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tv   Gutfeld  FOX News  April 6, 2021 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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>> the reports are true. >> no, i have not had that conversation. thank you. >> why bring it up? why is it even important? thanks so much for watching me tonight. i'm in for laura ingraham. watch "fox & friends" tomorrow. >> we still wanted to have a visitor and some special easter eggs for all of you from the president and the first lady. not today, but we will invite the bunny back for a future briefing as always. >> so that's where adam schiff has been? ♪ ♪ [cheers and applause] ♪ ♪ >> greg: yes, they do.
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from hot atlanta to not-lante. what did major league baseball do? they move the game from atlanta, which is 51% black, to denver, which is 76% white. what were they smoking? well, it is colorado, so maybe weed. you have to be mile high to think this is a solution. for a number of reasons that is not colorado's fault. in this new woke world, skin color is everything. so to help black people, and will be moved the game to denver which is wider than the slopes in aspen. and major black-owned businesses left millions in profits. they make the folks in charge feel good while harming the people they insist they are helping. judging by this logic, i wouldn't be surprised if senator byrd's grandson throughout the first pitch. all of this stinks, because it
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makes assumptions about black lives that is condescending. it is blacks that must bear the consequent is coming up the white ceos. the new georgia bill is truly jim crow on steroids and perhaps growth hormones giving major league baseball's history, colorado requires voter i.d. to vote in person. and at the field, you need to show i.d. to pick up your tickets. which by the activist media standards is definitely racist. yes, and this new upside down world, it is racist to assume blacks have ids and it's not racist to think they don't. perhaps it's not about the idea at all, but using the story to redefine what racism is. it is everything except being a democrat. the party of jim crow, the kkk, and slavery. i'm just curious, who doesn't have an i.d.? and if the person doesn't have an idea, don't you think voting isn't really a primary concern? given that it's impossible to rent an apartment, get a bank
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account, or sign up for my new newsletter on the benefits of gold and silver. you know, now has never been a better time. but just to show you how absurd this is, colorado actually offers two fewer days of early voting than georgia. the good news, stacey abrams now claims she is the governor of colorado. we went to cnn for comment. >> this is the most racist panel i have ever been on. >> racist. >> white male white male. >> baseball, racist. racist. >> racist. >> disgusting racist. >> greg: does don love and have even show up anymore? >> i am the greatest professional baseball player that has ever lived. when i hit five home runs in game seven of the world series, it didn't feel nearly as magical
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as the time i hit seven home runs in game five of the nba championship. and i was butt naked riding a horse given to me by my great friends, barack hussein obama, if that is his real name. >> greg: meanwhile, more cowardly companies like united, who never asked for i.d. when you are checking in, are jumping on the woke waken claiming it's evil. so how do you do with this new corporate woke is him? a tiny band of activists have these company terrify britt what about corporate reparations for diabetics from coca-cola? delta, why can't blacks fly for free to make up for centuries of oppression. people say world travel is the best education, so delta, are you against educated minority children? and what about you, mlb?
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up until the 60s, your lead was wider than an episode of friends. have you paid enough for your decades of segregation keeping amazing players like satchel cage and josh gibson out of your league? if it costs over 200 bucks for a family of four to watch a game, who has a harder time affording that? minority families. it is time for the affordable ticket act, the ata. if you don't like your seat, you don't have to keep your seat. it's like affordable housing, but it takes place in luxury boxes. who is with me on this? joe, what do you think? >> look, look, look. the important thing is we are going to play the game weird this is the all-star game, this is the best players from every team, reggie jackson, nolan ryan, kevin costner. they are all there. and i'm going to be watching, we have to follow the rules. come on, man. this is politics. all right. if we all do our parts, we can
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all be watching the super bowl together on labor day, memorial day. one of the days. >> greg: all you what companies, if racism is your all-star player, treat them like starting pitchers and give them a few days. [applause] >> let's welcome tonight's guest baird where if i heard this name before? from oregon station, consecutive vice president eric trump. his humor is drier than a desert desert, walter grant. she's so sharp, host of fox nation.
