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tv   FOX News Primetime  FOX News  April 7, 2021 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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on special report, the pros and cons of vaccine shopping. experts say, don't do it. could that mean fewer people getting the shots? thanks for watching special report, i'm john roberts in washington go to fox news prime time, hosted by mark steyn starts right now. >> mark: i love that idea of iran getting another signing bonus. great show, let's get to it. good evening, and welcome to fox news prime time. i mark steyn, and we have belated news from january the 6th insurrection. five people died in the storming of the bastille to .0, if you all the court unix of the american media, you will know if are as you will born, they died at the hands of a domestic terrorist movement so serious with its necessitated ongoing military occupation in military
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d.c. it today, the chief medical examiner of the district of columbia issued the official causes of death to the dead of january the sixth. to do with deceased died of natural causes, specifically hypertensive cardiovascular disease. a sad, but not murder. at the death of a third has been ruled accidental due to acute amphetamine intoxication, also sad, but also not murder. that leaves to prove goal, you've heard of brian >> secretary psaki: , the police officer who died the following day. the court unix told you he was hit in the head by a fire extinguisher. that is completely false. which is why weeks later, "the new york times" quietly corrected that story, but only after everyone had fallen for it and moved on. apparently, the chief medical examiner three months on still cannot determine why officer
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died. his cause of death remains pending. at that leads to a name you've probably forgotten, an unarmed woman shot dead by police officer at near point-blank range. that death has been ruled a homicide, that's a medical ruling, not a judicial one, but still. a five dead, two of natural causes, one accidental, one still of unknown -- the only homicide was at the hands of the state by the member of the capitol police. the american media joined with nancy pelosi and company, in the masked ranks of trump supporter's as domestic terrorists, former presidential candidate tulsi gabbard finds me now. it's always great to see you. there's something very bizarre going on in america right now. normally, the state is very hard to steer, like the titanic. yet, all of our key agencies in
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the so-called intelligence community have turned on a dime and decided that the biggest threat to america is domestic extremism, whatever that is. >> whatever that is is exactly the glaring problem with this, mark. as this new campaign and focus against white supremacist, raci, domestic extremist is launched, none of these terms -- if you look at the term white supremacist -- many agree, it's the philosophy of the kkk and -- people who believe the white races superior, and therefore must have power and control over all other races. we live in a world's now where we have people in power who say, if you are white, you are a white supremacist weather you know it or not. if you're right, you are a
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racist. if you follow that approach, that means that any white person in america could be the target of surveillance. if you look at -- what is domestic extremism? is it being extremely patriotic? being a domestic extremist? if you look at our service members and veterans who have been targeted and pointed out by those in our government as being vulnerable to being domestic extremist, i've served with incredible great patriots. as a veteran and soldier myself, people who are willing to lay their lives down and die for this great country that we love -- is this who they are talking about when they are saying that we need to look out for a domestic extremist? it's absolutely outrageous, and it's offensive, offensive to those i've served with, including those who have paid the ultimate price and given their lives in service to our
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country. this is a danger of the direction where we seem to be had it, and to the fact that these terms, these broad targets they are pointing out really are not being clearly defined at all. >> is in a also the opposite of what you do if you have a real terrorism movement? the object of terrorism is to terrorize, so as after 9/11, the president on the government side, don't be terrorized, go about your normal lives. and now the government seems to be trying to get hundreds of millions of americans worked up over a domestic terror threat that doesn't exist. because the direction they are taking is not only dangerous and how broad and vague it is, it's dangerous in the threat that it poses to our constitution. under constitutional right. you mentioned 9/11, you look at these broad, far-reaching laws like the patriot act that were
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passed, we see now for almost 20 years how those authorities have infringed on our civil liberties, and our constitutional rights. instead of doing the right thing in our government and in congress, democrats and republicans are both responsible for this, saying, get rid of those things so we are upholding our constitution instead of doing that in the wake of january 6th, you have democrats and republicans thing, you know what? what we need is to pass more laws that further infringe on our civil liberties, that further allow for mass surveillance on americans. this points exactly the wrong direction that are leaders in our country are dangerously headed. >> mark: we were told to back when all that stuff started, don't worry about your cell phone it so we can eavesdrop on some guy sitting in a cave in -- who wants to get up to stem tell mike something, and he's putting it on his
