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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  April 8, 2021 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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>> i usually go to bed at 3:00 and 4:00 am. i will call you and give you a wake-up call, no excuses if you tire tomorrow. >> i was going to text you, would you fill in for me tomorrow, would you be able to get to the city? >> go to bed from 3:00 to 4:00, i'm a night owl, the odds of me getting up in time to be ready for "fox and friends," pretty low so you are in for tomorrow. might need a little more notice. brian: and you will smell like liquor, we don't know that.
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thanks, this is official talk, i can take it from here. >> all yours. brian: i'm officially brian kilmeade. let's get started. the influx of unaccompanied minors at the border leading to a bigger problem making it easier for terrorists to walls writing. stephen miller is in with that. a major announcement you don't want to miss exclusive to us and the biden administration caught another lie. why you shouldn't believe those grandiose job creation allegations and pledges and joe biden has a new profession, motivational life coach. raymond arroyo has the seen and unseen. but first, this show has long been at the forefront of demanding our leaders hold communist china accountable for its human rights abuses which are going on right now in the economic sabotage they are experiencing. just weeks ago laura ingraham took it a step further.
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>> president biden says america is back and a world leader but if that is true he should start by announcing a boycott of the 2022 winter games in beijing and convince our allies in europe and elsewhere to join the boycott, that would show the world that we are not going to treat china as a normal country any longer. >> for a moment yesterday it seemed like the biden state department was finally listening, listen to this. >> seemed to suggest on the olympics that the us is in consultation with allies discussing whether to consider, plan some sort of joint boycott. is this the case? >> it is something we wish to
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discuss, certainly something we understand a coordinated approach would be not only in our interests but also in the interests of our allies and partners. >> just hours later the supper department wait a second, we haven't called anybody, jen psaki tried to do some damage control. >> our position on the 2022 olympics has not changed, we've not discussed and are not discussing with partners or allies, we are not discussing the change in plans regarding the beijing olympics. >> why not. is biden more outrage over georgia requiring voter id than china putting its citizens and transportation cams, muslim citizens, while biden waivers on the communist party, according to their when they saw the state department mister that her those response they experienced a robust response to any us olympic boycott, thanks for the warning. is the superpower here? joining us is to florida congressman michael wolf to introduce legislation calling for the boycott and steve mosher here, author of bully of asia.
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let's start with you. you were the first one to come out that i know of to say we should boycott them. what about the warning? have you changed your mind? >> reporter: here's the problem for the biden administration, biden secretary of state, tony blinken agreed during the nomination hearing with his predecessor mike pompeo there's a genocide going on as we speak and let me read the report the state department released last week that says there is ongoing forced sterilization, the shift to the concentration camps and taking the surgery centers forced to be sterilized, there is ongoing rape, ongoing torture and ongoing slave labor. what i think the biden administration was starting to hint at is a diplomatic boycott, that would allow him to say they are being tough, there diplomats can't go to the olympics but
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they will still go on in terms of the sponsorships, in dc sponsoring, nike, adidas and major league baseball, majorly baseball just expanded, how much they care about social justice, they just expanded the deal in china and their streaming service, nike, coca-cola getting it sugar from their all on the backs of real slavery that is going on right now in china. how can we reward them after all they've done with covid flying the american flag there, letting everyone make millions and giving them the global platform to whitewash their atrocities and continue to further their propaganda as they try to take over the american dream and replace it with the china dream. >> last time we tried to look the other way was russia and when the winter games were over they invaded another country. let's talk to steve about this. china is bolder by the day.
