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tv   America Reports With John Roberts Sandra Smith  FOX News  April 7, 2021 10:00am-12:00pm PDT

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>> leo: i was intimidated by this piece. >> harris: you were a rock star appearance before you are the shining stars. thank you for everyone at home and now here is "america reports." ♪ ♪ >> john: thanks, fox news alert any moment now. we are expected to learn the cause of the february because crash that seriously injured golf legend tiger woods. the los angeles county sheriff's office told a news conference and moments to announce the findings there of their investigation. we will bring that live as soon as it begins. it looks like we are getting ready to go there. >> john: absolutely heartbreaking video of a young
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migrant boy in texas stopping and asking border patrol agent for help. he is one of many children found abandoned at the border every day. hello, welcome to another edition of "america reports," i am john roberts in washington and hi, sandra. >> sandra: and sandra smith in new york my hello, john, these images of young children all by themselves. they are met by border patrol agents at the border. no matter how many new shelters are built, the biden administration, john, cannot keep up with a surge. right now, there were more than 19,000 unaccompanied migrant children in u.s. custody. >> john: sandra this comes as top republican request with briefing to men on the fbi terrorist watch list caught cost, crossing the border. we will speak with you and investor nikki haley about the take on the border crisis, but first let's go to alex hogan life on the border in texas, alex? >> house speaker kevin mccarthy says he wants a briefing of classified briefing how these two men from yemen try
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to make their way across the border. press secretary jen psaki had said that this speaks volumes about the work that border agents do every single day but called these cases are rare. that is what we are seeing. more than 19,000 children among the migrants who cross the border unaccompanied. among those stories, little boy who approached border regions. we do have video of that heartbreaking moment when he approaches them sobbing, stating he was with a group approaching the border when he was left behind. he also says if he didn't ask him for help, where would he go? he was worried about being robbed or kidnapped out there in the desert all alone. border agents say, they see more extortions lately. also this past weekend the rio grande valley, smugglers held eight migrants against their will and a stash house after bringing them across the border demanding that they pay an additional $4,000 or they would be killed. more delegations of politicians
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are flying south to visit border facilities and to see the immigration problem for themselves. so throughout the day, we will hear more about that. some of the comments they say they are seeing here as they come to visit the border. again, this devastating amount of children will likely hear what they have to say about that, john. >> john: alex hogan in michigan, texas, the press conference is getting underway now. >> the captain of lomita sheriff's station james powers. after they speak, we will open it up for questions, and then after all of that, that sheriff will transition into spanish. now come it is my honor to introduce los angeles county alex. thank you john, welcome to hall
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of justice of the l.a. county sheriff's office and i made a problem to deliver information with this traffic collision involving tiger woods. we are here to follow through with that promise and share what we have learned with the collision that occurred februars estates. and as i said a daily crash, we are thankful that he survived this tragic collision. and i would like to point out that tiger woods and his have been cooperative throughout this and the permission to share these findings with you. for the record under section 20012 the california vehicle code the details of this report will remain confidential except for the involved parties and this is true of the thousands of reports to repair every year throughout l.a. county. no one is asking for any of those reports. in so this is treated no differently.
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the primary cause for this traffic collision is driving a speed unsafe for the road conditions and inability to negotiate the curve of the roadway. estimated speed of the first area of impact were 84-87 miles an hour. the final estimated speed when the vehicle struck the tree was 75 miles an hour. there were no citations issued and they were no signs of impairment. now, i know there are some saying somehow he received a special or preferential treatment of some kind. that is absolutely false. there was no signs of impairment. our primary concern once we obviously at the scene of the collision was his safety. and this is where you have to switch gears and make sure that the person can't survive and receive medical care they need. and the fire, paramedics that is why he was taken to a trauma center because a compound fracture to the lead with life-threatening injuries. so i know there is a lot of
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experts who claim they are drug recognition and they should have drawn blood or done this or that. without the signs of impairment, we don't get to the point where we can offer a search warrant with cause to get there and execute that search warrant so we did not get there and that is not preferential treatment but in the collision of this type based on circumstances. past history does not get you the elements that you need probable cause. so i will leave it at that. so net lumi introduced james powers of the sheriff's station. >> thank you, sheriff and thank you for having me here. good morning, am here to discuss some of the details of the traffic collision that occurred on tuesday, february 23rd of this year at approximately 7:12 in the morning. in the city of rolling hills estates involving mr. tiger woods. i would like to first introduce
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the deputies involved in this investigation. the first responding deputies, and solace to my right. and also deputy justice smith, involved in the investigation after the fact and the lead investigator and then sergeant michael dowling from traffic services bureau was involved in the evaluation of the data reporter or the vehicle. so upon our arrival in mr. woods was involved in the collision, we responded with the vehicle off the roadway and on its side. mr. woods was in the vehicle, the seat belt was still worn and the airbags deployed. mr. woods appeared in church based on his appearance and to prevent further injury we waited for the paramedics to make paramedics to remove him and transport him to the hospital. there should be a slight view,
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the median is depicted on the slide where the first impact was pure there is a sign on the median, the second area of impact depicted by red dots. and then the third area of impact was on the west curb on the opposite side of hawthorne boulevard and so forth impact, a tree west of the curb off of the roadway approximately 71 feet. and the blue dot indicated there is the point of where the vehicle was. the impact of the vehicle when they hit the tree because the vehicle to go airborne and do somewhat landing on its side. the follow-up investigation after the fact has the sheriff indicated that, there was no evidence of any impairment or no odor of alcohol were no open vehicles and the vehicle. no narcotics or medication in the vehicle or on his person. in this situation come up course, he was asked about that
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we conduct field sobriety test. due to his injuries and due to the traumatic nature of his injuries, it would not be appropriate to do a field sobriety test. i will say that tiger woods and his management team have been in communication with us and throughout this entire event and cooperative with any of our investigation questions and responded to any of our questions and or concerns. the event data reporter was investigated on march 1st. we examined that data recorder. after obtaining a search warrant that was signed by judge tony hill of the torrance courthouse. there is an airbag control unit of the data recorder that showed information that we described as event 1 and event 2 and a combination of event 1 and 2. those events or areas of impact that was recorded by the recorder.
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the airbags were deployed in each event shows a 52nd window, and the combination of both events show seven second window prior to the collision. the event data recorder show speeds ranged 82.0 miles per hour to 86.99 miles an hour and back down to 68.35 miles an hour. a second reading of this event data recorder is the acceleration pedal percentage, which is the pressure applied to the accelerator pedal during the collision. this measurement was at 99% at the area of impact and all of the area of impacts of the collision. the data recorder also recorded breaking. there was no evidence of breaking throughout the collision. it is speculated and believe that tiger woods hit the accelerator instead of the brake pedal causing that 99% rating on
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the accelerator pedal. the steering also was reported and range from minus ten to 55 and a circular model so it indicates made from the left to the right and it is believed that this could be from trying to correct from the impacts and also the impacts itself throughout the collision. again, the estimated speeds of impact were 84-87 miles per hour at the median. 84 and then the impact of the west curb line commit his estimate of the speed was 70 and 5 miles an hour. and these are estimated speeds based on the recordings from the data recorder. the cause of the collision is determined by the statements of the parties involved and any independent witnesses, facts of the scene and roadway, any opinions of the traffic investigators. there were no independent witnesses with this collision, and the primary cause was
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driving the speed unsafe for road conditions and inability to negotiate the curve of the roadway. no citation was issued, and there were no independent voices and no observations by a peace officer which would support the issues of a citation. and that is all i have. do you have any questions? >> reporter: so captain, thank you. captain, was there any evidence of distracted driving? i mean, did you check his phone for texting or anything like that? >> we did not check his phone for texting and there was really no need to do that. there was no other evidence. the only associative factor -- well, there is two factors, the speed and failure to maintain the street course, the curvature of the roadway. that is it. there is nothing from this cell phone with distractive driving appearance be done next because i know texting or phone calls at this time?
