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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer Dana Perino  FOX News  April 8, 2021 6:00am-8:00am PDT

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news. that's very nice of him. he will be blessed because of that. he always does this kind of thing. great guy. >> thank you for joining us today. we'll be back tomorrow. >> tomorrow is friday, wow. >> stay within yourself. >> bye. >> bill: good morning, 9:00 here in new york. these are heart breaking images yet again an agent comforting the little girl. she is only five years old. >> border agents say they found her and her brother crying all alone. two of more than 20,000 unaccompanied migrant children in u.s. custody right now. >> bill: i'm bill hemmer. a big two hours. welcome today. >> dana: welcome. i'm dana perino. this is "america's newsroom." i noted that yesterday when we talked about the little boy that approaches the border agent, that was one of 19,000 children. there are so many migrant children passing through that
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today it's -- those two are 20,000 in u.s. custody. >> images we've seen three, this one being the third, where we can focus on an individual and we talk about these massive amounts of numbers here. it is a human cost. it all comes down to the individual such as we see here in this 5-year-old. we had images from yesterday, too, and last week with the border agents dropping these young girls over the wall. on and on it goes with no end in sight. we're told the numbers are going higher as of this week. in texas now governor abbott is calling on them to close a migrant facility under allegations of sexual abuse. he says biden's immigration policies are squarely to blame. >> children are allegedly being sexually assaulted on american soil because of their total neglect on protecting our border. joe biden and kamala harris
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have this on their hands, brian. they have this on their hands. they are letting criminals go in america and putting kids at risk, coming across this border illegally. it must stop now. we're in there investigating it. if they won't do it, texas will. >> dana: let's big the alex hogan in texas. good morning. >> good morning. now as you mentioned 20,000 children are currently in u.s. facilities and some very disturbing details are coming out of some of them. governor greg abbott announcing this investigation that he is calling for after these allegations of sexual abuse of misconduct, neglect, not feeding some of these children routinely enough at these federally-run centers. the specific one in san antonio. a group of republican congress members visited the border at the children's facility at donna where they say they saw 500 kids in a space meant for
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about 30. congressman jim jordan from ohio calling the entire immigration situation complete chaos. >> last month was the busiest month in the history of border patrol since they've been keeping records and data. >> growing calls for the president or vice president to visit the border themselves. the envoy for the northern triangle will return today after conversations in guatemala and el salvador to address the root causes of some of these migrations. >> this is about addressing these causes over the long term. unless we address root causes in these countries we'll see the same cycle of rushes to the border year after year as we have seen in 2014, 2018, 2019. so we're going to look to how we can work with these countries. >> department of homeland security secretary will visit to speak with officials here. the rio grande valley this week
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border patrol saw their busiest day this year stopping more than 3,000 people in this area alone. dana. >> dana: thank you. >> bill: want to bring in lieutenant christopher alvarez from the department of public safety in texas. i want you to react to what the governor is saying in texas about sexual assault, insufficient number of staffers, children not eating, inability to separate kids because of covid-19 and all other complaints. why is that happening? >> good morning, thanks for having me back. we're starting to hear these allegations taking place in some of these facilities as governor abbott mentioned. it is unacceptable. it really is. to see that and know the kids are being victimized in these facilities is unacceptable. now with the direction of governor abbott he directed the texas department of public safety to look into these
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allegations. >> dana: have you listen to congressman mccaul on the policy that's changed and i want the talk about what you've seen there in the last few days. watch this. >> the reversal of that policy under the trump administration with biden reversing these policies, he has created a boondoggle for the traffickers where they exploit these children, separate them from their parents in central america and take them up this very dangerous journey. this is a victory for the traffickers and a bad defeat for the children. >> dana: we have statistics show the number of migrant children coming across the border is just way up. you see 172,000 people crossed in march and now we have 20,000 unaccompanied minors here. that's not the only thing that's coming. you have shown us some pictures, put them up on the screen for everybody to see here. what is in this car that you
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see here? this is a shot of the money. >> correct. what you're showing right now? now what we're seeing which we haven't seen in years these smuggling organizations are advertising drivers, advertising people to come to the rio grande valley to smuggle the migrants. they're reaching out to houston, dallas, san antonio. they are coming down to be drivers to smuggle the migrants. one thing we're seeing these drivers are arming themselves with weapons that we've never seen before in prior years. >> dana: now we're showing the picture of the drugs that were found in a car. tell us about that. >> correct. as you know, u.s. border patrol is tied up busy with these migrants, these children and families processing them so these smuggling organizations, cartels are taking advantage of that, are exploiting the open
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gaps. now starting to push narcotics across. what you see there are dps troopers came into contact with numerous vehicles and vehicle chases. that's the end result here. we recovered narcotics in those vehicles. >> bill: the numbers from texas. operation lone star was launched. marijuana, 3200 pounds. cocaine 14 pounds. currency sees more than a million dollars. firearms, a couple dozen. 600 criminal arrests, on and on it goes. ms-13 member picked up on the border as well. what is your message to the administration on a crisis that seems to have no end, sir? >> one thing i can say we as state police will be there to support our local, county, state and especially our federal partners. when they are tied up, the state of texas, texas department of public safety will answer the call and be there to support our partners. that's what we're doing.
