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tv   The Story With Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  April 8, 2021 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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>> john: it's a shame. every time they come on, your heart breaks. the layers of the onion keep getting peeled back. every time they do, we learn something new. >> sandra: absolutely. that does it for us, john. thanks to everyone for joining us for the two hours of the day. i'm sandra smith. >> john: and i'm john roberts. "the story" with martha starts right now. >> martha: thanks, john and sandra. good afternoon. i'm martha maccallum. here's the story breaking at 3:00 p.m. eastern. we're waiting for a crucial decision from the judge in the chauvin trial in minneapolis. maurice hall, you'll see him on the right-hand side of the screen, he was with george floyd in the car may 25. they drove to cup foods. we heard floyd's girlfriend testify that she didn't like maurice hall. she believes he sold drugs to floyd. now we're waiting on the decision whether hall will be compelled to testify in this trial. he knows what happened before the police arrived.
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and what ensued in the struggle to arrest george floyd. he also may know about -- look at these pictures here, the pills found on the floor of floyd's car and a partial pill that was found in the police car that floyd was briefly in. all of which tested positive for methamphetamine and fentanyl. did george floyd die from the drug in his system or the knee on his neck? that is the question for this judge. criminal defense attorneys is here. but first, matt finn live outside the courthouse as we await the judge's decision this afternoon. hi, matt. >> hi, martha. so far no decision from the judge at this hour whether maurice hall will testify. as soon as the judge makes the decision, we'll bring that to you. right now on the stand in downtown minneapolis, dr. martin tobin, a physician giving powerful and difficult testimony to listen to.
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doctors have been testifying that the viral video of floyd indicates that floyd suffered a seizure. the doctor says he can figure out the precise moment that floyd took his last breath based on signs that clinicians look for in facial movements. >> you can see his eyes. he's conscious. and then you see that he isn't. that's the moment the life goes out of his body. >> he said not related to fentanyl. four forces that restricted his breathing. the handcuffs, the knee on the back of the neck and being on the ground in the prone position. as dr. tobin was cross examined by attorney nelson, he made the point that chauvin doesn't have anywhere near the medical training that dr. tobin has to
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decipher the medical signs or body functions of george floyd as he pinned down. the defense said that tobin had an opportunity to view the video hundreds of times, slow it down. chauvin didn't have that capability in real time. george floyd went without oxygen for nine minutes between his last breath and when paramedics intervened, martha. >> martha: thanks, matt. man finn here now. we have mark here, former prosecutor following this trial very closely with us. good to see you again today. want to start with maurice hall as we wait for the judge to let us know whether or not he takes the stand. if he takes the stand and answers the questions asked to him by pleading the fifth, what is the impact on that for the defense? >> not much, martha. i mean, this is great in a court of public opinion but on the
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issue of did the defendant cause -- substantially cause the death of floyd? i don't think it's a big issue. i don't. i'm thinking what he could say and that is okay, so floyd was involved in something nefarious. floyd ingested drugs. maybe hall sold it to him. so what. we know that. i don't think it's in dispute. >> martha: there's another line of thinking on that, which is that if floyd -- if hall is on the stand and he's asked, did you give the drugs to george floyd, did you see george floyd take drugs that had methamphetamine and fentanyl in them. if he says no, i won't answer that, no, i won't answer that. the thinking is that by some that that makes it appear that the drug use was present at the time. even if they appeal to one or two jurors that say i don't believe this doctor that we
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heard from today, i think this could have been the cause of death, that's all they would need, what do you say to that? >> we don't need hell to tell us what was in his body. a toxicology report shows the drugs in floyd's body. what is in dispute is whether it was the drugs or the lack of oxygen that caused his tragic demise. today's testimony, what is happening right now, to me is the most compelling and devastating testimony of the trial. dr. martin tobin, a pulmonologist, gave riveting testimony. jurors were watching, taking notes. when he said that it was low oxygen levels, not fentanyl, the jurors were writing things down. >> martha: that's something that you look for. let's watch this sound bite from dr. tobin. watch this. >> mr. floyd died from a low level of oxygen.
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a healthy person subjected to what mr. floyd subjected to would have died as a result of what he was subjected to. >> compelling. >> martha: powerful testimony, mark. but i want to point out to viewers, we're still hearing from the prosecution. i would expect you'll hear from a witness on the defense side that said the death was not caused by the knee. this is the central question that these jurors will have to grapple with. >> i'll go a step further. this is unbelievable. i'm been practicing for 28 years. i don't know that i've ever seen the prosecutor's own witness, their medical examiner, that is going to say that the cause of death was not the lack of oxygen, but a cardio pulmonary arrest, and that's compelling. so by putting this witness on before their own medical examiner, it helps the prosecution. the minute their own witness testifies to something contrary, that will help the defense. so this is note a clear-cut case at all, martha.