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>> not to my knowledge. >> there was a lot made about the scene. but the notion that you did have access to blood work at the hospital. did you worn for that at all question work >> we did not seek a warrant because there was no indication to do so. based on the facts, no evidence of impairment or intoxication. in order to obtain a search warrant you have to have probable cause to articulate that and that did not exist. >> reporter: so no was dispatched? >> we have our investigators out there. they are qualified dres so those questions were asked. and they are all indicated and documented in the report. >> reporter: thank you, sir. >> can you explain? >> it is believed when you panic or you have some sort of sudden interruption while you are driving, your initial impact or your initial thought is to hit
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the break. and it is believed that he may have done that but hit the accelerator and didn't hit the break. we don't know that. he doesn't have any recollection of the incident. like i say, that is a speculation. there is zero breaking throughout the recorder and 90% acceleration on the pedal. >> reporter: it is not going to change anything the cause of the speed is to maintain the roadway. so all it would be is an associative factor which wouldn't because the collision and our goal is to find out what the collision is and that is it. >> reporter: [indistinct] >> john: jim powers the l.a. county sheriff's office, the sheriff giving a report on the crash that tiger woods had back on the 23rd of february. think we can ascertain from this, sandra said it's a pretty
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good advertisement for genesis gv 80, 75 miles an hour when airborne, and lived to tell the tale. >> sandra: very fascinating that will black box situation that is in most cars today. did a little digging on this and there is, indeed, like a plane crash, there is a device that can tell you and tell the authorities, which it did, the speed at which this vehicle was moving at the time of the crash among other things. jonathan hunt is live in los angeles. jonathan, no signs of impairment. they were able to confirm he was speeding at the time of this crash. he was going nearly twice the speed limit, over 80 in a 45-mile-per-hour zone. >> that is the headline. traveling at the speed of initial impact is something between 84-87 miles per hour.
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the speed limit on that particular stretch of road in this area of l.a. rancho pillows burtis, 84 miles an hour come almost twice the speed limit and what officials were telling us k at the metrics from the car, they can see that there wao breaking involved whatsoever. and you just heard captain jim powers say that the speculation therefore and he emphasized that it is speculation is that tiger realized he was losing control, tried to break, but actually hit the accelerator pedal instead. and that is why he was going so fast. then he hit the median, which is a raised median along that stretch of road, went into a signpost, and eventually hit a tree at a speed of 75 miles an hour. that is what launched the car into the air.
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but the sheriff said it did something of a hero wet landing on the site appear those pictures, that is exactly white tiger woods suffered such terrible injuries. the only thing they are saying is the speed was the cause of this accident. interestingly sandra and john, they did not check his phone so they do not know if he was texting or on a phone call at that point. the thing at the moment, the primary cause, pure speed. sandra. >> sandra: jonathan hunt on that for us, jonathan, thank you. as the biden administration downplays the crisis at the border and calls it a challenge, we are seeing these shocking images of young children that are just being abandoned. human smugglers reportedly advertising their service now on facebook. since biden took office less than three months ago. a border patrol official captured this heartbreaking video of a young boy who says the group abandon him at the border.
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>> [speaking in native tongue] [crying] >> [speaking in native tongue] >> sandra: joining us now former u.s. ambassador to the united nations nikki haley. investor, great to have you on the program seven. thank you for being here. you can't help but feel your heart rate for that small child. the other small children. i'm sure, last week those two girls three and five that were dropped over the border wall, left to fend for themselves. thankfully, we can tell you that they, too, were rescued. you are offering a solution to this problem today. what do we do to fix it? >> well, it will break anyone's heart. it's not about coming up with a new solution. we have the solution. the trump administration had the same migrant problems, but they fixed it. what they did was, they used
10:19 am
tough love with her friends. you know guatemala and honduras are friends of america. they are not anti-american. these kids and so many of these migrants are coming from central america. what the president duda, he gave them tough love. he said this is what we expect of you. we will partner with you, but you have to control the situation in your country. they have to apply from there. from there he worked through mexico, which is where they were coming from to make sure we had a handle on it. it is really unacceptable that biden is so obsessed with trumpet reversal that you will literally put the american public in these kids at risk the way he is. and then he gives kamala harris apparently, she is the one in charge. this is the same person who encouraged 7,000 migrants to come to america. she is referred to ice as the kkk. she is now in charge of this. she has been missing in action and god help us if she ever becomes president. if this is how she handles a
10:20 am
crisis, i mean, i just cannot imagine how she would run the country. it is very devastating. the one thing that we did and i traveled to honduras, guatemala. we have these conversations with them. it was let us help you, but we will not set up and put up with your problems. the smugglers are making money on every one of those children appear they are making money on everyone. they will leave a child if they don't have shoes. they will leave the child if they are too slow, it is inhumane, unacceptable and really made the idea that anyone would be okay with the way kamala harris and joe biden are handling this is just unthinkable. >> john: ambassador haley, there seems to be issues with transparency as well. we had to fight tooth and nail to get cameras into the facility, which did happen. but then yesterday, customs and border protection put up news that too many men on the terrorist watch list. they have been apprehended trying to cross the border.
