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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer Dana Perino  FOX News  April 7, 2021 6:00am-8:00am PDT

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>> go out there and rock the kasba today. >> bill: good morning. we begin this morning with a heart-wrenching video from the border. you are to see a young boy found at day break as he was abandoned in the desert. [speaking spanish]
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>> bill: ask yourself if that was your son. we believe that young boy is between the ages of 10 and 12 as we say good morning. bill hemmer in new york. >> dana: good morning, i'm dana perino, america's newsroom. he is one of more than 19,000 unaccompanied minor children in federal custody now. when you're talking about these numbers it can get overwhelming. we talk about infrastructure bill or with this, 171,000 people. it is hard to get your head around that figure. we try to figure out a way. then there will be a moment in a story like this where you see the effects of the parents who told the little boy -- told the little boy to go. heart wrenching as that might have been for them and possibly as irresponsible as that might have been. he then gets abandoned in the desert. he was afraid he would be robbed or kidnapped.
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thankfully our border protection officers have children, and that was very upsetting to me. >> bill: think of the job they have to do at the border. you are right about these images. sometimes these moments they speak to us in ways that you can't put into a category. you say 100,000 plus over the next year. some estimates say it could be 180,000 in 2021 alone. it reminds me of the image we saw last week of that night video of the border agents dropping i think the girls were 10 and 12, maybe 10 and 13 over the border and they were -- thank you for that, ages 3 and 5 where the border patrol found them as well. we remarked a week ago the images have a lasting effect that can affect policy. this is likely to do something similar. >> dana: >> dana: during the syrian
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refugee crisis. the little boy was dead on the beach, 3 years old during that crisis and that was when it sparked change in the oval office after ivanka trump went and talked to her father. >> bill: the image there was that he was face down in the sand by himself on a beach. >> dana: we shouldn't allow it. we're going to speak to tom homan in a moment. let's speak with alex hogan live at the border in mission, texas. >> hi, good morning. just over this levy there is a processing site where many migrants who surrender to border patrol are processed. we've seen some of them already here this morning. all of them sharing harrowing stories of what they've experienced in the journey just like the little boy. let's take a listen. [speaking spanish] >> this child just walks up to border agents sobbing. he was traveling in a group
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without his family. he explains they left him behind while heading to the border and crying. he asked the agent where else would he go if he doesn't go with them? this is a sad new milestone that we're seeing. 19,000 children are in u.s. custody. each of them just like that little boy made it all the way to the border. one boy last week was traveling with his father, the two swam across the rio grande river but the father drowned helping his son get across. that is just another one of the tragic stories of these children arriving here in the u.s. unaccompanied. more delegations are announcing trips to the border to see this humanitarian challenge for themselves. envoy to the biden administration is set to return from his trip to the northern triangle tomorrow. a live look at the border wall in mission, texas. many environmental activists say they're glad, this never should have been built. while law enforcement say the
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halted progress really creates problems of its own. >> you are patrolling and trying to patrol and enforce areas that are wide open. you couple that with unaccompanied children, family units and you can't forget that every day criminal elements also. >> an example of one of those sections of the wall not finished. a lot of divided opinions what to do. many people around the area want questions about will it get finished or remain like this? questions they're hoping they'll get from the government. bill and dana. >> dana: thank you. >> bill: want to bring in former acting ice director tom homan and fox news contributor. want to show you the number we were referring to a moment ago. projected total unaccompanied minors crossing the border this year 184,000. tom, you saw the video. what do you think when you see that? >> well look, thank god that little boy is safe with the
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border patrol. look, that's why i fight so hard, bill. people always ask me why do you get some emotional tv and yell an congress when i testify. they haven't seen what i've seen in my 35 years. i've found many dead children and talked to women raped over 20 times. a third of every woman that comes across puts themselves with a criminal cartels, a third make that trip get sexually assaulted. i've done investigations when a migrant couldn't pay a smuggling fee was tortured him while his family is on the phone to make him pay the fee and killed him if they didn't. females get raped. i talked to a 9-year-old who was raped. i did a lot of investigation and put a lot of human traffickers in prison. i couldn't put them all in prison. these cartels are ruthless. the biden administration, the promises they've made about you can enter the country and you won't be deported or detained.
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we'll give you amnesty and free health care. you can put the most vulnerable people to put themselves in harmed ways to get here because they think they will be released. they're not humane as they said it was. the border patrol agents save lives. i will add this. you can hate president trump or like him. i don't care. you can't argue when illegal immigration was down how many women didn't get raped and how many children didn't die and how many millions of dollars did the cartels not make every day? i think this administration, the biden administration needs to get back to some of these policies. the policies trump administration had saved lives. >> dana: another aspect of all this in addition to children and victims of illegal immigration and what cartels are doing to them. the possibility that when they say 100,000 getaways in a possible year could include
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terrorists. two from yemen have been caught already. don't know how many haven't been caught. kevin mccarthy said this last night on hannity. >> the border agents told me they had caught people on the terrorist watch list. when i brought that up at the press conference my democratic colleagues were shocked by it. they called me a liar. until we brought forth the answers. it should not come as a surprise the democrats are troubled by this. they are trying to distract from this disaster because they created it. >> dana: when there is chaos in a situation terrorists like to take advantage of it and like to take advantage of a transition from one administration to the next. >> great question. that's what makes this humanitarian crisis a national security crisis. the border patrol has said 40% of their manpower is no longer on the line. if you're somebody in the world wants to do us harm and blow
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something up. you can't get a plane ticket. it is almost impossible to get a visa because of all the database checks. they look for any derogatory information and security program protects the issuance of a visa to someone who has derogatory information related or known or suspected terrorist. if you really want to come to the country what's the best way? come the same way through the southwest border when 40% of border patrol isn't on the line. the border is vulnerable. you said it correctly. how many got through that we didn't catch? that's what scares me. there is over 1,000 gotaways every day based on traffic they can't respond to or drone or camera traffic. over 1,000 gotaways. if you want to come to this country to do us harm the border is vulnerable right now because of the situation created by the biden administration. >> bill: a lot more to cover
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here. if you are on the no-fly list you know it if you're a terrorist. you probably tried to get on a plane already and yet you as we have seen you can walk across the border if you can get there. thank you, tom. one final note on this. talk now they could plug the holes, quote, unquote in some of the border wall that was unfinished. seems like a good idea when you see video from the aerial pictures there. the gaps are vulnerable right now. >> dana: i feel if the biden administration is thinking about reversing course on a bad decision we should help them do it. everyone is going to want to try to rub their noses in it. if it's the right policy decision they should be praised for being willing to do it. >> bill: i don't know what you do with that video. >> dana: taxpayers have to pay for the penalty if you cancel a contract. you are wasting money. >> bill: what do you do with the material? haul it away? >> dana: or leave it there as an environ mentsal disaster.
