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tv   Fox News at Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  April 7, 2021 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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millions, joe mackey and her studio audience! up next, offscreen for shannon bream. ♪ ♪ [cheers and applause] ♪ ♪ >> shannon: hello, and welcome to "fox news @ night," i'm shannon bream in washington. here's what we are tracking tonight. >> the middle of the week marks the end of the weight. one more day to exercise the imagination before it all gets real. >> amid the pylon, red states republicans pushback may be paying off. a day before the masters, augustine for national rejecting calls for a boycott, and other punitive measures. to speak of those actions often impose the greatest burdens on
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the most vulnerable in our society. >> shannon: yet the media is going on offense, challenging more companies like lift to pull out of cities like atlanta because of g.o.p. voting reform. >> would you consider pulling out? >> you're hurting people you're trying to help. >> you can't be for pulling the all-star game out of georgia over election fog, but be fine with the olympics going forward in communist china. >> our position on the 2022 olympics has not changed. >> we refer to the georgia law as a jim crow law, yet he's not doing anything about literal slavery happening in china. we were democrats tried redefine infrastructure after the senate parliamentarians tease up to more nuclear options. >> to automatically say that the only thing of infrastructure as a high window bridge, that's not national. >> may be the republicans should call these migrant children infrastructure to get some attention. human before starts right now.
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in a matter of hours, president bite inside to sign a series of executive orders on gun control. it's likely to spark another surgeon already skyrocketing on sales. kevin corke is taking a look at the president's and the ongoing run and gun's. >> i don't have anything to preview, but i can convey he will have more to say tomorrow, and with that, white house press secretary jen psaki did what she's paid to do, which is not to step on the message or upstage the messenger. in this case, that is mr. biden and his administration's attempt to chip away at gun access. >> i'm not going to preview more from here, i expect we'll have more -- >> not much more to say today, coop sources to help fox news to expect plenty tomorrow from the white house is a long anticipated bided administration times to reduce gun violence gets underway by way of executive action. among the actions, biden is expected to announce a series of
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proposed rules by the department of justice, including one targeting ghost guns, those are homemade or makeshift firearms that lacks serial numbers. another role targeting stabilizing pistols. at the doj is expected to issue a report on firearms trafficking to publish model read flag legislation for states while the white house will announce its investment of $5 billion in community violence intervention programs. mr. biden is expected to nominate david shipment to be the new atf director. however if you buy the nominees face deeper confirmation on's than shipman. at the former agent was been an outspoken advocate of a weapons ban. he called himself a proud gun owner, who is sometimes "been mischaracterized as a gun grabber." the last confirmed leader was todd jones back in 2013. to be for him, the bureau went without a senate confirmed lead,
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and hasn't had one since. biden's executive owners come at a time when ownership is at an all-time high. 20 million background checks were conducted in 2020, a 60% increase over the previous year, a trend that has continued into 2021, including a record scenting march with 2.3 million background checks be added that the highest month on record. the surgeon driven by minority and female purchasers. especially at a time when crime and tell mike in a number of major cities is on the rise quite dramatically. mr. biden is expected to be joined at the event by merrick garland. sources told fox news he could actually also announce new restrictions on firearm purchases for those convicted of domestic violence and perhaps even a new federal guidelines on the home storage safety measures. it moves that will no doubt spark another wave of gun purchases, and some would argue,
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a wave of legal challenges. >> shannon: counts on both. to kevin, we have more to discuss, come back. >> indeed appeared >> shannon: e blowing a progressive plans to reshape america at warp speed, at least for now. at the west virginia democrat writing in an op-ed tonight, he's not a fan of ditching the filibuster or using the procedural process known as reconciliation to get things done. he says, i will not vote to eliminate or weaken the filibuster, and i simply do not believe that reconciliation -- budget reconciliation to replace of regular order in the senate. democrats used reconciliation for a new $2 trillion covid package without getting the 60 votes normally needed to move legislation in the senate. they are hinting they may do this again for the presidents multitrillion dollar infrastructure package as well. if breaking tonight, texas republicans want a federal investigation in addition to calling state authorities to
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look at new allegations of sexual assault on detained migrant children. republican governor greg aggregate once the san antonio y close. >> this facility is a health and safety nightmare. the biden administration is now presiding over the abuse of children to end this abuse, the biden administration must immediately shut down this facility. >> shannon: when it comes to the border crisis, even the media is asking, where is vice president kamala harris? because she hasn't visited the border or central america, or at the leaders of el salvador or honduras. she's traveling and took time. i'm wondering, she still working on this, and you can address the perception that she's quietly backing out? >> first i would say, the vice president was visiting chicago actually to talk about