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with the leadership and guidance of governor abbott we launched operation lone star and it has been very effective. >> bill: sir, good luck. you need it. we say it every day. dana with april and we go to may, weather is getting better down there. thank you for your time. >> appreciate it. thank you. >> dana: a group of more than 130 migrants surrendering to border patrol agents in arizona. the interim chief patrol agent of tucson said they came from guatemala, el salvador, nicaragua. we'll talk to >> bill: president biden tapped kamala harris for the border. psaki said the following at the white house defending the president. >> let me see what i can do here. first, i would say the vice
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president was visiting chicago actually to talk about covid and the importance of communities getting the vaccine when it's available and accessible to them. while she was there, like many americans, she got a snack. >> here is the tweet from kamala harris. i spoke with president lopez obrador of mexico today to thank him for his cooperation and look forward to talking about the root causes of migration. a lot of attention given to her travel. california, l.a., california, oakland, chicago, illinois, went to the bakery. getting a lot of attention from chicago. a lot of these issues that she sent out in the tweet had already been solved before the administration came into power the third week in january. >> dana: when we talked to governor abbott he hasn't heard from her. we'll ask doug ducey if she has and i imagine the answer is the
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same. >> still depends on roads and bridges, ports and airports, rail and mass transit. but also depends on having reliable high speed internet in every home. because today's high speed internet is infrastructure. to automatically say that the only thing that's infrastructure is a highway, bridge or whatever that's not rational. >> dana: president biden accused of stretching the definition of infrastructure trying to sell republicans to raise taxes to pay for a spending plan. here to talk about it is karl rove. this is not just stretching the definition, it is a wholesale rewrite. >> it's a new language. bidenisms. we speak in biden. everything is infrastructure. a $10 billion fund for a climate corp of young people. childcare is infrastructure. this thing is packed full of stuff that has little or
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nothing to do with infrastructure. if you look at it, there is about 5% which is roads and bridges itself but even an expansive definition of what constituents infrastructure, broadband, ports, it's 37% of the $2 trillion price tag. $750 billion for infrastructure and 1.25 billion dollars for things that aren't infrastructure but part of the liberal agenda. it really problematic. another problem in there. they spend the money in 10 years and they pay for it in 15. now, is all of this spending going to stop? they have 174 billion to subsidize your purchase of a nice electric car. does anybody think at the end of 10 years that they will stop subsidizing the purchase of electric cars? no. we're spending at 10, paying in
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15. how much of that spending will continue? they will try to continue most of it? do you think they'll stop paying for childcare? you think they'll stop paying for in-person primary healthcare givers? they're not. >> bill: there used to be a phrase called fuzzy math. do you think this proposal is in trouble? >> big time. it is largely because of the president's continued set of mistakes. calling everything infrastructure doesn't make it that. then he made a really big mistake i thought yesterday and that is remember, the republicans -- 10 republican senators said let's talk about $600 billion, blah blah blah. he said that was insufficient and they weren't really serious and so we'll move ahead. well you are basically saying don't bother to come down here and offer a compromise. come down here and offer a surrender and a total agreement with what i'll do, otherwise it
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ain't bipartisanship. so he insulted potential partners and set a bad tone for the negotiations. what we are going to see, count on it. we are going to see them try to stuff this bill through on simply reconciliation alone because the president yesterday basically told the 10 republican senators who said we want to try to find way to work with you, he told them get lost. >> dana: i wanted to ask you about your column today. you have been pounding the point, what the headline is, that ceos of celektive virtual signaling. why are they singling out georgia? you are trying to have common sense. is that going to have an effect on these guys >> major league baseball headquartered up the street from you, a couple blocks away from you on 6th avenue. you would think the major league baseball commissioner, a native of new york and lives in new york that he would be saying any state that has more
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restrikeive practices than georgia is worthy of my condemnation. new york requires an excuse to vote by mail absentee. georgia doesn't. georgia has a minimum of 17 days and up to 19 days of early voting. new york has 8 days. connecticut, new jersey have no early voting at all. what happened to the mets and yankees fans living in new york, connecticut, missouri. missouri has two teams. doesn't have early voting, no excuse early voting or early voting. michigan, no early voting. what about the tigers fans? ohio and pennsylvania, four teams alone in those states. no early voting. minnesota, wisconsin, no early voting. twins and brewers fans. massachusetts, they had last year early voting. it goes away on june 30th. what about next year and what about the people living in voter suppression state of massachusetts? new hampshire, all the red sox fans don't have early voting or
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absentee by mail. what is the major league commissioner going to be doing about those other states? >> bill: just clarify if you go with reconciliation, then the bill is not in trouble on infrastructure, karl. that's the point quickly. >> it might be if they go on reconciliation they do have to get 50 votes which means you have senators saying i'm a little nervous about going with a big corporate tax increase. i'm not for 28%. i may be for 21 or 25. similarly in the house remember in the house they have to get a imagine or tee. they have a three seat majority. three moderate democrats don't go for it and they're in trouble. >> bill: we'll put you down as on the fence. you have another white board and we'll bring it back next time. stretching the definition of infrastructure. new york senator kristin gillibrand said paid leave is
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infrastructure, childcare is infrastructure, caregiving the infrastructure. that is facing harsh criticism. cruz said whatever the left wants is infrastructure. others tweeted brunch is infrastructure and that might be. and south dakota governor kristi noem asked what is a infrastructure. >> dana: jordan said anything i want to spend money on is infrastructure. anything i don't want to spend money on is russian interference. >> bill: republican senator steve daines is here in a moment. >> dana: woke companies and politicians say they're outraged about georgia and what about beijing? where does the white house stand on calls to call out the olympics. >> we can't give beijing that
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>> bill: president biden set to take new action on gun control expected to sign new executive orders today requiring background checks before the purchase of homemade guns and regulating assault-style firearms. steve daines joins me now. let me put it on the board for everyone to see. the executive order will help stop the proliferation of ghost guns. when a device marketed as a stabilizing brace into a short barreled rifle as an idea for red flag legislation, a model other states could use. it goes on. this is not legislation, this is an executive order.
6:23 am
objections to this especially on ghost guns or are you okay with that? >> dana, it's pretty clear, more gun control is not the answer to try to reduce violence in our society. what happens with these kinds of executive orders that president biden is looking at. no surprise a liberal president would start looking at more gun control. no surprise. we expected this. what happens, it hurts law abiding americans. it doesn't go after criminals. look at the most violent cities in america. they have some of the strictest gun control laws. so in the liberal mind they want to defund the police and have more gun control. as conservatives we want to see law enforcement funded with more effort, we want to allow the american people the lawful, abiding to the second amendment exercise that right every day american people. don't go after them. they aren't the problem. >> dana: can you speak specifically to this idea on
6:24 am
ghost guns in particular? the ones made at home. they want to try to do something to stop the proliferation there. >> we're talking about hobbyists. that's not the problem. you go back and violent crimes involving firearms. ghost guns aren't at the top of the list. again it is a knee jerk reaction of the left. the virtue signaling. we have to do something regarding gun control to try to appease the liberals. it won't make us any safer. it just infringes on our second amendment rights. infringes on law abiding americans who exercise that right lawfully every day. >> dana: for the last several years there hasn't been a director of the alcohol, tobacco and firearms office.