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nearly two weeks since biden said kamala harris will lead the immigration response. the vice president has yet to visit the border even as facilities along the borders continues to fill up with migrants. we have more on this from the white house. >> the white house has said that when the vice president does finally make a trip down south it is likely going to be to one of those three northern triangle countries, and not the border. the white house says that the vice president's focus is on diplomacy with those three northern triangle countries. but everyone from the governor of texas to now the attorney general of arizona say it is not good enough. >> i think it's important for her to engage on this. to come to arizona, to see what's actually going on at the border. talk to the sheriffs. talk to the boots on the ground. see, talk to these children and talk to the people having interaction with them to know this is a real crisis.
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>> and arizona's attorney general says so far the vice president hasn't responded to his invitation. kamala harris did have a call with the president of guatemala last week but she is not on a trip to the special envoy traveling there this week. aside from the border the rest of the vice president's portfolio is a little unclear. white house press secretary when pressed about it last week. >> some of it is we have not yet announced yet. i won't get ahead of those. vice president harris is playing an imperative role out there connecting with the american people about the american rescue plan and involved in our effort to communicate with the public about covid and the importance of the effectiveness and efficiency of the vaccine. >> the vice president visited a vaccination site yesterday. still no trips to the border or to one of those northern triangle countries on her calendar. dana. >> dana: kristin fisher at the white house. >> bill: fox news alert now.
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in a moment should the u.s. boycott the beijing games? china has a new message for washington on that today and we'll get into it coming up here. >> dana: a live look at the home of the atlanta brave but not the all-star game as president biden doubles down on labeling georgia law jim crow. >> they call all of us racist because we won't get into this power grab. they play the race card morning, noon, and night. i am tired of it. i think it's cheap. retirement is an opportunity to fill each tomorrow with moments that matter. and a steady stream of protected income can help you secure the life you've planned. for more than 150 years, generations have trusted
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>> i think the masters golf tournament should be out of georgia. >> i think that's up to the
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masters. it is reassuring to see that for-profit operations and businesses are speaking up about how these new jim crow laws are just an thet call to who they with. >> bill: he said it again yesterday jim crow. applauding major league baseball's decision to move the all-star game out of georgia. steve harrigan is live in atlanta today. good morning, steve. >> president biden keeps up his criticism of georgia's new voting law. this time raising eyebrows in georgia telling georgia to smarten up. >> president biden: the best way to deal with this is for georgia and other states to smarten up and stop it, stop it. >> he continues to defend it. i.d. requirements were put in place an absentee ballots because the number of them in
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the last election tripled. here is governor kemp. >> doing the voter i.d. on absentees will make it more efficient for them, speed up the process, and also brings another level of security. so who would be against that? how is that jim crow 2.0? >> baseball's decision to move the game from georgia to colorado is being called a mistake by one former commissioner fay vincent. major league baseball can't become a weapon in the culture wars. a hostage for one political party or ideology. it will now be at coors field in colorado. >> nice to see you at the ballpark again today. >> dana: let's bring in our panel. josh holmes and juan williams my co-host on the five. i want to get your take on joe biden. the president actively encouraged mlb to move the all-star game. said i would support that. then what happened between then
6:21 am
and yesterday when he very much soft pedaled whether the masters should move? >> politically i don't understand what he is doing. he is calling the people of georgia racist. he has moved the all-star game out to great economic peril to the city of atlanta and now like the crown jewel, the masters, is something that he is threatening should leave as well. it is not. his commitment to this claim that even the "washington post" has given him four pinocchios for is misty filing for them. calling georgia's voting law jim crow is despicable and no foothold in reality whatsoever and get off it as quickly as he can. >> a report that major league baseball had a contract for 8,000 hotel rooms in atlanta. cobb county specifically. 8,000 rooms. gone. here is gingrich last night with laura ingraham. >> major league baseball has a
6:22 am
10-year contract with the chinese communist dictatorship. it's okay to deal with the chinese. the attitude in the suite at major league baseball is it's fine to be with communist dictatorship it's the conservatives we can't deal with. it tells you how the system is. >> bill: what do you think about the hypocrisy that is laced through this story? >> i think that's a total dodge to get away from talking about what is going on in georgia. we are going to have a big discussion about that, bill, in terms of the olympics and potential for a boycott to punish the chinese, to make the world out rage over their treatment of the uighurs known. what we're talking about today is what's going on in georgia. if you look at the kind of anger that came from people like president trump over nfl players kneeling to protest police brutality. you go back the nfl moving the
6:23 am
super bowl from arizona in the 90s. people protesting over how gays were being denied service in arizona. that all had real consequences. i think it was january brewer was the governor who vetoed a law like that. what you see is people and corporations speaking to their moral outrage has a consequence in the political arena. >> dana: i want to ask you about that, josh. your former boss senator mcconnell sent a letter to the ceos the other days. this is not your place. you should not do that. "wall street journal" also writing today that perhaps these ceos think they're buying cheap insurance against the growing political pressure from the left with siding with democrats so publicly but ceos are helping democrats pass legislation to solidify and expand their majorities in congress. do you think the corporate america will listen to mitch mcconnell on this? >> you know what i think? corporate america is at its
6:24 am
weakest point in the history of this country. they are soulless. they have no identity and they don't care about any of these issues. what they've done over the last series of years is basically put out statements to pacify a woke left and count on the right to protect the market-based economy. all of that is crumbling down. the biggest mistake they've made here is trying to somehow weigh in on what is entirely a partisan dispute to try to get an edge in an election that democrats will take up without doing remedial homework what they're criticizing. none of these statements had one specific element of the law that they had a problem with. just it was a problem, right? the element trying to pacify the left without knowing what they were talking about. >> bill: remedial. juan, he is a colleague and friend. it is a significant one. you have written books about african-american history. when you hear the president say this is jim crow on steroids what do you think of that? >> well, you know, i think it
6:25 am
is a little hyperbole. not that we're unaccustomed to that with trump. not one black person consulted on the change. when you see the white majority republicans in the state legislature say we are going to take control of this election process in the future, strip the secretary of state, do away with local election board's authority at our choosing they are deciding they will control elections in a way that's close to what jim crow was. let me finish by saying happy birthday to my pal, josh holmes. >> dana: we can't leave without saying that. happy birthday, josh. please send us your secret for never aging. we would appreciate it. >> bill: we needed that. >> dana: president biden's plan to raise corporate taxes finding amazon saying he agrees
6:26 am
with it. despite democrats using amazon as an example of corporations that don't pay their fair share in taxes. i have thoughts on that. did you see last week when amazon got into an argument with elizabeth warren and it was about this issue. apparently jeff bezos said to his communications team hit back against her. they have a twitter war all weekend long and we're not going to back down. and then by tuesday jeff bezos is i'll pay more taxes. >> bill: bezos is worth $177 billion, one guy. he can afford it. does amazon pay taxes? what's the truth about that? >> dana: we don't make the laws. please tax us more and everyone will pay. >> bill: new york is into that idea in a big way. we'll tell you why in a moment. cbs news defending the 60 minutes story that people call a hit piece on florida's governor. a school board rethinking the
6:27 am
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>> they cut out everything that showed their narrative was a piece of horse manure. it shows you how dishonest. these are smear merchants and why nobody trusts corporate media. they are a disaster in what they are doing. they knew what they were doing was a lie. >> bill: florida governor ron desantis ripping into cbs news over the "60 minutes" story. they said he gave an award for a vaccine contract to publix after the grocery chain donated $100,000 to a political action committee that sports him.
