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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  April 7, 2021 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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crime organization but it's a business organization. they respond to the incentives. you take them away, people will stay home. we can restore order on the border. thank you. >> than you, andy. i want to let sheriff lauderback speak. >> thank you, congressman. thank you to the men and women of the u.s. border patrol. thank you to the men and women of ice and immigrations, customs and enforcement. thank you to the texas troopers that are here. thanks to the texas game wardens that are here. thank you to all of the sheriff deputies and law enforcement in the state of texas that are here facing a catastrophic crisis that we have in our county on the border and in the interior of texas that are spreading out to the united states. thank you again for the services you provide us here in this nation. the urgency of an administration
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to bring as many people as they can without -- with no infrastructure in this country is unheard of. it's un-american that we have to face such an issue here that was so preventible. i appreciate every one of you here today, but listen, take this message out here on something very preventible for us to do. we didn't have to endure this issue here. let's get it stopped. thank you. >> sheriff, thank you. the heard of the border patrol council, randy todd. come up. >> good afternoon. i'm grateful to be here to speak on behalf of the men and women, the rank and file of the united states border patrol. it's my honor to represent them and to be their voice. i want to talk about legal -- this is an issue of illegal immigration, not legal immigration. we have to have an open and honest conversation to solve the
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problem. that's what we want. we want to solve the problem. we understand that as long as the catch and release, what has been dubbed as the catch and release program continues to go on, people will cross our borders illegally. if they know that they can cross our borders and they're going to be released into the united states, they're going to continue to come. we have to stop that magnet. we have to remove that magnet from the pool. had the opportunity to listen to real emotion today fro congressman burgess talking about children and how inhumane it is to put these two incentivized -- putting children in the hands of criminal cartels. he talked about childrens walking hundreds, maybe a thousand miles to get to this country. that is inhumane. that is policy driven. we can in fact end those policies to ensure that we have a legal system, a legal immigration system.
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i'm grateful to be a citizen of the greatest country in the world. we're the most compassionate country that there is. we allow on average more immigration, legal immigration in to this country than any other country. but we have to be aware of the detrimental effects of illegal immigration. for that reason, i'm grateful that these congressmen and congresswoman came to the border to shine a spotlight on this issue that can in fact be solved and with their help it will be solved. thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you. thank you to as burgess said, your entire team. all the border patrol agents and the great work they do. scott fraser is here with us today. works for the texas farm bureau. we'll let him talk and let susan come up as well. scott and susan. >> thank you all for the opportunity to be here today.
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thank you to all of our public servants, first responders that are having to deal with this situation daily. thank yo to our members of congress that have gathered here and the others that have come down to take a look at this issue. the biggest thing i want to share with the rest of the folks in the countryside is that these folks crossing right now that are being released, vast majority won't stay in these neighborhoods locally along the border. they spread out to every city in this country. most of our public services are stretched pretty thin right now. a lot of these folks, coming across, most only them are not highly skilled, highly educated. they're not going to be brain surgeons or something in the next few days in our hospitals. most of them require social services of some kind. as they spread out, they test -- take away from folks in your neighborhood. test your food banks. they're going to try your hospitals, try your education
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systems, your schools. that's all something that we don't need and no cause to have to do this right now. i really believe that we're going to see this is going to hurt all of our social services, social needs that we've been working on. have people in our areas and especially larger urban areas that have these needs. they're going to go unmet. we're not meeting them now. we had a whole bunch more people with the same needs. it's going to magnify the problem. again, thank you nor the opportunity to come down. i don't think this was in any way an accident. i think it was planned. we're seeing the plan work. so thank you. >> good afternoon. my name is susan kibby. i'm the executive director of south texas property rights association that was formed back in 2006 because of immigration reform issues that affect landowners here on the border and north in the checkpoint
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counties. i'd like to ask president biden and his administration to take back control of the border, take it back from criminal cartels. let border patrol get back to the work that they were hired to do, catching criminal aliens that are traversing private property as we speak. thank you for being here today. i appreciate the opportunity from this delegation to allow me time to speak and share the landowner experience. thank you. >> thank you, susan. we can take a few questions if you'd like. first hand up. >> were any democratic congressman -- [inaudible] >> we invited them. we invited the democrats to come with us. they chose not to. seems to be a pattern frankly. you know, the president has not been done. the vice president who president biden who i guess has delegated to look into this issue has not been done either.
