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tv   The Five  FOX News  April 8, 2021 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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it's time to get this economy open again. that's what governor reeves and governor abbott in texas are all about. they're being vindicated why the statistics. >> neil: senator wicker, thanks very much. here comes "the five." ♪ ♪ >> juan: hello, everyone, i'm juan williams, greg gutfeld, kennedy, and this is "the five." president biden taking his first major action on gun control and causing controversy for what he said about the second amendment. today, biden rolled out a series of six executive orders to stop at the white house is calling a "gun violence public health epidemic."
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the president is saying that it's just the start of what he wants to do. watch this. >> gun violence in this country is an epidemic. it is an international embarrassment. nothing, nothing i'm about to recommend in any way impinges on the second amendment. the phony arguments, suggesting that these are second amendment rights at stake in what we are talking about. but no amendment of the constitution is absolute. we should also ban assault weapons and high-capacity weapons in this state. and immunity that they may receive from the congress. and not a new federal law to reduce gun violence. time for some action. speed to biden and nominating a strong gun advocate to head the atf but critics are saying that david chipman's past comments are a problem. here appeared to mock americans who bought guns during the
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pandemic. take a look. >> they might think they are diehard ready to go but unfortunately they are more like tiger and they are putting themselves and their families in danger. so what i would suggest is for those people who work and first time gun owners since they did go buy a gun, it would secure that gun, locked and unloaded and hide it behind a can of tuna and beef jerky and store it in a cabinet. only bring that out if the zombie start to appear. >> juan: dana, i was looking over the proposals and it strikes me the proposals are pretty moderate along the lines of what president trump did after the vegas shooting where we need to reign in the use of bump stock. >> dana: what he is doing by
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executive order, anodyne, you know, talking about a model red flag while the other states can pick up. it is not the executive order that he's talking about, but why there is actually no amendment, saying things like wow, that would be really news. but in addition to that, something else happened this morning. senator joe manchin of west virginia had an opt in "the washington post," i will not vote to end the filibuster. but what i could have happened on gun control, biden realized he was not going to be able to propose legislation in congress that would ever get anywhere. then constantly say, you are not doing enough, you are not doing enough. so instead, what he is trying here is what the national review called a run around the congress. the last point is that this is another example of what president biden school of governing. so he will go out and give a
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speech on an important topic and say this is x essential threat. we have to do something about it. then he will talk a big game about bipartisanship and say, we can work together. that is how i ran for president. i was in the senate and i know how to work with republicans. my hand's outreach, but instead, what is happening his hand under the table and he flips it over. the republicans, wait, i thought we were going to work together on something, anything. it turns out that they just might not. >> juan: it doesn't look good. greg, what strikes me, we have had a series of, you know, big shootings. eight in georgia, ten people dead in colorado, more dead in california, but it looks like this has become a culture war issue. to dana's point, people don't seem to be able to talk and get anything done. why is this the case that this is a culture war issue when we are talking about life and death? >> greg: because the democrats
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cannot speak honestly about this spirit biden used the phrase gun violence, public health, epidemic. those are five words when one word would do. that one word is criminals, right? criminals. the overwhelming majority, 99.999% of the crime is done by criminals. three words like law and order. you could save a lot of time here the gun violence is directly related to the overall rising crime due to the defined movement and the ferguson effect. we have seen a pullback in policing. we have seen cnn admit that there is a drastic spike in crime in shootings and homicides and all the major democratic led cities. so if you think attacks on pistols with stabilizing prices would save the lives of the extra 100 killed in memphis this
