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tv   Hannity  FOX News  April 7, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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we'll be back. tomorrow and every night at 8:00 p.m., the show that is the sworn enemy of mine, pomposity, smugness, and groupthink, sean hannity. >> sean: all right, tucker, and tonight we begin with the fox news alert. the southern border tonight, texas governor, greg abbott is now bringing to light sick, disturbing, frightening, credible allegations of real child sex abuse and incredibly abusive conditions inside of joe biden's migrant cages for kids. and tonight, the governor of texas is rightly demanding action. take a look. >> earlier today, the texas health and human services commission and the texas department of family and protective services separately received tips that alleged child abuse and neglect, at the
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coliseum behind me. these problems are a byproduct of president biden's open border policies and the lack of planning for the fall out from those disastrous policies. >> sean: now, remember governor abbott's child protective services have been denied access to even check on these children and the facilities. it is basically saying that they have become rape and torture abuse centers. kids, 14 feet off of walls, left in the most unsanitary conditions in these cages. overcrowded. is there a time you're going to pay attention and stop the abuse, go down to the border, address what is a self-inflicted catastrophe? children are allegedly being
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sexually abuse. any american day care center that remotely resumed these disgusting conditions, if they ever had pictures like this coming out of a day care center, they would be shut down immediately and the people responsible arrested for child abuse. biden should interview immediately and stop child speetwo seven and the abuse of migrants. and the american taxpayer should not be footing the bill for all of us. now, also tonight, remember the wild southern california car chase we showed you last night? remember that driver who saved the day question market will join us exclusively. you are going to want to see that. but first tonight, joe biden, the dominant after promising so, unity, unity over and over and
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over again, joe biden's words are ringing more hollow than ever before. his rhetoric is becoming more reckless, more divorced from real truth and real reality. but of course, it's all happening just as we predicted. remember, we were wanting you back in january, one bite and refuse to call out democrats amid their unconstitutionally post-presidency impeachment sham clown show that took place. yeah, that unity was never a priority. and his first day in office, biden signed a flurry of far left consecutive orders to kill american oil, gas, and energy jobs and make this country less energy independent. and since then, he has now surrendered his entire agenda too far left french socialist activists in the d.c. swamp and they are on a quest to abolish the filibuster, to pack the u.s. court and other courts, give c and puerto rico statehood along with trillions and trillions of new spending and debt to fund
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their radical far left green new deal madness. so, i ask you, are you feeling the unity tonight? and believe it or not, it's getting worse. joe biden is continuing to spew lies about everything from his noninfrastructure infrastructure package to georgia voting laws, where he has turned his back now on the good people of fulton and cobb county and the entire state of georgia and he continues to lie and play the race card, falsely calling georgia's new law jim crow 2.0. now, why is joe doing this? the law requires voter i.d. it creates the same verification standards for in person and voting by mail. how could anyone tolerate such racially-charge lies from joe biden? especially with his atrocious record. so, tonight, we would do with the media mob will never do. we will expose joe biden's phony pleas for unity, joel's history himself of what a sick, disgusting racial rhetoric dating back decades that the
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media never dares question the mob. because unlike the wolk extremists and the spineless corporate cowards, like major league baseball, coca-cola, and hundreds of other companies, we actually believe in facts and sober analysis on the show. i get this, we have actually read the georgia law and we compared it to delaware. we compared it to new york and we have compared it to colorado. it actually expands access to polling. it provides 17 days of early voting. it gives voters more flexibility to vote. it is far less restrictive than joe's home state in delaware. they don't even have any early voting. so, the question is why didn't joe ever do anything to reform the voting laws in his own state? because joe biden never once lifted a finger for the people of delaware for 50 plus years. and if joe and the democrats and all these major corporations want to start this conversation about race and pushing boycotts
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and we can't avoid but talk about joe biden's history of saying things like this. >> madam president, we have predators on our streets. >> the largest population is indian-american. moving from india. you cannot go to a 7-eleven or if dunkin' donuts unless you have a slight indian accent. i'm not joking. >> what kind of a chance what a northeastern liberal like joe biden stand in the south? stick a better than anybody else. you don't know my state. my state was a state. he is articulate and bright and clean. >> they are going to put you all back in chains. you got more questions? if you have a problem, figure out whether you are for me or trump and you ain't black.
