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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  April 8, 2021 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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today. >> remember me? tall, good-looking, blonde hair, blue eyes, button nose. >> long time no see. >> what a great sense of humor. brian kilmeade in from laura ingraham. april 8th, abandoned at the border, new heartbreaking photos show young siblings rescued by border agents as the texas governor calls the shutdown of a migrant facility child sex abuse allegation, we are live in dc with a gutwrenching update. >> one of andrew cuomo's accuses opens up claiming he groped her in the governor's mentioned. why she believes for months before it happened. lawrence: a texas man goes from
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california's disneyland to orlando disney world. "fox and friends first" starts right now. ♪♪ jillian: one time you will catch me running is when i am being chased. a long run. lawrence: so long since i have been to disney world. growing up, it is the most magical place. >> i learned yesterday - >> you only live once. on that note good morning, you are watching "fox and friends first" on thursday morning. lawrence: we begin with heartbreak at the border, new images show two young siblings abandoned. >> texas governor greg abbott calls for child migrant facility in san antonio to close amid
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allegations of abuse. griff jenkins joins us from washington with more and some of what we are hearing is really disturbing. >> it sure is. unconscionable is how border patrol sector chief described the scene in the photos you saw, agents rescuing two toddlers found alone, crying, their mother's name and phone number one on their arms. in your daily example of the smugglers brutality. this as a number of unaccompanied children exceeds 20,000, one of the shoulders housing them under investigation as you mentioned, complaints of sexual abuse at the coliseum in san antonio, texas governor greg abbott calling for the federal government to shut it down. >> reporter: the biden administration is preserving over the abuse of children, to end this abuse the biden
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administration must immediately shutdown this facility. >> the san antonio secretary of the rgb just below it, the number of apprehensions, a record in a single day. more than 3000 in a 24-hour period, 335% increase from last year. more than two out, tackling the migrant crisis, the triangle countries traveling here shows no trips to the southern border and handling pressure for chicago photo op where jen psaki was defending. >> i would say the vice president was visiting chicago to talk about covid and the importance of communities getting the vaccine when it is available and accessible to them so while she was there like many americans she got sick. she is allowed to do that. >> the vice president tweeting this. i spoke with president of mexico to thank him for his cooperation on migration issues.
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i look forward to working with him, improving conditions for people in the region including southern mexico. today dhs secretary alejandro mayorkas will travel to el paso and mccallum, his third trip to the border since taking office at one thing he will begin with our those numbers, something they had never seen before. we will hear about border patrol officials arresting a known ms 13 gained member. >> when the vice president is going to make her way to the border, thank you. >> on that note you just mentioned congressman jim jordan think there's one key reason the president and vice president won't visit the border, listen to what he had to say. >> under covid-19 protocol you are supposed to have 33 we saw yesterday, they had 527 children. this is a crisis, this chaos.