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year, plus 100, you are crazy. if you think turning a lawful gun owners into felons would prevent the deaths of the elderly asians in oakland, california, or new york city, some of them were actually stabbed, you are nuts. if joe really means what he means, what he should do is arrest his son. you know, for lying on the atf form 4473. you don't enforce that. you don't have the right to enforce anything else frankly. to dana's point, it is anodyne. these are not real efforts. they are symbolic. i'm okay with symbolic, right? but if you start focusing on the lawful owner while you brazenly ignore the crime that is going on around in this country that is destroying this country, that is criminal. >> juan: okay. so kennedy, one area where there seems to be some agreement and this is one of biden's proposals today is that when you have the
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so-called ghost guns constructed from a kit that they should have serial numbers on them. do you think that might be something everybody can say yeah, okay, let's do that. >> kennedy: no, i shot a 3d printer gun, and there will be all sorts of ways that anyone with a machine will get around federal regulation. that is essentially what they are doing with this new category that has been constructed. people use the term don't really know what they are talking about like when they use the term assault weapon. and i think it is really vague, negligent, ill-defined and i think it is something applied out of political convenience. my biggest issue here is with yet another bureaucrat who has never really spent time in the middle of the country. david chipman, he is head of the atf. he obviously hates people to respect the constitution and feel they need to have some form of self-defense in their homes
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because guess what? if you live in a rural or a big city like minneapolis, the police might not call them. you may have a 911 emergency and how long are you supposed to wait, 20 minutes? do you tell someone who has broken into your home and threatening your life and your children's lives -- hold on a second let's wait until the cops get here. that is not necessarily how it works. rational people in this country know you can always wait for the police. but what we know now is responsible gun owners are launched into this category where they are being made out to be murderous hillbillies. it is very offensive. >> juan: so will, the house of representatives passed two bills last week on guns and sent it on to the senate. so far, no action. the president said today, you know, you guys are always giving us thoughts and prayers, but you don't do anything. is there anything will would do? >> will: the will of the
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people does not support the houses bill nor joe biden's executive actions. listen, juan the most important part is joe biden's team at beginning because it laid bare the playbook. if you can't win start arguing and change the language pair that is what happened. you can't win win a year violence is up and police violence is down and gun ownership all-time high, you will not win something democratically. you have to go through executive order. make no mistake, the languages what's being changed. when joe biden said you have a public health pandemic appear at this last year we sacrificed our freedoms and rights. altar of an epidemic to classify gun violence as epidemic allows him to take all types of authoritarian power to deal with gun control. what more they learn from georgia, as the networking kennedy pointed out, sold weapons as a made-up term that does not find valuable weapons
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and distinguished from the vast majority of weapons everyone owns. the constitution doesn't require me to prove to joe biden why i need something. it requires him to prove to me why he needs to take it away. and whether it will solve gun violence, i think he hasn't answered that. i don't think he answered the democratic process and it cannot win an argument and that his wife he's changing language and telling lies. >> juan: strong letter to follow, will. up next, nancy pelosi says things are going well at the border despite allegations of child abuse and a record number of children crossing. next, on "the five." ♪ ♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪
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♪ ♪ >> we are on a good path at the border with president biden. we are in a bad situation under the trump administration. >> greg: the kids are not on a good path. nancy pelosi giving a rosy assessment of the border, but the facts tell a different story. a record number of unaccompanied migrant children crossed in march and overall encounters at 70%. texas governor greg abbott calling on the biden administration to close the migrant facility over allegations of child abuse. >> this facility is a health and safety nightmare. the biden administration is now residing over the abuse of children to end this abuse that the biden administration must immediately shut down this facility. >> greg: so dana, you know, that is a really grim report.