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>> sean: yep. any comment from major league baseball, delta, airlines, coca-cola, any of the other 200 companies that believe joe biden's big lie about georgia's lobby and crow 2.0? you seem to be so concerned about racism, are you going to call out joe biden for his rhetoric over the years? what about joe biden working. work closely to stop the integration of schools in america because he was worried about his words, our schools becoming racial jungles? joe biden's words. why are you silent on joe biden? why are all of these companies silent on joe biden? why are you protecting him? and what about the 2022 olympics in beijing for all you advertisers and all you businesses now that are so interested in politics customer what about the human rights abuses all across china today? where is your outrage at mlb? the league just did a huge deal
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with china. the league, they are headquartered in new york. these are all fair questions, because these corporations have all fallen for joe biden's jim crow 2.0 lie and they have thrown the working people of georgia under the bus. they have screwed hardworking men and women to the tune of an estimated $100 million now in lost revenue. and now thankfully, there is at least one organization refusing to capitulate augusta national golf club had this to say about the boycotts ahead of the start of the masters, which has taken place in augustine tomorrow. take a look. >> the right to vote is fundamental in our democratic society. no one should be disadvantaged in exercising that right. and it is critical that all citizens have confidence in the electoral process. there have been calls for boycotts and other punitive measures.
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unfortunately, those actions often impose the greatest burdens on the most vulnerable in our society. and in this case, that includes our friends and neighbors here in augusta for the very focus of the positive difference we are trying to make. >> sean: joe biden, stacey abrams, all the people of georgia an apology. they have been positively lying about the georgia law, whine about calling it jim crow 2.0. absolutely lying about joe's commitment to unity. you want to see unity? take a look. you decide. >> it requires much more than words. it requires the most elusive of all things in a democracy. unity. for-profit operations and businesses are speaking up about how these new jim crow laws are
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just antithetical to who we are. i pledge to be a president who seeks not to divide, but unified. i am worried about how un-american this whole initiative is. it's sick. it's sick. we have overcome incredible challenges as a nation and we have done it before and we will do it again. we'll do it by coming together, by uniting after years of pain and loss. it is the most pernicious thing. this makes jim crow look like jim eagle. i mean, this is gigantic. >> sean: joe, your state laws, delaware, far more restrictive. do you feel the unity yet? voter i.d. is practical. it is necessary. it is a step to ensure that not only georgians, residents of any state for that matter have confidence in their election results. now, we have election integrity.
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that is a simple concept. by the way, do you know where else you need to show an i.d., joe? if any american, you get an opportunity, you want to enter joe's bright house, you need to show a picture i.d. to get in or else you are not getting it. want to go to the capital, visit the people's house or visit your congressman or woman? you need an i.d. go to the democratic national convention, you need a picture i.d., get on an airplane, buy a house, buy alcohol, six-pack, cigarettes. apply for food stamps, apply for a job, apply for welfare programs, medicare, medicaid, unemployment, drive-by, rent-a-car, purchase a gun, adopt a pet, rent a hotel room, pick up a prescription, donate blood, purchase oh, allegra d or cold medicines and on, and on, and on. you need a picture i.d. it is that also jim crow 2.0? welcome of course not. now, voter integrity, voter i.d. are not the only things that joe was lying about. he has continued to try to sell
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his massive spending packages, pretending it's about emergency covid relief and infrastructure when in reality it's all been about a socialist takeover of our economy and turning far left fantasies into this new nightmarish reality. so, what are the democrats doing to deflect? they are trying to redefine the words claiming that pretty much anything and everything counts as either infrastructure or emergency covid relief. look at this tweet. far left new york senator, kirsten gillibrand. child care is infrastructure. caregiving is infrastructure. no, senator, it's not infrastructure. but hey, joe, you know what is infrastructure? yeah, the keystone xl pipeline project you killed. the dakota pipeline. energy resources in alaska. when, joe, are you going to apologize for destroying the six-figure career hardworking
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jobs for american energy workers? now, is just one of the many reasons the biden administration has to lie to you, towhee, the american people and they are getting more desperate by the day. and even pete buttigieg now was caught this week falsely claiming that the package would create 19 million jobs. that was a lie too, just like joe got blown over by the wind three times and that is why he kept falling on the stairs getting up to air force one. that was a lie. the number, by the way included 16.3 million jobs that he projected would be added, even if his infrastructure proposal never became the law. he was just off a mere 16 million jobs on that lie. like clockwork, rather than admit obvious mistakes, democrats, they do it they always do. when all else fails, play the race card. they do it every two years, every four years. now he is claiming that highways are the infrastructure.
