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tv   America Reports With John Roberts Sandra Smith  FOX News  April 8, 2021 10:00am-12:00pm PDT

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textiles this much power. >> whether you like them or not, they are historical and we need to preserve them. thanks to you all, now is "america reports." >> john: emily, thank you so much, starting off the program, stunning figures from the southern border,'s 172,000 people trying to crossing into the united states in march, that is a 71% increase from the month before. and authorities report picking up nearly 19,000 unaccompanied minors that is double the previous month in the largest number ever recorded. welcome to "america reports," the thursday edition. hi, again, sandra. >> sandra: those are staggering new numbers on new york, greg abbott meanwhile is calling for an investigation and claims of child abuse at a facility in san antonio. as we continue to see these heartbreaking images of children being abandoned by smugglers.
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plus the agent arresting alleged member of the ms-13 gang at the former, john. >> john: the burning question is why the person who is supposed to be in charge of the border vice president kamala harris still does not have any plans to visit. ♪ ♪ >> joe biden created this crisis, but the child abuse and neglect that is going on, it is not just the 20 plus state tracks that some of these young kids are taking. all of this is going on on the border. you can see why vice president kamala harris to either doesn't want to have this dumped in her lap because joe biden created the mess and is asking her to mop it up, or she is in over her head. >> john: key coverage this hour, the dhs secretary is here with us. >> sandra: we begin with dallas hogan as america reports live from the border in texas. alex. >> homeland security secretary callahan zero mallorca's will come here to the rio grande
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valley to see this for himself. with the president and vice president to see it themselves. we have many politicians who have made their way down here and more will come. we also have a live look at the drone shot from here in michigan, texas, showing you what the border looks like. a group of republican congress members led by jim jordan came here to see the border themselves. and from california called at the most disturbing field tour he had ever been on. host minority weight steve scalise from louisiana will be here to see the border with a group today. meanwhile, alarming news out of texas from governor greg abbott who calls for the texas department of public safety and the texas rangers to investigate for san antonio. this is after new disturbing allegations of sexual misconduct and neglect to some of those in
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the border. some of them are in the facility is after crossing the border alone. with the envoy to the northern triangle returning after some conversations with leaders in central america about the root causes of these migrations. meanwhile right now we are seeing continued influx of 71% more immigrants coming in then this month just a month ago. >> sandra: those new numbers are shocking, thank you. >> john: let's bring in ken cuccinelli, w secretary and heritage foundation fellow, you saw those new figures of unaccompanied minors crossing the border, 18,890 in march and february. it's pretty much exactly double. and the administration has been saying don't come now, the border is closed. clearly that message is not getting through. >> these numbers are staggering and all the messages you hear that sound like they want to
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slow this down or anything else, they are for american audiences. putting up radio ads and running facebook ads to try to deter people in their own countries. they are not using that money. they are not running those ads and trying to deter folks from coming. it's all literally just talk for the american audience. that's it. one was last time you saw not one, but thousands of illegal aliens show up at the border with the president's t-shirt on? so if there is any doubt about who owns the crisis, it is president joe biden. and literally up until the moment you and i are talking, they have not proposed one single thing to slow the flow. they have shredded all the programs that were in place through the patriot people and slowing the flow. and they have proposed nothing in its place.
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absolutely nothing. so we can expect these numbers to continue. >> john: the plan for the administration appears to be a long ball game if you will. they want to try to stop -- improve the conditions that lead to the illegal migration. that's something that will take months, years, if not decades to finally get under control. what about the story that you heard alex hogan talking about a moment ago, greg abbott once the federal government to close down a child holding migrant facility at san antonio after reports that children were being sexually assaulted. and seems to be contending that it is a product of lack of planning for the rhetoric that this administration has been putting out to the northern triangle. >> yes, look, they are bad folks that come across the border. and it should not be a surprise that they are the least deterred about breaking the law. and when you house them with other people, those others become victims and that's what you see happening here that
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governor abbott is legitimately concerned about. i would point out to your and my discussion a moment ago that it is filling a houston conference center and athletic facilities as military bases is what has come so far. what will they do a month from now and three months from now? and how much more abuse will be going on? they can't police it. it's like chaz up in seattle or portland when they run their own space, because there is literally not enough manpower and facility oversight by the u.s. government available to police lists. the only way to solve the problem is to stop the flow and they are not doing it. >> john: just getting into the high seas and now with the number last month we don't know what it will be in the month of april. one other thing i want to run by you is in ms-13 gang member was arrested in san antonio sectoral yesterday following six people who were on the terror watch
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list. this was something the last administration warned about two literally every time they talked about the border. >> yes, absolutely. and we have about 1,000 gang members a year that we picked up crossing the border. and i can tell you as a former state attorney general, the most deadly violent right in the commonwealth of virginia when i was attorney general and still today is ms-13. it is these foreign-based gangs that bring a level of violence that is unheard of to the united states and some of our most vulnerable communities. and they open border of president biden's facilitate their violence and their business. the peculiarity, not to be too critical about reporting on one or two of the arrests is how few of them there are. and i would note that under the biden priorities, they are not
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sending them back home. they are not removing those people from our communities, which just feeds, literally feeds the violence in our own american communities. these were top priorities for us to remove back home, and they were some of the folks that we targeted for some of our agreements with guatemala, el salvador, honduras, and particular. and those agreements were very successful. joe biden shredded them in the first week in office and now we are paying the piper and seeing the results of that now. >> john: you are wondering how many got through without being caught after the deputy director of border patrol deputy chief said more than 100,000 got a way that they know of have gotten through into the united states. more on that as well. ken cuccinelli, great to see you again. thank you for joining us this morning. >> my pleasure. >> john: if there is one ms-13 gang member, there could be
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dozens more. >> sandra: you see the staggering numbers as ken cuccinelli described them. and the president just a few moments ago delivering a message in the rose garden, but two weeks ago kamala harris was made the point person on the southern border and we have not seen a news or press conference from her or a visit there. and there is no sign that the trend of the border is coming to end anytime soon. the scandal facing andrew cuomo turns out his administration was tracking covid deaths of nursing home residents and hospitals in april last year after all. despite claiming those numbers could not be verified and excluding them from the report in july. fox news has of school of sibley obtained documents from the new york state department of help. this as one of the accusers revealed brand-new details about an alleged grow a groping incident. brian yannis with much more on the story. hi! >> sandra, good afternoon.