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cell phone. there are quite open turning these tools, these very sophisticated tools, most lavishly funded agencies on earth, on their own citizens. >> not only doing so through our own government agencies, but also looking to these big social media tech giants, whether it's facebook, google, youtube, or others to essentially act as proxy. we've seen reports recently that our national security apparatus is directly working with these social media giants to further encroached upon our civil or atomic liberties and further surveilled the actions, activities, words, thoughts, political affiliations or what not of every across the country. again, moving in a dangerous direction, this is being done by leaders in our government who
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have taken of to uphold and protect our constitution makes it even more treacherous. >> mark: are you concerned about the politicized patient -- something even as routine as a medical examiner's office -- it seems to me somewhat unlikely that three months on they cannot state what he died of. it also seems to me disturbingly politicized like -- we have no ideas the same time the policeman is on trial in minneapolis, we have no idea who shot an unarmed woman inside the united states capital. these facts are known to the authorities, but for some reason, the people of the united states aren't allowed to be privy to them.
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>> this issue with politicizing our government institutions at a very basic level is one of the reasons why so many americans have lost faith and trust in these institutions, because they've seen how they are used, essentially, as political tools or weapons to serve one side or the other. if this is directly linked to the issue we started this conversation with, which is, if you have these vague terms that really can be applied to a very large swath of people, that can change depending on who's in power. who is a domestic extremist at this point? it becomes defined by whoever is in power, and two they choose to use our institutions to target. >> mark: absolutely, great to see you tonight. i really appreciate your input. also with us is the author of
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the brand-new book, securing democracy, my fight for press freedom and justice in brazil. glenn greenwald. one, we've talked about this curious delay in establishing a cause of death for perhaps the most famous person to die as a result, supposedly, what happened on january 6 -- januar. why aren't they releasing it? >> it's really bizarre. the reason it so important, is he's the only person they can claim actually died as a result of violence by pro-trump supporters. they spent a month claiming this whole story that he had his head bashed in by a fire extinguisher by a pro-trump mod that turned
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out to be totally false. it even ended up out of joe biden's mouth, and being part of the record of the impeachment trial against false trumpappeared to this day, we dt know why he died. this new report makes clear that everyone else we know the cause, with him, we don't. how can that be? how is it that they won't release the autopsy? why is it remaining such a mystery? >> mark: it's actually disgraceful the capital city of the so supposedly free nation. in your new book which came out yesterday, you have press freedom, the words press freedom in the title. it supposedly there is press freedom, yet they all agreed mysteriously, instantly, on an utterly false narrative, how does that happen? >> the whole point of the book -- we did your long expose.
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they came after us, tried to prosecute and imprison me in, investigate me. the reason i wrote the book wasn't about brazil but journalism to say, when you do journalism the right way, you cleanse democracy. i don't attack media because i hate journalism, i think journalism -- when it becomes a source of propaganda, this kind of in group hiding where they mindlessly stayed the same thing, afraid to question one another, then it leads to a really poisonous discourse where the public is misled, and the truth is -- instead of eliminated which is the point of journalism. >> mark: preacher, glenn. that's a great phrase, cleansing democracy. you should use that as the title of your next book. coming up, we have -- not just glenn and tells me, we have two of the great thinkers of our time. greg gutfeld and -- wait, that can't be right, he's broken into
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>> mark: here's the story, these come on every day, don't make a lot of noise because everyone is protesting racism by moving their ball game to an overwhelming white town. beijing now has more billionaires than new york city. in the last year, the chinese capital has overtaken the big apple to beat the billionaire capital of the world. take a look at the house, everything in it is made in
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china, not just the kitchen plates and t-shirts, we are told in the nine days, forget about manufacturing. it's not viable for americans to make widgets and clothing. we're going to be the knowledge economy. they made all of our 5g stuff. they've reduced america to a cheap service economy, brewster, the night clerks at the convenience store. they also make our bonuses, and they make the personal protective equipment that protects you against those viruses. they make our medicine, swabs, and u.s. diplomats undergo to test for the virus. it don't worry, they say that was just accidental. don't get creeped out by the blunt symbolism of our respective positions.