6:33 am
katie pavlich fox news contributor. good morning to you. got a few things here i want to go over. where do you think the story is right now? let's begin there. >> right now "60 minutes" looks pretty bad and we'll see in the coming days if they continue to claim they cut down the governor's comments for, quote, clarity. you know it's bad for "60 minutes" when the tape speaks for itself but you have two prominent democrats in florida coming out on behalf of ron desantis not just saying the story may have been off or biased but complete b.s. that's a problem for "60 minutes" and emboldens the idea there is no trust in the media and very clear while republican governor ron desantis and democrats in florida were trying to get people vaccinated "60 minutes" was focused on making up a story and then when the narrative didn't go their way they continued to double down on it. their credibility was damaged before from a series of previous problems with "60
6:34 am
minutes" reports but this one is one of the most egregious outside of the george w. bush fake document scandal they had over a decade ago. >> bill: 2004 when he was running against john kerry if memory serves there. is that correct? >> yes. >> bill: dana gave me the thumbs-up. a couple things here, "60 minutes" put out a tweet sunday night and a statement monday, another statement to fox news. it is long. when florida state data revealed people of color were vaccinated at a much lower rate than their wealthier neighbors "60 minutes" reported the fact surrounding the vaccine's roll out which is controlled by the governor. we requested and conducted interviews with dozens of soushss and authorities involved and desantis declined an interview. the idea we ignored their perspective is untrue. our story sunday night speaks for itself. return serve to you on that,
6:35 am
katie. >> democrat officials say that look, i sat down with "60 minutes" and didn't use any of what i told them in the piece because they were going with the narrative. so they asked for an interview with ron desantis. after a smear like that why would he ever sit down with them again? when it comes to the argument about minorities being vaccinated at a lower rate than rich donors in a lot of the accusations they made, the bottom line is that florida decided to vaccinate seniors first and there are different demographics in every state what those seniors look like. whether they're higher economic prosperity or whether they're minorities. just depends on the state. in florida maybe the population is not as minority in terms of the senior population. that doesn't mean it was a race based quota. you saw ron desantis saying we went against the cdc but
6:36 am
vaccinated the most vulnerable people first and it has been a success. while they're claiming he wasn't putting minority constituents in front of the line, they did drive throughs, african-american churches, reached out to a number of folks in the minority community to get these vaccinations in people's arms as quickly as possible. so every single narrative that "60 minutes" put out from the beginning of the piece to the clarifying statement just has been proven untrue and not by ron desantis's press office but by democrats who will probably vote against him in the 2022 bid to be governor again but they are coming together on this saying look, we all worked together with publix, with a number of other pharmacies, with a bunch of different groups to get as many people vaccinated as possible. >> bill: they raised his profile. $100 grand is a lot of money but these politicians raise millions. if you want numbers, the idea that you cut a deal with publix because there are more than 800
6:37 am
within the state of florida. how many win dix east in florida? >> 400. less wal-marts. >> bill: how many targets. it makes sense to do a deal with publix. >> dana: piggly wiggly. one other thing about media bias unbelievable. pointed out to me last night. remember in 2019 president trump's press secretary stephanie grisham was called a liar when she said the obama administration had left nasty notes in the trump administration's cabinets and drawers. called a liar. well now just recently dave chappell has said he heard celebrities at a big party talking about how they left dirty notes for trump staff at a white house party. who is the liar? and where did stephanie grisham go to get an apoll gee?
6:38 am
>> when the trump administration moved in they said the obama staff left dirty notes for us in all the drawers and cabinets. i saw this happen. i won't say who did it. it was celebrities writing all this crazy stuff and putting them all over there. i saw them doing that. i laughed real hard. >> dana: too bad he didn't defend stephanie grisham at the time. >> bill: it makes for an interesting moment. if you say it's not true you can't put that out there. it makes people look bad. >> dana: yep. caused a lot of consternation. when you are the press secretary if are you called a liar that would really hurt. caitlyn jenner considering a run for california governor as a republican. challenging gavin newsom facing a likely recall election. the olympic gold medalist and former reality tv star is talking about it as she tests the waters. william.
6:39 am
this will get a lot of attention. >> it will. so far nothing official, dana. jenner has met with several consultants and is considering a run assuming the recall goes forward. getting on the ballot is easy and jenner has a unique story including her politics. >> hello, my fellow republicans. yay. it was easy to come out as trans, harder to come out as a republican. >> it is like a crash party. rules go out the door. in 2003 there were 135 candidates including arnold swarzak, peter -- and anyone else with a $3,000 entry fee. jenner is a rags to riches story. after winning gold he married chris kardashian and then came out as a trans women and focused on gender transition.
6:40 am
she appeared on the mass singer and here is why. >> i think it's important that you stay physical. there is a lot of young people out there who struggle with their identity and our suicide rate is over the top. i want to show people that even no matter who you are or what you are or what time in life you do this, that once you get through it, that there is a light at the other end. >> as for the recall the state is authenticating signatures with the election likely in the fall. majority favor keeping governor newsom. but a snapshot in time. newsom is now on tv almost every day it seems. the big question now is do democrats put all their eggs in one basket behind newsom, denounce the recall or do they run someone like tom steyer to replace him or risk letting republicans run the recall exclusively? that's what we don't know. >> dana: lots to chew on out there in california.
