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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  April 8, 2021 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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ump. if that doesn't do it for you maybe i will. i just day would youd the will cain podcast up to 34 on the charts. join us at podcast spotify come hang out appreciate it. >> juan: we will have to listen for you. that's up for it us to. "special report" is up next. hey, shannon bream. >> shannon: juan, happy birthday to you. good to see you don't. >> juan: thank you. >> shannon: good evening i'm shannon bream in for bret baier. shootings in the south on the same day that joe biden takes steps toward gun control. five people dead in an attack in south carolina being blamed on a former national football league player. we start off with a manhunt southern texas gunman shot three people at a business in bryan. jeff paul joins us from los angeles. good evening, jeff. >> shannon, right now authorities say they don't have anyone in custody. in fact, we are being told there is an active manhunt underway to
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find out whoever is responsible for pulling the trigger. now, why he had haven't arrested anyone, witnesses reportedly identified that someone that they believe is the suspect, possibly an employee at a nearby cabinet business. at the moment police are only saying multiple people shot and have not made any reference to any death. but, again, this is a developing situation. it's all unfolding in bryan, texas, which is about 100 miles northwest of houston, right near texas a&m university. investigators say the shots were reported right around 2:30 local time, reportedly near that cabinet business. there are still a lot of police officers on scene trying to get a grasp of exactly what happened. some local journalists on the ground have reported as many as six victims, some in critical condition. >> right now a lot of the guys are down there. they are being interviewed about what took place. >> the employees? >> employees. yeah a lot of employees are down
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there. working through that. >> no arrests have been made in this latest mass shooting. and as you can imagine, any time something like this happens, you have multiple agencies working together to find out whoever is responsible. that usually includes local police as well as county sheriff's deputies and we are even hearing of federal authorities with the bureau of alcohol, tobacco, firearms and explosives. they have sent agents and dogs to the scene to help out. shannon? >> shannon: all right, jeff paul, thank you very much. associated press now saying the police chief there in bryan, texas, says one dead. four hospitalized and they do believe the shooter was an employee. jeff, thank you. we will have a live update on the south carolina shooting in just a few minutes as well. also breaking tonight, the new president unveils his gun control policy. president biden is going after so-called ghost guns while the nla is vowing to fight back. also tonight we are learning more about how the president plans to pay for his massive spending program. white house correspondent peter doocy is live tonight. hello, peter. >> good evening, shannon.
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and we're learning more about just how flexible the white house may or may not be with that infrastructure plan. officials here are saying that it's got to cover more than just roads and bridges and they claim that when republicans are over here next week they are going to listen to ideas about how to avoid raising taxes. but, how much is republican input really worth over here? >> i expect he will have both democrats and republicans. attend or join. >> but the republicans they had over last time to negotiate covid-19 stimulus don't believe the new talk about bipartisan. 10 g.o.p. senators, right? fewer than 24 hours after our meeting in the oval office, the senate democratic leader began the process of triggering reconciliation which precluded republican participation and allowed for the package to pass without a single republican vote. democratic senator joe manchin ultimately voted for that last stimulus but now claims he doesn't want the trick
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leadership schumer used to pass it used again. writing, quote: i simply do not believe budget reconciliation should replace regular order in the senate. how is that good for the future of this nation? >> this is how it is supposed to work. senators raise their issues and concerns and we'll work through the process. >> a process republicans argue favors progressives. >> joe biden may have whop the nomination, but i think bernie sanders won the war over what the democratic party nationally is these days. >> president biden isn't waiting for congress to move on gun control. >> i want to rain in the proliferation of so-called ghost guns. >> that part stands out to critics. >> ghost guns sounds scary, we are talking about ohio state hobbyists thatput together part. >> the president is asking the doj to regulate stabilizing braces for handguns and improved background checks as he urges congress to confirm his aftf director david chipman. biden has made clear his sights
