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tv   The Five  FOX News  April 7, 2021 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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disaster vice president kamala harris on the phone with mexico's president. but it's going to take a lot more than that thank you so much for sharing what you saw with us today. we really appreciate it. that will do it for me here, folks. neil will be back tomorrow. catch me on fox business at 2:00 p.m. eastern. ♪ ♪ >> dana: hello, everyone. i'm dana perino along with juan williams, greg gutfeld, kennedy and pete hegseth. 5:00 in new york city and this is "the five." ♪ ♪ disturbing video capturing the crisis at our southern border. a little migrant boy found sobbing and wandering alone after being abandoned in the texas dessert. watch. >> huh?
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>> dana: sadly, that young boy is one of 19,000 unaccompanied migrant children that are in federal custody right now. and fox news just learning that border patrol has arrested an ms-13 gang member caught trying to sneak into the u.s. these developments leaving many to ask where has the vice president been who was supposed to handle this crisis? kamala harris taking heat for traveling all over the country but still not going down to the southern border. the v.p. making stops on both coasts and to the city of chicago over the past two weeks. but the white house says she has no plans to visit the border. harris did speak on the phone today to mexico's president. pete, let me start with you. you know, if you have a policy that says don't come now. but if you do come, we will not
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send the children back, then the children are going to keep coming. >> pete: of course. and the people invested in the ability to send children as their golden ticket to america will keep exploiting the children. separating kids from their parents, which was, i believe, the big grievance from the last administration. the only thing worse than bad leadership is no leadership, no one is responsible for what is happening at the border because it's a crisis they created the biden administration that they are ignoring. they will deny and allow it to fester because it's not a priority. it's a shiny object over there right now, dana, but they have got covid relief and infrastructure on the mind. they have hr 1 on the mind. until it's politically advantageous, dana, and that's the thing. because they will never let a good crisis go to waste. so ultimately, once it whips around, a few months from now when the numbers dip and say now it's time to deal with this travesty that was somehow donald trump's fault, we will do dreamer 3.0 and dreamer 4.0 and these 19,000 kids that are then
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30, 40, 50,000 pause of their policies now have to be legalized it's a problem they created they will solve for their own political gain that's the travesty of this whole thing and kids like that are the visual image that should jar each of us. >> dana: greg, as they tried to figure out a way to stretch the definition of infrastructure, maybe the republicans should start calling these migrant children infrastructure and get some attention. >> greg: i wouldn't be surprised if they didn't say oh no he is crying tears of joy because he is in the united states where there is the lovable president biden. and by the way, i love how they are considering filling a gap, you know, to reduce the influx. and that is apparently not building a wall, even though a wall essentially fills the gap. but this is everything that activists and the democrats love to do is that they like to play with the terminology so kids in cages are just in temporary comfort suites. the ms-13 gang member, dana, is actually an asylum seeking
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pharmaceutical salesman and i reseptember the way did you it. the child thing is not funny. it's heart-breaking and you need to work backwards from that moment, right? how did he, as pete was saying, how did he get here? why did he get here? who did this? there are multiple villains here the coyotes who dessert him and hyenas in our government who have gone on for years egging on this thing because, and the bottom line is, is that they don't see this as a problem. when they see stuff like this, they just consider that child -- an egg that you break to make an omelette because this is going to evolve towards a certain kind of border transformation that will appeal to the people that want amnesty. this is just part of the, you know, it's kind of sad -- it's just sad because no one actually really cares. >> dana: so, juan, why have we not seen any more sort of like visible action and i am curious
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about kamala harris. i don't expect her to solve this overnight, but she was given this assignment and aside from a couple of phone calls, there has really been nothing. what's that about? >> juan: i don't think there has been nothing, dana. i think she is involved in the outreach to not only mexico, you mentioned the call with the president of mexico today, but also guatemala, honduras. an attempt to understand how we can intervene. this is a point that you have raised previously to stop the flow from those countries to get people a reason to stay. i just wanted to say that that picture that you showed just tore me apart. you know, that's a child and he is lost and he's abandoned. to me, this is in keeping with the idea that we have seen for generations in terms of immigrants who want to come to america. it's a human tragedy. it's a human story. that child is not a gang banger. he is not ms-13. he is not a terrorist. he is not a drug dealer.