6:41 am
>> bill: america's largest city and formerly greatest city suffering last year as the epicenter of the pandemic. now the taxes are set to skyrocket despite the blue state bail-out from d.c. fox news asking president biden if he has gotten any answers from china in their role in the pandemic. his response to this question. >> have you had a chance to report him that china misled the world at the beginning? reft near record lows plus get cash. with home values climbing, now is the smartest time ever to turn your home's increased value into an average of $50,000 cash. refiplus. it's new, it's only for veterans, and it's only from newday usa. life... doesn't stop for diabetes.
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>> dana: president biden pressed on america's engagement with china about the pandemic. here is his response when asked about fox news. >> 500,000 american dead from covid-19. a lot of families want to know how this happened, how it got here. have you had a chance to speak to any of your international partners, president xi who i know you go way back with? have you had a chance to ask him if these reports are true that china may have misled the world from the beginning? >> i haven't. >> dana: no conversation yet even they suggested the w.h.o. do more to investigate china's knowledge of how the pandemic started.
6:47 am
>> bill: mlb focus on the games put a focus on the olympics in beijing. 10 months to think about this. will there be a boycott? >> dana: i don't know. >> bill: the questions will not stop. >> dana: right. or do you not boycott and go and win and use it as an opportunity to expose the chinese? >> we will have that debate. in the meantime more taxes coming for companies and wealthy new yorkers even after congress sent the state billions in support. the bell tolls for nyc. quality of life plummets, taxes skyrocket and city faces devastating future. where do you live, cheryl? >> here in manhattan on the upper west side. >> how is your neighborhood? >> horrible. trash and crime has jumped. >> dana how is your neighborhood? >> not quite as bad as that but getting there. >> bill: my neighborhood is a dump, all right? used to be one of the best places to live in all of
6:48 am
manhattan. continue. >> the middle of all of this what we're talking about the conditions in new york city you have the 3.4 billion money grab that is going on by the state. governor cuomo and the legislature reportedly are set to raise taxes on the state's highest earners to a new national record starting with those making more than $1 million plus. "the new york times" reporting new york city residents will pay between 13.5% to 14.8%. that goes above the top margin income tax rate in california which up until today will be the highest in the nation. corporations also will have to pay more. even as the city is struggling with thousands of businesses shut down or moving to other states like florida. despite the fact that new york state received more than $23 billion from the federal government in the last covid relief bill. "wall street journal" op-ed wrote congress has been generous allocating $12 billion to new york city. $6 billion to the city and $6
6:49 am
billion to mta and $9 billion to the state's schools. they want to hand out payments to illegal immigrants and ex cons called the excluded workers fund. the price tag $2.1 billion. we always say this on fox business, money is mobile. wall street ceos penned a letter to the governor what they said here. many members of our workforce have resettled their families in other locations generally with far lower taxes than new york and the proposed tax increases will make it harder to get them to return. this is not about companies threatening to leave the state. this is about our people voting with their feet. these new taxes being proposed despite the fact the top 5% of taxpayers in this state account for 60% of all income tax revenue guys. so you add all of this together, money is mobile, they are going to leave and you have
6:50 am
the conditions you asked me about right here in manhattan. we witness this every day. >> bill: washington sent new york $23 billion. why won't you cut taxes the try to deal with diamond is suggesting there? >> part of it is the political side of what is happening with the state legislature. governor cuomo in the middle of all these scandals basically is the one that fought back against soaking high-income earners in new york state and new york city. he has no power right now to put it bluntly. >> bill: the buildings in mid town manhattan are unoccupied and they will stay that way. >> dana: a little migrant boy sobbing saying he was abandoned in the desert. will this convince the biden administration to do more to address the crisis. a year since many american kids have been inside a classroom as teachers unions issue more demands before they return to school. check out this lineup coming up in the next hour. look at all those.
6:51 am
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>> dana: the cdc says 80% of teachers and school staff have gotten one vaccine dose. some teachers unions are dragging their feet to get back to class.
6:57 am
an activist of the fight to reopen schools three kids in virginia schools that haven't reopened. now you have a situation where the unions continue to push back and you don't even know what it will look like in the fall? >> right. thanks for having me. right now fairfax county is flailing. the superintendent, who has proven himself to be utterly incompetent since last year, said this week okay, we'll open up four days. six hours later every parent in the district got an email saying we can't open up four days because of the guidelines. we are looking at possible three day weekends indefinitely. they don't want to talk about five days a week which is what most of the country is doing now. my kids spent spring break with their cousins going to school five days a week since the fall. to hear their conversations was heartbreaking. >> dana: one of the things a lot of schools are doing they're taking one day to deep clean the schools.