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are set on restricting the rights of law abiding gun owners while ignoring criminals and foregoing substantive measures that will actually keep americans safe. >> nothing i'm about to recommend in any way impinges on the second amendment. they are phony arguments. >> there is some confusion about the president's position though. >> if it's the president's belief that you do not have to undergo a background check when you are at a gun show? >> no, it's not his belief. he believes that background checks should be universal. >> but that's not what he said today. >> most people don't know you walk into a store and you buy a gun, you have a background check. but you go to a gun show, you can buy whatever you want and no background check. >> it was in las vegas for a gun control forum during primary season and that is where now president biden said when it comes to gun control, you've got to have legislation because it is harder to undo down the line. he was suggesting that executive actions for gun control do not
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work but that is where he is starting today. shannon? >> shannon: all right, peter doocy live at the white house for us. thank you, peter. there are new reports tonight of sexual abuse in one of the government-run facilities for migrants along the southern border. this comes as we hear new figures of just how many children are being held at such centers. correspondent alex hogan is in haldago, texas tonight. >> disturbing reports from a center housing 2 kids in immigrant facilities. calling for investigation calling for reports of knelt and sexual abuse inside a facility in san antonio not specifying when the alleged misconduct took place. >> the administration failed to plan for the influx of children that they invited to come. now they face allegations of despicable child abuse and neglect. this must end. >> homeland security secretary
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alejandro mayorkas made a visit to the border when closed off to the press. texas democratic congresswoman diana escobar called it a listening session. >> the biden administration has to very quickly ramp up. i have been in close communication with hhs officials. >> the northern triangle after his triple is a have a door snubbing the delegate refusing to meet with him to discuss migrants in the future. in marcus toms and border protection stopped 71% more people than in february, 172,000. that's larger than the entire population of mcallen, texas. a common point of entry in the rio grande valley. lance new house is a farmer mcallen whose house is south of the border wall. every day he sees about 100 migrants cut through his fields. at times groups have pretended to blend in his workers or hide in crops. >> you can't harvest it. sugar king is huge if a person
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is hiding in there the machinery doesn't forgive. >> 19,000 children have traveled alone across the mexican border last month. a record high. border agents in california rescued a 5-year-old girl and a 6-year-old boy safely taking the siblings into custody after finding them abandoned by their group. now, despite how many children we have seen, they only actually make up 11% of migrants, most are single adults who are then sent back over the border. but critics argue that these numbers can be deceiving because of repeat crossers. for example, in el paso, they make up 42% of apprehensions, shannon? >> shannon: alex hogan for us near the border in texas. thank you, alex. one of georgia's protest prominent sporting events is underway tonight in the midst of the controversy of the state's any election law. the masters is going forward in augusta days after major league baseball pulled all-star game in atlanta.
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correspondent steve harrigan has the latest for us tonight. [applause] >> unlike major league baseball's all-star game the masters stayed in georgia with lee elder as an honorary starter the first african-american to play in the masters in 1975. the ropes were lined with black professional golfers whom the 6-year-old inspired. >> it was harder to get a good sponsor that would be willing to put up the type of money that it was going to take for you to play on the tour. >> 46 years after elder's debut, the one black golfer in the field is disappointed in the new georgia law. >> it really targets certain black communities, makes it harder for them to vote which, to me, is everybody's right to vote. so, to see that was very shocking. >> augusta national is taking a different approach. no direct criticism, stay and build. of. >> there have been calls for boycotts. and other punitive measures. unfortunately, those actions often impose the greatest
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burdens on the most vulnerable in our society. i believe, as does everyone in our organization, that the right to vote is fundamental in our democratic society. >> one criticism of the new voting law is that it makes it harder to cast an absentee ballot, requiring a driver's license or government i.d. instead of a signature verification. a measure that civil rights activists alveda king sports. >> you don't even remember what jim crow was. we were fighting to be identified. to be recognized equally as citizens. you take away our identity, you have say you don't need an i.d. why do you need an i.d.? why do you need an identity? of course we need an identity. >> republicans and democrats continue to fight bitterly over the law and fund raise. georgia's governor called out stacey abrams. >> she can't have it both ways. her position it's hurting all business owners in georgia while she is lining her own pockets. >> for stacey abrams the fight has expanded to texas calling on