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we saw what they did, just want japan you better not put out an aggressive condemnation of the way we treat their foreign trade policy and then you have this morning not to boycott their olympics. what is china up to? >> if nations were given awards for committing human rights abuses china would win the gold every time. the human rights situation in china is the worst it has been in 40 years. i was in china in 1980. i saw women forcefully aborted and sterilized under the one child policy. now it is happening again and worse things are happening. it is worse now than it was in 2008 during the beijing olympics when they were raising entire city blocks in beijing, tens of thousands of people made homeless, hundreds of thousands forced to leave this to be to make beijing presentable to the world so we have genocide against the leaguers in the far west, reeducation of christians were told they have no other god
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than xi jinping, buddhists who do not deserve to be slotted in this way, the crushing of all times in the unleashing of a pandemic upon the world so the chinese communist party should not be allowed to hide these atrocities behind the drama of athletic competition. the limbic celebrate the human spirit, not just about ice hockey or the toboggan run, giant slalom, ice skating, it is the effort of individual men and women to be the best people they can be in every field of human endeavor and that is why the games have always been held, should always be helping countries where human rights are respected and that is why beijing where the spirit is violated every day is a bad choice for the winter olympics of 2022. brian: we have the games in 2028 and if we were to bow out in 2024 it could destroy the game. there would not be global games. is it worth it? >> we have to ask ourselves what
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we have the games right now if it was in rwanda, with the massacre of movies or bosnia, or myanmar with the ongoing human rights abuses, the ioc needs to look at self in the mirror and i don't see how we put ourselves and our athletes in the position to choose between their values and turning a blind eye to everything that is going on. so i absolutely do think we have to take a stand, and we cannot let the ccp continue to whitewash its atrocities after every time we've done this, you mentioned russia a month after the games they invade crimea. we know what germany did after the 1936 games and what china has done after the 2008 james. we can't give them this legitimacy and the entire world shrug their shoulders at what is happening.
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>> there's a lot at stake, not just fun, sports and competition, people are dying, look out for taiwan. we take our foot off the gas and stop being vigilant taiwan could just become in the blink of an i, thanks, guys. we move ahead. in case you were wondering many democrats putting vicious lies about george and other states voter integrity laws. >> corporations that are taking a stand against the georgia jim crow voting law designed to cancel black voters. >> this represents jim crow 2.oh. these new jim crow laws are antithetical to who we are. >> turned up a very people it claims the new law will hurt
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overwhelmingly support what is in it. a new rasmussen survey reveals 73% of black voters, 81% of nonwhite voters say requiring photo id is necessary for fair and secure election process and that is the goal. not to exclude, just to make it fair and secure. here is project 21's:chair. of minority voters overwhelmingly support having photo id, our utility bill, why are people using terms like jim crow 2.oh? does it make sense to you? >> of course it makes sense to me because this isn't on the level. the plan here is to manipulate people. it is to divide people, black americans aren't any less likely to be able to get access to a drivers license than white americans or any other community in our country. the truth of the matter is wednesday say these things they do them intentionally to create the impression that america is a place in the 21st century that
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we ought to be worried about who our neighbors are based primarily on their skin color. there is no evidence whatsoever of this and what we have now done is punished a city, atlanta, with an over 50% minority population by taking from the nearly $100 million in new opportunities and sending it to denver which has barely 9% of black population. what a change that the woke police have brought to us. brian: when we loosen things up, nobody could feel comfortable going to the polls in many cases, we want to give people options, many states change their on the spot, flooded the zone with unrequested ballots. after that over 30 states have tight and things up and because of that, they are getting
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verifying it and making it more accurate. on tuesday, home depot and other major corporations i'm meeting to come up with some offense against other states that want to do things some of the to avoid being boycotted by activist groups. your thoughts? >> if i were coca-cola and i was the largest polluter among all the beverage companies i would probably keep my head down and stay focused on that, second, our organization has done multiple studies and they show that it is actually black americans who are most likely victimized when voter fraud takes place. turns out that it is very tempting to manipulate election returns when black communities are involved. black americans like white
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america need voter integrity. we need to be sure so when gallup asks americans when we don't vote we don't answer because my vote can't make a difference. we need to make sure that every person is confident when they go in real voters are going to decide elections, not ghosts, not convicts, not people who are not lawful residents. >> the black community and minority community, we will make special rules, that is an insult and i don't think it is deserved. thank you so much. all right. on top of the mlb moving out of the all-star game out of atlanta dozens of ceos jumped onto the trash georgia bandwagon. this became the new normal, jpmorgan's ceo jamie dimon wants corporate america to get more
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involved in politics writing this today, companies like ours have extraordinary capability to help not just with funding but developing strong public policy. jpmorgan will run the country? which could have a greater impact on society? here to react his and crenshaw, congressman from texas. jamie dimon will start making decisions. isn't that a relief? >> he should run for congress if he wants to be in politics. that is my message to the ceos. i don't think they understand how damaging their entry into politics is. for far too long americans are forced to watch a different late night comedy show. every time they watch a movie they have to deal with the fact the actor they might be watching doesn't like them, think their ideas are stupid and now we look at products or airlines and
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think to ourselves i want to buy this product or purchase this ticket, these people hate me and don't think my ideas were good or lie about my ideas, what we do for election integrity. this is damaging our culture, our social fabric, they are doing more damage than they realize. brian: corporate america wants to get involved, look out for their own interests. when they start controlling policy to win over politicians by changing their corporate structure and their corporate policy it gets dangerous. you have big tech grabbing wall street, saying take me, i'm yours. you tweeted something about it, united airlines wants to get more woke, they want to go out and say 50% of new hires are going to be women or people of color. united airlines officially stating this, 5000 new pilots and a new pilot training program by 2030 of which at least half will be women and people of color. what do you think of this idea?