6:25 am
the president will put someone forward. >> if he believes more gun control needs to happen he won't have my support. we'll look for clearances. somebody comes into atf whos spouses more gun control is not the right person to be running that organization. >> dana: we appreciate it. >> bill: 25 past the hour now. security justice steven breyer with a warning for liberals to expand the court. his comments come as progressives urge justices step down while democrats control the white house and congress. the move justice breyer said he is not entertaining at this time. forget that idea. >> dana: i still maintain by june 30th he will have a different decision. i have no inside information, just a prediction. >> bill: you said that around election time i do believe. >> dana: i think that's true. >> bill: you are on record. joe manchin has the piece in
6:26 am
the "washington post" saying he is opposed to breaking up the filibuster. i remind you kristin sinman hasn't moved, either. if they hold their ground the filibuster stays as is which means the supreme court stays as is. >> dana: well, no, not necessarily because why would you say that? >> bill: because the parliamentarian in the senate would say it isn't allowed and pull the filibuster. >> dana: i'm saying if there is a vacancy on the court they could add somebody. joe biden said he would start a commission to look at court reform. in the first 100 days. i don't know if progressives forgot about that but it is not here yet. we want to talk about president biden says he is willing to work with republicans on his $2 trillion spending bill. where is the administration open to compromise? we'll ask energy secretary. boldly going where no rainbow
6:27 am
has gone before and we'll talk to a former nasa astronaut as well. ♪ someday we'll find it, the rainbow connection, the lovers, the dreamers, and me ♪
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now is the smartest time ever to turn your home's increased value into an average of $50,000 cash. refiplus. it's new, it's only for veterans, and it's only from newday usa. >> dana: republicans say democrats are doing linguistic back flips to sell a spending bill as an infrastructure package. we have the story from capitol hill. >> bill: the gop had a field day with a tweet from senator kristin gillibrand which they say sums up their whole point. president biden's definition of the word is a stretch beyond what economists recognize. violence to the english language. childcare is infrastructure, caregiving is infrastructure. it set off staffers in
6:33 am
mccarthy's office we're all infrastructure now. defending a narrow definition of what it really is mcconnell wrote the last bill democrats ran through congress was sold as covid relief until it passed and suddenly became the greatest anti-poverty initiative since lbj and voting rights bill is a partisan takeover of our entire electoral system. some of the items republicans say have no place in the bill include $400 billion for home-based care, $35 billion to study climate change and prepare for future pandemics and 590 billion to invest in job training initiatives came under scrutiny. critics saying it should be a jobs bill not infrastructure bill. to democrats they're all tied together. >> america was expanding, louisiana purchase, louis and clark expeditions and the rest and they -- and so this was the plan.
6:34 am
they built the cumberland road, the erie canal. >> "politico" broke the bill to five categories. definitely infrastructure, seems like it, a distant relative and not even close to infrastructure, dana. >> dana: thank you so much. >> bill: let's bring in energy secretary to talk about this. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> watching and listening to the president yesterday does it seem like the bill is getting a haircut already? >> well, you know, it's a great question, bill. first of all of course congress is not in session. he hasn't had a chance to sit down face-to-face with the members of congress which he will do. a number of us have been doing at least virtually. but i think that, you know, this bill is so reminiscent of a bipartisan bill passed in december.
6:35 am
it was the energy act of 2020 which had enormous bipartisan support investing in the technologies that will help us win this clean energy future that both sides voted for. so this is really a fulfillment of the down payment that was made in that energy act of 2020. >> bill: would you concede he pulled back a little already? >> i think he has said from the very beginning he wants to see compromise. he wants to have this be bipartisan. i hate to see, you know, language on either side that really sticks people without recognizing that there are so many elements that both parties like in this bill and they have voted for in the past. who doesn't want america to be -- to create the supply chains for our own energy security? to have manufacturing in this country? who doesn't want to have a safe electric grid? who doesn't want to make sure that we are building the
6:36 am
technologies of the future and not allowing our economic competitors to eat us for lunch? there is so much in this bill to like but i hope people don't take positional arguments especially since the american people seem to like so much of it. >> dana: that's a great en tray to the question i want to ask you. in an interview with pbs you said there are many more jobs in the clean energy realm than in the fossil fuel industry. in terms of the supply chain. you tell people to find a green energy jobs. a lot of those jobs are in china. traditionally the jobs in the traditional fossil fuel industry have been here in america. if we try to push too much are we giving more jobs to china than we are to our own people? >> that's a per -- perfect question you have asked. that's why we need to bring manufacturing here. why are we allowing our economic competitors to take
6:37 am
battery manufacturing for electric vehicles and we've got to rely on supply chains elsewhere? whether it's the critical materials that are in those batteries or the batteries themselves. why are we standing by the side of the road and allowing china to come in and swoop up all of the manufacturing of solar panels, etc. >> dana: are you saying all of a sudden solar panels will be made here under this bill? >> i think solar panels should be made here. why would we be buying solar panels from a country with human rights violations? why wouldn't we be making them here and the supply chain for those solar panels here? it is insane we have allowed it. we've stood by and watched those jobs go away. this, american jobs act has a huge investment in our manufacturing and our supply chain. i say this from michigan, i say this as somebody who has seen these jobs go. this is our moment to take it back and create that infrastructure. >> dana: i wonder about all the people that have lost their jobs already once the keystone
6:38 am
pipeline was canceled in the first six hours of this administration and told by the climate czar, john kerry to go and find a green energy job or solar job and they can't. we've talked to many of them. they can't find those jobs. how long do we expect them to wait and what are they supposed to do in the meantime? >> this is really important that these construction jobs for plumbers, pipe fitters and sheet metal workers are embedded in the core of this american jobs act or american jobs plan. that's what the infrastructure pieces are all about. they will get jobs. the money will flow as soon as congress acts and why this is an urgent moment. we're 8.4 million jobs shy of where we were before the covid crisis began. it is why we have to act on this now and move on it so we can put the construction workers to work building pipelines for co2 and hydrogen, making sure we repair pipelines
6:39 am
leaking methane. so many jobs that could be in this infrastructure package that are supported by both sides of the aisle, at least historically have been. >> bill: you have gone out of your way to make a point about getting republican support. a letter produced by 10 republicans yesterday, lisa murcowski and susan collins and mitt romney. the ones who went to the oval office on the first of february we want to do a deal and they put one on the table. yesterday joe biden said they didn't move an inch but the point in early february is that democrats in the senate went to reconciliation within 24 hours of that meeting in the oval office. so if that's the track record, why would any republicans get behind your plan now? >> well, this is a different bill. that was a rescue package. we had to get shots in arms. this is a recovery package, if you will. this is making sure that we set
6:40 am
our nation on the path to win the future. that means we must have bipartisan support. lisa murcowski and joe manchin are the two senators who brought democrats and republicans together for that energy bill i described that was passed just in december. i know that leadership exists and i know people want to be able to vote to put people to work. >> you have to have them work, too. >> say that again. >> bill: you have to work with them, too and you would grant that, correct? >> for sure, absolutely. 1,000%, both sides. think about it. >> dana: we'll see you with jen psaki today. appreciate you being with us this morning. >> bill: one thing in "politico" from yesterday. corporate america tearing into the biden plan. watch that story. >> dana: i was thinking of carley shimkus when she went to arkansas talking to those people that lost their jobs and
6:41 am
they want to work. i don't know how long we expect them to wait for all of a sudden these magic green jobs to show up. i'm for bringing more jobs here. i just wonder how that will work. >> bill: we had a guest on early in the morning yesterday china is building coal plants and solar panels. what are we doing? >> dana: now this. police revealed what caused the crash that left tiger woods seriously injured. the sheriff joins us next and as migrants flood the country the lives of countless children are at stake. arizona governor doug ducey joins us at the top of the hour. '! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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>> bill: tiger woods was driving twice the legal speed limit when he crashed his s.u.v. seriously injuring himself. the sheriff said the golfer was going 84 to 87 miles an hour in a 45 mile zone. the l.a. county sheriff is with us now. sheriff, good morning to you and thank you for your time. >> good morning to both of you. >> it was too weeks ago you said the information wouldn't be made public. what changed? >> we have to ask permission
6:47 am
from the parties involved to release the report. it is private to them only. tiger woods and personnel agreed to release it and then we were able to release it publicly. >> bill: if tiger said no keep it quiet we would never know how fast he was going and why the greatest golfer in our lifetime drove his car off a road? >> unfortunately that's the rule in california. vehicle section 2012. >> dana: sheriff, thankfully nobody else was injured in this. if it had been a different time of day it could have been a different outcome. seems like the media was hyping on whether they were drugs or a phone involved. did you notice that? >> yeah, it seemed to be an obsession on that. like i said yesterday, he received the same treatment anybody else would receive. no evidence of impairment. he was critically injured.