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i'm wondering how will the democrats come up with a new way to describe it the way they always tend to be able to describe brutal things with interesting language. what could they call sexual assaults? >> dana: looking up that chart them i was reminded of the hockey sticks, do you remember that the whole climate change? that is an actual hockey stick right there. the only good path being beaten right now is the one the cartels made over the border. it reminds me of when the press secretary jen psaki was asked is it a crisis? she said no, and thin sheet challenged. at that time, you could have said there is a crisis there for many decades and we are working on it et cetera and we are six weeks later and we have seen all the stories. the speaker looks extremely out of touch. i don't think there is a good path. one of the reasons, it is not just that they have a serious problem on their hands in terms of the numbers coming over, they
2:17 pm
are not doing anything to change the trajectory. literally, nothing. and i know that secretary mayorkas went down and visited today and we will see policy change out of that. but that is what i think it strange. how can you call it a good path when there is no change? >> greg: for just a follow up with that, why do you think -- because i think i mentioned yesterday, there has to be a strategy behind there in, right? no? >> dana: are you asking me? >> greg: yeah. >> dana: you would have to think that there has to be something. i mean, these are not people that are ignorant, right? i'm assuming that everybody realizes this is going on. i know they would like to change the subject and talk about other things like infrastructure and the covid and gun control or whatever else, energy, changes the definition of infrastructure purity is there a strategy here? i don't think you should confuse us with anything but incompetence. >> greg: i keep thinking, i
2:18 pm
don't know, will, i think there is a strategy behind everything they do or this could be a new disorder. they went from trump derangement to border chaos to -- >> will: i fascinated with this question and the outcome of the border crisis. one thing i can say with certainty it was entirely predictable. i was just at the border in chief border patrol officer told me you put policies like this in place and you knew what would happen. it was entirely predictable. that brings you well cometh entirely predictable, was intended? nancy pelosi right there you have to come away with that conclusion. she said we were on a bad path of trump. what was that bad path? there was a border wall being built, crossings were down and now she says we are coming along. what is coming along? the hockey stick graph of 19,000 migrant kids and not detention centers but facilities? we were on a good path now and a bad path before come are we getting the intended outcome?
2:19 pm
maybe it's not super like trying to cultivate democratic voters but may be more empathetic and trying to be humanitarian but loops, our intentions like all intentions a road paved to help. i don't know what the intentions were but is this part of the intentions questioning >> greg: it is weird comeaux juan to house these miners and to walk around new york imaginew the money can help the people here at that are dealing with mental health issues and drug abuse. our country is not in a great state and now handicapping ourselves with something like this. >> juan: greg, you were saying in action but obviously, just saying we are spending money there would suggest we are taking action. to call it hockey sticks. the 70,000 encounters, boy, it sounds to me like they have very active border enforcement taking
2:20 pm
place, people being arrested and being expelled. that is an answer to anybody who is buying and biting down on what we don't have a border and somehow democrats want open borders. >> greg: they are showing up, juan. >> juan: no, it is that we are more active and there are more people showing up. but the real increase is in terms of those kids. again, contrary to what you're saying no action. there is a lot of good news. there was good news today indicating there is faster processing of those kids. they are spending less time now either into facilities or the housing while processed and get them out of here. we can make decision and get them reunited with their families or relatives. that is what we can do. homeland security, mayorkas went down to the border today, susan rice has been down there, vice president harris talking with the latin countries reversing trump policy about
2:21 pm
offering support so that people don't leave because of desperation. don't leave or send their children from those latin countries. these are active good policies about people trying to solve problems, not just mark each other. >> greg: i think that is beautiful, so the poems you create. the good news is, kennedy, the administration is acting faster on cleaning up the mess that they created the pier they were is your good news. don't worry about sexual assault that happened. >> kennedy: part of the messaging is if you send your kids, we won't send them back. if you are a dreamer, we will give you citizenship and that guarantees you will have more and more kids crossing the border. don't forget in this facility, in san antonio the reason greg abbott was so upset is because there are kids who are being underfed and understaffed. you have kids who are being kept with more covid positive with healthy kids. you have allegations of sexual abuse. that is not a good path.
2:22 pm
anyone who says that is a good path and we don't know about the number of people who are getting over the border. we only know about the apprehensions. we don't know about the kids possibly being abused and other detention facilities. they are not reception centers when your life is being ruined, i'm sorry. >> greg: all right come up next liberal state dishing out billions in gas to illegal immigrants while leaving businesses to fend for themselves. ♪ ♪ incomparable design makes it beautiful. state of the art technology, makes it brilliant. the visionary lexus nx. lease the 2021 nx 300 for $349 a month for 36 months. you know it's sillyg six-foot five, dealer.
