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tv   Fox News at Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  April 6, 2021 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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>> greg: excellent, thank you, anchored to the studio audience and we will see you tomorrow on fox "fox news @ night." i love you america. ♪ ♪ >> shannon: hello and welcome to "fox news @ night," shannon bream and washington. there was a lot going on tonight so buckle up. >> nobody is backing down over the atlanta strike out by major baseball. because you have to have an i.d. to fly. you have to have an i.d. for everything. so why not to vote? >> getting it for the new stadium kind of sucks. >> my concern they are trying to put jim crow tactics in. so the good old boys, they are still here appear they don't
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want that. >> these new jim crow laws are antithetical to who we are. >> the commissioner has a fiduciary responsibility to major league baseball. his job is to do the very best he can. and he has failed that. >> shannon: you think this is just about baseball? think again, america's reason to divide itself is about to go in extra innings as republicans face off against the rich and powerful. >> republicans, we fly, and we like baseball. if i were running a major corporation, i would stay out of politics. >> conservatives are going to have to get smart doing things we actually don't like to do and that is organizing similar boycotts. >> dome xp when tensions are flying high over masks. amidst another heart-wrenching discovery by border patrol. a little boy lost and alone in
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the desert. >> until mick and the vice president wasn't at the border and she said this. >> you know for years and generations, wars have been fought over oil. in a short matter of time they will be fought over water. >> shannon: "fox news @ night" starts right now. the more the biden administration entangled in the southern border, the more progressive democrats are being forced to confront images they publicly condemned under the trump administration. first, kids in cages and now it is the wall. white house correspondent kevin corke taking a look for us, good evening, kevin. >> battle lines, as you can imagine has been drawn over the all-star game to atlanta to denver but much more than just the midsummer classic pier there is a battle brewing over business, politics and the intersection of culture and sports.
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>> not since the broncos beat the falcons in super bowl xxxiii as colorado enjoys a victory over the state of georgia. snatching the major league baseball all-star game with it an estimated $100 million economic boost. but it is how we got here that led to so much anger. politically speaking for democrats getting all the credit or blame depending on your perspective for sending the game packing and encouraging to target the state over condemnation over voter integrity law. but as the saying goes one man's trash is another man's treasure. >> we are excited for this opportunity. we are honored to accept this opportunity on behalf of the colorado rockies and major league baseball for all coloradans. this is a big deal and we should celebrate such. >> there are numerous key differences between colorado and georgia voting laws. for example, colorado, those printed by colleges and
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universities, utility bills, bank statements, pay stubs and all registered voters in colorado received mail in ballots automatically. republicans are framing the move with a major league baseball all-star game as an affront to the american working man and woman. >> i will tell you who is getting screwed, the little guy, the little guy in georgia working in these bars, taverns, hotels, now that will not have guests because the all-star game and major league baseball made the decision to pull the game out of here because they don't have enough backbone to stand up to these people. >> meanwhile the u.s.-mexico border, heartbreak purity images have a crying migrant child asking border patrol officers for help. he had been dumped near the rio grande river. the critics say the white house failure or refusal to stop the illegal grunt wave along the border. this has homeland security secretary alejandro mayorkas
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claims the ho dhs! may start construction on the border wall to fill in gaps in the current barriers." former president donald trump celebrating the possible pipit by the biden administration telling newsmax "i think it is great they reversed themselves, but a lot of damage was done." by the way alejandra meyer chris said no more deep and to build the wall something the trump administration did. but do keep this in mind illegal migrants are being housed at the o.d. facilities all over the country at taxpayer expense. shannon. >> shannon: kevin, we will see you in a few minutes. >> indeed. >> shannon: thank you very much. ♪ ♪ first step in tonight's news ramped up ended on ceo jeff bezos jeff bezos voicing support for a hike in the corporate tax rate. well, not explicitly beckon president to raise the rate from
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28% to the current 21%. the corporate tax rate/tundra former president trump in 2021 from 35% as part of the 2017 tax code. in pennsylvania, the commentator and veteran kathy barnett is joining 2022 race to replace retiring senator pat toomey and looking to become the first black republican woman ever elected to the u.s. senate. >> i'm black and up because i just won't shut up and do as i'm told. d.c. might not be ready for me mama but i've never been more ready for this fight. >> shannon: aim spirit airlines goes viral and the family to deplane because they are 2-year-old daughter was not wearing a mask eating yogurt. the parent suspended their child because the flight attendant accuse him of a federal mandate which does not allow you to eat
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for a brief period. all passengers forced to deplane and the family eventually allowed back on for the trip. the workers in sacramento, california, paid off during the pandemic may be legally entitled to get their old jobs back. the proposed ordinance would mandate employers with 50 or more workers, rehire employees they laid out before they hire any new applicants. in a new report, smugglers are open advertising their services on facebook. the practice is becoming increasingly popular under the biden administration, the so-called coyotes trying to sneak migrants across the southern border have used the social media platform to safe passage to the u.s. responding by saying it has remove those advertisements. hundreds of transgender prisoners in california requesting transfers due to a new law that gives inmates the right to choose whether to be housed among males or females regardless of their biological physical anatomy.