4:20 pm
what they are making right now is the world's biggest birthday cake for the 100th birthday of the chinese communist party in a couple of months' time. that's a big deal to chairman g. went to get the man who has everything? he's got all the body parts he needs, and he's using hong kong's constitution to light the barbecue at his beach house. the american military is warning that china is probably accelerating its timetable to capturing control of taiwan, the unnamed democracy that is widely seen as the most ugly trigger for a potentially catastrophic u.s. and china war. catastrophic for whom? they make all of our aspirins, and our batteries. a couple of weeks into the board to liberate taiwan, we have the mother of all splitting headaches, because none of our electronic gizmos would work.
4:21 pm
there were just going to have more more of those page 37 new stories about the latest exciting new chinese swab billionaires until even our brain-dead state department figures it out. here's a fellow who purports to be america's secretary of state, laying down the law like it's 1977. >> each of these actions threatened the order that maintains stability. i'm hearing deep satisfaction that united states is back. i'm also hearing deep concern about some of the actions or government has taken. >> mark: here's his opposite number, telling him to stick it where the covid swab don't shine. >> we hope the united states will do better on human rights. there are many problems within the united states regarding human rights, which is cemented
4:22 pm
by the u.s. itself as well. the challenges facing the united states and human rights are deep-seated. they did not just emerge over the past four years, such as black lives matter. it did not come up only recently. >> mark: china accused america of slaughtering african-americans. let us know when the birthrate drops by over 60% of a couple of years like the birthrate has. to joe biden, these are merely different cultural norms. >> president biden: what he's doing in the western mountains of china, and taiwan trying to end the one china policy by making it forceful -- i said -- he gets it. culturally, there are different norms that each country, and their leaders are expected to follow. >> mark: cultural norms, what
4:23 pm
happens when those cultural norms have applied to tibet, then to hong kong, and taiwan, and eventually the entire planets. it don't worry, given china and our economy, it will make it more like us. all of the smart guys know that. it just a few years ago, such a great geopolitical thinker that he's been advisors to both obama and romney, he wrote, just as the british could safely cede power to a rising united states, so americans could have an easier time ceding some power and influence across the pacific to a rising democratic china. i marveled that anyone can type that sentence without realizing the absurdity of the comparison. forget the brits, if you talk to the french, they will say. we blew it at the battle, we've had two centuries of anglo-american imperialism, those vulgar yahoos are not like
4:24 pm
we are created the chinese take the long view. half a millennium of euro-american dominance, french, brits, portuguese, the lot, is coming to an end, the world is being returned to its rightful masters. and a lot sooner than most of us think. newt gingrich is here come he's a remarkable figure, the most consequential republican speaker of the last century. he knows all of the stuff, how to get your legislation through, how to inflict a swing district, all the micro-politics of the 24/7 hamster wheel, but he also has a very farsighted grasp of the big picture, which is what we want to talk to newt about today. it's great to see -- go with this where you want, is it too late to do anything about china supplying to america, if so, what are the consequences for all of us?
4:25 pm
>> i think you are basically right in the morning that if we don't change direction, china will probably be the dominant country in the world, and that has really bad implications for all of us, because nobody who has ever experienced a chinese totalitarian system has any great desire to see that applied in the united states. it's a terrible system. if it tortures people, it locks people up, it totally sensors them. it's a tremendously efficient machine of tyranny. i'm an optimist. i think we've been challenged before, and we've come back with enormous success. i think -- in fact, i'm writing a book called, beyond bite and come over i am looking beyond the current disaster. actually think this will be a very educational year. magic, and i think people will come out of it dramatically more
4:26 pm
conservative, and more ready to take on the chinese. one of the examples is, we've got to break the power of the teachers union to continue destroying children. with the greatest ally the chinese have all the teachers unions. they are guaranteeing that american young people are into learning enough to compete with the chinese in technology, science, management -- this is a real crisis for us. much bigger than a military crisis. if you watch what the chinese communist i've been doing around taiwan, if you watch what they've done in the last few months around the philippines, this is a dictatorship that is testing the biden administration just as putin is testing them in the ukraine, and in both places. they are finding weakness, confusion, and an invitation to a disaster.