10:21 am
one of the end of january and one at the end of march. suddenly, the information was scrubbed from the dhs website and led leader kevin mccarthy who wants a break in by the fbi and cia on these two guys and whoever else might have come over the border. what pictures does that raise for you? >> we have seen an arrogance from the biden administration and that they will only show and tell us what they think we need to know. it is demeaning. it is unacceptable for the american people that the president is withholding information. and i think this is a trend. whether it is him not doing press conferences or them on certain things they are doing, not letting us know what the solutions and goals are and to what happens. whether it's not working with the republicans. i mean, it is a very much an arrogant way of having this presidency. to go and hide and decide what we can and cannot see, it is just unacceptable. >> sandra: ambassador haley, i can't help but think that you offer a unique perspective to the crisis at the southern
10:22 am
border at a time when you were seen such a prominent female figure, figure come i should say, in your party. but you have also at this moment got the first female vice president in the white house. and she has been deployed to fix this crisis at the border. we put a map together, ambassador haley, of where the vice president has traveled in the past two weeks. it is nowhere. it has not even been a stop at the border. you look and she went to her l.a. home, a water plant, she has flown 14 days, she's been to all these different places. in two weeks, she's held only one phone call with the guatemala president. no interviews or press conferences on this. she has yet to hold an interview or call this a humanitarian crisis. ambassador haley, when we go back and hear that small child where we see those two girls dropped over the border, and i go back to a tweet of yours two weeks ago. very clearly stating that this
10:23 am
was a woman who compared ice to the kkk in 2018. how can we as americans have confidence that this administration is going to tackle this crisis, knowing that they [boos] they are just a couple of months in? >> they have completely taken on this crisis and out of sight out of mind. the fact that biden and kamala harris has not visited or the fact that biden put this in kamala harris' lap and done literally nothing, how can you look at that boy? how can you with a good conscious look at these kids and be okay with this? they are being abused as they come along the way. you don't know if they petting thing to eat. you don't know who's bringing them over. you are seeing them dropped over a 14-foot wall. thank goodness they are okay. but the idea all she has done is laugh about it and not shown up, one, biden should fire her from the position of handling the border crisis because she has done a terrible job. two we should never see kamala harris becoming
10:24 am
president. three, the one thing to fix this is getting their pride out of the way and understanding what president trump did on the border worked. >> john: investor haley, let me point to another tweet of yours yesterday on a different topic and this is what's going on in georgia in the wake of the new voting laws signed by the governor not too long ago. you said "biden wants to give the green light for american companies to invest in iran, the world state terrorist, get, boycott georgia. someone should remind him he works for the american people." your thoughts on what's going on in the state of georgia and governor of neighboring state for south carolina for a number of years. >> you know, first of all, the idea that he is encouraging business with iran to lift sanctions but turning around and boycotting one of the states he's supposed to be president of says all you need to know. i passed voter i.d. legislation in south carolina in 2011. at that time, i was vilified and
10:25 am
disenfranchising people's voting. i will continue to say that liberals need to quit acting like minorities are ignorant. we are not ignorant. we are perfectly capable of getting a photo i.d. we, ourselves, want to see our vote counts and there is no election integrity to make sure our votes count. don't act like we are incapable of doing things. and that is what they are doing. that is what delta is doing, that is what coke is doing, that is what biden is doing. you are treating minorities like we are stupid. and we are not. that is the one thing so upsetting about this thing. what georgia did is make sure that the votes would be counted, that you had validation, that you had accountability. in south carolina, when they said we work disenfranchising voters because they couldn't get a picture i.d., i said, fine, anyone with a picture i.d. we will pick them up and take them to the dmv and return them. out of 5 million people, you know the number of people that asked for help? 25, 25. i will tell you by adding voter
10:26 am
i.d., the number of those in south carolina went up, it did not go down. georgia just improve their voter situation. the private sector needs to stay out of it. joe biden can sit there and boycott one of his own states and discourage business from those states when so many democrat states have weaker laws is really, it is cowardly. it is cowardly commit is demeaning, and it it's disrespectful. >> sandra: despite criticism, he is doubling down and here he is in his own words using that reference, listen. >> it is reassuring to see that for-profit operations and businesses are speaking up about how these new jim crow laws are just antithetical to who we are. >> sandra: what is he doing as far as unit tea that you can see that he promised?
10:27 am
on the campaign trail. >> to refer to it in any sense with jim crow, again, it is disrespectful because clearly he doesn't know anything about jim crow to acknowledge that. secondly, it concerns me about his well being if he literally has not taken time to read a bill of one of his own states. then you are going to boycott businesses to one of your states, georgia, that will lose jobs, lose revenue to a state that is heavily african-american. you are giving it to a state that is heavily white. exactly who are you fighting for? to turn around and implied that there are better companies to pull out and yet you support the world's leading sponsor of terrorism, iran, by encouraging american businesses to open back up with them? his wires are crossed. this is a dangerous time for america. it is divisive, it is unaccountable, it is not transparent, and you can blame joe biden and kamala harris for all about. this is the number one reason we
10:28 am
need to remember elections have consequences. >> john: ambassador haley we mentioned iran but the issue of china, coca-cola the sponsor of beijing olympics, apple, nike, other companies were concerned about a law that would prohibit the importation to the united states of goods that were manufactured through forced labor in changing profits. province. the spokesperson for the state department we are in consultation with our allies the boycott of the olympics and the state department said no, no, no we are not considering a boycott. so on the one hand, you have the boycott of georgia and what's going on there. and then anytime you bring up the idea of the boycott of the olympics, you have official washington running out to say no, we are not considering that. there seems to be a little bit of a double standard here. >> you know, he refers to the georgia law as a jim crow law, yet, he is not doing anything
10:29 am
literal slavery happening in china. you've got slavery and happening in china, which, by the way, major league baseball is also trying to do business in china on top of all of those other companies that you mentioned. so they are all willing to support slavery, support, support physical and sexual abuse of people in china. then they will disenfranchise people from being able to show voter i.d. to be able to vote. i mean, the idea that all of this is happening, it is going to backfire. you mark my words come every ounce of this will backfire. every day that joe biden is in office once the republicans unite. every day we unite as one day closer when we win the election back in 2022. this is where america has on the corporate side, the administration, they have lost their minds if they will turn around and think american public will fall for all of this. what is going to happen, companies will get boycotted. major league baseball will get boycotted.
10:30 am
america should be leading the charge on the boycott and see if we are capable of doing it. there is some real leadership lacking here. i think america is feeling it. the rest of the world is shocked. >> sandra: ambassador haley we have to leave it there but i can't help but hear you and hear you when so many circles, your name being thrown around for 2024. is that something you are hinting at working on today? >> i think right now we started stamper america pac where we are going out to recruit. make sure we win the house, the senate in 2022. if any of your viewers want to stay in touch with what we are doing stamper america and nothing to make the only thing worse for it coyears is joe biden for two and the one think that two and the house and senate so we could have stopped all this chaos. >> sandra: caught it at. >> john: we will take that as a soft guest. >> thank you so much come appreciate it. >> john: teachers at the front of the line for covid shots are staying home refusing to return
10:31 am
to classrooms. so are the teachers unions going to make students and parents wait even if it is safe to reopen now? >> sandra: in the meantime from a california taking it slowly when it comes to reopening while others like texas has reopened and they are doing great so far. in certain cases they are so what is the point of california staying shut? dr. marty makary will weigh next.
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you need a financial plan that can help grow and protect your money. an annuity can help cover essential expenses in retirement. have the right financial professional show you how... this is what an annuity can do. speed to about 80% of teachers, school staff got their first dose of the coronavirus vaccine according to the center of disease control yet many school districts and some of our biggest cities don't seem to beo much of a rush to reopen largely because it resists the teachers union. dr. marty makary, a fox news contributor, dr. mccarrick, what happened to following the science here? >> i do worry there is a ship
10:36 am
where we move not just recommending the vaccine for teenagers but requiring it. that is what i'm worried will be the next major excuse and way schools won't be open to. using the criteria now, schools will not be open during seasonal flu or bacterial meningitis, which is a seasonal and ever perpetual infection risk out there. what we are doing is not listening to the science. instead, we tried to create more and i think there will be a backlash against it. >> john: when you talk about this idea of making sure the students are vaccinated come i think i read yesterday a couple of ivy league schools will require vaccinations for students to come back to school and the pole. the teachers union seem to be using the pandemic as leverage to try to get from school boards from counties and local governments a lot of noncovid related issues. >> first of all, the university
10:37 am
surveyed students and the resounding response was they want to have more liberties if they know it everybody is vaccinated. so they are responding to student demand, party and party more liberally but that is why they enforce those. by the way, they did not announce for that own university staff so that tells you little bit about what they are trying to recreate. if we look at the data from israel, it is pretty clear. 50% of adults vaccinated, the numbers go way down. we don't have to guess where we will be about a month or two from now. we can look at that experience. >> john: speaking of where we will be a month or two from now, gavin newsom said that on june 15th, california will reopen prompting his critics to say june 15th, why not april 15th? >> welcome i think we will see both extremes. we will see a hard landing and soft landing and place is open too soon and places open too late. i fear we will not hit a good balance and people will unnecessarily be starved off
10:38 am
from normal life because of this interest and sort of keeping one or two month cushion. the reality is, once who had about 50% of the population of the adult population vaccinated, we see numbers plummet. look at the u.k. right now. they are 62% of adults vaccinated. 10-20 deaths a day of a country of 70 million. look at israel, almost no deaths. look at alaska. look at north dakota, zero deaths in two weeks sean. oklahoma, we are synced two pandemics, one and older folks the death and the hospitalizations are and one in young folks. and we can't make policies reactionary to the cases we are seeing in young people alone. >> john: dr. marty makary, thank you for your perspective, thanks. texas opened up all the way on march 10th, the coronavirus cases and deaths continue to go down there. dr. fauci was asked yesterday or this morning why it was the
10:39 am
coronavirus cases have not gone up in texas? i'm not really quite sure. >> sandra: it is amazing. >> john: he's not sure why. >> sandra: the confusion and misinformation. if california can open june 15th, why can't they open out? all right, john, president biden mean well to sew his $2.2 trillion spending plan. the critics say the tax hike to fund his bill will only target the rich. so how some critics think the african-americans will actually be affected by that. >> john: plus from a former athlete turned republican reality tv star caitlyn jenner may have her sights set on politics. details coming up next here's huge news for veteran homeowners. introducing refiplus from newday usa. with interest rates near record lows refiplus lets you refinance to save money every month. plus you could get an average of $50,000 cash.