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it is racist. he needs to be totally overhauled to pursue so-called racial equality in the country. i guess now according to democrats, roads are not racist. they need to apologize for it. honest question, is there anything in this country that democrats won't try to reduce to race that divides us when we should actually be united. this is democratic playbook every election come every two years, every four years. like congresswoman, comparing the law to south african apartheid. what it is doing is dangerous, it's diabolical, but unfortunately it is not at all surprising. remember the covid relief package hardly went to the covid relief. there was no emergency relief. it was only 9%. the infrastructure package doesn't focus on infrastructure. and it is their hr one sr one bills that are the actual attack on election integrity. their entire rallying cry
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continues to be based on lies on the only way they can get their agenda passed is to try to prevent you from actually knowing what are in these bills. so, let me ask a question, joe biden vowed that his top priority was unity. how could anyone at this point believe that or believe that he fell three times because the wind blew him over, it was a windy day? here now, dr. ben carson is with us. your initial reaction first as a medical doctor to these reports, we have been reporting on and we have our investigative report from the border tonight. the perilous journey of these unaccompanied minors. the violence that often takes place. the speed 27 that has taken place. now it has taken place as governor abbott has described. they have tried to keep child protective services from seeing these kids. now that they are seeing them, now they are reporting these atrocities are happening. your reaction as a medical doctor. >> well, having spent almost my
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entire professional career dealing with children and the issues of children, obviously it breaks my heart to see these children being treated this way. and i don't know that anybody really cares that much. they are being used as pawns like so many of us are being used in this effort to divide this country. you know, i think it is going out of very macro level. you have to remember about 60 years ago, they said your children's children will live under communism and we won't have to fire a shot. what was he talking about? he was talking about the ability to gain control of our educational system so you can indoctrinate the kids, gain control of the media so that you can spoon-feed the people only what you want them to hear, exclude the things you didn't want them to hear. he was talking about replacing god and confidence in god with government. he was talking about raising the debt to such incredible levels that you could justify massive
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taxation, redistribution of wealth, and complete control by the government. we need to wake up. we need to go back and read some of the stuff that was going on decades ago when people were predicting what was going to happen. and we need to tort it. the best way is to realize that this is the united states of america and we have to recognize those who would try to divide us. >> sean: we have states like delaware, new york, and colorado that are far more restrictive voting laws and the new law in georgia. but that's a net stop joe biden, who now numerous times have referred to it as 2.0, jim crow. >> does he know what jim crow is? >> sean: do you know what day of the week it is? >> [laughs] have you read about the lives of people who had to suffer under that system? not only of extreme segregation
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come about unfairness, incredible violence that was going on. this is nothing like that. and these laws in georgia apply to everyone. they don't specifically apply to one group of people. and i find it quite offensive for people to assume that black people cannot get a voter i.d. cannot get any kind of an official i.d. i don't know any black people like that. i don't know where they are finding these people. but the fact of the matter is black people are just like anybody else. and tremendous progress has been made. and all of a sudden they are becoming victims because the media and politicians find it to their advantage to create those. >> sean: he never changed the laws in delaware. far more restrictive than georgia. it's outrageous what he's done here. dr. carson from great to see you again. thank you. also tonight, a republican running for the senate, pennsylvania calling out biden's history of disturbing racial rhetoric releasing a viral video. take a look.