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no, we asked them to come. >> [question inaudible] >> as you know, the judiciary committee has jurisdiction on immigration law. two years ago, same area. we felt it was important to come back down and see it first half. we learned a great deal. the agents without a doubt they said this has been caused by policy changes that this new administration undertook specifically getting rid of the mpp, the remain in mexico policy while people are being processed and evaluated. that's been the cause of it. so let's hope we can work together, this is for the good of the country as i think every speaker that was up here talked about. >> i wanted to add, i went with seven deck members to el paso, the only republican that went. i asked them to come with the republicans next time. hopefully they can join us next time. we have to work.
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>> yes, sir. >> [question inaudible] >> i don't know. but you know, the step back and evaluate the situation. right now as we all stand here, you can't get into your capitol to exercise your first amendment liberties and petition your government, you can't get into your capitol, but anybody and everybody can get into your country. i don't think it's good policy. we heard from the people that live it every day that that is a particularly bad policy. not only for them trying to do their job but for the people and all but the turmoil and trouble an terrible things that have happened to kids on this journey here. it's just chaos. the sheriff indicated earlier. it has to change. the answer is pretty simple. you have to go back to the policies that were working a few months ago. burgess, jump in.
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>> we're going to debate on what the end game is. can i ask everyone out there to think about this. these are children we're talking about. taking this trek. going to be very difficult for many to survive. many coming into this country, not knowing the language to assimilate. a generation of children that are at risk. let's focus on that. how can we make sure our kids, their kids stay in a safe environment and come here and do it in a way to remain in a safe environment and grow and be proud americans? at this point, it's chaos. we cannot let any party bring chaos to our nation. think about our kids. that's one thing we come together on and find a solution to this issue. >> [question inaudible] >> no, the two names -- the two
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names own oh there were many individuals. the named were on the terror watch list. that's all we know. >> [question inaudible] >> yes. when 40% of your manpower is spend processing individuals, that means less border patrol agents out there to safeguard the border and protect the border from potential terrorists that appears to be was the case for the folks in california. >> thank you, congressman jordan. i would ask back when secretary mayorkas spoke before the committee on homeland security on march 13, just the days before that, there were four names on the terrorist watch list that had been apprehended. then these two. today i understand customed and border patrol has announced that they have apprehended a confirmed member of ms-13 in the
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san diego sector. so this is a -- you're going to see it not as one anecdote but a recurring one. of course, the concern is who are we not apprehending? as we know when we heard from border patrol as we've been down here that every day, you see swells of people coming in to surrender to border patrol and they know that at the same time, those are decoy operations because others are coming in in another location. so if we apprehended, bun fortunate to apprehend by my count, six on the terrorist watch list, how many have we not apprehended? particularly if that's where they're devoting their effort, those are the high value people they want to get in. >> share your thoughts on the biden administration announcing they're going to consider finishing parts of the wall. >> let's hope it's more than consider. we know it works.
