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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  April 6, 2021 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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san gabriel valley outside of los angeles, learning that the suspect attacked a deputy before leading authorities on this pursuit. obviously trying to resolve it. we hope it's done peacefully for the sake of all. let not your heart be troubled. brian kilmeade. you better not be late tomorrow for your show. >> i promise. >> sean: off the air at 11:00. you have to get up at 4:00 and you're going to be whining and complaining in the morning that you're tired and there's no excuse. >> brian: sean, i have so much power in the morning. they will give me the first hour off and they will run yesterday's show until i'm ready. that's how much power i yield. >> sean: i want to know, you're going to be wide-eyed and bushy tail tomorrow morning at 6:00 a.m.? no excuses customer >> brian: exactly. >> sean: why leave the studio. have a good show.
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>> brian: good job, sean. great show. i always love watching you and now i get the chance to get the toss from you. sean gave it away. i'm in for laura ingraham and this is "the ingraham angle." tonight the democrat celebrating major baseball for moving the all-star game out of georgia into colorado. they seem to think it has looser voting rules when it comes what's going to happen in 2022 and beyond. newt gingrich, senator tom cotton i hear laughter try to make sense of this democratic move plus more proof the biden administration never wants us to return to normal. we'll explain. and if this story doesn't enrage you, i don't know what will. you have two teens charged in a carjacking oven uber eats driver now getting a plea deal. first, the biden administration want you to believe there's a hunger crisis. they want you to believe there's a climate crisis. they want you to believe there
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is racial inequality in this country and that's a crisis. the record number of illegal immigrants flooding the border is really no big deal. they don't call it a crisis at all. president biden's team is so sure it isn't a crisis that the dhs secretary alejandro americus is your poorly considering restarting border wall construction. wait, i seem to remember joe biden saying something different on the campaign trail. >> there will not be another foot of wall of wall constructed in my administration. >> brian: okay, now the white house press secretary is left to clean up president biden's mess. >> wall construction remains paused to the extent permitted by law. there is some limited construction that's been funded and allocated for but it's otherwise paused. >> brian: okay. congressman jim jordan is at the border right now.
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he will be going on a ride along with cdp as they look for illegal activity and he joins us now. congressman, i know this is further confirmation that president trump's border policies were right all along. we paid for the wall. it works. the technology and we just stopped and how does it make sense? >> it doesn't make sense and that's why they are talking about building a wall and continuing to build a wall because we heard from every single agent that walls work. they funnel people to the ports of entry which is how you want the system to work and it's just good common sense. understand two and a half months ago before president trump left office, he said you undo our policies, you'll get tidal wave of people flooding the border. that's exactly what we have because they undid his remaining mexico policy while you do the processing. they undid the deportation policy and as you said they announced of the world were not going to finish construction on the wall even though they are now reconsidering. those three things have led to
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the title wave and we heard today from border patrol agents just how bad. it's more than a crisis, brian. it's chaos on the border. they sent last month was the single busiest month they have had since they've been keeping data and records at border patrol. that's how bad the situation is. thank god for these agents who are working their tail off. they are overwhelmed right now. >> brian: congressman, democrats were asked to take this trip. why do you think they said no? >> because it's been the left policy that joe biden announced. these changes that they wanted to make. we should forget that these were the policies president trump put in place. they were just good policies. it helps them put back his policies, that's what we should do because they work. good policy works. the agents told us today that 40%, 40% of their man-hours are for processing this huge influx of people coming into our country. 40%. that's how serious it is. we saw one pod where covert
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particles dictated there should be 33 kids in the area. there were 527 children in this one plastic area that they had there for the kids. that's how serious it is. i would remind the viewers. think about this. right now as we speak, your viewers, the american citizens can't get into their capital but anybody and everybody can get into their country. that's how ridiculous this is. let's go back to president trump's policies which we know worked which had the situation under control we saw that time and time again from border patrol agents. let's go back to those policies and get the situation under control. >> brian: i want you to hear this and msnbc contributor has an idea for every state in the union being that we have 18,000 unaccompanied minors in march alone and the numbers are floodg and we have 11 facilities filled up and they are just about maxed out in san diego. i want you to hear what this
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contributor said on msnbc. tell the people of ohio to get on board. let's listen. >> we have to really amp up our ability to place children, unaccompanied minors all over the country. proposing that every state be asked to take between 501,000 unaccompanied minors. it would relieve the pressure on the border. then we have to work on the root causes of why our children, unaccompanied children come here. where families coming here? >> brian: dr. redline or wants us to take a thousand kids in every state. is every american kid adoptive, is every foster home empty? we are supposed to take other countries kids before ours? >> again, you can get into your capital but anybody and everybody can get in your country. your tax dollars are used to put them in hotels and used for in-person instruction in san diego. kids in san diego, american kids can't get in person instruction. they want anyone and everyone to come to every single state in
