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tv   The Faulkner Focus  FOX News  April 7, 2021 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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>> bill: i like how you go to restaurants and ask for salt and they hand you a packet? >> dana: the salt thing is the worst. it's a good day. nothing is the worst. we're in america. here is harris factner with "the faulkner focus". >> harris: president biden is pouring more fuel on the fire in thspite georgia's governor saying that's a lie. i'm harris faulkner. the controversy building in the wake of major league baseball's decision to pull the all-star game out of atlanta and moving it to denver, colorado is heating up more. mlb is protesting georgia's new voting law and moving the game is expecting to cost atlanta some $100 million in revenue hurting many minority-owned
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businesses in particular. however, president biden is calling georgia's voting law racist but he held back when pressed by our own peter doocy about the upcoming masters golf tournament that didn't cancel. it is still in georgia. it starts today. >> do you think the masters golf tournament should be moved out of georgia? >> i think that's up to the masters. these new jim crow laws are just not who we are. when they, in fact, move out of georgia, the people who need the help the most, people who are making hourly wages, sometimes get hurt the most. the best way to deal with this is for georgia and other states to smarten up, stop it. stop it. >> harris: and in georgia speaking of that masters game, of course, today's media day. they had the big dinner last night.
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it is on. curious to see how much they talk about this topic with the players. a former mlb commissioner ripped the decision to move the all-star game in a new op-ed saying the current commissioner has politicized baseball. republican senator john kennedy hitting back at the league. georgia's law has nothing to do with race. the senator is warming up in the batter's box. he is coming up. let's get the news from steve harrigan live for us in atlanta this morning. steve. >> harris, more and even sharper criticism from president joe biden about georgia's new election law referring to it once again as a jim crow law. biden saying he would support any corporation's moves to protest that law and however form they deem fit. biden also telling georgia that georgia needs to smarten up. here is the president. >> president biden: they need to deal with this. georgia and other states to
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smarten up, stop it, stop it. it is not -- >> republican governor brian kemp continues to bristle at charges this is a new jim crow law. he said the state had to do something after the number of absentee voters tripled in the last election. here is governor kemp. >> doing the voter i.d. on absent east will make it more efficient for them. speed up the process and also brings another level of security. so who would be against that? how is that jim crow 2.0? >> former major league baseball commissioner saying baseball's decision to move the all-star game out of georgia was a mistake. he wrote in the "wall street journal." major league baseball can't become a weapon in the culture wars, a hostage for one political party or ideology. that three day event and as much as $100 million will now go to colorado coors field.
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harris, back to you. >> harris: steve, thank you very much. senator lindsey graham is calling out president biden for using incendiary and divisive language about the new georgia voting law. watch. >> they are calling all of us racist because we won't give in to this power grab. they play the race card morning, noon, and night. i am tired of it. i think it's cheap. i think it's sick for the president of the united states, joe biden, who has been a friend for years, to say that what they are doing in georgia is jim crow 2.0. some of you got families that lifted jim crow. -- lived through jim crow. >> harris: senator john kennedy is here republican from louisiana. good to see you, senator. i want to get your top line thoughts where we are with this. i haven't heard the word race more than just this week in a very long time in politics.
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>> harris, i don't hate anybody. and i try to see grace wherever i can find it. but the decision by mr. rob manfred, the commissioner of major league baseball, to turn baseball into a blue sport, it just really makes me want to heave. i mean, it's -- whether you agree or disagree with the georgia law, i don't think any of us -- i know i don't -- want to have to think about politics when we watch baseball. and what disturbs me equally about mr. manfred's decision is he hasn't explained it. he hasn't explained why he thinks that georgia's law,
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which i think was an honest effort toward election integrity, is racist. now, mr. manfred, he looks like a smart guy. he went to cornell, graduated from harvard law school, he probably washed his hands before it was cool. i think if he is going to do this to major league baseball, he owes an explanation. what i would like to see him do is come on your show or one of your colleague's shows not just for three minutes but for 30 minutes. i think he needs to go to amazon, buy a spine online and come on your show maybe with governor kemp and let commissioner manfred explain why millions of americans who support election integrity, are racist. and after he is done, i think president biden needs to come on unscripted for 30 minutes.