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voters and businesses there to defeat a new election bill. shannon? >> shannon: steve harrigan, thank you. and my colleague, bret baier, is at the masters tonight. he talks with sportscaster jim gray from augusta. bret? >> bret: hey, shannon, greetings from augusta national. it's great to be down here. in augusta georgia for the masters. joining me to talk a little bit about it on "special report" is jim gray, sportscaster, who has covered the masters 30th year? >> yes, sir. >> >> bret: that's pretty amazing. >> it's been great, bret. a great place to be. it's a national park. it's so beautiful and so pristine and the best golfers in the world and there is a tradition here just like jim nantz says unlike any other as the saying goes it's the same golf course. a little lengthened nowadays because of the technology but withstood the test of time. >> bret: this year different because of cody, obviously comes after the masters in november. a few more fans here now but
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nothing like what we have seen in years past and that changes things. >> it changes the are roar but it is so great to see people back it at an event. can you see the excitement in the people lucky enough to get on the ground here at augusta national. [cheers] >> you can feel it with the guys and the players really like this. they like having that atmosphere. we have seen it for the past few weeks and saw it at the player's championship and now down here in georgia it's starting to open up a little bit. augusta national has let these folks. in you can just feel things coming alive. and it's sparse, but there is enough that the excitement is in the air. >> bret: the story lines here. obviously tiger is not here bryson dechambeau is getting a lot of attention hits it a mile. what else strikes you? >> well, tiger, because dustin johnson won in november in a masters that we hadn't seen played at that time of year and he did it in record 20 under. and what he was able to accomplish was on a golf course which we haven't seen. the golf course is geared to be ready right here at the
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beginning weeks of spring in april. that was in november so there was a different climate. a different ai don't know if my. everything is much, much different for the golf course and its schedules our last real vivid memory of tiger woods leaving the 18th green after he won after not having won that major in 11 years in 2019 and he hugs charlie and hugs his mom and walks off and there is tremendous joy. now we have that void because of the terrible crash and he is not here so obviously he casts a huge, huge shadow. he is missing and everybody feels his presence not being here wishing him well. so it's kind of wide open now and dechambeau has kind of picked up, if there is such a thing nobody picks up where tiger left off. that little bit of slack he has gotten an awful lot of attention on this driving range from down over here he hit the ball off it while he was practicing. so that's 330 something yards. >> bret: we were both watching him yesterday. this is georgia. this is in the wake, just a week before major league baseball and its actions moving the all-star
3:14 pm
game. i listened to chairman fred ridley, he really handled it. took every question and addressed it head on and seemed to kind of quell a lot of what was bubbling up. >> he certainly did. he diffused it instead of making it get bigger and inflaming it. i thought it was really well-done with what he had to say. and, you know, that's what should go on. this should go on with those folks who make these decisions and there should be a negotiation. and i thought he hit it exactly right when he said my personal opinion doesn't matter. we want fair elections. we want free elections. we want everybody to have the ability to vote. it is the tenet of our democracy. now you guys got to figure that out so that we can make that so that everybody can participate. >> bret: yeah. so now, it's round one, heading into the weekend. this masters is kind of unique. there is nothing like it. really isn't. >> you know, it's so spectacular
3:15 pm
here. there is not a prettier place than georgia in the spring. i mean, the azaleas the dogwoods the magnolias, you just see the coming to life and what bobby jones and clifford roberts and what everybody has done on this property they just keep making it better and better every year. there is not a blade of grass that is out of place. and when you have the beautiful weather which we have had, supposed to get a little dicey as the weekend comes here with some rain, and you combine it with these great golfers, this is a bucket list place for anybody who loves sports. if you get an opportunity to come here, do it because it's so memorable it's unforgettable. >> bret: 30 years. good job, man. >> bret, thanks for having me on. appreciate it. >> bret: shannon, look forward to the weekend here. i will be back in d.c. come monday but i'm going to enjoy the sunshine here in augusta. i will send it back up to you. >> shannon: have great time and safe travels. up next, a former national football league player is the accused gunman in a massacre in
3:16 pm
south carolina. first, here is what some of our fox affiliates around the country are covering tonight. fox 31 in denver as a fire official says a smoke explosion blew the roof off a church early this morning. they say no one was inside the odom memorial church of god in christ. at the time more than 60 firefighters responded to that blaze. fox 7 in austin, texas the son of lance armstrong is charged with the sexual assault of a child. over an incident from 2018. 21-year-old luke armstrong is accused of sexually assaulting a 16-year-old girl. he faces up to 20 years in prison if convicted. luke armstrong's attorney says the incident did not occur. big story interior secretary deb haaland is in utah to consider whether to increase or decrease the size of national monuments in the state. the trump administration decided to down size two national monuments in southern utah.