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he is a child and he's representative of desperate, poor hungry people who are fleeing violence in their home countries. that's why people take that risk. that's why you would put your own flesh and blood in that dangerous position. they want a better life and, you know, as americans, we know this story. this is america's story. the story of immigration is america's story and, you know, to suddenly make that child into the depiction of oh, oh, that's a bad kid or that's a gang. you know, it's just not us. that's when you hear president biden talk about american values. we are not sending that kid back into the dessert. i mean, i think that is who we are. we are not -- >> dana: juan, no one called him a gang member. >> greg: no one called him a gang member. >> dana: no one has been anything but heart broken for that child deputy gut unbelievable. >> juan: that's the way i see it. >> dana: is he from nicaragua.
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maybe they presume they will be able to join him. if he is able to get across and eventually they might be able to join him? >> kennedy: that's the incentive and that's the problem with this administration is they are not creating clear systems for people to come here legally. >> greg: exactly. kennedy contend we do have to -- and by the way kamala harris was united states senator. she knows how congress works. so she should lay out a plan of action so congress has something where they can immediately start passing legislation for short-term and long-term immigration problems. this short-term problem is incredibly heart-breaking. think about what this kid has gone through, juan. he has instability had his home country. his parents have probably sold everything to get him to the united states. they have no possessions. we are in the middle of a global pandemic. and that has terrified children in every country. in every part of the world. and then he makes that journey from nicaragua. finally makes it to the united states and is he completely
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abandoned. imagine how this child has been traumatized. that is not how a caring, humane country does immigration. >> greg: right. >> kennedy: a vice president point person on this gone completely awol it sends a message that she doesn't care. she doesn't care about this child. juan, i don't think of this child as a gang member. i don't think this child is guilty of anything. and i agree, i share your vision of how immigration has made this country a better place. but, my biggest concern is the kids who don't make it. this kid made it to the united states and found the cbp officer. we have no way of knowing how many children have died along the way and that's what we should be caring about. >> dana: and the trauma they have suffered along the way. >> juan: i just want to say i agree with you, kennedy. i wish that the congress, you know, we discussed this on the show earlier, i wish congress would stop doing the photo ops and finger pointing and get something done. >> dana: did you think that when the democrats went to the
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border? and had photo ops. >> juan: yeah i said this. let's get a deal done on immigration reform. >> dana: in the meantime we have to also have policies to stop the current surge because the legislation will be a while. ahead president biden and companies blasted for hypocrisy going after georgia while staying silent on china. that is a country that is committing genocide. ♪ ♪ ♪ sweet certain dip at this ♪ ♪
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>> best way to deal with this is for georgia and other states to smarten up. stop it. stop it. stop giving people -- >> stop it. president biden and woke companies have been more than happy to slam georgia's new election law but but why the silence on communist china a country that literally commits genocide and has zero days of early voting. corporations that are slamming the peach state are getting called out for sponsoring, i
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don't know, the 2020 beijing olympics and ignoring china's history of human rights abuses and the white house says well, it's got no plans to hold china accountable. >> our position on the 2022 olympics has not changed. we have not discussed and are not discussing any joint [inaudible] with allies and partners we cult with allies and partners all level a shared approach no discussion underway of a change in our plans regarding the beijing olympics. >> pete: that was the white house press secretary today; dana, have you stood at that podium. does the white house understand the double play. why can't they see it or do they see it and have to ignore it what's at play here? >> dana: i think it's the latter. they know there is hypocrisy but they are also figuring out all the other things that they have to consider. one of the reasons she had to say that today from the podium which was a very carefully
2:16 pm
worded statement clearly read is because the day before the state department spokesperson had said yeah, we are thinking about it and we are talking to our allies. well, having one time i said something about the olympics, there was a bureaucratic paperwork problem for the iraqis. first so the iraqis could compete and they were going to prevent them from going. i didn't know anything about it. i said something at the podium the first time i ever got a call from the chief of staff within 20 minutes did you just say something because the olympic committee has a lot of power. so this is going to be very interesting because i think it's one thing for the biden administration to admit hypocrisy. they peteing stuff, fine, we will watch them and hold them to account. buff the companies have now made a decision that they have started to weigh in on politics here and there. and now it's going to be well what about this? what about that? and it will be interesting to see how this all turns out. i think as a country we are in the middle of a political realignment in both parties and i don't know how that's going to exactly turn out. but now corporate america is