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now, the president has made a very serious accusation. he has said everybody who believes in having an i.d., showing an i.d. before you vote is a racist. he said that everybody who is opposed to ballot harvesting -- and we've seen the treachery of that -- is a racist. not an honest disagreement. you are a racist. i didn't like it when vice president harris called president biden then both candidates a racist because he didn't support school busing. and i don't like it now. i think the president and mr. manfred need to explain, not in a scripted way off of a teleprompter. they need to come on your show and let them come on with governor kemp. >> harris: indeed. we had a little bit later governor kemp joining me. we extended an invitation on
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the program all the time to everybody. and the way that you -- >> let them come on together in front of god and country and -- >> harris: the debate about what real race talk in america should look like and you and i are having it now. >> don't hide in your basement. let's talk about it. >> harris: there is a definite difference that i remember as a child as they were taking down the signs. my father fought in the vietnam war when he couldn't go to the same bathroom and restaurant but this was his country that he loved so much and he believed in her potential and so you and i are having that fruitful back and forthright now that is so necessary. there was something about jim crow laws that had existed since the 1860s that is very different than anything that we know today. we can talk about what it was. >> it was horrible. i remember jim crow laws.
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it is a serious accusation. >> harris: people on the hill, it is hard with this delay you and i were working with that a little bit. >> sorry. >> harris: you and i go back and forth, it is hard for people to have an honest conversation about this, senator. everybody wants to cancel everybody. if you don't agree half the conversation has to stop. how do you stop it? you use the word racist. that's how you stop it. you don't get into what that word means. i love your idea. let's get a definition for it. i want to move to this. a "wall street journal" op-ed argues democrats are stuck in 1964. quote, in 1970 there were fewer than 1500 black elected officials in the u.s. today there are now more than 10,000. black voter registration in the south where most blacks live is higher than in "parts of the nation. ideally this history would inform media discussions of voter suppression and
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disenfranchisement but it seldom does, nor does evidence of increased black voter participation including states with stricter voting requirements. stop the left from invoking the ghost of jim crow. your response. >> look, america is not perfect but we are good. and i think our history is the best indication of the fact that we are not a systemically racist country. in 150 years, harris, which is the blink of an eye in the scheme of life, death and the resurrection, we have gone from institutionalized slavery to an african-american president. we have african-americans and other minorities serving at all levels, local government, state government, federal government.
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and i'm very proud of that. and that's why i take this accusation of being a racist very seriously that president biden has made. as best i can tell, here is what president biden is upset about. voter i.d. laws and ballot harvesting. now, here is a question to president biden. given the prevalence of i.d.s throughout america, given the number of social circumstances in america like buying a car or getting a job that require an i.d., why is requiring an i.d. to vote racist? and one point of view -- i would like to hear president biden's thoughts on it -- not requiring an i.d. is the preservation of the right to cheat. why wouldn't you want to know
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if someone is who they say they are when they are trying to vote? why is that racist? and president biden and commissioner manfred need to explain this now. they can't get off this easy. they just called half of america racist. >> harris: you ask such important questions and i would add this to the mix before i have to let you go. why move it to colorado which actually has some stricter laws on the books when it comes to and has much the same with voter i.d. but stricter laws when it comes to how much of a window you get to vote in that state versus georgia? why move it to a place that looks a little more strict in some areas on election law than the place you are moving it from? i just don't understand that argument either. we can go back and forth. i appreciate the conversation. it hopefully will give birth to more of this. i think we have to get there as a nation. and stop the name calling and really get into the nitty-gritty.
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i think you are helping to get that going today. senator, i am really glad we had a real conversation. >> if mr. manfred will come on your show and debate governor kemp i'll send them a fruit basket. they need to come on. let's talk about issues, not just call each other names. >> harris: i love that. being a georgia peach throw peaches in there. >> thank you, harris. >> harris: you heard president biden's fiery remarks on the georgia election law and heard the senator telling you how it is making some people on the hill feel. now governor brian kemp will join us to respond and discuss the impact this fight will have nationwide and put the senator's offer on the table with him as well. plus this. >> you can hate president trump or you can like him. i don't care. you can't argue when illegal immigration was down 70 to 80% under his administration how many children didn't get raped
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and how many children didn't die? >> harris: former acting ice director tom homan has the white house is called out for silence amid shocking new details on children abandoned at the southern border amid the growing crisis. brandon judd president of the national border patrol council will join me to tell us what's really going on. pull back the curtain and let us take a peek ahead. near record lows plus get cash. with home values climbing, now is the smartest time ever to turn your home's increased value into an average of $50,000 cash. refiplus. it's new, it's only for veterans, and it's only from newday usa.
