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tv   Hannity  FOX News  April 6, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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amazing conversation with piers morgan yesterday on fox nation. made a fair amount of news. worth seeing. go to this show is called "tucker carlson today." have a great evening. sean hannity takes over from here. >> sean: thank you and welcome to "hannity." we are learning more about 60 minutes fake fraudulent fail them intentionally lying hit pia governor ron desantis, it's worse than we thought but cbs is still refusing to issue a full retraction and an apology. we have a full report tonight. along with the major development on what the biden administration is considering doing at the southern border. it may surprise you. a more serious questions surrounding the stamina, the cognitive decline of joe biden. i'll explain all coming up. also lease a booth gets --
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lisa boothe gets reaction from georgians. joe's support and the support of others from woke corporate cowards that backed up his lying. that excessive report coming up tonight as well. which brings us to our top story tonight, major league baseball along with joe biden, stacey abrams, they have struck out yet again, it completely embarrassed themselves. because of joe biden leading these lies, the mlb is now moving the all-star game from atlanta, georgia, to denver, colorado, state, get this, for irony, similar but in truth more restricted voting loss than the laws passed in the state of georgia. for example, georgia has 17 days of in person early voting including two optional sundays to vote. colorado, they only have 15. both states allowed no excuse vote by mail and oh, do you know colorado also has a voter i.d.
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requirement? just like georgia. so what message is major league baseball sending to fulton and cobb counties in georgia and the good people of georgia? joe biden, stacey abrams, major league baseball, delta, coca-cola, they all lied about george and the election laws and that's because the people of georgia almost a hundred million dollars in revenue. every person in georgia should be furious with biden, abrams, major league baseball and frankly almost 200 spineless corporations for amplifying these lies. joe biden played the race card, plain and simple. innocent people have now suffered. the worst part of this is biden's home state of delaware, and they have far more restrictive laws on voting and here's what the weekend of frail and the cognitively struggling joe biden told our own peter doocy earlier today when asked about his own boycott calls. take a look. >> do you think the masters golf tournament should be moved out
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of georgia? >> i think that's up to the masters. look, you know, it's reassuring to see that for-profit operations and businesses are speaking up about how these new jim crow laws are just antithetical to who we are. >> sean: well, welcome back to the show. joe biden needs to apologize to the people of georgia, to the georgia legislature. needs to take responsibility for his actions and frankly his lack of applying the same standards all across the board because what he has done here, what he's doing is is absolutely disgusting and completely dishonest. why hasn't anybody in the media mob but for peter doocy asked
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him about this? and frankly asked him to apologize. he is straight out lying, completely disregarding the facts and what this law does and does not do. this law in georgia does not limit early voting. it actually expands it. it does not reduce voting hours. and actually gives voters more flexibility to decide when they want to vote. they even add a saturday to voting. and yes, you're allowed to bring food and water while you wait in line. no, joe, there is nothing in this law that resembles jim crow 2.0. and you should be ashamed of yourself for hurting an innocent state and innocent people playing the race card, using that kind of language. joe biden needs to be asked why he never lifted a finger to change his own home states more restrictive laws. why have you only singled out george, joe? are you going to pressure the pga to end the masters this week, that tournament? joe, are you supporting the
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beijing olympics, winter olympics not far off, next year, 2022. that's right, china. how fair are the voting rights in china? do you support the u.s. pulling out of the beijing olympics? by the way, the state of new york where mlb is headquartered, they are more restrictive voting laws that georgia has. new york only has nine days of early voting. they require a valid excuse if you want to vote absentee. unlike georgia which has no excuse absentee voting. what about joe's home state of delaware? oh, delaware has none. no in person early voting. georgia, 17 days of in person early voting. delaware requires specific excuses if you want to vote absentee. in georgia, anyone can vote absentee. in delaware, there are no valid drop boxes anywhere. in georgia, drop boxes, they are still available. one box per county, that's