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that's another message that we got loud and clear from the agents. walls work. walls force the people that are coming to come to ports of entry where you can process and look at things in a legal way, a way consistent with the rule of law. so let's hope that that is not just talk yesterday or the day before when i mentioned that they're going to put that policy back in place. we can take a couple more. >> can i add real quick on that, the administration said that they were going to temporarily suspend construction of the border wall for 60 days while they reevaluate the wall. it's been far more than 60 days. are they now just getting around to considering it? >> [question inaudible] >> what we can do is talk about it. talk to the guys living it every
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day, on the front lines. we can talk about it. we can try to persuade our democratic colleagues in congress to exercise common cents and go back to policies that work. we'll continue to do that. let's hope the biden administration follows up on the announcement that they're considering to go back and finish the wall and rebuilding the wall. let's just hope -- all we can do is talk about it. we're going to continue to do that. the american people can speak up. look, this is how or great system works. you talk to your member of congress. your a united states senator. you tell us, this is not -- think about it. you can't get into your capitol. anybody and everybody can get into your country. when they come into your country, your tax dollars are used to facilitate all this going on. the case of san diego schools, illegal migrant children are getting in-person education where kids in the san diego school system are not. i think a lot of americans will say this is not what we bargained for, particularly when we know what happens to the
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people on the journey that congressman owens has pointed last one. >> [question inaudible] >> no, but we were told that they started -- driven by the policies the new administration has faced. we have to go back to the ones that work. thank you all. sorry you had to stay in the system where it's warm. thanks very much. >> well, there you have it. a group of republican house members blasting president joe biden at the border just as we're hearing about the arrest of an ms-13 gang member. vice president kamala harris speaking to the president of mexico today about how to deal with all of this human smuggling. still no plans to visit the border. at least not yet. coming up, we'll talk to
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north carolina congressman dan bishop. welcome. i'm charles payne in for neil cavuto, this is "your world." first to alex hogan in mission, texas with the latest. alex. >> agents in san diego stopped this ms-13 gang member. a 28-year-old from el salvador. he will be held before being processed and removed from this country. 19,000 children have arrived here unaccompanied and currently in u.s. centers. we just heard from republican congress people that are here at the border. they visited. jim jordan leading the group. listen to what he had to say. is. >> yesterday, we saw at the donna facility one pod that is supposed to under current covid protocol house at a maximum 33 children. yet there were 527 kids in that pod alone. so when they say this is chaos
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unlike anything we have ever seen, that is true. >> now we'll take a live look from the drone shot-- we don't have the shot. i can tell you about the statements earlier today. jim jordan said this is the busiest month since the history of border patrol since they started keeping records. he calls this solution simple to go back to, to go back to the rules of the previous administration. we could curb the numbers of migration here at the border. tim mcclintock said this is the most disturbing tour he has ever seen. he said it's a complete strain on local resources. he calls it again a terrible impact for schools. victory sparks of indiana saying this is a security crisis that really has been fueled by the
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administration. as far as congressman owens of utah, he personally talk about his own grandchildren saying that we need to think about our own grandkids and children that are looking at these children here in these centers, charles >> charles: thanks, alex. the apprehension of that ms-13 gang member by border patrol agents, that follows the arrest of two suspected terrorists from yemen. joining us on the phone, border patrol union vice president, art del cuedo. is this fast becoming a national security issue? >> beyond that. that's what is scary. i don't have the words to describe it. one of the things i want to touch on that is a humungous deal, the got-away numbers. you say what is the effectiveness of what we're
1:18 pm
apprehending and what is getting away? as an example, i will tell you, tucson's sector leads the entire country when it comes to got-aways. they're looking at 48,000 got-aways so far in tucson sector. the area of texas where they're focusing on the unaccompanied children, they fall second with 21,000. but if you look at border patrolwide, we're looking at 121,000 individuals that have gotten away. i will add, that number is just a guess. that's just a guess. they don't know how many there are. >> charles: 121,000. so it could be anyone. they could be affiliated with gangs, terrorists. we have no idea. that's it. they're in. >> they're in. we don't know where they're going. a lot of this is a direct effect because of the lack of policies
1:19 pm
right now when you have unaccompanied juveniles swarming one area, you have the agents to remove from those parts to do the processing. it leaves gaps in different areas of the boarder. the tucson sector, they're leading the country. it's scary. >> charles: you mentioned the unaccompanied children. those numbers are mind boggling. now we're getting different videos. we saw the two children that were dropped from the top of the fence. then yesterday in the rio grande area, a 10-year-old buy himself sobbing. that was caught on video. speculation, rumors that the biden administration reconsidering adding to the wall. maybe to try to figure out a public relations angle to go at it before they do it. how effective would that be coupled with the things that jordan talked about like the remain in mexico policy? >> all of those issues are
1:20 pm
important that if you put them in place we will help this problem tremendously. people have to know what policies work. they shouldn't care where they came from or who thought of them first. at the end of the day, when we're looking at illegal immigration, gang members. it's tremendous the amount of drugs. shouldn't matter which political party came up with the idea. we should work together for the future of our children and our country. >> charles: art, it's ice in texas filed a lawsuit because deportation has been on hold and ice is decliing to take people in custody that committed crimes. on one hand, we have over 100,000 people that we have no idea who they are, who they're affiliated now with in this country and now we're not doing anything to people that committed crimes. we talk about policy.