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and whoever said time heals all wounds never got punched by this guy, tyrus! so eric, your dad was a businessman that entered politics and now you've politics entry business and ceos are becoming like their own kind of governors with an activist policy. the shareholders are now able to vote for the ceos and decide based on what their political beliefs are. >> look at what politics have done a good look at the academy awards, nfl, the whole kneeling thing. every time it's been a disaster beard people have canceled subscriptions. michael jordan famously said, democrats where sneakers, republicans where sneakers peered when i see delta airlines, you know where it they got a really deal under trump? they were paying the lowest gas
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prices in the history of the airline. and now all of a sudden they have doubled. and they are criticizing that -- i just don't get it. why get into this conversation? >> greg: i think they are terrified, they are terrified. walter, isn't that the fact? it's not about -- they are afraid of them. maybe the mob is real. a speaker you've got to remember that major league baseball is really a cartel. it is monopoly that is guaranteed by the government. and it depends on each city on huge tax breaks, help paying for stadiums, so on. it is not only well, it has been a political dependent organization for a long time. but you know, i looked at how they actually select players for the all-star game. that is a vote too. you are allowed to vote a lot.
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>> five times! >> yes. you are not allowed to vote for the most important position as a starting pitcher pair those are chosen by the commissioners, which makes it pretty similar to regular elections. and the other point here is that if they are going to start canceling whole states, they only have 50 chances. 49 are left. [laughs] at that point, they moved to a truly democratic country like the democratic republic of north korea. where you can get a crowd at gunpoint to clap for anything. so i think they are on a downhill slope there. it's time probably to correct the course. >> greg: katz, what do you think of major league baseball choosing denver over a lead to? i love denver, by the way. it's a beautiful, beautiful city. i believe it's in colorado. >> it is in colorado. it just doesn't really make sense, obviously as you mentioned, to take what they
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estimate a bite of been $100 million from this county and giving it to a bunch of white hippies. what, only 36% of people have any opposition to this actual bill. so it's not that it's this massive outcry, it's not a very loud, small outcry. the one thing they oppose is that colorado -- they mail ballots to everyone. but all experts say that doesn't do anything to actually get more people to vote. okay, we are going to go hit colorado i guess? how they chose colorado is completely beyond me. >> it's not a swing state. >> it used to be. >> greg: it used to be, not anymore peered i'm sorry, i interrupted. >> if they just stopped -- nobody does that. nobody does that. hippies are going to -- >> greg: they are better than hippies, cat. i don't want to get any angry
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letters from hippies. >> hippies are probably the only ones that write letters. >> greg: put julie. i'm glad you got dressed today. >> in my culture, we where track suits. a black man on his wardrobe right now? i'd wear a suit, but i'm not built like you. so i need to let myself breathe. the most insulting thing for me, this is why i have such issues i would stick about that polite racism. we came up out of slavery, we came out not getting jobs. and we don't have the ability to get an i.d.? are you kidding me? it's embarrassing to me that that's what they try to do. and they try to put it on us like we are the only ones affected. well, it's against -- so you are a scene where the only ones who can't get ids? it's ridiculous. here's the deal. when you try to influence people to vote for you and you want to
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hurt them in like cattle to vote your way, it's annoying when they have ideas. so you don't want that. get on the bus, everybody get on the bus, let's go, let's go. everybody vote for the guy i want. sure, then there's no ids there. so that is the problem. that is the real issue peered here's the thing about moving. tink aaron, this was supposed to be a celebration of hank aaron. this guy was bringing babe ruth's record. he had real racist death threats. people were wanting to kill him, wanting bad things to happen to him. did he asked to be traded to the san diego padres? no. he went up there and he hit the damn home run. if you would've packed up his bag and left, he wouldn't have a story. is that what you are telling us? if you disagree with something, just go somewhere else? that is the part that bothers me so much, because it goes against everything that my ancestors
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fought for it to pack up and leave. we are going to -- it's embarrassing to me. keep it real, it has nothing to do with black people. it has everything to do with your party. if you lose an election, you can still run stuff. you are not the governor, but you are the governor. so we have to get rid of everything. i'm just breaking it down as real as i can be. it has nothing to do with the color of your skin, it has to do with, i want you to vote this way. and if you have an i.d., you probably have your own idea. >> greg: you can't spell idl without... >> i.d. >> greg: there you go, i just realized that! i just figured that out. wow, maybe i should make t-shirt. no, that's too much like jim acosta. up next, why the media can't quit trump. [applause] ♪ ♪ ♪♪ ♪♪