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>> the white man that sits at 1600 pennsylvania avenue believes he has the power to take away my blackness because i'm a conservative. joe biden, after the november election in 2022, you can call me something else. this black conservative woman is going to become the next united states senator from the commonwealth of pennsylvania. >> sean: here with reaction, fox news contributor, civil rights attorney, leo 2.0 along with -- cathy barnett is with us. kathy, i watched your entire video. it was very impressive. you would be the first african-american woman as a republican in the senate. from all i can see. i hope that happens. >> you know, you and me both, right? but i can tell you this, if peoe
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are truly sick and tired. just listening to your opening statement, i now understand why so many of your guests come on completely hyped up. because you cannot hear what you were just speaking about with dr. carlson just speaking about and not be completely heartbroken and unnerved by what is taking place in our country right now. you know, we were on that battlefield and it was intentional at gettysburg. that particular area is one of the most defining moments in the civil rights, in the civil war. we could have lost it at that particular moment, but we didn't. i believe because of providence. but none of the less, we are in a battle for the very definition of who we are as a nation. who are we? that is the question that our culture, our nation right now is asking. and people need to begin to rise up, speak out, and push back against the lunacy and the illogic that is being used right now to divide us. they are simply using the color
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of my skin to divide this nation and to fundamentally change who we are. and since democrats love talking about my skin color i decided to talk about it as well. i am not a victim. i am a victor in this nation and i know exactly where i come from and i know exactly why i am where i am today. if it was up to socialism, i would still be -- >> sean: leo 2.0 terrel, i keep hearing herschel walker may run in the great state of georgia. i do like the liberal democrats to be the party of the coastal elites. i'm fine with that. party of working men and women, minorities in america, that ought to be the conservative movement and the republican party moving forward. >> that is donald trump. what he did to bring me to the party, to bring cathy, herschel walker, and that is why the democrats are playing the race
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card 24/7. sean, your opening monologue would be evidence that i can use in court to prove that joe biden is a racist. it laid it out perfectly. it's the reason why left the democratic party. joe biden is a racist and because of his mental capabilities, he may not even know it, but he is a racist. and the problem is simply this. he owes georgia an apology because everyone who has any common sense knows that jim crow does not exist. that is a lie. that's a big live. i honestly believe, sean, he is playing this race card while he has hr one, while the borders are unsecure, and while he bankrupts this country with a massive tax bill. i think it's a diversion. one last point, democrats are worried that blacks are leaving the party. people like herschel, people like leo terrel, because we figured it out. they don't want us to become independent. that is why they keep us in those poorly-run public schools that keep us in poverty.
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>> sean: does that mean you are endorsing cathy? i can hear it. i don't know, i'm just listening. reading between the headlines. >> cathy and i are going to talk big time. i'll be in pennsylvania. we went all right, directly ahead, sara carter lie from the border. mark meadows next. and later, that california car traced we showed you yesterday, they came to a conclusion because of the heroism of one g. that person will join us straight ahead. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> sean: we returned to the growing security crisis of the southern border were texas governor, greg abbott earlier tonight revealed disturbing credible allegations of child sex abuse inside of one of biden's migrant facilities. senator not calling for a full
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federal investigation into the allegations at the san antonio migrant facility. well, where's joe biden? where's kamala harris? they should be intervening immediately to stop child rape and abuse of migrants at american taxpayer dollars. they should not foot the bill for any of this. our own investigative reporter, sara carter. now, we have heard about this and you reported on this that these incidents happened during this perilous journey. for a lot of these undocumented people, illegal immigrants are saying they came because joe invited them. now they are getting in and this is what they are telling us after all we've seen in cages. >> yeah sean, there isn't a law enforcement official or somebody involved in this crisis including human health services, personnel that don't say that this is one of the biggest challenges they have ever had. they also say that this is the
6:29 pm
worst they have ever seen the border. remember, sean, these facilities are overcrowded. the one that governor abbott is talking about is housing over 1300 teenagers. they say that there are number of reports of sexual abuse in that facility as well as the inability to separate children who have tested covid positive from children who are testing covid negative. and they want that facility shut down. there is also the issue, sean, of ms-13 and other gang members in the facilities. we know that there was a recent arrest of an el salvador in, a 28-year-old who crossed the border in california and is allegedly an ms-13 gang member. a lot of these gang members are now going without tattoos. law enforcement officials say it is very difficult to distinguish who are the gang members, who has been imprisoned and who hasn't. and also, another big, big concern right now is the national security implications that we are facing here at the southern border. i got to spend the day with
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congressman, jim jordan from ohio, and he was out on the border with me. and he has been listening getting briefed by law enforcement officials here. he discussed the real security concerns that he had and how all of those concerns aren't just at the border, but they travel inland into the united states, into the midwest, where he sees an increase of drug addiction in ohio and other issues that our nation is facing because of the criminal organizations. sean, everybody here wants a solution. they said that biden administration needs to deliver that solution and the need to pay attention to what is happening here. >> sean: investigative reporter, sara carter at the border tonight. as we have been reporting, texas governor, governor abbott made shocking allegations about what is happening in biden's migrant detention centers here we have already witnessed with our own eyes biden's cages for kids. >> in short, this facility is a health and safety nightmare.
