >> are you missing a laptop? >> not that i know of. just read the book and you will realize that i wasn't keeping tabs on possessions very well for about a four year period of time. >> tucker: so, it is his laptop, it turns out. or at least the material on the laptop. there is no question about that. did he leave it at the repair shop? honestly, that's kind of a weird story. not everyone believes that. but everyone who is honest will now concede that the material on the laptop was in fact hunter biden and now it is confirmed today by the daily mail, which is technically -- he read it. he works at the daily mail. he also run hunter biden's book. and it turns out some details didn't make the manuscript.
5:26 pm
josh boswell works of the daily mail and we are happy to have him on. thanks so much for coming on. so just to be totally clear, i think we can say conclusively beyond dispute, what some of us have been saying for months now, this was hunter biden's. >> yeah, there's very little doubt at this point there that was something we wanted to make sure we were clear on a before we publish this big story. we did a report with some forensic experts, a 29 year fbi veteran who set up the fbi's cyber forensics unit and got him to analyze the laptop data that we had a copy of and he concluded there was nothing there to suggest it was a fabrication and it pertained to hunter biden. >> tucker: so, what is on the laptop that isn't in the book? because there's a lot. i mean, hunter says, his
5:27 pm
publishers say it's a tell-all book, you don't need the laptop. that is frankly absolute rubbish. there is a lot in there. as soon as i booted up that drive and started looking through just the photos, i was bombarded with these graphic shocking images. one of the first things i came across was a picture of him with two {flush prostitutes on the bed, there is a dog there with him as well. there is even a photo of him pulling another prostitute's hair. there are also some conversations between him and his father, joe biden that i found really surprising and concerning. there is one text exchange where
5:28 pm
he pleads with his father to run for president. this was two months before joe biden was declared. joe promises him that he would. but in the same breath, he says hunter, i'm worried that my phone is being hacked, that my texts are being hacked. i've got to ask yourself, why would joe biden be worried about that and why would he be trying to stop hunter putting certain things in writing? >> tucker: i was struck by those exchanges with his father. i was want to be honest. joe biden is very warm towards his son. he is affectionate in a way that you recognize and appreciate. but there is evidence of crime. all i could come a on this laptop there which hunter biden has never been charged as far as i know. give us an example. >> yeah, that's right. so, you've got countless photographs of him taking drugs. you've got many, many texts exchanges between him and some
5:29 pm
of them who we believe to be prostitutes and some who actually have charges for prostitution. sometimes getting two at the same time in rooms. and you've also got, it's interesting that you bring up about joe. i really agree with you as well. he's a doting father. he clearly loves his son a lot. but you get to a point where joe knows about his son's severe severe drug addiction and he is still funding him. hunter goes to him saying that he doesn't have enough money, that he is being bled dry by the alimony payments when in fact he is spending thousands of dollars on prostitutes come on crack cocaine. joe biden says can i pay your bills? do you need cash? in some ways he's enabling him.
5:30 pm
this is a man, joe biden, who has been very, very harsh on drug users in the past. he said that george bush sr.'s policies were not tough enough. he pushed for stronger -- people involved in drug crimes. seems to be that he has a different approach when it comes to his own son. >> tucker: yeah, well, he's a weak liberal. there is no control of of the people around him. i see a theme. i see a theme there. i appreciate you coming on tonight confirming the data and giving us the details. thank you. >> thank you, tucker. >> tucker: so you are not allowed to criticize bill gates anymore. he's a billionaire, so obviously you bow. but it turns out bill gates does have a lot of control over our lives, more than most people understand. spending a lot of money.
5:31 pm
are you comfortable with bill gates dimming the sun? seems like a lot of power for one man to alter the solar system. we will get the details, straight ahead. ♪ ♪ out here, you're a landowner, a gardener, a landscaper and a hunter. that's why you need versatile, durable kubota equipment. do you have a life insurance policy you no longer need? now you can sell your policy, even a
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>> tucker: so, we've been conducting an informal who is the dumbest u.s. senator contest for months now and we have been pretty focused on tammy duckworth. can anyone be dumber? no. she couldn't operate a microwave. totally forgot about kirsten gillibrand and then we saw this week. it's an amazing tweet. "paid leave his infrastructure. child care is infrastructure. caregiving is infrastructure. caregiving is infrastructure. so, if caregiving is infrastructure, the question is, what isn't infrastructure?
5:37 pm
could kirsten gillibrand be infrastructure? you never really noticed her until you kind of run into her and get hurt. i am infrastructure says kirsten gillibrand. like a lot of our infrastructure, she should be replaced. so, when you think of bill gates, he's a a guy who made billions with corporate software. bill gates doesn't think of himself that way. bill gates doesn't think of himself who got super rich. he thinks of himself as god. he controls the solar system. and that is why he is back in something called sun dimming technology that would reflect sunlight of the earth's atmosphere causing global cooling. that's not fraught with risk. you thought pathogens was dangerous.