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doing the same thing and their long-time allies in the republican party might have a hard time figuring out a way to defend them against things that are coming down the pike that the biden administration has already signaled. >> pete: they are actively having a difficult time figuring that out. once you decide social distancing is your agenda in a borderless world, where in the heck does it stop? juan, i want to go to you because that biden clip we played to begin with he also said reiterated again these are new jim crow laws. does this hyperbole which everyone is recognizing is patently false, they are not jim crow laws. does it insult the real legacy of jim crow and isn't -- wasn't he mr. unity? isn't it damaging to our country to mischaracterize something? you may not like it but jim crow, still, now? >> juan: well, i agree with you, pete, i think it's hyperbole. you think back to jim crow and you understand that violence, things like lynching burning
2:18 pm
people's houses that's part of that legacy of how you demoralize and take political power and scare people to death. but, he's right in this sense. if you want to say that a group of white citizens want to take control of elections and determine outcomes, want to strip the secretary of state of power over elections, take, you know, have the arbitrary ability to take power from local election boards, that's what the georgia legislature, republican majority, without any black input, just did. now, i think they thought they could sneak this by, but, in the aftermath of januaryth and the aftermath of trump saying the election was stolen, i think corporations are very aware of what's going on and nothing is getting, you know, pushed by them as if they can look the other way. but i'm taking by mitch mcconnell saying these corporations are getting their nose into politics. well, how dare they? wait a minute, the republican party has been taking big money from these corporations to
2:19 pm
support conservative -- for all time. so what is that about? corporations are political and they give money to political parties often big money to republicans to support tax cuts for big corporations. what did we learn this week? there were like 50 corporations paid no taxes? >> pete: but, greg, so, okay, so given big corporations have decided to go woke. but how is the republican -- is it just the screams of racism? how is the republican party losing this idea of voter i.d. or the perception of over 27% of the public not just conservatives but democrats as well support the idea of, i don't know, an identification to vote? >> greg: because they are fighting on two fronts. they are fighting the track party and the media. just so you know over 70% of blacks favor vord i.d. maybe they just want to suppress the white vote. if you want to work the racist angle in there but i don't, so the idea that no blacks want
2:20 pm
this is all a white conspiracy because a january 6th, it's getting a little old. the reason why there is wokism in corporations is because they saw what happened over the summer and this is their way of protecting themselves from any kind of damage directed at them. they don't like the twitter mobs, they don't like to be seen as racist. so they're bending over backwards. by the way the difference between the laws now and the jim crow laws those were elm praised by democrats. remember? they loved the jim crow laws. so, here's the funny thing. when it comes to woke priorities, right? photo ids are worse than slave labor and genocide. so why is that? how can you explain that? it's because when you -- the way voter i.d. story has been framed, it's white people, so, clearly it's racist. but then when you talk about slave labor and genocide in china, talking about it is racist because it's another country. it's china. you must be racist when you call out the injustices over there we
2:21 pm
are at war with china. but it's a new war. it's the future war. it's data theft. it's currency manipulation, it's artificial intelligence. it's spying. it's tech theft. fentanyl killing 50, 60,000 americans a year with their fentanyl. anyone doing business with china is no different than doing business with stalin after world war ii. you are playing with the enemy and you are killing americans. every day you are killing them. >> pete: you are 100 percent right and the corporations don't care. kennedy, the last word on this. greg alluded to it. what is this really all about? if it were about ids and early voting then colorado wouldn't beat georgia or new york. what is this all about. >> kennedy: colorado, new york, missouri, there are several states and that's point of federalism. states and counties are allowed to determine their own election practices. juan seems to be very upset because there is something about this georgia law that he thinks
2:22 pm
is trying to snuff their ability to determine what their rules are going to be on the state, county, and municipal level. but, democrats are the ones pushing hr 1 which destroys election federalism basically takes the election process and makes it one size fits all undertaking that completely undone what juan says the outrage is over the georgia bill. now, let's get back to greg's point about genocide. you have people who are being thrown into concentration camps. we don't know how many millions of them because they don't really keep records and they don't release those records. we know that the men are being sterilized. the women are being raped. older people are being tortured. in order for these uighurs in the concentration camps to achieve compliance. so, there's horrible stuff going
2:23 pm
on in china. why does the ioc love china? why does china get the olympics again? that's what i don't understand. and people -- within america are so angry at america that they would be mad if the ioc granted the u.s. another shot at the olympics which l.a. will get in a few years. but, it's been a long time and, you know, we actually have the set-up for it and china is a bad place. >> pete: it's just like asking why does the w.h.o. love china and all you have got to do is look right here and these so-called american companies who have gone global are willing to take the money. >> greg: no olympics in atlanta. no olympics in georgia. >> pete: i think you are right. that's the hill we need to die on, greg. you identified it. amen. all right, ahead, being vaccinated they are telling me isn't enough. teacher's unions coming up with even more ridiculous excuses for not going back to the classroom. that's next.