3:17 pm
ha land is expected to give a report to president biden after she meets at bear's ears national monument. that's a live look outside the beltway from "special report." we'll be right back. ♪ this land is your land ♪ this land is my land ♪ from california ♪ to the new york island ♪ from the redwood forest ♪ to the gulf stream waters ♪ this land was made for you and me ♪ y how liberty mutual customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need? i mean it... uh-oh, sorry... oh... what? i'm an emu! no, buddy! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty. ♪ the lexus es, now available with all-wheel drive. this rain is bananas. lease the 2021 es 250 all-wheel drive for $339 a month for 39 months. experience amazing at your lexus dealer.
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>> shannon: breaking tonight as we told you earlier authorities in south carolina say a former national football league player called prominent doctor and several members of the man's family during a shooting rampage in rock hill. philip adams then took his own life. correspondent jonathan serrie has details tonight from atlanta. good evening, jonathan. >> good evening to you, shannon. investigators are still trying to determine a motive. the gunman forced his way into the home of that prominent doctor who lived just outside of rock hill, normally a quiet town in upstate south carolina. 70-year-old dr. robert wesley and his wife barbara and two grandchildren ages 9 and 5 were found dead inside the home. the gunman also shot two air
3:22 pm
conditioning technicians 38-year-old james lewis was found dead outside the doctor's house. his co-worker called for help and is now hospitalized with severe gunshot wounds. and is fighting hard for his life, according to his cousin. the york county sheriff says it does not appear the gunman took anything from the home but he did leave evidence that led investigators to a immediately identify the suspect as former nfl player philip adams. >> we have no indication right now that there was a doctor-patient relationship between dr. leslie and philip aadams. >> authorities found adams dead from what appeared to be a self-inflicted gun wound at his parent's nearby home. according to published reports adams had suffered multiple concussions over his five seasons playing in the nfl. whether that contributed to the violence is pure speculation at this point; however, the suspect's father, alonzo adams tells charlotte tv station wcnc quote i can tell you he is a good kid.
3:23 pm
i think football messed him up. relatives of the victims issued a statement saying because of their strong faith they do not grieve without hope and they said people wanting to honor the victims can do so by helping to stock their local food pantries and public libraries and by donating to camp joy in greenville, south carolina, to help children with special needs, shannon? >> shannon: all right, jonathan. thank you very much. we will keep an eye on that story. a medical expert says george floyd died from a lack of oxygen which caused his brain -- damaged his brain and caused his heart to stop. a lung and critic specialist cre specialist testified today in. dr. tobin said floyd's breathing was too shat low to take in enough oxygen while he was pinned face down with his hands cuffed behind his back for nine and a half minutes. up next, what exactly is infrastructure? that is becoming the topic of a
3:24 pm
heated semantic battle on capitol hill over president biden's massive spending plan. ♪ i'm just a bill ♪ i'm only a bill ♪ on capitol hill ♪ [sfx: thunder rumbles] [sfx: rainstorm] ♪♪ comfort in the extreme. ♪♪ the lincoln family of luxury suvs. advil dual action fights pain 2 ways. it's the first and only fda approved ♪♪ combination of advil plus acetaminophen. advil targets pain. acetaminophen blocks it. advil dual action. fast pain relief that lasts 8 hours.