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xfinity makes moving easy. go online to transfer your services in about a minute. get started today. >> harris: border patrol agents released two photographs of small children they found abandoned at the southern border. they are 5 and 6-year-old children and they had a handwritten note with their mom's name and phone number on it and her phone number written in marker up their arm.
8:19 am
another heartbreaking incident a border agent captured on video distraught 10-year-old little boy approaching him begging for help. [speaking spanish] >> harris: meanwhile we still have not heard from vice president kamala harris on the border issue since taking on a key role in the crisis. she reportedly visited southern california over the easter weekend but did not visit the border. brandon judd is the president of the national border patrol council and as president you can imagine is leading his people on all sorts of discussions as they devolves. the children at the center of this, thank you for joining me, brandon, are our focus today. the video, the pictures. it seems to be worsening. >> it is.
8:20 am
the reason it is worsening there is perception. it is reality to individuals. there is this perception as long as you cross the border illegally you'll be released into the united states. what it is causing people to do is causing them to put themselves in the hands of these extremely dangerous criminal cartels. that 10-year-old boy, all he did was fell asleep for a short period of time and they left him and he would have died if he wouldn't have been able to find those agents. >> harris: you know, former governor of new mexico told me that's what exactly happens. if they lose their shoes they get left behind and really in harm's way. little ones can't walk very far. it happens. talk to me if you can about what can be done at this point with regard to this. this part of the story. >> i appreciate that. what we want to do is look for solutions. how can we solve this problem? all we have to do is go back and look a couple months ago at
8:21 am
the migrant protection protocols. as long as people do not believe that they can game the system and come here and get released into the united states, they will stop coming. so we have to look at how do we solve that problem? there are a couple ways we can do that. we can put the pressure on mexico to secure their southern border and set courts up on the border so we can adjudicate these cases immediately. it will do two things. allow those people that have legitimate claims to actually have their cases adjudicated in their favor so they get the relief they deserve. then it will also send people back to their countries in an expeditious matter which will be the deterrent we have to have to stop this problem. >> harris: former president trump had conversations going to get mexico's attention and now gone in a different direction. mccarthy, senate minority leader -- house minority leader is calling for classified briefing for terrorists at the southern border.
8:22 am
i'll get your reaction after watching this. >> it should not come as a surprise the democrats are troubled by this. they are trying to distract from this disaster because they created it. these policies created this catastrophe. the two terrorists they've caught from yemen. they didn't catch them together. they caught two separately. if 1,000 people are coming across every day and not being caught, how many terrorists are in that thousand? >> harris: big question is who are we missing, brandon? >> there is approximately 6,000 people that are crossing the borders illegally in a 24 hour period of time. we apprehend 5,000. 1,000 are evading apprehension. we do not know who those people are. we don't know where they are coming from. all we know they were able to evade apprehension. they could be from countries of special interest just like the two individuals that were apprehended from yemen in
8:23 am
california. that's a very dangerous situation and if we don't get this under control, we do not know what harm will be done to the united states. >> harris: brandon judd. so grateful for your time today. thank you. >> thank you. >> harris: a reality tv star eyeing a run for california governor as gavin newsom faces a likely recall election. the steps caitlyn jenner is taking. and we'll tell you what cbs news is now saying about the roundly criticized "60 minutes" report on florida governor ron desantis as the governor himself is now going on offense. >> nobody trusts corporate media. they are a disaster in what they are doing. they knew what they were doing was a lie. i knew what they were doing was a lie. everybody here knows what they were doing is a lie.