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the "l.a. times" reports 261 request for transfer since the start of the year, 255 of them requesting transfers for men and two women prison. weighing in on the first pet. telling politico it is not the dog but a place in the people around the dog. and does not feel safe right now at the white house. fox went looking for election for georgians or counterclaims about new voter integrity law and baseball decision to pull the all-star game from atlanta. we found some mixed feelings. check it out. >> for what reason with a pullout? you have to have an i.d. to get in the stadium. you have to have an idea for a beer, so what is the deal? i mean, i don't understand it. >> my concern they are trying to put jim crow tactics and appear the good old boys, they are still here. they don't want that.
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so the black lives matter movement. >> i think it is unfortunate that the businesses and punished for something that ultimately didn't have anything to do with them. >> we are talking $100 million and how much is $10,100,000,000 in a grant anyway. >> shannon: let's talk to kevin corke. you used to be a sportscaster and this transcends all kinds of boundaries, politics, sports but you can hear clearly people in georgia have mixed feelings over this. >> absolutely and one of the things that stood out to me listening to the persons on the street, mos has become a man on the street interviews is this desperate opinion of what is happening. and you can look at it frankly a number of ways, but to coprincipal ways. what does the change and the law really mean to you? are they really disenfranchising you, or people that you know? or make sure everybody in the
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state of georgia has a chance to vote? it would seem with we can voting opportunities, free ids doesn't exclude anyone from having the chance if you really want to vote to get out there." that is one perspective. the other perspective, in a change to the law is seen as some sort affront to the traditional state which has been fairly liberal and used voting laws as we saw in 2016 and again 2020. i think from the sports perspective, shannon, let's play the game. let's let the other people handle here there is washington. they have their own problems but let me tell you as a sports fan come i want to see the game and forget about all of this. >> shannon: exactly. howell had an interesting piece that showed their percentages of people to have more they feel like there is this woke or message that comes along with the games are the players, the more people are turning away and not watching because they want
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it as an escape. everybody kind of needs that. so we will see what it does long term. but i do think the fans just want to play ball. all of those biz methods from the all-star game in atlanta, they are really worried now. hundreds of millions of dollars. >> greg: you nailed it and quickly if you go to my barbershop, the guys that go toy barbershop will tell you. these are the guys laying out cones for the game. these are guys selling t-shirts, vendors, small business people, losing this game is a lot more impactful on them. regular working folks than it is for the politics and the politicians in washington, d.c., shannon. >> shannon: there are ripple effects to all of these decisions. kevin, we will talk good news so will you come back? >> i will. >> shannon: okay, thank you. the pullout continues tonight over georgia's new election reform law and corporate america's response to it. we will talk about it all with a panel to try to figure out who said it. with the host of the new
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fox news podcast jason in the house and also his brand-new book is also out today. and they never let a crisis go to way. jason chaffetz and gwinnett county georgia g.o.p. chairman bruce lavelle, welcome back to both of you. >> thanks for having me. >> shannon: okay, we will start with this one. who said this, the situation called to mind 2006 when many aired like mr. mann fred here based on assumptions rather than carefully considered facts. if you think you know who it was, blurt it out, gentlemen. >> sean hannity. >> was a republican who said it? >> shannon: listen we will reveal it to you. the former major league baseball commissioner and they may be jumping ahead. >> a lot of people had comments back then, i remember that very