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>> just about every passenger that gets on a plane thinks of themselves, i hope the pilot is qualified and can take off and land a plane safely. if they want to virtue signal that is fine. but united lied about the election integrity reforms we are trying to make in places like georgia and texas, they lied about it. they insinuated that these were voter suppression laws. that is not true. clearly they didn't read it. they are venturing into territory they don't understand, that they know nothing about and in an attempt to what? this is what i call the phenomenon that is going on. progress of fascism. what is fascism? it is the regimentation of the economy, of society and enforced suppression of your opposition. that is what is happening right now.
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the democrats have successfully captivated the institutions, pop culture, hollywood, education institutions and now our corporations into their own woke agenda, this is fascism. the youth cancel culture as a tool to impose their fascism on us. they are using this anti-fascist labeling against the right but they are the ones who engage in the tactics and it is time we expose that and we should see it for what it is. if they want to hire based on quotas and virtue signal to us and imply that people didn't have these opportunities to begin with, fine but don't lie about policy, that is what i have a problem with. >> what you said as facts, not opinion. they are going to get -- they don't have a bad election, you did not have a bad election day, lost the presidency but almost took back the house and via legitimate purposes almost defied logic and held onto the senate.
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so it is a wake-up call. on a lot of different levels. we will see what happens. thanks so much, appreciate it. moving ahead. the southern border is getting worse by the day. former white house advisor stephen miller is here plus major announcement to make that he has not made any world, standby. criminals, illegal aliens walk 3, the texas lawsuit everyone should be watching next. we know it's going to take many forms of energy to meet the world's needs while creating a cleaner future for all. at chevron, we're lowering the carbon emissions intensity of our operations, investing in lower-carbon technologies, and exploring renewable fuels of the future. we work hard to care for the homes we love. but it's only human... to protect the one we share.
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>> we have criminals, terrorists and others crossing that border and the mission of the ep is critically important. to have 50% of them, agents pulled off of the line because there have to be border patrol facilities caring for and feeding thousands of migrants it is impeding the national security mission. we have probably 1000 got away. you don't know at the end of the day how many more are out there, because we don't have the number of border patrol agents on the line, on the border doing their job. >> former acting dhs secretary
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chad wolf on the show last night, detailing the nightmare on the border and all things to team biden ripping up donald trump's successful border security measures, tried, worked it out, got it down and one of the chief architects of those policies was former white house advisor stephen miller was here exclusively tonight to announce the creation of a new conservative group which already has the blessing of his former boss donald trump who put this out today, the radical left is been relentless in waging their battles in court, conservatives in america first supporters badly need to catch up and turn the tables. the era of unilateral legal surrender must end. stephen miller, former white house advisor and president of americafirst legal foundation. what is this and what is it designed to do? >> thank you for having me on. this is the conservative response to the aclu. being a senior official in the
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trump administration i saw firsthand the four years how the radical left wage it legal warfare against the president. you talk about border security, we face dozens of lawsuits for every action we took to secure the southern border of the united states was we face lawsuits in every area of policy energy policy, climate policy, environmental policy, abortion policy, everything. here's a great example of the disparity. when barack obama did do youaca virtually no serious legal challenges, nothing, smooth sailing for years. when donald trump tried to rescind the same policy four years in court. when he issued a policy saying you cannot fund abortion with us
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taxpayer dollars overseas litigation, lawsuits tied up in court, when joe biden issued an executive order saying you shall spent taxpayer dollars on abortion overseas nothing. when donald trump banned the teaching of critical race. lawsuits, injunction. when president biden issued an order resuming the teaching of the horrendous critical race theory nothing. we are badly outmanned, outmaneuvered and by organization is here to even the score. >> 413 lawsuits from the aclu over four years. you now have on board matt whitaker and mark meadows. you are not a lawyer. aclu has been around forever. how quick can you ramp up and make a difference? >> great question that depends on how much support we get from everyday americans who believe in traditional values, believe in america first principles, believe in rule of law, law and