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>> harris: olympic gold medalist and star caitlyn jenner reportedly is considering a republican challenge to california governor gavin newsom. he is facing a likely recall election. axios is reporting jenner is already talking with political consultants to test the waters. william la jeunesse is live from los angeles with more on this. william. >> being the celebrity is a big deal in any election but especially a recall where fame and name i.d. can outweigh policy and party. jenner has a unique story that transcends politics. >> hello, my fellow republicans. yay! it was easy to come out as trans, harder to come out as a republican. >> a recall is politics in free
8:29 am
fall. rules go out the door. in 2003 there were 135 candidates on the ballot from arnold schwarzenegger and many other stars. a handful of signatures and a few thousand dollars. jenner doesn't have the celebrity of schwarzenegger but can claim covers from wheaties. he won olympic game and came out as a trans woman that started another show. last month she appeared on the mass singer and explains why. >> i think it's important that you stay physical. i want the show people no matter who and what you are no matter what time in life you do this, once you get through it that there is a light at the other end. >> as for the recall now the state is counting signatures, election is likely in the fall.
8:30 am
majority favor keeping governor newsom. the state faced droughts and fires and block outs. to democrats put all their eggs behind newsom, dismiss the recall or run someone like tom steyer. the leaving it to a field of republicans including jenner. right now no entry. back to you. >> harris: nobody will have a challenge pointing out who caitlyn jenner is. in california that might make a big difference where celebrities reign. thank you. some seattle students returning to classes have to navigate homeless camps to get to school. jason rantz, a friend of the show, will join me with his reaction. he knows that area well. mortgags
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>> makes me feel sad, sad and depressed. a parent coming in the morning before kids would come to the park and do a sweep of the park and see if there are needles to pick up before kids got here. >> how do we get to a place where we think it's normal? >> harris: oh my goodness. seattle residents are outraged. did you hear what that woman said? it has been a year of remote learning, some public school students returning to classes now have homeless encampments next to their buildings. talk show host jason rantz obtained school district emails. here is what they reveal. board members demanded seattle not sweep homeless encampments from schools. rantz took pictures of trash and syringes on the ground around the camps. highlighting the dangerous conditions. parents have been calling on the school district for months to have the tents removed from
8:36 am
their locations near an elementary school and a middle school. so far nothing has been done. the city is refusing to get involved saying it is not their jurisdiction. joining me now jason rantz. thank you for being on the program. so if it's not the city's jurisdiction, whose is it? >> well, it's supposedly up to the seattle public school district. that's part of the problem as you mentioned. the school board is working behind the scenes and publicly saying we do not support any removal of any of the encampments whether they're on campus or adjacent to campus. i found some of these emails that were sent to me between board president hanson and director dewolf flatly saying we would like some assistance in dealing with this but we don't want you to remove any of the encampments. a public statement by both of them came out calling them
8:37 am
decidedly inhumane. sweeps never be done on school grounds. you have kids now returning into the classroom and these are special education kids coming up in the next less than two weeks you have the remainder of the school students coming in on sort of a temporary remote learning hybrid. so a lot more kids are coming in. i went to a middle school on capitol hill autonomous zone. i thought i was being careful. i stepped on a syringe. there wasn't a needle attached to it. imagine if a kid is going there. there was a guy wandering around menacingly with sort of like a metal pole you might find attached to a piece of furniture dragging it on the ground and bagging it into his hand. this is not a safe environment for kids. >> harris: you know, we know that these groups of people who get to this place in their lives, they are challenged in a
8:38 am
host of different ways, financially, emotionally. we don't know what that level of desperation brings. but when you find syringes and those things we can make some pretty good assumptions about their behavior and what their actions are. is that what you want to mix in with children? why don't they want to touch these camps? what is it? what's driving it? >> what's driving it is a radical ideology. folks put in positions of power who will only say yes when they are in subsidized housing. homes and apartments. putting people into shelters or hotel rooms, which the city is doing, is not good enough for these radicals. that, of course, poses a significant problem. we have a situation right now, a study done by the university of washington that said a 50% increase in tents across the city. it has gotten worse in the last year. for those of us who live here it is hard to imagine that it
8:39 am
has gotten so bad because it was already awful to begin with. the problem here is to your point you don't necessarily know who is in these tents. these are not adults who are getting impacted here, staff and parents, but you have kids walking through these encampments. what if there is a child molester in one of them? you don't know. i don't say it to demonize on homeless people. folks on the left want to pretend everybody who is homeless are like you and i who fell on hard times. that is not all of them. we have to be more realistic. our kids' safety is on the line. they want forgo back to school and now on the way to math class they jump over syringes and tents? >> harris: in a delicate manner what you are saying is the tent population there is a microcosm of greater society and you really don't know who is among them. but the safety issue of the children, though, what they step on and are exposed to just
8:40 am
walking around is then put upon by who they may be running into. that is very complicated. thank you for being the person to go in there and show us what is happening. not acceptable by any means. jason rantz, thank you. >> thanks. >> harris: even a democratic mayor says a "60 minutes" story was patently unfair. what cbs news is saying about a criticized hit piece on florida's republican governor that it did. >> this is egregious and disciple naits any respect we have for journalism and we need to take a hard look at journalism in the united states right now. it is in a perilous, perilous place. when a hailstorm hit, he needed his insurance to get it done right, right away. usaa. what you're made of, we're made for. usaa
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>> they cut out everything that showed that their narrative was a piece of horse manure. it shows you how dishonest. these are smear merchants and why nobody trusts corporate media. they are a disaster in what they are doing. they knew what they were doing was a lie. i knew what they were doing was a lie. everybody here knows what they were doing is a lie. they know that we know they're lying and yet they continue to lie. they lied and they lied and they lied.