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that's ♪
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♪ freak out ♪ >> juan: teachers' union still resisting a return to the classroom. 80% of all teachers, school staff and child care workers have received at least the first dose of vaccine. and one of the latest demands some unions in california now want stippens for child care. kennedy, progress is being made, what we can see from the numbers. >> kennedy: it is. >> juan: yes. it's about 80% of schools are now in person or hybrid, only 7% remain cend cend no they are not. >> juan: let me ask you, kennedy, if president biden, he wanted all schools to be open
2:29 pm
within his first 100 days. that would be the end of april. but if he does, you know, push something, isn't that federal intervention in local affairs? >> kennedy: yes. it absolutely is and this certainly is a local issue. but we still have every right to be outraged by these teachers unions in places like cleveland and los angeles and all over northern california including oakland where they have had agreements to go back and teach in person. the kids who are really losing out. the kids who are most harmed by this are foster kids, homeless kids, kids with special needs who aren't getting the meals and the support and the eyeballs on them because sometimes these, you know, teachers are mandated reporters. so if they see signs of child abuse, sometimes they're the first ones when they see children, when they see behavior change. and when they see bruises. they are the ones who report those things and help these kids. one of the biggest issues we
2:30 pm
have seen throughout the pandemic is the rise in domestic violence, especially domestic violence that goes unreported. and that doesn't even get in the learning deficit for most of these kids and no one gives a crap about teenagers. no one even talks about high schoolers and people that we're expecting to go to college in the next couple of years because they're being completely underserved and hardly any of them are back in school. >> juan: pete, you know, i was thinking, i'm a proponent of getting everybody back in school. but i was thinking if all the teachers are vaccinated in a few weeks, is this argument moot? >> pete: 80% of teachers are vaccinated and still won't go into the classrooms shows us they are extortionists we knew they were. proving more and more each day they are not essential workers. everyone who lives in these districts. think about it, nurses, pharmacists grocery store clerks, walmart workers, truck drivers, none of them had
2:31 pm
vaccines. they all kept working and somehow they were will to and they knew they were the lifeblood of our economy and teachers stood at home and said we need more ventilation and defund the police i need me vaccine not everyone has a vehicle seen so i can't go back to class. it's a joke. only thing defunding is teachers unions stand between kids and education. school choice, vouchers, home schooling i don't care what it is. empower parents to get them out of the places where teachers unions are crushing. they. >> kennedy: amen. >> juan: greg, this is an interesting argument often we hear we say you know what? police unions look out for the best interest of the police. why is it that we would attack the teachers unions for looking out for the best interest of teachers? >> greg: because they're corrupt. they are lazy, they are incompetent. i don't think it's their fault though. because i think the lack of competition has crad this system where you now have a woeful generation of ambivalent educators, i know that's a
2:32 pm
blanket statement but i'm talking about what i'm seeing with the teachers unions, i don't think it was always like this. it is time, a perfect opportunity to destroy the system. according to reason magazine, 27 states have introduced bills to expand programs to fund k through 12 -- fund the students instead of the institutions. and this is a really, really huge growing movement. and we already do this in other places. as corey d'angelo has pointed out we already fund people directly with food stamps and medicaid and pell grants and gi bills time to do it with k through 1. pull it out of the schools and give it to the students. i mean, we don't fund the grocery store. we fund the person buying the groceries. we give them the food stamps. so this is how we got to treat education. we have to empower the family because there is a huge imbalance. there is a power imbalance between the teachers unions and the families. the only way to change that is to create competition by
2:33 pm