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i am convinced the reason the president hasn't come down here in the vice president hasn't come down here, the reason they won't let the pressing these facilities is they are afraid the american people will find out what is going on. >> congressman thomas can talk was just at the border and he will join us live in the next hour on the biggest security threats with the migrant surge. lawrence: at least 17 art, two critically following a massive explosion at an ohio paint factory overnight. they are capturing footage, searching for potential victims. the area around the paint factory was evacuated over concerns of dangerous interiors. >> president biden is expect to announce several measures on gun control including creating a model for red flag laws and
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restricting groups of gun circuits that allow people to build their own guns, the president is also expected to nominate gun control advocate david shipman is director of the atf. the nra responding to the president's gun-control initiative saying the actions could require law-abiding citizens to surrender lawful property and the organization is, quote, ready to fight. a report exclusively obtained by fox news shows the cuomo administration tracked new york nursing home covid-19 depth despite officials claiming the true totals couldn't be verified. >> jackie ibanez joins us with more on the report that is raising new questions. >> fox news obtaining a document requiring nursing homes to record and submit the number of residents who died of covid 19 hd and ever so easily state officials previously claimed the desk could not be verified and thousands were later excluded from the july report on covid in
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the state's nursing homes. this as the governor distances himself from allegations of a vip list of covid testing including his brother prince cuomo. >> i was not involved in the testing program to that intimate level. people who i wouldn't meet with, i was where they were being tested. >> one of his accusers detailing her allegations of being groped of the governor's mentioned in interview with the albany times union the unnamed former quote most ever claiming she was requested by name and when she arrived the governor slammed the door and began touching her saying, quote, it was almost like i felt like a piece of garbage to him. i felt the greater. corpse attorney responding cuomo has repeatedly made clear he never made inappropriate advances or inappropriately touched anybody. she had the new york attorney general is currently reviewing
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the allegations along with others against the governor. the governor continues to face calls to resign. andrew giuliani, rudy giuliani's son is considering a gubernatorial one, condoleezza weldon is also a contender. he will join "fox and friends" at 7:00 am eastern. back to you guys lawrence: allegations continue. falling capital officer billy evans to a funeral home. the 18 year department veteran killed last week when a man rammed his car into officers who were guarding a capital. the suspect no a green was shot and killed by police. green was a supporter of the nation of islam. the group leader louis farrakhan warning green's death and statements a and part, quote, he would have been a star in the mission of resurrection of our people. we need to know what happened to our brother.
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and argument emerged in court during for minneapolis police officer derek shown at trial, the defense team and prosecutors disagree over what exactly george floyd yelled during his struggle with police last may, look at this. >> didn't appear mister floyd said i it too many drugs? >> having heard it in context were you able to tell what mister floyd is saying? >> he said i ain't doing no drugs. >> forensic scientist testify about a pill found in back of the squad car. the dna matched floyd's. tablets containing methamphetamine infantile were found in floyd's suv. he tested positive for fentanyl after his death. >> a mass vaccination citing colorado being put on hold after 11 people have adverse reaction to the johnson & johnson shop. medical staff said symptoms include nausea and dizziness. the site is located at the dick at sporting goods parking commerce city. hundreds of patients were sent home, there appointments are expected to be rescheduled.
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>> breakout the tissues. an emotional reunion for two military best friends is lighting up the internet. ♪♪ shannon: master sergeant justin crockett surprising his buddy john taylor after 3 years apart. they met while stationed in japan. taylor retired after 22 years of service. crockett remains on active-duty and thank you both for your service and that reunion was awesome. >> got to love that. it is 10 minutes after the air. when california counties putting their leaders on notice after keeping covid lockdowns in place. >> for ourselves and our future generations all in favor of a recall say aye. >> the one pushing a massive recall ever in her community joins us next. >> grandpa gator.
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the surprising place with a pencil grip tail was hiding. ♪♪
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for ourselves and our future generations all in favor of a recall say i. lawrence: that was melissa mcewan reading a passionate recall ever in california for 3 supervisors. local residents were frustrated over support for gavin newsom and ongoing covid 19 restrictions. the calls for recall, revival of citizenship joins me now. thank you so much. tell me a little bit about why you guys are leading this effort
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to get rid of the supervisors. >> thanks for having me. one of the major reasons is the covid restrictions did bring this to light for us but what it will feels was our county government had become unrepresentative and unaccountable that a local level so we decided to operate within our sphere of influence at the county with the county board of supervisors. lawrence: crazy things happening. let's talk about the restrictions, two weeks to slow the spread and now over a year, indoor capacity capped at 25%, movie theaters, indoor gym still capped at 10%, schools can reopen in person but the county used in the red for two weeks. tell me about how residents are feeling that you can't get a
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decent meal, the health is out of control because people can't go to the gym. what is the on the ground experience? >> the citizens are fed up from. from the beginning in march and april of 2020 we said we are not los angeles, we are not san francisco, we are northern california. we deserve a tailored health plan for our county and we haven't received that. everything has been done in this centralized sacramento overly bureaucratic government and they are dictating what our county is doing. it is an appropriate for our county and the problem is the county board of supervisors has allowed that to happen. they haven't protected us and this overreach by state government. >> these kids are not in school yet and it seems like they are putting the interests of the teachers union over the kids.