8:45 am
>> harris: that is very clear. florida governor ron desantis ripping cbs news as the network is continuing to defend a widely criticized report that suggests that governor gave publix grocery store chain a luck rative contract based on its donations to his pac. cbs news says the facts reported have often stirred debate and prompted strong reaction. our story speaks for itself sunday night. meanwhile a fox news op-ed calls that "60 minutes" a hit job on the governor. power panel now, fox news contributor jessica tarlov. former co-chair of black voices for trump t.w. shannon. great to see you both today. t.w. start with you and your top line thoughts. >> first of all, thank you for having me. my first thought is cbs should be commending governor desantis of his handling of the pandemic not criticizing. let's compare florida to new
8:46 am
york. same number of people. florida has a few more people. the death rate in new york is higher,. who knows what else gov cuomo is hiding out there? that's really a different topic. governor desantis moved decisively to protect the most vulnerable among us when the pandemic first hit. frankly there is no telling how many lives were saved. it is no surprise to me the media outlet who celebrated governor cuomo as the gold standard is now lying about governor desantis. i wish i could say i'm surprised but frankly i'm not. >> harris: jessica, i will get your response and a quick follow up for you. >> well, i don't disagree with the main thrust of what t.w. is arguing there. i am a new yorker and we can talk about cuomo all today. this is about what's going on in florida. i do wish "60 minutes" would take into account what everyone
8:47 am
is saying including the democratic mayor of palm beach saying it is wrong. other democratic officials who pointed out this is not how the system works. in fact you could get your shot before publix at cvs and walgreens. they did outreach through black churches before it went into that grocery store chain. i know how important that chain is to floridians' lives. from what i understand in terms of research it is one of the main places seniors go to get their prescriptions. it makes sense for there to be vaccine available there. i think it is important when mistakes are made no matter who it is that you acknowledge them and you ask for forgiveness. we are a forgiving society. something very fundamental to who we are as a country and people. i think "60 minutes" can just admit it and move on from there. >> harris: you know what? you answered my follow-up. i knew that you would have all that breakdown on publix. that was going to be my follow
8:48 am
up. i knew you would look at it that closely. let's get to this. axios getting slammed on twitter for this headline accusing desantis of mill beinging the 60 minutes spat and seizing on a chance to ingratiate himself by slamming the media. what is up with these crazy partisan headline? "washington examiner" columnist wrote. this is insane. how much of the media has gone on all on -- >> i think here you have to ask yourself why is the mainstream media lying on governor desantis? the reason they're lying on him is because of the success that he had in florida with avoiding -- continuing people to work and protecting the most vulnerable. the left had a real agenda of exploiting the pandemic for
8:49 am
political gain and scoring points. he didn't follow the narrative or listen to the outland i shall recommendations of dr. fauci. he did what was right and followed the constitution. florida has been thriving while other states are crumbling. the real question is why is there such agenda-driven media from the left to attack a guy like governor desantis who should be celebrated? >> harris: jessica, it is interesting. you gave "60 minutes" it would sound to me an out saying it was a mistake. but you have to have some receipts here, right? either the had the goods or they didn't. if they didn't it would make it more than a mistake. your last quick thoughts. >> that's true. i certainly think the full minute two minutes long rather than the snapshot should be aired and allow people to make their decisions. that's what people want like a show for "60 minutes" famous in
8:50 am
their defense of the reporting here. people do go to "60 minutes" for the unbiased and interesting human interest stories that you don't necessarily get from other programs. a point of viewing for millions of households on sunday night. i want to be generous because this is a show with a longstanding history of getting it right. and for pointing out things that maybe we're not noticing in society. it seems to me to be a story that needs more attention and a correction. >> harris: they should call you. you are a com specialist there. as the backlash grows against georgia's new voter law. businesses are saying major league baseball's decision will do nor harm than good. governor brian kemp to debate it all is next. don't miss "outnumbered" coming up at the top of the hour. stay close.