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the country. i don't think that's a smart policy. we feel for these people. i saw all kinds of situations that are tough situations, you feel for the individuals, especially the kids but we have to have an orderly process, process networks. not just flooding the border and bringing everybody and in that process that works with the policies that were in place under the trump administration. let's go back to those policies. >> brian: you're about to go with the night vision glasses and find out what's going on with the border. i love to get your perspective after you go on your night run. is that possible? >> we will. i think we are coming on sometime later this week we'll talk about what we'll see tonight. we're going with the agents and we'll see. >> brian: an unscripted situation but we know what to expect: more people coming pretty cumbersome and jim jordan, thrilled that you give us some time. thank you. we move on with the same topic, different perspective. when president biden put border wall construction on deposit was a godsend to smugglers and cartels. it was a ghost sign to many of
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the triangle countries because now they can exploit the gaps in the unfinished sections and use the rosary health to smuggle things. overwhelming border patrol in the process. it's harming national security. the construction pause is costing american taxpayers upwards of 1 million a month. joining us now as a man who helped cut that deal, chapels, former acting dhs secretary. mr. secretary, explained to everybody that we paid for this wall. now either have to pay to destroy or store the wall and we need the wall. what do you mean it's costing us money? >> absolutely. what we know is we have a number of miles under contract at the end of the trump administration. we had about 453 miles built by the end of the administration. we had a number of other models under contract so you had contractors who had the deal in place in certain locations across the southwest border and what we know is it's going to
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cost the american taxpayers. if they continue to cancel these contracts to move the steal, replace certain things that have gone on along the border to where it was prior to that construction, so it's not a matter of just stopping the contracts. we are actually going to have to pay contractors to get out of those contracts which at the end of the day we need to finish construction of the border wall system. we know it works. we know that the cdc and customs agents are pleading with the biden administration to finish construction of the wall. they need back to do their national security mission. we need to listen to the operators and give them that piece of expertise, give them the ability to do that. >> brian: the president of the united states when he was a senator voted for 600 miles of wall, barrier. fence that was as effective as the one behind you. he didn't have the technology. it didn't have a rose.
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what has changed? >> we know this. obviously before president trump certainly advocated for an effective border wall system the idea, the denial of the southwest border. it wasn't until president trump got behind it and understood the border security is national security and listen to the men and women along the border and wanted to deliver to them what they needed to do their jobs. at that point we saw democrats and others being against this in a very partisan way. we listened and provide our men and women in uniform the very best tools and equipment to protect our country overseas. there is no reason we shouldn't give the border patrol the ability to protect our country here at home. we need to listen to the operators. they continue to plead with dhs leadership and the white house to give them the ability to finish the border wall construction. i think that's why you're seeing the white house spokesperson turning to walk back a little
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bit. it's very interesting to see. >> brian: "the washington times" had the new dhs secretary sank maybe we will replace it a little bit. i will get to that with tom homan shortly but there were terrorists on the watch list found at the border from yemen. i don't believe that's close to our southern border, how they got there is an interesting situation. jen psaki was asked about it. let's see how she handled it. >> encounters have known and suspected terrorists are very uncommon. they underscore the importance of the critical work that's done on a daily basis to vet those at the border. >> brian: she says it's uncommon. does that make it okay? suddenly it is deleted from the dhs website, by the way. >> absolutely. the department needs to be publicizing and commending cdp law enforcement officers for doing their national security mission and interdicting these individuals but it also shows you how dangerous that border
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us. the border is not all about minors and families crossing the border, fleeing their countries and seeking asylum. we have criminals. we have terrorists and others crossing the border. the mission of cvp is critically important. to have over 50% of them, agents pulled off the line because there has to be in border patrol facilities carrying four and feeding these thousands of thousands of migrants. it's impeding their national security mission. these are two individuals that have been apprehended in the last 60 days. we have probably over 1,000 "got aways" so you don't know how many more are out there, how many have crossed the border because we don't have the number of border patrol agents on the line on the border doing their job. >> brian: its politics, everybody knows watching at home, watching washington around the globe how to stop and they won't do it on pure political reasons.
