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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  April 7, 2021 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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world at the beginning. >> i've not had that conversation with president xi, thank you. >> why bring it up? thanks for watching me tonight, watch "fox and friends" tomorrow. jillian: it is wednesday april 7th. look at this heartbreaking video of a young boy abandoned at the border begging agents for help. the video showing how dangerous the border has become for the most vulnerable. we are live in washington. lawrence: major league baseball was from atlanta to denver in devastating heat in georgia. >> a florida corporal at his k-9
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partner sure special moment making their last call before retirement. >> god bless. jillian: "fox and friends first" starts right now. ♪♪ lawrence: you are watching "fox and friends first" wednesday morning. jillian: always a soft spot for any video involving dogs especially canines. lawrence: about to get a dog but not right now. jillian: at some point. lawrence: got some sweet. we are ready to go. let's begin with this, the 10-year-old boy in tears found
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near the border. the biden administration opens a new site to hold migrant children. what is the latest. >> the desert no place for children. i spend a lot of time there. it is tough in his video. police shot by a border patrol agent shows the little boy east of rio grande asking for help stranded, scared and sobbing and spent the night in the desert. [speaking spanish] >> the child is believed to be between 10 and 12 years old taken to a nearby shelter is the administration opens another new emergency child facility near donna, texas.
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secretary alejandro mayorkas is considering restarting some wall construction citing gaps in the current barrier where migrants are straining, when asked about it at the white house, jen psaki acknowledging they are evaluating is but emphasizing it is still paused. >> federal agencies are reviewing to submit to the president soon. some limited construction has been funded and allocated but otherwise paused. >> downplaying cvp's announcement that a second yemeni man identified, in that sector. cvp, deleted the press release altogether, on the statement that the news release was not properly reviewed and contained certain disclosure policy
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information related to that, to remove it from our website. house minority leader kevin mccarthy weighing in last night. >> talking to border agents, on the terrorist watchlist. they called me a liar. >> the white house plans to focus on special envoys since to guatemala and el salvador to address migration and surging numbers at the border. >> and the crisis would get under control quickly with one simple fix.
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>> american citizens can't get into their capital but anybody and everybody can get into their country. that is how ridiculous this is, let's go back to donald trump's policies which worked, had the situation under control, we heard that time and again from border patrol, back to those policies and get the situation under control. lawrence: we will talk to a border patrol agent about the border. jillian: surveillance footage shows the momenta navy medic shot two sailors adam business park in maryland one of his victims stumbling into a nearby business pleading for help with the accused shooter was killed by military personal after speeding through a gate and brandishing a weapon towards security. officials are searching for a motive. one of the sailors remains in critical condition. >> a semi truck, take a look.
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the suspect taking police through 3 counties during the 2-hour chase. driver and passenger were taken into custody but the passenger was later released and had this to say. >> this doesn't work out well. >> police say he is wanted for murder. lawrence: the driver of the semi, president biden in major league baseball. pulled the all-star game from atlanta for reelection law. small business owners brace for impact. what is the latest. >> the mlb's move would heard georgia workers but respect their decision. >> it is reassuring to see for-profit operations and
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businesses are speaking up about how these new jim crow laws are antithetical to who we are. best way to deal with this to smarten up? jillian: he said it was up to them at coors field in denver. similar election laws to georgia with id requirements and too fewer days of early voting days. the two are not the same. >> colorado allowed you to register on election day, had voting by mail with 100% of people eligible. they also allow the range of material to provide even if they vote in the election. >> denver's mayor hyping of the game saying it was bringing
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$100 million. in new york, 2013, georgia official says it will cost the state $100 million. governor campuses workers will suffer the most. >> the little guy, need to work in bars, taverns and hotels. >> they will join us later in this hour. how it is impacting him. back to you guys. lawrence: the officer killed in the capital attack lie and honor, a car rammed into him at the capital. the suspect got out of the car, another officer with a knife. surveillance video showed the suspect at a dc store, 90
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minutes before the attack. officer evans will lie and honor, releasing their first statement saying in part billy was the best father and friend anyone could hope for. a gaping voice in our lives that will never be sealed. overnight, retreat for america's founding fathers, the school board voted unanimously, 44 schools as part of the reckoning that critics said went too far. among them schools named for george washington, opening school 5 days a week in the fall, the remaining will be revisited as students return. jillian: president biden bumps of the deadline to make all adults eligible for the covid 19 vaccine.