empowering the families to be able to spend their money, when they can get, instead of the public schools on something that actually helps their kids. >> juan: so, dana, you know, we have been talking about wanting to get those schools open. so it's a puzzle to meal and i just presented to you from the statistics that says here that only 15% of asian parents, 33% of hispanic parents, 28% of plaque parents are putting their kids back in school, still worried about the virus. so it could be that some of the parents are reluctant to go back to school. >> dana: that would be and i would be skeptical of those numbers. it could be that they are not satisfied with the school district that says we can only be in two days a week. i talked to rory cooper in fairfax county, in virginia, check out his twitter feed, folks, if you care about these issues in terms of school choice, he just did some research where it's like even now it's also democrats that are saying that they are for school choice and, greg, the way that
2:34 pm
we will solve this, to your point, of getting money directly to the students, all you have to do starting tomorrow is say that students are infrastructure. gut gut yes. >> dana: there you go. >> greg: that's a good point. by the way the other stat. the stats you mentioned, juan were actually the minority. you led with the smaller numbers. i don't understand. >> juan: yeah, that's right. >> greg: most of the parents want to go back. parents want their kids to go back. the parents want their kids to go back. you just mentioned that some of them don't. right? >> juan: yeah, in other words, only 28% of the black kids are going back even though the school might be open, greg. anyway, up next, no flying experience necessary. united airlines causing controversy with their new diversity plan for pilots. that's next on "the five." ♪ ♪
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gut deputy united airlines is out with a plan pushing diversity for new pilots. the company wants to train 5,000 of them over the next decade and promising at least half will be women or people of color. united will also be taking on applicants with no flying experience which means i'm there. i'm there. i'm going to go to you, first, pete, because you are the -- you look like you are a pilot. i feel like when i get on a plane you are the person. >> dana: how sexist is that? >> greg: not sexist at all you shouldn't tamper with the system or lower the standard to reach the numbers you want. isn't that just common sense?
2:40 pm
>> pete: i agree. you don't want me flying anything, greg. i would love to fly with you. i wouldn't put my life in your hands in that situation. here's what i want to work by i want my wifi to work lose my dag less and less delays and get there quicker. every plane to stay in the sky regardless of whether the pilot is male or female or passengers is feel or female. it doesn't matter. what's the best business decision for united that's not what's going into this. nice goal, greg, i'm all for people from different background. my experiences with bureaucracies or big companies once you send a quota or percentage, meeting that quota becomes more important than the performance goals and the outcomes and pretty soon you start hedging on who qualifies, who doesn't, did they pass this? did they not pass that regardless of gender and skin color and all of that. that's not where you want to be focused. you want the best people especially when it comes from getting people a to b in the air
2:41 pm
which shouldn't be me. >> greg: i don't know if i agree completely with you, pete. kennedy, i think that like, obviously, they -- the people that are making this decision have already thought about this. right? it's like they are not -- like, there is nobody -- i can't believe there would be somebody in a board room they don't have to be great pilot. let's get some people in here. i don't think anybody is actually going to say. you wouldn't do that with a surgeon. >> kennedy: no. that's a great comparison. there are objective requirements to surgery and to flying a plane. >> greg: right. >> kennedy: there are other like being a painter or an actor. those are more subjective qualities and that i understand and this is where you truly want to be colored blind because you want people to meet those standards. i have flown 70,000 miles on united this year. i'm a very loyal united passenger. make me global services by the way. this is ridiculous. what i will say when i get on a plane and i hear a female pilot come on board, it gives me great
2:42 pm
comfort because i think that she is g.i. jane or lady maverick and competed against the guys and has worked twice as hard for half of the credit and risen through the ranks to fly a massive plane so i actually like that part. >> greg: i don't recognize gender in voice, kennedy. so when i hear i just hear a voice. juan, what do you think this is? is this anything surprising i don't know. interesting. >> juan: i think it's food news, greg, to me, you know, safety is number one. any airlines that doesn't operate a safe airlines is going out of business. and what we got right now is i think it's last year 2% of all pilots were black, only 5% were women. i mean, why -- women have brains and ability. i don't know why a woman can't fly an airplane. to me, are part of this issue is both the military and commercial aviation is overwhelmingly a white and male occupation.