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♪ ♪ >> will: look at this, democrats come up with new and inventive ways to set up and don't expend your money like liberals to change the definition of infrastructure. they will do just about anything. senator kristen jayla branca marked for this tweet.
2:27 pm
paid leave his infrastructure of child care, caregiving is infrastructure. new york state is set to hand out billions to illegal immigrants while businesses struggle with direct payment of up to $15,000 to every undocumented worker who lost their job. let's start with what is infrastructure, brian don't make before we started the show with manipulating language. this seems to be a prime example, everything is infrastructure. >> i want to tell you today i decided i will identify as infrastructure. >> will: congratulations, i hope you enjoy your money. >> if we are in a world whatever we are we are. so as i identify as a bridge or tunnel or perhaps sewer, close to the sewer i should get money or improvements. look, i still don't know what's going on with this money bomb, the $1,550,000 to illegal aliens and even left-wingers think this
2:28 pm
is crazy. the only reason i think this is happening is andrew cuomo trying to get the hard left off of his back and using tax dollars to help that happen while struggling businesses are not surviving. i'm wondering comeaux airs this money going? $15,000 to each illegal worker commit is not going into a bank account so it's going back to the home country, right? their home country? >> dana: remittances? >> greg: s. it makes no sense to me whatsoever that i gave up trying to figure it out long ago. >> will: kennedy come i would think it makes no sense to the voters as well $2.1 billion fund and the amount to undocumented immigrants is more than relief to small businesses received to the covid pandemic. >> kennedy: yes, the people most concerned about it on the hook for it in terms of the high wage earners who are going to get clobbered in texas because new york had some of the very highest income taxes in the country, they are going bye and
2:29 pm
they can see new york and rearview mirror and head to florida. these are the most ridiculous programs. when people all around them, kids that haven't been in school, half of the businesses that will be permanently shut and especially minority owned businesses. you look at this, my question is why stop there? why is $15,000, how about $50,000 or $150,000 and a bentley? if you really care about people, stop holding back. >> greg: juan i want to ask you an honest question. when we change the definition of infrastructure, did you see it as so many of us see it as essentially deceptive advertising? or do you think the definition of infrastructure should be changed and expanded? >> juan: well, we live in the 21st century. we don't live the start of the end of the 19th century and the start of the 20th. so when you look at it from my eyes, at least, will, you start to think about it not only what
2:30 pm
might enclose a jobs plan but you say beyond bridges, beyond tunnels and beyond highways, we have an internet. yes we want broadband in the rule areas. people there should have broadband access and businesses should start there and people should be able to work there one at a time when we rely on the internet. oh, what about health care, health care so much of our economy, especially in smaller cities. why don't we modernize our hospitals and do a better job of making sure that those hospitals have research facilities already. >> will: what is not infrastructure? honestly, what is not infrastructure? >> juan: there are a lot of things not infrastructure, but i think it is a conservative talk. it is vague. if you look at the bill commit is very clear that what joe biden is trying to do is set us up for success. make this not only a jobs program, but a program that puts
2:31 pm