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♪ >> shannon: the battle over president biden's massive spending bill is leaving some on capitol hill to scramble for a dictionary tonight. specifically the rhetoric over what is and is not infrastructure. here is congressional correspondent zachary heim hype rick. >> we need to do what we need to do. we also have to define infrastructure more broadly than roads and mass transit. >> call it a war of words. democrats taking heat from republicans from president biden's spending bill stretching the definition of infrastructure beyond the traditional limits even economists recognize. one "new york times" it does a bit of violence to the english language the g.o.p. balking at billions to study climate change prepare for future pandemics improve home based care for the elderly and disabled and expand affordable housing stock. roy blunt claiming 70% of the bill defines infrastructure in a way that's never been done before. democratic senator kristin
3:29 pm
gillibrand on the defense said paid leave is infrastructure. child care is infrastructure. care giving is infrastructure. drawing mockery from staffers and minority leader mitch mcconnell office says we are all infrastructure now and saying this kind of framing is not new, quote: remember the last bill democrats rammed through congress was sold as covid relief until it passed then it suddenly became the greatest antipoverty initiative since lbj or something and their voting rights bill is really a partisan takeover of our entire electoral system. >> whether you have people like senator gillibrand coming out there tweeting that everything is infrastructure hence put a $2 trillion package together with only 7% actually going towards what we know as infrastructure, interest's no way to start. >> speaker nancy pelosi defended the bill's framing saying this generational investment will promote jobs, commerce, security, and the health of the country. >> these things are related. if you are going to build the infrastructure, you have to have workforce development,
3:30 pm
education,. >> today speaker pelosi says she expects the bill to come in two parts, ones that republicans can get behind and the other dealing with the human component of infrastructure. shannon? >> shannon: jacqui heinrich on the hill, thanks, jacqui. the unauthorized history of taxes those two things were a potent mix in america's early days. and together they almost tore the young country apart. >> so, we start in the early early 1790s when this tax is imposed. the farm farmers out west are furious because it's unfairly putting a higher burden of taxation on them so it's really a battle of the haves versus the have nots. >> if you were a tax collector you could have your tax office vand ridessed and have it burned and one of the worst things that could happen to you you could be tarred and feathered.
3:31 pm
the first shots of the whiskey rebellion are fired at u.s. marshal david lennox and general john neville. we think to scare them away although some accounts say, of course, from the neville side that they meant to kill them. these were the kind of men though that could have shot the eye out of a squirrel at 100 yards away so if they had meant to kill them they would be dead. >> bret: to alexander hamilton the tax revolt was a rebellion against federal authority itself and it needed to be quashed. >> this was so hamilton could demonstrate to everyone that the federal government was in charge of taxation no longer the states. >> bret: it took george washington himself to quell the rebels. >> george washington actually saddles up. it's the only recorded time in american history that the commander-in-chief actually serves as the commander-in-chief and rides out with his army. >> 12,900 and 50 soldiers came
3:32 pm
to this area. that's a larger force than washington had ever each commanded in the revolutionary war. bret the whiskey rebellion marked a turning point in american history as the first armed rebellion against the fledgling u.s. government, it proved an important test of how far the federals would go to impose order. it also showed the limits of federal power in the face of a determined populist. >> the main lesson i take away from the whiskey rebellion which i think is still pertinent all the way up into the present day taxes assessed nonuniformly assessed unfairly irritate the people though are taxed. if you start violating the norms of fairness people push back against it and it's perfectly rational that they push back. >> bret: tomorrow, how the irs became one of the most powerful agencies in the entire u.s. government. this sunday, i will host a
3:33 pm