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>> martha: so what are the things -- there's a question of the pills. we show the pills in the car in the images. they were not found on the first investigation of the two vehicles, the police squad car and also of george floyd's car.then they were impounded for a couple months till december and january and looked back and found the pills. that strikes some people as odd. what do you think about that? >> it strikes them as odd because most people get their experience from cheesy dramas on television. the reality is cops miss stuff and maybe they did in this case. >> martha: thanks, mark. we'll watch it closely. wait for the judge's decision. good to have you here. thanks. >> thanks, martha. >> martha: you bet. so coming up, this is such an incredible and awful case. the murder of a beloved south carolina doctor, his wife and his two young grandchildren. now it's believed that a former nfl player is behind it.
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we have brand new breaking information in this awful story coming up. also, as we go live to texas, a number of children crossing the southern border hits the highest monthly total ever reported. lawmakers tell harrowing accounts of allegations of abuse in some of these facilities. >> heard from a young lady that cannot talk because of the trauma of being gang raped. these are children, my friends. whether they're american or mexican or gaut mall lanolin -- doesn't matter. gaut refiplus, it's only for veterans and it's only from newday usa.
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>> martha: a former nfl player suspected of shooting and killing five people in south carolina before killing himself last night.
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phillip adams was a cornerback. he played for the atlanta falcons and other teams. the victims include a doctor, a beloved doctor in this town of south carolina, his wife and their two young grandchildren. jonathan serrie reporting live on this story for us from atlanta. jonathan? >> hi, martha. originally it was speculated that there was some doctor patient relationship leading to a motive. authorities say they have no evidence that the doctor, the victim in this case, had treated the suspected gunman. what we know is the suspected gunman now deceased was a former nfl player. 33-year-old phillip adams that played for six teams and 78 games over five nfl seasons is believed to have taken his own life after shooting five people and injuring a sixth. the shooting took place at a home outside of rock hill innup state, south carolina.
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the victims include dr. robert leslie, his wife barbara and two grandchildren, ages 9 and 5. a man who had been working on their air conditioning system, 38-year-old james lewis was found dead outside of the house and a sixth victim also, an a.c. repair technician, actually ran to a man nearby, got him to call 911 and report the crime that a.c. technician taken to the hospital, treated for what authorities described as serious gunshot wounds. he's in critical condition. this afternoon, the sheriff held a press conference and read a statement from the victim's families. taken a listen. >> while we know there's no answers that will satisfy the question why, we're sure one thing. we don't grieve as those without hope. our hope is found in the promise of jesus christ and we're enveloped by peace that
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surpasses all understanding. to that, our hearts are bent to forgiveness and peace. >> those remarkable victims' families in their statement went on to list charities, asking people to donate, to food pantries, public libraries and to a camp serving children with special needs. these special family members of the victims putting others ahead of themselves even in their grief. back to you. >> martha: yeah. by all accounts, the doctor was beloved. people that grew up in the town, he took care of them growing up. it's a horrific tragic story. thanks for your coverage. nearly 19,000 children have traveled lone across the mexican border in the last month. it's a record. it's been two weeks since president biden said this. >> i have asked the v.p. today
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because she's the most qualified person to do it to lead our efforts with mexico and the northern triangle is and the countries that will need help in stemming the movement of so many times stemming the migration to the southern border. no a couple weeks ago. there's not even a planned visit for the vice president. we know the dhs secretary, alejandro mayorkas is back at the border today. considering finishing the wall there where the gaps are. a trump policy that was a ban donned on the inaugural day, january 20th. alex hogan back on the ground again today. she was in hidalgo, texas. hi, alex. >> hi, martha. as we heard growing calls for the president and vice president to come here to texas to see this immigration challenge for themselves. again, as you mentioned, alejandro mayorkas is here
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today. this is a live look over mission, texas. you can see part of the border wall there constructed and part of it still not up. the homeland security secretary said the wall could soon get filled. something that jen psaki is on pause except for some specific areas. mayorkas toured today, was not open to the press. by monica escobar called it a listening session to brief the secretary on the state of a fairs from local agencies. >> this is an unsustainable situation. there's no doubt about it. it's unsustainable for the migrants, unsustainable for the agency, but we can do this so much better. i think that's going to take an entire reenvisioning of how we address vulnerable souls that arrive at our front door. >> as you mentioned, there's
12:18 pm
19,000 children alone that crossed the border last month. now 20,000 kids in u.s. facilities. back to you. >> martha: thanks very much. my next guest just returned from texas to tour the conditions there. florida congressman kat kemick. thanks for being here. you heard escobar saying there's a better way to do that. do you agree with that? >> good to seeing you, martha. yes, there's a better way to do this. it's what the trump administration was doing. it was the most humane, compassionate and normal way for putting americans first, our national security first. i would challenge representative escobar to call this what it is, a crisis. it's not a situation. it's a crisis. i was there in mission, texas. i saw first hand young girls under the age of 10 that had been gang-raped.