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vividly. >> jason: and you know what, sean -- sean hannity got that one right and he didn't jump to conclusions, he took his time and got it right. well done. >> shannon: bruce, do you think that is an unfair assessment what major league baseball has done with the former commissioner calling it out for getting it wrong or jumping ahead? >> bruce: i'm with kevin. let's just play ball. i'm a georgian for 30 years. i'm getting the calls of these vendors who had to buy excess inventory to get ready for the venue. the folks who are selling the popcorn outside of the stadium. real small vendors. and everyone that eats around the stadium, the business, uber drivers, everyone is feeling this. so i wish they would just like let's play ball. guys, come on now, the america pastime football, baseball, we
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go into arenas a place of sovereignty and just having fun, laughing, watching the game. look where we are at right now here and so i pray and hope there is a learning exercise. watch this, shannon, the great thing about this cancel culture and what's going on now commit will spur more competition. it will spur another lead in all types of other competitors. this is what i tell the listeners, do not get caught up in the doom and gloom. find an opportunity coming out of covid, find another way to grow a business. that is my business to not get caught up in the gloom and doom. they are not the only airlines in the air and the only places to eat. i like to say to my friend dan cathy, everyone that comes through the door, it doesn't matter who you are, whatever you are kill them with loving-kindness and build your business. i'm going forward with this, shannon. >> shannon: by the way -- >> look at social media. stay tuned.
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watch what happens. >> shannon: by the way chick-fil-a kills me with the nuggets, the sauce and the mac and cheese which is better than i thought it was going to be. it is pretty good. you can a former college athlete, jason, do you think that conservatives should get into the business of boycotts or should they say that is cancel culture and i'm not going to do it? where did they come down with major league baseball? >> jason: welcome i was a place kicker so i appreciate the generosity as only shannon brea- >> shannon: it counts. >> jason: calling me an athlete because i look like i have eaten a little bit too much chick-fil-a more than an athlete. but back to the topic, what everyone should do is take the advice of michael jordan. michael jordan said hey, ice sell sneakers to republicans and democrats. i don't go to a ball game to do anything other than to eat too many hot dogs, too much popcorn and watch a bunch of great athletes. i don't want politics there. i don't want to on my airplane
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and i don't want it and michael live. so sell sneakers and get out of the politics game. >> shannon: quickly come i want to get a comment from you guys. peter doocy asked president biden about a conversation with president xi in china and the origins of the virus. they haven't had that conversation. real quick comment from each of you on that. bruce, to you first. >> bruce: i hope you had some level of conversation. listen, we have a situation with china. you see what is brewing and you wonder why these particular conglomerates so-called boy cutting is really what is in the details in terms of why they won't stand up against some of the oppression going on in china, persecuting christians and other faith organizations where they don't allow that, not to mention human suffering that is going on there. so this would be interesting to get some kind of dialogue on the table with president xi and i hope the biden administration takes this serious because this is a major crisis that is
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still -- we still don't know what's going on in wuhan. >> shannon: we don't know. >> bruce: pick up the phone, joe. >> shannon: by the way, i want to point this out that in march of last year, kurt ferguson the president of coca-cola, greater china and korea think it to the chinese government. decisive actions once again and thank you for controlling a wide world academic and congratulations to your work. that is the headline coke will stick with china. quick word to you, jason. >> jason: i want president biden to talk to the president of china. i also want him to go to the border and actually see what is happening down at the border. and i want him to talk to mitch mcconnell, for example, so they can actually have some bipartisan discussion to try to unite the country with joe biden and no interest in doing. >> shannon: has talked about that, bipartisanship and i think the two has had a little chat but there is much more ripe for
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discussion. jason jason improves, come back soon. >> things, shannon. >> shannon: new video of volcano erupting in iceland and a house explosion in philadelphia with viral videos of the day that you cannot mess next. miss next is the one that's easily done. nothing runs like a deere. search john deere z365r for more.