5:38 pm
scientists are testing that technology by spewing calcium carbonate dust into the atmosphere. >> bill gates is back in the first high-altitude experiment creating a massive chemical cloud. it is called solo geo engineering. it would look something like this. thousands of planes would fly very high and inject millions of tons of light reflecting particles into the stratosphere. it would create a thin chemical cloud of particles around the whole planet blocking sunlight from reaching the service. >> tucker: now, just to restate, bill gates is not god. will gates is some kind of weird socially awkward rich guy. he is now changing the planet. this is not just over his yard. this is over your yard and our oceans on the whole planet. now, according to forbes, the
5:39 pm
project's top investigator "does not know what the results might bring." just an experiment with the globe and find out what happens. michael shellenberger is the author of apocalypse never while environmental alarmism hurts us all. our rivers and oceans get dirtier and no one notices. great to see you tonight. it's a little alarming to think that someone as myopic and out of touch and totally ideological and weird as bill gates thinks he's in charge of the planet. what should we be worried about here? >> i mean, basically everything. when i first heard about this over two decades ago, this was a thought experiment. but this is real. they are really trying to do this. they've encountered opposition every step of the way. i've coauthored articles with the harvard investigator. we told him personally this is a terrible idea. the vast majority of scientists the don't act disagree with
5:40 pm
this. what they are proposing to do is identical to what we feared would occur after nuclear war in the 1980s, which is nuclear winter, the idea that you cool the planet deliberately. the effects on crops or completely unknown. they call this an experiment but they know there is no way to figure out what the large-scale planetary effects of this kind of thing would be. it's grossly irresponsible here they know for a fact that they will never get international agreement on this. so they are basically trying to socialize the idea, normalize the idea, make us comfortable with an idea that should make us externally uncomfortable. >> tucker: yeah. he is now trying to control the solar system? the funny thing is, anyone who notices this, that may be bill gates outside control over our lives is denounced by so many of these fraudulent fact-checking sites, conspiracy not. do you think you are conspiracy not to have concerns about bill gates? >> no. i mean, this is bonkers.
5:41 pm
i mean honestly, there are very few people when you talk to them privately who think it's a good idea. there are a lot of people who are very scared to speak out publicly because bill gates influence is extraordinary. he is a massive philanthropist. i think his intentions are very good. i have no doubt he has well intention. but good intentions can lead to some very bad things. the amount of hubris and arrogance involved here. we are talking about millions of farmers around the world who will be affected by this. how will they be consulted? what is the idea for how this is going to be governed? there is no plan for governance. there is no way to get agreement on this internationally. they know this. tucker, the thing is the trends on climate change, most people don't realize, but going to the right direction. the united states has reduced its carbon emissions by more than any other country in the last 20 years. we have had an extraordinary success in the united states and are reduced in air pollution and now we are faced with the
5:42 pm
production of this radical experiment. >> tucker: tax-exempt nonprofit. people like bill gates who has billions, they die but they continue to distort our society here we should tax them immediately. [laughs] michael, thank you. great to see you. >> thanks for having me, tucker. >> tucker: so, the real enemy is people who live in this country. forcing cadets to repeat chinese propaganda about how racist the united states is. we have those documents exclusively, straight ahead. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> tucker: when you think of the pentagon, you think of people like will to thinking about how to deflect the enemy. it might be mistaken for the professors lounge at duke. here's the latest example. the superintendent today of west point is about to introduce an introduction of critical race theory into cadets instructions. a lecture including "understanding whiteness and white race." it's a peer racial attack. white power at west point. the student saying affirmative action is racist towards
5:49 pm
african-americans. congressman michael walton joins us tonight. congressman, thanks so much for coming on. >> yeah, thanks. >> tucker: i assume these documents are real. it's hard to believe they are real. tell us what's going on at the service academy. >> yeah, i received these documents from disturbed soldiers, cadets, and their family members who were incensed at what they are being taught. of course, the military, we should always work to eradicate extremism. we should never tolerate racism. but this goes way also was a far one of the things that has me so disturbed as a member of the armed services committee and a combat veteran is when you come into the united states army, from day one, you are all the same. doesn't matter if you are rich or poor, where you came from, your heads are shaped, you are given the same uniform. the onlyskin color you should wy about is camouflage. the enemy's bullets don't care
5:50 pm
about black, white, or brown, or political party or race or religion or any of that. and we shouldn't care about it either as we are teaching the future leaders of the united states army. >> tucker: while, any decent person opposes racism. if west point was teaching that black people are bad and black rage and black supremacy, we shut the place down like tonight and we fired the people doing it. are we going to do that here? >> well, you know, and when you have somebody like dr. carol anderson from memory university who wrote the book understanding white rage" and in it, says things like whites are triggeref blacks, who just tweeted recently that republicans are white supremacists, i mean that is antithetical to an apolitical military and one that is focused on winning wars. tucker come as a green beret, i can't imagine being in a situation in combat and i am ordering a soldier charged to
5:51 pm
machine gun and he now has the seed planted in his mind and my extending him because he is african-american? do i have white privilege? that is absolutely destructive to morale, to unity, to everything that i know from a military, that by the way integrated way before the rest of the country in 1948. look, tucker, we'll deal with all of these things as a society come but the military has to stay focused on having the best of the best to defeat the nation's enemies in china, russ, iran, and others if we have to. >> tucker: i hope the others who are allow this are discharged immediately. this is dishonorable. racial attacks at west point? also so much. i appreciate you congressman bringing attention to this. >> all right. thank you, tucker. >> tucker: andrew cuomo has now signed a bunch of laws that force many people to leave the state of new york.