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you build 480 miles of wall and finance more. a few more billion and you can finish the whole thing but no one wants to give president trump steam which you are very much a part of a victory. chapels, thanks so much. >> thank you. >> brian: meanwhile, president biden has thrown open the border but somehow dhs secretary alejandro may request now telling ic agencies and immn hard-liner. during a virtual town hall last week mayorkas reportedly said "i am 100% opposed to the abolition of ic. we need to strengthen our policies and practices and communicate more effectively with what we do and why we do it. coastal he took on sanctuary cities that won't work with ic. joining us is tom homan, former acting price director. is your head spinning? >> [laughs] yeah, my head is spinning but i don't believe a word he says. he's the same person who says the borders close, the border secure there's not a crisis and
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we know differently. actions speak louder than words. the sanctuary cities issue, three weeks ago the administration dropped the lawsuit that we had against sanctuary cities. to drop the lawsuit and try to hold sanctuary cities accountable, to drop the lawsuit, saying. they are speaking out of both sides of their mouth. actions speak louder than words. >> brian: they say there's gaps in the wall and the roads they made are being used by smugglers but you made the wall to help move in and out quickly along with technology. when you knew him he was deputy secretary but now he say that maybe will fill those gaps in the wall. that was in "the washington times." i kind of believe him because he's responsible. the vice president is not showing up to take over. the president doesn't know how to get there. he knows at one point it has fallen into his lap and he can't keep giving us the heisman is that country.
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do you expect him to grab some pieces of wall and put it up? >> i hope he does because it would be the right thing to do because walls work. every place they built a wall immigration has declined. walls will help with the current crisis. the same person who said the reason they changed i.c.e. priorities, they took 90% of their priorities away so 90% of criminal aliens they arrested, they can't arrest them this year because they are no longer on the table. he said in the same meeting it had to be done. there is no lack of resources. in fy 12, ic removed 409,000. they are on track this year to remove 65,000. they are doing one 16th of the work for a 65,000 compared to 409,000. 52,000 people in detention are now they have 14,000. i.c.e. officers had nothing to do, they are sitting around. don't say it's a lack of
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resources. plenty of i.c.e. officers willing and able to go and arrest criminal aliens if you let them. >> brian: what did you see at the border that was different this time than in the other time? you've been down there a couple times. >> they are american patriots and everyone of them i talked to has lost total respect of our president, our commander-in-chief because he failed to recognize it's a crisis. it was preventable. his transition team was briefed this would happen and they did it anyways. he knew what he was doing. he made the promises during the campaign. they lost respect of the secretary who refuses to call it a crisis. they are working 24/7. they are working vast amounts of overtime. they are bringing sicknesses home to their own families. with this policy, it's a giving policy. that me tell you the only kindness that i thought the border was the border patrol agents the way they treated children and families, the utmost respect and dignity and
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that's the only compassion that i saw. this administration open border policy shows no compassion. 18,000 families have chosen to put their kids in the arms of criminal cartels to enter this country illegally. it's not compassion. it's dangerous and it's stupid. to say that loving parents send their kids to the border which secretary said, wrong. loving parents don't put their kids in the arms of criminal cartels. >> brian: they don't, no doubt about it. even though we have a big heart for the kids, i have no patience for the parents. tom homan, people want to solve a crisis, you'll pick up the phone if you call and you'll do it for free and you been there and you know how to beat it in 2021 like you did in years past. thanks so much. >> thanks for having me, brian. >> brian: i wish it was different circumstances. major league baseball's move from atlanta to denver is backfiring. so much so that even president biden is toning down his support for the boycotting
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of georgia. senator tom cotton, newt gingrich react live in moments.