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as governor newsom a recall election. caitlyn jenner. she is a vocal republican for olympian in reality star ""keeping up with the kardashians"." in february her manager said she was not running. but that has changed, and announced explorations. sandra, some of the republicans in the race think the time the recall election comes around, if it does, there could be 100 candidates vying for this. >> sandra: wouldn't that be something to watch and cover, right, john? so we will be watching that bit meanwhile president biden to deliver remarks in a short time from now on his new $2.2 trillion spending plan. amazon ceo jeff bezos coming out in support of that plan, saying corporate taxes should be raised to help pay for it. let's bring in our panel, university of chicago school business and former chair of the council of economic advisors
10:45 am
under president obama and douglass holds, beacon of the advocacy group at american former director of the budget office. it is those lengthy resumes for which we want and the reason why we want to talk to you. so welcome. douglas, to you first. reaching the corporate tax rate, can you see any reason to raise it at all from where it is today? >> welcome i can understand why jeff bezos would want the taxes brick mortar and a better system for amazon and him be more successful. but would this be beneficial for the economy as a whole? i don't think the answer is yes both because we know what happen when we cut the taxes and stopped losing all that headquarters and stop the draining of american firms. but also no recent work out at pennsylvania shows taking the american jobs plant at face value and rent through standard economic analysis and you end up with less growth, less productivity growth, lower wages
10:46 am
and that hurts the middle class. this doesn't seem like the right way to go. >> sandra: don't worry, this is just a big corporation and those wealthy people will pay for this. don't worry the average american will not be affected by this. look what is happening in new york city. i will put "the new york post" up. nyc michael goodwin writes quality of life plummets, taxes skyrocket and the city facing a devastating future. and they say corporations and the rich will be hit but don't leave them. tax cuts tend to reduce economic activity of those who pay them. he declined that eventually hits everyone, he writes having the government redistribute tax money is historic juncture "a terrible idea." isn't that sort of an example at the state level of what we could see happen with the country, eventually everyone will pay for this? >> unfortunately, no, i think that is a confused analysis.
10:47 am
it is obvious what happened in new york city is that we had a massive pandemic that struck new york city's worst and almost anywhere in the country and millions of people left new york city leaving them huge revenue shortfalls and a bunch of problems that they are now trying to dig out of. >> sandra: we can dig into that and that the day but go ahead. speak with the trickle down which are asking in 2017, the trump administration cut corporate taxes more than ever cut by $2 trillion and it did not increase the growth rate of wages, the growth weight of wages actually fell in the two years following it. >> sandra: it eventually came up. >> and america by 221 margin to plan the infrastructure package we should ask corporations and high income people who have not had a recession, by the way to pay a fair share of their income. >> sandra: okay there's a couple of things to dig into there. >> a couple of things to dig
10:48 am
into there. >> sandra: the trickle-down, by the way new york city did not just the results of the pandemic. douglas, i will get you to respond everything you heard but first up on the screen to put in context what it would mean to raise our corporate tax rate to 28%, the combined corporate tax rate and the state level as well would bring over 32.4% under biden's plan. that puts us at the highest in the world. the combined corporate tax rate. the highest of organization of economic corporation and a group of 37 so-called developed countries. how does that make us more competitive? >> so it doesn't make us more competitive. so let's get a few of the facts straight. it was not a $2 trillion corporate cuts. that is way too big. to cut corporate taxes by $400 billion, this is three or four times increase and we saw back in -- no notion of going back. this is a massive tax increase.
10:49 am
and in the middle of the developed country, a huge success. every year, 2014, 2015, 2016, we have political warfare over companies leaving the u.s. it ended and solve that problem. the jobs that went with him stop leaving. and we so many come back in the u.s. to invest in the u.s. >> sandra: those are facts. i've got to leave it there. i've got to leave it there because we are out of time. love having both of you. there is obviously a debate that continues. we will have you back. thank you. >> john: sandra, a new cold war heats up as russia's military builds massive arsenal, where? in the arctic. stay with us. ♪ ♪
10:50 am
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10:53 am
>> john: yesterday we showed you satellite photos of massive chinese flotilla in the south chinese sea. a massive russian military buildup raising fears of a cold war in the arctic. national security correspondent jennifer griffin life at the pentagon with what this is all about, hi, jennifer. >> three russian submarines burst through the arctic ice earlier this month, the pentagon took notice. >> we are monitoring it very
10:54 am
closely. nobody wants to see the arctic as a region to become militarized. >> new commercial satellite photos shows russia with military bases in the arctic with 50 post that it showed at the end of the first cold war. the russian bear is seeking a new cold war testing state-of-the-art weapons like this hypertonic, antiship missile launched by the northern fleet into the fancy and developing unmanned stealth nuclear power cruise missile that can travel 6,000 miles along the seafloor called the poseidon. >> i think that is an undersea firm that goes across the north atlantic. and you know come if it would explode my radioactive explosion, it will create a tsunami, if you will come along the east coast. >> last week needle scramble to an jets to intercept russian bombers flying over arctic waters in the north atlantic ocean, a rare show of force near the arctic, back to
10:55 am
you, john. >> john: and new staff, jennifer griffin at the pentagon, jennifer, thank you so much. i think the u.s. tried to test a hypersonic weapon yesterday, and it didn't work out very well. they didn't get a launch. >> sandra: fascinating jennifer griffin from the pentagon. john, we approach a brand-new hour with brand-new details what caused the car crash that left golf legend tiger woods seriously injured. the police say happened just moments before impact. fox news legal analyst mercedes colwin will join us live on that. we have a lot more coming up an all-star lineup. join us as we begin a brand-new hour. ♪ ♪ refiplus can help you lower your rate plus turn your home equity into an average of $50,000. money for security today. money for retirement tomorrow.
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have you ever seen this before? she's so beautiful. janie, check this out. >come here. >>let me see. (chuckles) she looks...kind of like me. yeah. that's because it's your grandma when she was your age. oh wow. that's... that's amazing. oh and she was on the debate team. yeah, that's probably why you're the debate queen. >i'll take that. >>look at that smile. i have the same dimples as her. (laughter) yeah. >same placements and everything. >>unbelievable. up to one million dollars. that's how much university of phoenix
10:59 am
is committing to create 400 scholarships this month alone. because we believe everybody deserves a chance. see what scholarships you may qualify for at ♪ ♪ >> sandra: we began a brand-new hour of "america reports." tiger woods sent that horrific crash. good morning, i'm sandra smith.
