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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  April 6, 2021 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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"hannity." whoever it is, i will be back here tomorrow night. see you then. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." today is the three month anniversary of january 6th. for thosese of you who aren't gd at dates, this was the day we pause to remember the white supremacist q1 on insurrectio that came close to toppling our government. a mob of older people from unfashionable zip codes somehow to the way made it washington, d.c., probably by bus.
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they wandered t freely to the capital like it was their building or something.. they didn't have guns but a lot of them had extremely dangerous ideas. they thought about the constitution and something called "their rights." some made openly seditious claims. they insisted that the last electiond was not entirely fai. the whole thing was telephoning terrifyingand the committed unse acts of violence. by the time thousands of soldiers arrived, and an armed woman, an air force woman lay dead. to this day, that woman is the one completely verified casualty of the insurrection, the only personua whose death we said the been the bully was caused by a specific event on january 6th. we know how she died. funny thing is you almost never hear that woman's name possibly because she was not a democratic member of congress or a joe biden boater, she was a protester. her name was ashley babbitt. she was 35. we still do not know who shot ashley babbitt or why. no one will tell us.
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when you fight against insurrectionist, you don't explain yourself. you hyperventilate about q and when people show up at your office, you don't have to listen to theirt complaints. why would you? you thought it was democracy? no. these people threaten democracy. you can shoot people if you want get away with it. if you don't believe it, check out what happened in the second world war. >> president franklin roosevelt set aside december 7th 1941 as a day that would live in infamy. unfortunately we can now add january 6th, 2021, to that very short list of dates in american history that will live forever inis infamy. >> tucker: january 6th was
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pearl harbor, says senate majority leader chuck schumer. chuck schumer never got the appropriate credit for the grandeur of that statement that war went on for four years. more than 400,000 americans died but that was the cost of stopping fascism. we don't know the cause of stopping white assist you in on .insurrection but you can be certain chuck schumer is prepared to have you pay whatever it costs. joe biden's justice department is on the front line of this new war. until late last month, a man named michael sherman worked for the bidenn administration as a prosecutor in washington. show and bragged that his office rounded up about 400 people who were in or near the capital on january 6th. you may be wondering, did 400 people really commit serious crimes that day? thatat depends on how you define "crime." listen to michael sherwin's definition. >> after the sixth, we had inauguration on the 20th, so i wanted to ensure that there was
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shock and awe, that we could charge as many people as possible before the 20th and it worked because we saw through media posts that people were afraid to come back to d.c. because they were like, if we go there, we are going to get charged. we wanted to take out those individuals were essentially thumbing their noses at the public for what they did. >> tucker: it's now clear. it wasn't at 400 people broke actual laws, the crimes as federal prosecutor "thumbing their noses at the public," meaning the democratic party. it wasn't the insurrection pier the problem is they show disrespect to joe biden and his enforcers like michael sherwin and that can't happen anymore. that's why michael sherwin decided to use shock and awe and teach them a very nasty lesson, a permanent lesson, about expressing their political opinions in public. as michael sherwin explains, "the scope and scale of this investigation are really unprecedented not only in fbi history but probably doj
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history. i mean, he may be right. how big, how serious is this investigation and does insurrectionist? so serious the fbi stopped investigating other crimes and not minor crimes. according to "usa today," "investigators who typically work cases involving the trafficking of drugs, childes pornography, and have taken calls into employees turn tipsters. oh. so in order to stop people who might express on acceptable political ideas in washington, d.c., wee are not going after people who sell fentanyl, for example, or child pornography. they will not be punished. so who are these people who are being pursued in lieu of tracking down fentanyl dealers and child pornographers? who is administering the administrations shock and awe. people like anthony griffith from oklahoma. didn't throw fire bombs and
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police cars, didn't torch andn wendy's. according to kfor tv, griffith walked into the capitol building to open doors telling the agency he did not see any police officers when he went in the building. went to a nearby office where he interacted with some individuals before exiting the building. however, he reentered the u.s. capitol building again a short time later where he meandered through the hallways and took a few photos, end quote. he meandered through the hallways, if you can imagine. for that act of terrorism, anthony griffith faces seven years in prison. michael sherwin is fine with that. at one point in his "a few minutes" interview, sherman was asked about bringing up sedition arrests to the people he arrests. of course, sure, he said. why not? >> sedition occurs when anyone