12:19 pm
screaming so loud, their vocal cords had given out. this is a humanitarian crisis. i can't call president biden president. he's trafficking in chief. these kids are being trafficked. my democrat colleagues won't call this a crisis. they call it anything but. it's a challenge, a situation. it's not an emergency in their book. when you have 20,000 children in custody and the border patrol agents are stretched thin to the max and watching cartel members taunt our border patrol agents as they send the children under 6 years old across the river by themselves, this is a humanitarian crisis. let's call it what it is. beyond that, we need to reinstate the mpp, the migrant protection protocol. extend title 45. these are things that will help our border patrol agents on the ground and actually deliver a humane response to this crisis
12:20 pm
unfolding. that's where we can start. >> martha: your depictions are stunning and your recitation of what you saw and heard is disturbing about these young girls. we know president biden has asked vice president harris to go to the border. we do expect to get more details on what her role will be. it's been a full two weeks since she's been asked to take on the relationship with these countries that leads that this situation. thanks for being here, congressman cammack. >> thank you. >> so coming up, 47% of all households in america, 47%, pays zero taxes. the top 25% pay 87% of all the taxes in this nation and all the revenue that comes in to the government. there's more coming. we'll be right back. not everybody wants the same thing. that's why i go with liberty mutual — they customize my car insurance so i only pay for what i need. 'cause i do things a little differently. hey, i'll take one, please!
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of credit card debt. they helped me consolidate all of that into one low monthly payment. they make you feel like it's an honor for them to help you out. i went from sleepless nights to getting my money right. so thank you. ♪ ♪ >> martha: so president biden says he's tired of ordinary americans being fleeced. the top 10% of earners paid more than 70% of all the income taxes in 2018. the top 25% paid 87% of the whole nation's tax burden. the top 50 paid 97%. let's bring in andy puzner and
12:25 pm
marie harpf a fox news contributor. so andy, what does he mean when he says he doesn't want the american people to be fleeced when you look at those numbers? >> there's some other numbers he could look at, too, in 2018, the top 1% of taxpayers paid 16 billion more in taxes than they paid in 2017 before the trump tax cut. the bottom 99% paid $80 billion less in taxes after the trump tax cut. so it's really not being in touch with reality. these tax rates aren't as important as the deductions. rich people paid more because they lost a lot of itemized deductions. the bottom 99% because a lot of them used the standard deduction. so we're seeing the top pay more, the bottom paying less.
12:26 pm
>> martha: so marie, looks like this study, it will cost about a million jobs in the first two years. when you lower corporate taxes, you encourage those companies to grow, to invest, hire more workers. we've seen that time and time again. we would we want to make the corporate tax rate less competitive than our competitors? >> raising the corporate tax rate not to where it was before president trump and the cuts in 2017 but raising it a small amount would put us more on par with our global peers around the country. donald trump, one of his top economic advisers, gary cohen, said the 28% rate is acceptable to him. they made it a little low. if you look at the money going to the infrastructure, bridges, broad band, those investments which corporations can handle in
12:27 pm
terms of the tax rate, those investments make our country more competitive overall. many corporations don't even pay the 21% now. they pay much less. this is making the tax rate -- >> martha: it's all about -- >> -- things that will make us more competitive. >> martha: yeah, but it's forced. what make companies competitive. we saw a tremendous economic growth under the lower corporate tax rate. we've seen the choices that companies make when their taxes are lower. they hire more people. they expand their businesses. so this situation is forcing them to pay for an enormous infrastructure bill, most of which is not infrastructure. >> i would also point out, we were the highest tax rate among the g-20, our competitors among president obama. we will be again if we go to 28%. it's not just the federal tax rate, it's the state rights. we were under president trump
12:28 pm
the 16th highest. so we will be less competitive. we will not be competitive with these other nations economically. you're right. 2019 was the strongest labor market we've had in the history of the country. highest family income, lowest poverty rate. two years of declining income inequality. that went to blacks, hispanics and asians. you're going to take that away with these tax rates. they're going to lose. >> martha: marie, final thought. not concerned about the jobs that could be lost, particularly for minorities who saw big job gains under the prior administration. >> there's many studies showing how many jobs will be gained if we pass the infrastructure bill. anybody that tells you the corporate tax cuts went to the workers, they're not telling the truth. they went to the top leadership and the stockholders, not the average citizen.