11:00 am
>> john: john roberts in washington and finally answers to many surrounding the crash which led golf legend and the sheriff's department as describing as life-threatening injuries. tiger woods was driving 40 miles an hour over the speed limit when he crashed his suv and it is believed the accident he hit the accelerator instead of trying to hit the break, sandra. >> sandra: a devastating mistake and his recovery continues with this event and the masters tournament set to begin tomorrow in his historic home of augustine, georgia where the blooms are. >> john: as i do every april, jonathan hunt live in los angeles with the latest from the sheriff's department, hi, jonathan. >> john, sandra, from the moment we saw the pictures of tiger woods wrecked car back on february 23rd, it was pretty obvious he was traveling way too fast and today the sheriff officially confirmed speed as te primary cause of the accident.
11:01 am
listen here. >> of the speed of the first area of impact 84-87 miles per hour. the final estimated speed when the vehicle struck the tree was 75 miles an hour. >> 84-87 miles per hour, the beginning of that accident in a 45-mile per our zone. the sheriff said there were no signs of either drugs or alcohol. no smell of alcohol from tiger woods, no drugs or medication found in or around his person at the time. what they do not know is if he was using his phone in any way. they said that even if he was texting at the time, that would only be an associative factor, speed 84-87 miles an hour from a very much the primary cause here in once again, john and sandra, they say tiger woods is lucky to be alive, sandra. >> john: when you think of the
11:02 am
speed he hit that tree at and the fact that he is alive kind of remarkable, jonathan, sandra. >> sandra: let's bring in mercedes colwin fox news legal analyst. you know what i thought was fascinating about this, the little black box that many vehicles today do have that holds about 15 different data points that the national highway and traffic safety administration requires for it to carry. that is how they were able to learn so much about this. they store 15 data points including speeding before the impact and whether breaking gas pedals were pressed. so that let us to what we just heard. >> isn't it amazing because frankly before researching for this story, i had no idea that cars had this black box. i only thought it was an airplane spirit but certainly, that was a critical component what law enforcement needed to fill in the gaps. because as many of us know, tiger woods wasn't able to
11:03 am
explain why there was this incredible acceleration. there has been some footage gathered and it looked like he was abiding by the traffic laws, and then suddenly there was this massive acceleration. there was some evidence that he was trying to take control of the vehicle because there are twists and turns of the wheel itself. that's what led law enforcement to conclude that it must have been just an error, as you mention, at the start of the air, pushing the accelerator as opposed to the breaks trying to gain control of the car. >> sandra: it is something to see that crash and it happened, reporting on it life that day when this was all unfolding come obviously happening on the west coast and as far as the black box, we talk about that in terms of airplanes, mercedes. it is not required in vehicles but we were able to confirm through the ap, most vehicles do have that. jim gray was on earlier and obviously tiger woods is someone able to call a friend over the
11:04 am
year and a hopeful message health tiger woods is doing. >> complicated. there have been several surgeries and probably a long, winding road to go. everybody is hopeful to lead a normal life with his children i think he is in the distant future is that it's going to be at all. >> of course healthwise how tiger is able to recover from this but bottom line to learn this news conference that there was no sign of impairment and he was able to answer questions when they discovered him, wearing a seat belt. we know airbags were deployed but the fact he was driving over 80 miles an hour in a 45-mile-per-hour zone but do you expect any further legal repercussions as a result of this? by the way, we will not know all the specifics of the black box we are told in list tiger woods approve the authorities to him that over and we don't know if he would. >> it is a private issue
11:05 am
triggered with the black box. we will have to see how that evolves as more and more cases with black boxes and cars. but there was a little bit of a push back at the press conference because questions asked to whether there had been any toxicology information, whether there had been drug testing, alcohol test. none of that had been done because as the sheriff explained, there was not in a sort of interdependent signs that there were these issues at play. but then also that texting and two things that might happen with reckless driving but no mention of that there hasn't been a conclusion and other issues that took place with speeding along and no other car involved, and so might not be one. but the speed as anything else. nothing further than that. speed when i remember also, leading up to this news conference that we got top of the last hour, and also missing
11:06 am
was any tiger marks or any evidence that he tried to break and of course, we learned, it wasn't breaking at all that he hit the accelerator, important details that we learn about. great to have you here, thank you. we hope a speedy recovery for tiger woods but we just don't know yet. >> john: i thought it was interesting the sheriff's department that there was no way going that speed on that curve that the car could have stayed on the road. but who knows. so where are we going? >> sandra: we go to joe biden, the president speaking about jobs right now, let's listen in for a second. >> that is the good thing and the way the debate is welcome, compromise is inevitable my changes are certain at the next few weeks the vice president and i will be meeting with
11:07 am
republicans and democrats to hear from everyone. and we will be listening, open to good ideas and good faith negotiations. but here is what we won't be open to. we will not be open to doing nothing. an action simply is not an option. now, since i announced this plan, i have heard from my republican friends say that it is too big. they say why not focus on traditional infrastructure. fix what we have already got, roads and highways that exist in the bridges. i'm happy to have that debate, but let me tell you my view. we are america. we don't just fix or today, we build for tomorrow and 200 years ago, trains weren't traditional infrastructure either until
11:08 am
america made a choice to lay down tracks across the country, highways weren't traditional infrastructure until we allowed ourselves to imagine that roads can connect our nation across state lines. in the idea of infrastructure as always evolved to meet the aspirations of the american people and their needs. and it's evolving again today. we need to start seeing infrastructures through its effects on the lives of working people in america. what is the foundation today that they need to carve out their place in the middle class to make it? to live, to go to work to, to ensure that the jobs will be there for their kids, no matter who they are or what zip code they live in. that is what infrastructure means and the 21st century. it still depends on roads and
11:09 am
bridges, airports, rails and mass transit. but it also depends on having reliable, high-speed internet in every home. because today's high-speed internet is infrastructure. it depends on the electric grid, a grid that won't collapse in a winter storm were compromised by hackers or homes abroad. it depends on investing in made in america goods from every american community. , including those historically left out, black, latino, asian-american native americans, rural communities and talk to folks what makes up a good economy. ask a teacher or a child care worker if having clean drinking water, noncontaminated drinking water in our schools and our child care centers is part of that foundation.