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covid and the importance of communities getting the vaccine when it's available and accessible to them. while she was there, like many americans, she got a snack. you and i went to bring kevin back into talk about this. kevin, you've covered the white house for a long time. what do you make of this conversation about the vice president? different vice presidents get different levels of responsibility, but this is a big issue. >> not only different levels of responsibility, different levels of scrutiny. let's play the cello and rewind the clock a little bit. imagine if this were happening in 2017 or 2018, and feed then vice president mike pence had not been down to the border in spite of what's been happening. it's gotten so dramatically bad that we are talking about housing thousands of migrant children at dod bases all over the country in an effort to get away from the border, just figure out how best to handle this wave of humanity. imagine if that were happening
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then the general feeling would be, certainly in the press, if the vice president -- or not the president had not gone down to the border. neither of whom have done so here in 2021. that's one thing to keep in mind for perspective. one other thing, if you are tasked with making sure you're going to have the conversations, as they've said, with the leaders from the northern triangle countries, you're going to have to do more than talk to them on a phone and give a read out. he should get out in front of the american people and explain not just what was said, but how what was said will translate into actual improvements on the ground. >> shannon: we continue to see heartbreaking stories day by day down there. it's nonpartisan at this point, it's a problem, and these are real people. coming up a little bit later, you and i have found some good news for the day, we'll talk about that coming up with. >> i can't wait. we will see you later. >> shannon: we need to. tonight, the real news roundup. we begin with the more troubling
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about the policies and practices of new york governor andrew cuomo during his darkest days of the pandemic. it fox news reporting exclusively tonight that the cuomo administration have been tracking the location and debts of nursing home patients who died of covid-19 since at least last april, a year ago. that appears to contradict official claims that those numbers could not be verified for a report issued months later. meanwhile, new york senator christian to christian john brand was reframing the definition of the word infrastructure. in tweet supporting the massive $2.3 trillion spending plan, paid leave, child care, caregiving, all components of infrastructure. breaking tonight, border patrol agents in california have arrested and alleged ms-13 gang member, catching him crossing the southern border into the u.s. they say the 28 year old man
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from el salvador will be deported. more progressive prosecutors targeting big cities, even the democrats have said, no thanks city of brotherly love deals with rising crime rates, the democratic party are voting not to endorse incumbent district attorney larry krasner ahead of next month's primary. he supports things like lighter sentences for criminals, and an end to mass incarceration. they also announced local police and prosecutors as systemically racist before his election in 2017. president weingarten, challenging jewish americans in an interview published in the jerusalem post. weingarten described them as "now part of the ownership class." that was in response to a question about jewish critics. their power and influence trying to reopen schools. canadian police setting up roadblocks and sensing around a
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church for violating covid-19 orders. members of grace life church has been meeting for month. if they're shutting down the church until it will comply with restrictions of just 15% capacity. members are posting pictures on social media and they're asking for prayers. news from the commerce city of colorado, hundreds turned away from a massive vaccination site after 11 people experienced adverse reactions to the johnson & johnson vaccine, we are told two of them were transported to nearby hospitals. "the new york times" asking if it's time to block out the sun in order to cool the planet. while highlighting a proposed study that would test the effects of so-called solar geo-engineering, plan would include injecting aerosols into the atmosphere to reflect back the sun's energy. last year, it was toilet paper. it now, it's catch up. it restaurants and fast food chains struggling to keep up with the demands for the condiments. many limiting how many packets they will hand out with orders,
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the increased demand is likely because of takeout driving the shortage. the masters will go on in georgia despite baseball's decision to yank the all-star game. jeff paul has the latest forest tonight. >> good evening, unlike major league baseball, whose commissioners had a "opposes restrictions to the ballot box" and remove the all-star game from georgia, the chairman of the masters golf tournament is taking a slightly different tone regarding calls for boycotting the states. >> unfortunately, those actions often impose the greatest burdens on the most vulnerable in our society. in this case, that includes our friends and neighbors here in acosta where the very focus of the positive difference we are trying to make. >> chairman went on to say he ends every member of the club believe voting is an essential fundamental right, but he also said to his opinion on the