one-hour special the unauthorized history of taxes on fox news channel and entire five part documentary series drops on fox nation next week. shannon, back to you. >> shannon: we're looking forward to testimony thanks, bret. stocks were up. the dow gained 57. the s&p 500 was up 17 for a new record close. nasdaq surgeoned 140. an early tally of votes in amazon's closely watched union election in alabama shows workers voting against forming the union by more than two to one margin of over 3,000 ballots received at least 700 votes were against unionizing against around 300 in favor. the count is expected to extend into friday. when we come back, one of new york governor's andrew cuomo's accusers tells her story of shower. and what she says was a long-term plan to seduce her. ♪
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♪ >> shannon: the director of the center for disease control and prevention says racism is a serious public health threat. director rochelle wolenski says in a statement on the agency's website confronting the impact of racism will not be easy. the number of americans fully vaccinated against the coronavirus now tops 66 million. the cdc says 112 million have had at least one dose. of the case number for the u.s. is approaching 1 million with 556,000 deaths. the fbi is warning against fake covid-19 vaccination cards being sold online. the fraudulent cards are available on popular web sites and some are even sell for hundreds of dollars. the cdc is call the scam a public health concern. tonight we are learning new details from one of the women accusing new york governor andrew cuomo of sexual misconduct and we are also getting reaction to a story we told you last night about the alleged cover-up of death statistics in nursing homes durings pandemic.
3:39 pm
correspondent bryan llenas reports tonight from brooklyn. >> to see the facts come out, it's just shocking. >> tonight, outrage from nursing home victims' families over documents obtained by fox news that show since mid april 2020 the cuomo administration was specifically tracking how many residents died of covid-19 in nursing homes and how many residents later died in hospitals. the documents raise new questions about why the state's department of health chose to exclude the hospital deaths from their july 2020 report despite having this data for month. the report said 6400 new yorkers died in nursing homes but the true death toll was 9800 including hospital deaths. the cuomo administration said the hospital deaths weren't made public because they could not verify the data. doh said in part the department spent months reconciling the information received. the duplicating, correcting data entry errors, et cetera, north to understand and report
3:40 pm
accurate fatality data from multiple sources. but the "new york times" and "wall street journal" report cuomo's top aids purposefully excluded the true death count from the report over fears of political consequences for the governor. meantime, a current aid who says cuomo aggressively sexually groped her is speaking out for the first time. telling the albany times union it was the culmination of two years of grooming. it's the most serious known shower. allegation against cuomo. the state attorney general is investigating all allegations. >> she could analyze it and determine that there is probable cause to bring some sort of a criminal conduct action against the governor. >> the unnamed groping accuser has not filed a criminal complaint against cuomo, though the a.g. could move forward with the case, regardless. shannon? >> shannon: bryan llenas in new york, thank you, bryan. up next the panel on president biden's gun control policy and the latest on the georgia election law backlash. first, beyond or borders
3:41 pm
tonight, palestinian refugees are welcoming the u.s. announcement that it will renew humanitarian aid marking a break with the trump era. the administration says it will provide $235 million to the palestinians and restart funding for the united nations relief and works agency, which is 5.7 million registered palestinian refugees. northern ireland leaders are calling for calm after another night of rioting. protesters set a hijacked bus on fire and hurled gasoline bombs in belfast. rising tensions over post brexit trade rules for northern ireland. south korea and the u.s. have signed their defense cost-sharing deal in seoul. south korea will increase its contribution by 14% to the cost of hosting some 28,500 u.s. troops for this year. that is the largest annual rise in nearly two decades. just some of the other stories beyond our borders tonight. we'll be right back. ♪ ♪
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♪ >> gun violence in this country is an epidemic and it's an international embarrassment. [applause] they have offered plenty of thoughts and prayers, members of congress, but they have passed not a single new federal law to reduce gun violence.