11:10 am
where we know that the lead in our pipes slows a child's development when they drink the water. an entrepreneur whose small businesses are destroyed by the second 100 year flood in the last ten years in iowa. the wildfires in the west that burn 5 million acres last year and roughly the size of the entire state of new jersey. more fires than ever. the devastating damage seem more frequent and intense hurricanes and storms on the east and gulf coast. ask all of those farmers and small business owners and homeowners whether investing in clean energy to fight the effects of climate change is part of infrastructure. ask folks in rural america where
11:11 am
45% lack high-speed internet limiting their ability to conduct business or engage in remote learning. for those schools. ask them whether investing in internet access will lead to better jobs and towns, new markets for farmers, better opportunities for their kids. and i'm serious about this, ask the moms and dads and the generation, the folks carrying enormous financial strains trying to raise their children and care for their parents, their elderly parents were members with their families with disabilities. ask them what sort of infrastructure they need to build a little better life or to be able to breathe a little bit. expanded services for seniors. it is home care workers who go in and cook their milk, help them get around and live independently in their homes. allowing them to stay in their homes, and i might add, saving medicaid hundreds of millions of
11:12 am
dollars in the process. better wages, for caregivers who are disproportionately women, women of color and immigrants. ask our wounded warriors, our military families, our republican colleagues in congress. should we modernize va hospitals, update them? many of them are more than 50 years old. how about the estimate of $450,000 post 9/11 veterans or post-traumatic stress disorder. who when they make that emergency call of their husband, wife, son, daughter they make that call, dad needs help and we have to bring him in. and they hear "you have to wait. we don't have room now. come back, call me back in eight days commit ten days, 12 days." more suicides in the military
11:13 am
then people getting shot. is it really your position, my friend, that the veterans don't deserve the most modern facilities? you can catch that cancer diagnosis quicker with access to better roads, cleaner water, high-speed internet, that delivers information faster? above all infrastructure and the needs of the nation and putting america to work and be able to do and get paid for doing, having good jobs. plumbers and pipe fitters, replacing those literally thousands of miles of dangerous, lead pipes. they are still out there. everybody remembers what happened in flint. there are hundreds of plants all across america. how many of you know when you send your child to school, the fountain they are drinking out of it is not fed by a lead pipe?
11:14 am
how many of you know that the school that your child is in still has its best to walls and in the ventilation? is that not infrastructure? line workers and electricians, link transmission lines for modern grid, over 500,000 charging stations on the highways we are going to build. to accommodate electric vehicle so we can own the future. construction workers, engineers, building modern hospitals and homes for american families. health care workers, steelworkers, focus on the cutting-edge labs. 90% of the infrastructure jobs created by our american jobs plan can be found by people who don't have a college degree. 75 percent don't need an associates degree. and as i said last week, this is
11:15 am
the blue color, blueprint for increasing opportunities for the american people. it also includes the biggest investment, nondefense research development on record. i promise you, this is not part of my speech, but i promise you, you are all going to be reporting it over the next six to eight months how china and the rest of the world is racing ahead of us in investments they have in the future. attempting to own the future, the technology, quantum computing, investing significant amounts of money, dealing with cancer, alzheimer's. that is infrastructure of a nation. there is a new book out about how we have fallen behind. america is no longer living in the world because we are not investing.
11:16 am
it used to be we invested almost 2.7% of our gdp and infrastructure. now, it is about .7%. when we are investing it, we were the leader in the world. i don't know why we don't get this. one of the only few major economies in the world whose public investment and research and development has declined as a percentage of gdp in the last 25 years. declined. the united states of america! that led the world. why does this matter? investing in research and development help to lead to lithium batteries, l.e.d. technology, it helped lead the vaccine breakthroughs that are helping us beat covid-19.
11:17 am
to the human genome project which is led through breakthroughs and understand and fight cancer and other diseases. government being the taxpayers, funded this research, government. we stopped investing in research, we stop investing in the jobs of the future. and we give up leading the world. when we do invest in research, what we are really doing is raising the bar on what we can imagine. imagine a world where you and your family can travel coast to coast without a single tank of gas or a high-speed train close to as fast as you can go across the country in a plane. imagine your children growing up to work in innovation, good paying jobs and fields that haven't even been invented yet.
11:18 am
talk to parents of every computer programmer, every graphic designer, every renewable energy worker once did imagined. we invest in today so these jobs will be here in america tomorrow. so america can lead the world as it has historically done. that is why i brought back scientists into the white house. we need to think, look, do we think the rest of the world is waiting around? we are not going to make those kind of investments, the world is saying. take a look. do you think china is waiting around to invest in digital infrastructure were research and development? i promise you, they are not waiting. but they are counting on america democracy to be too slow, too
11:19 am
limited, and too invited to keep pace. you have heard me say it before, i think this generation can be marked by the competition between democracy and autocracy. because the world is changing so rapidly. the autocrats are betting on democracy not being able to generate the kind of unity needed to make decisions to get in that race. we can't afford to prove them right. we are going to have to show the world. much more important, we have to show ourselves that democracy works. that we can come together on the big things. this is the united states of america, for god's sakes. of course, building infrastructure tomorrow requires
11:20 am
major investments today. as i said last week, i'm open to ideas how to pay for this plan with one exception: i will not impose any tax increases on people making less than $400,000 a year. and if others have ideas out there how to pay for this investment without violating that rule, they should come forward. there is all kinds of opportunities. we list all that tax breaks i find difficult to explain. wealthy deductions, $360 billion, top rate of 39%, which it used to be for 100 for years all the way to the bush administration. almost a quarter of a trillion dollars, corporate minimum tax and the fossil fuel giveaways, $40 billion, et cetera, i could go on. let me tell you what i proposed how to do it.
11:21 am
we are going to raise the corporate tax rate. it was 35% for the longest time. , which was too high. barack and i thought it was too high during error administration. we all agreed five years ago that it should come down somewhat. but the previous administration reduced it all the way down to 21%. what i am proposing is that we meet in the middle. 28%. 28%, we will still have lower corporate rates than any time between world war ii and 2017. it will generate over $1 trillion in taxes over 15 years. new independent study put out last week found that at least 55 of our largest corporations use the various loopholes to pay zero federal tax income tax in 2020. it is just not fair.
11:22 am
it is not fair to the rest of american taxpayers. we are going to try to put an end to this. 28%. if you are a mom and dad, cop, firefighter, police officer, et cetera, et cetera you are paying close to that in your income tax. dive also proposed a global minimum text, which will be proposed around the world, 21%. let me tell you but that means. it means that companies are not going to be able to hide their income in places like the cayman islands and bermuda. in tax savings. and also we will eliminate deductions used by corporations for off shoring jobs and shifting assets overseas. the short of jobs overseas and thin don't have to pay taxes in all that they make there. we will significantly ramp up irs enforcement against
11:23 am
corporations and the super wealthy who either failed to report their income or under reported it. the estimate that we raise tens of billions of dollars. it adds up to more than what i proposed in just 15 years. it is honest. it is fair. it is fiscally responsible. it pays for what we need. it reduces the debt over the long haul. by the way, i didn't hear any of our friends criticizing this plan say that the corporate tax cuts, which added to trillion dollars of debt, the trump tax cut, $2 trillion, $1.9 trillion in debt wasn't paid for. the vast majority of that went to the top 1% of the wage earners. i didn't hear anybody hollering in this recovery of the so-called before the guy became president, this case shaped recovery where billionaires made $300 billion during this period mike.