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these documents show that the cuomo administration was collecting data from nursing homes as early as april of 2020 tracking not only how many people died of covid-19 in nursing homes, but whether they died at the facility is or in hospitals. now the reason this is important is because three months later the cuomo administration omitted nearly 3,000 nursing home covid-19 deaths from a july 2020 department of health report saying they cannot verify how many residents died at hospitals despite the fact they were collecting the data since april. now the report said there were 6400 nursing home deaths when in fact there were more than 9800. "the new york times" and "the wall street journal" reported that cuomo's top aide melissa derosa and others excluded those 3,000 plus deaths from the july public report because they were worried about the true death count and how it would reflect politically on
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cuomo. the office has denied the allegations and meanwhile a current aide who is working for andrew cuomo who has accused him of sexually groping her aggressively at the executive mansion is speaking out for the first time. the albany times union and she said that cuomo was grooming her she believes where that incident over a course of two years before he decided to aggressively grope her. so that is an allegation coming out and all of this as we know is subject to multiple investigations about to multiple scandals. right now affecting cuomo. >> sandra: brian yannis reporting on that and has been for some time. we have the brothers coming up who lost their father norman. we have had them on the program a couple of times. very passionately speaking out about what happened to their family. they will respond to the latest bombshell report about those nursing home deaths. and what we actually had access to and knew at that point in
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time, but it was not made public, john. >> john: their story is tragic and compelling and emblematic of only a single case, but there are thousands of others out there across the state of new york. and the whole thing is just so tragic. >> sandra: they will join us to have next hour. >> john: stacey abrams playing a major role in rob manfred's decision to move the all-star game out of atlanta. the issue on full display ahead of the masters tournament in a gusto where the chairman and even some of the golfers have offered their views on the new voting law. steve harrigan live in atlanta, what is everybody saying, steve? >> a different strategy and mood there at the four-day tournament beginning this morning. major league baseball commissioner pulling the all-star game out of georgia due to what he says were restrictions on the ballot box from georgia's new voting law.
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a very different scene in a gusto where they decided to stay put and go forward. delete elder, 86-year-old first african-american to play in the masters was an honorary starter this morning. the strategy in agusta seems to be to stay put and build, not to simply walk away. here's the chairman. >> there have been calls for boycotts and other punitive measures. unfortunately, those actions often impose the greatest burdens on the most vulnerable in our society. and in this case, that includes our friends and neighbors here at a gusto who are the very focus of the positive difference we are trying to make. >> to back that up, a club broke ground on a $10 million community center in agusta. john. >> steve harrigan in atlanta, thanks so much.
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>> sandra: thank you, john, outrage after the killing of the uber eats driver during a carjacking. two teenage girls are accused in that case, but are prosecutors giving them a pass? nancy grace will wait and live. >> john: president biden says he is tired of ordinary americans getting "fleeced on taxes." but who does he consider ordinary americans? charles hurt on that coming up. ♪ ♪ ho need cash. refiplus from newday usa. with mortgage rates low and home values high refiplus can help you lower your rate plus turn your home equity into an average of $50,000. money for security today. money for retirement tomorrow. refiplus from newday usa.
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>> will you have failed on your promise of bipartisanship if you don't get republicans on this plan? your first plan across party lines? >> i said that i would try to work with my friends on the
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other side. there are things we are working on together. some of which we pass and some we will pass. >> john: president biden saying he will push for bipartisanship as it looks at the spending plan, but will he be able to get any republican votes for a bill that is considered a progressive wishlist. peter doocy is live from the white house. >> good afternoon, there is a lot of skepticism among republicans in washington that the promise to pay for this by only raising taxes on corporations and people making $400,000 a year is possible. >> this package they laid out at the beginning infrastructure is a trojan hordes for a massive tax increase and a whole lot more debt and spending that you and i think would probably agree is unrelated to infrastructure. >> president biden says he is sick of seeing working people
10:20 am
get fleeced. who is he talking about? let top 10% only paid 71% of income taxes. the top 25 covers 87% of income taxes. and that comes to select cabinet members to continue making the sale. >> there is money and therefore electric grades and increasing electric grids. job training. when i was going for my nomination for this job every single person i spoke to democrat and republican alike said that job training and workforce development is important to them. >> we heard about the energy secretary about the plan but not from the president himself. his focus so far has just been an ongoing control. >> john: we will hear a lot more about the spending plan in the days and weeks ahead. peter doocy at the white house. >> sandra: we will bring in charlie hurt, fox news contributor an opinion writer at "the new york times" can i have
10:21 am
a moment because you are on said in new york and it is so great to have you here! >> it so great to speak to you in person. >> sandra: republicans are all worked up, we had biden speaking about this time yesterday saying that he will try to work with republicans, but regardless he is going to do it and where is the unity that was promised on the campaign trail? >> that's not exactly how bipartisanship works here. i will work with you as long as you agree with everything i do. and it's kind of funny, because this is a guy who has been around for 50 years almost in washington. he ran on this idea that he can work with republicans and knows how to get things done. there is nothing bipartisan about what they are doing whether it is the border or defunding the cops or any of it. there is nothing bipartisan. the only bipartisan thing that is going on is he is creating this bipartisan outrage about what is going on at the border. you don't see that in washington which is the dumbest place on earth, but if you get out of
10:22 am
washington democrats and republicans alike are outraged and that is the only bipartisanship. >> sandra: where he gets a lot of support in his own party is raising taxes to pay for all this stuff. when you take a look up those pe tax figures showing the red ship paying their fair share, i can't say this enough, this is a tax foundations number, 10% of taxpayers pay 71.4% of all paid. and the top 25% paying 87% of all the taxes in this country. yet what do you hear from in this administration, let's tax the wealthy. let's tax the corporations, they want to raise the corporate tax rate to 28%. >> their solution to every single problem is to tax people more and you will never taxi her way out of these problems. every day they get worse it becomes more impossible to tax
10:23 am
our way out of the problems. the only way you will do it is through a robust economy that lifts all parties. >> sandra: senator gillibrand taking on the other things in the bill that are not traditional infrastructure. this went viral on the internet. child care is infrastructure, caregiving is infrastructure, some of our frequent guests on the fox news channel had some tweets of their own to respond to that. unicorns are infrastructure, love is infrastructure, is infrastructure. brunch is infrastructure, kendall jenner is infrastructure, but the point is, there is so much other stuff. why could this not have been because there is bipartisan support infrastructure spending, why could this not have been more targeted and just to republicans got that portion done first? >> because solving problems is not what these people are about
10:24 am
right now. they really are about sowing division and how long did president trump big democrats to come to the table and do infrastructure? as a fiscal conservative i am and i love donald trump as much today as they did the first time when he came one of the escalator, but i was terrified because as a fiscal conservative i knew he was willing to give away the store. and democrats could not take yes for an answer and wanted to play political games with head and now and now we see it turns out infrastructure is mayonnaise. >> sandra: when charlie sat down we were talking about that promise to partisanship, bipartisanship and unity methods and we had the brain room take up how many times mitch mcconnell and president biden have actually gotten on the phone together, apparently jen psaki said a few days ago that they have spoken regularly, they are not going to give readouts of that call, she says, but she expects that to continue, we could find maybe
10:25 am
one or two times where mitch mcconnell said they spoke, but i don't think that there is regular communication, what have you heard? >> john: i have not looked into it, but now that you mention it i will shoot out a couple of text messages and see if i can get the answer to that question. >> sandra: isn't it great to have charlie hurt here, by the way? >> john: it's almost getting back to normal. >> when they make kentucky bourbon infrastructure, i am all in. >> john: that is true bipartisanship right there. >> sandra: preaching to the choir over here, it's great to see you. all right. >> john: one state has to pay some undocumented immigrants up to $15,000 some lawmakers are defending this decision, that's coming up. and a former nfl player reportedly a suspect in a deadly mass shooting. we will have more on that coming up.