6:48 am
life threatening injuries and our dep see was there at the scene at the time and assessed the situation, made the decision at the moment and they were spot on. >> bill: tiger put out a statement i'll continue to focus on my recovery and family and thank everyone for the overwhelming support and encouragement i've received throughout this difficult time. i'm assuming the case is closed. >> there is nothing else to do. we released the results and we wish him a speedy recovery. >> dana: we all do. >> bill: will he recover, sheriff? >> that many, at his age? he will be able to recover. how far to cover to resume his career in golf, that's a big if. >> bill: ankles are tough. thank you for your time. perseverance rover on mars
6:49 am
captured this image. nasa said take a closer look. we are with our friend former astronaut mike. we're told it's not a rainbow. what is it >> sometimes we see something and jump to an conclusion because it reminds us of something else and why science and engineering is there to try to explain things. it is called a lens flare, when the sunlight hits the lens at a circle angle it creates a flare but it goes across the lens like you might see a rainbow going across the horizon. it's impossible to have -- >> dana: i wanted to ask how -- i know that we mere mortals
6:50 am
watching this, all these experiments happening on mars, how do you see it, though, as a former astronaut? talk about a different lens. >> yeah, getting the whole martian program with the new rover and they will launch a helicopter hopefully this weekend if it doesn't happen sunday but soon after that. some exciting things going on. i think it's wonderful. we can't spend people there yet. we don't have that capability but able to send these other vehicles there to collect data to see if we can find water, evidence of ancient life under the surface, return a sample. i think it's the forerunner to sending people years from now. >> dana: bill said he wants to go. i said i don't know if you can come back. >> you want to come back. one way trip is no good. wherever you go you want to come back. that's part of the deal. >> bill: getting more than just pictures and smart people like you can understand that.
6:51 am
we'll talk soon. >> dana: exclusive new reporting on governor quo*efm's nursing home scandal. what he knew and when. check out the lineup coming up next hour. aliens are real, alright.
6:52 am
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refiplus can help you lower your rate plus turn your home equity into an average of $50,000. money for security today. money for retirement tomorrow. refiplus from newday usa. >> dana: new york state leads the nation with the most small business closures during the pandemic. new facebook data shows closure rates from the empire state and pennsylvania are at 31% each. the companies surveyed over 35,000 small businesses for the report. maine and idaho had the least closures with just 9%. 31%? >> bill: we're number one in everything, aren't we? the budget proposal hasn't been signed yet proposing $2 billion in stimulus checks to illegal immigrants in new york.
6:57 am
why not give that $2 billion to the business owners you just talked about? it is true we have a lot of illegals in the new york community. we have a lot of legal immigrants, too, who have done it the right way. they've been living here for decades. they, too, have felt enormous financial pressure as a results of this pandemic. why not help them out? two excuses to go ahead and use that money. >> dana: they deserve it and would use it better. >> bill: $2 billion. new york is getting $23 billion in a blue state bail-out from washington, d.c. what are they doing with the budget? increasing spending by 10%. they're not cutting things. they're not -- this is the problem, dana. >> dana: this is the problem. >> bill: you give politicians an excuse to keep their own policies in place and in effect keep their jobs. >> dana: you are talking about new york. you will be recruited to run for mayor or governor. >> bill: doubt it. doubt it. >> dana: we'll see about that. >> bill: fox news exclusive,
6:58 am
dana. the cuomo administration accused of tracking nursing home deaths despite claims they couldn't be verified, an accuser comes forward with more details about an alleged groping incident. we're live in brooklyn today. bryan llenas. >> we knew the cuomo administration was tracking covid-19 nursing home resident deaths but now we know they were tracking covid-19 nursing home resident deaths at hospitals as early as april of 2020. fox news has obtained this document, a department of health document that required nursing homes to report daily the number of residents who died of covid-19 and report if they died in their facility or at a hospital. the reason this is important is because three months later, the department of health released a nursing home covid-19 report which under reported the number of nursing home deaths in the state by about 30% or 3,000 deaths. the cuomo administration admitted they omitted the deaths because they felt the
6:59 am
data they had collected was not adequately verified despite having this data since april, the d.o.h. says the department spent months reconciling the information received, duplicating, correcting errors to understand and report accurate fatality data from multiple sources. "the new york times" and "wall street journal" both report the real number of covid-19 deaths were purposely stripped out of that july 2020 report by cuomo's top aide melissa derosa and others who were worried about how that true death count would reflect politically on cuomo. meanwhile cuomo is still facing those sexual misconduct allegations, multiple of them. a current aide is speaking out for the first time saying she was aggressively groped and it was really a culmination of her being groomed for two years ahead of that incident. this is all like we said
7:00 am
subject of multiple investigations. >> bill: thank you, bryan llenas back on the story again today. top of the hour now. >> dana: fox news alert. homeland security mayorkas is heading to the southern border today. vice president kamala harris is m.i.a. she has not visited or spoken about the surge of migrants despite taking on a key role in the crisis. welcome to a new hour of apples apple i'm bill hemmer. more heartbreaking images today. border patrol agents releasing photos of two small children abandoned in a december late area and left to fend for themselves. this comes as texas governor greg abbott calls for a child migrant facility to close amid allegations of sexual abuse. new data showing nearly 19,000 unaccompanied kids encountered at the border in march, a 100% increase from the month previous. reaction from the front lines last hour here on "america's newsroom."