11:24 am
where is the outrage there? i'm not trying to punish anybody. and the middle class, i'm sick and tired of ordinary people being fleeced. let me close by saying this, whatever part there are, we don't have to be around this one. the moment should not stop us from doing the right thing for the future. these are not republican bridges on the democratic airports, republican hospitals. the republican power greater. think of the transcontinental railroad, interstate highway systems, space where one nation united and connected. as i said last week, i will bring republicans in the white house. i invite them to come. we will have good faith
11:25 am
negotiations. in a republican wants to get this done, i invite, i invite them. we have to get things done. we are at inflection point in american democracy. this is a moment where we prove whether or not democracy can deliver. whether it can lay the foundation for an economy and build from the bottom up in the middle out, not trickle-down economics from the very top. whether it can lay a good foundation for good jobs in the 21st century economy. i tell the kids, the young people who worked for me, i told my kids might go on college campuses. they are going to see more change in the next ten years then we have seen in the last 50 years. we are going to talk about commercial aircraft, flying subsonic speeds, supersonic speeds. be able to figuratively, if we
11:26 am
decided to do it, to reverse the world in about an hour and travel 21,000 miles per hour. so much is changing. we have got to lead it. i believe democracy can come through in the american people come together. he saw it in the american rescue plan. we are seeing it with the jobs plan. the american rescue plan which got so badly criticized. how many of our republican colleagues gone on stations or newspapers and said, boy, people must really like it. because improper, haven't asked permission. the number of republicans and democrats were hesitant to call me to say, god, this really works. overwhelmingly the majority of
11:27 am
the people support infrastructure investments that meets the moment. so i urge the congress, listen to your constituents and together we can lay a foundation around economy that works for everyone and allows america to remain the world leader. when we do that, i believe, as i said last week, that in 50 years from now when people look back, they will say, "this was the moment together that we won america's future." i really believe that. thank you all and god bless you and may god protect our troops. thank you. >> reporter: mr. president are you willing to go lower than 28% corporate tax rate? >> i am wide open but we have to pay for this, there are many other ways that we can do it but i'm willing to negotiate that. i have come forward with the best most rational way in my view, the fairest way to pay for
11:28 am
it, but there are many other ways as well. and i'm open. >> reporter: you have failed on your promise of bipartisanship if you don't get republicans on board across party lines? >> president biden: what i said was i would try to work with my friends on the other side. there are things that we are working on, together, some of which we have passed and some we won't pass. but the last plan i laid out that was available, what i was suggesting and how i deal with it and bipartisan group came to see me. and then the republican group came to see me. and they started off at $600 billion and that was it. it is if they come forward with the plan, the bulk of it is three or four coke, two or three to have all of what was in there
11:29 am
are come i would have prepared to compromise. but they didn't. they didn't move an inch. not an inch. but for example, i am dealing with a bipartisan group that came to see me. now, it is about three or four weeks ago when they came about computer chips. they said, look, we have to have our own supply and work together. we are working on that. chuck schumer and i think mcconnell are about to introduce a bill along those lines. i'm prepared to work. i really am. but to automatically say that the only thing that the structure, a highway, a bridge, whatever, that is not rational. it really isn't. i think the vast majority of americans think everything from the sewer pipes to the sewer facilities to the water pipes come i think they are infrastructure. anyway, thank you all so very
11:30 am
much. >> reporter: what are you going to do, [indistinct] mr. president? >> president biden: the day after tomorrow. >> reporter: are you concerned about the situation there? >> president biden: he has a friend in america. >> sandra: all right, you have been listening to president biden with his historic investment pitch to the american people. his words, john, this was him doing his best attempt at selling the $2.2 trillion plan met with criticism by both sides of the i owe. some democrats say it doesn't go far enough. many republicans criticizing the size of that plan, saying the jobs numbers that he is putting out there has been disputed by moody's. the transportation secretary pete buttigieg says this planned that biden is legging out, he went on the record to say it would create
11:31 am
19 million jobs. he has had to walk that back since moody's pointed out 16.3 million jobs would already be added to the workforce without this costly plan. john, it will be interesting considering the question he got at the end, would he be willing to work across the aisle to get something like this done? i heard come i will listen, i'm wide open, but i got to pay for this. that means tax hikes. >> john: yeah, he said he might come up 28% in terms of 21%. $621 billion with $2 trillion plan will be spent in infrastructure which raised criticism on the other side of the aisle. and i noticed going back to building the train across america from a building that thing since the clinton administration. and not 1 mile of track laid out. the pitch for the 28% corporate tax rate and where that puts us
11:32 am
competitively, globally. if that were i need to happen and he was able to pass it at 28%, the combined corporate tax rate under his proposal to the highest in the world, 32.4% from above france which by the way bringing tax rate, john. it is really in the latest pitch from the president. >> john: puts us one above china as well and on the subject of china, china's government putting biden administration on notice now. and warning it will get revenge, john if the united states boycotts next year's olympics in beijing. the biden administration seems to float before suddenly backing down, benjamin hall is live in london on that. >> hi, sondra, countering china, holding to account. when it comes to the issue of boycotting china so that a treatment of uighur muslims, they are sending mixed messages. the state department yesterday
11:33 am
saying it is something that we certainly wish to discuss, like an approach not only in our interest and allied come up then we have this today in the white house. we have not changed, discussed or not discussing with allies and partners. >> john: to make >> despite, the boycott with china responded, the sports runs counter to the spirit of the olympic institution adding that a boycott would harm athletes. seen as a way to hold china account for the of uighur muslims. there was also a question whether the companies like coca-cola and olympic partners and always happy to criticize opposing loads in the u.s. should be boycotting olympics over the issue. there is a middle ground. the boycott by the athletes go but the u.s. officials do not and sends a message to allow them to compete. and mentioning the u.s. has
11:34 am
boycotted the olympics before in 1980 at the height of the cold war in russia, sandra. >> sandra: benjamin hall, thank you. >> john: let's bring in marc thiessen with thoughts on all of this. so here we have president biden encouraging boycotts by businesses the state of georgia because of their voting law, but we have the state department doing everything we can in the press secretary to run back as quickly as possible from what ned price said earlier, which we are consulting with allies about a boycott of the beijing olympics. the signal, no, we are not, no we are not has gone out loud from the white house and other agencies, market, what do you make of that? >> it is amazing. i don't know if we should boycott the beijing olympics and we heard athletes and i'm not a big fan of bringing politics into sports together but i guess if the biden administration is combining politics and sports as pointed out, if you can't be for pulling the all-star game out of georgia has president biden did as election law.
11:35 am
and would be fine with the olympics going forward in communist china, a country with no free election. and hong kong as we speak. >> john: you have this idea of major corporations like coca-cola who are chastising the governor of georgia, brian kemp, as well as republicans in the legislature therefore passing that voting law while at the same time, the big sponsor of the beijing olympics. you have other companies like nike, coca-cola as well as apple all concerned about this bill that would limit the importation to the united states with products made with forced labor in the providence. a little bit of a double standard at work here. >> no doubt. there is been the hypocrisy and we did an analysis of 200 or so companies that signed that letter opposing the georgia election law and urging other states not to repeat it. 42 of them are doing business in
11:36 am
china, communist china, 42. you've got major league baseball which just pulled the all-star game from georgia. the same weight that they did that, they signed a deal with the chinese company helping the chinese communist party with free speech in china. so i mean, all of these companies are absolute hypocrites. they are doing and by the way major league baseball which will not play an all-star game in georgia but did send the tampa bay rays to play in communist cuba in 2016 and said this was great, a great opportunity to improve human to human relations across the florida straits. cuba, a country that has no free election and people in political prison and they are fine with that. but you can't have debate, all-star game in georgia? it is hypocrisy. >> john: what do you think will be the upshot of what you call this corporate hypocrisy? will there be a backlash from the right because of it? >> there should be.