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>> what we see is it is inequitable across the board. there is no clear guidance for our schools. some kids have been in school 5 days a week with masks and others have been in school and out of school for the past year. it is inequitable on every level. >> the kids and for mental health aspects of this going out of control, talking about it two weeks ago. we reached out to the shasta county board of supervisors for comment and they still have not responded to us but we will continue to follow the story, thanks for joining the program. >> thanks for having me. >> depression and anxiety in children intensifies one year into the pandemic. are there and retired navy seal has advice on staying active and divided. he joins us live next.
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>> new threat the covid 19 pandemic:00 counseling grandkids learning from the computer, depression and anxiety spiking. a new poll says half of parents are seeing signs of declining mental health in their teens. joining me with tips to stay motivated retired navy steel and
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arthur, good to see you, thanks for being here. this is a real problem. you have parents all across the country noticing differences in their kids and if you look at this poll 75% report high stress level, 67% sleeping less, 61% of people experience weight gain, 23% drinking more alcohol, that amid americans as a whole but specifically you talk about kids. what would you say to parents to do to help them because a lot are struggling? >> one thing we are seeing is kids are caught in an echo chamber where they are caught in their own head because they're not interacting with other people. we want to do what we can to have them interact with other people and we have to do that virtually sometimes and also get them communicating to other people including ourselves so let's try to break that and establish some kind of a routine. if we just let kids do whatever
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they want and they are trying to sleep later and play video games and getting into that cycle where they have no routine that is negative as well so got to get them in some kind of positive routine. >> that is fair and once you start developing some of these poor habits staying in bed longer, eating foods that aren't as nutritious for you then it is harder sometimes to snap yourself out of that. you have tips for staying successful during the pandemic including being prepared and writing things down, what you have to get done, why is this so important? >> one thing we need to be careful with, kansas like adults need some kind of a goal, they need to strive toward something but don't think the way to go about this is to impose your goal on them. let them figure out what goal they want, let them pick their own goal. what do they want to get better at, what do they want to achieve and then come up with some tasks and disciplines they can execute the move them towards that but
1:24 am
if it comes with from them it will be more powerful than you imposing a goal upon them. >> make a schedule, make necessary adjustments, use extra time to focus on developing or strengthening a skill. i want to use your background and get your opinion on the situation, the crisis at the border we've been following for quite some time for retired navy seal, you have putting countless hours, you know what it is like to work and keep working and not get sleep and be burned out. when we look at what our border patrol agents are up against what do you think about it? >> it is a really hard job and everybody knows because it is dangerous first of all with people that are coming across the border some of them are actual terrorists, desperate criminals and some of them are just people that are trying to find a better life and you have to figure out who is who and you
1:25 am
are under that kind of stress and pressure all the time and like you said there is lack of sleep and massive influx of people coming so as a leader what we have to do is number one give them the tools so they can get the job done, that means given the people they need, the equipment that they need and the regulations and authorizations needed for them to actually get the job done and most important the moral support, you have people out there taking risks to do their job. let's make sure they know their risks are worth it and it is appreciated by leadership and the american people. shannon: talk about the leadership, you are former commander navy seal team 6, you understand what it is to be in a leadership role, only a few people on this planet know what that is like but the fact the president and vice president haven't been found there yet do you think from the leadership
1:26 am
perspective more should be done? >> certainly. anytime you have a crisis acting from a leadership perspective or some kind of crisis happening you get eyes on, get on the ground and see what is going on so you can establish what is happening and get some corrective measures and get things on the right course. jillian: i know you have a book out, discipline equals freedom, the way of the warrior, appreciate your time and great advice for parents, thanks for joining us. >> thanks for having me. lawrence: new york's new budget includes a budget for illegal immigrants more than double the money for small businesses. one owner says restaurants like his are the backbone of the city and they are being left out to dry, that is next. plus a man that ran from disneyland to disney world. what inspired this next.