7:01 am
>> it's unacceptable, it really is. to see that and know these kids are being victimized especially in these facilities is unacceptable. of course, now with the direction of governor abbott, he has directed the texas department of public safety to look into the allegations. >> bill: allegations are serious. also claims there is neglect when you think about covid-19, etc. we had images last hour we acquired from texas at the border. you have drugs, dana, packaged inside the back of an s.u.v. you have dollar amounts, stacks and stacks of hundreds talking millions of dollars over time that smugglers gain as a result of this. >> dana: we also had tik tok ads asking for drivers to take migrants and drugs across the border into our country. join us is arizona governor doug ducey. secretary mayorkas will visit the border today. will you have any interaction
7:02 am
with him and the vice president? >> we have had no interaction with the vice president or the president. we have had a conversation with secretary mayorkas. he will see an emergency and they need to start responding to the border governors. our requests. we need resources for the national guard. they need to change communication to the nation of mexico. the biden administration has been anti-wall and awol. they are absent without leave. we need support on the southern border. >> bill: why do you think the media has taken this story and given it the stiff arm? >> well, they don't like the narrative. it is a border crisis and it's a humanitarian crisis. we have had over 170,000 apprehensions on our southern border, 18,000 children that are in the custody of the federal government. the federal government is not a
7:03 am
very good parent. the previous administration couldn't have been more clear. you saw an abc report actually asking migrants why they were coming to the united states. they were saying it was because joe biden was president. she asked them if they would have made the same journey under the trump administration and they said no. it couldn't be more clear the administration is not properly communicating that the border is closed. >> bill: governor, i think you can take it a step further. mayorkas is making a visit to the border. head of homeland security. the press won't have access to him during the trip. the media hasn't chosen to cover or not cover, the administration has kept reporters and cameras away. >> the press would have never put up with this in the previous administration. the press shouldn't put up with it in this administration. they've also named vice president harris as the lead on
7:04 am
the border. yet she hasn't been to the border. she has also equated cbp and ice to the kkk. she never saw the border as a serious threat or real issue. the border needs attention. this is not only going to affect arizona, texas, new mexico and california, but the rest of the country as well as fentanyl and methamphetamine spills over the border. >> dana: one other topic i want to ask you about. today the president is going to announce executive actions he wants to attempt on gun control. i want to ask you how you see that and also i understand you just recently signed a bill in arizona to try to protect second amendment rights for your state citizens. how does that work? >> yes, this is federalism at work. we'll protect second amendment rights in arizona. there are constitutional right enumerated in the united states constitution. i don't know what the president has in mind. whatever he does, it likely won't do anything to solve these mass shootings that we've
7:05 am
had. what we ought to do is enforce the laws that are already on the books and put bad people in prison. >> bill: how will your order defy something that comes out of washington if it will at all, governor? >> well, first we have to see what is coming out of washington but what the law that i signed will do is protect arizonians second amendment rights. a prescriptive law that's pro-active in anticipation of what joe biden might do. >> bill: governor, thank you for your time. i mention these images that fox obtained exclusively. want to put them on the screen back of a white s.u.v. and the amount of drugs and money on the table. millions of dollars. pictures came from texas but i know arizona is dealing with it as well. sir, thank you for your time. the governor from arizona. >> thanks, bill and dana. >> dana: thank you.
7:06 am
>> our position on the 2022 olympics has not changed. we have not discussed and are not discussing any joint boycott with allies and partners. we of course consult closely with allies and partners at all levels to define our common concerns and establish a shared approach but there is no discussion underway of a change in our plans regarding the beijing olympics. >> bill: as of april 2021 no plans to boycott the olympic games next year after republican lawmakers accuse them of hypocrisy supporting major league baseball's decision to move the all-star game out of atlanta. why does that deserve a boycott while china's record on human rights violations does not? ian, how are you doing and good morning to you. there is an argument says let's draw the attention to the situation with the uighurs and put the focus of the world on it by telling the world we're
7:07 am
not going. do you like that idea? >> no, i really hate that idea. i like the idea of paying attention to it but if america's allies are not with us on this issue, if we go and boycott by ourselves, then we hand the chinese the propaganda win. the last thing i want to see the americans do is make it easier for beijing to split our allies off from us. that's a known goal. the europeans don't support this. even the japanese who would usually be with us on almost anything on china because they have their own olympics coming up and thep don't want reciprocity from the chinese on them. we would go at it almost by ourselves. we can engage in a diplomatic boycott. no reason why our leaders would be going to beijing to promote this olympics when we have such significant issues with the way the country is behaifpg on all
7:08 am
sorts of things they consider sovereign including the uighur genocide but different from an overall boycott. >> dana: what would you advise companies looking at the situation that might be supporting the olympics as sponsors? the pressure will ratchet up on this. and also, of course, we just have what happened in america with the major league baseball moving the all-star game out of georgia back to colorado and there are calls of hypocrisy on companies supporting activities in china or olympics are supporting indirectly genocide. >> look, i've seen marco rubio recently and take big shots at companies like delta for doing business in china. the reality is you know, dana, almost the entire fortune 500 in the u.s. does significant business in and with china. not doing business directly with the companies that are
7:09 am
engaged in genocide against the uighurs, they're not. but we hardly can get into the position of saying that anyone that does any business with china is supporting genocide. the economies are way too interlinked. if you are an american ceo and you are part of the sponsorship of the olympics you have a real challenge because you know that you are going to be taking it on the chin from american politicians if you maintain sponsorship and also know you'll be punished like crazy by the chinese government if you decide to pull out. the shareholders will get hit ultimately. these ceos don't want to be political about this issue. they are trying to engage in safety in numbers. if they have a joint position among all the sponsors of the olympics it will be harder for individual politicians to pick them off one-by-one. >> bill: final comment here, rick scott says the chinese
7:10 am
communist party's acts are atrocious saying they can't be ignored and whitewash crimes on the international stage. it could go back and forth. the olympics are 10 months away. final word on that. >> i would just say president trump knew very well that the olympics were going to be hosted in beijing. not a new decision. he never intimated there should be a boycott. yet every opportunity. when he talked to xi he said he was my friend even though he had a hard line. in a very divided united states, one of the very few things the democrats and republicans are actually agreed on is the fact that china is our principle competitor and national security adversary. we shouldn't play politics on this front. >> dana: thank you, ian bremmer. >> bill: nice to see you. >> dana: have a good day. thanks. president joe biden facing major backlash after announcing his plans for what will be one of the largest tax increases in history in an effort to pay for
7:11 am
his massive $2.25 trillion spending bill. griff jenkins is live in washington, d.c. with more. what is the president's plan to raise taxes that has so many people up in arms? >> good morning, dana. for starters he wants to raise the corporate tax rate from 21% to 28%. while he says he is open to negotiation, he is vigorously defending it at the white house. >> president biden: i'm not trying to punish anybody but damn it, maybe because i come from a middle class neighborhood i'm sick and tired of ordinary people being fleeced. >> in addition to the corporate tax hike he wants to enact a minimum, boost a global tax and eliminate tax preferences for fossil fuels and says and emphasizes he will not raise taxes on anyone making less than $400,000. when he is speaking of ordinary people, according to the tax
7:12 am
foundation based on figures from 2018 the first year after the trump tax cuts, the top 10% of earners bore the brunt of 71% of all income taxes paid. in the top 25% paid 87% of the total. they also found 47% of households in america paying no taxes at all. so that leaves that top 25% to foot most of the bill. that's why there is this bipartisan pushback from the hill, dana, joe manchin says 28% is too high. he is not alone. what is important to remember, right now it is just a plan, not yet a bill. dana. >> dana: okay. thanks, griff. >> bill: with millions of americans still struggling to find a job one blue state will cut stimulus checks to some who came here illegally. details on that. plus st. louis electing a mayor, campaign to bring if more social workers instead of police officers. will it help that city get its rising crime rate under control?