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legislation should not shape the discussion. he didn't want to speak to the specifics of the law, but as a stance, the masters is staying put. so it hasn't rideshare companies lift, john summers says they wouldn't consider pulling out of the city. he says, left is in partisan, but a boycott can be a double-edged sword that ends up hurting the people they are trying to help. >> we have across the country millions of drivers and riders that depends on transportation from lift. we are going to be there for them, were going to find the best ways to support policies that protect our communities right to vote, but we would not pull out of the city for this. speak of the national black justice coalition has urged the pga and the masters to pull out of the upcoming tournament in augusta, but the masters is set to tee off tomorrow as scheduled with the first tee time getting underway less than eight hours from now. >> shannon: it always gets a lot of eyeballs.
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i think you. republicans believe this is a defining moment in american politics. it had cruised reading, today's diamonds are the party of big, . republicans are the party of the little guy, small business, blue-collar workers, cops, firefighters, waiters and waitresses. let's discuss the future of the g.o.p. and the increasingly tense relationship with corporate america. submitting to city commissioner and bill mcgurn, good to have you with us tonight >> thank you. >> shannon: taking up on the conversation, congressman jim banks who put out this memo couple weeks ago talking about what he sees as an opportunity for the g.o.p. president trump gave the republican party a political gift. we are now the party supported by most working-class folk to voters. the question is whether republicans reject that gift or unwrap it and permanently become
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the party of the working class. bernie, he talked about being very pro-worker in pro-business, but not necessarily pro-corporation, suggesting that republicans -- it may be their fight for them to take on. >> i agree come i personally agree. the reason being, the little guy, the worker, the cops, the fireman, the waitresses, the truck drivers, these are the people that make this country what it is. you know, you can support big business, but you can't give them every day under the sun. that seems to be what the democratic party is doing. i would like to see it the other way around. >> and it's interesting because president biden has very much -- we talked about his working-class background and that he is a regular guy, regular joe. he has wanted to talk about that quite a bit.
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if there's been this conversation about what democrats are cozying up to big corporations. it now, he sang he wants to entertain the idea of 28% tax rate on corporations. here's how he explained his justification for that today. >> president biden: i don't try to punish anybody, but maybe it's because of i come from a middle-class neighborhood, and sick and tired of people getting fleece. this we would both talking about they want to be the party of ordinary americans. >> let me just comment on the example you just offered. when we had at the corporate rate much higher than it is now, joe biden was among the many complaining about all of the corporations that were leaving the united states and setting up operations in countries like ireland. we put the rates back up there, we are going to encourage more of that. the reason we didn't have that so much in the trump years is
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not just because donald trump told them, don't move and so forth. it's because his policies on taxes and regulations actually made the united states a much more attractive place to invest. all americans were better off then. i'm not that fond of the class distinctions, of setting different classes against each other. i'm for having your principles and doing it right, and to than the benefits flow to everyone. it looked, when you have light taxes, low regulation, and it's open to business, people do well. during the trump years, there was what, $5,000 increase in the average earnings of an american family? that came from those kinds of policies. i think the republicans need to go back to their principles. i thought at the convention they did an excellent job of showing those principles and how they relate to ordinary people. i think that's what we need, i don't think we need to reinvent the wheel. >> shannon: have we have more
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and more corporations weighing in on the georgia voting law, the proposal what's going on, there's a conversation about whether or not there should be boycotts, whether they work for conservatives or liberals, whether they should be done. if you know who said this, feel free to put it out. i'll read you a quote. until they relent, we can play the game better than them. any idea who said it? >> not off the top of my head, no. >> shannon: that was president trump. if that's what he set on saturday. let me ask you both quickly before you weigh in. what do you think about this idea. he says, don't go back to them, don't give them your money or business. >> listen, in some way i agree. i would like to see all of these corporations get out of politics. you know, you're supposed to take care of the people you are out there for. i think it creates all kinds of
9:19 pm
more political problems that we have already, i would like to see them stay out of politics, take care of the people that borrow your products, and let the politicians deal with the stuff they have to deal with in the communities. >> shannon: quick, craig neal, bill? >> boycotts are hard, they don't usually work. if you read will for radicals, he talks about trying to narrow the focus to one topic because it's very hard to sustain. you know, if these companies pay a price for it, i'm not going to worry about it. i don't think that's the path to a better future. we've had boycotts on disney before, and so forth. what's really happening with the ceos is they are afraid. they are afraid for their work agenda that they targeted. just be when we got to leave it there. it bill and bernie, thank you both.