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advanced gum restore from crest. the #1 toothpaste brand in america. jillian: back with more on the border crisis at heartbreaking images that show two thomas, a 6-year-old boy at a 5-year met girl after they were arrested by border agents in california found alone crying. the shelter housing migrant children in san diego under investigation after complaints of sexual abuse. texas governor greg abbott calling for action. >> the biden administration presiding over abuse of children. to end this abuse the biden administration must immediately shut down this facility. jillian: alejandro mayorkas will travel to texas.
1:31 am
lieutenant governor dan patrick says the biden administration is putting these kids at risk and vows to stop it. >> children are allegedly being sexually assaulted on american soil because of their total neglect of protecting the border, protecting this country and protecting these kids whether they are dropped over the fence or sexually assaulted% into the country and sex trafficking, joe biden and kamala harris have this on their hands, letting criminals go in america and putting kids at risk. it must stop now. we are investigating it and if they won't do it texas will. jillian: that's not the only threat, border patrol announced agents caught in ms 13 gang member crossing the border. lawrence: taxes in new york about to go higher than skyscrapers after the state passed a new budget.
1:32 am
the plan includes money for the struggling small businesses that build the empire state building twice, money is going to illegal immigrants. we have restaurant owners, gentlemen, thank you for joining the program you guys have been the lifeblood of this economy. hiring people, providing food for people and yet you are not getting much money. >> we are doing the best we can to keep the people of new york will fit with pizza but i am telling you it hasn't been easy but we are doing the best we can. what do you think? >> right now we are waiting for the second tpp, waiting since january and all we do is a lot
1:33 am
of red tape back and forth back and forth and we are taking care of a lot of families because we are in the hospitality business. we have to make everybody happy who comes in the restaurant. we are entertainers. we are not entertainers, we are becoming bookkeepers, accounting. it is making us, not letting us do our job. we've got to get funded, back up to track and i think we will be okay but we have to get some kind of funding here. we are not going to be able to survive. a lot of friends in the industry are all really hurting right now. we really have to do something. >> let's talk about that money, going to illegal immigrants, $1 billion in grants for small businesses versus $2.1 billion in 1-time payments to undocumented workers. >> at the very least, if they are going to give $2 billion to
1:34 am
undocumented people that is fine but $2 billion to the restaurant industry. we have suffered the most. we've had the longest lockdowns, can't stay open after 11:00 to serve the public. it has been difficult especially in new york city. other parts of the state can be open, business as usual. in new york very hard. the crime rate is through the roof and yet we still survive, we still persevere. the state wants to be fair, $2 billion in that program, put $2 billion for small business and restaurants and that is fair. >> a lot of people share that sentiment. i've got to ask you this. there is a lot of talk about the percentage in taxes that is being paid in new york. let me have a full screen of that. what is your reaction to the amount of money you guys are
1:35 am
paying in taxes, the top rate is 51.8% in new york. and nothing to show for it in the city. >> if we are busy we get our tourists back we are earning and it is a trickle-down effect, we earn, it goes down the line but if you cut us off at the head we are not earning and there's no way we can survive and pay these taxes. totally impossible to pay these taxes, we have no money coming in. it is hard. >> every day when i'm walking the streets of new york i see one of my favorite restaurants that can no longer survive and you see the for sale sign up. if this doesn't turn around what is the next move? >> need better leadership in the city, cleaner streets and safer streets. our customers when they come here, they know they are safe. they've got to go from point a 2
1:36 am
point be and get here. let the police do their job and that is the thing we hear from everyone who comes into the pizzeria. they want to feel safe, welcomed on the streets of new york. >> seems like there has been more focused on keeping these businesses closed the government keeping the community save, needles everywhere even when you go to time square, people shooting up, i've done a lot of reporting on it, crime is out of control, shootings happening, should they be directing their energy toward that issue? >> exactly.