10:26 am
>> sandra: plus florida republican governor ron desantis and some democrats in his state going after cbs for that 60 minutes report that they say was deceptively edited. the controversy could actually be good for the governor's political future. we will explain that next. ♪ ♪ >> nobody trusts corporate media. they are a disaster and what they are doing. they knew what they were doing was a lie. i knew what they were doing was alive. everybody here knows what they were doing is alive. ♪ ♪ wet teddy bears! wet teddy bears here! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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and visit freestyle to try it for free. >> sandra: some of the top stories at this hour, a former nfl player killing five people after shooting and killing himself. it happened yesterday in south carolina. philip adams playing defensive back for several nfl teams. no word on a possible motive.
10:31 am
we are expecting a news conference at the top of the next hour. >> john: firefighters say at least one person is dead and eight injured after an explosion at a paint factory in columbus, ohio. crews are still investigating the cause of that. >> sandra: and in portland, oregon, the mayor retuning a team of officers focused on preventing shootings. last year the city reported 55 homicides the highest member in more than 20 years. for more on these and other top stories download the fox news app. or go to >> john: the cbs network defending its report on florida governor ron desantis. on sunday the 60 minute show aired a report alleging the governor was involved in a covid vaccine paid to play scheme. cbs has yet to defend the narrative that human democrats are accusing of being false.
10:32 am
let's bring in joe concha, the media columnist on the hill. there is a new statement from cbs saying that the report was focused on racial disparity of the distribution of vaccines in the glades community of palm beach county also explaining why admitting the statement about cvs and walgreens. and cvs and walgreens, but did not reach those pharmacies in the glades until late february for cbs and mid-march for walgreens. well after the governor distributive the vaccine went public january 21st 2021. and about cvs and walgreens not included in the original broadcast. there were four he also did not mention that the vaccine distribution program in one of the glades towns that have been on february 3rd. >> it's very interesting that they say that's why he cvs and walgreens was not included when
10:33 am
ron desantis talked about it as to why they were handling long-term care facilities and then ron desantis and florida officials turned to other pharmaceutical companies such as publix which is ubiquitous in florida to get it out to the rest of the senior population. that's the reason why you include the full comments instead of excluding them. but look, the bottom line here is to take away that many people had to from this particular piece was was this a pay to play scheme between the public and ron desantis? fact-checkers are weighing in. "there really is no there there going on to say that it does not appear as if ron desantis did anything wrong. it did they fail to provide enough evidence that he did." they have concluded that cbs could be guilty of deceptive editing. and you cover the news every day. have we seen a more polarized time to see democrats jump across the aisle to defend
10:34 am
ron desantis who could be the 47th president of the united states if he gets a nominee for the republican side in 2024, they are even defending him at this point. when you go through the numbers if i may what the end result is, because cvs called this chaotic, the vaccine rollout. but right now what we are seeing is that an 800 location, they are in 2% of seniors in the state, or cases are now down 80% over 65 when you begin at the end of the year to the end of march. so it is working, but 67 percent of those over 65, seniors and the state have been vaccinated at this point. when you consider that the polls show about 30% of the country does not want to get the vaccine or does not want to get it right now, this appears to be a success story if you just look at the wrong numbers that 60 minutes failed to provide during that piece.
10:35 am
>> john: i thought it was interesting that pointer weighed in on the extent that it did. with former president trump out of the picture it seems that liberals and mainstream media are fighting a new bogeyman in florida governor ron desantis. >> we saw the starting last year about a year ago, quite frankly you remember when ron desantis decided to open beaches in florida and national news organizations flocked to down to those beaches and declare that basically this was a super-spreader event i was going to kill a lot of people. now we know basically that covid is an indoor type of event in terms of transmission, that it is better to have people outdoors because transmission is much less likely. so a steady drumbeat he is doing a bad job in florida when it comes to covid and the juxtaposition when you compare to andrew cuomo and 17,000 more deaths in new york despite the older population in the larger population, the whole nursing home scandal, the
10:36 am
sexual harassment allegations. and tested to family members before the public could get them, that is more 60 minute-issued then anything with ron desantis. >> john: you also point out that all of this could help him if he decides he wants to run for the presidency in 2024. it's always good to talk to you and get your perspective. >> great to see you. >> john: you asked me about mitch mcconnell, what was it that you asked me again? >> sandra: i was just commenting on the call for unity that we have seen from the biden administration so frequently, but then republicans say pick up the phone and call mitch mcconnell when you are working. it has been said many times that they have not spoken since joe biden has been in office, but jen psaki says they have spoken, says that they speak regularly at her words not going to read out all those calls and i expect that will continue. she said that they do speak, is there something that you have
10:37 am
learned? >> john: it would not take much to read out the calls, because in mitch mcconnell's office they have spoken twice since joe biden became president. >> sandra: we have those on the record, march 31st and apri. >> john: so regularly is a little bit different than most of us. >> john: february 2nd said he spoke to the president a day earlier that he called him to discuss limit discuss myanmar. and so those are the two calls. new york state meanwhile offering payment. have you seen this? up to $15,000 to undocumented immigrants who lost work during the pandemic, lee miller is on this in new york. how much money are we talking about here? >> that's right, sandra, going to be $15,600 for undocumented immigrant workers in new york state.
10:38 am
that's how much money they could receive in a single payment. this controversial payout which was passed by the democrat-controlled legislature has many republicans say that the financial aid is too much at a time when the state is raising taxes and is strapped for cash. the state g.o.p. said "new york's legislature that has been more radical than the biden-harris administration replacing some common sense with insanity, they go to undocumented workers who are not eligible for unemployment or other federal assistance. some of them who are taking part in a hunger strike celebrating passage of the $2.1 billion program." >> there is nothing worse then indifference and exclusion. today we have won these $2.1 billion. >> i.d. and proof of employment will be required in order to show eligibility. those who cannot meet the
10:39 am
threshold might be eligible for a lower single payment of $3200. the budget bill will be signed by governor andrew cuomo. >> sandra: live in new york city for us, thank you. >> john: speaking of andrew cuomo, claiming nursing home deaths cannot be verified, but fox news has obtained a document suggesting that isn't exactly true. coming up we will hear from two brothers who lost their father to covid in a new york nursing home. and two teams charged with murdering an uber eats driver may not serve any time. nancy grace gives as her take on this case coming right up. ♪ ♪ erest ratelowsar record refiplus lets you refinance to save money every month. plus you could get an average of $50,000 cash. that's money for security today and money for retirement tomorrow.
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when you earning a degree with university of phoenix, we support you with career coaching for life. including personal branding, resume building and more. that's our promise to you. that's career services for life. learn more at >> sandra: two teenage girls charged with the murder for an uber eats driver in d.c. could receive a plea deal.
10:44 am
killing 66-year-old mohammed anwar during a carjacking. a warning to viewers they may find this disturbing. [screaming] >> oh, my god! >> she is stealing their car. >> call the cops! [car crushing] >> they have stolen a car. these girls stole the car. >> they stole the car. let's go! that's it, that's it. >> everybody step back! i'm going to need everybody to step back! >> sandra: let's bring a nancy grace, her show most wanted is available on i will ask you more about that in just a bit. i know that you have done a deep dive into what we have seen in the video.