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>> over the age of 18 or older, eligible to be vaccinated. >> moving the deadline to april 18th, two weeks earlier than the original goal of may 1st, as eligibility stands across the us. jen psaki says the federal government will not require americans to carry vaccine passports. >> requires americans to carry a credential. >> the administrative want to protect american privacy despite businesses and colleges pushing people to show proof of vaccination. lawrence: of florida police corporal shared a special moment for retiring. >> we want to thank him for 6
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years of service. lawrence: a special moment. he and his k-9 partner chris making the final call. . >> 10 minutes after the hour, dramatic rescue, sailors trapped in a storm. >> are you okay. and a new poll reviewing americans support matthew mcconaughey and the rock running for office. we are coming right back.
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[speaking spanish] lawrence: heart wrenching video shows an unaccompanied micro child begging a border patrol agent for help after spending the night alone in the desert. jillian: he was traveling with a group before being abandoned. border patrol agent joins us with reaction. thank you for being here. that is devastating and difficult for people to watch in addition to the numbers you take a look at unaccompanied minor children in federal custody between hhs and cvp custody approaching 20,000, we are at 19,424 as of monday.
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is that safe to assume? >> absolutely. watching that video puts tears in my eyes. to compare the anguish and desperation of someone's a voice, this plays out every day. we have 500 to 1000 kids. the cases that we know of. >> i spent many times in the border, you see what these border agents are going through. how often does something like this happen? >> it happens with a high degree of frequency. over the border with what is going on over the border wall,
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it happens too often. jillian: the biden administration put a pause on the building of the border wall, limited construction that is funded following this report the dhs said there are gaps in the wall, let's put the statement from dhs, the president has communicated quite clearly his decision the emergency the trigger the devolution of dod funds to construction of the border wall is ended. that is room to make decisions, areas of the wall that need renovation, projects that need to be finished, this is from secretary alejandro mayorkas. what do you think of this decision? the white house is using terms like yes, the construction is paused but we can use this money to build gaps.
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what actually needs to be done? >> what effectively took place, tremendous vulnerability on the top, hundreds of the border wall and gates that were left uncompleted, sensing that was not completed for the border wall. and allowed the construction, and >> those gaps in the making the job harder for but reporter patrol agents.
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and it is wide open. they are encountering criminal aliens. they wanted federal felons. it is a disaster waiting to happen. jillian: appreciate it. a massive house explosions and debris flying that has the bomb squad investigating. >> it is not a planet tinkers round the edges but once in a generation investments. a transformational progress. lawrence: president biden
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promising to create millions of jobs but who will it help? our next guest is a pipeline worker who feels rejected by the current administration.
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lawrence: governor andrew cuomo repeal a law that protects nursing homes from covid related water lawsuits. the disaster protection act gives healthcare facilities immunity from lawsuits was cuomo repealing the controversial law, recovering up 9000 covid nursing homes last year. jillian: president biden promised to create millions of jobs touting his $2 trillion infrastructure plan.
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>> it is a once in a generation investments in america creating millions of jobs, good paying jobs. a transformational progress. jillian: labor groups waving a red flag saying massive investment in green energy will devastate rural communities. billy burns joins me life. thanks for being here. what is the most devastating part of this to you? >> since getting cut out of the keystone pipeline, having to take our jobs and do what i can to stay afloat. >> they are having some work out there but we have a lot of people in the union alone, close
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to 7000 workers. a lot of people still out of work. we are sure open to get some big projects going. the keystone project was huge and in that scope it might explain that. jillian: curious if there is a middle ground to be had. the fossil fuels and the jobs, we need green energy, is there a middle ground to be had? what would those jobs look like? >> natural gas, cleaner burning, a couple years ago, natural gas stations, helps our members and it is a good middle ground we've got to have power to run these vehicles because electric won't
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cut the mustard off of a lot of things on the road. natural gas is a good, viable asset. that will help union workers to keep natural gas flowing as well. it is a lot better for the environment. >> we have a quote from united mine workers on the temporary nature of construction jobs and this reads, quote, the jobs he talked about work construction jobs, not seeing anything concrete members can look at and say that is where i will fit in and what you are talking about, a lot of coworkers and employees having to take our jobs to make ends me? >> i feel sorry for the coal miners and other people that it is affecting and i feel for them right now. we need this energy at some
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point to make the world go around so to speak in the united states. >> the projections before construction was halted 11,000 expected to be employed, 8000 union workers point to what is expected in growth wages and a lot of jobs people like yourself, you've been at this for 41 years. we have a picture of you with your father learning to weld and this is something your father passed down to you. >> that is correct. you see that picture, my rubber boots on, my dad was at the house practicing for a job and i am standing behind him. we like to see what our dads are doing. to this point, the keystone project, attentive workers ready to go.
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most of those have fathers passed out to us. it has been a great career to have and we are trying to find the silver lining. >> of silver lining, telling us your story very well, the same position as you. keep us updated for your time. lawrence: georgia strikes out with major league baseball after the all-star game gets moved over its new voting law but won't this hurt black-owned businesses? cbs double down criticizing florida governor ron desantis, response to the backlash.
