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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  April 8, 2021 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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>> like many americans she's next. she is allowed to do that. lawrence: plus. [screaming] jillian: this is incredible. the reunion years in the making. the awesome moment two military friends resurrected has the country rallying behind them. "fox and friends first" continues right now. ♪♪ lawrence: you are watching "fox and friends first" on thursday morning. jillian: i think i can without knowing them confirm those two had a good time when they had their reunion.
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lawrence: i remember being like that. we do have a lot of news to get to. heartbreak at the border, new images show two young siblings abandoned and rescued by border patrol. lawrence: greg abbott calls for a migrant child facility to close amid allegations of abuse. griff jenkins joins us for more of this. >> reporter: from texas to california the border is on fire with daily reminders of smugglers as toddlers in san diego sector, 6-year-old boy, 5-year-old girl rescued alone, crying their mother's name and number written on their arms, the same sector hours later they arrested undocumented ms 13 gang member. arizona smugglers are using
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groups of children to overwhelm border patrol agents antifur resources from groups of single adults and in texas in the rio grande valley sector, single day record for of border apprehensions in a 24-hour period 335% increase from last year as the number of unaccompanied children in dhs care and custody exceeding 20,000 with one of the shelters under investigation after complaints of sexual abuse, texas governor greg abbott calling for it to be shutdown. >> the biden administration is presiding over the abuse of children. to end this abuse the biden administration must immediately shut down this facility. >> in washington more than two weeks after vice president harris tackled the migrant crisis, this map shows her travel has no trips to the border drawing criticism for chicago photo op but at the white house jen psaki defending her.
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>> the vice president was visiting chicago to talk about covid and the importance of communities getting the vaccine, when it is available and accessible to them. while she was there like many americans she got a snack. i think she's allowed to do that. >> the administrating getting high marks from nancy pelosi. >> the fact is we are on a good path at the border under the leadership of joe biden, president biden. we were in a very bad situation into the trump administration. >> yesterday vice president harris tweeted that she spoke about root causes of migration and a lot of mayorkas will travel to el paso and mcallen to be briefed by officials. it is his third trip to the border. lawrence: thanks so much. >> texas lieutenant governor dan patrick has strong words for the president and vice president if they don't act to control the border. take a listen.
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>> you are seeing these children brought to this country, we have no idea where to send them, what to do with them. they need to go back to the trump policies because if any children die the blood is on the hands of the president and the vice president because they are allowing this to happen by turning their back on the border. >> congressman tom mcclintock was just at the border and joined us later this hour on the biggest security threats with the migrant surge. >> fox news alert. 7 people hurt, two critically, a massive explosion at an ohio paint factory overnight, a user capturing this footage of the plant. crews searching for potential victims. the area around the paint factory was evacuated over concerns of dangerous materials. jillian: president biden will announce several measures on gun control including creating a model for laws and ghost guns
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which allow people to build their own guns. the president is expected to nominate gun control advocate david shipman as director of the atf. the nra is responding saying the actions require law-abiding citizens to surrender lawful property in the organization is, quote, ready to fight. a report exclusively obtained by fox news shows the cuomo administration tracks do your nursing home covid 19 death despite official claims the true totals couldn't be verified. lawrence: jackie ibanez joins us with more on that report that is raising new questions. >> reporter: lots of questions. fox news is obtaining the permit of health document requiring nursing homes as of april 19th of last year to record and submit the number of residents who died of covid 19 each day in their facilities. despite that request state
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officials claim the deaths could not be verified and thousands were later excluded from the report on the state's nursing home as the governor distances himself from allegations of a the ideals for covid testing including his own brother chris cuomo. >> i was not involved in the testing program at that level. people i would meet with, i was aware they were being tested. >> reporter: one of her accusers detailing allegations of being groped at the governor's mansion. in an interview with the albany times union the uninformed cuomo staffer claiming she was requested by name and when she arrived the governor slammed the door and began touching her saying, quote, it was almost like i felt like a piece of garbage to him. i felt degraded. cuomo's attorney saying cuomo has repeatedly made clear that he never made inappropriate advances or inappropriately touched anybody.