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opposes by force the authority of the united states or by force hinders or delays the execution of any law of the united states. >> do you anticipate any seditin charges? >> i think the facts to support those charges and i think that as we go forward, more facts will support that, scott. >> yeah. meandering is sedition, says michael sherwin.t just for reference, federal prosecutors typically aren't supposed to reveal their partisan lunatics on television. sherwin's comments were so grotesquely out of line that a federal judge appointed by barack obama ed mcmanus and he was content considering issuing a gag order and stop saying the quiet part q out loud. the d.c. circuit court of appeals, the most powerful appellate court in the country, order the doj to start distinguishing between actual criminals and people who walk through open
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doors inside the capitol building.ui that ruling came after the doj tried to commit down they convince the judge that two codefendants lee's eyes and heart and her son should face indefinitee detention. neither lisa eisenhardt or herda sun damage any property at the capital or committed any violence. they just walked in for what we used to refer to as the people's house. yet somehow joe biden's department of justice consists of a trial judge that lisa is a heart was a "threat to our republic" and her son was a "would-be martyr." keep in mind can be there people whose crime was trespassing in the capital. we aren't endorsing that, but some perspective, please. it took a ruling of a d.c. circuit court of appeals to bring that perspective. two individuals who did not engage in violence or were not involved in planning record ending the activity would pose little threats, the appellate panel wrote. seemingly. but the judges still didn't release eric montreal or his mother lisa eisenhardt. that's how much power federal
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prosecutors have. they can keep you in prison even when a three-judge appellate panel concludes that there is no reason for you to be in prison. that's probably why prosecutors still have not as of tonight released a p man called jacob chandler, otherwise known as the chewbacca guy. jacob santilli is o not accused of breakingany. so what exactly did he do? we can actually answer that question because it's on video. >> hey! [bleep], man. glad to see you guys. look at this guy. do you need medical attention? >> i got shot. >> are either? >> some kind of plastic bullet. >> any chance i can get you to leave the senate wing?
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just want to let you guys know. >> no, no. >> tucker: yeah. he's a threat to the republic, the american flag and all. chewbacca guy is still in jail,n will be in there indefinitely. think about what the facts are really like. you don't want to think about it. and that we learned that a number of people arrested on january 6 are still rotting in the adc jail, municipal lockup. that's one of the foulest places in this country. it's a truly repulsive and mismanaged place. ask anyone from washington, d.c. what would you do not to be thrown in the d.c. jail? it's that t bad. some of the people held from january 6th have been beaten knots presently by guards or beaten badly. lawyers for a one man, a man name ryan sims alchemist as he was beaten by guards so badly that he has a skull fracture and is blinded in one eye. how many antifa rioters or blm vandals can say that? did they lose their eyes sites from being beaten jail?
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as a group they didn't spend much time in jail, actually. most were sprung on bail immediately with politicians like kamala harris help them paid to get out. authorities released a terrorism suspect called eric christopher ruffin after black lives matter posted his $750,000 bond. according to authorities, ruffin encouraged others to burn in oklahoma county sheriff's divan and in oklahoma city bail bond business may 30th. the van was destroyed. the bales bondsman had $850 in damages from broken windows. but eric christopher ruffin went home and went home for one reason. unlike the chewbacca guy, he did not upset the people in charge. he didn't walk in their sacred chamber, talk about liberty and rights. he tried to vaporize some police vehicles and that's exactly what our political class wanted him to do. he is a hero. he's fine for he hasn't lost his eyesight getting a beating in the d.c. jail. this kind of thing, unequal treatment under the law, is on
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stark display across the country right now. we can spend an hour giving you examples. saturday, a criminal released on emergency coronavirus bail stabbed an elderly asian woman to death in riverdale paired sh had been accused of assault with a deadly weapon. but is that as serious as meandering through the capitol building? no! come on. it's not insurrection. darlene montoya got to walk out of jail and find someone else to hurt. in december a new york judge released a murder suspect called jordan benjamin just in time for benjamin to go out and allegedly stab a woman in the stomach. jordan benjamin then got out of jail again. again. meanwhile in the city of detroit, a judge decided to release four felons who had been committed of criminal sexual assault and another 14 people who committed assault. the judge said that coronavirus justified the release. according to prosecutors, one on those felons went out and raped three woman at knife point. why haven't you read it? nobody covers it.