4:27 pm
>> mark: we think we are being tested in the pacific, you could say as much as the indian ocean, they built basically a string of ports 99 year leases with sri lanka, they are annexing certain critical chunks of the globe. you're quite right to say that education is possibly our greatest structural defect. the advantage of the chinese have is they don't waste their time on the stuff -- they don't waste two months talking about whether you should take down confederate statues and to this kind of thing. and that's a huge advantage. if you can just dispense with all of that rubbish, isn't it? >> it is peer to think about all of our schools. we now have schools that teach the oregon department of education put out a publication saying, you shouldn't try to find a single answer in mathematics because that's an example of white supremacy. this is insane. this is literally insane.
4:28 pm
we have a proposal and california that they should chant to three aztec gods. one was the central figure first human sacrifice. they are not engaged in this kind of woke -- to the best my knowledge, there is no woke division of the chinese society. they don't have to put up with the nonsense that we have to pretend is serious. >> you've basically written off the next four years, weathers another six weeks of biden and three and half years of kamala harris -- there's a lot of time. i mean -- i wish you good look with the book, and i will enjoy reading it. you're not being too blase in just writing off the last four years and, will pick up some serious geopolitical talk in four years' time. >> whether we should call it beyond biden and terrace, were
4:29 pm
not totally convinced they will make all four years. a putting out to one, expect kevin mccarthy will be the speaker of the house in 2023. suspect that mcconnell will be back as majority leader in 2023. take the corrupt politicians act, hr one. when you look at it carefully, between 75 to 90% of the american people oppose every major component of that act and regarded as an invitation to a stolen election. 90% of americans believe we should vote in elections. at the democratic party is going. they just voted four and a half billion dollars for illegal immigrants in new york state. they make sure i got money they couldn't get from the feds. that's frankly, insane.
4:30 pm
>> mark: to be honest, only 90% for citizens, that ought to be 99.99%. i think you for that, as always. as i was saying, one way to help turn this around would be to have a serious education system. instead, your local school houses getting woke and woke her. [sfx: psst psst] allergies don't have to be scary.
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>> mark: just to pick up on what newt was saying a minute to go, here are the oecd international rankings for education around the world. green is good, red is a stinker, and orange is just as the teachers used to say, room for improvement. if china's number one in science, number one in math, number one in reading. america is -- let me see. singapore, hong kong, finland, czech republic, here we are.
4:36 pm
and number 25 on the schoolhouse hit parade, and almost 100 points behind the chinese beard were not that good at that because our education system makes room for all kinds of other exciting subjects, like white supremacy and transgender athletics, and ap grievance politics. here's the basic rule, you may live in a red state, but every red or reddish estate is full of deep blue school districts. almost exclusively. jeremy hole is a member of the litchfield school, and litchfield doesn't have a bad school system as these things go, it's a washing critical race theory, the stools suspensions, and the push back against his colleagues is roiling the school board, jeremy, i see that the local press is painting you as someone who has opened up a culture war in your school district, what is behind all
4:37 pm
this? >> mark, thank you very much for having me on. i'm not speaking for the board, but our school system is inherently dishonest. while everyone was suffering with covid school closures, they secretly conspired to implement socialist indoctrination. the board passed an equity statement glossing over being based on ibram x. kendi's antiracist definition. next, the district secretly created a transformational equity procedure manual to promote critical race theory and curriculum, discipline, hiring, and training for all staff members and teachers. >> mark: just let me stop you on that, transformation expiratory what manual? >> is called a transformational equity work manual. it's actually a procedure manual. they've already done most of the first steps. they have 14 committees, or
4:38 pm
whatever -- how many four or five committees. it they've been hiding this from the public into the teachers, and they are still hiding it. i only found out about it when it was posted for board members only. even though cats out of the bag, the superintendent is frantically sending out letters saying, don't believe your lying eyes, instead, believe our new lies. >> mark: how does this happen? we've had -- basically kids have been home all through 2020. we all know the online learning is a joke. now they're going back-last year, fallen behind and under cover of covid, these guys have introduced this transformational equity rubbish. why does it happen? is it because the superintendents show for the teachers unions?