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she added the new york attorney general is reviewing the allegations along with others against the governor. the governor continues to have calls to resign, reports of andrew giuliani may be considering a gubernatorial run. congressman lee zelda and is considered a contender as well. he will join "fox and friends" at the 7:00 hour. lawrence: donald trump is gone from twitter but the national archive working to make them publicly available once again. the agency announcing all tweets that were blocked are being independently preserved in the presidential records. twitter says it is complying with those efforts. jillian: the mlb commissioner decided to move the all-star game out of atlanta, sources telling fox news stacy abrams and river now sharpton were involved in those talks and
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players will boycott the game if it isn't moved. sources say mlb commissioner robert manfred decided the best way to deal with the matter was to leave georgia. the game will be held in denver. in just hours the masters will be teeing off, the first black man to compete at a gusto will start the ceremonial drive. the 86-year-old legend returning as an honorary star. lawrence: fred couples donates his driver used in the 1992 race, the tradition dates back to the tournament in 1934. jillian: i'm 10 years older than you. todd: of you don't look at, your fine. 8 minutes after the hour, first it was two terror suspects arrested, ms 13 gang member caught at the border. our next guest says gangs are quick to take advantage of the lax border policies.
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>> reporter: there was a recent arrest of the 20-year-old gentleman who crossed the border, allegedly ms 13 gang member. a lot of these gang members are going without tattoos. it is difficult to distinguish who was a gang member, who was in prison and you haven't. todd: lawrence: the terror watch list in the border, they stopped a member of the daily ms 13 gang
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from sneaking into the us. jillian: our next guest says it is not the one to get caught we should worry about the criminals who are able to get through. the center for immigration studies joins us live with things that need to be done right now to stop them. you have a person to talk to about this. you documented hundreds of arrests of ms 13 crimes over the last two years, a lot of those victims are children. you are experiencing what needs to happen. >> we need to crack down at the border again. reinstate the trump policies that were very successful in getting control of the situation. under trump the arrests of gang members were down 60% so and forcing our border works. the various things he did.
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we know ms 13 exploits policies at the border to get their recruits in. we also need to step up immigration enforcement in the interior to remove these illegal alien gang members. in texas something like 90% of the ms 13 members they arrested over appear go of years were in the country illegally, the trump administration removed 5000 ms 13 members. the fact that they are here illegally makes them vulnerable to law enforcement. we can simply remove them if we are enforcing immigration laws but i am worried the biden administration priorities are making that impossible for ice to do because they are forcing them to focus only on the most egregious cases not these unaccompanied minors that are surging across the border. we also know unfortunately that ms 13 is recruiting even within
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those chaotic border patrol holding facilities to get people to participate in the gang. it is a ticking time bomb for public safety. lawrence: i want to shift gears with you. the texas governor is sending the texas rangers to investigate claims of sexual assault of these children in migrant facilities, blaming the biden administration for this. any insight on this? >> this is very concerning but this is what happens when you bring on a crisis with a change in policy without listening to the experts who are telling you what is going to happen and what you need to do. the biden administration wasn't prepared and in denial this crisis would happen so they didn't have the tried and true response to it, the facilities
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to house the surge of people, they resorted to hiring cronies to run these facilities and they are not equipped to deal with the flood of people that is now coming. we can blame the biden administration, it is a problem they brought on but the victims hear our kids and that makes it more difficult to deal with and it should be investigated and the solution is to change the policy so we stop the influx, not sweep it under the rug as i expect they will try to do. jillian: these allegations at the san antonio facility. to reiterate the number of unaccompanied migrant children in federal custody, 20,000 at this point according to dhs. i want your opinion on this. a border agent in arizona who wanted to remain in named says
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he witness smugglers large in large groups of unaccompanied children to diverge resources away from smaller groups of single adults and this is something he told fox news. here's what the former acting cbd commissioner said, quote, border patrol agents are distracted providing humanitarian care, drugs and chameleons are pouring through wide open, unmonitored unsecured areas. your opinion on that? >> the classic method we have seen over the last few years. they send families and kids across in one place and drugs and the people who don't want to because in other places while the border patrol is thoroughly distracted dealing with the kids. border patrol sources say there may be 100,000 so-called got aways they know got past border
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patrol while they were distracted, those are the people who don't want to because, criminals, people who have been deported, drug traffickers, gang members and so on, those are the ones who cause the most problems in the community, that is a problem for border patrol, they can't get the situation under control. lawrence: thanks, jessica. jillian: apple ceo suggests people vote on their iphone but as you can imagine not everyone is on board. lawrence: once election election official call the idea preposterous. when heartburn takes you by surprise. fight back fast, with new tums naturals.