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>> brian: welcome back. the leftist celebrating mlb's decision to move the all-star game from atlanta to denver,
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colorado. should they be? i knew poll out shows more americans support georgia's laws impose it. is it matter to letting the democratic party. or the major league baseball family. if they had bothered to read the new georgia law they would realize it allows more days for early voting. here's the kicker. georgia and colorado require ids to vote in person. do you believe that? joining us now is senator tom cotton. this got out of control and it really goes back to the president. the president's rhetoric, him offering this idea to major league baseball. they took him up on it. >> hey, brian, good to be on with you and good to see you at night for once. a lot of this goes back to joe biden's press conference last week in which he used inflammatory, incendiary and outright wrong language about this georgia bill, calling it jim crow 2.0.
7:24 pm
i guess he forgot to check the laws in his own states which doesn't have any early voting and fewer drop boxes. he said major league baseball should pull their all-star game out of atlanta and that's exactly what that cowardly rob manfred did. as you pointed out, in many ways georgia laws are more accessible, more friendly and more convenient to voters than colorado's loss and you can play this game all around the country because we have 50 different election law systems. that's fine, it's the way the founding fathers designed a parable we shouldn't have is the president of the united states lying, using racist inflammatory language about the georgia law or major corporations taking sides in a heated political dispute especially when they don't have the basic facts at hand. >> brian: stacey abrams panic. i don't want you to boycott. i just called it jim crow 2.0 but i don't want you to boycott and this morning i was on with
7:25 pm
the ceo, 1800 hotel reservations canceled. this is a city that's 51% black. denver is 9% black. who are you trying to help and who are you trying to hurt? jen psaki talked about the boycott today in her meetings with the press. let's listen. >> this is much bigger than georgia. georgia was one of the first states to act on a concerted effort to use easily disapproval conspiracy theories to fuel their attempts to make it even harder for eligible americans to vote. this is something that we are seeing a prevalence of this, a pattern around the country of an effort to make it more difficult to vote. >> brian: senator, what is the big picture? is she urging the boycotts? trying to bring attention to 30 states trying to reign in the nonpandemic voting rules because we want to restart hopefully this virus is in the rearview mirror? >> if this is the standard we
7:26 pm
are going to apply i bet joe biden is going to have to condemn new york and start demanding boycotts in new york state. they have fewer early voting days in georgia. they never have drop boxes. you can play this game with every single state. what georgia has done is made there voting system were streamlined and efficient, making it convenient and accessible for voters but also safe and secure. it wasn't just november 3rd when georgia had problems last year. in their primary when donald trump was unopposed in our primary coming are people waiting in line for hours. what they did in georgia is designed to streamline their election laws make it more efficient but joe biden goes out and he's racially charged incendiary accusations with no basis in fact. stacey abrams as you pointed out. now georgia has gotten burned because of her lies in this law.
7:27 pm
georgia is going to lose hundreds of millions of dollars of economic activity and probably lots of jobs as well. i suspect the voters in georgia are going to keep that in mind. if you point out that the beginning, in spite of all that, in spite of all the lies and democratic politicians and cheerleading from the liberal media, a majority of the american people still support the georgia law just like large super majority support things like requiring photo identification when you go to vote. these are common sense principles that are designed to make voting safe, secure, accessible and convenient. >> brian: seven out of every ten americans believe idea something you should be asking for when it comes to voting. the thing that i worry about most is regardless of how this election comes out, if you're a democrat and if you lose a senate seat, if you lose the governor's seat and the ghost republicans, they're going to say they cheated and it goes back to "i don't believe the election results. close with that's disastrous for the country. final thoughts.