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required. so our viewer can tailor, are they pushing jim crow laws too, joe? when are there boycotts coming? joe biden is absolutely, positively lying to the american people and is hurting innocent people in the state of georgia about the georgia law and about voter i.d. it is not racist. it is not restrictive. it is not an undue burden for voters. it is a practical and necessary step to ensure that georgians are residents of any state for e and integrity in their election results. it's that simple. you know where else joe needs to show i.d.? joe, by the way, if anyone in this country wants to visit you at that white house you live in in washington, the one you're sleeping in right now, yeah, you need a picture i.d. to get into the white house as a visitor to see you. do you want to go to the u.s. capitol? visit the people's house? do you want to meet your
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congressman, congresswoman, yep, you need a picture i.d. you want to go to the democratic national convention? you need when they are too. get on an airplane, you need one. buy outs, apply for a mortgage, rent an apartment, yep, you need to picture i.d., you want to have buy a six-pack of beer or alcohol, cigarettes or jewel pods or apply for food stamps were apply for a job or apply for welfare programs, apply for medicare, medicaid, apply for employment, drive, buy, rent-a-car, purchase a gun, adopt a pet, rent a hotel room, pick up a prescription, donate blood, and even get allegra d another cold medicine at your pharmacy in the list goes on and on. in every case you need a picture i.d. so ask yourself why is the mlb, all of these corporate ceos, why are they so outraged by the election integrity reforms but are also totally willing to do business with china? delta, coke, 200 companies, we are going to be watching. we want to see if you sponsor
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the beijing olympics. joe, we want to see if you pull america out of the olympics. why are they all silent on very real human rights abuses in beijing? so will joe pull the u.s. out of the 2022 beijing winter olympic games? is delta, isco, are they going to sponsor the optics in china? what corporations will sponsor the olympics in china because don't forget in china there is ongoing mass detention. of the uighur muslims. that's happening today. the assault and imprisonment of pro-democracy protesters, we have all been watching what's been happening in hong kong. an all-out attack against basic human rights in tibet, is all that okay, major league baseball, joe, is it okay with you? well, apparently a lot of you did a huge deal with china for major league baseball, taking china's money. did you question china about the human rights abuses? what about the beijing olympics in 2022? we are now learning to make that the u.s. is in fact considering
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a boycott of the 22 games. i guess peter doocy raised some legitimate questions today. will these will corporations, are they going to follow suit? in fact, is there going to be a boycott they are? because what is clear is that joe biden, stacey abrams, the mlb commissioner are all willing participants of what is now a massive lie propaganda disinformation campaign against voter integrity and free and fair elections that americans can have confidence in. and frankly they all own apology to the people of georgia. they have an obligation to at least acknowledge basic fundamental truths instead of needlessly dividing americans even further with lies about the law. we did send our own lisa boothe down to atlanta to get george george's reaction to all of this and much more. lisa, i bet you got an ear full today. >> oh, my gosh, sean.
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joe biden called this gym crow on steroids and that narrative really seems to have taken hold right here in atlanta, georgia. what struck me is the opposition to the law seemed to be more about opposition to the governor rather than the law itself. watch this. major league baseball has now moved the all-star game from atlanta to denver. estimated loss of tourism about $100 million. what are your thoughts on the whole thing? >> i guess governor in them, they shot themselves in the foot so now this is going to be for all the events, but for the super bowl, the nba all-star games, et cetera. they're not going to want to come here. sig. i think it's really unfortunate. >> the city of atlanta. somewhat the state of georgia's fall. he shouldn't blame the braves. he shouldn't blame the the atlantafans. >> in colorado, the voting rights? it's different than here. it's more restricted.