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the biden administration is now presiding over the abuse of children to end this abuse, the biden administration must immediately shutdown this facil. while we wait on the biden administration to act, i am directing the department of public safety and the texas rangers to immediately begin investigating these allegations. >> sean: this is an unmitigated disaster, a full-blown crisis directly resulting from biden's open border policies. there seems to be no plan at all to address the real problems. it has now been two whole weeks biden and kamala harris, and she has yet to hold a single news conference on the topic and not even be briefed on the border. in fact, one showing you before when asked by a reporter, she just laughed, which she often
6:32 pm
does. kamala, what's so funny? you found the time to make trips to connecticut. spent almost a week in california and visited in chicago. no time to go down and address kids living in the cages you and joe are building? the unmitigated disaster customer care now with reaction, former white house chief of staff, mark meadows and at the border tonight was sara carter's congressman jim jordan. congressman jordan, if an american day care center, we showed the american people pictures of images we have now seen for weeks. overcrowding in biden's cages. kids in cages. and now, what we are learning tonight, now, what we have learned about terrorists being apprehended, don't you think the day care center owner would be handcuffed and taken right to jail, jim jordan? >> yeah. particularly when the rules say under covid protocol you're supposed to have 33 peered we saw just yesterday that they had 527 children they are, sean.
6:33 pm
and this is a come of this is a problem. this is a crisis. this is chaos that could have been if they had him down but in place the policies that resident from pad and place that were actually working. the reason they won't let the press back into the facilities is because they are afraid that the american people are going to find out exactly what is going on down here. how chaotic it is and it could be stopped if we would just put in place, excuse me, keep in place the policies that were there under president trump. >> sean: you know, mark meadows, they won't allow the media to go in and investigate and see these. the only reason we have a lot of these images are from people who bravely went in there and took pictures that they tried to erase. number two, border patrols are forbidden from giving interviews and ride along. if these happen to come of these interviews, we are now seeing these allegations of abuse and rape even, if donald trump or president, you were right there,
6:34 pm
how do you think the media in this country would be react and mark >> welcome of the media would be up and arms. you have done more reporting on the border than most of the other networks combined. and when we look at that, the borders are kamala harris has spent more time with an interior decorator redecorating the naval observatory that has 33 rooms, then she has at the border. it is time that the american people get the whole truth. i can tell you, if it was president trump, they would have been down there with cargo loads of cameras to try to make sure that the american people. they are using the bunker mentality for joe biden and kamala harris. and now is the time to make sure that we go back to the policies that work under president donald trump. >> sean: and those policies were simple, jim jordan. stay in mexico, continued border wall construction. and end catch and release, which
6:35 pm
was ended under president trump. >> yeah, those three policies, and president trump called it a couple weeks before he left office in january paid he said to the democrats, if you had the policies we put -- goat that is exactly what we are seen. and sean, you should remember all the people watching the show tonight, you can't get into your capital to exercise your first amendment rights to petition your government. you can't get into your capital, but anybody and everybody can now get into your country. and all kinds of bad things are happening to the kids on this journey. the agents were clear, sean. put back in place the remaining mexico policy, continue to build the wall and we will stop this and get this thing under control and have the legal immigration that we are supposed to have, not the chaos and crisis that we now see on the board appeared >> sean: mark meadows, what do you make of the constant georgia's voting laws are far more open than joe biden's delaware?