7:28 pm
>> well, the worst offenders stacey abrams who to my knowledge to this day has not conceded that she lost the 2018 governor's race to brian kemp. >> brian: she has not acknowledged it. senator tom cotton, thanks so much. truly appreciate it. always liked the fact that you are at the tip of this beer with these controversial topics. appreciate it. >> thanks, brian. >> brian: all right, days ago president biden offered his full throated support for the mlb's boycott of the georgia all-star game but now the poll numbers are out and he's kind of changed his tune. >> do you think the masters golf tournament should be moved out of out of georgia? >> i think that's up to the masters. it's reassuring to see that for-profit operations and businesses are speaking up about how these new jim crow laws are
7:29 pm
just antithetical to who we are. >> brian: jim crow laws. he knows better. of course he is still peddling the same defamatory sphere that georgia is resurrecting jim crow, it's shameful. running is this newt gingrich, former house speaker and fox news contributor. the guy knows georgia. your reaction to president biden's reversal on the way he calls it jim crow-esque. how can he equate the two? >> because he lies. it's not complicated. i got so incensed. i've done two podcasts laying out this whole story. stacey abrams was making a lot of money out of this stuff, she thought the jim crow 2.0 website two weeks before the bill was passed. they were setting this whole game. i don't know how she got the president of the united states to talk about jim crow 2.0 but
7:30 pm
he did. you see a linkage. by not only lied about the georgia law. "the washington post," very seldom taking on a liberal democrat, give him four pinocchios, the most you can get. basically saying everything he said about the georgia law was a lie and after that he went on espn and repeated precisely the lies that "the washington post" had just disowned. it's not a new thing. one of the podcasts that i did takes you back to robert bork when he was nominated by ronald reagan. guess who lived the fight to smear robert bork? to be bork ed is no word in the dictionary. clarence thomas, guess who left led the fight to smear clarence thomas? joe biden. now the president of the
7:31 pm
united states with no regard to the truth lies about the law which by the way is better in almost every case than previous law and much, much better. h.r. 1, the corrupt politicians act, is a disaster in the georgia law is vastly better than h.r. 1. i think what you've got here is frankly straightforward effort by liberals to smear georgia and try to set the stage for a big fight over h.r. 1. >> brian: he's also kissing up to the radical left. listen to what ilhan omar said about the boycott, embracing it. >> our hope is that this boycott will result in changes in the law. it's really important that every single state re-examine their voting laws and make sure that voting is accessible to everyone. it's also going to be really important for us to continue to
7:32 pm
push h.r. 1. >> brian: mr. speaker. there is no voting match anymore. now you just ask for i.d. for the law. we are open on weekends, 17 days running up to it. it's such an insult to the average american i can put into words. >> here's what's worse, major league baseball has a 10-year contract with the chinese communist totalitarian leadership. it's okay to deal with the chinese. major league baseball has played in cuba under control of the castro, the post-castro communist dictatorship. the attitude apparently in the c suite in major league baseball is it's fine to deal with communist dictatorships. it's the conservatives that we can't deal with. that tells you how the system is. by the way, anybody who wants to complain about the georgia law, delaware is much worse.