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people need this symbol. where do we start? find the best in entertainment all in one place, with disney plus now on xfinity! a way better way to watch. jillian: use your iphone to vote is the new proposal from apple
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but the idea doesn't sit well with everyone. lawrence: big tech crackdowns. >> reporter: apple ceo tim cook wants americans to be able to vote on their iphones but ohio's secretary of state is slamming the idea. >> voting on phones, is that what you are talking about? >> that is where we live, we have data on phones, more information about our houses. >> in an exclusive interview with fox news calling the idea preposterous. in elections you have to have confidence and warning the trying something untested like voting on iphones will have loss of confidence. this comes as the indiana
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attorney general told me he is investigating big tech companies like apple, amazon, facebook, google and twitter. probing their methods and limiting conservative content. the company did not respond to fox news's request for comment, but he pointed to the investigation in indiana saying it is evident that there is a bias by some tech companies towards the left and asked, quote, why would you want to allow the same individuals to have control over the process of elections? cook says he thinks the us may be having the wrong conversations about voting rights, officials should be focusing on ways to use new technology in the process. lawrence: thanks. jillian: san francisco highschooler stunned the board of education during the zoom meeting. watch this. >> i am here to honestly ask the board of education to pull it together. this feels like a runaway train.
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it is falling apart. jillian: calling on the boards get their act together amid infighting over renaming 44 schools which the board said were linked to racism was the education board voted to suspend its renaming plan. students and parents, retired navy seal joined us in the last hour with some advice for staying motivated. >> they need to strive toward something. the way to go about this is not to impose your goal on them. let them figure out which goal they want, what do they want to get better at? than come up with key paths and daily disciplines to execute and it will be a lot more powerful than you imposing a goal upon them. >> we need that coming out of
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this pandemic. to say put together. and it shows the frustration, good for her for being so he was born in 1992. lawrence: still ahead gun-control, president biden's plan to take on the executive action. jillian: free beer but there is a catch. download the super 6 apps and pay for a chance to win 10,$000, 6 outcomes in the super 6 quiz show, from entertainment to sports. download the super 6 apps now. r, makes it brilliant.
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>> and and this could unite the republican party for the wheezy and a congressman, david mcintosh. so let's just start with the guy he is nominating to run atf. will that unite the republican party, anti-gun. >> he very much is in that is what they are bragging about with the nomination you will see 50 republican senators oppose the nomination and will unite them. this is a continued pattern joe biden has had refusing to work with republicans to push his
2:30 am
hard left agenda. >> the doj to propose a rule to help stop the proliferation of ghost guns, they plan on establishing these red flag laws. this is what republicans been warning for years the left would do. what will the response be from republicans. >> we need to see republicans oppose this on capitol hill and support efforts by the states to push back and say we will not enforce these executive orders to pass laws without congress. it will unite republicans around the principle of the second amendment. lawrence: something a lot of republicans are concerned about is the mental health aspect.