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♪ ♪ >> shannon: a 16-year-old teen from louisiana snags a hefty 45g in at 75 inches long. it took thomas thompson two and a half hours to reel in. when asked what he was going to do with the shark, he said, were going to eat it. >> anybody want it now? anybody? >> shannon: this chaotic scene in los angeles during rush hour, when a woman who is waiting to merge into a busy intersection, apparently lost her patience. check it out, pointing her gun
9:25 pm
and other motorists, threatening to kill, and even firing her weapon into the air. if the deputy did catch up with her, she was arrested for felony negligent discharge of a firear. he walked into a supermarket and saw this, the hair-raising footage going viral, a massive n thailand looking for a snack. the reptile immediately sending workers and customers into hiding as it tossed items off the shelves. fortunately, reptile handlers quickly arrived on the scene and were able to snare the animal. >> i had to get them off the street. if i didn't, he's been behind him for that long, they didn't stop him. >> shannon: a big rig driver said he felt the need to take matters into his own hands as he witnessed a murder suspect leading authorities on a car chase. it ended abruptly when he used his big rig to block the suspect who was then taken into custody.
9:26 pm
the shocking moment happened in broad daylight, a knife wielding man thrusting a giant blade through a car window in birmingham england. it looks like he stabbed the passenger, the suspect picked up his bike, rode away from the scene, and the card, car disappeared into the desist atomic distance. >> that's courage. >> shannon: state trooper joshua morris plays ball with the kids. he surprises youngsters from his community, called him his height man with a new pair of steph curry basketball sneakers. he also found 50 bucks inside the shoes. he went on to tell the nine euro bowl, he hopes they continue growing their relationship there on the basketball court. the official causes of death for the civilians who died in the capital right on january 6 are public knowledge tonight. fox news at night investigates what the washington, d.c., medical examiner found. of the five people whose deaths are connected to the capital
9:27 pm
riots, forward pro-trump supporters. at the d.c. medical examiner breaks the causes of their deaths down into three categori, one death ruled us a homicide, 35-year-old air force veteran ashley babbitt killed by u.s. capitol police officers. she was reportedly unarmed when she tried to crawl through a window would be bob had smashed. her husband spoke out shortly after her death. >> she loved her country, she was doing what she thought was right to support her country and joining up with people -- like minded people that also love their president and to their country. >> shannon: prior reporting that roseanne boyland had been crushed by fellow rioters while trying to storm the capital. medical examiner listed her death as accidental, and to the cause, a drug overdose. acute amphetamine intoxication. the other two civilians who died that day succumbed to so-called, natural causes. 50-year-old benjamin philip of
9:28 pm
pennsylvania and 55-year-old kevin greeson of alabama died of heart failure. the cause of death for capitol hill police officer brian sik nick, still pending "the wall street journal" notes, judges bristle at their handling of media and pretrial detention. for example, after an appeal court told the lower court to reconsider its determination that it mother and son were too dangerous to be released, that lower court judge did order them released. now eric module and his mom lisa marie eisenhardt will await trial at home in tennessee. there accused of trespass just messing at the capital and disorderly conduct. like others caught up in the post-riot dragnet could face a very serious charges. >> somebody died here, and they could charge them with felony murder, sedition, charge them with conspiracy. under the local code, with terrorism. >> shannon: it doesn't appear that's happening.