2:43 pm
and i think it's just time to open up the doors, you know, every pilot, everybody, you know, beginning, starts with no flight experience. so just give people an opportunity. >> greg: you know, dana, i know this doesn't apply to you because you fly private wherever you go. >> dana: yeah, right. i can't reach the pedals. >> greg: pedals. there are no pedals in the plane. [laughter] can we all just agree that the airline industry is racist? >> dana: oh, yeah. absolutely. and also josh earnest if you are listening please make kennedy global services. it's the least you can do. help her out. help a sister out. >> kennedy: here's the big secret the pilots don't even fly the planes. computer fly planes. that's why they can could this. make it have like redheads and morbidly obese people and those are the people who are really -- they feel the most oppressiveness in society. >> greg: yes. i want more diversity in the bathrooms.
2:44 pm
fastest is up next. i don't even know what that means. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> dana: welcome back. it is time for the fastest. first up the best part of the day aside from watching "the five," ownget it has to be eating, right? a new study backs up that survey 62% say chowing down is what they look forward to most. sitting down and eating, dana. that's where we are in society. things are so bad the only thing people have to look forward to is feeding their head holes. is that good news or bad news? >> dana: at least we are all blessed that we have plenty of food all around all the time. i do enjoy dipper with peter. he has been cooking a lot. in fact he made mexican cab badge soup very nice i have to say. my favorite part of the day is getting home to see jasper though. that's the best. >> kennedy: he loves it too i bet he has silver bowl at the table. >> dana: when i arrive he knows he is about to get fed.
2:49 pm
>> kennedy: that's how i am with my kids. juan, when i walk in the door they know the good slop is coming especially sunday brunch. juan, is there anything better than sunday brunch? >> juan: i think having your mom cook it. how comfort -- we talk about comfort food, how is it that moms are good cooks beings kennedy? because then you can count on mom to deliver. there is no greater pleasure. for me, i could stick my head in a tub of ice cream. i just think it's such a pleasure. but, you know, i also like hot soup on a cold day. i think food is wonderful. >> kennedy: and, pete, some people say it is their form of therapy. is that a positive? >> pete: yeah. 55% of feel say it's their form of therapy. i could also stick my head in a gin bottle at the end of the day. [laughter] that is paired with food nicely especially when you are a morning show host and 6:00 p.m. is your bedtime. so you look forward to dinner.
2:50 pm
you -- and they say more frozen pizza, too, which is an awesome meal if prepared correctly. of course, i starve myself all day just to eat a big dinner. i love it. >> kennedy: pizza and pasta still too of the american staples, greg. but not for you. you have given up a lot through keto. have you suffered emotionally or has it made you a stronger person? >> greg: i dream about bread. it's like it's almost like, you know, when you were 15 and you dremplet about girls. i dream about shapely loaves of bread. the bigger thing about this segment that i find interesting is that dana having mexican cabbage. i predict that at night every window in your apartment had to be open. mexican cabbage. that's almost like i can't were even fathom what that would do to my body. [laughter] >> dana: i don't have your body. >> greg: not yet anyway.