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>> has been allegations that having to shown ideas racist. what do you think about that? >> i mean, it's appropriate, showing i.d. let you know that you are really you, it's your true identity. i don't have an issue that. >> i think it's awful to sit here and say people of color or minorities can't get an idea or don't have an i.d. why do they think black people, people of color don't have i.d.? why? why did they keep putting passing narrative? >> you have to have an idea to do anything in america. >> it's unfair in my personal opinion. i think in government you want to make everything as efficient and as easy as possible and when you're doing so much pushback from the overall public, it's saying something. >> yeah, and sean, as you heard, universal agreement that new need to have an i.d. is not racist that they were okay with it and what's interesting is the people who oppose the law are actually okay with sending a message even if there may be
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consequent is economically for the city and state. >> sean: lisa boothe, thank you. major institutions as i said before the election they are failing this country more than ever. it all starts with the media mob, big tech mob, democratic party. they are corrupt. they are abusively biased. they will parrot whatever lies the democratic socialist party overlords want them to tell. no matter what. there basically are no exceptions. for example, look at this lower third. fake news cnn don lemon last night claiming joe biden, he was just me speaking about the georgia law when in reality he was caught red-handed lying over and over again and again about it. so don, would you ever cover donald trump -- donald trump just misspoke. oh, come on. you accused him of lying when he was even telling the truth over their fake knew cnn. why is no one in the media asking real questions about the day-to-day schedule. the obvious stamina issues
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surrounding joe biden. watching him struggle to answer a simple question. today he didn't have his notebook with him. why is he doing so few public events? we looked into it all. joe biden is averaging less than one event per day since taking office. that's all he can handle apparently. handing off all the other responsibilities to kamala harris or president harris, if you prefer. think about this for a second. one event or less a day. he's the commander-in-chief of this country. why is everything so scripted, from the reporters he calls onto the note cards he reads from, the lies the staff is telling all of us. oh, you know, the wind blew joe over three times. it was windy that day. he was boarding air force one. why is he handing off some of his biggest responsibilities, if not most of them now, to vice president or if you prefer, you want to get practicing, president harris, like talking with foreign leaders. what exactly is joe biden doing all day? does anybody even no?
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who is actually running the country? who's running the white house? is it ron klain, susan rice? is barack obama behind the scenes, offering hourly advice? and for crying out loud, are there any so-called serious journalist left that would actually do some real investigating to get answers to these questions? because sadly, instead of covering these real, obvious issues surrounding the president of the united states, the mob and the media is trying to find new, creative ways to spread lies about republicans. look at for example fake news, fraud cbs, 60 minutes, tonight still refusing to retract and apologize for their now debunked, fake news conspiracy theory hit piece against the florida governor ron desantis which, you know, use nothing but lies and deceptive editing to falsely suggest the state of florida cut a secret exclusive deal with publix on vaccine, that never happened, as the state of florida never paid
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publix the single penny. for the record, publix is a huge chain and they have given money and just as much money to republicans and democrats including democratic virginia senators mark warner and tim kaine. the good news, florida democrats are now calling out cbs for their outright lies because they work hand-in-hand with governor desantis for the good of the people of florida. it's worked out well. the democratic mayor of palm beach county, dave kerner, he was on my radio show today, he watched 60 minutes and he was so outraged he released a statement calling this report intentionally false, explaining that 60 minutes refused to hear his side of the story. here is the mayor speaking out earlier today. take a look. >> i participated in speaking with the producer of "60 minutes" for probably over 45 minutes and gave direct facts about the governor meeting that i had in my office a few months ago. when i watched the piece, i was