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♪ ♪ >> shannon: as the homelessness crisis in greater los angeles continues unabated, one city councilman proposing several big government solutions and a new venue for homeless shelters. correspondent jeff paul shows us live from the u.s. newsroom, good evening, jeff. >> good evening, shannon pure the homeless situation is a growing issue in los angeles. and a council member believes the solution could involve some
9:23 pm
of the most private property in the area. cancel member with homeless sites at county beaches which include fisherman's village in marina del rey and will rogers state beach. his motion was utilize parking lots at beaches for camping or tiny home spaces. he believes in order to end homelessness and all the sidewalk encampments we are don't make a custom to sing, and more housing, shelter and services. >> they are proposing they come with services, sanitation and so it's not just taking what is on the sidewalk and moving it. it is actually taking it and creating a healthy environment. >> that motion however getting mixed reviews especially from people who live near the proposed site. some are comparing it to "brushing the problem under the rug." they believe it will create a set of new poems for family and
9:24 pm
kids who use public beaches. they point to areas like venice beach and have safety concerns for all parties involved. >> the air is so fresh and it is clean. i sort of want to keep it that way. so i would prefer to keep it like it is now on. a beautiful, hidden gem. >> this is a very prime california real estate. i would like to see it possibly go to a bigger, better use for the community as a whole. speak with a proposed motion is currently pending in a city committee but some folks have started a petition on to stop it. so far commit has gained 7,000 signatures and counting, shannon. >> shannon: jeff paul please keep us updated. thank you very much. a wild scene on the capital beltway. take a look at this, a group of high-performance car stopped other travelers for several minutes on what is a very busy highway into syria. a few drivers performed
9:25 pm
doughnuts and various towns. a maryland man is one who got caught and fined $1800, charged with multiple citations including reckless driving for going 90 miles an hour later in a 35-mile-an-hour zone. check out the stunning visuals of a volcano captured by a photographer. amazing footage of a drone flying dangerously close to a river of law but flowing from a new fisher that opened up and the area has been in evacuated and public access has been closed. an amazing story, of heroism, good samaritan and emergency crews quickly on the scene after an explosion rocked a house in northeast philadelphia. the 61-year-old man pulled from the wreckage is currently listed in stable condition. another man treated for smoke inhalation. the cause of the blast is unknown at this time. a dozen members, check out this incredible view of the of norwegian coast guard saving a dutch cargo ship it for the
9:26 pm
vessel closed sizes. maritime authorities say their focus is trying to figure out how to stabilize the unmanned vote so it does not sink and the ship does not crash into the shoreline. tonight, everyone is saved. and as soon as nasa has social media going nuts come a breathtaking rainbow on mars. critics say given the thin atmosphere and cold epic to atmosphere from the quotes on the chances of it actually being a rainbow may be unlikely. what do you think? tweet us. and now tracking on "fox news @ night" a carjacking that went terribly wrong. the death of the driver and calls for justice new questions are being raised about the potential lack of serious consequences for the teenage perpetrators. it is all happening in washington. lucas tomlinson has the story for us tonight. >> a pakistani immigrant killed for delivering food in the
9:27 pm
nation's capital allegedly by two girls 13 and 15 years old. during the bosch carjacking outside of nationals park. one of the teens heard yelling "my phone is in there" but nothing about the person she is accused of killing. the crime is not getting enough attention. >> it is always someone can kill and get away with it like that, but on the other side, those are kids. >> 66-year-old had only been in the u.s. six or seven years. his limousine business load during the pandemic and he started delivering food. according to his friend, also a pakistani immigrant, they were too many people standing around watching, not doing anything to help. >> someone should have helped. >> do you think that two teen girls had been in school that they would have killed your friend? >> if they were in school that would not have happened. >> carjackings from the nation's capital up 300% this year according to
9:28 pm
"the washington post," murderer up 34% this year. last year ended with 16 year high in killings. for the morning and loss of his friend to me thinks the killing of innocent victims is largely being ignored across the country as crime rates spike during the pandemic. >> any life matters and yeah, you know, some underlying things does not make the headlines and one of them. one who believed in the hard work. he did not deserve to die the way he did. >> a gofundme page set up in his honor. to date, it has raised $1 million for his family. both teams are expected to enter plea deals when they return to court later this month, shannon. >> shannon: lucas tomlinson, thank you, lucas. california announcing mandatory testing for proof of vaccination to get into a number of indoor events.