1:37 am
i would like to know, we are doing so much paperwork, the illegal immigrants, what paperwork do they have, the same paperwork we are doing or not? that's another thing. we have to get the police funded, we have to get the crime rate has to come down. they are not homeless people, we have a lot of mentally ill people on the streets, the difference between homeless and mentally all, we have a lot of mentally ill people and they are dangerous, you don't know what they are going to do. could be sitting there having an express when somebody comes with a box cutter and cut your neck so you really have to be careful. it is becoming very very dangerous in manhattan right now. but we are going to be okay. new york is strong. governor cuomo is a tough guy. he's not a bad governor, it is our job what he is doing, but we have to get ourselves together, fund the police, bring state troopers in. get us going again. lawrence: a lot of people give you guys credit for speaking
1:38 am
house, you have the support, thank you for being on the program today. >> thank you so much. lawrence: they are fired up. >> deputies rescuing them for year old baby, the oakland county sheriff's office says it received 9 one one calls about a distraught woman hiding in the bushes when deputies went to search for her they found a baby on the ground face down in a hypothermic state. deputies removed the child and wrapped him in a warm blanket. he was taken to the hospital where he is recovering in good condition. the philadelphia police union urging republicans to switch parties to vote against the city's dna index month's election as district attorney larry krasner's own party looks to endorse him, policies for the seattle rise in crime, his campaign responding, quote, we
1:39 am
are unsurprised to see a hail mary in a desperate attempt to regain relevance. it will not work, the president of the philadelphia fraternal order of police will join "fox and friends" coming up later this morning. >> alligator under a parked car at a tampa apartment complex. the resident's part of the gator and call the sheriff department. deputies and wildlife officials showed up and placed the reptile in the back of a pickup truck and took him to an alligator farm. no one was hurt. jillian: a sweet celebration for a school cafeteria manager after passing a test to become a us citizen. watch this. so sweet. students and staff lining the walls cheering lopez at the oklahoma school, the worker getting emotional with that show of support.
1:40 am
love that moment. 39 after the hour, the cause of tiger woods's car crash revealed one key piece of evidence just a few days did not retrieve. what that is coming up. lawrence: the threat to those who may boycott the beijing olympics. a live report on the morning next.
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>> china warning against boycotting the 2022 winter olympics in beijing. >> reporter: hi, jillian, china is preemptively pushing back about a potential boycott even though the white house press secretary says such a move is not being considered and yet china is fouling a robust response threatening retaliation should the boycott ever come to
1:44 am
pass saying the politicization will damage the spirit of olympic charter and the interest of athletes of all countries. the international community including the us olympic committee, at least 180 human rights groups are calling for some level of boycott of the 2022 winter games in beijing due to the widescale repression of muslim leaders and others, something the trump and biden administration have agreed is genocide. the situation in hong kong and tibet, they did admit they discussed it with allies but the white house is otherwise and insists it is not worth boycotting the games. >> reporter: our position on the 2022 olympics is not changed, we've not discussed and are not discussing with allies and partners, no discussion underway of a change in our plans regarding the beijing olympics. >> florida senator rick scott is
1:45 am
insisting biden get tough on the subject and offered to host the 2022 winter games in the united states. jillian: thank you. >> setting to tee off and just hours of the chairman is speaking out against the boycott over georgia's voting law. >> unfortunately those actions often impose the greatest burdens on the most vulnerable in our society. and in this case that includes our friends and neighbors and agosto. >> black church. reportedly plans on protests at the masters. doctor ben carson says opponents of georgia's voting law call the criticism insulting. >> these laws in georgia apply to everyone, they don't specifically apply to one group of people and i find it quite
1:46 am
offensive for people to assume that black people cannot get a voter id. i don't know any black people like that. i don't know where they are finding these people but the fact of the matter is black people are just like anybody else. >>. will just like anybody else, sources say major league baseball pulled the all-star game from george after talks with stacy abrams and al sharpton. >> tiger woods's server crash was caused by excessive speed. los angeles county sheriff says woods was driving at 84 miles per hour speed limit soda 45 miles per hour, the sheriff believes he accidentally have a guest instead of the brakes causing them to lose control, woods will not face charges or
1:47 am
traffic citations because authorities say there was no evidence of distracted driving or impairment but they added they never obtained a warrant to take a blood sample. woods is still recovering from the crash following several surgeries. texas man becomes the first person to run from disneyland in california all the way to walt disney world in florida. 59-year-old john was greeted by cheering crowd as he arrived at the orlando park, he started the journey in february of last year to raise awareness for type i diabetes. the run took him 90 days spread over the course of 14 months. something interesting to do during the pandemic. for whatever he did. >> he is from texas. he's built tough. we make things happen. >> so many questions. still ahead nearly 80% of teachers are vaccinated and so why are some union still dragging their feet to california father says they are ignoring the science, that dad joins us next.