12:29 pm
>> martha: what we're talking about is how it stimulates companies to make different decisions to expand businesses and hire more workers. that's what we saw under the tax policies. we'll see what happens when and if these changes go into effect. marie, thank you. andy, thank you. good to see you. how stacey abrams, al sharpton and lebron james were able to pressure major league baseball to back out of georgia. the inside story is next. veteran homeowners: during uncertain times, money in the bank can bring you and your family real piece of mind. refiplus from newday usa can make it happen. refiplus lets you refinance at near record lows plus get an average of $50,000 cash for the financial security you and your family deserve. refiplus, only from newday usa.
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>> martha: stacey abrams a major player of getting mlb to take the all-star game out of atlanta. a decision she's back-pedalling. rob manfred decided to move the game after holding discussions with voting rights groups associated with abrams, al
12:34 pm
sharpton and lebron james. joining me now, doug collins. good to see you again. thanks for being with us. what is your reaction when you learned about these high level meetings with these groups? >> i'm not surprised. this is what stacey abrams has been doing ever since she lost the governor's race. there's some kind of voter suppression going on against minorities. the problem is the facts don't bear that out. when i heard the reports that she talked to major league baseball, didn't surprise me. they've been telling a lie about the voter law that they're so upset about. remember, if the law is good and it protects voting and encourages participation, their money and power goes away. this is about power and control for stacey abrams. this is not about the people of georgia. >> martha: let's take a look at lebron james tweet. he said proud to call myself part of the mlb family today.
12:35 pm
this is obviously a moment that has in many ways worked in raising awareness for voting in georgia. republicans had a tough time the last election. >> look, i enjoy watching lebron james play basketball. the problem when it comes to this issue, he's wrong. he has not read the bill. he read the talking points spewed out early on. to say how this is going to affect minority voting. show me in this bill where it will affect or will harm minority voting or for that matter any voting. we've expanded the number of hours, secured our vote. this is not about this vote. this is about perpetuating a narrative to say things are happening and republican states and georgia that are not happening. major league baseball got caught in the middle of it. over time, this will be a turning point i think in this culture where we can have honest
12:36 pm
discussions about election law, but have it in a position of saying what is best for the people that vote and not an agenda being pushed on a narrative of voter suppression. >> martha: two quick questions for you. president trump says the georgia law in his view didn't go far enough. do you agree with him? >> i think it went as far as it needed to go. there's always things you can do better. this did what i needed to do to begin to give a clarity for what the legislators are saying. what bothered me is what joe biden said about this. they were smarting up in georgia. hard to believe a current sitting president would tell the georgia legislature and the governor that they were too stupid how to write a law that would have affected them. >> martha: what about the next elections? are you considering running for governor or might you run for the senate seat against senator warnock? >> we're looking at that. when senator warnock can't get away with this as well. she was happy to look at the misinformation about this bill
12:37 pm
and suppression of votes and tried to say that he had no idea, acting like he was surprised of major league baseball. no, that's not an option. we're looking at this race because the senate needs to go back to republican. the democrats can't handle it. >> martha: you think you would have the backing of president trump? >> i want the backing of everybody including voters in georgia. >> martha: any assurance from the former president on that? >> he's always been supportive of me. we'll continue to look at it. again, this is a -- we're so early, martha, people don't realize we're about 12 weeks out from the last ballot cast in the state of georgia. people are ready to the next election but get back to life. >> martha: that's for sure. you know how these things go. turned around, your in the middle of the next election. doug collins, good to see you. thanks. >> good to see you. take care. >> martha: dan henninger, wall
12:38 pm
street deputy editor and fox news contributor. his piece is titled "yes, boycott baseball". an interesting piece. why do you think people should boycott baseball and what else should they boycott in your opinion? >> the elf is the companies that have joined in with major league baseball that has announced the georgia voting law, about 50 of signed a letter. levi, nordstrom, coca-cola, and on and on. it's a political fight between republicans and democrats. the same thing over gerrymanderings of congressional districts. it was all done in the name of wokeness. as joe biden said, this was jim crow on steroids that they were doing in georgia. that is a pretty volatile accusation to make against half
12:39 pm