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taken aback that none of my comments, none of my perspective was included. certainly the truth that this was a decision that i made, county administration made, and really has been a wonderful addition to our overall plan here in palm beach county so i thought it was important to put that in the public sphere. >> sean: at his request, the governor came and met with officials in palm beach county and the governor offered a series of options. what will work best for the people of this county and it was the mayor that made frankly the right call. he made that decision about publix. he told the people at "60 minutes." they didn't want to hear it. he offered to go on camera and they didn't want him on. it broke their narrative. another florida official, jared moscowitz, also slamming 60 minutes and there fake news and despite all of it, 60 minutes will issue a retraction, won't issue an
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apology, saying for over 50 years the facts reported by "60 minutes" have often stir debate and prompted strong reactions. our stories on innate speaks for itself. no, he doesn't speak for itself. you intentionally, purposely withheld exculpatory information because it destroyed the narrative of the story you were building. you purposely lied to the american people. so i have questions for 60 minutes. how about instead of wasting time spewing lies about the florida governor, maybe you might want to focus on a real scandal, real corruption surrounding the disgraced governor of the state of new york, andrew cuomo and his march 25th order that killed what, 15,000 nursing home patients and then his team's effort to cover it all up while he's writing a book, being paid millions of dollars. when is that story going to be on "60 minutes." when will "60 minutes" cover the failures of governor whitmer and murphy and newsome and wolf and wise have you seen to exist only
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attack republicans? the american people are hip to "60 minutes." it's corrupt and abusively biased. they ask you to do an interview, lexi, ask the president asked me at the time, donald trump, can you see if hannity will do an interview. they asked some of the people working in the white house, will hannity do an interview and i said sure can we do it live to tape, no editing, i'll do the interview. my offer stands. guess what. i haven't heard back. the state has got it right. he protected nursing homes, he protected the elderly from the start. cuomo do the opposite with deadly consequences so it's time for 60 minutes, leslie stahl and company, to retract their bogus story and frankly it's basically a conspiracy theory at this point. and simply admit that they were wrong and trying to do do it better in the future. that's of course never going to happen. ted koppel interviewed me with a full hour so he could take a minute of tape, selectively edit
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it to make himself look good. i'm like, all my good points, i didn't even get one in? here with reaction, former white house press secretary, fox contributor kayleigh mcenany. media columnist joe concha. kayleigh, you dealt with the mob on a regular basis. imagine this. i started laughing when they said they wanted. oh, we would like to feature you on "60 minutes." i said yeah, okay, i'm sure it's going to be fair and balanced. how about we do it live to tape? that wasn't an option, kayleigh. >> sean, i find that really interesting what you just revealed because 60 minutes had interviewed the president back in 2016 and in 2020, they came back and said let's interview him again and i will never forget walking into the interview. the president walks in. it was a total and complete hit job. every single question was framed to trap him, attack him, take
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him down. the exact same thing that they tried to do to ron desantis to in fact did not do an interview with them but because he wouldn't interview with them, they came to a press conference and blindsided him and refused to take orders from democrats. it's journalistic malpractice. "the washington post," "new york times," they are biased and leftist they would come to me with a hit piece against the president had asked for my response has press secretary and i would give it to them. but even they would a snippet of my response. 60 minutes would not even include a snippet of the response from democrats refutin. this is a great just. it disseminates any respect we have for journalism and we all need to take a very hard look at journalism in the united states right now because it is an imperialist, peerless place. >> sean: publix is a great grocery chain, joe. they really are. i'm very well aware of them. great stores, great shopping. anyway, so when the mayor of palm beach county and other officials met with
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ron desantis, desantis laid out all the options. he was the mirror that made that decision. he told me on my radio show today. i give this democratic mayor all the credit in the world. put people in his county before politics. they work together. everyone says they want bipartisanship. here you actually had it. publix, they didn't charge the state of florida up any. they donate to republicans. they don't need to democrats. they donate to all causes. much equally from what we've been able to determine. if i was publix, the fact that they intentionally kept out the exculpatory information for multiple democrats saying your narrative is false, they were told i think it might be meet the high bar standard of malice. thoughts. >> it's interesting. if ron desantis goes down that route. in this polarized time -- >> sean: i think they should both sue. >> it's a very good point.