6:58 am
yesterday the cdc said the virus does not spread well on surfaces. so is that just wasted time and effort and money? >> listen, every excuse that's been used to close schools has been debunked. the six foot rules that remain in cafeterias but not in the classroom has been debunked. the surface cleaning has debunked. i don't think the school boards are appreciating the harm they're causing. think about who is affected here. at risk students, students with learning challenges. kindergartners and students with disabilities. we've seen the videos a young student is helping his disabled friend score a point in the big game. those are the experiences that these kids aren't having. that's the support they're not getting because school boards are sticking their heads in the ground. >> dana: you recently had information that school choice support is way up? >> school choice support is actually through the roof with republicans and democrats. 69% of democrats, in fact, say
6:59 am
they now support school choice because they are now experiencing firsthand what these teacher unions are doing. they're taking the control out of parents' hands. parents are saying we need the control back. we can't have randy weingarten making the decisions for our families. we want to make the decision essential for our kids ourselves. >> it is the lost year. >> dana: you are in april and don't know if your kids will be in school five days a week in the fall? >> bill: that does it for hour number one. how are you? >> dana: i'm all right. cooking with gas here. >> bill: are you ready for hour two? >> dana: let's do it. >> bill: let's begin. watch here. [speaking spanish]
7:00 am
>> dana: sweet voice heartbreaking. a frightened migrant boy found wandering in the desert, abandoned, alone, sobbing, begging for help. that scene and many others like it shows how bad the crisis on the border is getting. welcome to a new hour of "america's newsroom," i'm dana perino. >> bill: i'm bill hemmer. 10 to 12-year-old boy from nicaragua rescued by the border patrol in texas. smugglers abandon children in desolate areas with no regard to their safety. tom homan reacted to that video. >> i've held many dying children and found dead children and talked to women raped over 20 times. these policies of the biden
7:01 am
administration they aren't humane as they said it was. these border patrol agents are saving lives. 4,000 lives saved last year. >> dana: joining us now ronald vitiello. this is southwest border encounters unaccompanied minors. in february 9,457. in may of 2019 trump era speak 11,861. ron, they anticipate many more children with stories just like his coming across our borders. >> yeah. it is very sad. you see him out there all alone. went through this pipeline. got taken advantage of by cartels and smugglers and got left alone in a country he has no idea about. grateful for the border patrol and the men and women out there that have to do this every day. they see these young children and the danger that they're in and how sad it is for us to see it. but like tom said, no one does more than the border patrol for these people coming across the
7:02 am
border. >> bill: tom homan's experience was a stunning story to hear last hour. i want you to comment on this as we look at 184,000 projected for 2021. apaishently on facebook there is communication going back and forth. this one struck me. march 24th, excuse me does anyone know if they are letting people with kids cross the bridge? the comments came, only if they enter alone. another comment. they are not letting minors with parents pass. so they know the policy, ron. >> this is a market if you will that responds to incentives. the incentive now is if you come as a child alone we will welcome you. hopefully a brief stay with border patrol to get put in the process and then on to a shelter bed that is run by hhs. and then from that shelter bed they will get placed with family in the u.s. so the word is out and things
7:03 am
like social media and whatsapp and those communication tools are used by the smugglers to entice people and give them guidance. and again it's a business for these people. they didn't have any regard for that little boy's life. they left him in the desert. >> dana: is it part of their thinking on the parents' behalf if they make the decision to send the kids on their own with a group to try to get to the border they, too, might be able to join their children here in america? >> we sent a signal out to the globe that immigration enforcement in the interior will be minimized under the current conditions under this administration. they said unless you are a convicted aggravated felon, potential terrorist you won't get removed from the country or get arrested by ice. so that sends a signal to people that if i come here i might have a better opportunity but i certainly don't have the threat of being deported. >> bill: i don't know if you can see the screen. some of the video we showing
7:04 am
show is gaps in the wall. there is talk about plugging those gaps in the wall. jen psaki responded to that yesterday at the white house briefing room. >> federal agencies are continuing to review and submit a plan. it is paused. there is some limited construction that has been funded and allocated for. it is otherwise paused. >> bill: what do you think the policy will be on behalf of this administration? >> i would encourage them to fill in the gaps. otherwise border patrol will have to dedicate manpower staffing to those holes and gaps in the wall. that was a problem for me when i was chief in rio grande valley. we built walls and then we had plans for gates but the planning and effort and money for those gates went away. so we had to makeshift barriers in those spaces. you have to staff it 24/7. the more that they can shore up the gaps. walls work, agents know it. >> bill: ron, thank you.
7:05 am
ron vitiello, thank you for coming back. we'll talk soon. this from yesterday. >> president biden: i think it is a very tough decision for a corporation to make, or group to make. but i respect them when they make that judgment and i support whatever judgment they make. but it is the best way to deal with this is for georgia and other states to smarten up, stop it. stop it. >> bill: there we go. praising companies for taking a stand on georgia's new voting law saying it's time for the state to reverse course. ari fleischer former white house press secretary and fox news contributor. good morning. voter i.d. laws seem to be what is really the nut of this. i haven't had a chance to talk to you in a week over this. you've been watching the back and forth. you have experience with professional leagues. what do you think about what has transpired in the last few days? >> this is distressing. let me start with sports.
7:06 am
sports is and should be an oasis. a place all of us, democrat, republican, conservative, agnostic is where we go to escape and enjoy watching. as soon as sports gets injected into politics and politics into sports, it can only be a lose/lose. frankly, bill, there is such an easier solution in all these cases whether it's sports or corporations. the answer should be especially on the georgia law, there are good and thoughtful people who think the georgia law makes sense. there are good and thoughtful people who think the georgia law is a mistake. our job as baseball is to bring fans together so they can all watch the game. we don't get involved in politics. it is not hard to do. it is not hard to say. they've all made a terrible mistake. >> bill: 8,000 hotel rooms are under contract by baseball. all canceled. they go off into the ether. i don't know if you saw fay
7:07 am
vincent. he wrote a scathing piece in the "wall street journal" saying manfred made the wrong call. >> major league baseball makes revenues no matter where the game is played. the only people hurt here are really the small businesses and the people who work at stadiums in atlanta, working in hotels in atlanta. they're the victims of this major league baseball boycott, no one else. >> bill: there were 500,000 people who showed up to vote in georgia who had already requested an absentee ballot. i don't know if you knew that number or not. the secretary of state wrote a piece this week. maligned by republicans and president trump at the time supported by democrats at the time. if you under the old law in georgia were to show up after requesting an absentee ballot
7:08 am
you would have to do a signature match which is subjective. does this signature match what's here? the reason why they changed the law and got rid of signature match. they wanted to go to voter i.d. or driver's license to determine what's the number that corresponds to your name so we can nail this down. when you have half a million people showing up to vote who have already requested an absentee ballot in a state that was decided by 11,000 votes, you have to find a way to figure it out. >> logically when that happens there is a risk that people will vote twice. it is anybody has the possibility of voting twice unless you have safeguards in the electoral system and where the whole debate is on the wrong track. when the democrats say any safeguard is voter suppression targeting minorities and jim crow 2.0 they are saying there should be zero safeguards in
7:09 am
our election. there should be both. there should be wide open elections that make it easier and encourage people to vote along with safeguards. that's what georgia did. the exercise of their law was a perfectly reasonable step they took. the chief violator of the nation's norms is now the president of the united states. joe biden when he traffics in the worst kind of race baiting card that he played over this issue calling it jim crow does a disservice to everybody. he shuts down debate. harms people trying to put safeguards in place and makes himself the race baiter in chief. it is distressing that this started at the top and followed all the way down to sports. >> bill: he doubled down on that claim yesterday. ari, nice to see you. ari fleischer, thank you. >> thanks, bill. >> dana: president biden has been talking about how many jobs the spending plan will create. there is a catch. the number his team has been using the wrong andover looks all the jobs that would be lost.