12:27 am
order, homeland security, safe secure communities and you are right. i'm not a lawyer and that's the point. i'm a policy guy who saw firsthand how the aclu and other organizations were able to delay our policies being put into place and conservatives need to have a legal organization to answer that and that is why i am doing this. attorneys like matt whitaker involved in the effort and many more we are adding to the team i'm confident we will turn the tables as donald trump said but requires the support as millions of americans who care about their country and know this needs to be done. brian: you heard dan crenshaw, you lost hollywood, you lost academia. you wonder what is happening next year you are always competitive in these elections on the doorstep of taking the house and could take the senate back. you have more talent on the right than anybody on the left but time to take action. from your firsthand knowledge, did mike pence ever get asked to
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do something and say i get to it when i can. seems like kamala harris was asked to take over the border problem and basically went to connecticut, chicago, california, made one call to mexico and it is decorating her house, did she blow off the president of the united states when she was asked to do something. >> it is a shocking display of disrespect for the president. he announced you are in charge of the border crisis and you say nevermind, i don't think so. i've never seen anything like this in my life and i will say this. one area of focus on with my organization is the nightmare at the border, already working with state attorneys general on the litigation in terms of mass release of illegal immigrants with criminal records but the
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point is we don't have the house, we don't have the senate. people who believe in america first principles, who believe in sovereignty need to understand the legal battle is where this fight is going to be won or lost. brian: appreciate you waiting for us, the america first legal foundation, combating the left's radical lollis agenda. game on. let the race begin and let the fighting start. thanks. let's keep talking legal stuff. america first legal, the best conservative legal minds, the state of texas taking matters into their own hands. the lone star state suing the biden administration for refusing to take custody of illegal alien criminals, defendant's of issued and implemented unlawful agency memoranda that allow criminal aliens already convicted of felony to roam free in the united states. doesn't feel good knowing that is happening, texas lieutenant
12:30 am
governor dan patrick here to expand on it. it is a shame it has come to this. what is the next legal moment for you? do you file this brief already? >> the attorney general filed a brief and the mayhem continues. this lawsuit is about the fact that if we have someone in jail who is an illegal alien already convicted of a crime, when trump was president, we can call ice, ice would put a detainer on and put them in a deport them. biden says ice can't come and pick them up so we have to let them out on the street or keep them in jail at taxpayer expense and have overcrowded jails. the president of the united states is breaking the law. the texas rangers, this is new news to the facility in san antonio because we got complaints to the state agency there is no supervision because they don't have enough people, can't get volunteers, sexual
12:31 am
assault going on between teenagers, this is the call he got today, several calls, they are not being fed properly, have kids with covid who are not being separated, the president and the vice president of the united states of the democratic party are so concerned about placating the left for open borders, children are allegedly being sexually assaulted on american soil because of their total neglect protecting the border, protecting this country and protecting these kids whether they are dropped over the fence or sexually assaulted into sex trafficking, joe biden and kamala harris have this on their hands, they have this on their hands, letting criminals go in america and putting kids at risk for coming across the border illegally. it must stop now and we are investigating it and if they
12:32 am
won't do it, texas will. >> last week we saw pictures because republican senators refused to leave their phone to took pictures at the donna facility, more horrendous pictures than a couple of pictures taken during which time it was president obama saying kids were in cages. there wasn't the uproar but there was a lot of consternation and they still can't handle it in the news you just broke, that the governor was talking about today. >> that is the facility. what you have his total lack of law and order on the border. there is no border security and we will see 1 million people potentially apprehended just in texas meaning another million or 2 million got through. you are seeing these children brought to this country, no idea where to send them, no idea what to do with them, they need to close the border, go back to the trump policy because any children die, the blood is on the hands of the president and the vice president because they are allowing this to happen by turning their back on the border, she doesn't even have respect for human beings, for children that come to the border and see it firsthand.