11:37 am
look come again commission mentioned at the beginning of this, there are different levels of boycott. i don't think we should not send our athletes to beijing, but certainly there should be a diplomatic boycott and that is what mitt romney and ted cruz have proposed. and also become a corporate boycott saying the corporation can't sponsor the olympics. they should not be pouring money into communist china and a for-profit adventure for the communist party. the whitewash and also the other thing, quite frankly, we need to use the olympics as an opportunity to shine an uncomfortable spotlight on beijing's policies. the 1 million uighurs in concentration camps, forced sterilization of uighur and what they are doing to the people of hong kong. this should be a focus come a very bad day for beijing going forward. but the corporate media will never go along and push on that spotlight because they are too entrenched. >> john: at the moment, they are too focused on state of georgia it may be some other
11:38 am
places within our borders as well. marc thiessen, thanks as always, sandra. >> sandra: think you'd john, thank you marc. where is kamala harris over a two week period the vice president has been on both coasts, but not the southern border. we will speak with congressman andy biggs who was just they are today, and he has a lot to say about that. he will join us after the break. plus get cash. with home values climbing, now is the smartest time ever to turn your home's increased value into an average of $50,000 cash. refiplus. it's new, it's only for veterans, and it's only from newday usa. ♪ ♪ are you ready to join the duers? those who du more with less asthma. thanks to dupixent. the add-on treatment
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11:43 am
a refugee settlement facility and border patrol panel. congressman, welcome. tell us what you saw and learned today. >> so today, there were disturbing things but also decent things and a good facility 60 unaccompanied minors were there and we are finding out they have to do some covid testing and what have you with 16 the other day. every one of those 16 youth tested positive for covid, for instance. but it doesn't reflect what is happening on the border where last night, we were at a facility and it was just hundreds of people there. we went down the river and saw three groups casually walking up to join that group. by the time we got back, they were loading up buses and those people largely, hundreds, thousands everyday in this area will be released into the
11:44 am
interior of the united states of america. >> sandra: now the potential national security threat when it comes to those crossing over our border. the obvious to comment on the terrorist watch list arrested at the border. i have brand-new information just coming into the newsroom, congressman, that i will ask you to react to peer that is that the san diego border patrol agents have arrested an ms-13 gang member after he illegally entered the u.s. this happened 12:45 a.m. wednesday, we are told the agent patrolling the mountain searching for a group of illegal entrants when he encountered six men near the border wall. what they found out that station was a record check that rebuild one of the mim, a 28-year-old el salvador ant national a documented ms-13 gang member. your reaction, sir. >> i'm not surprised, sandra.
11:45 am
and it is a national security issue. so you find this ms-13 gang member but the number of people, the sheer number of people crossing this border and the known getaways or tens of thousands every month, the unknown tens of thousands every month, we don't know what's coming in. and to do michael saw so many on the terrorist list, and 11 across the arizona border, about six or eight weeks ago. you are seeing this happen over and over again because the border is so porous right now, men and women doing their best and need the administration to do more. >> sandra: former governor, former governor nikki haley joined us last hour, congressman, and she pointed the blame squarely on the biden administration of what is happening at the border. >> we seen a real air arrogance of the biden administration and they will only tell us what they
11:46 am
think we need to know. it is demeaning, unacceptable for the american people that the president is withholding information. >> so that was nikki haley as we all wonder where is kamala harris? we didn't just see her a few moments ago and joe biden making their pitch on spending $2.2 trillion on infrastructure, but we see her travel coast to coast, going home for the holidays. we have seen her stop by some vaccine sites. but you will notice on this map for our viewers, congressman, they see no stops at the southern border. two weeks ago, she was made the point person for the crisis and why don't we see her or joe biden at the border? >> quite frankly, my position is they don't think it is a crisis. this is exactly what they wanted to peer that is what joe biden said during the campaign, "let's have a search on the border."
11:47 am
and he's getting that surge on the border. it is far worse than i have ever seen it. you know, i've been down to rio grande valley many times, and i was just down last week or so in arizona, sandra, it is more than a crisis. a humanitarian catastrophe from the people coming in and for our country. and they don't have inclination to stop it in accordance with their plans because they like open borders. they are getting an open border. it is just not good for the country. i can tell you this as we see people getting released in the country, people are going everywhere. and it will affect every country, every city, state in this country. spoon congressman that is an important point to be made. we talked to so many mayors in the border and how greatly affected by this, but then you see this problem as it goes on start to affect so many other states that are not "border states." congressman andy biggs, we
11:48 am
appreciate your time. thank you. >> thank you, sandra. >> sandra: john, a short time ago jen psaki responded to that question, why are they not visiting the border? list them listen. >> i don't have any trips to outline or preview but our focuses on solutions and ensuring that we have more beds, making that processing more efficient and that we are addressing in a humane way that keeps these kids as safe as we possibly can. >> sandra: hard to understand when you see what is happening there they don't see the need to visit. >> this is something president trump warned about bed focusing on the ms-13 gang members coming across the border. what happen and the san diego sector early this morning is an indication that that problem continues to exist. >> sandra: absolutely. >> john: to teenagers accused of killing over each driver already in line for a cushy plea deal. now the police chief is blaming for the community for their actions. ted williams weighs in on all of this coming up next.
11:49 am
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♪ ♪ speed to the two teenagers who killed huber each driver duringa carjacking in washington, d.c., are reportedly set to take a plea deal peer that means they would not be tried as adults in the
11:53 am
killing of 66-year-old pakistani mohammed. and here is the police chief. >> obviously, this is a tragic case and charging this person as an adult as a juvenile does not have or bring back the lost loved one in this case peer to think the question now is, the guidelines that we have in place specifically when you are talking about carjacking is sufficient for our community. >> john: let's bring in ted williams now. set the scene for this because it was horrific. he was delivering food and two teenagers jumped into his car and sped off hanging from the door and slammed that door into a lamp post which crushed him and sped down the street with him hanging from that door, crashed the car, flipped it over, flung him across the wrought iron fence in the background. he fell to the sidewalk dead. now it looks like they will get a plea deal, what do you think about this, ted? >> it is very shocking.
11:54 am
you are 13 and you can't be tried as an adult, but the 15-year-old involved in this, john, charged as an adult and i don't know why they are not charging. >> john: the 13-year-old a suspect in the suspect of january of this year. what is going on? >> you know, that is the $60,000 question. last year this time, there was 101 -- 20 projects and this year alone, there has been 101 carjacking. is there something going on out there and the community needs to get involved. >> john: muriel bowser was criticized when she tweeted after news of mohammad anwar's death come out and she sensed deleted this by the way but she tweeted auto theft is a crime of opportunity. follow the steps to reduce the risk of your vehicle becoming a target. remember the model, protect your
11:55 am
auto. but nothing about mohammad anwar's death. this was a preplanned tweet and not connected to the carjacking, but, you have to wonder, ted. >> it is very insensitive on the mayor's part to put out that kind of a tweet when 66-year-old grandfather was killed by these kids in the district of columbia here. so something has to be done. and as the chief said, they need to look at the law in this area of hijacking of cars. >> john: they need to look at how to do a 15-year-old and 13-year-old become so savage they would do this to a person. a gofundme page to support anwar's family has raised $5 million so some good has come of this tragedy. ted, always great to see you. we will be right back.
11:56 am
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unseen at the beginning - god. and freedom is essential to learning. its principles must be studied and defended. learning, character, faith, and freedom: these are the inseparable purposes of hillsdale college. >> john: sandra, the masters
12:00 pm
controversy and the georgia voting law. >> sandra: thanks for joining us. i'm sandra smith. >> john: and i'm john roberts. martha maccallum is up next. >> martha: i'm martha maccallum in new york. here's "the story." moments ago, president biden with his sales pitch to america. arguing that we need to spend another $2 trillion on a infrastructure plan. there's a lot of stuff in here that is not categorized by any definition of infrastructure. republicans have said they're going to fight this every step of the way. the president says he's open to negotiating with them but makes clear that not spending is not an option. watch. >> we'll be listening. we'll be open to good ideas and good faith negotiations. here's w


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