9:29 pm
but is it legal? we debate next
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lets us get back to spreading the word without spreading concern. before we can safely come together, we need the facts on covid-19 vaccines. visit so you can make an informed decision when vaccines are available to you.
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♪ ♪ >> shannon: >> shannon: the vaccination rates rising quickly. worries about a nationwide fourth wave of covid-19 diminishing tonight but in michigan the concern as real as governor gretchen whitmer got the first vaccine today. the latest for us aisha hosking. >> good evening, experts are still debating over whether there will be a fourth wave and if there is, michigan could be that canary in the coal mine. michigan governor gretchen whitmer got her first shot of the covid vaccine. her relief may have been short-lived. michigan leads the country for new infections by population surpassing 700,000 cases on monday, far worse of that new jersey and new york. >> the state of michigan for the most dangerous place to be if
9:34 pm
you are concerned about getting covid to. >> oddly enough the detroit news reports the state hospitalizations are growing faster now than they were before the governor shut down indoor dining and in person high school. gretchen whitmer claims travel to florida come up more restrictions asking travelers to get tested when they get back and work from home for at least a week. >> there is light at the end of the tunnel. about we are sober about the fact that we are still very much and the tunnel. >> the governor has made the vaccine available to everyone 16 and older declaring that the shots are the most effective way to stop the spread. to. >> the only way out is if we work together and everyone does their part. >> shannon, former fda director, told cbs that he does not believe there will be a fourth wave because there is already enough herd immunity. he thinks those pockets of infections are happening among unvaccinated young people.
9:35 pm
either way, we will find out in the next few weeks, shannon. biko inc. you for the update. breaking tonight, governor gavin newsom to fully reopen california's economy june 15th even asked the golden state requires covid-19 tests or proof of vaccination. if you want to get into certain indoor activities which brings us to ten nights debate. is it legal? david bruno and attorney, welcome back to the both of you. >> hello, shannon. >> shannon: here is how nbc spelled it out. according to the california department of public health, people will be required to get a covid-19 test or show proof of being fully vaccinated to attend an indoor reception, meeting or conference beginning april 15th. david, your thoughts. >> the outcome i say it is legal. i applaud the state of california. it is welcome. in the end, it will come down to the states.
9:36 pm
it will be impossible for the federal government to set guidelines state-by-state. the states to know best as to how to deal with this. in california, it is the trailblazer and they will be the first ones to have set these territories in these restrictions. but certainly, they are well within their rights because of their state laws. >> shannon: one of the things i heard about today, someone tweeting lawsuits because you know that there will be challenges to them. an opinion piece in "the wall street journal" sank vaccine passports will prolong lockdowns and here is their take two authors. the idea that everybody needs to be vaccinated against covid-19 is baseless as the idea that nobody does. the vaccine should therefore be understood not as an easing of restrictions but core hearst scheme to encourage vaccination, aaron. >> shannon, your honor, what happened to my body, my choice?
9:37 pm
isn't that our battle cry? i thought that's what everyone thought in america. well, clearly that only selectively applies to other circumstances. however there are constitutional concerns whether the first amendment exercise of religion exemptions as well as medical exemptions but also under the fifth amendment and free exercise, actually the first but the fifth amendment due process. you can't -- due process of law like restricting travel. but what you could also say, let's use this largely against them, this has racist and elitist because underserved minority community, they don't have as much access to vaccinations. if they want to go to a concert or venue and haven't had the ability to get vaccinated, you are discriminating people based upon their race or economic ability. therefore, i think there is a lot of problems here. by the way, if you look at new york vaccine passports, they are having problems.