2:31 am
if you get the assistance they can flag you you are put on a list. what are your thoughts on that? >> it would be terrible. we need to encourage people to get help for mental health and not be afraid suddenly their rights will be taken away from them. it is a way of discriminating against people who might have different problems they have to deal with. it is a dangerous precedent. clearly people who are severely mentally in capacity can be identified and measures can be taken. automatically list people on some red flag list is terrible. lawrence: all of these people, indications and laws in place for that but a lot of people -- i want to pivot to this. we haven't heard a lot from the former vice president but he's
2:32 am
launching policy and advocacy organization on pro-freedom policies of the last four years and you are he part of it. tell us about this. >> i'm one of the advisory committee numbers for the vice president's group and it is a tremendous project that will defend all of the great things that happened for freedom in the trump administration and start to oppose incursions on freedom by joe biden. the group i run, 100% for freedom especially economic freedom and i'm glad to see the vice president out there leading for that cause. lawrence: your close to the former vice president. is their potential run? >> focusing on promoting these values the american people believe in but a lot of people are speculating this, deciding to run if donald trump doesn't run again and i think you will see a lot of positive reception
2:33 am
to that and other people being talked about and that is good for the republican party. lawrence: is he talking with the former president? there was a rocky end. >> i believe the two of them are still talking, consider each other friends and the polling we do shows republican voters view the vice president very much as a loyal trump supporter. lawrence: appreciate it. lawrence: we have some weather. what is going on? jillian: i request another warm sunny day, thank you. >> if jillian asked for and we will have it. let's talk about the forecast on the eastern side of the country,
2:34 am
the way it is set up the way it is, in the middle of the country a cold front, colder air behind it. anytime we talk about spring warm air, cooler running into each other you see that spring weather. we have it this morning lingering from yesterday evening into early morning hours. some big thunderstorms moving across the southeast will continue so we are still looking at potential for severe weather the next couple days into tomorrow but there will be a line from dallas across the southeast with slow-moving cold front continuing to linger. thunderstorms with hail, very strong wind, heavy rain and potentially tornadoes on the ground as the system saturday slowly drifts across the coast. there is a chance for severe weather this time of year, we typically have it. as you requested temperatures in new york city close to 70 degrees and a lot of that across the country, 70s towards 80 feeling like spring and even a little like summer. lawrence: i went for a run yesterday and wants to do it again today. jillian: i do not.
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lawrence: thanks, adam. jillian: to a story we continue to follow as police reveal new details in the case of a missing california mother. mia millette is a civilian navy employee who disappeared from san diego. police have interviewed 47 witnesses, received 40 tips and carried out 12 search warrants. law enforcement say none of those leads gave substantial clues. her relatives are expected to meet with investigators. >> made the announcement and a virtual meeting with military family saying part of this would be unemployment and entrepreneurship. the program will work with employers to create more flexible job opportunities for military spouses. education and health will be a top topic. we support that. jillian: the best story of the day, reunion of two military
2:36 am
best friends is lighting up the internet. jillian: master sergeant jesse crockett surprising his buddy john taylor after 3 years apart. they were stationed in japan. taylor retired after 22 years of service. i just love seeing that. thank you both for your service. lawrence: joe manchin throwing a wrench into the infrastructure plan, forcing a bipartisan breakthrough. [changing] jillian: patriotic show of support, by a cafeteria manager the entire school was cheering.
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renae is not an influencer, she's more of a groundbreaker. renae runs with us on a john deere 1 series tractor. because out here, you can't fake a job well done. hear renae's story at
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jillian: west virginia senator joe manchin not backing down from his opposition to the infrastructure bill. lawrence: a blowup. >> senator manchin writing an op-ed that the nation should be alarmed at how the budget reconciliation process is being used bypassing the need for republican votes and already used for the covid relief package as president biden is signaling he might be willing to negotiate on the corporate tax hike. >> willing to listen to that, wide open but we've got to pay for this but i'm willing to
2:41 am
negotiate. the best most rational way, the fairest way to pay for it. jillian: republicans argue infrastructure is only a fraction of the $2.2 trillion package. jillian: pete buttigieg argues racism physically bills into the infrastructure. >> pete buttigieg discussing the infrastructure package in interview that he did. there is racism, and and communities of color poor infrastructure. and >> how do i get free beer. >> it is actually lunch time.