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>> reporter: meeting to work in bars, taverns and hotels that don't have guests because the all-star game and majorly baseball made the decision to pull the game out of here. lawrence: the all-star game moves from atlanta to protest minority suppression but businesses most likely to pay the price way in, small business owner and executive of the national diversity coalition for trump, thanks for joining the program. the devil comes to georgia trying to take the jobs. this is the most craziest thing. thanks for having me. lawrence: let's get your thoughts on this. when you look at the
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demographics 51% of atlanta is black versus 49.9% is white. in denver only 9.2% black and 76% white. this is only going to hurt black folks in the end. >> it will hurt everyone. our business in atlanta, 10 minutes from the stadium and we are diverse a fight in our merchandise but we have trinkets and other types of trinkets but you are right. when you have the vendors who rely on this. everyone is trying to get back to some level of normal, those crowds are critical especially the uber drivers and everyone in the area, estimated $100 million
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of resources, a lot of anxiety over the year, you are right, it will devastate the little pool of black-owned business, a piece of the pie into the stadium. you talk about having to buy extra inventory to get rid of these, there haven't been stadiums filling up in a year so imagine how devastating this is for minority businesses and small business owners. it will kill the little guy. lawrence: i got to get your reaction, black businesses, we cannot sit silently in the face of this gathering threat to democratic values and allow this
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fundamental right of americans to cast votes to be trampled upon yet again. >> i think it is stupid. we represent 30 million small businesses which means 62% of gdp, essentially the horsepower. we have to come together, they don't run the country or dictate and tell us where we should go or what we shouldn't do and that is dangerous for our great republic. all the craziness will spur more american ingenuity. open up another airline. this is my optimism, to take care of employees. how may i serve you? stick to the game plan, get your
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cash flow up and if you want to stick your nose out in politics you see the ramifications, when you choose the woke crowded is dangerous to shareholders, business, small business, and this is a lesson learned. lawrence: the sad thing happening in atlanta. >> appreciate what you are doing. jillian: the murder trial of derek chauvin, the los angeles police department, the ex-cop's actions against george floyd were called exclusive. taking the stand for the prosecution. >> a normal situation where
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someone using a counterfeit bill, not expecting any type of force. >> to prepare questions, video shows call with floyd before his encounter with police. he allegedly saw floyd use drugs the same day, hall invoked his fifth amendment right against self-incrimination to avoid testifying. spirit airlines tweets and delete supposed after a video shows on onboard confrontation over masks. watch this. >> more than welcome to. jillian: the family find from orlando to new jersey, their 2-year-old to daughter with my wear a mask. the original post referring to adults not wearing masks. they keep the language a bit more generic. take a look at this massive
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explosion, surveillance video showing the moment the building partially collapsed. is 61-year-old man was rescued from the second floor by a good samaritan. >> put it out with the extinguisher. jillian: the man is in stable condition. philadelphia police and the atf are investigating. >> majority of americans would support two movie stars running for office in real life. >> all right all right all right. how are you doing? >> for you. >> who is she? >> 58% of americans would support wayne the rock johnson for president or matthew mcconaughey for texas governor. the polls show 17% support for
1:39 am
johnson, 12% support for kanye who hinted at a possible gubernatorial run. jillian: so intrigued to see if matthew mcconaughey runs because he has support. lawrence: i don't like tuition anybody. he is a movie star but he puts his money where his mouth is. jillian: it is 39 after the hour. temporary housing for the homeless at the beach, the plan that has thousands of los angeles residents fighting back. lawrence: to return to class, you have to pass homeless camps to get to school. parent sounding the alarm on kids safety next. constipation wn was the same old story for years. trying this. doing that. spending countless days right here. still came the belly pain, discomfort, and bloating. awful feelings she kept sugar-coating. finally, with the help of her doctor, it came to be.
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jillian: welcome back. two city doormen are fired for not helping an asian american
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when being violently attacked, they closed the door to the apartment building instead. the company pledges to give all employees training on bystander intervention writing, quote, it is clear safety protocols were not followed. the doorman plan to challenge their terminations. >> arkansas lawmaker for confirming treatment. the state house. they vetoed the measure. it had just government overreach. >> the limited role of governments, we are abandoning limited role of government, we will invoke the government decision-making over and above physicians, over and above healthcare, over and above parents. lawrence: opponents of the measure plan to sue.