of the residents of georgia, that they're still racist. nothing has changed since general sherman burned atlanta. now all of a sudden, the commissioner of major league baseball, rob manfred decides to move the all-star game out. instead of looting and pillaging, he's doing an estimated $100 million of damage to atlanta businesses with this decision. so i wrote that it's just time to draw a line in the sand. if it means boycotting baseball and boycotting some of these other companies to draw attention to this double standard, that's what we're going to have to do. >> yeah. interesting the masters stood their ground. rob manfred is a member of augusta national. senator rubio called him out on that. he said i assume you're going to leave your membership. he's been quiet with that. you said corporate cowardess is
12:40 pm
worse than ever. people start running scared. >> yeah, well, it's all about their brands. they invest hundreds of millions in developing these brands. then again, if they get attacked on social media -- and the left understands this. they can generate several hundred tweets or instagram posts to attack one of these companies. the ceo thinks his brand is about to be destroyed, so they roll over, forgetting the fact that they have millions of millions of customers that do not agree with this wokeness and they're getting sick and tired of it. a lot of the leadership lives in a world of social media. you mentioned lebron james. lebron james lives in los angeles. al sharpton lives in new york. they have done damage to the people of atlanta. it's because their world is confined to things like social media, not the real world that atlantans live in. >> martha: we've seen the impact on football and we've seen the
12:41 pm
impact on basketball of wokeness and we'll see if there is a boycott of major league baseball as a result of this. dan, thanks very much. good to see you today. coming up, scientists that say forget the w.h.o. we want an independent investigation of how the virus began in wuhan, china. the united states state department former lead investigator believes that the virus likely came from a biological weapons program in china. he's back with more on that in a moment.
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. >> martha: two dozen scientists and researchers around the globe now want and independent investigation into the origins of covid-19 to challenge the vagueries of the one recently
12:46 pm
completed by the world health organization. in an open letter, the scientists say the study released last week was tainted by politician and the u.n. agency's conclusions were based on unpublished chinese research as beijing continues to keep a grip on critical data and biological samples that they won't release. in moments, the former covid investigators that cease this a bio weapons research accident is likely the source of covid-19 will join us in a moment. state departments rich edson at the state department reporting live on the latest. hi. >> john: rich. >> good afternoon, martha. a year into the global pandemic, these scientists say there still has not been a credible investigation and study into how it all began. china's foreign ministry is castigating this group of scientists, accusing them of deception and calling out one of the organizers by name. former u.s. national security
12:47 pm
council official jamie metzel. >> it's really unfortunate rather than addressing the serious concerns raised in our open letter, the chinese foreign ministry has decided to attack our group of experts a year later. >> last week, the w.h.o. released a report from chinese government investigation that found the virus had likely jumped from bats to another animal and humans. it also claimed the theory that the virus leaked from the wuhan instituted of virology unlikely. even the w.h.o.'s director general says the lab hypothesis needs more study. the scientists say that they want reforms at the world health organization to allow for a full independent study. if not, countries should then push nor an investigation
12:48 pm
separate from the who. we asked the state department whether the administration would support a separate investigation from the w.h.o. officials here say they want to reform the w.h.o. and the w.h.o. should begin the second face of its investigation immediately. martha? >> thanks, rich. my next guest uncovered a nuclear arm network with iran. the past year he's been digging at what happened in the lab in wuhan. david asher is from the hudson institute. you were the investigator on this. you worked under secretary mike pompeo. you said this was highly likely a leak from a bio weapons program in china. why? >> at least it's a leak. we declassified information january 15 that they were sensitive military programs going on at the wuhan institute
12:49 pm
of virology and other institutes in wuhan. they were funded by the chinese military. programs not associated with bio defense. the chinese declared they bio defense programs at the biological weapons convention in geneva. they didn't declare the coronavirus as a priority area for research in the wuhan institute was declared as a civilian institute. that sounds suspicious to me. doesn't it to you? >> martha: yeah, it does. we know that they were doing gain of function research, which is a way to make a virus more deadly, a way to make a virus easier to transmit from human to human and even redfield, the former cdc doctor said he doesn't think that this is likely anything that came from an animal. it learned how to replicate way too fast. can you explain that? >> well, i have admired what dr. redfield said publicly.