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publix is not happy as well. we are so divided now and it's so rare to see a democrat defend a republican, like ron desantis, very viable 2024 candidate who could very easily take the nomination particularly of donald trump does not win. here you have democrats in the state defending ron desantis. look, the central focus of this report was, why was publix chosen in this situation? "60 minutes" says pay for play but how can there be if they donate to both parties and progressive causes? also we are supposed to believe that 100k buys you the sitting governor of florida? that dog don't hunt particularly when he has presidential aspects. he gets the nomination. if he gets the nomination. you're talking about $2 billion compared to 100,000. it's ridiculous on its face but let's talk about the facts for a second pair publix is also doing the vaccination efforts in
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helping the lead in states like alabama, georgia, south carolina, texas, virginia. didn't hear that in the 60 piece. publix has more than 800 locations in florida, it's as ubiquitous as a starbucks in new york so if you want to get this to the community, this is the number one company that you go to. speaking of number one, axios and harris did a poll in 2020 and found that publix is the number one most trusted company in the country. so here's the topline headline that should've been included in this piece if "60 minutes" wanted to be objective. cases since the beginning of the year among those over 65 are down 80% in the state of florida. they are down 53% were we are talking about hospitalizations and the fact that 60 minutes has andrew cuomo in his backyard, under two investigations on the federal level and on the state level as far as a cover up her own nursing home deaths, nine women accusing him of sexual harassment in the fact that he prioritized --
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for his brother and other people in his family. i'm sorry. bias in broad daylight. >> sean: last word, we have about 20 seconds. kayleigh. >> you mentioned something about new york the sullivan. it's important to point out that the standard is so high to hold any of these news organizations accountable. it's extremely hard to prove. it's why "60 minutes," msnbc, cnn, they get away with murder each and every day. they can say whatever they want because you can't hold them accountable. even antonin scalia said just that and he was exactly right. >> sean: all right, thank you both. when we come back, breaking news. why won't dr. fauci, the great fauci speak out about the border? the biggest super-spreader event in the entire country? lindsey graham will tell us why. sara carter with a live report about terrorists at our border. yep, they said it wouldn't happen. it's happened again.
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something joe and kamala probably don't want you to know. straight ahead.
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♪ ♪ >> sean: senator lindsey graham of south carolina criticized dr. fauci and the problems with covid at the border, fauci responded saying i have nothing to do with the border, despite the high rates of migrants testing positive that joe's facilities that are now in our country, you know, the cages that all those kids are living on top of each other in? the fact the situation is so dire the biden administration is pleading with nasa to get their employees to volunteer at these overcrowded migrant facilities. meanwhile after governor greg abbott faced widespread backlash over his
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decision to lift all covid restrictions in texas, cases continue to fall, as the state continues to reopen. when pressed about why this is happening, well, dr. fauci who a year ago on "60 minutes" said don't wear a mask. masks are useless. he was unable to come up with an answer here. take a look. >> you know, it can be confusing because you may see a lag in a delay because often you have to wait a few weeks before you see the effect of what you're doing right now. you know, there are a lot of things that go into that. when you say that they've had a lot of activity on the outside, like ball games, i'm not really quite sure. it could be they are doing things outdoors. >> sean: far from the actual time that fauci has been confused or wrong about the virus come as a matter fact, he's been wrong quite a bit. take a look. >> now in the united states,
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people should be not walking around with masks. >> you're sure of it? people are listening really closely to this. >> right now, there's no reason to be walking around with a mask. when you're in the middle of an outbreak, wearing a mask might make people feel a little bit better and it might even block a droplet. but it's not providing the perfect protection that people think that it is. often their unintended consequences. >> dr. fauci, it's saturday morning in america. people are waking up with real concerns about this and they want to go to malls and movies, may be the gym. should we be changing our habits and if so how? >> no, right now at this moment there's no need to change anything that you're doing on a day-by-day basis. right now the risk is still low. but this could change. i have many times, even on this program. you've got to watch out because although the risk is low now, you don't need to change anything you're doing.