10:45 am
and it is horrifying. 13 and 15-year-old girls carjack a pakistani immigrant who lived in northern virginia who had been a limousine driver and was struggling during the pandemic. took up a job with uber eats and that happened, and by the way we had to freeze the video on that screen, because it very graphically shows him lying on the sidewalk as he dies and they went back to the car because they left their cell phone in aunt talking and looking over his body on the sidewalk. it is difficult to watch. will they see jail time? >> they are going to be playing checkers in julias for the next five years because they are not being treated as adults. i have prosecuted carjack murders before and i have prosecuted teens 13 and 15 before for murder, these two are going to be treated as juveniles, they will get out at
10:46 am
age 21 unless it's deemed by the system they are already rehabilitated, they could be out as soon as three years for this man's life. this guy, the victim in this case reminds me so much of my dad working night jobs overnight trips as they call them to support us. he was a sole support for his family, his children, his wife, and now he is gone and when you don't see is this teens screaming about her cell phone missing! she is right there, the guy's dead body and she is upset about her cell phone. that's not remorse, that's not shocked, she is not trying to get it to call 911. i guess to take a picture of the crime and it makes me ill. >> sandra: i think it makes everyone ill, and these are the children 13 and 15 -- >> you call them children, i called them juvenile predators. under d.c. procedure the 13-year-old cannot be tried as
10:47 am
an adult, the 15-year-old can and i am very surprised that they are entering the plea deal so that these two killers, that's what they are, they are killers. i don't like it anymore than you do, i have twins age 13. but to that's what she is and we have to deal with it. >> sandra: they pled not involved, which is the equivalent of not guilty. it's horrific and we will watch that case. nancy, your show is fantastic. it is on fox nation if you don't have access to this now, you should. your show "america's most wanted" tell us about it. >> i am really proud and thank you for asking me about it. i appreciate that. it is on fox nation. we have been given the opportunity to help track down criminals that have evaded justice. rj macleod killed a beautiful young girl, her mother comes out of retirement as a detective to
10:48 am
track this guy down. as the bad news, i think he is in guatemala. he is like a juiced up ex-marine renegade covered in tattoos that loves guns and cigars, he is working out at a gym pumping up on steroids right now. >> sandra: you do what you do so well, nancy grace. and by the way, john, this show is spectacular. as far as anybody can dig into these cases and tell it like it is, it is nancy grace. >> john: i've known her for a long, long time heard she is fantastic. one thing you don't see in that video that you played was where the car crashed and where anwar was flung against the fence. there was a national guard who apprehended these savage young teens, had they not been there, we might not even know who was responsible for that. hats off to the guard.
10:49 am
a lot of people have been weighing in on georgia's controversial new vote in law. for the average voter to big corporate companies and major league baseball all-star game. we will have more on that just ahead. >> sandra: plus boxes on boxes on boxes, how the packaging industry is rushing to meet the growing demand. have you ever seen the price of cardboard skyrocketing? we will have that story for you next. ♪ ♪ we made usaa insurance for members like martin. an air force veteran made of doing what's right, not what's easy. so when a hailstorm hit, usaa reached out before he could even inspect the damage. that's how you do it right. usaa insurance is made just the way martin's family needs it with hassle-free claims, he got paid before his neighbor even got started. because doing right by our members, that's what's right. usaa. what you're made of, we're made for. ♪ usaa ♪
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10:53 am
>> john: more people than ever are shopping online because of the pandemic. and one thing is in demand. what is it? cardboard boxes. live in elkhart, indiana with the story. the great cardboard shortage. >> they can't make them fast enough, john, this is incredible. they are going as fast as they can, this is a place called welch packaging. here in elkhart, indiana. and with welch packaging, what am i looking at with this machine? >> this is an expert folder glue her and take something that has been previously cut and folded and turns it into a box.
10:54 am
>> i explained to john last year a overall record of corrugated material. some call it core board, would you prefer we didn't. covering the space of connecticut and new jersey in cardboard, which may be some people would think would be a good idea. you can't make it fast enough. >> unprecedented demand. and some difficulty with the supply chain getting the raw materials to make these boxes. >> i want to show you the end product, john. and used two should be used in. who knew there was a run on be used. and to these things topped together. chelsea, can you see it? show me how these things work. just like that. and it is a hi beebox. unprecedented here for boxes. and the people will get boxed
10:55 am
in. >> the raw material is where the bottleneck is. there has been a lot of disruption in that supply chain. >> we appreciate it very much. the boxes are rolling off the line. >> john: we get so many boxes, so many boxes at my house on a daily basis and every week our recycling container is full of that corrugated material as you call it. the box production has to keep up. >> 95% recyclable, by the way, these boxes. so you can use one piece of fiber seven times before it has an inability to be recycled. pretty crazy. >> sandra: we love it! it's a great story. a big story on this a week ago. stay at home orders and stimulus checks in record demand. >> john: good to see you, jeff, thanks. >> sandra: fox news alert, we are waiting for an update out of south carolina next hour after a
10:56 am
gunman killed five people yesterday. there are reports that the shooter was a former nfl pro. we will have that for you. >> john: how are americans who live on the board are dealing with the prices they are? we will talk to one rancher ahead. all that and more on our next hour of "america reports." [cheers and applause] ♪ ♪ an annuity can help cover essential expenses in retirement. have the right financial professional show you how... this is what an annuity can do. [♪♪] when you have diabetes, managing your blood sugar is crucial. professional show you how... try boost glucose control. the patented blend is clinically shown to help manage blood sugar levels. boost glucose control products contain high quality protein and key nutrients to support immune health. try boost.