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it happens too often to notice it. in march 1 of the murderers were caught on video as you may have seen. it was impossible to ignore it. happened in washington, d.c. two teenage girls carjacked and killed a pakistani immigrant driver called mohammed anwar. just trying to make a buck. as anwar laid the dying in the sidewalk, one of them complained that the real crisis was she couldn't find her cell phone. >> she stealing the car. >> she's stealing the car? >> call the cops. they stole the car. they stole the car. >> oh, my god, oh, my god, -- >> they stole a car! that's it, that's it, that's it!
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>> get back to the car! >> my phone is in there! >> so you kill a guy who's just trying to work and you can even be bothered to notice as he dies in the sidewalk because you are worried about your phone? there is ayo big problem with these girls. they are young, for sure, they did something awful. they got a plea deal. according to thel. news account, they'll be released as soonas as they turn 21, maybe earlier. there is a good chance that chewbacca guy will spend more time in jail for trespassing with an american flag then the people who killed mohammed anwar will spend for murder. and that's not an accident, actually, this disproportionate treatment of crimes. the biggest threat is. when people commit actual violence, you can use them as your shock troops. the biggest threat to you if you are an autocrat is people who mock you and don't take you seriously and sneer at you. you want themu in prison.
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candace owens is the host of "candace owens del you can't helpbut notice and the again for the 120th time not an endorsement of trespassing or blowing past cops or hitting cops or anything that happened january 6th. however if you are putting people in jail indefinitely for "meandering" and letting murderers goti free, maybe your agenda is in law and order or justice. >> of course it's not loan order or justice.r i can tell you specifically as someone who lived in washington, d.c., over the lastt three years, during the summer, tucker, d.c. burn for six week 6 because of the george lloyd protest. people with private businesses were invaded, looting, rioting. we had to wonder if our car is going to be snatch.ay every day you woke up and there were more issues because the democrats are basically saying
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it's fine, black americans are allowed to doo what they want because george lowe died in minnesota. what did those black americans get? they got a bunch of celebrities basically rallying to make sure they can getca them out of prisn for the mayor of d.c. actually painted an entire street called black lives matter plaza. they were awarded for their bad behavior. if f you are wondering why these young girls think they can go up to an uber driver and not expect to get in trouble because we have told them they aren't supposed to get in trouble because violence and anger is understandable if you're a black american pit i getting phone calls from my parents saying, are you a okay, what's going on, candace, because they're watching the mediath not realizg that it didn't even register 1012 black lives matter, what happened in d.c. was virtually nothing on january 6th. i could notal believe the overreaction. you know want to know what it was like during the brett kavanaugh hearings? i was there. also absolute madness but why wasn't that called an
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insurrection? then we have rabid feminist storming into the building chasing down -- you want to talm about aoc saying ted cruz almost killed me? what about the rabid feminist wearing hats, sitting inside of his office saying, this man we cannot have brett kavanaugh. let me tell you, i'm a survivor. running up as people went to elevators and it was not called and insurrection. it was called a mostly peaceful protest. people are understandable, they were trying to vent their concerns about the direction in which americans were going into. it's a double standard and a sinister donald double was the reice happening all again in america. using at the trample over the civil rights of half of the country because they want to makeke sure that they have noble little adversaries going forward. >> tucker: amazing. i actually had forgotten about the brett kavanaugh moment.t i try to keep score because i don't want to go insane but you are absolutely right. it all came flooding back to me.