7:10 am
peter doocy is live at the white house. tell us more. >> we know the price tag for the american jobs plan 2 1/4 trillion dollars. how many american jobs does this plan actually create? >> analysis that showed the economy would create 19 million jobs over the next decade if congress passes the american jobs plan almost 3 million more than if it doesn't. >> notice there, there is some nuance that has been missing from some of the big bold claims about job creation. the fine print. fewer than 3 million jobs will be created as a result of this new government program. 16 plus million would be created whether there is another white house backed stimulus or not according to a projection by moody's. instead the headliners in the administration have been focused on the big number that does fold in the jobs that would have been created regardless. >> independent analysis shows
7:11 am
that if we pass this plan, the economy will create 19 million jobs, good jobs, blue collar jobs, jobs that pay well. >> moody's suggests. >> tam can jobs plan is a generational investment to create 19 million jobs. >> and all three of those were right, it will create 19 million jobs. lead to the creation of 19 million jobs but only 2.7 million more than would have been created if there was no american jobs plan. buttigieg admitted the 2.7 number is what this plan would be most directly responsible for and they make the point millions of jobs helps millions of people. dana. >> dana: peter doocy. thank you. >> bill: we were talking last week about 5 1/2% went to roads and bridges, right? what we think about when we think about infrastructure. the definition has been expanded, you would agree?
7:12 am
>> dana: i personally don't think you can expand the definition to include healthcare workers even though they might need more money. does that belong in infrastructure? i don't think so. there is something to be said about replacing sewer pipes and water systems things like that. could that be called infrastructure and fall under the umbrella? that probably does. >> bill: how about electrical vehicles and charging stations? >> dana: i have questions about that. >> bill: senator blunt this past week said for the sake of argument why don't we just call it 30%, 33% of the 2.2 or 2.3 proposed. you are looking at 600 or 700 billion dollars. let's make that the infrastructure package and let's vote on that. if you did you would get republican support. as it stands now, you are -- it will be months before a position is taken from someone
7:13 am
passed away. it was a democratic part of southeastern florida. if your margin is two or three what do they say in florida 20 years ago? every vote counts. >> dana: it certainly does. >> bill: 12 past the hour now. in a moment we'll get to the story in washington, d.c. two teenage girls said to get a plea deal after police charged them with murdering a food delivery driver during a carjacking. the punishment they're facing and will the victim's family get justice? >> dana: small businesses in atlanta are slamming mlb. how much one county says it will cost them next. >> it is going to devastate what little small -- little pool of small business and minority business that has a piece of the pie into that stadium.
7:14 am
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7:19 am
>> it is out rage that someone could kill and get away with it like that but on the other side those are kids. >> dana: the friend of a food delivery driver who two girls killed during a carjacking. they got a plea deal to free them after they turn 21 because they're juveniles. let's bring in attorney jonna spilbor. >> this is a problem of legislation, dana. because clarence darrow once said the problem with law is lawyers. in this case the problem with law is the law itself. in washington, d.c., you simply cannot be tried as an adult if you are under the age of 15 no matter how heinous the crime.
7:20 am
this crime is almost as heinous as they come. even at the age of 15 and up it is not a slam dunk, it is discretionary and sounds like the plea deal these two teenagers will strike will allow them to remain as juveniles and once you are a juvenile delinquent you don't go to prison and done at age 21. it does compound the problem. but the problem is the law. >> dana: basically what you are saying is i understand the idea that these are younger people, maybe they don't know what they are doing. but in this case it was a carjacking. it wasn't an accident. >> no, not at all. when we think of the juvenile system we don't need to lock up a kid from stealing a candy bar. the whole idea is rehabilitation. you are young, dumb, you do something against the law, you can be rehabilitated and become
7:21 am
a law-abiding adult. but when you have a situation like this, that doesn't account for situations where you plan to carjack an adult with a weapon, with a taser, and then while he is clinging for his life he step on the gas and worry about your cell phone? come on. >> dana: let me read to you what the d.c. police said to fox news. we have noticed a large number of these crimes are committed by young teenagers 13 and 16-year-olds. vehicles are often used to commit other crimes such as robberies and shootings with the prevalence of more delivery drivers on the road due to the pandemic it provides more opportunities for them to become victims of carjackings. if that's the case, how do you make it a disincentive? probably not by punishment that's lenient. >> well, i think they either need to change the law and also perhaps in this case one little segment of justice that we might get is let's look for some other lines of liability.
7:22 am
i don't think the anwr family will get a big check. who provided the taser to the kids? where were the parents? you don't wake up one day tuesday and go to your piano lesson and then do this. who are the parents? who provided the weapon? why weren't they in the house? there is potential liability people who are responsible that you can uncover in this case in a civil context if not a criminal context. i certainly hope the family does that in this case to get at least some justice. >> dana: another reason to have kids back in school so they are busy. >> oh my goodness. >> dana: a pattern across the country in terms of lax punishment for prosecution across the country. your thoughts on that before we let you go?