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plus get an average of $50,000 cash for the financial security you and your family deserve. refiplus, only from newday usa. >> sandra: as we begin a brand-new hour, "america reports" with mixed messages from stacey abrams and to the pressure on major league baseball all before he wound up of course as we now know moving the all-star game out of atlanta into denver, good afternoon, everyone. i am sandra smith, hi -- >> . >> john: hi, i am john roberts. as we begin our second hour, reproving that she was a part of activists with al sharpton and lebron james pushing the commissioner to take a stand against george's election law. she was trying to have it both ways calling for action while at
11:01 am
the same time claiming to be against her boycotts. it >> sandra: story, analyst saying taking the game out of georgia will cost that state about $100 million in much-needed tourism revenue after the pandemic. we have team coral bridge for you. matt schlapp, and standing by with reaction. >> john: first let's go to charlie gasparino with the exclusive details. what do you have, charlie? >> i will give you both sides of the story. i spoke with baseball executives and tracy abrams people. the mlb move the all-star game out of atlanta after commissioner manfred felt pressure it would be turned into a political event. political activists such as stacey abrams and lebron james put pressure to support various invoked her right edicts. this was going on before he made the official decision sparked by some of the commentary from president biden that the new georgia forwarding win voting
11:02 am
law was jim crow on steroids and should be moved out of atlanta. and that's from the baseball side distended. commissioner manfred made a decision from my baseball sources telling me without an owner's vote. he barely told any of the owners. that did not mean that he did not speak with them. he spoke with players and owners, and spoke with various other people before making a decision, but it was his decision. unilaterally, i am told. as for stacey abrams people, they say that she never spoke directly and did have a meet and greet with baseball executives, here's a statement from one of her spokesman and a single one-on-one conversation with an mlb senior advisor she urged to the league to keep the all-star game in georgia and to speak out against the law when they do so. that's their side. they say that it was more benign. i can tell you from inside the league, rob manfred felt enormous pressure to move out the game to end the political strength. he felt that he was in the
11:03 am
middle of this crazy political storm and was having an all-star game in georgia that was supposed to do -- in atlanta and was supposed to be also a celebration of the late great hank aaron and worried about protests, boycotts, making the all-star game into this referendum under georgia voting law and even hr e inside major league baseball believe that one of the asks by the activists was that the league supports the hr one legislation which nationalizes the voting laws. it became a mass, and rob manfred felt the easiest way out of it would be to move the all-star game out of atlanta and end it all. the boycott he is facing from what i understand could be from fans. we should point out that major league baseball fans trend more republican, older, conservative. they are not happy from what i understand and are leading the league now. >> john: from the frying pan into the fire. ink is so much. >> sandra: that exclusive
11:04 am
reporting, let's bring out to matt schlapp, harold ford jr., welcome to both of you. i want to play out the governor two days ago talking about what happened here and who really gets hurt and all of this. listen. >> i will tell you who is getting screwed, it is the little guy. it is the little guy that is working towards working in these bars, taverns, hotels that now are not going to have this because of the all-star game in major league baseball made a decision to pull the game out of here because they don't have enough backbone to stand up. you have stacey abrams and a lot of these other people that are not telling people the truth. >> sandra: i will let you respond to that comment and to the exclusive reporting by charlie, but he also told us that commissioner called him to voice his concerns about the georgia voting laws, but they never called back or had another conversation. next thing he knew, the game was moved. >> you know why. that is the problem and all of
11:05 am
this. why is major league baseball getting involved in this question about voter regulations? why are they taking up the cause for stacey abrams who is hard for me to trust what she says, because her whole voting rights thrust in the last election and in future laws we are having like hr one is to get rid of voter verification and to get rid of signature checks and i.d. checks, postmarks. that will mean more illegal ballots get into count and more people, 50% believe that the last election had serious questions and even more people who don't take the results of our election as a rock solid. and that is not a good thing for our country. this is all about being untruthful. and this movement of moving the all-star game i don't trust stacey abrams what she is saying. she has not been on anything on. >> sandra: all right, harold? >> thank you for having me on. you have to take people at their
11:06 am
word. we can't believe or play a multiple choice about whom we believe. stacey abrams wanted the game in atlanta and maybe they can say that she should have done more, but if that's what she said to the commissioner, i trust it. but let's not absolve governor kemp here. we have some history looking at a civil-rights change that cost the state money. six years ago north carolina modified a bathroom law and there were a number of sporting events and supporters that fled the state as they lost about $4 billion before eventually modifying or amending the law. governor kemp is right in one huge regard, this will hurt every day working people. and it is his decision. if he goes back and restore the checks and balances in that office to oversee. and i agree with matt in this regard, there should be regards
11:07 am
in that matter. and leaving the state, changing their tune as well. i know i would. >> john: let me put this question to both of you, and is this really about george's voting law, and a compelling reason when you are a democrat to push through hr 1-sv one, because delaware is a lot more restrictive than the state of georgia is, that is the president's own state, when you go to vote in a primary or the general election in delaware they call out your name for everybody to hear in case somebody wants to challenge you, so is this about to georgia or about the for the people act? >> you are right, john, what hr one would do is what i call the blue coup, it would overturn all the state laws on voting and nationalize the regulations on voting. the attempt of hr one, the blue
11:08 am
coup, it's what stacey abrams and martha elias and the use of other folks around the country to try to change state laws and work around state laws. it's not about empowering black voters. it's about the local left being able to have a system where they jam thousands and thousands of illegal ballots into the system. once again in georgia, no signature verification, right? many of these states, same post market so you can never tell if it is voted on before the election or after the election, no verification when you ask for a ballot through the mail which is just fine, but you have to be able to bear let mike verify who you are. no country in this glow in a democracy elect their president or their national leaders this way. let me say very quickly, we would not expect the results from other countries if they did this. >> john: is this about georgia's voter law or hr 1-s1.
11:09 am
>> that's hard for me to determine people's motivation rations -- motivations. democrats who argue for hr one, arguing that -- what i am most interested in is the same that all of us are, how do we make sure that everybody participates in their's integrity at the ballot box? what governor kim had, i don't think -- i don't believe that that achieves that. at a minimum it holds it and at worst creates worse for georgia losing revenue. >> sandra: that is the issue at this moment is all that lost revenue. for that city. i mean, you look at previous all-star games and the revenue that that brought into those cities in some case topping $100 million, atlanta will not be getting that. we have to leave it there. thank you to the panel. we appreciate it. >> john: infect you mention the money, denver thinks it will be $190 million.
11:10 am
>> sandra: we have seen it in new york in 2013, i think it was 113 million in revenue. other cities in recent years did not quite reach that, but you are talking tens of millions of dollars, that has now completely move lost revenue for hotels that have struggled in the pandemic, it is an issue, john. >> john: won't be going to folks in common counting, that's for sure. shockingly report on china, were that the communist country is keeping a top-secret watch list of americans which goes from everyone with executives to young children. you will not believe the details. >> sandra: up next to a number of migrants making their way into the u.s. reaches new highs. we will show you how thousands of migrants are making their way to more american cities, not even in border states after they are getting released. ♪ ♪ >> if there is any doubt about
11:11 am
who owns the crisis, it is present at joe biden, and up until the moment you and i are talking, they have not proposed one single thing to have slow. ♪ ♪ refiplus lets you refinance at near record lows plus get cash. with home values climbing, now is the smartest time ever to turn your home's increased value into an average of $50,000 cash. refiplus. it's new, it's only for veterans, and it's only from newday usa.