2:51 pm
>> kennedy: freezer is empty so there is room. finally, who in the world has this many friends? science says the accurate number of friends needed for success is 150. and that includes your blood relations. that seems like an awfully high number, juan. >> juan: yeah, i think they are talking about, you know, associates and people you know. you know, like kennedy, i recommended a guy the other day for a new show at 11:00. the executives are like we don't know. we don't know. look what happened? >> greg: that's true. the unfold story. >> juan: there you go. >> kennedy: greg, you only have 148 friends to go. you have two friends cat and tyrus. >> greg: yes. >> kennedy: this could be a great pursuit. >> greg: actually they are just my facebook friends. do you know what it is? this is the advice i said in my book, you have to treat your friends like a tool kit. each friend has to have a
2:52 pm
different skill that you can call upon at any time. i'm a friend leach. tough have a doctor who is a friend. you have got to have a cop who is a friend. you have got have a philosopher who is a friend and have you got to have a friend who can get you things that perhaps you could not get without, you know, certain -- >> kennedy: dana, according to this survey this evolutionary biologies says everyone needs at least five friend who would donate a kidney. do you have five friends who would give you a kidney. >> dana: i would hate to test it. ing good thing you said kidney and not a liver after the gym gn comment i may not ask pete for a liver but i might ask him for a gin and top nic. >> pete: greg, why am i your friend then or am i your friend. >> greg: i would like to think we are more than just friend after that weekend in cabo. >> pete: we are not supposed to talk about that greg, come on.
2:53 pm
>> greg: too late. you brought it up. i didn't want to talk about it. >> kennedy: neither did h.r. but here we are. one more thing is up next. stay with us. ♪ ♪
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now i'm managing my diabetes better and i've lowered my a1c from 8.2 to 6.7. you can do it without fingersticks, too. ask your doctor for a prescription for the freestyle libre 14 day system. and visit freestyle to try it for free. ♪ >> dana: time now for one more thing, hey, greg, what's up? >> greg: let's do something new greg's guess what's on the end of this rope? all right, roll this and i will ask you to guess. roll it quickly. all right. dana, what's on the end of this rope? >> dana: kitten? >> greg: juan, what's on the end of this rope? >> juan: kitten. >> greg: kennedy, end of the rope? >> kennedy: pete's gin bottle. [laughter] >> greg: pete? what's on the end of this rope? >> pete: one of my many kids. >> greg: my goodness, let's show what it is.
2:58 pm
here we go. the big reveal. [laughter] a bush baby otherwise known as a galigo. the most adorable animal on the planet. look at that thing. yep. >> dana: they can really pose for the cameras, too. >> greg: he knew he was on camera sexy beast. >> dana: i want to talk to people about just one thing. it's called child health national day of hope. child health national day of hope. this happens every year. this is happening virtually this year. this is where you can actually support the effort to try to protect children from abuse and neglect. can you light a five lit candle, this is all something to do to help this charity. it's the longest running charity that's child slash 2021 day of hope. longest running charity for this issue. juan? >> juan: that's a good one. all right, so jackie robinson day is next thursday. and to celebrate the rose bowl
2:59 pm
institute asked me to host a panel on sports and political activism. take a look. >> when is collective action appropriate in your mind? >> i think it was a time when we could draw a distinction between political issues and moral issues. >> juan: that was l.a. dodgers president stan casten. we discussed the baseball decision to pull the all-star game from georgia as well as the potential for protests at the beijing olympics. you may not realize it but jackie robinson set a record at the rose bowl as a football player. yeah, a football player. so while baseball teams honor him next thursday, the rose bowl will air this program free of charge at w.w.w. dot robbie rosl >> dana: pete, 30 seconds. >> pete: minneapolis skyline behind me in minnesota for vacation only for "the five" i would break it. three hours ago i was at the minnesota zoo with my daughter
3:00 pm
gwendolyn had encounter with russian grizzly. animals are great i took the next photo with it behind her. >> greg: that's what i call a bear. that's a real bear. >> dana: bret baier, "special report" suspect next but it's with john roberts. hi, john. >> john: dana, i have a kidney for you any time but like pete my liver is shot. >> dana: i will try to take care of my own. thanks. >> john: thanks. see you tomorrow morning. ♪ hey, good evening and welcome to washington. i'm john roberts in for bret baier tonight. breaking tonight, president biden says he is willing to negotiate on how to pay for his massive job creation plan. but he insists it has to be paid for. this evening we will look at how much money the president want to spend where he is going to get that money and how many jobs are expected to be created. the numbers don't quite add up. white house correspondent peter doocy starts us off tonight. hi, peter. >> pete: good evening, john. the bi


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