7:23 am
>> like i said, i totally get that kids are kids and sometimes they will make mistakes. this goes beyond mistake. this is heinous. this is intentional. this is a product of probably their home life if not other things. kids haven't been in school in a year. idle hands as they say. we really need to get on the people raising our kids to make this whole system a lot better. >> bill: baseball's decision to move the all-star game out of atlanta will cost the area more than $100 million in revenue. that's what cobb county says. cobb county is where you find the braves stadium. edward lawrence from fox business talking to people down there. what are you picking up, edward? >> very disappointed. republicans, democrats down here, business owners, employees disappointed about the loss in business they will see. now in the snap reaction to
7:24 am
move the all-star game you have grassroots graops across the country calling for boycotts of 100 companies here in georgia. some folks in georgia say that's just unwarranted. nobody in the state of georgia is calling for a boycott of this. i'm at manuel's tavern. they are coming out of the pandemic because they almost had to shut down during the pandemic. communities say this. the owner tells me he thought the all-star game would be the first truly profitable day they had since they shut down during the pandemic. now as you said 100 million dollars is the loss according to the cobb county travel and tourism bureau. the governor said he is very disappointed to this decision. listen to the governor. >> all these other ceos of these companies in new york and new jersey and former ceos appreciate you areing people
7:25 am
like delta and others. their laws are more restrictive than ours are. >> that anger is exactly what i'm hearing on the ground here in atlanta. back to you, bill. >> edward lawrence in atlanta. >> dana: major companies are calling out georgia over its new election law and still sponsoring the 2022 olympics in china. what scientists are saying about this image captured by the perseverance rover on the red planet. ♪♪♪
7:26 am
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>> bill: growing showdown over the reaction from corporate america to georgia's election wall. some of the biggest companies in our nation getting called out over criticizing the law. while at the same time sponsoring the beijing games in 2022 which will ignore china's history of human rights abuses. amid the uproar the u.s. considering a boycott of the olympics in china. an ongoing question that is gaining more attention now. rich, good morning. >> good morning, bill. there is a growing effort to boycott the beijing olympics
7:32 am
next year, the winter games especially now targeting companies over mass human rights abuses in china. not the companies mass human rights abuses but those ongoing within that country. these are some of the corporate sponsors, airbnb, proctor and gamble. coca-cola and dow, which have joined efforts to criticize state voting laws in the united states. just as the state department released its human rights reports last week detailing horrific human rights abuses in china. we asked whether american companies should drop their support of the games in china. >> i'm not going to offer advice to u.s. companies from the podium. all i can say is when it comes to the issue of the beijing olympics that's something that we'll talk to our allies and partners. >> a state department official clarified the biden
7:33 am
administration's position. they say the united states is not discussing with allies an actual boycott next year, just discussing general concerns with american allies about china's government's conduct. >> bill: big story. edson, thank you. >> dana: for more on this let's bring in bill mcgurn, main street columnist for the "wall street journal" and listen to larry kudlow last night talking about one of the companies, delta, and hypocrisy. >> delta is always bragging about its great business with china. so i'll assume by inference that they approve of chinese human rights violations slaughtering uighurs and their overthrow of hong kong democracy or anti-democratic authoritarian makes georgia's election laws look pretty good. >> dana: good point, bill? >> yeah. i thoroughly agree with larry. we had an editorial yesterday
7:34 am
or monday saying that if joe biden is going to boycott georgia or support a baseball boycott of georgia because of its voting rights and practices, what about china where there is no voting and so forth? and i think it's even worse than that. mr. biden's secretary of state has called what the chinese are doing to the uighurs genocide. how can you hold up georgia as a less moral example than china on this? you know what this strikes at. when a president says something it gets a lot of attention even if he doesn't mean it. i think joe biden still is learning the difference between being a senator when you can pop off on almost anything and there are no consequences to being a president when it really affects things. i don't think he has a winning hand on the china issue and i don't think delta has a winning hand on any of this.
7:35 am
when i fly delta i have to show i.d. it is communicating to the american public it is moral preening. these guys don't mean what they say and now they don't know how to get out of it. >> dana: your observation about biden being a senator to president. he did say that he thought that mlb should leave. he would support their decision if they were going to move the all-star game out of atlanta. yesterday there was this little bit of back pedaling when he was asked about the masters taking place in georgia. he said really they should make their own decision. you just hit on something that was kind of interesting there, bill. >> yeah, i think this is the difference. senators pop off all the time. there are really no consequences because they're part of a group. a president could affect the decision whether or not to go to beijing. it just looks like the business leaders that piled on really didn't think this through and how exposed they are. i personally am not really in
7:36 am
favor of boycotts because i think they are empty symbolic gestures that mostly punish the athletes and not the bad regimes but if you are going to hold up georgia as an evil that must be confronted, you will be asked about china and the olympics. they don't have a good answer. >> dana: you will be asked. i read the "wall street journal" every day and i can't remember if it was monday or tuesday either. i love to see you, bill. thank you so much. >> thanks, dana. >> bill: let's go way out for a moment. nasa releasing a breathtaking photo showing what looks like a rainbow on mars. perseverance rover capturing the image. scientists say it is not really a rainbow. it would require the presence of water. isn't that why the rover is there? lots of online chatter. me personally i haven't bought into that yet. >> dana: you think it's just the camera? you are a photographer. >> bill: i haven't been to mars
7:37 am
yet. but when i go i can report to you. >> dana: when you go can you come back? >> bill: good question. >> dana: i thought that was the question. >> bill: hemmer is on a one-way ticket out of here. >> dana: don't go. we'll talk about this next up. female prisoners are voicing alarm in one state as hundreds of transgender inmates want transfers to jails aligned with their gender identity. what we're learning about the cause of tiger woods's crash and how he is doing today. >> it has been good to hang out with them and fortunate with the basketball to hang out and watch sports like we would any normal time. ♪♪♪
7:38 am
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>> bill: top stories we're following. two door men fired nor not helping the asian woman challenging their termination now.
7:43 am
surveillance video shows the men watching from the lobby and only acting after the attacker was gone apparently. >> dana: some storms in central plains threatening to bring damaging wings, hail and possible tornadoes. >> bill: president biden considering his options to cancel more student loan debt that he campaigned on. the white house saying biden is reviewing what he can do with executive action if congress doesn't come through. remember he said $10,000. some people are thinking it might be $50,000 now. stay tuned. for more on these stories scan the qr code on your screen or go to >> dana: a new law in california allows transgender inmates to transfer to prisons. women prisoners are being told male prisoners could be coming. senate bill 132 supports
7:44 am
endeavors to create a better environment for the transgender and intersex community. martha maccallum has more on the story for us. >> it is an extension of so many of the stories we've been covering in sports and issues of equality for transgender individuals. this is a new senate bill in california. it became effective in january of this year. so far they've had 261 inmates who have applied for a transfer to a prison of the other sex. they've approved 21 have been through the process. they haven't denied anybody at this point. there are concerns on both sides as you just pointed out in the women's prisons they are spreading the word according to this reporting from the "los angeles times" that women should be ready for some men to enter their ranks at their prisons. however, they do have programs that are supposed to identify people who are vulnerable to abuse and make sure they aren't
7:45 am
housed with people who are suspected to be potential abusers in these situations. it will get messy. on the other hand, there is one account in that "l. a. times" story from a transgender individual who has been taking 20 years of hormones and says i don't want to be around predatory men or staff that frown about trans women. and she is obviously wanting to move to a facility that she thinks is more in line with her gender. here we go. this is the kind of thing that we see and hear more of every day and it's a push for new rights. >> bill: this is one of the things that dana and i refer to as a sticky wicket. don't know how it will go. prison population in california transgender inmates make up about 1% of the entire prison population. but only takes one incident to draw big-time national attention to a decision that you may or may -- that you should or should not make. >> they have councils that try
7:46 am
to oversees the prevention of rape at prisons. that can happen no matter what the population is in that prison. they've got a lot on their plate to run these places in a way that protects the inmates and the biggest concern here i think isn't someone like the individual i just mentioned but someone who might try to slip out of a male prison and into a female prison for reasons other than their gender identity or that they might try to get away with that. they are trying to hard to make sure it doesn't happen by screening individuals and making sure their medical history lines up with what they say is their situation but no doubt it will get a lot of pushback in some corners. >> dana: andrew sullivan said it is meant to be humane to women but very dangerous for women. we'll have to see what happens. >> bill: one inmate here is the quote "l. a. times." if we think it's bad now, be prepared for the worst. that it is going to be off the hook. it will be jumping. they say we're going the to
7:47 am
need a facility like a maternity ward and inmate program where they become nannies. >> dana: an expertment that the taxpayers will have to see how it turns out? >> i think a lot of people look at the situation and have different priorities than the one that was focused on in this bill. and the situation that is raised in the quote by one individual is obviously one of the biggest concerns involved in all of this. so these laws put the prison system in a very difficult position in an already tough place. >> dana: we'll see you at 3:00 p.m. for more. >> bill: the fight over georgia's new law, voting law looming large at august national as golf's biggest stars gather for the masters. whether or not the players are feeling the pressure to talk politics. check in with jim in augusta. harris faulkner a preview
7:48 am
what's coming up next. good morning. >> harris: absolutely. i know you have quite a golf game. i expect you to be there, too. republicans are not happy to say the very least about the president's jim crow rhetoric over georgia's new election integrity law and the fallout continues over baseball's decision to pull the all-star game and all of its revenue out of atlanta. senator john kennedy of louisiana as well as georgia's governor brian kemp will weigh in with me during "the faulkner focus" top of the hour. money in the bank can bring you and your family real piece of mind. refiplus from newday usa can make it happen. refiplus lets you refinance at near record lows plus get an average of $50,000 cash for the financial security you and your family deserve. refiplus, only from newday usa.