7:33 pm
ironically they're moving the major league baseball all-star game to colorado. colorado is less black. colorado laws are worse than george's laws. there are no rational reasons for doing it. i think what you have found is this is one of those cases where the left was totally out of touch with reality, convinced that the news media would protect them went off the deep end with dishonesty and all of a sudden and this is part of a change has been building now for several weeks, all of a sudden it wasn't getting coverage for the news media protecting it. people are looking up and saying they did what? i think in georgia this may well have killed senator warnock's reelection chances because he's now part of a group that wants to take $100 million of jobs out of georgia and shipped them to denver. >> brian: right. you know what they're going to say? those republicans change the laws and that's why senator warnock lost. more disbelievers from the stacey abrams school of "i'll never trust an election that i
7:34 pm
lose," not good for the country and i think you agree. you have such a grasp of american history. thanks, mr. speaker. great to see you tonight. >> great to be with you. >> brian: meanwhile straight ahead, think vaccinating is enough to return to normal? i thought so but guess again. the biden administration says you can't get your life back until covid is eradicated everywhere in the world. we will debunk that nonsense next. don't move. are waking up to what's possible with rybelsus®. ♪ you are my sunshine ♪ ♪ my only sunshine... ♪ rybelsus® works differently than any other diabetes pill to lower blood sugar in all 3 of these ways... increases insulin... decreases sugar... and slows food. the majority of people taking rybelsus® lowered their blood sugar and reached an a1c of less than 7. people taking rybelsus® lost up to 8 pounds. rybelsus® isn't for people
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aliens are real, alright. there's just too much evidence. kill weeds not the lawn with roundup for lawns products. >> brian: thanks for staying out. glad you're back. that biden administration has shipped to the goalpost on one americans can get their old lives back. do you remember? me neither. now we can only return to normal once we are vaccinated. once we vaccinate the entire planet. >> even if we vaccinate all 332 million people in the united states tomorrow, we would still not be fully safe from the virus. not while it's still replicating
7:40 pm
around the world and turning into new variants that could easily come here and spread across our communities again. not if we want to fully reopen our economy or start traveling again. >> brian: joining us now is dr. martin cole dorf, professor of medicine at the harvard medical school. vaccinating vulnerable americans isn't enough to get us back to normal. now we have to tackle earth. really? >> it's very strange. one of the basic principles of public health is that one should not engage in an unwarranted mongering so it's very irresponsible to do that. with covid for older people in their 70s and 80s for example, it's a very dangerous disease was very important they are very careful and that we try to protect them as much as possible. until two weeks after they receive their vaccine.
7:41 pm
for younger people, it's not such a serious disease. everybody can get infected. there is more than a thousandfold difference in the death between the oldest and the youngest. children has less risk from covid-19 than annual influenza. in terms of mortality. so there's no reason to keep schools close to. they should be open for in-person teaching for example. to spread that kind of fear is irresponsible for public health officials to do. >> brian: dr. kulldorff, why is the psychological element never factored in? when dr. fauci and the cdc director, however it might be, they make these statements, you can't tell people they're not going to get their lives back for the foreseeable future when we already know that the light is at the end of the tunnel. we are halfway through the tunnel if not all the way through the tunnel. why don't they see the psychological damage on?
7:42 pm
>> i don't know, it's very surprising and it's damaging to public health because for example we've had people who don't dare to go to the hospital and then we have more deaths from cardiovascular disease power example and people don't get their cancer screenings. so we have less cancer in 2020 but not because there's less cancer. it's just been knocked detected. somebody who didn't get as cervical cancer screening, that woman might die three or four years from now. it's bad for public health to use the scare tactics. >> brian: dr. kulldorff, when are you getting your life back? >> hopefully soon. >> brian: you don't have to wait for the rest of the planet. give everybody the vaccine but we've got stuff to do. thank you, dr. kulldorff, thank you for adding some sanity to the talk. >> thank you very much.
7:43 pm
>> brian: same topic, i want to turn to an anti-lockdown data analytics group that the doctor you heard from him as an advisor to. it's called panda. the group's founder is nick and he's made an exclusive claim about the w.h.o. in china. he joins us now. mr. hudson, once your claim? >> our claim is that china has petitioned the world health organization to allow it to run global vaccine or an unity passport arrangement and that's critically disturbing because china does indeed have such technology in place. they have a complex system of social scoring if you don't do what the state wants. you find yourself unable to access schooling, public health, any manner of things. >> brian: nick, what you're saying is that you found out intelligence that china has petitioned the w.h.o. to have the right to keep score on
7:44 pm
everybody, find out who's vaccinated and who can traveling where they can go. the same social credits or the stops to .5 million people from doing things like hopping on planes and hopping on trains or buying a bike. they want to bring into the rest of the world. where did you get that information and what is the w.h.o. doing with the offer? >> the information was widely reported between the 14th and 16th of march in the american newspapers. they referenced an article in the global times which is a chinese paper. i don't read mandarin so i was unable to go to the source. in light of what's been going on on the world with the u.k., the european union taking quite rapid and unimpeded steps towards implementing community passports, one has to lend the article the degree of credibility. doesn't seem at all surprising to me that the chinese would make such an overture.