1:21 pm
this seems like a common sense issue that should have no political boundaries. >> no, it's common sense. and then, you know, all the things that you mentioned are huge. let's add the bonanza that this has become for the drug cartels. when you look at the numbers and people need to do the math, it's approximately $4,000 on the low being paid for these people to come into the country, whether they're turning themselves in or evading apprehension. the smugglers are making a killing. >> charles: art, we have to leave it there. appreciate your insight to atlanta where major league baseball says they're taking a stand. but are we seeing proof that a small of minority owned businesses taking a hit. after president joe biden tells georgia to smarten up, how will georgia's secretary of state respond? we have him next.
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>> charles: well, it's not just atlanta striking out after mlb to pull out the all-star game. small businesses are bracing for the impact. edward lawrence with the latest. edward? >> gut punch.
1:26 pm
disappointing. this is what i'm hearing from small business owners. i'm at manuel's tavern here. 65 years is how long this location has been here. they almost went under during the pandemic. the community rallies around to save this company or this business. the owner said he planned on having big events around the all-star game. >> what it would have been and what i was hoping it would be would be our first truly measurable profitable day since covid. i was liking forward to the beer company participation and the signage over the city, city pride and that kind of stuff. and to have it just seemingly -- just in a matter of days have them pull it out crushes you. >> the cobb county travel and tourism bureau session that they could lose $100 million this
1:27 pm
week by not having -- that week by not having to all-star game here. 19,000 hotel rooms that major league baseball had reserved. i talked to a distributor that started to ramp up production for that week. the governor of georgia is very frustrated because he says companies like coke and delta were consulted about this bill. >> the ceos might have a change of heart. they're getting pressured in the smoke-filled room. most hard-working georgians that are losing out on this, they don't have a smoke-filled room. i'm talking that mantel for them and i will continue to do so and push back. >> you hear the frustration from small business owners on the ground. they said we're losing the all-star game. any boycotts hurt them. faith leaders saying they're going to postpone, calling for boycotts. they're having a meeting with
1:28 pm
the major multinational companies doing business here in georgia. charles? >> charles: thanks, edward. president biden thinks georgia needs to smarten up when it comes to voting law. i wonder what my next guest things about that. brad raffensperger on his take on everything going on. also yesterday we heard president biden use the time "jim crow" to describe your voting laws as well. your thoughts. >> i would encourage president biden to read the bill. look at the bill. it's very measured and what it does. there's sensible reforms. we're moving away from signature match. we've been sued by the democratic party and republicans over signature match. we're moving to an objective measure of using drivers license number and also your birthday, day, month and year. very objective. being used right new in both minnesota, nebraska, blue states, red states. good measure. >> charles: it's interesting
1:29 pm
that a lot of comparisons have been made with the georgia voting law versus colorado's. for the most part, it streams similarities between both. so many are wondering why do you think that this stands out? the only thing that i can see, even in most liberal media outlets was the notion that well, this just came so quickly after the georgia election it was a pay back. this is you trying to get in good favor with the trump wing of the republican party. what do you say to that? >> number 1, i had nothing to do with the writing of the legislation. that is done by the legislators, the senate and the house side. it was their legislation. we looked at it from a legal standpoint when we asked for legal advice. at the end of the day, they're justing sb-2 as a way of pushing hr-1, which is a federal takeover of elections. probably stacey abrams has poll-tested jim crow and saw
1:30 pm
that plays well like when she poll tested voter suppression in 2014. so this is part of her hustle for making money. she raised over $100 million with her voter suppression hustle which is not based on reality. >> charles: mitch mcconnell said today, he told a local kentucky radio station -- he rips mlb in atlanta. take a listen. >> major league baseball and a bunch of very large companies just accepted this nonsense from the political left that it was somehow -- this new law was somehow designed to suppress african american voting. it's utterly nonsense. >> charles: brad, we know politics is a dirty game for the most part. how do you explain these brilliant large corporation, multinational corporations, how
1:31 pm