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when you start to see community spread, this could change and force you and you become much more attentive that we do things that would protect you from spread. >> sean: here with reaction south carolina senator lindsey graham, senator, great to have you back. you went down there now twice to the border, 19 senators went down there. thank you for sharing your videos. you, ted cruz and others. because my cameras that were with you were not allowed in. because of the media blackout. kids on top of kids on top of kids. high positivity rate. i would think dr. fauci would be concerned about that. >> and that's my point. i'm not here to beat up dr. fauci. he is the medical advisor to the president of the united states, joe biden. joe biden has confidence in dr. fauci. joe biden was concerned about people attending the texas rangers opening day baseball game because it may be a super spreading event. here's what i would tell
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president biden. you need to send your medical advisor to the border because it's a complete chaotic situation. you've got 600 people in a room built for 80. you've got 172,000 illegal immigrants showing up on the border in march alone with the 10% positive rate. i'm not asking dr. fauci to change our immigration laws. i'm asking him to visit the border and give his analysis of what's going on there regarding the pandemic. i can't believe the vice president has not gone to the border. the president hasn't gone to the border and the chief medical advisor to this date has not gone to the border. it's important that dr. fauci see for himself what's going on at the border because if he saw what i saw, i think he would recommend that we change our policies. >> sean: senator, we are sending these migrants to every state. as other senators said, everybody's being let in. they are being sent to other
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states. huge unfunded mandate. it falls on the backs of the taxpayers. expecting maybe 2, 2.5 million people. maybe more. we have laws in this country. you're a lawmaker. if i aid and abet in lawbreaking why do i think i would end up in jail? >> that's a really good question. what happens, if you are 16 or under, you're going to be kept in the country. you're going to be released in the country. 80% of the unaccompanied minors have family members already in america. they have a phone number. so they pay smugglers, the family member says money to guatemala. they hire a smuggler, get them to the border and the federal government will finish the last mile. we are aiding and abetting human trafficking. $800 a day to keep one of these kids in u.s. custody but we, your federal government is
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uniting the illegal immigrant child with the illegal immigrant parent and don't you think that's going to encourage more illegal immigration? the confinement situation, if that's not a super spreading event, i don't know what is. i can't believe that the top levels of government having visited the border. where is dr. fauci when it comes to the border? >> sean: are you certain republicans will unite and they won't be able to end like a legislative filibuster? are you confident lisa murkowski, ben sasse, mitt romney won't go along with that? >> yeah, i'm confident. let's put it this way. if we don't unite and stop the filibuster, that's the end of the republican party in the conservative cause. we will have nobody to blame but ourselves. so yeah, i think the answer is yes, we would. >> sean: senator graham, thank you as always. sara carter up next. she has an exclusive report. terrace back at the border. kevin mccarthy also will weigh
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in. later, senator's ted cruz joins us on binds big government take over as we continue. thanks for being with us learning begins in faith. it must move upwards toward the highest thing, unseen at the beginning - god. and freedom is essential to learning. its principles must be studied and defended. learning, character, faith, and freedom: these are the inseparable purposes of hillsdale college.
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♪ ♪ >> sean: just breaking in california, a car chase outside of los angeles. we'll be bringing you updates as they come in. high-speed chase. in the san gabriel valley in california. yesterday customs and border patrol protection, they announced that the agents arrested two individuals on the terrorism watch list at the border. fox's peter doocy, asked circle back to jen psaki about it today. >> the fbi keeps a watch list of information about people who are known or reasonably suspected for being involved in terror activities.