9:38 pm
it is a tri-state area. they are not with connecticut, new -- from pennsylvania and vaccinated appear their system will not read my system. this is a mess. >> shannon: welcome okay, let's look at this idea. one of the government is the one mandating this. it will be a constitutional challenge, privately but private businesses, private entities, concert halls, wedding venues. how successful will these lawsuits may or may not be? >> no, listen, this is a public crisis. health is at the forefront of it. so when it comes down to governments requiring things like vaccines, they already require things in public schools for public reasons. so i think if you look at precedence what we do, the schools and how we require them, it is really going to blend into what we are dealing with next. >> shannon: aaron, we do quickly have governor stepping up to say they will not allow
9:39 pm
vaccine passports by government actors and their state. will they succeed? >> i think it will be state-by-state basis but also the crisis of unborn children. having said that, i do think there will be a legal challenges to these corporations. they are discriminating, as i said, potentially minorities or saying, hey, you are not considering my religious implication. these private companies will get hit where it hurts and that is their wallet. >> shannon: it will happen very quickly come i will gasp your death that thing that we will see how it pans out. great to see you both. >> thanks for having us, shannon. >> shannon: ten nights where and the world to the ukrainian sort of jurors. and a deadly sign of significant uptick and the crimea region. ukraine's president wants nato membership talks fed up the mic sped up among russian buildup on the borders there.
9:40 pm
and drama in sri lanka as the crown ripped off the original winners head and claims that she was divorced. she could not win mrs. padgett but it turns out she was not divorced. the winner eventually got her crown and title back. a little bit awkward. more outlaw party speaking on the beach in barcelona despite strict covid rules outdoor mask mandates that you have to wear on the beach. authorities and journals complaining there's a lot of mask defiance and very little social distancing. also european officials said there has been a causal link found between rarely occurring blood clots and astrazeneca vaccine which has not been approved in the u.s. but is being widely used overseas. cbs news standing by, highly questionable editing on republican governor ron desantis. brit hume weighs in what is said about the media. he is next
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>> shannon: "60 minutes" is pushing back tonight against the firestorm of criticism of the program is getting in response to sunday night's report on governor ron desantis vaccine rollout in florida. and even democrats in the sunshine state calling out cbs premier news program. today, for over 50 years the reports reported by "60 minutes" with strong reactions for the story sunday night. let's dig into the controversy tonight. fox news senior political analyst brit hume. always good to see you. >> thank you, shannon, good to see you. >> a couple of things in the statement, first of all the facts reported by "60 minutes" and that's an important point but strong reaction. but is that what the news program should be about? >> it seems to me that what i think it is perfectly fine, the news programming does stir strong debate and reaction. there is nothing unusual about that. what is unusual about this is what they put on the air is an
9:46 pm
unbalanced presentation about ron desantis and his performance in the covid vaccine situation, especially with regards with a very large grocery chain into state with distribution to the vaccines. talking specifically about public safety, 800 stores here and most of them have pharmacies. where people accustomed to get flu shots and the like. it is a perfectly reasonable thing to use them. the reasons, he had read good reasons for doing so which were not fully accounted for in the "60 minutes" presentation or presentation of his side of the story. >> shannon: we've had democrats from florida come forward and say that this is a total misrepresentation. either they offered information cbs did not take from them or mischaracterize but could there be a potential legal issues? do you think the governor would consider a lawsuit? do you think "60 minutes" will acknowledge that there was any, you know, activity in editing this thing? >> well, i doubt it.