7:13 am
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7:18 am
>> dana: new york legislature reaching a budget agreement that includes payments up to 15,600 to any undocumented immigrant who lost a job during the pandemic. david lee miller has more from new york city. >> dana, new york state passed its new budget under which it will become the state with the highest taxes in the country and as you mentioned, part of this legislation calls for a single pay-out to undocumented workers of $15,600. the controversial pay-out passed by the democratically controlled legislature has many republicans saying the
7:19 am
financial aid goes too far. eligible americans could receive up to a total of $3200 in stimulus money compared to the new york state of $15,600 for undocumented workers. they must be able to prove they were new york state residents. lost income become of covid and not eligible for unemployment that could have totaled thousands of dollars. governor cuomo voiced concern about possible fraud. >> just because you are undocumented doesn't mean we don't care and have compassion and we don't want to help. it is difficult to do it in a way that can be administered without fraud. >> under the legislation, undocumented workers who cannot provide the paperwork that would make them eligible for the $15,600 could still be eligible for $3200 in state aid.
7:20 am
in addition to republican lawmakers, a handful of democrats also voted against this new budget. it is now awaiting the signature of governor andrew cuomo. >> bill: a lot of reaction on this. chris bedford. good to be in america, better to be in new york i guess, huh? >> new york is not being handled too well right now. there is a lot of bad fuss coming out of new york as the same time as this. over 31% of small businesses shutting down and probably never coming back again due to the shutdown which ties new york for the top states you were talking about with pennsylvania and massachusetts shortly behind. they're about to raise the taxes on businesses at the same time that a third of small businesses are going out of business and then they're giving away $2 billion to people who are illegally there who compete with those in new york at the lowest income bracket already. they're giving them that money and it is handed out. you see the democratic party when some are pushing back
7:21 am
against this the new york councilmen are saying you guys are racist. that is pretty insane. it's a difficult political situation. if i was a new yorker i would be feeling pretty worried about who is representing me. >> bill: here is what we found on screen. a billion dollars in grants and credits for small businesses. they've been shattered in this town, by the way. just shut down for a year. but you got $2 billion in one-time payments to undocumented workers. we crunched the numbers and found there is a $15,000 one-time stimulus check to illegals who can prove they work. then there is a $3200 check that will be cut to those who cannot prove a place of employment. make sense of that. >> you don't have to really prove anything it sounds like to get money out of the new york taxpayer. these are taxpayers already really hit. people underestimate what small
7:22 am
businesses leaving your community does. not just the places you like to go out and patronize but create the middle class and create jobs and sponsor sports team and create a town center. they create a community. they are being devastated and money handed out from their pockets to people who shouldn't be here. it is not just. >> bill: in the last several relief bills, no money went to illegals, correct? and part of that reason is could suggest you could not find them or locate them. is this part of the process for locating illegals if you prove where you work? and that then leads you one step further toward some sort of immigration deal possibly down the road. >> locating them which is probably going to cause a lot of reluctance among some who are illegal immigrants for wanting to sign up for this because there is always the worry it could be used to find them. when the democratic congressmen and president who are trying to make a deal right now on
7:23 am
immigration to try to say you are here legally and by the way we have a massive border crisis going on where they are handing out this money to illegal immigrants a lot of good signs to illegals they'll be taken care of ahead of the citizens of new york and other states. >> bill: there is a new york republican chairman. he said the legislature that has become more radical than the biden-harris administration has replaced any semblance of common sense with woke and insanity. why raise taxes on a city that's on its back anyway? >> i can't possibly justify that. i can't think of a single reason. the democratic coffers and republican and government coffers have been low during covid-19 because she shut us down. any way to get it back. they want it more than they want to give it to the citizens. >> bill: we'll see whether or not it is signed. >> dana: now some kids in los angeles will finally, finally be heading back to school. a catch that could cause big
7:24 am
problems for parents. the migrant crisis is spreading to cities far from the border. what we see at airports across the country and reaction from rachel campos-duffy. >> this is chaos built by the biden administration by design. this isn't mismanage. this is open borders.