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♪ ♪ >> greg: we are 76 days into the biden presidency. so he's almost done. [laughter] yup, he's already 70 days longer than we expected. lots of bite and policies to report on, yet journalists can't stop talking about you know who. speak i'd love to hear from both of you how d.c. journalists are adjusting to the biden era. this is your first weekend airing here, do you feel like your lineup is really different than would've been been in the trump years? >> when you are asking me if i was around outcome i thought you were referring to how i felt during the trump era. now, i think that -- listen, we are all dealing with some post trump stress disorder. other than that happy easter as he was saying in the statements a few days ago. >> greg: the outcome of these chuckle buckets are having a hard time drying out from the trump era. even if they can call it a day
8:19 pm
at 4:30 in the afternoon while president biden digests his early bird tapioca. and one network is cornering the market. >> you are watching atn, all trump and his because everything else is boring by comparison. >> the annual global retirement indexes out with its latest list of the best places in the world to spend your golden years. topping the list this year, costa rica followed by panama and mexico. sources say if trump was elected in 2024, we can expect all americans to retire and move to literally any country where trump is not president. i will be on the first plane to bermuda with a suitcase full of egg rolls. weekend traffic jam near atlanta. possibly spooked by a phone call
8:20 pm
from donald trump. cars were at a standstill for about an hour until police were able to safely capture the cow and return it to its owner. sources say this never would've happened if donald trump had an infrastructure plan that consisted of more than just turning wayward capitals into well done steak. i swear, i do not know how we ever survive that guy. a new study shows that people cannot tell the difference between screams of joy and screams of terror. researchers at the university say two types of screams have similar acoustics. for example, if i attended a sugar ray concert and the 90s, sheer joy. [screams] but if i was at a trump rally, unmitigated terror. [screams] all of the people with the children and the grandparents and the ymca.
8:21 pm
makes me sick to my stomach. seriously. although, he voted for jump twice. god, i hate him. more headlines in 30 minutes, i am anderson london. [applause] >> greg: i am worried about her. eric, what is it like to know that your dad has a really unusual psychological effect on people, especially in the media. unless you've experienced it yourself. >> trust me, i've experienced it myself. to see a cost to act like that, it's refreshing pretty but it's true, can i call it for what it does? biden is boring as hell, kamala is nowhere to be found. if i took 1 penny from china, if i took 1 penny from the ukraine, if i was smoking parmesan cheese -- i mean, he couldn't
8:22 pm
have gotten elected. >> that's what you say about people who people who smoke parmesan cheese. >> greg: can we let the topic go question marks because they cannot help themselves. it is all trumped all the time, they can't let him go. remember how entertaining the press conferences were back in the day. they were shouting jim acosta outcome of the 25th amendment. my father has never had a sip of wine in his life, he's never done drugs in his life. their ratings stink now. twitter is boring. >> it's hard, because before all they had to do was roll a tape and sit there and go, wow. wow. that's not having ptsd now that that's over, they now have to think. they now need to think a little harder. it's nothing like ptsd, and it can be tough. it's like when you shut your brain off, you go to bonneville
8:23 pm
for a couple days. and then you are on the car on the way to the airport on the way back and you are like can i still read? kind of like that, which is hard and scary. >> greg: that's when you think you might have done some sort of permanent damage because temporarily you think it's over. >> right, exactly. you can work through it, it is not ptsd. you are a little rusty on the thinking. >> greg: the thing is, we are almost guilty of the same thing, because we are sitting here talking about it too. >> it's different. you guys cannot all be wronger. this is nothing to do with -- it is bank disorder. it is low ratings. every time i got to write a book about him, i was making money about him, i was getting promotions because he picked on me at a press conference. he was good for my bottom line. nobody's buying a book that didn't have trump names on it. i just wanted to put out about that just said trump, trump,
8:24 pm
trump, 365 pages of trump. because that's what's really hurting. their pockets, because they can't have books anymore, they can't get paid for one-on-one interviews to talk about the time that he told him he was unfair. so this has nothing to do -- they are hoping that they will say something, because in the past if you took a shot at president trump, he would fire to piece back at you and boom, you have a book again and you are on everyone's tv show because he got breaking news. president trump insulted me, roll the tapes. then you get a panel of 47 people to talk about it and then two weeks later, my book, trump terrorized me." nobody wants the gym acosta day at work book. [laughter] think about it. >> greg: what would be popping up, i don't know? that pop-up book would be really bad. really bad.