6:36 pm
not even close. >> listen, it diminishes what we all know that was horrific about jim crow laws, that separate but equal, and the unbelievable way that people were treated not too long ago. to suggest that a law that was passed that actually creates a fair and free election in georgia is anything close to that is just plain dumb like playing a card that quite franky joe biden jeanette play and knows better than to play. >> sean: all right, mark meadows, jim jordan at the border. when we come back, joe biden set to announce new gun-control measures. we expect he will use more executive action. larry elder. they are here to explain why that is a really bad and dangerous idea. remember last night, high speed chase that ended thanks to a hero truck driver. he will join tonight. ♪ ♪ are you ready to join the duers? those who du more with less asthma.
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♪ ♪ >> sean: tonight we are learning more about joe biden's executive action on gun control, which we expect will be formally unveiled tomorrow, so called "ghost guns" among other things, his plans to dramatically reshape the country seems to have no end insight. neither does the demonstration's lack of transparency. here with a quick reaction, nationally syndicated, both of them are actually. dana loesch and larry elder. dana, i look at what the proposal is. i see we are going to use executive action again and bypass the branch of government as usual. i would inspect a lot of challenges. but in the interim, that will probably be something law-abiding gun owners will have to abide by.
6:42 pm
>> yeah, and sean, you are right to note the executive action is completely also to bypass congress. because he doesn't have the political capital in the senate to get this done. there is no way that joe biden is going to convince a number of senators and plenty of people like joe manchin that i would even waver to sign onto some of the stuff. we've got to do and end run around congress to use executive action. of course, that only go so far. it is his term. and then if there is a republican president, they can undo it. but to go after hobbyists, i just want to make this very clear for everyone watching the show. ghost gone" is a term used by people who have no idea that thy federally regulated. it is 18 usc 923 goes through i-k. it is also covered by national firearm. so, this is already federal law. there is no gun that can be sold without a serial number and that is why they call them ghost gun.
6:43 pm
if you are a hobbyist, if you want to go out into your shed, i think most dudes do, you want to go outcome you want to go to your garage, whatever, make a firearm for your personal use, you can. if you are going to sell it to larry, you need to serialize it. if either of you don't follow the law, there are serious lines associated with that dirt so this is ultimately, there is a lot more here than just what is on the surface. but this is already covered by federal law. >> sean: if you are a lawyer. >> well, is there any evidence whatsoever that any of these measures that joe biden wants to do would have stopped any of these gun shootings? i'm in california. we have the most restrictive gun laws in the union. we just had a shooting here and the gun laws did not stop it. just once, just once i would want someone to ask him, madame press secretary, can you tell me how the americans last year our lives? because somebody was able to use a gun for self-defense.
6:44 pm
that person would have been dead. we never have a discussion about how many americans use a firearm for self-defense every single year, but for the firearm, they would have been dead. where is that discussion? democrats are always wanting to have an unpleasant discussion. how many americans are alive because a firearms? >> sean: it's a fundamental question here and i will ask most, both of you the same question. i have been a pistol marksman since i was 11 and they didn't have a fingerprint safe like i do next to my bed. now, the issue is, what do you do if god forbid summative breaks into your house, wants to bring harm to you and your family? i know what i'm going to do. i will protect my family, dana. i don't know what other people that don't seem to want a second amendment will do. >> and that is the
6:45 pm
million-dollar question. how are you going to defend yourself? i will point out that larry just said something incredibly important and this dovetails into what you are asking, sean. if we are going to have a serious discussion about gun control and if we are going to have a discussion about fatalities and homicides that are mostly carried out by prohibited possessors, it is fair to include in the entire conversation all of the lives that are saved annually with defensive gun usage. sean, i know that you carry and you support the second amendment. same with larry. same with me. i know what i am going to do and i had to face this because i have had people who don't like me come to my home and tried to break in. thankfully, i wasn't there. but as i told fort worth police, that would have been a different story had i been there. so i know what i would do. it is something i practice on. law-abiding gun owners are the only people that i know that practice and do everything that they can to improve their skill set so they never have to use it. and that needs to be included in this conversation. >> sean: fast-forward, larry.
6:46 pm
>> well sean, i live in the city and i have guns particularly distributed through out my house. if somebody comes in, we are going to have a very short brief conversation. that's all i can tell you. >> sean: yeah, okay. i'm not coming over for dinner tomorrow. dana, i don't know about you, but we will come over unannounced. >> just tell him you are coming. [laughs] >> sean: all right, thank you both. bypassing an entire branch of government. we come back, last night on this program, we showed you that high-speed car chase and it did end because of one person, the hero of the story joins us next. ♪ ♪ aliens are real, alright. there's just too much evidence. kill weeds not the lawn with roundup for lawns products.