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>> dana: the navy destroyer that sank during world war ii was reached by a team of american explorers on the deepest shipwreck dive in history. they found the wreckage of the
7:54 am
battleship at twice the depth. it went down off the coast of the philippines in 1944. only 141 survived. >> dana: it is amazeings what technology allows to you do. we showed you maybe a rainbow on mars and now you are able to see this ship. >> bill: next we go to the titanic, right? all eyes on augusta, georgia tomorrow. it is round one golf's biggest tournament tees off in the middle of a political firestorm. the masters plays through georgia's voting law controversy. live from augusta we like to say. sportscaster fox news contributor jim gray is at his post. good morning, jim. it has come up a couple of times players asked about it. what are you hearing about it? >> the players are concentrating on golf. when asked about it they want free, fair, legal elections and
7:55 am
they want everybody to have the right to vote and if it's easier to vote that's what they are allstateing support for. >> the chairman of augusta holds a press conference the day before the tournament begins. that press conference begins in a few moments? has he offered comments? >> not yet but i'm sure he will be asked repeatedly and that will take place, bill, 10 minutes from now. >> bill: i want to play this clip. president biden was asked about it. sound bite number two. roll it from yesterday. >> president biden: it is reassuring to see that for-profit operations and businesses are speaking up about how these new jim crow laws are just an thet call to who they are. when they, in fact, move out of georgia the people who need the help the most, people who are
7:56 am
making hourly wages, sometimes get hurt the most. >> bill: those calling to move the masters that would be a pretty difficult thing to do. there is only one golf course right where you are. jim, another big story here. tiger woods won't be there. he is at home recovering in jupiter island, florida. there is a press conference in l.a. on behalf of the l.a. county sheriff's office at 1:30 eastern time. what have you heard about the possibility of the announcement that excessive speed was a factor here for tiger? >> well, that seems to be what a being reported right now. rumor and conjecture. he actually hit the gas as opposed to hitting the brake with excessive speed. a lot of questions that the sheriff will either answer or he won't. last time he said he was waiting for the attorneys to sign off on tiger woods inferring there maybe hipaa
7:57 am
laws. it appears to be excessive speed and he won't be charged with any kind of vehicular driving or any type of citation. >> do you have any update on his condition, how the rehab is going, jim? >> i think the rehab is going and will take quite some time. it will be required a lot of hard work, dedication and patience. i don't have any specifics and new updates on the injuries whether than what is going on with his leg. several surgeries and probably a long and winding road to go. everybody is hopeful he will be able to lead a normal life with his children and golf is in the distant future if that will be at all at this long rebill takes place. everybody is hopeful he will be able to return to the course. it is way too soon to be even thinking in those terms. >> bill: ankles are very tricky. they support so much of the body and you don't realize it until you lose it. back on november 14th they
7:58 am
played the masters on 2020 and we're back here in five months. is there some effect of that at augusta now? >> it's a different course, bill. it is a very firm course here as we have spring and the azaleas are out and the water and the precipitation that can happen in the winter that will soften this course is much different now. dustin johnson will defend his championship and got to wear the coat for five months and hope somebody will be able to drape it back on him again. others are lurking. justin thomas, number two golfer in the world. let's say tiger woods is really missed here. what happened in 2019 was one of the special moments in the history of golf and the history of sports when he was able to come back and win after 11 years from winning a major and so he is missed here. everybody is talking about tiger and wishing him well and there is a huge shadow he cast upon this and all of the patrons, some of the fans who are allowed in here at augusta
7:59 am
national wishing tiger well and want to see him back out here. >> bill: nice to see you. a couple thousand patrons who will get to watch the tournament in person. >> dana: looks beautiful with those azaleas. i love them. did you know there is a shortage of ketchup in the united states? >> bill: i did not know. that >> dana: people needed more packets because of the social distancing and things. so now there is a shortage of this condiment. do you use ketchup? >> bill: sometimes. >> dana: french fries? >> bill: mayonnaise with french fries. >> dana: what is your favorite condiment? >> bill: i would say mayonnaise. what is yours? >> dana: green tabasco? it is a condiment, i think, right? as you get older i think you lose the taste for the ketchup.
8:00 am
i loved ketchup. >> bill: i like how you go to restaurants and ask for salt and they hand you a packet? >> dana: the salt thing is the worst. it's a good day. nothing is the worst. we're in america. here is harris factner with "the faulkner focus". >> harris: president biden is pouring more fuel on the fire in thspite georgia's governor saying that's a lie. i'm harris faulkner. the controversy building in the wake of major league baseball's decision to pull the all-star game out of atlanta and moving it to denver, colorado is heating up more. mlb is protesting georgia's new voting law and moving the game is expecting to cost atlanta some $100 million in revenue hurting many minority-owned


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