8:25 pm
enough with the pop-up book jokes, cat. >> what? >> i disagree. i think they do suffer from a psychiatric disorder at cnn. i have wondered what it was, i thought it was narcissistic personality disorder. i've seen all the symptoms, the delusions of grandeur, the rambling on about imaginary irrelevant -- >> they tried to replace trump with joe biden's german shepherd. they are trying to get us interested in this. bewitched after they took the last day or in a way. it's show. and i don't blame them. but the problem is not trump, the problem is when he went away it revealed how sick in fact they really were. they no longer had somebody to bounce it off of. >> greg: you are saying trump is york and biden's sargent. and hunter biden -- you didn't
8:26 pm
see that one coming, did you? did you have to believe that? that's a name, okay. up next, china's got a new robot. and he will scare the out of you. at novartis, our goal is to help
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>> greg: it's another deadly bot. ♪ ♪ >> greg: that is the latest video from a chinese firm called unit tree robotics. seeing them move in units like that, that's kind of scary. this can only lead to one thing. robot fire hydrants. that was funny when i heard at the first time.
8:31 pm
but let's see it again with sexy music. ♪ ♪ that is some doggy style. it sounds a lot less threatening and a lot more arousing paired the bots can walk about 7 miles an hour and carry a two hour ba, and an advanced butt sniffing m. so, should we be concerned that china's trying to beat us to robot supremacy? let's check in with our tech correspondent, joe mackie. whose live outside with more. joe, is this the perfect weapon against an army of robot mailmen? >> i'm outside, greg. it makes del no difference. i'll tell you what, robot mailmen, why not just make the robot mailmen a dog or have the
8:32 pm
robot dog deliver the mail? they are robots, doesn't matter what they look like. now he's got six more arms than i do. we need to stop people from even considering getting these robot dogs. if you want a dog that's probably not going to love you, just try getting a cat. >> greg: walter, just got a great point. if it's of robot, why does it have to follow the biological parameters of a dog. i mean, couldn't you just make something better than a dog. >> because it's terrifying to change man's best friend into men's worst enemy. usually the evil overlords don't give us this much warning about what they are going to do. and for some reason, they want us scare. it's just that they are too large. i want them to make small ones that they can stomp on with my boots. i also noticed that they never trot out robot cats. that's because real cuts would find a way to kill robot cats. and they dragged them into your
8:33 pm
kitchen and let them die speaking at your feet. no, i actually am concerned that they keep this theme going. you know, they are obviously going to spring something on us. and it may be because they don't have confidence that they are really going to work, they just want the idea implanted in our heads. >> greg: that's all it takes for me. tyrus, are you frightened? >> that third one, is it holding crack? >> that is the hunter biden model. >> nice, walter bread that is not a dog. don't be fooled by that. that's where the rockets and guns go. 9,000 eyes in the front and laser beams. it's just a dog, don't worry about it. it's not a dog. it's the new soldier.
8:34 pm
>> greg: yes. >> the good news is, water up. that's all you need. i've been saying it for years, just watch king khan and godzilla. they poured water on the computers. you didn't have to go to mit for that one. bring it on. but searcy, that is crack. >> greg: cat, are you terrified? >> it's not. it's not scary. i'm sorry, "star wars" -- it's like okay, it's a bunch of "star wars" fans making it. murder in my house, scary. "star wars" t-shirt, i'm like oh, buddy. if you like the robot overlords are going to happen, but something else is going to kill me first. >> greg: i can bet that. >> i do too. >> greg: all right, eric. is this frightening? china is going to do whatever it
8:35 pm
wants. they are going to beat us on the robot army. >> first of all, every second amendment activists out there is licking their lips when they see this. just thinking about what weapon they are going to shoot them with when they walk up in the door. this is what china is focused on. americans better get awfully serious about what they are looking at here. tyrus, you are right. they might as well have hooked rockets to these things. we are going all these crusades, and this is what the greatest adversary america has is focused on. guys, we better get smart. >> greg: i often think that china is pushing this division because they want us to be so preoccupied with destroying each other. up next, more covid life advised that contradicts earlier covid advice. advice.