2:42 am
so sam adams offering free beer to the first 10,000 people who provide proof they have been vaccinated to coincide with national beer day, call your cousin from boston gets back to it. >> end your beers. >> reporter: all you have to do is show proof on twitter, instagram, that you have been vaccinated, you get $7 cash if you want to buy yourself a cold one. if you put proof of your vaccine on social media, don't put up the vaccine hard because a lot of them have your birthdate on it. that invites your identity be to stolen.
2:43 am
be smart. >> i want to be like jillian. lawrence: congressman john mcclintock joins us live. jillian: coming up on "fox and friends," good morning. >> there is my birthday right there. my name is brewski. good morning to you lawrence and jillian. house minority whip steve scalise leading a delegation at the border later today, he joins us with what he expects to learn and changes from the biden administration and new york congressman leaves old has been a fierce critic of cuomo and others in new york state and he will join us with an exclusive announcement you are not going
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to want to miss and our leader king speaks out against religious leaders joining the boycott in georgia. wrestlemania, back to the stands, here with the preview. speaking of previews, and and that is what you don't want to miss. lawrence and jillian back, flash. (noise of fridge opening) guy fieri! ya know, if you wanna make that sandwich the real deal, ya gotta focus on the bread layers. king's hawaiian sliced bread makes everything better!
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>> republicans want to border
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security briefing on the yemeni terrace suspect stopped at the border as the white house downplays their arrest. congressman, thank you for being here. i'm curious what stuck out to you from your visit. >> the fact we are beyond any discussion whether this is a border crisis. we watched hundreds and hundreds of illegal aliens illegally crossing the border crossing to the border patrol, those under 18 are automatically admitted, taking cvp facilities to hhs and then hhs gives them a ticket where they want to go, we are seeing with families under 7 the same thing, the basic biometric information and the numbers we
2:49 am
are seeing are absolutely staggering. the week of the election last year there were only 100 family units illegally crossing the border by inauguration day that number increased to 1100. that will give you some idea the order of magnitude. the border patrol has 100,000 encounters in february, 170,000 in march, 170,000, population of sale or exemption and that doesn't include, 170,000 got aways, smuggling drugs, doing human trafficking.
2:50 am
jillian: that number 170,000 is the entire population of cedar rapids, iowa. it puts it in perspective. meantime -- >> mass migration of historic proportion. i don't know if any civilization in history that has survived that. jillian: this press release detailing the arrest of these two yemeni illegal immigrants identified as being on a terror watch list. let's pull up this quote from cvp that says the news release was not properly reviewed and contained certain disclosure and policy information related to national security that required cvp to remove it from the website. what is your opinion on the situation. most people watching would say i deserve to know about these arrests. >> the biden administration has been suppressing any information
2:51 am
coming out of the crisis they created by abandoning donald trump's policies, we had control of the border in january and completely lost it now and bad things start to happen. jillian: let's talk about your state of california and what is going on because they continue to ignore the success of republican states, everyone is dealing with covid in the last year but california wants to keep in place these restrictions until june 16th. if you compare that to texas doing record low numbers after listing some restrictions, a lot of people are having a hard time why california has been so locked down. study after study. >> stanford university, oxford university, university of denmark lockdowns did not work. no statistical difference between the jurisdictions of the lockdown and those that are state owned but not only failed to save lives the cost lives, increased suicides and alcohol-related deaths, the
2:52 am
third health screenings, all these things that up to significant mortality rate caused by the lockdowns and yet the more people like newsom invest in their mistakes the less willing they are to admit them. this is got to stop. it is completely insane and not helping, it is hurting. jillian: thank you for joining us this morning, we appreciate it. coming up next, beverly holberg joins us on the vice president's absence at the border. so i only pay for what i need. 'cause i do things a little differently. hey, i'll take one, please! wait, this isn't a hot-dog stand? no, can't you see the sign? wet. teddy. bears. get ya' wet teddy bears! one-hundred percent wet, guaranteed! or the next one is on me! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ .