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candace owens, great to see you as always. so you may have followed this from arkansas. the legislature sent a bill to the governor banding typical castration of children. the governor vetoed that and now that vito has been overridden by the legislature. that governor, asa hutchinson, joins us in a minute to tell us why he vetoed it that bill.
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♪ ♪ >> tucker: >> tucker: the legislature in arkansas who recently passed a habill that would ban doctors fm prescribing so-called puberty blockers, hormones that children who believe they are transgendered, also ban surgeons from physical to castration of children. but the governor of arkansas asa hutchinson vetoed that bill on monday. legislatures voted to override that veto which brings us to where we are right now. asa hutchinson is the governor of arkansas and talks us about this story print thanks so much for coming on. i really appreciated in the middle of all this. i think of you as a conservative. publicly asd out pro-choice on the question of
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the chemical castration of children. what changed? >> you are a teaser to not accurately represent the bill. if this had been a bill that prohibited chemical castration, i would've signed the bill. but tucker, as you know, this bill was overbroad, extreme, far beyond what you just said. i made it clear that if this was about prohibiting procedures and reassignment surgeries, absolutely. i would've signed this bill. this again is the first law in the nation that invokes the state between medical decisions, parents who consent to that, and the decision of the patient. so this goes way too far. in fact it doesn't even have a grandfather clause that those young people that are under hormonal treatment -- >> tucker: hold on -- >> that they were accompanied by -- >> tucker: this is chemical
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castration, if you stop puberty, you are chemically castrating someone. our description is correct. let me just ask you, we are talking about miners, children, all kinds in why do you think it's important for conservatives to make certain that children can block their puberty, why is that a conservative value, if you would tell us? >> firsta co of all, you have parents involved in very difficult decisions. you have positions that are involved in these decisions. and i go back to william buckley, i go back to ronald reagan, the principles of our party which believes in the limited role of government. we are abandoning a limited role of government and invoke the government decision-making over and above health care come over and above parents and say --
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>> tucker: how deeply have you studied this topic? it doesn't sound like you've studied it very deeply. this is an emerging field, there's not a lot of research. but the research that exist suggests that depression and the urge to self-harm and suicide is a component, side effect, of taking these hormones. a study in the u.k. showed that an.k overwhelming number of kid, children, on puberty blocking hormones have the urge to hurt themselves. why is it responsible medicine to do that the children? why would you support something like that? >> actually i reviewed some of that study. i reviewed the high court decision there. and i think they are different from what you are talking about here. sure, there are a lot of unknowns here. i study this bill, in contrast what you said, i spent a lot of time reviewing cases from a meeting with people, listening to the experts, as well as the faith leaders as well. and i'm a person of faith. but at the same time, i'm a
10:27 pm
person of a limited role of government. i signed real-life bills. i signed many bills that would be looked at as a very conservative. this is one that crosses the line, there is no need for it -- >> tucker: you said there's no need for it but you said you seen research that shows the mental health of children who received puberty blocking drugs improves -- what is that research them exactly? >> the research that i have seen shows that these troubled youth, these ones that have gender dysphoria, they also have depression, they have suicidal tendencies, it's a higher suicide rate than others, and they go toui their parents. their parents go to doctors,oc o they try to deal with is very difficult issue -- >> tucker: but do those symptoms -- >> hold on. >> tucker:r: i'm sorry, you are the governor. he vetoed this bill, you're
10:28 pm
familiar with the study knowing disputes that children who are asking for puberty blocking drugs may be depressed, i think that's very likely. studies show entry at site one specific study that shows puberty blocking drugs improve the condition, doesn't make children less depressed, doesn't make people they'll make children less likely to harm themselves? name one study, please. >> i'd refer you to the american academy of pediatrics. i would refer you to the physicians that came out in opposition to this bill because they understood the risks these young people, and if you prohibit the medical pick care of this bill prohibits you are t going to endanger these young people even further. >> tucker: how do we know that? this feels early this field barely existed years ago. claims of gender dysphoria
10:29 pm
increased thousands of percent in the past decade. you clearly aren't familiar with the research, my question is have you spoken to any of the big employers about this. c have you taken any calls from tysons come at the dillard, to walmart? have any company is called you about this bill? >> no. >> tucker: you haven't spoken -- >> first of all -- >> tucker: you haven't spoken to one corporate interest -- hey, there's not a single study that i'm aware of that shows an improvement in thet mental heah of children who take puberty blockers who are chemically castrated. and you couldn't cite one. you aren't familiar with the research -- >> there is research. >> tucker: you are told by doctors and you went with it. i just want to be clear with this, have you spoken to any corporate interests in the state of arkansas about thisis bill? >> tucker, i answered that. i answered that question. i said, no, i have not. i'll give you another question.