12:33 am
>> he works 2 hours a day. let's talk about something else, george and their problem with delta airlines. you have a problem because america has a problem with the new texas as it goes to securing texas elections. american airlines is rebuking the texas voting bill which is going to become law. what is your answer to american airlines who have a problem with you and the headquarters in dallas? >> we passed senate bill 7 which is not about voter suppression. to the left it is voter suppression, they are replacing voter security with that term as we passed a strong bill, voter security. we haven't changed anything, we still have two weeks of early voting, expanding hours the people can vote. everything being said is an absolute lie by the left but american airlines has the audacity to call my office and talk to my chief of staff and say we want to let you know this
12:34 am
isn't personal against the lieutenant governor or the governor but we are coming out against senate bill 7 and nathan said we haven't read the bill and my chief of staff -- he hasn't read the bill so the nerve american airlines like other corporations, dan crenshaw said earlier, coming in and getting their nose in politics when they don't even take the courtesy and time to read a bill so i take it personally, i take it personally on behalf of the senators who voted this out in the governor support because when they talk about voter suppression they are talking about there must be racism, trying to keep people of color down. america is sick of every issue is racism. how we got out the vaccinations racism, education, healthcare, every issue is racism. it is hurting the country and we will pass this bill and have strong support to have voter security in texas. >> you certainly can make a
12:35 am
point, american airlines has their hands full. read the bill, same with delta airlines. you embarrassed yourself, you haven't read the text. thanks. meanwhile straight ahead biden deploying a new technique to pass this huge spending bill and a cabinet member vouches for the president's violent dog. raymond arroyo has the details of seen and unseen next.
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bill clinton: right now, the covid-19 vaccines are available to millions of americans. george bush: so, we urge you to get vaccinated when it's available to you. barack obama: that's the first step to ending the pandemic and moving our country forward. it's up to you.
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raymond arroyo. you noticed a trend in the president as recent public addresses with a purpose. what is it? >> the president is rather brilliantly trafficking in feelings instead of arguments. every speech is laden with language meant to conjure emotion was what i like to call inspiration and motivation with joe biden. >> new variants of the virus are spreading into moving quickly. we can have a safe, happy fourth of july with your family and friends in small groups in your backyard. the question is how much death, disease, and misery are we going to see between now and then? now is not the time to celebrate. >> and that cheery, so inspiring, the truth is tens of
12:42 am
millions of americans are vaccinated already, hospitalizations and cases are falling everywhere but he has to keep the crisis going. when the country is in crisis the government can take extraordinary measures, spend trillions, here's today's uplifting call to arms, you can almost hear the strains of god bless america in the background. >> a new book out about how we fall behind. america is not investing. the united states of america. not trying to punish anybody, but dammit. maybe it's because i come from an middle-class neighborhood. i'm sick and tired of ordinary people being fleeced. >> ordinary people. the middle-class. >> that book out, how someone is catching up to america, didn't know they wrote books like that. someone get that book.
12:43 am
he is fleecing america. has corporate taxes going up, that will help the consumer, gas prices rising, that is the middle class, none of this is going to work and we haven't even talked about the green new deal. >> a key moment, biden was at it again, trying to sell $2 trillion infrastructure bill and needless to say it is not your grandfather's infrastructure. >> the idea of infrastructure has always involved aspirations in the american people and their needs. it is evolving again today. >> ask them what sort of infrastructure they need to build a better life, to be able to breathe a little bit, investing significant amounts of money in dealing with cancer and alzheimer's. that is infrastructure of a nation. >> that is not infrastructure. that is healthcare. complete lack of respect for language here.