7:45 pm
speech i hope they don't accept it. i don't trust anything about the w.h.o., especially the track record and i can't believe youtube took on the video when you made these claims and now you found another way to post it. it's hard to imagine. >> the interesting thing is it wasn't the video they took down. it was a far more innocuous video that was presented at a conference in the middle of march. that video is available on our website and i would urge your viewers to listen to it. it's 25 minutes of analysis of the malarkey of the covid policy response that's put the world into such a disturbed state. our website is it's gotten millions of views. hundred 21 likes versus dislikes. no criticism of its factual content. much of it came from the w.h.o. and the cdc.
7:46 pm
and yet youtube saw fit to remove it. >> brian: the w.h.o. and china seems to have more power over our social media than we do. nick hudson, thanks so much. i'm glad it's reposted. coming up straight ahead, could the teens behind the fatal d.c. carjacking get away with out any prison time? former nypd commissioner bernie kerik response and the skyrocketing rates of violent crime across the country as our prisons empty out. stay tuned.
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>> brian: did you hear about this? the teen girls charged with murder for the fetal carjacking of the pakistani immigrant mohammed and war have reportedly accepted plea deal that would ensure either of the defendants would be held after 21. nor be placed in a prison facility. are you kidding? lucas tomlinson spoke to a friend of the anwar family about the potential plea and here's how it went. >> it's outrage that someone could kill and get away with it like that. on the other side, those are kids. i think they had to have a lesson. the pakistani community is yearning for justice.
7:52 pm
we believe in the system and we are hoping justice will be served. >> brian: hardworking guy who's car service suffered because of pandemic or no one taking a black car anywhere. taking uber eats. he ends up dying. bernie kerik, you must be outraged. >> it's shame. you have a 13-year-old on a 15-year-old on the 13-year-old can't be charged as an adult but the 1510. the bottom line is it was an armed robbery and carjacking. anywhere else, these kids, at least a 15-year-old would probably be charged as an adult and there would be prison time. i think it's outrageous that there's a lack of accountability. this is what happens in cities like washington, d.c., portland, seattle. new york city. you have a district attorney that's not prosecuting violent crime to the fullest extent of
7:53 pm
the law. >> brian: it's like they're trying to destroy the country one criminal at a time. you add that in the emptying out of the prisons, it's an unbelievable combination. fast-forward to chicago where last month they had a four year high in shootings and murders and he didn't stop chicago's mayor lightfoot from saying this when it comes to foot pursuits. >> foot pursuits present a significant safety issue. the person being pursued often has a firearm or is expected to. and so does the officer. the combination of these elements creates a dangerous environment for all involved. as mayor, i'm directing a new policy be in place before the summer. >> brian: the new policy? no more foot pursuits. do you believe it? >> no, complete insanity. i've never heard anything -- let's let the guy go, a violent criminal with a gun, let's let him go. just let him run off into the
7:54 pm
sunset and disappear so that he can commit another violent crime tomorrow, tonight, whatever the case may be. this is complete insanity. i have never heard of anything like this anywhere in this country. >> brian: between that and the lack of car chases and the lack of criminal prosecution, it's a pretty dangerous combination. i laugh because in new york they are saying we want to get people back to work. they are not going to recognize new york city, what the city's light, the lawlessness that's in the city that you once controlled. mr. commissioner, great to see you. i wish it was under better circumstances with better story lines. thanks for joining us. >> thanks, brian. >> brian: meanwhile straight ahead, biden's blunders extend beyond the border. the last bite next. at chevron, we're lowering the carbon emissions intensity of our operations, investing in lower-carbon technologies,
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a look at this exchange.
8:00 pm
>> the reports are true. >> no, i have not had that conversation. thank you. >> why bring it up? why is it even important? thanks so much for watching me tonight. i'm in for laura ingraham. watch "fox & friends" tomorrow. >> we still wanted to have a visitor and some special easter eggs for all of you from the president and the first lady. not today, but we will invite the bunny back for a future briefing as always. >> so that's where adam schiff has been? ♪ ♪ [cheers and applause] ♪ ♪ >> greg: yes,


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