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>> tucker: i'm skeptical because -- let me just say, governor, with respect. i'm skeptical that not a single corporation in the state of arkansas has weighed in with you one way or another with this bill. i'm skeptical. >> you asked me if i've talked to them. i sent i hadn't. let me emphasize, tucker, you are a conservative, you have a great background in that. we get back to the limited role of government we don't have to invoke ourselves in every societal positioner out there? let's limit the role of government and let doctors make decisions. >> tucker: why don't we let d 18-year-olds drink beer in arkansas? why don't we let allow 15-year-olds to get married? you are allowing, you vetoed a bill that would protect the children. not adults, children, a different standard applies from a life altering permanent procedure that has effects we can only guess at, but the early indications are very serious and
10:31 pm
very negative in some cases. and you say you did that because you are a friend of limited government? why are we preventing kids from drinking, getting married, they are old enough to get chemically castrated? i'll listen as you explain. >> thank you, tucker. first of all, these are difficult decisions. you want to listen to the medical profession? you want to listen to professional counselors? you want to listen to parents? or do you want to leave all these decisions to the legislators that come from all different kinds of backgrounds beer they are elected to represent you but they do not necessarily make the right judgments for parents and for doctors on the most sensitive issues. >> tucker: so why are we regulating the behavior of children at all if we are allowing children to decide -- and by the way, i read a study today that show the overwhelming majority of kids who do not take life altering hormones in the end decide not to "transition to a new sex."
10:32 pm
as a conservative view invoked ronald reagan as if he were for chemical castration of children. what other behavior should we not empower the state to regulate among kids? seriously? why can't they have sex at 16? >> do you want me to keep talking or do you want me to answer questions? >> tucker: do. >> thank you. whether it is beer for minors, these are all issues you have to address in the legislator, you make judgment calls on it. but we also try to restrain ourselves as conservatives so we do not have to be involved in every issue. and if you want to broaden the party, if you want to get back to thehe principles, then let'st least think through and a reason way as to whether this is the right bill to interfere with parents and doctors' decisions on a health care matter, as you pointed out does not have
10:33 pm
thorough research in every area. i yield to that, and however you look at this bill -- >> tucker: you didn't yield to the research. ten years ago someone said, asa hutchinson, you are the governor of arkansas and veto a bill that would protect children from chemical castration, what doha u think youhe would have said? >> well, like i said today, if you are talking about reassignment surgery, i would've assigned thatt bill in a minute. but whenever you are talking about may be less than 200 kidsa in arkansas that's currently on hormone treatment, and they are immediately cut off without having a grandfather clause in thisff legislation, that's not treating their kids their parents or health care providers fairly or equally. >> tucker: that's the conservative position. t governor, thanks. appreciate you coming on. thank you. >> tucker: glenn greenwald a friend of the show, one of the few independent journalists still working.
10:34 pm
an amazing story, glenn greenwald joins us to explain what happened too him.