do you explain them bringing? the amount of pressure that they tried to exert on the state of georgia and the new law. >> speaking from experience, when social media gets -- someone has a big megaphone, 80 million followers on twitter and they go after you, a lot of pressure. takes courage to stand up to and takes time to review the bill. look at what the bill does. we've increased early voting from 16 days minimum up to 17. allows sunday voting in the law for the first time. also in the law nor the first time, making sure counties continue to approve on keeping lines short. lines longer than an hour are not allowed. you have to break the precincts in half or add additional equipment and poll workers. all good stuff. >> charles: brad, let's get to the water situation. that's the number 1 talking point. you're standing in line. you've been there a long time. you can't even get a glass of water. explain how it works. >> well, first off, in november,
1:32 pm
average wait time was two minutes statewide. i have the data. we can produce it. it's on my iphone. second of all, what people were doing, we have a 150 foot zone of no politicking. candidates were coming in the zone under the guise of giving people water. >> charles: what do they do if they kwant -- want water? >> they can hand it out. what we're seeing is no candidates and candidate committees or their people should be within the 150 foot zone. if you want to hand it out, knock yourself out. >> charles: now watch this. thanks, brad. >> so i'm prepared to work. i am. but to automatically say that the only thing that in infrastructure is a highway, a bridge or whatever, that's not rationale.
1:33 pm
really isn't. >> charles: president joe biden saying earlier today he's willing to work with republicans on infrastructure. but some of the gop criticisms of the plan, you just heard him say not rationale. is this really a good way to foster bipartisanship? where is the unity? joining me to discuss, todd young. senator young, i want to add that as president biden explained the infrastructure, sewer pipes and water pipes are infrastructure. he said it in a way that republicans don't understand that. obviously that's not the issue your party has with this bill. >> no, we're all for investment. when the president was asked what constitutes infrastructure because this is a malleable term that he's trying to fit a lot into. he responded that it involves energy, transportation or the internet. there's a whole category of
1:34 pm
goodies. about 70% of the goodies in this $2.5 trillion phase one of two package that falls outside of the scope of that definition. hoosier support, american support, republican support. i support vigorous investments. but so much of this stuff should not fall under the infrastructure banner. we're deceiving the american people. >> charles: so you're rejecting that elderly care is part of infrastructure? >> now they're calling it comfort care. so they're rebranding things that i might otherwise be supportive of just to further object cure it and conceivably gain broader support. call things what they are. consider them under the appropriate jurisdiction, go through regular order in the united states senate.
1:35 pm
that brings transparency to the process and ensures that we spend every taxpayer dollar as if it were our own. >> charles: there's no doubt, this is about the green new deal more than anything else and the remaking of america. that being said, the senate parliamentarian seems to have handed democrats a major victory. they'll get two more bites at this reconciliation apple. what do you make of that? this is -- if this happens, if we get this bill and then the next one focused on human capital, get ready to learn a new set of terms. what does it mean for the idea of unity in this country, unity in washington d.c. that was promised on the campaign trail? >> you just nailed it. they can eliminate the filibuster and gotten -- i hope they don't. i hope kyrsten sinema and joe manchin and other democrats don't eliminate it. but now with the ruling, even absent elimination of the
1:36 pm
filibuster, they don't need republican help. we have 50 united states senators. you think that would give you representation in the united states senate. but because chuck schumer would like to advance things that no republican can go along with, he can pass it through this so-called reconciliation procedure through 50 republican senators and then kamala harris coming in the cast the 51st vote. it's completely unfair, frankly, but we have to continue to fight. >> charles: senator, i want your reaction to this billboard, the dnc put it up in your home state of indiana. highlights your vote about the $1.9 trillion covid package. is this their way of shaming you and spending more money? what do you say to people when they say why did you reject $1,400? i needed that money. >> you know, i guess they're trying to embarrass me to voting for $350 billion packages that go to fund blue states and pay for bailouts of their public
1:37 pm
pension programs and other things. perhaps they wanted me to send checks to incarcerated individuals, which this legislation also does. look, i mean, i celebrate the fact that some of my neighbors got help, help that they needed. we don't need to be sending checks to people that make $160,000, didn't lose their job or for some of the other purposes that were in that massive 1.9 trillion package. >> charles: senator young, thanks very much. we appreciate it. meanwhile, folks, the los angeles county sheriff that just released the cause of tiger woods crash is here. why maybe raising more questions than answers next.