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>> sean: all right, a suspect wanted in connection with a murder leaving police in all wild high-speed chase, nearly 9e crashing into the side of a big rig. here with a full report on it, bill volusia. he is with fox 11, l.a. >> sean, good evening to you. i think this is a pursuit that a lot of folks out here in southern california are going to remember for quite some time, not just because of how dangerous this was, but because of how this case came to an end with a good samaritan getting involved. so let's go ahead and show it to you if we can pull some audio up. this was about 30 miles east of los angeles. as you mentioned, this was a high speed pursuit of a murder suspect in a large pickup truck. he had a female passenger with him. incredibly dangerous. this guy was driving incredibly recklessly. at some point, he was driving on the wrong side of the road and oncoming traffic, narrowly
6:52 pm
avoiding hitting oncoming cars. and this went on for quite some time until it went on the surface streets in pomona. and this is when this truck driver decided he was going to take matters into his own hands. you see some video here from the truck driver appeared we have some ground watching the suspect come by him and he dished dominic takes his truck and slams into him. he told me he did it on purpose. it was instant. he felt he had to bring this pursuit to an end and he knew it was a murder suspect. now come on top of that, after that happen, both suspects were taken into custody. the female passenger, for whatever reason comeau was let go by police. i had a chance to catch up with her in a really bizarre exchange and a gas station where she kind of held an impromptu press conference. she said that murder suspect was her friend and he had picked her up. take a listen. >> he wanted to help his friend. so i said it's all good. we are going to help your
6:53 pm
friend. >> police said he is wanted for murder. did you know that? it might have been self-defense. if they ask that? or did they just say it's murder? >> and the hero of the day, obviously that truck driver. he told us again it was kind of in his nature to get involved and stop it. because of his actions, it was put to an end. sean, we will send it back to you. all right, thank you. joining us with more is ahmed shabaan. he is the truck driver. he is the one who put an end to that chase. thank you for being with us. >> thank you. >> sean: now you know the danger that you are facing. you saw what was happening. how do you know that that car needed to be stopped and did it take a lot of thought or was it just instinctive for you? >> well, i saw them chasing him
6:54 pm
about 5 blocks before where i hit him. i was talking to my friend on the phone. i was telling him, hey, there is a car being chased by like 40-50 stops. and he was like, yeah, that guy is a murder. and i'm like no way. i kept going. and then maybe about five or 7 minutes later, he comes again but from behind me. and i was looking in my right rearview mirror and i was watching him coming through the gas station. and then i had a red light and i just had to bring my truck a little bit ahead just to see which direction he was going to turn into, which was right or left and then he took a left. so, my intention really was to block the entire section. but by the time my truck reacted and he gunned his truck and i
6:55 pm
gunned mine and we just slammed into each other. so yeah. >> sean: is there a gofundme page to help repair the damage to your truck? i mean, you certainly deserve that for your heroism. is there anything up there? >> yeah, i believe my wife set it up under ahmed shabaan. >> sean: i am going to put it up on my website i would like to donate myself. a lot of people don't want to get involved. you did it instinctively. you knew it was dangerous. you did it anyway. heroism and courage. thank you for what you did. ♪ ♪ all right, coming up next, another hero of the day. seems like he wins this honor at least once a week. we will tell you who it is coming next. ♪ ♪
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[sfx: rainstorm] ♪♪ comfort in the extreme. ♪♪ the lincoln family of luxury suvs. >> sean: we have a villain of the day. the sexual harassment
7:00 pm
allegations of new york governor cuomo. an accuser said the governor groped her and reached under her blouse. how does he have a job. brian, i will give you a wake up call. no excuses if you are tired tomorrow. >> it's awkward. i was going to text you. would you fill in for me tomorrow? >> sean: [laughing]. >> could you get to the city? >> sean: i don't go to bed until 3 a.m. the odds getting up in time to be ready for fox and friends pretty low. i might need a little more notice. >> and you will smell like liquor. >> john: probably. >> i