12:44 am
don't miss the emotional play. we need to let americans breathe by taking trillions of their hard-earned money and spending it as we see fit because government is the solution to every problem. you might call this biden's emotive socialism in action. keep an eye out for this. it also politically insulates him because he's not offering an argument why the spending bill will work just emotional massage, how do you argue with any motion even a depressing one. brian: democrats's new definition of what constitutes infrastructure. here is the example. >> we need to deal with human infrastructure, healthcare, education, climate change. who ran on the concept of childcare is infrastructure. >> it is part of infrastructure because we need these kinds of jobs, this kind of care to enable disproportionately women to go to work like i need the road outside my house to get to
12:45 am
my job. >> the barometer here, the benchmark for what constitutes infrastructure is getting a job we all need to hand out ruth chris steakhouse gift cards because what about the gastrointestinal infrastructure that helps me get ready to get that job. we need an entertainment infrastructure so we can be ready and relaxed, this is absurd. infrastructure does not involve, it is what you think it is, bridges, roads, tunnels, republicans and democrats band together to make sure that sticks. brian: remember the president of the united states did say take a station wagon to a cookout, not sure he's on the cutting edge of what america is in 2021. thanks so much. it is going to come soon. all that stuff was unseen by me. i totally enjoyed it.
12:46 am
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>> the american jobs.
12:51 am
is a generational investment it will create 19 million jobs. >> sounds too good to be true. that's because it is not true. the $19 million jobs claim is based on a recent moody analysis but 60.3 million of those jobs would have been created without biden's big infrastructure plan. the pandemic is over, an estimated 2.7 million jobs, sometimes less than he publicly claims that the cost of 830,$000 per job. joining us is mark short, advancing america's freedom cochair and former vice president mike pence's chief of staff. before we get to your exciting announcement about your new groove what do you think about this play school with money?
12:52 am
>> we know it is all bunk this point. it won't create 2.7 million jobs. remember during the obama biden administration they had a giant stimulus plan the promise of already jobs. after the bill was passed it took three years to get below 7% unemployment in america. we passed tax relief in 2017 unemployment reached 3.5%, the lowest level in 60 years, 5 million jobs were created in two years, the way to create jobs is to get government out of the way. the government doesn't create jobs, it never has. the notion this fictitious number, you can throw all these projects at infrastructure and create jobs, you have the first $2.2 trillion they are proposing, only $300 billion is for roads, bridges and airports, through in the kitchen sink under the term infrastructure and the reality is even if you do those projects you're not going to create jobs because somebody has to pay for that and that is the american taxpayer. >> on the credit cards we haven't heard much from the vice
12:53 am
president since january 6th and now he has a new group, designed to merge traditional conservative thinking with trumpism. what is your role in the vice president's role? >> the trump pens team was such a great team because they complement each other so well. when donald trump chose mike pence to be on the ticket in 2016 the vice president had a long history in the conservative business of advocating for a lot of traditional values and pro-freedom policies but donald trump tapped into a number of voters very excited by the populist approach thing we will secure the border and take on china and negotiate new trade deals and now is a prescription for success that has so many successful policies in record tax, deregulation, new trade deals and the prosperity for the american people and so we believe that is a prescription not just for the past but for the future so we will advocate
12:54 am
those policies under the trump pens administration from some of the leftists attacks, and the race many of the successes we achieved so this organization is focused not just on what we did but also to say this is the prescription as well for where we need to be moving forward. >> i am wondering, the president and vice president talking but if donald trump wins mike pence is the running mate again? >> i'm won't going to comment. they had a great partnership but they've spoken several times the last few weeks, call the vice president to congratulate him a couple weeks ago. pete: last bite is next.
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>> despite being accused of sexual harassment new york governor andrew cuomo thought he would get cute with a reporter
1:00 am
today. >> remember me? tall, good-looking, blonde hair, blue eyes, button nose. >> long time no see. >> what a great sense of humor. brian kilmeade in from laura ingraham. april 8th, abandoned at the border, new heartbreaking photos show young siblings rescued by border agents as the texas governor calls the shutdown of a migrant facility child sex abuse allegation, we are live in dc with a gutwrenching update. >> one of andrew cuomo's accuses opens up claiming he groped her in the governor's mentioned. why she believes for months before it happened. lawrence: a texas man go


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