3:46 pm
enough prayers, time for some action. >> the justice department will make available over $1 billion in funding through over a dozen grant programs that can be used to support evidence-based intervention strategies for reducing gun violence. [applause] >> shannon: let's bring in our panel to talk about the president and the attorney general's statements today. jason riley, "wall street journal" columnist and senior fellow at the manhattan institute. charles lane opinion write are for the "the washington post" and former white house press secretary ari fleischer. great to have all of you with us tonight. jason, i will start with you. what did you make rolled out today very unsurprisingly as often happens with executive orders and issues involving the second amendment immediately we heard from groups who are planning legal challenges to what the president is going to roll out. >> yes, yes. we have seen this -- we have seen this movie before, shannon. the big problem that the biden administration, the democrats
3:47 pm
have is that gun rights, unlike, say abortion rights are actually part of the constitution. and what that means is that they require acts of congress to pass serious reform. not simply executive action. so the administration can push for redefining what a pistol or a rifle means, what, you know, what constitutes a pistol or a rifle or they can push for, you know, community violence intervention and throw money at that whatever that means. but, at the end of the day, you run into the same problem you always do with this which is that you are only putting more burdens on law abiding gun owners, the criminals don't care what the current laws are and they won't care what the new laws are. you are simply putting more burdens on law abiding people and they are not the problem. >> shannon: and, professor jonathan turley, who is a frequent guest on this show and other programs on forks well well respected. he wrote a piece today talking about this he said much of what so far it appears we are seeing
3:48 pm
by way of executive action would not prevent most shooting the red flag law the president is talking about is actually something that could have been a problem for hunter biden and the paperwork he filled out detailing his past issues with drug abuse and those kinds of things and applying for a firearm himself. >> well, i don't have an opinion about hunter biden getting a handgun but i do know that red flag laws are actually enjoy quite a bit of bipartisan support. if memory serves, rick scott, the senator from florida, who is a republican, advocated them in the wake of the terrible massacre at marjory douglas high school in his home state. look, this i jason is right, we have seen this movie before and we have also seen the sequel which is none of this stuff will make any difference. i think it's important, nevertheless, that national leadership stand up and speak out and act and show that they
3:49 pm
care and they notice that notwithstanding the fact that this may be a constitutional right, we are paying a big price for it that it guns are so freely available in this country and dozens of people get slaughtered for no reason every year. >> shannon: ari, this brings up a lot of political realities for president biden in that he has been very comfortable as many presidents are using executive action. as our peter doocy reported earlier, when they talked about it on the campaign trail, then candidate biden talked about the fact that you got get legislation passed. it is not easy but it's really the only thing that has a more force, more teeth to it, more staying power then an executive order which will most certainly be immediately challenged in the courts and could simply be turned back by the next president. >> well, that's exactly right. there's a gulf of difference between legislation and executive order. whenever president trump issued an executive order banning bump stocks which was the way a weapon was modified in the mass shooting in las vegas several
3:50 pm
years ago. but, what you saw today really was window dressing for the left. the president has to show that he cares. he has to show that he is taking action pause he will have a rebellion of the liberal base that demands gun control legislation. so he came out today and did a series of things that really are mostly innocuous. they don't do much. i think if he can set a federal standard to help states come up with red flag laws, that's perfectly fine. i think if you can ban people from making guns at home or at least force them to comply with all existing registration rules or safety rules, that's fine although the bad guys are never going to do it. but the rest of it is all window dressing. there wasn't really anything of substance there. because the key issue is can legislators lenels late people to stop using ones and if legislation was the answer, we wouldn't have people doing these things. that's why legislation is not the answer. >> shannon: meanwhile, the heated debate over legislation
3:51 pm
regarding voter rights or federal and local level tips. i want to play something from stacey abrams a very powerful voice there in georgia a couple of different things she said about how states and corporations should handle these issues. >> i won't sugar coat. this senate bill 202 is a power grabbing and voter criminalizing suppression bill that is nothing less than jim crow 2.0. here's the thing, black, latino, a.p.i. and native american voters whose votes are the most suppressed under sb 202 are also the most likely to be hurt by potential boycotts of georgia. to our friends across the country, please do not boycott us. >> shannon: jason, that has begun to happen in many ways the all star game leaving to the tune of 90 to $100 million. today the masters is kicking off there in augusta they stayed there in georgia and explained their position.