america at the cutting edge of global competition so that china, countries that want to push us back. >> will: america first. >> juan: no, so america and americans can succeed. >> will: america first. dana come on the other hand, people see this as bait and switch. call it something popular like infrastructure and you can pack it full of anything you want. and it might just work on it dana commit is a good sales pitch. >> dana: but you might admit what was happening yesterday, biden himself and senator coons his good friend and other people in the cabinet starting already to say, actually, we will be calling this back a little bit. they were tried to make it smaller. maybe we will pass several different bills because they realize they overreached. so once again senator gillibrand off of the reservation, wait, what is she talking about? now they are being completely mocked and i think it shows once again she's not a part of it. the other thing we haven't pointed out is just how many of
2:32 pm
the members of the biden cabinet got caught suggesting there would be 19 million jobs that were created in this peer that was fact-checked and all of them have to admit, actually it is only $3 million stomach jobs over ten years. to me that is not a jobs plan. in the final thing, juan said the first villas american rescue plan and the second bill, american jobs plan. the third bill they said that they would come out with is called the american family plan. it seems like a lot of planning from the federal government. >> will: i think the other thing to mention, beautiful kumbaya mama "the five." juan expanding infrastructure and greg wants to be infrastructure. coming together right there. greg, the infrastructure, right? he gets to be it if he wants to be it. all right. liberals have a crazy new idea to fight climate change. just block the sun. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> dana: they are going to kill us all plan deed, scientists with a new deal to stop global warming by blocking the sun. it is an actual plan in a scientific group wants the federal government to spend $100 million to study it. this sounds like a crazy plot from a tv show, it was. >> take one last look at the sun, springfield. ♪ ♪
2:38 pm
predicts everything. so juan, you filled the atmosphere with air assault that reflects back to the sun and cool down the earth. but the problem is, no one knows if it really works or if there would be any unintended catastrophic consequences. any billionaire can do it. it's really cheap. should we let kylie jenner control air climate? >> juan: i have to worry about my tan. i will tell you that. this is dangerous. i was reading a story this week even about manatees, kennedy, and amenity in florida having trouble because they rely on sea grass and this egress hasn't been getting enough sunlight. so people start messing with the sun come i think there will be lots of unintended consequences that could be quite dangerous. but i do think we have to be aware. i think it was just last week it was reported that in terms of carbon dioxide emissions, the atmosphere set a record of. we have never seen it. we have seen so much co2 in the
2:39 pm
atmosphere. so we have to be aware of it. so you know, you have to be careful. that is a crazy idea to me. >> kennedy: it is a crazy idea. one of those ones, greg, you can't put the back in the horse. >> greg: i don't know if it's a crazy idea. you've got solar engineers involved but i like engineers. the thing is commit is easier to block the sun then to put sunblock all over the earth. but here is the bigger and more interesting point. this was all featured in a "new york times" article that had experts and promising theories. but i ask you this, what if this had come out of trump's mouth during an interview where a reporter said, president trump, president trump how would you reduce global warming? we would just block the sun. they would freak out! what are you, nuts? you are nuts! but no, this is actually in "the new york times" and they
2:40 pm
have solar engineers and experts citing so actually -- behind that this 100%. i'm behind it 100%. i can't wait. >> kennedy: there is a lot of debate about this, will, there are scientists and rational people going back and forth saying we don't know how it would work. we don't know what would happen. we know that it is cheap, but it is probably a bad idea. and they say why not just reduce claimant emissions, carbon emissions. greg has talked about this a lot. why not just go nuclear? >> imagine the humility's and all those i don't know, kennedy. i can't imagine debate about climate change. you know, i think this is lex luther stuff here mv level and i'm terrified of. my question for any claimant activist what is the perfect temperature? what should it be? was it ten years ago? is at now? what are we trying to preserve?