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1:42 pm
green light to ramp up spending, all of this, of course, has been big news today. one of the bigger stories, the los angeles sheriff's department releasing new information surrounding the cause of tiger woods car crash. they pinned it on excessive speed. sheriff villanueva, thanks for joining us. excessive speed and the inability to navigate a curve. take us through how this crash happened. >> well, we have video of home entering the vehicle driving, obeying all the rules of the road. up to the point where going northbound on a straight of way, going downhill and curving to the right. at the time of the first contact with the center median, he was going between 84 and 87 miles an hour. that speed is unsafe for the road conditions. so that is the first cause.
1:43 pm
the second is, he went in a straight line where the roaded to the right. he hit the west side of the road, the curb and a tree. he was going about 75 miles an hour. so this is evidence that came out of the black box. >> speaking of the black box. very compelling here. the data recorder showed zero braking and 99% acceleration. what does that suggest to you? >> according to the investigator, that suggested the time he made the first collision and in a panic, he pressed down what he thought was the brake. looks like it was the accelerator itself. that's why you had the 99-plus on the accelerator side and zero on the braking side. >> charles: i have to say, i admit that that has happened to me as well. not going downhill and not in a s.u.v. thankfully. a lot of speculation the first
1:44 pm
time that you hear something like this about intoxication or his frame of mind. the police decided against doing any tests there. what was the rationale for that? >> well, the investigator on the scene, the very first deputy, deputy gonzalez, he saw no signs of impairment, no alcohol. he was lucid, able the communicate and understood more or less what had happened. there's no sign of medication or anything that would point toward impairment. he had a compound fracture. you shift into life saving mode. impairment is secondary. but there was no probable cause to go to blood or something like that. totally inappropriate. >> charles: could have been a lot worse. congratulations to you and your department doing a great job and thanks for walking us through this. everybody wants to know and
1:45 pm
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>> charles: point, click, hike my taxes? am soon -- amazon's ceo approving of a tax hike and wall street is not bothered by that thought. my next guest thinks individual investors should pay attention right now. the read from dan deltrude. thanks, dan. interesting seeing somebody that like jeff bezos like more regulations and higher taxes. there's an ulterior motive here. it wouldn't hurt him as potential rivals, especially small rivals. your read. >> let's look at what jeff bezos is doing here. he understands corporate taxes are going up. there's no way around that. i think he's trying to cozy up to the administration right now, he's trying to gain some political capitol because joe
1:50 pm
biden has been very critical of amazon and how little tax they pay. he's been attacked by bernie sanders as well. so he says, all right. i'll go along with this because it is popular only because people don't know what is actually behind this. so that is what he does there. let me say what i think is really important to him. it's more about not losing deductions for things like r&d research and development an capital expenditures. if they can hold back on that, won't be back for sam -- amazon. if the global minimumtation doesn't -- why are countries like ireland going to cooperate with that. >> charles: it's nuts. >> people are just going to move to get around this. >> charles: i read a lot of estimates. for the most part, 7, 8, 9%, 10%
1:51 pm
hit. higher taxes. what does that mean for individuals? if these taxes become reality, it will hurt the bottom line of corporations. how does that reflect in their portfolios? >> it's going to hurt, charles. i don't think it's going to hurt immediately. because as jamie dimon was talking about, there's really going to be a boom coming through 21, through 22 and maybe all the way through 23. why? because of the back scenes. we're going to get out of the pandemic. and also because all of this stimulus. wall street will be on a sugar high for a while. then the growth can't last forever, charles. it's going to level off. when that happens, that will be the game-changer. >> charles: there's no doubt about it. particularly in this tax rate will make us so uncompetitive around the world. a lot of corporations are trying
1:52 pm
to get out of dodge. thanks, dan. always a pleasure. talk soon. so here's the question, folks. is this border crisis turning into a national security crisis? three terror suspects were nabbed from yemen and could there be others that were not? we'll be right back. ♪ (car audio) you have reached your destination.