9:29 pm
it put a go is a warning about the cases. many capital rioters unlikely to serve jail time, the case is cooking, could embarrass the seas as a dire threat to democracy. trials and sentencing those facing serious charges for months first up in where in. following up on the deadly isis attack we told you about this week in mozambique, now children are looking for help in a refugee champ. some of these children were reportedly enslaved for a time by isis after their parents were abducted or killed. breaking his sons tonight over the royal family rift, some are calling a coup attempt. at the kings as his brother is under his care, and is putting the country above all else. his mother has said, he's under house arrest. >> swinging molotov cocktails at police, at least 40 officers
9:30 pm
injured. porter restrictions as part of the brexit settlements, they set a bus on fire. a new lawsuit could lead to your pets being recognized as actual members of your family, night court convenes next, you are the jury. ♪ ♪ are you tired of clean clothes that just don't smell clean? what if your clothes could stay fresh for weeks? now they can! downy unstopables in-wash scent boosters keep your laundry smelling fresh way longer than detergent alone. pour a cap of downy unstopables into your washing machine
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♪ ♪ 's beyond just by a sharp increasing gun crime, bill de blasio is convinced new yorkers are not living in fear. ironically saying that just hours after a tourist was struck by a stray bullet near times square. if aisha hussey reporting from new york city tonight. >> good evening. there are a lot of souvenirs you can take home from times square. for chris ruby of kansas, he is going home with the scar he will never forget. a big-time baseball fan, he was in the big apple to catch a couple of games. on his way back to his hotel near times square tuesday night, he got shot in the shoulder.
9:35 pm
they say this 21-year-old man reportedly, a known game down that gang member. he was aiming at someone else. it's the latest in the plate with gun violence. and just last month month, shooting jumped by just 100%. whether that keeps visitors away remains to be seen. what about the people who live here? if you ask new york city mayor bill de blasio, he will tell you new yorkers aren't rattled. go i do not believe new yorkers live in field. >> he claims the city is handling the crisis by going after illegal guns, working with community, and offering more support to antiviolence programs. after last week's heating up an asian woman, they outed undercover asian officers and hot spots who already snagged their first suspect at this week. it will not be easy to turn things around, hate crimes more than doubled in new york city compared to this time last year, with 13 incident suggested in
9:36 pm
the last week. >> shannon: thank you. it's time now for night court. for many of us, our pets, like my puppy biscuit, our family. in many states, that's not how the law sees them. one south carolina families looking to change it after their family pet susie was killed by a drunk driver. they stood by helplessly. at tonight's legal eagles here to weigh in, robert pattillo and law professor, andrew stratman. great to see you both. we start with exhibit a. at this is an attorney representing his family who was standing by, mom and a kid, saw a drunk driver killed their dog. they were asking the courts to acknowledge that pets are not like televisions, and when they are lost, it involves more than economic harm alone. andrew? >> look, he's wrong.
9:37 pm
i love fido, i love dogs, dogs are fantastic. it's a slippery slope. if you start saying dogs or something more than what they really are -- they aren't members of the family. okay? just because i love something doesn't mean it's a member of my family. i love my pool table, i love my swimming pool, i love a lot of things i have. it doesn't mean they are members of my family. i'm sorry, but you're never going to convince me of mary wise. >> shannon: it's up to a judge. what whether they can convince the judge. this is from the "philadelphia inquirer." and all but three states, pets of divorcing couples are treated like inanimate physical property, not like living breathing beings, who often hold up place of honor in a family. robert, why should this court see this pet differently? the impact on the family of its loss, and it's not considered in many divorce cases, they are considered just property. >> to paraphrase mitt romney,
9:38 pm
pets are people too. we have to understand there's a very clear difference between the way we treat inanimate objects or livestock in the way we treat pets who live in a home were also with us throughout the day, there there emotionally to support us. pets mourn her loss, they miss us when we are gone. they have us clear psychological impact on us. we have to follow the signs on these things. these animals are part of the family. they are part of our pack, if you would say. we have to treat them accordingly. if they do need a higher standard of care than something like a toaster or a knife or a shovel would be by the courts. >> shannon: this is robert stock, by the way. he's so super cute. >> you can follow him on instagram. he has his own instagram page. he's a mini boxer, a technical dog and his technical gear with his ammo box. you need to have a technical puppy like we have.