6:41 pm
two people from yemen have been apprehended at the border, how concerned is president biden about terrorists possibly trying to take a vantage of gaps in the border to get in and kill americans? >> let me convey that these incidents are very uncommon. dhs can speak more to the timeline and the specifics in these particular cases and encounters. encounters of known and suspected terrorists are very uncommon. >> sean: very uncommon. we didn't have open borders, there would be known terrorists crossing the border. jen, one terrorist is all it takes and that's not all. you won't be able to find the original press release announcing the arrest because customs and border patrol took it down. tonight the cdp released a statement saying the news release in question was not properly reviewed and contained, certain disclosure of policy information related to national security, that requires cvp to
6:42 pm
room and remove it from its own website. that's not the full story. here for an exclusive report on what actually happened, investigative reporter, fox news contributor sara carter. not exactly what they are saying it is, is it? >> no, it's not. the sources that i spoke to in dhs as well as intelligence said that people in the biden administration and particularly officials in the department of homeland security wanted that press release down because they didn't want the public to be alarmed at the very real threat that the border poses and particularly now in the biden administration we saw 170,000 people entering the border in march of those other people that they apprehended and another 100,000 in february. think about this, sean. 1,000 people according to cvp officials i've spoken with getaway every day across the border. that means those are people they cannot identify, people they have not traced. people that disappear into our
6:43 pm
country without any identity whatsoever and there's a big concern among intelligence officials that some of those people could be terrorists. i am certain that they are questioning these two men from yemen right now they were caught in the sector and possibly there could be more that have entered the border. they do not know and i don't expect us to be finding anything out anytime soon about that and less somebody else is willing to talk. >> sean: all right, sara carter, thank you. one leading republican was been warning for weeks about individuals on the terran watch list crossing the border, house minority leader kevin mccarthy. breaking tonight, kevin mccarthy is requesting up a classified fbi, cia briefing about suspected terrorists who have crossed the border. here with the reaction, house minority leader kevin mccarthy. we already know of a number of them, don't we? >> we do and when i was at the border almost a month ago talking to the border agents, they told me that they had caught people on the terrorist watch list. when i brought that up at the
6:44 pm
press conference, my democratic colleagues weren't shocked by it. do you know what they did? they called me a liar. until we brought forth the answers. it should not come as no surprise that the democrats are troubled by this. they are trying to distract from this disaster because they created it. these policies have created a catastrophe and so today i sent a letter to the director of the fbi, director of the cia to give a classified briefing to myself, pelosi, schumer, mcconnell and bringing the vice president. if she is so-called supposed to be in charge but won't go to the border, she should hear the classified briefing. because what's happening to us and these policies that president biden wouldn't have made us less secure. we are vulnerable and after terrorist attacks. when you talk about the two terrorists they have no caught on the terrorist watch list from yemen, they didn't catch them together. they caught them separately. about a thousand people are coming across every day and not being caught. how many terrorists are in that
6:45 pm
thousand? stephen well, the fbi director may be busy finally offering discipline does those that are mentioned in the inspector general report so he's probably very busy. what we really have here is a health crisis. we do have a humanitarian crisis. but really a national security crisis in a financial burden on the american people the likes of which will be in the billions and billions of dollars. do you see this getting resolved? because i don't, i only see it getting worse. >> it's getting worse. remember, i sent a letter to president biden before traveling there asking him to meet with us. meet with the elected officials and let's work on solving this border problem that he created. he ignored it. we travel to the border. we come back and we warn him about the terrorist. we warn him what's going on with these children being packed together and not tested for covid but now being shipped out sean america, spreading covert throughout, more than 10% of them have covid. how many more will have after they have been held together?
6:46 pm
>> sean: joe biden invited you to the white house? >> no, i have sent three letters and he is ignored everyone and never once or talk to me since he's become president. not bipartisanship. >> sean: it sounds like unity to me, i have never seen such unity. come by our unity. congressman, thank you. when we come back, senator ted cruz will join us. we are monitoring the car chase, a high-speed chase in southern california. 88 miles an hour. we'll watch. will monitor. hope it ends safely. straight ahead.