2:41 pm
what temperature shall be set on the earth's thermostat to adjust the blinds? i'm not sure what they were targeting here, but i'm scared who they would put in charge of achieving perfection. >> kennedy: that brings up a good question, dana, if you had your ideal vacation would it be somewhere super, super cold or super, super warm? >> dana: welcome i don't like either. i want the perfect temperature. the perfect one. i want to know who will win, the doctors demanding we get more vitamin d or the scientist who want to block the sun? they want to watch that cage match. if there was a crypto form of vitamin d come i would invest in it right now because that is a great point. that is a forward-looking take on something that could be incredibly problematic. we don't even know what's going to happen or if we will have a son. >> greg: [laughter] >> kennedy: godzilla go shopping and it is the crazy video -- that's real. we have more coming up next with
2:42 pm
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♪ ♪
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>> dana: welcome back. it is time for "the fastest." choppers not expecting to see this giant lizard taking up a snack. check it out. a 6-foot lizard having the time of his life at 7-eleven in thailand and hung out on the shelf an hour before the police came and chased him out. kennedy, it has this ever happened at a 7-eleven that you have been to? >> kennedy: there was no lizard involved, but there was some shelf climbing and i did send an apology letter. i'm quite sorry. i'm relieved to hear that those, they are not but don't make nasty lizards. they are not a threat to humans. they eat eggs and must be beacon. >> dana: is this one of those b movies you were thinking about? >> will: you know most people might say that is the most terrifying animal but not the most at a convenience store. go to new york and watch the rats scurry, you will jump come i promise you, scarier than that thing. >> dana: we have to give you a better place you are staying in
2:47 pm
new york. greg, how do you feel about this lizard? >> greg: not just how going through the product but what he actually purchased. i mean, it was pretty late at night and went to sleep. he's got some day quill and then some sudafed. and it's like the strangest thing for a lizard. before that is not going to help you sleep, juan. >> juan: no come i tell you i'm a city boy and if i saw something like that, i would run. i'm scared of little monsters like rats or snakes. i mean, why would anybody hang out there? no wonder the cops say no, you take care of this. we don't want to deal with it. >> dana: i wonder how scared he was maybe? next up, confirming you can judge people by taste in music. it turns out you are more empathetic if you prefer smooth rhythm of rock and more logic-based if you like heavy metal and hard rock. kennedy, i have to go to you first.
2:48 pm
you have probably known this since a kid. >> kennedy: absolutely, music is one of the most important metrics for compatibility. if you are kind of grossed out by someone's music, you are potentially dating, then run at the opposite direction because that is your body's way, evolutionary mechanism to let you know this person has bad taste and it's not going to end well. i fully endorse the survey. >> dana: greg, do you like to survey? your logic-based? >> greg: yes, we all knew this. as you know we are peloton users. they play a lot of positive, upbeat music except a lot of people that are singing the upbeat music have had a horrible deaths. like if you are listening to -- all right, whitney houston. music for me is affected by the consequences of the artist. i cannot support this! so when i hear michael jackson, i can't hear it the way i use
2:49 pm
to. >> dana: prince. >> greg: prince. >> dana: it is sad. you have given us a lot of thought and we appreciate the preparation on the show. wilmette, you like country music and i like country music. i think that is a good match. >> will: you are married and i married so we will have to see if that match works for somebody -- >> dana: i didn't mean that kind of match. >> greg: she wishes, dana. [laughter] my goodness. >> will: i don't buy it come i don't buy it. i like country, you don't like country. i will be honest i'm not super empathetic and that's pretty sad. i'm not very empathetic. >> dana: [laughter] juan, you are the r&b guy. are you an impasse? >> juan: i think i am more empathetic but i don't see that this makes sense. i like r&d, as you just said, dana, but i like motown, reggae. >> dana: i think that falls in the same thing. >> juan: no, it's not. i like rock.