9:39 pm
>> shannon: super cute. andrew, we have your dog too. >> you know, my dog doesn't often instagram page, his name is bear, he's a chocolate lab, he's absolutely amazing. he's beautiful, i do love him, but if something happens to him, guess what? i can't sue for emotional affliction of distress, and can't do it. i love that dog, it doesn't mean i can recover damages. >> we taught the dog as a technical puppy to hit the road in case of emergency, that dog is part of the family as much as anybody else, therefore, there should be a higher gendered of care for him as anyone else who has a pet. >> shannon: this is biscuit, she has not learned to do anything tactical. she has learned how to be cute, and to work her bandanna and look at the azaleas in the backyard. there she is tending to them.
9:40 pm
listen, we counter as a member of the family around here. i'm not going to rule on this because i'm a biased or judge when it comes to the cuteness of dogs and how much they are part of your life. we will put it this to the jury. do you have major arguments, we will see what folks at home think. use the hashtag #nightcourtcloseddownat. thank you for being with us. maybe next time we will have the dogs in person. you know how that works on live tv. at united airlines planning to hire pilots on the color of their skin or their gender, how that news is being received tonight, next.
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>> the goal is not to make the country more woke, if you're the global ceo of coca-cola. what these global corporations are doing to some extent is using quibbling among the lower upper class to ignore class questions. be one that is hate crime hoax
9:45 pm
offer wilford riley, profiling woke activist, he believes are being used by corporate elites to distract americans from real issues. united airlines is planning for 50% diversity and its pilot planning dominic training program. they say that's the point, breaking it all done with the author of the upcoming book, woke inc. it's great to have you back with us. >> good to be here. >> shannon: okay, this is what we are finding out about united airlines. they tweet, our flight checks should reflect the diverse group of people on board airplanes every day. if that's what we plan for 50% of the 5,000 pilots we trained in the next decade to be women or people of color. to learn more and apply now. not everyone is a fan of this. >> i think we spent the last decade celebrating our diversity, and we forgot to actually celebrate excellence. the pursuit of excellence may be most important when you think
9:46 pm
about losing the cockpit. excellence is not in contention with the diversity, diversity of thought, diversity of experience -- i personally think the best way to screen candidates or pilots for the diversity of their thoughts is to screen them for the diversity of their thoughts. screen the candidates of diversity of experiences. i don't think using skin color or gender as proxies are heuristics for true diversity as the right way to go. excellence, opportunity, and stability atomic civility. >> shannon: i don't know why some of those words have become offensive to some people, the fact that you would work on a meritocracy or is he said, pursuing excellence, we can all do that, we all want to do that and whatever our chosen field is. thank goodness we live in a country where you pretty much have the opportunity to do that. joel berry says is, he says he went to college to be a pilot. this is his reaction to this. he says, how many bad pilots will be crammed through the
9:47 pm
flight program to meet diversity requirements question mike how many good pilots world lose their dreams for not having the right skin color? how long until this causes an accident? how many women and people of color would die in that accident? that's a worst-case scenario, but there has to be excellent pilots, iphone with pilots that are women, men, who are different race and ethnic backgrounds. i'm assuming they are good to go. >> i agree with you. i think there's something valuable in that tweet. it's a disservice to every female pilot and every pilot of color as expression goes, because they are looked at differently when you know they were put in a cockpit in part as a part of a function of affirmative action program that united put in place. if anything, if united wanted to increase diversity in its ranks, they could've done it without announcing it. instead, they are playing this game but they want to get the corporate credit. the people they throw on the bus are the people who may be there because of merit, who may be
9:48 pm