1:44 am
>> cbs is doubling down on a 60 minutes report, rhonda santos, pay for play deal with publix on vaccines was a company spokesman writes in part, quote, the facts reported by this spur debate and props from reaction. and report accrediting. >> there narrative is a piece of horse manure. >> it is absolutely false and offensive. homeless camps at the beach. asking for temporary tiny homes to be put in the parking lots of la beaches was the proposal calls for safe parking and camping areas for those living out of their car or you rv. one petition has been created saying the initiative will bring crime and drugs.
1:45 am
vanita gupta lawrence: children returned to homes with homeless documents, they are aware of the issue. the district has said it is working on a solution. i spoke to residents who want the homeless and came in to be gone. not just the streets of seattle the parks, playgrounds and even little league do as well. jillian: we see that scene across the country. lawrence: the area where i am the school is right there. playing recess, apps, cocaine and you really want these homeless people and drug addicted citizens to get the help they need but can't have them sitting there where kids cross the needle. jillian: drug addiction and things like that doesn't happen at night.
1:46 am
we are taking a look at video when you were very in kensington. it is so sad. walk or drive those seeds and will see what is going on. lawrence: you feel for those people but they have the money and many of them need treatment. jillian: the border crisis forcing the biden administration to think about the border wall. the white house making clear there will be no federal push for vaccine passports after republican pushback. congressman ralph norman joins us next. >> download the super 6 apps for a chance to win 10,$000. the super 6 quiz show entertainment, sports, the fox super bit super 6 apps now. ♪♪
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developing a plan to submit to the president but limited construction has been funded and allocated. jillian: the border crisis forcing the administration to rethink the wall, the crisis getting so bad the white house says it may start filling in gaps despite construction still being parsed. here to react is ralph norman. what do you make of the timing of the administration now saying they may be filling in these gaps? >> the question, why now?
1:51 am
what changed from day one when this administration took the reins of power? what changed is the negative publicity they are getting, the pictures they take on the border and the recently catching the terrorists from yemen they are catching, jen psaki was saying it is limited but what about the ones we missed? the devil being in the details we will see. it is just words. the whole administration is words to give them time to in their minds press, not reported as the crisis that it is but it is a genuine crisis that criticized donald trump and blamed him for it which -- jillian: if you look at this poll biden's handling of immigration, 56% of people in this poll disapprove, 42% approval.
1:52 am
has there been a shift in public opinion after the biden administration said we will not allow media into these facilities to show you what is going on? do you think that is when the public says what are you hiding? what don't you want us to see? >> a combination of the president, vice president, what is going on at the border. the vice president is laughing about it and the pictures and the publicity, the senators who went down there. our oversight committee leaving sunday to view it and the only thing that moves this administration to act on anything or say they are going to act is negativity around it and this is irreparable. once the buses leave and illegals go to different towns across america there is no turning back and you will see
1:53 am
what they do. alejandro mayorkas didn't answer our questions. we had him before the committee and i doubt he will do anything substantive with this. jillian: maybe he will come back to the show and give us an update on what you saw down there. that would be wonderful if you could. let's talk about the idea of the vaccine passport and what jen psaki had to say. >> the government is not now nor will we be supporting a system that requires americans to carry credentials which are interest is from the federal government, americans privacy and rights should be protected. jillian: you and a number of other sent a letter to the governor in your state to express your opinion about this. a number of states, florida saying we are not going to do the vaccine passport. what is your stance on this?
1:54 am
>> a lot of views and opinions on taking the vaccine. some want it some don't. it is a choice americans could make. for jen psaki to say this is an something to support what does that mean? i heard about it over the last month it has been floated and it is not them floating the idea. just words with them but i oppose it and the ambassador to say the vaccines, whether the vaccine is demanded, let's fight it. in any way we have to do it is not american for the federal government to be discussing this to be honest with you. jillian: we appreciate your time, thank you and have a good day. vanita gupta a cargo ship stranded at sea after 12 crew members were rescued.
1:55 am
dramatic video shows crewmembers pulled to safety, helicopter calling for help during a severe storm off norway's coast. some of them jumping into the sea as they awaited rescue. officials fear the unmanned ship could sink causing oil to spill out, adrift without any power. jillian: "fox and friends first," apple ceo tim cook says parlor could get back on the apps store with moderation. parlor's ceo is live in the next hour. lawrence: michael walsh, a boycott of the beijing olympics.
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change april 7th, can you help me? a young boy terrified and abandoned at the border.
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what does the white house have to say? live in washington. >> good samaritan to the rescue after a massive home explosion in philadelphia, the bomb squad figuring out what happened. >> all-star game has a new home in denver, outrage headed to extra innings. ♪♪ jillian: a live look at the brave no longer home of the all-star game because the suspension it departed the state of georgia. it is going to be in colorado and lots of people have lots to say. vanita gupta a lot of lawrence: a lot of people applauding the action and a lot of the community will talk about it.


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