5:52 pm
one of those laws is so dark, it's almost hard to believe it's real. we will explain what that law is. we will be right back. ♪ ♪ or me? ♪ ♪ everybody deserves ♪ ♪ to be free ♪ ♪ and i will lend ♪ ♪ a hand to you ♪ ♪ would you lend a hand to me? ♪ ♪ everybody deserves ♪ ♪ to be free ♪♪ you know it's silly six-foot five, three hundred pounds i ride motorcycles on the weekends. so the thought of getting a hearing aid, i was.. i was scared. with lively, did a hearing test on the computer, when they sent them in the mail they were already set up for me. this little thing right here, has made me whole again. a test in minutes,
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>> tucker: so new york governor andrew cuomo is weak and has been weakened by all the harassment stories of the ideologues in the state are bending him to their will. cuomo just announced the state will distribute up to $15,600 to "undocumented immigrants will lost work during the pandemic." it's not clear what kind of i.d. these undocumented immigrants, people who have no respect for our country, who are here illegally -- what are they going to provide to show that they are undocumented or entitled to payment? what is clear is all this is going to cost new york more than $2 billion. the question is who's going to live there actually after all of this. [indiscernible] thinks about that, state assemblyman in new york and assented it --
5:58 pm
candidate for congress. i'm sincerely worried, i mean is for real, who is going to stay in new york when they start doing things like this? >> absolutely, tucker. this is a disaster for new york taxpayers. we have governor cuomo and the albany democrats ramming through a budget which is going to provide up to 15,000 [indiscernible] of taxpayer cash to illegal immigrants. they are going to raise taxes, $4 billion to help pay for it and the kicker on top of it, this budget also gives the governor's appointed budget staffer, just a staffer, unilateral power to reduce local police department state funding by up to 50%. if they do not comply with the governor positivist new policing mandates. people are being forced to leave new york and this is an example number one. >> tucker: what -- i mean how -- really quick, what's the thinking here that, you know, illegal immigrants, illegal aliens have suffered more than
5:59 pm
citizens? why in the world would u.s. taxpayers owe someone breaking our laws $15,000? >> it is an affront to new york taxpayers and it really just shows that governor cuomo, who is involved in scandal, is not capable of leading the state. he's under immense political pressure and he's using money out of taxpayers wallets to try to cling to power, to appease the furthest left fringes of the state legislature to really try to hold onto his seat. >> sean: they did the exact same thing to governor blackface client robes. he didn't resign and the lunatics ascended on him and made them his marionette. are you going to stay in new york? >> i'm staying in new york, i'm fighting for my home state. we should always be the empire state. cuomo and the radical left have turned us into the exodus state, but i'm going to stay and fight and i'm going to be introducing in the coming days a bill to repeal this pretaxpayer cash for
6:00 pm
illegal immigrants fun. it's completely on acceptable, especially in this pandemic won so many of our taxpayers are suffering or out of work or having trouble meeting ends meet, paying the mortgage, putting food on the table. i mean, this just shows you how backwards the priorities are >> sean: >> tucker: it is. sean hannity takes over now. >> sean: welcome to this breaking news addition of "hannity." we begin tonight a fox news alert, joe biden's border and dashboard or neglect, worsening by the hour if you can believe it. did ministry should still refusing to follow the federal law, refusing to get this crisis of their making under control or even acknowledge the unmitigated disaster they themselves created and biden-harris, they are refusing to even travel down to the border despite downright disturbing new developments surrounding the child sex abuse and now tonight, rape allegations inside of one of biden's c


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