there because they are excellent, but their peers may no longer see them that way because of a product of the just dominic affirmative action program. america is really divided into tribes, their workers are divided into tribes to suffer. just be when there's a conversation about how woke corporation should be and how they should get involved in politics, whether they should or shouldn't, there's a lot of free speech here. people are free to vote with their dollars as well if they don't want to support an issue or a stance a corporation has taken. it jamie dimon of jpmorgan, the ceo, says this. companies like ours have an extraordinary capability to help, not just with funding, but with developing strong public policy, which can have a greater impact on society. he said he thinks company should be getting into the political arena. what do you think? >> i couldn't disagree more strongly. milton friedman might've said 50 years ago he was worried about democracy influencing companies and making them less efficient,
9:49 pm
i agree to some extent. the bigger concern is the reverse, the way in which companies are going to pollute our democracy. at this used to be the concern of liberals, it was a card-carrying progressive future to hate you and i did progressives ought to be every bit of concerned as conservatives. imagine if the tables were turned and every major corporation in america were demanding in favor of the georgia florida law, every progressive would see the procedural progress stomach problem as he conservatives do today. i think this is an integrity of democracy issue. for jamie dimon to have greater influence, that's good for a ceo. it's ultimately not good for america. i'll tell you one more thing, and the reverse direction, one of the things that brings us together is the preservation of these apolitical spaces, including companies, including sports, where people can come together in respect of their politics and color their skin and pursue common projects together. if that's part the fabric that
9:50 pm
holds our plan down the country together. it may be the unraveling as a people. just be when we need to support each other on, and chair forward together that don't divide us and bring us together. hopefully more if that is on the horizon. thank you. >> shannon: sometimes getting what you want is all about persistence. good news and good night, next.
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♪ ♪ >> shannon: some good news before we say good night. at first graders persuasive writing skills paid off during one of her class assignments. students i evening star elementary in arkansas were cast with writing persuasive letters. she decided to write a letter to old navy. she was tired of wearing jeans with fake pockets. she said, girls have stuff they need to put in their pockets, too. old navy not only responded, but center four pairs of jeans with actual pockets. kevin, you got good news too. i'd love that she took the time -- they actually responded. we do have stuff to put in our pockets. >> i love stories like that. i hope you will love this one, two. this will take you to the great state of texas, i love texas as you know. this is the story about a senior
9:55 pm
assisted living facility for dogs. if you probably know this if you love dogs is much as i do, sometimes senior dogs, they kind of age out, simply not adopted. how about a doggy retirement? were talking about a nonprofit over in texas right now, this canine sanctuary houses a little under 30 dogs with plans for expanding in the future. it's a chance for the older dogs who sometimes age out of adoption to have a place to stay, and a place for people like me to love them. >> shannon: we might have to run away from home and volunteer here, go work there. it looks like the cutest, happiest place. our last proper, moco, the chocolate thunder from down under lab live to be 16. we have experience, i could impress them with my resume that i actually know how to hang out with and care for older doggies. >> my heart goes out to you for having a dog that made it to 16. that means you are really good dog parent. good for you. >> shannon: we try to.
9:56 pm
if i ever disappear, go looking for me at that doggy ranch down there. that is where i will be. kevin, thank you very much. that's a very sweet story. it good morning or good night wherever you are. that's it for us from washington, i'm shannon bream. w♪ ♪ so you can quickly check the markets? yeah, actually i'm taking one last look at my dashboard before we board. excellent. and you have thinkorswim mobile- -so i can finish analyzing the risk on this position. you two are all set. have a great flight. thanks. we'll see ya. ah, they're getting so smart. choose the app that fits your investing style. ♪♪
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conservative governor. to take it away, tucker. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to tucker carlson tonight. you know what people care about most by what at the top of their to-do list. joe biden signed something called executive order on rebasing racial equity and support for underserved amenities. go out and see if you can figure out what it means. the document uses the term "equity" a total of 21 times and yet revealing weight never divines the word. biden never tells


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