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>> john: a fox news alert now, while you were waiting through that commercial break, border patrol found 16 migrants entering the u.s. illegally. that is based on the brand-new numbers from cbp today. as a secretory alejandro mayorkas heading to the border, joe biden not joining him, nor kamala harris who has not been there since dealing with the root of the crisis. the vice president being
11:16 am
defended. >> working to address some of the migration issues we are seeing, but it is not an assignment to "handle the border" or to be a crisis -- to be point on a crisis. what she is doing is high-level diplomatic work. >> john: she did use the word crisis. but the high-level diplomatic work, according to kim cuccinelli could take decades to bear fruit. >> sandra: it's tough to say as we cover this every hour as we do what the involvement is at this point. we really have not seen a clear definition of her role in this. hopefully soon. meanwhile, now more stunning the new numbers from the fed, customs and border protection came across more than 172,000 people trying to cross the border last month. more than the entire population in springfield, missouri, and we have seen the heartbreaking images of young children crying alone in the desert after being thrown over the border wall. they are just some of the nearly
11:17 am
19,000 unaccompanied children who enter the united states in march of 100% from the month before. but the surge of migrants is not limited to areas just along the border as many of them continue their journey is ending up in every corner of the country. hillary vaughn is reporting live at reagan national airport, hillary. >> the administration story of catch and release is going airborne. i talked with someone from dhs today who tells me that adult migrants leaving their custody are allowed to fly to meet up with family members or their sponsors. the federal government basically giving their blessing for the us adult migrants to book a flight and stay with family members out of state. the dhs does tell me that the federal government is not picking up the tab for these flights. spotted last week at the texas airport, adult migrants, some with children, from mcallen, texas, to houston and another flight from houston to newark,
11:18 am
new jersey, the final destination. many of them have signs that said they do not speak english. to some of them do not have a proper i.d. either. tsa tells me they make an exception for circumstances like this telling me "in coordination with the dhs counterparts, they have acceptable alternate identification for youth and special circumstances at the checkpoint and maintains alternative methods for identification." but the kids tell us that that is a major national security loophole. >> there is zero chance that the dhs will ever find any of these people. quite frankly, even if they all stayed in one place, but they are not staying in one place. they have relatives all over. >> sandra, dhs tells me that any adult migrants release from their custody has been deemed not a threat and passes a covid
11:19 am
test. unclear how airlines are navigating this because they have one set of rules for international travel, one set of rules for the united states citizens coming back home from abroad and another set of rules for migrants. reaching out to united airlines to see if they were even aware that these migrants were being put on their planes, but so far they have not responded to the repeated request for comment and have remained silent. >> sandra: thank you for your reporting on that, john. >> john: donna davis schuster lives just a few miles from the border and has actually had a legal migrants knock on her door while she was home with her daughter. and while that is frightening enough, she says that she is more worried about the ones who could be hiding in the thick brush of her ranch that you see here. she joins us now. give us an overview, what is the situation on your ranch when it comes to illegal immigrants? >> thank you for having me, it
11:20 am
is unnerving. i grew up in this area of texas and actually living 25 nautical miles from the border. it's not quite on the river, you know, growing up you would see people coming in and looking for work, but it has gotten to the point where it is unnerving and we were able and fortunate enough to move out to the ranch about 15 years ago and we are fearful in our own homes now because now they are just coming up and knocking on the door. >> john: when they come up and knock on the door, what are they asking for? >> well, i'm not sure, the last time i told them in spanish that i have called border patrol and that if they try to come in i had a gun. and thankfully we have a wonderful sheriff's department and border patrol that respond quickly and got there and so it never actually spoke with one. on another occasion i had a guy
11:21 am
standing by the fire and hollered out at me. and i went to visit with him, he was from honduras, but we just don't know where these people are coming from and how dangerous they are. and you know, use two, we would start her day before daylight and then after dark, but you have to be so cautious now because you are just not sure who is out and what type of person they are. >> john: you have three children living with you and your husband and you have to think about being a young person growing up on a texas ranch that can run wild and free, are you fearful for their safety? do you keep them close to home? >> my children are grown now, but working hand-in-hand with me as he was growing up and a lot of times he and i were together on horseback in pasture, may be a thousand acres, we did have our cell phones, but what if somebody came up on him, what
11:22 am
would he do? i would be not close to him at that time. and so i am really worried about that. he did have a family unit walk up on him last spring, but they were asking for help. so he came home and we called border patrol and they came and helped to them. but i am fearful and i am glad that they are not small children, because i don't know that i could let them go out on the ranch by themselves and play outside like they were used to growing up. >> john: it is interesting that you run into family units, because when they come up from central america they are looking to get picked up by the border patrol the second they cross the river. how would you compare the situation this year to what you saw last year? i ask you that question because we had 174,000 illegal crossings in march of this year compared to 34,460 last year. >> and i think those numbers are
11:23 am
probably the tip of the iceberg. the increase in traffic that we have seen on the ranch is incredible. it's almost daily that i see people, or if not i see where they have been there. they are destructed now, they are cutting percentage and leaving gapes open, and we have to incur and separate it back where it is supposed to be. one of my neighbors told me they tried to steal a new tv of his by sticking the screwdriver in where the key went. everybody has the same story, it's not just me on my ranch, it is really unnerving. >> john: a troubling situation and we have heard stories from the ranchers all around texas. we wish you a lot of luck in dealing with this. i know it is troubling to deal with it. thank you for joining us. >> thank you for bringing
11:24 am
awareness to it. >> john: we hear so many of the stories from folks who are just trying to live a ranching life and having to deal with us on a daily basis for many of them it is quite frightening. and there are a lot of people who are criminals who got that far into the country because they are the ones who are trying not to get apprehended to try to just disappear into the country. >> sandra: some developments on the attempt by the biden administration to deal with this crisis at the home country, the origins of these migrants to stem the flow to the southern border, according to ap sources just coming into us, the el salvador president has apparently snubbed the biden envoy. we are just getting this from the ap right now, that they refused to meet john with a diplomat this week over what he sees as a pattern of flight from democrats and the biden administration according to two
11:25 am
agents. this was a decision not to meet the northern tropical country, but they are attempted to do an important angle to the story because if they can't get those meetings to happen, how do they adjust the problem the way that they are telling the american people that they are attempting to? >> john: during the trump administration they got tough on honduras, el salvador, saying you are not going to get a unless you do something about it. it was a wake-up call for leaders in those countries and they took some steps. but apparently not able to do that with this administration. >> sandra: will bring that to our viewers, next apparently we are all infrastructure. did you see kirsten gillibrand's tweets. it took a frenzy on the internet how they are trying to rebrand a term to jam whatever they want in congress. >> john: and president biden
11:26 am
is looking out for the little guy with his tax hikes, but when it comes to his argument, the numbers do not add up. our economic panel is standing by and ready to go. ♪ ♪ what you need? i mean it... uh-oh, sorry... oh... what? i'm an emu! no, buddy! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty. ♪ - [announcer] welcome to intelligent indoor grilling with the ninja foodi smart xl grill. just pick your protein, select your doneness, and let the grill monitor your food. it also turns into an air fryer. bring outdoor grilling flavors indoors with the grill that grills for you.
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11:30 am
♪ ♪ >> john: democratic senator kirsten gillibrand trying to broadly define them for structure and getting mocked for it. tweeting paid leave is infrastructure, child care's infrastructure, caregiving is infrastructure. the internet not holding back, one of the many examples, brunch is infrastructure. kendall jenner is infrastructure. the snyder cut is infrastructural. and pushing back to rebrand the word and say that it is all to justified justify trillions of dollars of spending much of it on a progressive wish list. jacqui heinrich has more come alive on capitol hill.