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spewing great news for people who like licking subway poles. the cdc now says you probably won't catch covid from services. the updated guidelines for expecting and cleaning household services. noting that there is no significant risk of catching coronavirus from handheld objects. the agencies updated situation says that while it be hard conts low compared to having an direct contact britt however, dr. fauci still recommends two masks, helmets, and a wet suit. to be on the safe side. as for the leading household services, simple soap and water is fine. although some object to the cdc calling this "women's work." isn't that amazing? disgusting. disgusting, sexist. in other words, the wipes are necessary. you don't need to kill 99.9% of germs unless you want to brag.
8:41 pm
or you are hanging out with my friend gus. >> greg: may be i do like those robot dogs after all. cats, you are not a clean person? you are dirty. >> i am disgusting! >> greg: everybody knows, it's a minority of women are abject slobs. >> absolutely disgusting. one time kim came over and he was like -- my fiance, he said what is this pasta stain on the floor? i think it was ziti. he said he wasn't asking what kind of pasta it was. i actually like -- look, just because kids can't get covid from disinfecting the surface, i think we should still be doing it. right? i like that we were doing it.
8:42 pm
>> are you a libertarian? >> no, have you ever been to a theme park which might give got to clean -- brushing your teeth doesn't reduce your risk of covid, but you should still do it. you could still get a cold or the flu or a touch of booger or an old gum. usually at my house. >> and disgusted. walter, as a man, as a male, identifies a man britt i know that i am kind of disgusting, especially with my mask usage. i don't know what to do with my mouse, how about you? >> i've worn the same mask since covid started. it's true. they never released guidelines on changing masks. >> they didn't! >> so there was one at my insurance company on the table. i have it in the green room. it has their name on it. i've been advertising this insurance company for a year. i wash at relatively
8:43 pm
infrequently. and you know, it's -- i got to new york this weekend i found out that people are changing their masks. but anyway, really, here's the problem. where do they get these guidelines? do they perform experiments? did fauci have to eat a happy meal off of a bus seat? and what was the problem before? why was it all lysol all the time before? did somebody make a contribution? i don't know. >> greg: what you make of the cdc guidelines, eric? >> same thing. immediately i think of prl. because honestly, there have been so many industries that have been misinformed. talking by airlines before, i want to know the first airline that said you don't need to wear a mask bear they will be incredibly brave. everybody can be vaccinated. but i want to see the first
8:44 pm
person out there, the first big company that has encouraged to say you can take off the mask. there's going to be very few and far between for there's tremendous special interests that are still pushing very hard. >> greg: what do you make of this, tyrus? >> we have a conundrum. >> greg: i love that word! >> i can't spell it, but i know it worked in that one. with the masks, apparently we are just throwing them on the ground and they ended up in the ocean and now little sea turtles are wearing masks. and it's cute at first, you are like oh, the sea turtle has a mask on. but because he has flippers and not opposable thumbs he can't get it off. and he starves to death. so i don't know what progressives are going to do, because they are trying to save the environment. but the mask that is saving mankind is killing the environment. >> virtue signaling. >> you have to re-cancel the on cancel. the biggest thing we are finding
8:45 pm
out is that the sun kills it in the air. the sun, if you have a lot of vitamin d and you are not 78, which apparently 78 is the magic number, i learned that this week. they said that the sun kills it when it's not out in the air. it's very hard to explain when it goes out in the air, it literally is very fragile. >> greg: it's an indoor coronavirus. speak on top of the outcome of the magic number that is most affected by covid's 78. the group in most danger of dying, say it with me, 78. so it's literally the magic number. you get 78, be careful. >> greg: there you go. i still have some time, another 40 years. [laughs] you know his way out of the game on this? captain hook. you don't have to touch anything. that's why pirates live long. i don't know what i'm saying.