12:50 pm
i think it came from an animal through convolution. they were injecting animals with pathogens and looking for a host that would be suitable. if you look at the wuhan institute own public research, they did research into monkeys and ferrets and other hosts. i would assume that they were looking to an adequate to perfect host for in part bio synthetically weapons related vector. i have no reason to believe it was defensive in motivation. >> martha: so you spent at least a year working on this for the united states government in our state department. you have successfully uncovered a number of terrorists and criminal organizations, internationally over the course of your career for republicans and democratic presidents. is the biden administration
12:51 pm
continuing to talk to you about what you discovered and are they curious about following the leads that you have found? >> unfortunately not. i have -- they stood down a lot of the activities associated with our arms control related investigation into the wuhan institute of virology and this incident or accident or whatever it was. and you know, i think we sort of suspended this belief as we wait for the w.h.o. to find facts that they won't find. they have been destroyed or denied access and classified as top secret by the chinese. >> martha: incredible. let's hope it doesn't inspire them to try this again or to continue this work. i think that's probably not very likely. david ash, thanks very much. hope you join us again. let's keep digging on this. thank you, sir. >> thank you.
12:52 pm
>> martha: so there's moves to tighten gun laws. former nra spokesperson dana lash with what the president just said a short time ago. that's next. important news for veteran homeowners. introducing refiplus from newday usa. refiplus lets you refinance at near record lows plus get cash. with home values climbing, now is the smartest time ever to turn your home's increased value into an average of $50,000 cash. refiplus. it's new, it's only for veterans, and it's only from newday usa.
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>> martha: this just coming in. the cost of migrant teens is $60 million to week to u.s. taxpayers. that's according to hhs data obtained by "the washington post." there will be more. that after president biden takes the broader steps to gun control agenda calling gun violence a public health crisis adding no amendment is absolute. once again, expressing support for a ban of what he calls assault weapons. dana lash, host of the dana radio show, now expanded to over 200 radio stations.
12:57 pm
good to have you back on the show. what did you make of the president's announcements today? >> oh, it wasn't very unifying definitely after he announced who his nominee to be director of the atf was. there's nothing that joe biden proposed in his executive actions that would have done anything to prevent the most recent tragedy in boulder. colorado has red flag laws, universal background checks. none of those things factored into that tragedy. laws have to be followed. really should have a discussion about mental health. but he also was talking ant going after ghost guns, which they think apparently unserialized firearms out there floating around. this is all federally regulated. there was a 2019 doj study that surveyed felons and asked them where they got their firearms. they didn't have all of this
12:58 pm
machinery or expertise to create a firearm. they would get them through straw purchases, theft, family members would give them to them. all of those things are federally regulated and all felonies. that's one of the things that didn't come up in joe biden's remarks. so the idea that somehow penalizing law-abiding gun owners and restricting freedoms will symptom criminality? that's not the way to approach it, martha. >> martha: yeah, it would be great to have someone stand up and say lets enforce some of the laws that are on the books here. in colorado there were a lot of laws that were on the books that were not enforced, that might have actually made a difference in this after parkland, they restricted the sale of some of the weapons that have been -- involved -- here's another sound bite frompresident biden today.
12:59 pm
>> nothing i'm about to recommend in any way impinges on the second amendment. phony arguments suggesting these are second amendment rights at stake. gun violence in this country is an epidemic. let's say it again. gun violence is an epidemic and international embarrassment. >> martha: quick last thoughts here, dana. >> there's a lot that he's doing that will infringe not just upon second amendment rights but also should have the discussion about due process. joe biden is calling for nationalization of red flag laws. who gets to file those red flag laws? what are the protections being allowed? that's -- i want people to remember fire arms are a variable in this situation. it's an attack on due process as well always second amounted rights. that's why he's going around congress with executive action.
1:00 pm
>> martha: thanks, dana. thanks for being here today. that is "the story" of this thursday, april 8, 2021. great to have you with us. look forward to seeing you tomorrow. "the story" continues. we'll be back here then. "your world" with neil cavuto gets started now. have a great afternoon, everybody. >> neil: herd immunity. it's coming. what if i told you it's coming monday? the bad news is it's not coming here. it's coming to britain monday. a new modelling that shows right now that the united kingdom will reach that historic event again next monday. as to here, hard to say. welcome, everybody. i'm neil cavuto. let's get the latest from benjamin hall in london on the significance of this and what it means. benjamin? >> yeah, hi, neil. herd immunity is what every country has been striving for. it's happened a lot faster than


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