2:50 pm
>> dana: sorry, have to go. speed to some of this country stuff you talk about my love loretta lynn. i love those stories. >> dana: an aspect of cerebral deaths. who would want to do a study like this? pretty fun. one more topic, when the americans suffering from major passport problems. they get locked out of their account ten times a month and forget their new password immediately after resetting it. this is why you should probably just go to the fingerprint, kennedy. >> kennedy: i miss the fingerprint. they don't have it anymore. now you have to stare at your phone like this. and the masts too. you were telling me come everything with the mask. >> greg: not everything. >> dana: but now our email at work, you have to have a sentence and not a password. how do you remember your password, greg? >> greg: the best way to remember the password is this, i take the third syllable of my
2:51 pm
favorite kind of road, okay, my favorite road's overpass. then i picked the second word of my favorite kind of software, which is microsoft word. so my password -- >> dana: is password? got it, logic, they ricoh. juan, did you ever get locked out of your account? >> juan: all the time. i have faith stack, a folder, dana but the thing is something changes and the folder is out of date. i'm like that guy who lost his password and couldn't get his millions off bit coin. i'm constantly losing my password appearance before will, how about you? >> will: meet too, the survey my only is to get locked out and it happens all the time. >> dana: maybe we should go back to pen and paper the old-fashioned way. all right, guys, "one more thing" is up next. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> juan: it's time now for one more thing. kennedy, you're up first. >> kennedy: juan, you are the subject of the first part of my one more thing, happy birthday, juan. look at that. >> juan: you are so kind. >> will: happy birthday, juan. the. >> juan: thank you, guys. >> kennedy: it's saturday. you are doing a little precelebration which we fully endorse. happy birthday to you and your beautiful smile and lovely family, juan. and happy birthday. >> juan: thank you. >> kennedy: a quick video of what is going to happen to people when they are fully vaccinated. evan is getting ready for slutty summer. the labrador taking care of this baby almost died when she was born. but lola has been there every step of the way licking her back to health. >> dana: deign that's so sweet. happy birthday to you, juan, if
2:57 pm
it's juan's birthday on saturday that means jasper's ninth birthday is tomorrow. that's pretty great. i just had to figure out a way to bring up jasper. matthew west is a wonderful singer/song writer and of course you will enjoy his music there, will. there in nashville. and he has a wonderful podcast and i was on talking to him about everything will be okay, had a wonderful time. we talked about some book stuff and he is a great girl dad. dad of three girls. >> will: all right. >> juan: way to go, dana. all right, greg, you are up. >> greg: all right, here we go. of gutfeld live is back at the columbia, south carolina, colombia speedway. that's going to be sunday, apri. wow, that's not far away. 6:00 p.m. you can get the tickets at wwwg this is a 2021 date. i hope it still happens. and special guest tom shillue. it's going to be great.
2:58 pm
i really look forward to doing this again. and here we go. let's do this. greg's celebrity sighting. there is nothing -- i can't stand it when i see celebrity couples fighting in public. but where i live it happens all the time. here, take a look at this. these are two brothers from hampton are fighting and they don't realize that tmz is just around the corner and they went at it for almost three solid hours and now i will shut up. [laughter] i couldn't think of a celebrity couple. >> juan: it looks like fun whatever it is. i will tell you that all right, you never know when a giant jeanne or a guardian angel with a credit card is going to a appear. take a look, folks. well, apparently the video got hung up somewhere. but what we had was a video
2:59 pm
of -- oh, here it is, shaquille o'neal. that is shaquille o'neal, the former nba star paid for an edge engagement ring as it was being purchased by another man. shaq said the guy buying a ring was a hard-working young fellow who the ring put on a layaway plan because he couldn't pay for it right away. at first he didn't want to accept shaq's generosity. he told him not to worry take care of his future wife. let me ask you, doesn't this remind you of a movie? >> will: i don't know. what movie, juan? >> kennedy: indecent proposal? >> juan: there you go. >> will: all right. >> juan: you are up, will. >> will: shaq and charles barkley one of a kind. lathan he dresses up like umps. mimics the calls. stole the show at little league tournament sat there and called
3:00 pm
balls and strikes behind the ump. if that doesn't do it for you maybe i will. i just day would youd the will cain podcast up to 34 on the charts. join us at podcast spotify come hang out appreciate it. >> juan: we will have to listen for you. that's up for it us to. "special report" is up next. hey, shannon bream. >> shannon: juan, happy birthday to you. good to see you don't. >> juan: thank you. >> shannon: good evening i'm shannon bream in for bret baier. shootings in the south on the same day that joe biden takes steps toward gun control. five people dead in an attack in south carolina being blamed on a former national football league player. we start off with a manhunt southern texas gunman shot three people at a business in bryan. jeff paul joins us from los angeles. good evening, jeff. >> shannon, right now authorities say they don't have anyone in custody. in fact, we are being told there is aniv


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