11:31 am
are you infrastructure, jackie? >> some would say that that is so. republicans are arguing that the democrats idea of infrastructure is really far left field for even how some economists define it. and they are calling that violent to the english language. trying to explain her thinking on twitter saying if your employees can't work because there is no one to care for the kids or the sick loved ones, that is infrastructure. but staffers and minority leader mitch mcconnell's office joked we are all info structure saying that it should be the green new boondoggle or the trojan horse for tax hikes. writing remember the last bill democrats ran through congress could not go until it passed and then it was the antipoverty initiatives since lbj or something in the voting rights bill is a partisan takeover of the entire electoral system. some of the items the items republicans say have no place in an infrastructure bill including
11:32 am
$400 billion for home-based care. $30 billion to prepare for future pandemic, but to democrats these things really are all tied together. house speaker nancy pelosi defended the framing of this bill saying and is a generational investment like what happened under roosevelt and eisenhower and will promote jobs and the health and future of the country. >> john: a lot of people are looking at it fixing roads and bridges, but well beyond that. jacqui heinrich on capitol hill, thank you. >> sandra: president biden claiming he is pushing those historic tax heights come because he is worried about "ordinary people being fleeced." who he was referring to exactly, let's bring in our panel. perhaps you can answer the questions, have at it. >> it is pretty straightforward, there was a tax reform that did not pay for itself, so now we have an infrastructure plan that
11:33 am
we have to start paying for. we have north of $2 trillion in need. that's not me or joe biden. that's the american civil engineers report. so you have to pay for it. my a guess is corporate tax reform around 20%. i am for a minimum tax as are many republicans at about 15 and i think that the janet yellen plan is likely to work. >> sandra: isn't the point that when we are talking about infrastructure, robert, correct me if i am wrong, i assume you are talking about roads and bridges. there's a lot of other stuff we are talking about. let me get the reaction, okay, robert. >> i will let him talk, but going through the detail of it. >> i am all for doing real infrastructure. i think that robert and i agree on that. i'm talking about a different number than he is talking about. let's not talk about $2 trillion, let's talk about $200 billion, because that's about what is actually being
11:34 am
targeted for real infrastructure in the bill. you can get bipartisan support all day long for that. he would not have to raise corporate income taxes. going to 25% income tax when you add on the state business taxes on top of that brings you right back to the top of the list that we were trying to get away from under president trump. so let's not pretend that 25 percent is a magic solution. let's start where the real problem is at too much spending. once you get rid of that the tax debate goes away. >> i have to reply to that. the reason we have to do it is because trump's taxes did not pay for itself. we have the biggest deficit added $2 trillion. we were not paying for the tax reform. >> sandra: hold on. we had a booming economy as a result -- >> not in 2020. >> sandra: let me address
11:35 am
this. and i will get both of you to respond. when you are looking at taxing the rich and raising the corporate tax rates to 20% which is a combined total tax rate for the united states highest in the world. >> i'm not a supporter of that either. i just said we have to pay for infrastructure is more important we get it from something. and by the way, the plan is not on individual taxes, just to be clear, you talk about capital gains and taxing the wealth. >> sandra: not raising taxes on individual americans? >> it is not in this plan. it is only corporate tax reform. that's all it is right now. >> sandra: i want to put this up on the screen because this is important. robert, i don't have to tell you how much we hear from democrats tax the wealthy and the big corporations. this is the tax foundation,
11:36 am
robert. the top 10 percent in this country are paying more than 71% of this total share of income taxes in the country. the top 25 percent are paying nearly 90% of all income taxes, so why is the narrative tax the rich, tax them more, pay their fair share? >> go ahead, brian. >> thinks, robert, i appreciate it. here's what i want to say, you are pointing to this, sandra. there are numbers we can talk about all day and then there is the tone of the rhetoric. you notice what the president said yesterday that he is tired of workers being fleeced by businesses. that is really, really divisive rhetoric for us to be engaging in in this country right now to pit workers against businesses. and i know that robert will agree with that, because he is a business owner who has been the market place for a long time. if we go down that road, that
11:37 am
his stock and trade socialism. we can talk about the members and they are too big. we don't need to spend $2 trillion this year to get the country back in recovery, but above everything else, we cannot demonize wealth and business. >> sandra: robert, go. >> i have not supported a wealth tax or a transition tax the biden counter plan does not have a tax on the wealth, but if it was we are talking about 37%. it's a dim a de minimis amount to pay for things we need. but it's not part of the plan. with respect to the plan, 600 billion is transportation, 400 billion is roads, we have over tens of thousands of deficient bridges. 100 plus billion. >> sandra: you have bipartisan support for that! single digit percent of the plan. >> i did not hear you and brian okay start -- i won't use the language, but i did not hear the same language
11:38 am
when the trump plan was going to be way north of 1 trillion and actually president trump said in the trillions. it was never 200 billion ever. >> sandra: you have five seconds and you can have it. >> the difference is we are talking about public-private partnerships with private money and to work where you can earn a return on it not simply throwing taxpayer money at it. >> i am all for that. >> sandra: good debate, thanks to both of you. brian and robert, appreciate it. >> john: if you took $2 trillion and spent it on infrastructure, you truly could build a shining city on a hill. >> sandra: that's not the plan though, right, john? >> john: not at the moment. we are getting word from the military that china is gearing up to take over taiwan, and they say the outcome could be catastrophic. >> sandra: more on that coming up, and it seems beijing has been keeping tabs on americans,
11:39 am
everyone from celebrities to american children. miranda devine will join us with her exclusive reporting on china's top secret watch list. you will want to hear this. ♪ ♪ at near record lows. great news for veterans who need money for their family. that's me. refiplus from newday usa lets you refinance at near record lows plus get an average of $50,000. that's me. that's money for security today or retirement tomorrow. that's me. refiplus. still lots of room. just more to view. still the big move. just more moving. still singing. just more in tune. still hard to find a spot. just easier to park.