9:47 pm
so far their attitude is we are "60 minutes." we've been doing this a long time, go away. it speaks for it so. it does speak for itself. what it says is not flattering come in my judgment. "60 minutes" editorial processes. and i think viewers and readers across the country are finding out about this and will make up their own minds. i think a lot of them will think that "60 minutes" did a shoddy job here at best. >> shannon: you have been subject yourself to a bit of a fact-check. urea mike were referred to president biden as words and politifact says this, the word came out which one expert said pejorative often used by people with dementia. dementia has difficulty independently carrying out daily life functions. the experts we spoke to said the 18 does not exhibit this problem. would you like to respond, brit? >> i didn't say he had dementia. if you look see now in the
9:48 pm
dictionary and i would encourage anybody to do, exhibiting the signs of old age. and exhibiting them myself and i'm the same age he is, so we biden. he has the senior moments where he loses a train of thought in the middle of sentence and so on. it has happened over and over again throughout the campaign and some extent during his presidency. so yes, i think he is senile and i think it is obvious. >> shannon: okay, to that point, let's move on to a "new york times" review on twitter have noted some of the reporting especially with the respect of georgia, you said it was, you know, essentially advocacy that was "something else as analysis." how worry are you about mainstream analysis and break down stories and a way that is fair for people so they know with the facts for example whath a georgia law? >> what worries me, shannon and new business model and play here. back in the day and not so terribly long ago "the new york times" a major news outlets had biased, liberal
9:49 pm
reporters on their staff but they were disciplined to present the news in a balanced way. to be neutral in their coverage. i think under the new business model, they don't think that is the way they want to do it anymore. the country is large enough and liberal population big enough that a publication like the times relies heavily on people who subscribe online, which broadens the potential audience way outside the confines of the new york area. it's always been a national newspaper and now more so than ever. "the new york times" thinks the kind of advocacy journal they regularly practice on the news pages sells, works well, they are doing well financially. i believe they are doing well financially and therefore, i'm concerned the old neutral coverage which i thought was not only good business back in the base but also the right thing to do, i'm afraid that model is out the window. >> shannon: well when twitter and other groups are fact-checking or putting labels on so many things out there
9:50 pm
these days, are you surprised there is no label on something like this that could be misleading to readers? do you think twitter has the stomach quickly for flagging themes from "the new york times" or the mainstream media? >> i will say as long as it is selling in the paper is doing well and the journalist are doing what they manifested and want to do which is to push a point of view and pick one political side over the other, they will keep doing it. the fact they ought to label these things more honestly but they don't. i don't expect them to do it anytime soon unless the pressure becomes enormous and a lot of readership. but i think what has happened so far by and large they have gained readership. >> shannon: brit hume, always great to have your analysis. thank you for dropping in. >> thank you, shannon. >> shannon: a compassionate restaurant owner is given a criminal a second chance. good news before we say good night.
9:51 pm
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♪ ♪ >> shannon: some good news before we say good night. a restaurant owner in georgia going viral tonight for offering a job to the man who vandalized his restaurant and what was apparently an attempted robbery. instead of pressing charges carl wallace offered the vandal a job in a facebook post telling him
9:55 pm
"there are better opportunities than the path he has chosen." we will keep an eye on the story. we will let you know with the vandal responds. i love this instead of going after the guy. and probably not the best circumstances. there are good stories and i know you have one too. >> this is one of my favorite parts of the show and has been for quite some time watching "fox news @ night." i want to share this one, the great state of ohio. a little gas on god come at the faith movement coming together to support folks in that area. if you went to a specific bp in hollywood, you got $10 worth of free gas. the first 200 people got that spirit all put together by the faith movement, kyle and jermaine hutchinson, $10 worth of free gas may not change your life but it can certainly make your day and for that, we are all thankful. i think it was second
9:56 pm
corinthians chapter 6, may be chapter 9 verse 6 god loves a cheerful giver. they are cheerful givers and i am very happy. >> shannon: i am also. we can bless each other if we take a moment to do with. kevin, thank you. good morning, good night wherever you are.
9:57 pm
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"hannity." whoever it is, i will be back here tomorrow night. see you then. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." today is the three month anniversary of january 6th. for thosese of you who aren't gd at dates, this was the day we pause to remember the white supremacist q1 on insurrectio that came close to toppling our government. a mob of older people from unfashionable zip codes somehow to the way made it washington, d.c., probably by bus.


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