4:39 pm
they don't have the stomach for resisting the superintendent? how does it happen? >> in my opinion, i think one of the members of the board is the ringleader, but i also think the superintendent is kind of the ringleader. it seems like one of these companies that comes in and does the training may be set these people up with the documents, et cetera. they kind of hit it, these board meetings are so boring. if they hide it at the end, and fast this thing with the board, and the minute was fast behind the scenes, the school system jumped into action, creating committees of action, running around, all just giggling like they are -- they all love this stuff. they come up with stuff -- they are claiming that -- it hasn't change the curriculum.
4:40 pm
one of the goals says, to ensure teachers clarity, knowledge, and agency to adapt, modify, or enhance curriculum to bring culture awareness, et cetera. >> mark: thank you for that, jeremy. you're going up against it, this goes on at hundreds and hundreds, thousands of other school districts around america. as newt says, it's killing us comments killing the next generation of americans. good luck, and we need to get more people like you into the fight. it's the biggest structural defect in this country. a straight-ahead, it's not just schools, the road to -- is paved with right comic white supremacy. pete buttigieg is committed to ending the racism of our highways. kimberley strassel has got her motor running, and we will take that one for a spin, next, on fox news prime time.
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we need this bath. yes. yes you do. a kohler walk-in bath provides independence with peace of mind. call... for fifteen hundred dollars off your kohler walk-in bath. visit for more info. >> mark: i find it hard to take deep thinking pete buttigieg seriously. he pretends to be an
4:46 pm
environmentally conscious bicyclist coming reality, he is driven to a photo up in an armored suv, they unload his bike, and he cycles the last block pretending to huff and puff is it he's been writing 27 miles. america's transportation secretary is now taking it to the next level with his massive infrastructure boondoggle. he says there is, "racism physically built into some of our highways." physically. what does that mean. kimberley strassel for the journal, kim, do you remember dominic recognize racism as he tried the roads of america. >> i keep missing it. i have to tell you, it's remarkable that even concrete is racist. the basis of this notion somehow the highways were able to
4:47 pm
promote racism, to get white flight out of said he is so white people didn't have to live next to black people, none of that is historically accurate. >> mark: the white flight thing is particularly ridiculous. if you want to leave a particular part of time dominic town, you would have to take the blacktop out. but -- we have nobody to find infrastructure, which used to be a word with meaning in this new infrastructure bill, infrastructure is like psychological infrastructure. it's been defined out of all meaning. >> if you look through that bill, into this is been talked about, there's a few provisions in there that deal with what we call traditional public work, roads, bridges, highways, the rest of this bill is $400 billion for the home health care worker industry, which you now have union saying,
4:48 pm
you know, we had need to invest in our people infrastructure. is there anything we can divide as infrastructure? in joe biden's world, no. if we want to go back to what it was saying, china builds bullet trains. denmark and sweden have that spectacular bridge over the course and so on. idiotic friend boris johnson is planning a giant roundabout on the bottom of the irish sea with exits at england, scotland, ireland, and wales. to define concrete words into metaphorical blabber is fundamentally unserious act by an unserious power. when you say? >> absolutely. it's the one thing you won't find in that bill anywhere, is the one thing that would actually allow us to create infrastructure. permitting reform, people have long understood, even democrats
4:49 pm
have long understood that policies like neap, laws like me but, make it impossible for us to build a boris johnson like roundabout. until we fix that, we are not building anything. >> thank you, thank you very much for that, this is where the of one of your deep dives, i think. it would suit you spectacularly. thank you for that. and ladies and gentlemen, one word within! at the end, got fouled! don't flee in terror, the ground, he's next. wet teddy bears! wet teddy bears here! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ feel the clarity of non-drowsy claritin. and 24-hour relief from symptoms caused by over 200 indoor and outdoor allergens. try claritin cool mint chewabls for powerful allergy relief
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>> mark: if you think the experts have handled all of this covid business really well, you're going to love this. in the new report, some of the most expert experts in the pantheon of experts are proposing to one's climate change by blocking out the sun. at the national academies of science, engineering, and medicine are behind. although they admit they don't know the side effects, they are gung ho for. here's the man who can turn off the sunlight and plunge the world into darkness just by walking into the room, the host of the exclamatory "gutfeld!" tonight in just three hours, the eponymous, if not exclamatory, greg gutfeld is with us. are you in favor of turning up the sun?