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>> sandra: trying to capture taiwan, the threat around the island of china, with the war between the u.s. and china, the communist country has grown more aggressive with taiwan in power disputes in the south china sea. this could result in a big test for president biden's administration. rick scott has introduced a bill that would authorize the president to take military action against china in order to protect taiwan. >> john: it that would certainly not be good. china's secretly placing 700
11:44 am
americans on a watch list after they traveled through shanghai's main airport. according to a new report in "the new york post." the post obtained a spreadsheet with the names of american children, professors, ceos and even grammy-winning singer chante. miranda devine joining us now, cho wrote the report and also a fox news can repair it have to say that this is troubling, but not surprising. >> hi, john, yes, both i think ideas are right, because we know that china has this of norman's surveillance state and we know now that from the leaked database that was leaked to australian security that the chinese government is keeping tabs on visitors coming into their country and this database shows that there were almost 700 american citizens who traveled in 2018 and 2020 through shanghai's main airport and
11:45 am
their names, passport numbers, birthdays appear on this leaked to chinese surveillance watch list, and they include executives from apple, microsoft, g.e. health care, fisa who we all have information that would be useful to the ccp. but a chante, r&b singer and children and tourists were captured as well. i guess it's not surprising, but it is still disturbing the database also holds names of many uighurs, the minority population that has been terrorized by the chinese government. so whatever they are doing with that information, you can bet that it is not in our best interest. >> john: the times that i have visited china going back a couple of decades with the presidents of the united states,
11:46 am
george bush and again with donald trump, we took burner phones with us when we went into china and burner laptops which were scrubbed immediately after we got out of the country, because we knew that we were probably going to be hacked and that they would use the information for nefarious purposes. what would be the purpose of keeping information on children? >> i don't know. maybe -- this could be, and we don't know because it is a snapshot of the database that was leaked to the internet 2.0 which is the australia security firm. we do not know the extent of the database. it may be that they were capturing everybody's name and passport numbers and other data. it could be that this is a select group that they have put aside for further inspection. maybe the children there was something interesting that they found about the parents. who knows? whatever it is, it is being
11:47 am
captured by their incredibly robust surveillance state. and i think the fact that this was leaked is the second major database leak to the security firm is coming from inside china. people with access to the database obviously insiders, so that tells you something about the sort of strength of the movement inside china. >> john: it is probably safe to assume if this was happening in shanghai or other places in the country and with the beijing olympics coming up, what are the implications of that? even with covid restrictions, there still will be thousands on thousands of people coming into china. >> well, it's just an absolute bonanza for their state surveillance apparatus. their cameras and these databases show that there is an extent of the web of cameras in shanghai on every single --
11:48 am
there is not an inch that is not under surveillance. so you would imagine that that would be the same in beijing. every foreigner who goes into china would have to take at least the precautions that you took and i have taken as journalists going into that country, because you just know that there is no such thing as privacy. whether it is facial recognition technology that the chinese have purloined from america or any other manner of surveillance techniques. they have it down packed, so if you are going to go to the beijing olympics, beware of. >> john: certainly a country that gets the value of information as power, miranda devine, always good to see you. thank you so much. >> thanks, john. >> john: you have been to china? >> sandra: i have not. i was listening to your travels and thing about all of those in the technology biomedicine, finance, apple, g.e.
11:49 am
health care, merrill lynch, just to name a few. it's fascinating, wow. >> john: never take with you something you are not willing to throw away afterwards. >> sandra: there you have it. investigators just giving an update on a shooting rampage in south carolina. >> john: police say the gunman is a former nfl pro player. among the five, the prominent doctor and children, his grandchildren ages nine and five, jonathan serrie has been monitoring this from the bureau in atlanta, what have they found out so far? >> it has been the case of that is more and more confusing the more that they learn about it, because they are no obvious motives at first it was believed that perhaps the suspect had been a patient of this doctor, but now authorities say that there is no evidence to suggest that there was a doctor-relationship between the two. the suspected gunman was a former nfl player, 33-year-old
11:50 am
philip adams who had played for six teams and 78 games over the course of five nfl seasons and believed to have taken his own life after fatally shooting five people and injuring a sixth. it took place wednesday at a home just outside of rock hill and upstate to south carolina and the victims are 70-year-old dr. robert leslie, a prominent physician, his wife barbara and two grandchildren ages nine and five. a man who had been working at their home helping to repair an air conditioner, 38-year-old james lewis was found dead outside. 86 the victim also an air-conditioning technician rushed across the street to get someone to call 911 and he was taken to the hospital with what authorities are describing as a very serious gunshot wounds remaining in critical condition. again, the motive appears unclear, but your county authorities are expecting and
11:51 am
expressing their shock that such violence could occur in their normally quiet community. and the families involved, the victims families issued a joint statement calling for forgiveness and unity in the community saying that their hearts are bent towards forgiveness and peace and that they put their faith in a higher power. i'm not sure if we have a sound bite from the sheriff to that effect. let's roll it if we could, thanks. >> while we know there are no answers that would satisfy requesting wide, we are sure of one thing, we do not grieve as those without hope. our hope is found in the promise of jesus christ, and we are enveloped by the peace that surpasses all understanding. to that end our hearts are bent towards forgiveness and peace. >> that was the sheriff reading the statement issued by the victim's family.
11:52 am
in their grief these victims families were calling for people to make donations to a series of charities, food pantries, libraries, and camp joy in north carolina. grieving and thinking of others amidst this horrible tragedy. but an indication of just the remarkable people that were victimized by this horrific event. back to you. >> john: jonathan serrie in atlanta, this is a real puzzle that the police are trying to solve here. sandra. >> sandra: next up new developments in the scandal of andrew cuomo. >> john: turns out his administration was tracking covid deaths of nursing home residents and hospitals in april of last year. we will get reaction from two sons who lost her dad to covid in one of those facilities. stay with us. ♪ ♪ plus from newday usa. with mortgage rates low and home values high
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life... doesn't stop for diabetes. be ready for every moment, with glucerna. it's the number one doctor recommended brand that is scientifically designed to help manage your blood sugar. live every moment. glucerna. >> sandra: only on fox, the
11:57 am
cuomo administration was tracking the nursing homes that kept track of dying patients. that's despite claims that the numbers couldn't be verified for a report issued months later. joining us, peter and daniel. their father died from covid in a brooklyn nursing home. it's great to see both of you again. you've joined us many times the past several months to tell your story. i hope you're doing okay. great to see you. peter, to you first on what we're learning about what was available then. you were one of the families demanding answers. >> listen, he's been lying since the very beginning. the only thing that should be surprised that they were tracking it -- this is a governor that stated that he could track covid down to the
11:58 am
street and the building. so to say he couldn't track covid at nursing homes and hospitals is a false statement then and now. the only person that should be surprised is the entire democratic party that is still covering for him. we need our state controller to refer an investigation over to the attorney general. that's what we need. a lie is a lie and it's time to investigate this. >> sandra: it's just been a brutal time for your family. now learning this, what was your reaction? >> my reaction is, i was not surprised. the only people that should be surprised is the democratic party that has been protecting the party and not the people. i was not surprised because he's a smart, sophisticated person and staff. to believe that they lost track
11:59 am
of people is unconscionable. this month is a year for my father. he died last week a year ago and still no answers. >> sandra: to your brother now as we look at the pictures of your family. >> i saw the news break. as i've been the last couple months, i was shocked. we said the numbers are wrong. i've known that they've had the numbers. but so see it in print, to see the facts come out, it's shocking again and again. it just covers up the wounds for us and the other 100,000 new yorkers that lost their loved ones. it's a year. a year ago now. >> sandra: we remember norman and love seeing the pictures of him and your family in happier times. thanks for sharing your story. >> thank you. >> thank you, fox.
12:00 pm
>> sandra: thank you. heart breaking. >> john: it's a shame. every time they come on, your heart breaks. the layers of the onion keep getting peeled back. every time they do, we learn something new. >> sandra: absolutely. that does it for us, john. thanks to everyone for joining us for the two hours of the day. i'm sandra smith. >> john: and i'm john roberts. "the story" with martha starts right now. >> martha: thanks, john and sandra. good afternoon. i'm martha maccallum. here's the story breaking at 3:00 p.m. eastern. we're waiting for a crucial decision from the judge in the chauvin trial in minneapolis. maurice hall, you'll see him on the right-hand side of the screen, he was with george floyd in the car may 25. they drove to cup foods. we heard floyd's girlfriend testify that she didn't like maurice hall. she believes he sold drugs to floyd. now we're waiting on the decision whether hall will be compelled to testify in this trial. he knows what happened before the


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