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>> i would say the vice president was visiting chicago, actually, to talk about covid and the importance of communities getting the vaccine when it's available and accessible to them and so while she was there, like many americans, she got a snack. i think she is allowed to do it. >> lawrence: the white house is defending vice president kamala harris photo op. at a chicago bakery on tuesday when asked yet again when the vp plans to visit the border. joining me now to discuss is independent women's forum beverly hallberg. bev, thanks so much for joining the show. getting a snack? in the middle of a crisis? >> yeah. look. i like a knack just like everybody else. but the reality is when you have the vice president who wherever she goes of course the media are going to following you and supposed to focus on mainly issues code being one of them. it does matter what she does. for this vice president to also visited a border state this past week, she went to her home state
2:57 am
of california and didn't once make the trip to the border when she is in charge of diplomatic efforts with may congratulation, it basically says to not only americans but the rest of the world that we have an open border and anybody who wants to come in can and, therefore, further incentivizes parents that send their children here and compounds the humanitarian crisis we have on the border. what she does matters and the fact that we haven't had the v.p. or even the president on the border shows that they are not taking this very seriously. >> lawrence: let's throw up this map of where she has been. she has been to new haven, washington, d.c., brentwood, california, oakland, chicago. she is having a good old time. i love to travel like anybody else. shouldn't she be going to some of the border states talking to the people that are being impacted by this? >> absolutely. she should have the eyes and ears of the administration on the ground there. and just to put this into perspective, the latest government data says that we now have, get this, 20,000 unaccompanied migrant children
2:58 am
in u.s. custody, border facilities cannot contain all the children that are there, so that's why we have convention centers in four cities that are holding children. also military sites in other venues to handle this overflow. so for the president and vice president to continue to still call this merely a challenge and not a crisis, i think underscores what we know about left a leaning media is that left-leaning media is largely letting them get away with this and not covering this as they should. and, of course, not covering it nearly impartially as they covered the trump administration on the border. i think that they think that the biden administration thinks that the media is going to continue to give them cover and if the vice president does go to the border, it will become a story because the press does follow her, as they should, and they would then interview her and do a story on it. i think they are trying to avoid it all together. >> lawrence: they are big fans. i want to get your reaction toward this tweet from her office if we could throw that up on the screen.
2:59 am
she is at her desk in d.c. they kind of changed the role a little bit after giving her a job. shouldn't she be where these central american, you know, countries are talking with the leaders there to get something negotiated? >> yeah. you had the head of department of homeland security going down and meeting with some of the leaders of some of the countries down there. but vice president -- excuse me, vice president harris did not go down. she has had a phone call with the president of mexico and president of guatemala but has not done a face to face. again, she is the one tapped with this diplomatic effort to figure out the root of the cause. they keep calling it giving her cover she doesn't need to go to the border because she is not focused on the border. she is focused on the root problem. yet, they are not getting to the root problem. we do know what worked, some of the policies under the trump administration. yet, they continue to push against utilizing any of those. >> lawrence: bev, you can't do this over zoom call.
3:00 am
we need her there talking with these folks. thank you so much for joining us. >> thanks, lawrence. >> lawrence: jillian? jillian: you tossed it to me like there walls more it's over. only five seconds left. >> lawrence: one more day. jillian: "fox & friends" start right now. ♪ >> lawrence: the texas governor calls the shutdown a migrant facility amid child sex abuse allegations. >> the biden administration is now presiding over the abuse of children. >> many critics of president biden's border policy is asking where is vice president haste? >> i'm wondering, is she still working on this? ?it's absolutely an issue she hs a lead on. i have no idea when she'll travel. i'm sure it will be soon. >> bill would raise the corporate tax rate from 21% to 28%. >> it's not fair to the rest of the american taxpayers. >> your taxes are going up, big time. >> the masters will go on in georgia despite baseball's decision to yank the all-star


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