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♪ >> charles: house minority leader kevin mccarthy is calling on the fbi and cia to hold a briefing after two men who were on the terror watch list were caught while crossing the southern border. my next guest says this border crisis is a national security crisis. north carolina republican congressman dan bishop joins me now from texas where he took part in the news conference on as we came into the show. congressman, thank you for joining us, tell us why this is -- this is now considered in your mind a national security crisis? >> thank you, charles, glad to be with you. you know, the news about the two yemenis who were arrested or apprehended and on the terror watch list, that wasn't the first time. back on march 1st when i had an opportunity to question secretary mayorkas before the committee on homeland security, he confirmed that the day before four foreign nationals who were all on the terror watch list had
1:57 pm
been apprehended or persons matching those names. so, what we also know from talking to border agents, border patrol agents down here is that they're encountering groups of migrants every night who are turning themselves over voluntarily. those people are sent in by cartels from mexico to whom they pay large amounts of money. but they also use them as decoys, as border agents say, in order to send other persons in true other areas. and if you have got people on the terror watch list who want to get into the united states, that's what's happening. so, the question we don't know is how many are not being apprehended? but we did have another news item just today that an ms-13 gang member was apprehended in the san diego division just yesterday. >> charles: representative bishop i had art del cueto on earlier the border patrol president, to your point, the number of people who have gotten through, unaccounted they have
1:58 pm
gotten through because there is just not enough manpower, the wall has too many holes in it, it's a shocking number. well over 100,000 and no one knows how many of them could be tastes, cartel members, drug members, mafia members of the mexican mafia or others. it does present a problem. why don't you think it's already been action? why would we have to call on the fbi and the cia to be down there? shouldn't they be already engaged on this? >> charles, that's mystifying. not only for the prospect of the national security crisis but the humanitarian crisis. it is chaos. and we visited a number of border agencies over the last at a and a half and that's the sense you get everywhere. it's chaos. the numbers are immense. people are coming in, families accompanied by children under 7 years old go under a bridge. they call it tops, the name of a facility. they process them in several hours. and then they turn them over to
1:59 pm
ngos who release them into the country. arrange for bus fare and air fare going everywhere in the united states. a whole other group that are unaccompanied minors going through the office of refugee resettlement. they are being sent to perhaps some relative or maybe a 15-year-old going to a 21-year-old illegal alien living somewhere else. you know, it is a crisis, it's a catastrophe on every level. >> i have got less than a minute but if you can, representative jordan talked about maybe reinstating the remain in mexico policy and the biden administration is floating some balloons out there perhaps finishing the wall or at least adding to it where there are materials. what do you think? >> they need to think fast so they need to get on with that right away, finishing out the wall segments and restoring the remain in mexico policy. it was working. border patrol told them it was working. and that they were going to have a disaster if they abandoned it. >> charles: yeah, well, it's hard to ignore it now.
2:00 pm
hard not to say it was a disaster vice president kamala harris on the phone with mexico's president. but it's going to take a lot more than that thank you so much for sharing what you saw with us today. we really appreciate it. that will do it for me here, folks. neil will be back tomorrow. catch me on fox business at 2:00 p.m. eastern. ♪ ♪ >> dana: hello, everyone. i'm dana perino along with juan williams, greg gutfeld, kennedy and pete hegseth. 5:00 in new york city and this is "the five." ♪ ♪ disturbing video capturing the crisis at our southern border. a little migrant boy found sobbing and wandering alone after being abandoned in the texas dessert. watch. >> huh?


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