6:47 pm
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♪ ♪ >> sean: joe biden and the radical left get ready to raise taxes and the price of everything you buy, their
6:51 pm
efforts apparently known no boundaries. treasury secretary janet yellen is proposing a global minimum corporate income tax which of course will only be passed on to you, the american people. the biden administration no longer even trying to hide that these tax hikes are going to hurt the middle class. over here on fake news cnn, energy secretary asked about a "wall street journal" article that says taxes will "hit the middle class hard." take a look. >> the tax code is not fair and so what joe biden wants to do is to say corporation should pay their fair share in the same way that a plumber and teacher would have to pay 22% of their income or 24% of their income. corporations should have to pay their fair share too. >> sean: she didn't deny the taxes will hurt the middle class. here with reaction, texas senator ted cruz. still monitoring that car chase in california. senator, corporations don't pay taxes, i argue come or very
6:52 pm
little. what they will do is they will increase the cost of the product or service if they have. just like energy prices are going up because of biden's policies. that's another tax on the american people. thoughts. >> well, you know i'm reminded of what hillary clinton's head a few years ago. she said don't let anybody tell you a corporation or business will give you a job. well, these are folks that don't understand how the economy works. you know what the people of texas want? we want jobs, we want more jobs and how do you get jobs question like you create an environment where small businesses can grow and expand and hire people. we have just come out of a year-long pandemic that has hammered small businesses all across the country. what do joe biden and his leftist cronies in the cabinet want to do? everyone of them wants to raise your taxes. they want to jack up the taxes on american families. they want to jack up the taxes on every small business in
6:53 pm
america at the exact time that millions of small businesses are hanging on by a thread. they are right at the edge between going bankrupt and surviving. with the biden administration is doing is giving a shove. the early projections are this biden tax increase, the biggest tax increase in a generation is expected to almost immediately cost 150,000 jobs and potentially a lot more after that. >> sean: senator, it's the biggest tax increase in 30 years. now janet yellen wants of global minimum tax rate. we see people leaving california, new york, new jersey, illinois. they are going to states like yours, texas, florida and the carolinas. if there is a global corporate minimum tax, isn't the idea that corporations leave big cities for tax friendlier states like texas, they might start thinking about leaving the united states. isn't that what that's about?
6:54 pm
>> look, and government socialists want to tax everybody all the time. they are looking for and mechanisms to keep raising money. why? because they think they can spend your money better than you can. that they have all of these big ideas. you look at joe biden's supposed to infrastructure bill. over $2 trillion. do you know how much of that infrastructure goes to building roads and bridges? 5%. 95% of his infrastructure bill is spending money on things other than roads and bridges. this is a shell game and the shell game, it always ends with the same trick. your taxes go up. on your wages, on your small business, on your employer, and the big government socialists take the money they spend it on the green new deal. they spend it on their own special interest projects. look, i'm a big believer when our economy has taken a hard hit, that the american people, the working men and women
6:55 pm
deserve to get more of their paycheck in their own pockets. we had, prior to this pandemic, we had the lowest unemployment in 50 years. it was incredible the economic boom we had and that came from low taxes and lower regulations. what does joe biden want to do? high taxes, high regulations. that is destroying your job. it's bad for the country and we are going to see a whole lot more that over the next two years unfortunately. >> sean: i doubt that the state of texas is going to get a refund for all that's going on at the border down there and the burden that your state has to take on. senator, thank you. learning that it's a possible murder suspect leaving the cops on that car chase in southern california. more next.
6:56 pm
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6:59 pm
>> sean: we are still monitoring the car chase. put up the picture in southern california and as you can see an 18-wheeler got in the way. we have found out that this is a
7:00 pm
possible murder suspect. san gabriel valley outside of los angeles, learning that the suspect attacked a deputy before leading authorities on this pursuit. obviously trying to resolve it. we hope it's done peacefully for the sake of all. let not your heart be troubled. brian kilmeade. you better not be late tomorrow for your show. >> i promise. >> sean: off the air at 11:00. you have to get up at 4:00 and you're going to be whining and complaining in the morning that you're tired and there's no excuse. >> brian: sean, i have so much power in the morning. they will give me the first hour off and they will run yesterday's show until i'm ready. that's how much power i yield. >> sean: i want to know, you're going to be wide-eyed and bushy tail tomorrow morning at 6:00 a.m.? no excuses customer >> brian: exactly. >> sean: why leave the studio. have a


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