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>> new report from the cdc says nearly 80% of school staffers and teachers nationwide have received at least one coronavirus vaccine dose so why are teachers union still reluctant to gets kids back in the class with scott davison has an eighth grader in san diego enjoins me. thank you for being here. >> good morning.
1:52 am
when you look at that number, 80% of staff given at least one dose of the vaccine that includes teachers, school staff and child care workers why are some schools, 7% in this country still fully remote when 50% are hybrid including a mixture of in person and at home and in some schools even when in person learning you're still learning from the computer screen, some teachers in separate rooms we've heard. >> what a good summary of the frustration. in california the teachers have access to the vaccine since february and since march and you see california is dead last in in person instruction so clearly it is not about safety, teacher safety or student safety. the science has been very clear. it is the unions pushing a power grab and demanding funding for their members and their union.
1:53 am
jillian: you are part of a group that helped launch a lawsuit under the parent association against california school district and the state. can you tell me what made you go that route? >> continuous frustration with the school boards. school boards are controlled by the unions, not just the governor's office creating rules their preventing schools from reopening was we saw that too. we also saw a lot of school boards controlled by unions. we have a board member that actually works for the california teachers association on our school board. there is no greater conflict of interest than that so we realized we had to take legal action to force the school district to reopen and force the state to implement rules, closing schools down. >> i want to ask you this but you say the vast majority of teachers don't share the opinion of their union, you've spoken to a lot of teachers on this issue. if that is the case are teachers the ones that ultimately can do
1:54 am
something about this stranglehold the unions have on what is going on with schools right now? >> we saw that with our teachers union. the union -- 75% of teachers didn't want to go back to school. when it came down to voting to return the majority of them voted to come back. we know that teachers are in support of coming back and it is the union leadership preventing them from doing so and a long-term goal is to allow this vocal minority controlling the union to no longer have the power control what unions are saying it would teachers want which is to come back and teach their kids and be in class and they know it is safe and schools all over the country have open.
1:55 am
a lot of these teachers will speak up and start to make their voices heard and come back to class and help the kids because they desperately need their help. >> thank you for joining us, appreciate your time. lawrence: in the next hour of "fox and friends first" president biden using the power of the pen to deliver on gun control, the new restrictions he is set to sign in just hours. >> beverly holberg, carson, clint talk and former congressman david mcintosh live coming up.
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>> it is thursday ever live, fox news alert. a massive explosion tears through a plant in ohio. rescue crews working through the night searching for anyone still trapped inside. >> allegations of abuse and ms 13 gang members stopped at the border, the crisis is only getting worse. where is the vice president?
2:00 am
>> like many americans she's next. she is allowed to do that. lawrence: plus. [screaming] jillian: this is incredible. the reunion years in the making. the awesome moment two military friends resurrected has the country rallying behind them. "fox and friends first" continues right now. ♪♪ lawrence: you are watching "fox and friends first" on thursday morning. jillian: i think i can without knowing them confirm those two had a good time when they had their reunio


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