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>> tucker: glenn greenwald is an independent journalists and the friend of the show. you can find his work on sub stack andt we hope you will. wrote an amazing piece and experience he happened with him early march. five gunmen stormed a house heto was staying at outside rio de janeiro. the government held greenwald and a guard over an hour, they stuckn a gun in his mouth, broe a secured regards ribs. glenn greenwald is the author of "security and democracy," and open global nora's brazil." glenn greenwald jones is now. this was a shocking story. everybody knows you were really stunned to see it. what happened? >> you know, i was kind of reluctant to write about it. it happened a month ago.t when you are a journalist, you don't want to write about your
10:40 pm
own problems but i was encouraged to buy journalist and friends of mine who work on the crime beat who said this is a good opportunity to convey to people, especially with skyrocketing crime rates in major american cities, about how brutalizing and traumatizing it can be even if nobody ends up dead. so i decided to tell the story, very similar to what you just said. around 9:00 at night, i heard my dogs barking incessantly. went out to see why and suddenly there were three men all with guns pointed directly at me ordering me into this room and when i went in there they are ready the he was lying on the ground and they were standing over him with guns pointed at his head and i was very relieved when they began demanding money because my first thought was that this could be a politically targeted crime. we get a lot of death threats in h because of my reporting, my husband is a congressman. it's a farm we use on the weekend and when i told them
10:41 pm
that, they didn't believe it, they worked into a rage and that's when they started becoming more violent, beating my security guard, breaking his ribs, putting the gun in my mouth. they stayed in an hour, they tied our hands together behind our back, bound her legs together, locked the door, and stole the car that we had in our driveway. >> tucker: so after this happened, you came on the show and never mentioned it, which is pretty amazing. an experience like that has to get you thinking. i'm not sure about what, but what did he get youou thinking about? people change when they go through that. >> the reason i wrote about it is because i read about a very similar story about be the means immigrant family in oakland who had four armed gunmen break in when they were putting their daughter to bed and threatened to shoot the dog repeatedly ande ransacked their house and stole their valuables and theyan felt like that story was worse and
10:42 pm
wanted to tell my story to encourage money to donate to them.. part of it is used or empathizing with other people who go through it. but you also realize how fragile life is, very could have ended that day and wanted to maximize eachay day, what is in the effet of lockdowns in quarantine and isolation and social distancing not tog. make excuses for peopl. you do this to drive people to this level of desperation. >> tucker: there's got to be -- people are clearly more fearful, neurotic, less solid and grounded psychologically. there is got to be in effect for the broader society of that. >> there were people who tried warning when everybody was demanding lockdowns in the u.s. and u.k. and elsewhere including in brazil, look, there are costs for the pandemic but there are huge costs for shutting down the economy, separating everybody,
10:43 pm
locking people in their homes, mental health problems, numerous costs to people being put out of work, to upending people's lives. really kind of a taboo on being able to weigh those costs and everybody said, no, the only thing that matters is the coronavirus and stopping it and i think we are going to be dealing with the devastating effects of the solutionsfe to te coronavirus for many, many, many years toto come. >> tucker: i should've asked you this. not a good journalist. did they catch the guys who did this? >> in this case, they did. they were stupid. they use the car in my husband name who is a congressman to break into three different stores that same night. they weree professionals, they were caught easily, the police have branded them. i'm happy to say that the case in oakland though those four men are at large and if you listen to the 7-year-old girl say she can't sleep because she believes they are t going to come back at any moment you get a sense for how much things like this deprive you of your sense of security. >> tucker: that's exactly
10:44 pm
right. glenn greenwald, i hope you keep writing as much as you can. you become w a real force. thank you. >> thank you, tucker. >> tucker: major league baseball has decided that georgia's voter b fraud laws is jim crow so they are moving the all-star game to colorado. how do colorado's voting laws compared to georgia's russian mark box's brit hume has read both laws. he's here to explain, of course. be right back.
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♪ ♪ >> tucker: major league baseball which seems to be controlled by the biden administration decided to move its all-star game out of the state of georgia. they are claiming the state's new voter i.d. law is racist so the all-star game will be held in colorado. why is major league baseball getting involved in politics? and in voting? what are the differences between colorado's law and georgia's law? brit hume has been on this in a much deeper way than most people at the beginning of this story. he joins us tonight onset.