7:25 am
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7:30 am
in arlington, virginia. what are you hearing about the flights there where you are? >> hi, bill. the biden administration's policies of catch and release is going airborne. got off the phone with a dhs official who tells me they are allowing migrants to catch flights to stay with family members after leaving their custody. these migrants do have the tab for those flights. migrants released out of custody were spotted last week in mcallen, texas boarding a united airlines flight. their destination newark, new jersey. some of the migrants don't have a proper i.d., either. the tsa tells me they make an exception for these migrants and have worked out a deal with dhs to take alternate forms of identification. but immigration reform advocates we spoke to say that
7:31 am
is a major national security loophole. >> we have no idea who these people are. somebody in the border patrol given a piece of paper that's on the dhs letterhead and they get to flash that to tsa and get on an airplane. it's ridiculous. >> dhs also tells me today that anyone leaving their custody has passed a covid test and has been deemed that they are not a threat. but bill, it is unknown at this point how airlines themselves are navigating this. we've reached out to united airlines four separate times to get comment to see if they are aware when these migrants are placed on their flights. but so far united airlines has been silent. >> bill: we await an answer. thank you, hillary at reagan national. >> dana: let's talk about this and bring in fox news contributor rachel campos-duffy. great to have you. i want you to listen to two things. tom homan was here yesterday talking about his own personal
7:32 am
experience in the past with things like this. watch. >> the bottom line is children are dying. children are being abandoned. 31% of women are being raped. cartels are making millions. this march 171,000 apprehensions. this not under control. it is chaos by the biden administration. it isn't by accident. this is open borders. this is what joe biden sold out. >> dana: governor abbott is quite frustrated, angry talking about the distress about some children and possible abuse allegations of that. watch here. >> the biden administration is now presiding over the abuse of children. the children who were in this facility should be moved to other federally run facilities where the federal government has the space, personnel and resources to insure their safety. >> dana: take a look at these. the stories pile up. a new one every single day.
7:33 am
we have the little boy that was crying in front trying to find the patrol officer who could help him. you have the fact that those two little girls were dropped over the border wall. and you have the ones that were just 5 and 3 telling the smugglers they needed help. suspected they were abandoned by smugglers. you as a child advocate and strong mom want to get your take on all of this. >> thank you, dana for having me. this is such an important topic. the children are the victims in this. the way the policies are set up they are incentivizing cartels and parents who are desperate or irresponsible to use their children as a means to get in. those children you talked about that the border patrol found just recently in the stash house what they do is stash all these illegals into a stash house and wait until the drugs are ready to cross the border and then move a bunch of people over to a certain area so then
7:34 am
they can move the drugs over while the border patrol is occupied with these people. clearly these two little kids got left behind. that tells you what the cartels think of these children. they aren't children to them. they're commodities, products. and some people say it's the new dope. the human trafficking business is enriching the cartels more than running drugs and weapons that our government could be complicit in this. think about this. those children were left behind. the girls thrown over the wall, the little boy that was found in the middle of the desert miles away from anybody. they are lucky because they were rescued by our hero border patrols. the ones that are found by other bad people can be sold into sex slavery. can be -- anything can happen to them. they could die of starvation or thirst along the way. we need to get our hands around this. i just don't understand why other than fox news, the media
7:35 am
is not really holding this administration accountable for their complicity in this. children are dying. by the way, it's not just that our border patrol are overwhelm and resources being tied up in terms of managing and securing our border against all kinds of not just drugs by terrorism. our own people are suffering. when you have the federal government begging people in nasa to redeploy to the federal refugee program for a year it tells you how overwhelmed the federal government is. that means that's our government is not taking care of its own people as they are coming out of a pandemic. our foster care. you talked about the children flying in airplanes and families coming into cities. our cities are overwhelmed. social services are stretched. our foster care services are stretched. we have to take care of our people and we can't be having policies that actually incentivize problems from other
7:36 am
countries to come to our country and take away attention and money from our own citizens when they need it most. >> dana: appreciate your perspective. thank you for joining us this morning. >> thank you. >> bill: search and rescue operations underway after a massive explosion at a factory in ohio. the latest on that in a moment. st. louis seeing a spike in crime. the newly elected mayor is promising to fight it with more social workers, not police. we've seen this story before. will it work? geraldo and leo will take it on coming up next. ♪♪♪
7:37 am
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7:41 am
>> dana: quick headlines we're following this hour. firefighters in columbus, ohio say an explosion at a paint factory hurt eight people overnight and one person still missing. they evacuated the area because the plant contains dangerous materials. >> bill: u.k. variant of covid is now the most common source of new infections at home according to cdc director. the strain appears to be more deadly and spreads more easily. >> dana: two los angeles schools are reopening in person for just three hours a day.
7:42 am
school officials told parents they wouldn't provide transportation but they reversed that decision after fox news published an article about it. we get results. for more on these and other stories download the fox news app, scan the qr code on your screen or go to apps. >> transformational change will not be immediate. it will require a little patience, a little hard work, determination, and the understanding that decades of problems will not be solved within days of solutions. >> that is st. louis's first black female mayor on tuesday of this week. her name is ms. jones, a democrat campaigned on increasing the number of social workers in the city instead of police officers despite the city's alarming murder rate. on track to be worse than the previous three. i want to bring in geraldo
7:43 am
rivera and -- we thought this topic was perfect for you gentleman. she will try more social workers, not police officers. what do you think of it? >> you need love and kindness. you can always use more compassion. the problem in st. louis as it is in cleveland and many other top ten murder cities is the drugs, the gangs, the urban violence, the black on black civil war that has been going on that no one talks about. black lives matter only focused on black lives when cops take them. it is a bad situation. i wish her the best. she seems very idealistic. unrealistic in many regards. the fracture is too deep. the problems too tough, too many guns and bitter feelings and drugs. >> bill: i appreciate that. i think leo agrees that would be my guess, having not spoken to you.
7:44 am
>> well, i'll tell you right now i am disappointed. i thought we would have total agreement with geraldo. this whole idea of cutting back police officers and increasing social workers is a failure. let me give you evidence. portland, seattle, chicago, my city los angeles, new york city. show me where cutting down police officers and increasing social workers is going to help reduce crime in these democratic cities? let's be very clear. this mayor said -- i listened to her speech. she said people resort to crime because they have no hope. i don't know what that means. the bottom line is this. you want to give them hope? give them quality education, stop forcing them into the public schools, education is key to the poverty cycle. that's what you break it. geraldo give me a break. all the evidence on fox news, all this crime is going on in democratic cities where they basically give the keys of the city to the -- >> i'm agreeing with you, bud. you can't bring a social worker
7:45 am
to a gun fight, i agree with you. there is always room for kindness and compassion and these families are shattered. let's try to rebuild the families. i'm all for that. you have to be realistic what's going on here. memphis, birmingham, baltimore. all democratic run cities predominantly black are top murder cities in the country. >> bill: chicago crime stats up 55% in 2020. homicides 769. oakland similar numbers. percentages for 2021. 183%. austin, texas, numbers are up there. 42% a year ago through february, they're up 10% versus the same time last year. here is what i find interesting about what is happening in st. louis. you have 48% white, 45% black. the newly elected mayor, we wish her the very best of luck with her policy. leo, here is the question.