8:46 pm
it's very late, it's almost midnight. what are you laughing about? yes, you can have too many. there is an exact number. we will tell you after the break.
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♪ ♪ >> greg: according to his
8:50 pm
studies, you can only have so many bodies. a british relationship mathematician, i bet that gets a date. claiming the magic number of friends recovered dell not required for success is 150. at first i thought, well, that's a lot. then i thought while my, that's a lot. anyway, the egghead figures most of us have about five super close friends who would actually give us a kidney, 12 or 15 friends that would be devastated if we died, and 50 friends who would go to her birthday party. the rest he says are like mere acquaintances, but having too many friends can be as bad as having too few, because we only have so much emotional capital to spend. and trying to overextend can leave us feeling burnt out. i have a theory on friendship, you cannot curate friendship like a toolbox. each one of your friends has to
8:51 pm
have a specific different superpower. and if they don't, get rid of them. >> how many of your friends have superpowers? >> greg: you have a superpower. you can lift me up with one hand and toss me into a river at any time. >> a superpower is just like paying attention and doing good in the gym. like i can't fly. i don't have x-ray vision. okay, every time you do this, you bring in these experts from the u.k. or europe -- there are theories 150 friends. for real? name ten. anybody in this room spin-off ten friends, i'm going to call you a liar. nobody has 150 friends. they're not your real friends. french up a small, you run tight groups, family, friends -- no. your family members usually drive you crazy. might of course abandon me. you have some eggs, you go, you
8:52 pm
are on your own, good luck. this is apsley ridiculous. holler at me. >> greg: get stuck wearing a mask. it dies. eric, i have to ask you, because -- did you or of friendships change once he dad became president? >> it's amazing, the people that you would've thought were there for you the most were actually sometimes the first to bail. and people you never saw it coming from where the people who stood by your side with a backbone and would give you a hug. it was actually very interesting. somebody once said to me, take your wedding guest, take your wedding list, how many of those people would be at a wedding ten years later? how many of those people? just think through your head how many of those same people would you invite to your wedding ten years later. i think friendship is fragile. but i agree with you. give me your best friend's phone
8:53 pm
number. >> greg: i couldn't, because i killed him. i got married at city hall and i'm still friends with those five people that were in line with me. i think it i don't know, walter. what's going on with your life? >> i've got a lot of friends, but when i saw this study, the study was meant to get used to the idea that you don't need friends and you don't even have the capacity to have very many. because they want us to live in pods. all of these studies are coming together and they are synchronized. you can live in quarantine forever, you don't need son, you could use a heat lamp. this is the war on real life, freedom of movement, doing whatever you want. who funds these studies?
8:54 pm
he wants us to believe this? that's a weird one. how do you know when you have a real friend or a friend that just wants something from you? >> i saw the kidney thing and there's actually way more than five people that i know what that i would give a kidney to. but that is mostly because i'm worried they would be mad at me if i said no. >> greg: i base my selection of friendships on the quality of their organs. >> how did i get here? i take terrible care of myself. >> i would love your liver. >> you have a hunch back. horrible. >> greg: all right, i guess we are done there, are we done? all right, we will be right back. ♪♪
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>> >> greg: i will see her in the halls or cafeteria. they play a little bit at the company jim. >> i am a writer k irin and you can find my stuff at the website. congratulations, greg. >> greg: congratulations to you for whatever just happen. >> cat that got i chat with people, not on twitter reading people because i value my mental health at baseline. keep me at baseline. >> my number tomorrow came out today so make sure you check it out. i'm slamming and using my mind.
9:00 pm
>> greg: excellent, thank you, anchored to the studio audience and we will see you tomorrow on fox "fox news @ night." i love you america. ♪ ♪ >> shannon: hello and welcome to "fox news @ night," shannon bream and washington. there was a lot going on tonight so buckle up. >> nobody is backing down over the atlanta strike out by major baseball. because you have to have an i.d. to fly. you have to have an i.d. for everything. so why not to vote? >> getting it for the new stadium kind of sucks. >> my concern they are trying to put jim crow tactics in. so the good old boys, they are still here appear they


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