10:50 pm
it's great to see you. >> you too, tucker. >> tucker: what is this about them exactly? >> i think major league baseball felt that they were under pressure from the publicity campaign that wasic whipped up o make the argument that the georgia law is racist and involved in voter suppression.w it's actually quite a balance law that some people who are advocates of wide-open voting are advocates of, but it's nothing approaching jim crow. but colorado, that's another matter entirely. because in colorado, all you need to know about colorado is that they send a ballot to every registeredve voter. mail one to them. and they all can fill out their ballots and mail it in. i'm not the only commentator to suggest that the opportunities for fraud in a situation like thisop are manifold, but that's how they do it. of course they all think it's wonderful out there. and that's why i think denver was chosen as the side of the game. never mind the fact that this is
10:51 pm
a great benefit to the economy of the host city. >> tucker: of course. >> and the state of georgia of course, atlanta is more than half people of color. >> tucker: yes. >> colorado is under 10% black --. i mean, in denver, 10% black. >> tucker: for striking a blow to civil rights, you probably wouldn't want to pull out of atlanta. >> if you are striking a blow for that community, you wouldn't want to pull out of atlanta. that's an economic argument, not a blow to wright's argument. you got a wide-open situation. nothing more illustrates the divisions in this country than this battle because on one side you got the democrats who think ralmost anything to do with ballot security, to do with voter integrity has to do with i.d. laws and all the i.d. requirements and all the rest of it, is an attempt at voter on the other hand, conservatives andic republicans are worried tt these lacks voter security provisions, such as nearly 100%
10:52 pm
mail in voting are rife for fraud. and neither side trust the others' motives. you have this bitter controversy into which major league baseball is now injecting itself in the middle. they may feel they have one make a lot of points on one side, but i can't believe they aren't going to find out they are going to lose a lot of ground with people on the other side. >> tucker: there are a lot of things toth say with this, but e three month anniversary, we opened with it, the capital riot capitol rioton january 6th. people were fun mentally distressed that the election was unfair. a lot of people feel that way. to most people, which is close to half the country, say that we are going to make the voting requirement even looser, how does that unite the country? >> i don't think it does and i don't particulate think president biden who has repeatedly insisted that he wants to bee a healer, what injects himself in the middle of this controversy and said so
10:53 pm
many things that even organs of the mainstream media who have declared it to be false, ad he keeps on saying them. he said once again today that the georgia laws are a jim crow law. byby no reasonable stretch can u compare the voting regiment inen georgia today, the voting regime in georgia today to what was going on under jim crow. it was outrageous exaggeration atat best. there he is in the middle of it. my guess is there will be a price to pay for this but it's not clear when. >> tucker: hard to imagine a more racially divisive thing to say. the fear that engenders and people is hard to measure. why did they care so much about this? >> if you are a conservative or republican, you think this. there is actually a kind of joining other viewpoints here. i think democrats think that their voters may not be all that smart or may not all be that devoted to voting so they want to make it as easy as possible for them. republicans on the other hand
10:54 pm
think that people ought to do something to exercise their franchise and it shouldn't be so easyho that it's easy to cheat. and so they both in effect say something about democratic voters. >> tucker: thank you. homelessness is a problem that nobodye talks about getting bigger. tomorrow on the show will have remarkable video of just how completely homelessness has taken over some american cities. meanwhile a lot more news for you. stay right there.
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>> tucker: saw an amazing tweet from the disgraced lincoln project that tells you how corporate the democratic party has become. look at this. forgive me for being bold but if corporations start pulling support for your party or state, maybe you are the problem! if coca-cola doesn't like you,
11:00 pm
you are immoral. so great. before we go tonight, we had an amazing conversation with piers morgan yesterday on fox nation. made a fair amount of news. worth seeing. go to the show is called "tucker carlson today." we will see you tomorrow. have a great evening. sean hannity takes over from new york. >> sean: thank you. and welcome to "hannity." we are learning more about "60 minutes"'s intentionally lying hit piece against florida governor ron desantis. it's even worse than we thought but cbs still refusing to issue a full retraction and an apology and we have a full report tonight along with the major developments on what the biden administration is considering doing at the southern border may surprise you. more serious question surrounding the stem and outcome of the cognitive decline of joe biden. also our very own lisa boothe gets a reaction from georgians


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