7:46 am
she said i appreciate the role of white allies in this movement of progress. i don't believe that they have the lived experience to lead a majority minority city. okay, so she said that. this will be an interesting social experience or experiment. >> that is the most insulting racist comment. you know what she is saying? because you are white, you don't understand what we as black people go through regarding crime. that makes the assumption then that joe biden doesn't know. to say that she is basically in a better position because she is black is insulting, is racist, and makes no sense what ever. i reject that argument. >> when was the last time you were in the ghetto. is she saying you don't -- >> i was born -- i lived right near the coliseum where i was born. how dare you say that. you know nothing about me. how dare you say that.
7:47 am
>> that knowledge i have is helpful. that knowledge that i have from my background is helpful. >> bill: geraldo. >> let her try. let her try a kinder approach. maybe it will work. we certainly have -- >> bill hemmer, you know what geraldo accused me of? living a particular area that i don't understand. i have been a civil rights attorney for 30 years and fought against this for 30 years. how dare you. >> i love you. >> guys, we started out in a moment of peace. that moment is fleeting. we'll try again next week. thank you, leo and geraldo. >> maybe. thank you. >> dana: president biden looking to spend tens of billions to give americans access to high speed internet. we look at the pros and cons of the plan. here is harris faulkner with a preview of what's coming up on "the faulkner focus".
7:48 am
>> harris: president biden is presiding over child abuse, some very strong words those are from texas governor abbott. he is also talking about what he says is evidence of the conditions at a child migrant facility in texas. and many say it is way past time for vice president kamala harris to go to the border. arizona's attorney general has invited her. i will talk with him when he joins me about that and the exploding border crisis. "the faulkner focus" in minutes. oh... what? i'm an emu! no, buddy! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty. ♪
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when it comes to autism, finding the right words can be tough. finding understanding doesn't have to be. together, we can create a kinder, more inclusive world for the millions of people on the autism spectrum. go to
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important news for veteran homeowners. introducing refiplus from newday usa. refiplus lets you refinance at near record lows plus get cash. with home values climbing, now is the smartest time ever to turn your home's increased value into an average of $50,000 cash. refiplus. it's new, it's only for veterans, and it's only from newday usa. >> wild story out of florida a 10 foot long alligator under a car. they captured the animal and took him to an alligator farm. it's that time of year meaning mating season and gators are more active and become more visible in the spring and summer months. have i got a story for you.
7:54 am
out in the parking lot. >> dana: what if they didn't see it and you walk by it and you got -- you know? they have a strong -- also an alligator farm does not sound like something -- not like a petting zoo. >> bill: i would be okay seeing a gator but not a python out of the everglades. that would run from the hills. snakes. >> dana: i would run in a zigzag so they can't catch you. keep that in mind. >> president biden: make sure every single -- every single american has access to high-quality, affordable high-speed internet. we'll drive down the costs who have service now and make it easier for families to get it now. >> dana: setting his sights on the internet looking to shell out $100 billion on the nation's broadband network part
7:55 am
of the spending bill and could pave the way for more federal regulation. i understand the goal of wanting everyone to have high speed internet access, a laudable goal and we've seen why. weren't companies and the government already doing that on that way? >> absolutely right, dana. the fcc alone already has in the pipeline almost $40 billion to help close that digital divide and insure americans have access to the internet that serves that needs before any of this $100 billion plan that the president has proposed even comes to the table. so that's part of the concern that many have. there are already programs to attack this problem. the plan itself suggests they want to overbuild private networks with public funds and have agreements own, operate or micromanage how the networks will be constructed and operate. the issue many people have. >> dana: how is the government going to drive down the price of your internet?
7:56 am
>> that's one of the more disturbing aspects of the plans. it sounds appealing to many to say the government will insure that there will be price regulations so it is more affordable. the problem with that, it's a poison pill for private companies looking to invest. if the government says we'll limit what your rates are and micromanage how you operate your networks very few companies will raise the capital, hire and build the next generation infrastructure. that has already been a red line in the country and one for good reason we've never crossed. >> dana: what about the stifling of innovation? i remember growing up on the ranch because they wasn't a cable hookup there. what about high speed internet service and innovation? are we making strides to do this. with the government attempting to get involved would it stifle any of that? >> absolutely. some people including those who seem to like this plan seem to suggest that the internet is
7:57 am
nothing different from the water company or the electric company. but to me this is a very dynamic industry. look over the past four years alone we encouraged companies like spacex and one web to launch satellites in face and connectivity and electric utilities to get into the business. this is a rapidly changing and improving marketplace. the last thing we want to do is have a government put a thumb on the scale in favor of more utility-style regulations that will stifle innovation and hurt consumers in the end. >> dana: you served under president trump. is broadband access actually a partisan issue? seems like there is a very different approach to dealing with this. >> i don't think it is. i had the chance to travel to 49 states and many consumers i met with didn't care about broadband as republican or democratic issue but american issue. telework and precision
7:58 am
agriculture and all those kinds of things. the context of the current debate let's focus on where the price is. using market forces as opposed to government knows best type approaches. that's the best way to advance the ball for all americans regardless of party. >> dana: president biden is fond of saying china is eating our lunch on a variety of things. does it include broadband? >> it does not thanks in part of the 5g fast plan that i introduced. america is leading the world in wireless innovation and fixed broadband networks. fiber deployment reach records in 2018 and 2019 because of the market-based regulatory approach. those reforms have put us in a position to lead. it is now up to the next administration to decide do we want the government to pick winners and losers or do we want to continue the successful approach over the last four years? i now which route i prefer and millions of americans would prefer that as well. >> dana: good to see you. thanks for coming on the show. >> bill: okay.
7:59 am
so we talked to the astronaut, right, last hour and talked to him about mars. >> dana: the rainbow that wasn't a rainbow. >> bill: i've always been impressed with the images. they tried to drag you a little bit. >> dana: i'm impressed. >> bill: now we have this. nasa's perseverance mars rover took a selfie. got it? and to the left there that's a little helicopter they will try to fly on mars. once it gets elevated it will take more pictures. >> dana: >> dana: you can make fun of me. doesn't it look like when you fly over the united states and look below and there is a farm and farm. maybe there was farming on mars? >> bill: you would need water for that, dana. >> dana: if you had water you could get a rainbow but apparently it was not a rainbow. i am impressed, believe me. >> bill: we did this.
8:00 am
we -- >> dana: looks like we. >> bill: friday is a day away. can't wait for that. we love thursday. >> dana: thursdays are great days. harris faulkner is up next. >> harris: the white house is getting called out on shocking allegations of child sex abuse at a migrant center inigation. i'm harris faulkner and you are in the "the faulkner focus". governor abbott says the white house has to close a san antonio facility. abbott says he is receiving tips that migrant children were sexually assaulted there and insufficient food amid other allegations of abuse. governor abbott says president biden's policies are fueling this horror.


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