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brita? 110... seriously? but zerowater- let me guess. zero? yup, that's how i know it is the purest-tasting water. i need to find the receipt for that. oh yeah, you do.
8:55 am
>> i think it's important to remember the context here, the georgia legislation is built on a lie. there was no widespread fraud in the 2020 election. they are not changing their policies, their changing the rules. it is up to major league baseball to determine where they are holding their all-star game. >> harris: the white house backing major league baseball's decision to move the all-star game out of georgia, saying the new laws make it harder to vote, however corporate criticism and some businesses are saying the move will do more harm than good. >> our business, in atlanta for 28 years, we are 10 minutes from the stadium, it is going to devastate what small of small business black owned, minority
8:56 am
business that had a piece of the pie into that stadium will not. >> harris: joining me now, the governor of georgia brian kemp dear governor, thank you for being with me. first of all, you heard from bruce lavelle about his concerns. $100 million attached to this. >> it's the little guy getting screwed and so uncalled for, major league baseball didn't have any idea what baseball already did. obviously jen psaki and president biden don't know, either. delaware is more restricted than georgia. we have more opportunity for people to vote in georgia especially on the weekends, placed in a signature match process, we are securing drop
8:57 am
boxes and making sure that elections officials continuously count until every vote is tabulated, there's been a small businessperson my whole life, these corporate ceos, they don't understand the impact of the day-to-day, they are coming off of covid and now they have this being done to them through no fault of their own, quite honestly. >> harris: i want to point out, colorado in georgia's election laws when it comes to i.d., and all the different, your state has more early voting days than them. but colorado governor, about all the money they are about to get from that game, watch --
8:58 am
>> by some estimates, this could mean more than $100 million impact or local economy. >> colorado really knocked one out of the park and landed the 2021 major league all-star game. the all-star game, the festivities around it, that could be $100 million in revenue. >> harris: what is your reaction to that? >> the president and the ceos, they don't care about those living in new york and new jersey and other places around the world, cancel culture mlb and all our hardworking people in georgia, much like the american rescue plan when we got penalized for having low unemployment, the federal stimulus dollars that are going to new york and california because we have been doing well
8:59 am
with timing and people who have been losing the timing, they are losing and that is what is happening here. i agree, they have the photo i.d. requirement, more early voting days than they do. joe biden is the pregame for the ncaa championship played in indiana. that is the birthplace of the photo i.d. requirement. why wasn't he saying something about their state? this is so hypocritical it is just hard for the american people and certainly hardworking georgians getting screwed in this deal to even comprehend how they think this way. people are outraged here and it's resonating with everyone. >> harris: i had on senator kennedy, he speaks his mind and he says he really wants to understand and he wants
9:00 am
questions answered on your behalf. he wants you to be able to get them for your constituents. why is the word racism, racist used at all in the process of the mlb commissioner manford, pulling the game out of atlanta. he said, how is that even possible? why that word? >> how is the bill even racist? if you look at it with any form of neutrality, you can't spin that, the white house, or the courthouse or anywhere else around this country, it just does not add up. i've been telling a lot of people and i've been on a lot of different networks, not just conservative networks, i've been on predominately african-american-listening radio shows and other things and every question they ask me, i'm telling people the truth. somebody is lying to you here and it is not me. >> harris: one last one, la


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