3:52 pm
jason, how do the opponents of the state law now balance criticizing it while asking companies and tourists and people to continue frequenting their state? >> well, they have to continue to tell the truth about the law. what's really frustrated me throughout this debate is the woeful distortion of the law. people continue to drop phrases like voter suppression and jim crow when the reality is that georgia has long had strict voting regulations and black voter participation has nevertheless been increasing in georgia. black voter registration in georgia outpaces white voter registration. black voter turnout in georgia has outpaced white voter turnout in recent elections. and nationwide in two of the past three presidential elections, black voter turnout exceeded white voter turnout. so if republicans are trying to suppress the black vote, they are too long a pretty bad job of it, shannon.
3:53 pm
>> shannon: all right. i want to get quick comments from charles and ari as well. charles, to you first. >> well, i thought stacey abrams' comment was really remarkable and may tell you how this issue is playing out of the all-star game in georgia. after all, the all-star game was headed to atlanta which is the blue part of the state, the place where everybody voted for joe biden and once upon a time for stacey abrams. >> shannon: ari? >> well, i think we saw how the masters gulf tournament handled this and they handled it perfectly. they rose above and did not let politics inject itself into a sport. and baseball and delta airlines and coca-cola thabled it wrong. they succumbed to a pressure campaign and put themselves into a lose-lose situation. >> shannon: all right, panel. stick around. when we come back, you will tell everyone your headlines for tomorrow. that's next. ♪ ♪
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♪ >> shannon: authorities in south texas say they have arrested a suspect in that shooting today in bryan that left one person dead, four others injured. they say a state trooper was also shot, is in stable condition. that incident began at a cabinet-making business. the police chief says he believes the suspect is an employee at that store. tonight bring our panel back in for a look at tomorrow's headlines. ari, kick us off. >> pressure mounts on sports leagues and corporations to get bogged down by politics. i just think now that major league baseball has done what it's done, you have seen a path to success for a lot of these left-wing pressure groups. they dual even more of it because they realize they can and they can do it unilaterally so long as conservatives don't fight back. >> shannon: charles? >> prosecution medical experts devastate defense case at derek
3:59 pm
chauvin trial. there was very powerful testimony from the world's leading expert on the functioning of the lungs to the effect that it was almost certainly the pressure from the police officer that killed george floyd. it's going to be hard for the defense to come back from that. >> shannon: jason, your headline for tomorrow? >> well, we have already seen the teachers in california are demanding free child care as a condition of returning to the classroom, shannon. so i think the demands will not end there. i predict that tomorrow we will see a headline where teachers demand to be driven by chauffeured limousines to and from school. >> shannon: see if that develops. jason, charles, ari, thank you all. friday on "special report" as the thin blue line gets even thinner, police departments around the country are having a hard time attracting the best and the brightest. thank you for watching "special report." i'm shannon bream. please join me again for fox news at night our new time
4:00 pm
midnight eastern and 9:00 pacific. women of the bible speak streaming right now on fox nation goes with the new book women of the bible speak. fox news prime time hosted by the one and only mark steyn and i can't imagine what he has for you don't it's going to be hard to follow the puppy but i know he can do it but it starts right now. >> mark: the puppy -- basically the guest host for the puppy now, shannon. congratulations, by the way, on the success of your book. i was looking at the best seller list and i saw shannon bream and women of the bible speak on there. so, very deserved. we will see you in a few hours, shannon. >> shannon: thank you. >> mark: thanks a lot. >> shannon: thanks, mark. >> mark: bi. bye. welcome to "fox news primetime" i'm mark steyn with tucker carlson, miranda devine and all the big news from guns, lights, to t


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