4:56 pm
>> absolutely. i'm a hundred percent for it. it as you know, the sun is racist. everything is racist. it's now easier just to make a list of things that aren't racist, right? i came up with a list. the only thing i found that not racist is the feeling i get when i put my finger in my belly button. that's definitely not racist. everything else is racist. by the way, market, let me tell you what's behind this something. it's solar engineering, right? i'm for it, you're going to have these solar engineers fly to the fiery orbit and place a giant sun visor over the sun, and that's going to solve all of our problems. i'm so for this. i've had enough of the sun. at least on, overrated, always up there, following you around. didn't we use to like -- is this
4:57 pm
go on the earth, that's what i was taught. >> mark: the son should just basically go around america. your theory is, we're going to build like the biggest pair of reflector shades, like a giant latin american police chief reflector shades, and affix it to the sun? that's your view? >> because that's easier, it's easier -- imagine having to make a big giant blanket over earth, that's a lot of work. it's much easier to make a visor and put it on the sun. by the way, i confess that the article i was sent to you was from "the new york times." i only read the first sentence because i didn't understand it. i didn't understand anything. also, is blocked behind a firewall, and i didn't want to give the times any money. i read the sentence, and i guessed that it was a visor. that's what i do, mr. stein, i guess the news.
4:58 pm
>> mark: all of these firewalls caused by global warming? i remember i was before the internet came along. >> firewalls are racist, right? >> absolutely. >> i haven't thought it through -- everything is racist. this line that's dividing us is racist. >> mark: let me ask you about your show tonight. this may be racism too. you had some pushback from these guys who do the late-night shows that used to be funny, like 40 or 70 years ago, but haven't been so funny. you have bigger numbers than "the tonight show," which was pretty good on 1973. >> they are safe. if they are safe as milk. they are completely -- i think they get all of their
4:59 pm
information from the same trough, right? they share the same jokes, the same brain. the writers i went to the same schools, that's why when you come to our show, and so refreshing, and it's got more risk involved, it's more subversive, and it's just more fun. at tonight's, just kicks major. i'm telling you, so good, i almost don't want to show it to the public and just keep it for myself. >> mark: when you said it kicks major spots come i thought you were referring to job not installed, they are. he's been chowing down on everybody else's. i take it, you won't be showing anything exclusive like that. well done, greg. when you are on with soccer, he only give you a minute and five seconds. that is in the guinness book of records. second shortest television had a part from some -- after 38 seconds they dropped them into the shark tank. you will have to work to beat that. thank you, greg. we will see you at 11:00 p.m.
5:00 pm
eastern time. fox news prime time is back tomorrow, and i will be here with tucker in half an hour or so. he's got a follow-up to his dustup with that allegedly conservative governor. to take it away, tucker. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> tucker: good evening, welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." you know what people care about most by what's on the top of his to-do list. on his first day in office, joe biden signed an executive order for underserved communities. go ahead and see if you can figure out what it means. the document uses the term, equity, a total of 21 times. yet, revealingly, never defines the word. what is equity? joe biden never tells us or hints. it sort of reclaim


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