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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  April 6, 2021 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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oh, it's called "gutfeld." it's going to be so hot he brought a fire truck and his little cap and it so excited to see our special guest eric trump and walter kern. >> juan: all right, thanks, greg. that's it for us. "special report" is up next, hey, bret baier. >> bret: greg was on fire last night. great show, it was awesome. happy birthday, mimi. good evening, welcome to washington, i am bret baier. breaking tonight president biden refusing to say whether he thinks another major sporting event, this week's masters golf tournament should be removed from georgia because of the state's new election law. the president saying a short time ago that he supports groups and organizations who are making such decisions. major league baseball has moved its all-star game from atlanta to colorado. to the critics point to hypocrisy saying colorado has an even more restrictive voting law
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than george let alone china, the communist country that major league baseball still does work with. we have fox team coverage. steve harrigan and atlanta where the backlash against major league baseball's decision is growing. but we begin with white house correspondent peter doocy who asked that question live from the north lawn. >> i had a chance to ask president biden this afternoon who did speak supportively of moving the baseball all-star game out of georgia whether or not all sporting events in that state, now that they got a new voting law are created equal. >> do you think the masters golf tournament should be moved out of georgia? >> i think that's up to the masters. you know, it is reassuring to see that for-profit operations and businesses are speaking up about how these new jim crow
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laws are just antithetical to who we are. i think that's a very tough decision for a corporation to make. >> and the white house claims they are not supporting cancer culture. >> we are not standing here and calling for companies to boycott. >> as president biden promote a vaccine, vice president harris took the lead selling the infrastructure package in chicago. >> joe biden is very serious. about being probably the most prolabor president we have ever had. >> now the democrat most outspoken about his skepticism of the package is the target of ads from a progressive packed. >> joe manchin will invest in west virginia. to speak of the white house said that the president wants to work with republicans. >> at the end of the day the president is in action. he won't tolerate in action on rebuilding our nation's infrastructure. something that has long been updated. >> senate majority leader chuck schumer says that the parliamentarian has given him the okay to pass big packages with only 50 votes instead of
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the required 60. an chuck schumer staffer says it allows democrats additional tools to improve the lives of americans if republican obstruction continues. >> we will leave the mechanisms and the determination mechanisms to leaders in congress. but right now, less than a week after he announced the american jobs plan, our focused is on engaging with democrats and republicans with staff and committee staff and inviting members to the white house next week. >> and to the white house infrastructure is this much bigger than roads and bridges. >> wars have been fought over oil in a short matter of time they will be fought over water. >> there is so much talk here at the white house about to next steps with covid, but very little talk about origins. so i also asked president biden if he had a chance to talk to president xi about the reports that china misled the world in the early days of the outbreak
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that left 554,600 americans dead. the president told me he has not had that conversation yet. >> bret: thank you. now to the reaction, steve harrigan is there tonight. >> the closing company patagonia and patagonia is donating $1 million to political groups in georgia who want to overturn what they say is a restrictive voting law. and involving the shakedown of the laws features. >> this is pushing the unconstitutional takeover of federalizing elections and sr one. and widening. >> many democrats oppose the new voting law and boycotting any georgia businesses. >> there are people on both sides the degree that everyone boycotting each other is not going to be the answer.
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looking at civic participation and economic vitality, those two things should not have to be polarized. >> those critical of the all-star game being moved to coors field point out to that georgia still has more voting days in colorado. and 51% black, denver's 9.2% black, the wokes are at it again. selection place new restrictions on voting by mail and adds voter i.d. requirements. mandates to saturdays of early voting ahead of general elections instead of just one and two sundays as optional, opponents say the new law allows election supervisors to be replaced by the state legislature. georgia based corporations coca-cola and delta join in on the criticism. irritating some in congress. >> republicans drink coca-cola too and we fly. and we like baseball.
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if i was running a major corporation i would stay out of politics. >> the kentucky senator taking a page from tar heel greek michael jordan. >> bret: steve harrigan in atlanta, thanks. to the southern border, seeing just how devastating the migrant surge has been, especially for the most vulnerable. correspondent alex hogan in south texas. >> heartbreaking video of a little boy east of rio grande city asking border agents to help him. >> the child traveling without his parents say the group left him behind solving he asked of the agent if he did not go with them, where else would he go all alone in the desert. he is just one of the thousands of kids who have already made the journey alone as migrants arrive north of the border, members of the team going south
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to meet them head on. an envoy found in guatemala and el salvador this week will discuss causes of migration. congressional delegates of republicans and democrats alike visiting new migrant facilities. the white house plans to move kids out of customs and border protection centers as quickly as possible. >> they don't want to do this. they want to be able to turn these kids over to the department of health and human services. where they can be treated by people who are trained to do this for a living. >> republicans argue that there is still not enough resources for a board agencies. >> i'm sending the national guard as well as the texas department of safety to the border. >> some democrats agree but point to another obstacle. >> how do you hire these officers? a lot of them cannot pass to the background check. the issue of hiring people, we funded the positions we are trying to build them. >> within two months border agency dropped two men trying to enter the country.
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their names appearing on the fbi terrorism watch list as well as the no-fly list. secretary jen psaki says these arrests are rare. just because they do underscore the importance of the critical work that is done on a daily basis to vet those at the border. >> meanwhile right now as we speak, we are giving you a first-hand look of migrants crossing the border right now. they have just walked off the train tracks approaching a border agent and vehicle asking them for help. this is what we see every single day. many of those children on the shoulders of their parents after doing this journey. we also note that smugglers are finding new ways to advertise to some of these hopeful migrants using social media even facebook and tick-tock advertising a safe journey for thousands of dollars. something that we have seen here could have been anything but safe. >> bret: alex hogan along the southern border, thanks.
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if stocks were down today. the dow lost 97. the s&p 500 fell four, the nasdaq was off seven. president biden says now is not the time to let you down or celebrate over what appears to be progress against the coronavirus pandemic. the president is updating the vaccination effort. white house correspondent kristin fisher has details. >> are you getting ready to go, man? fire away. >> president biden commemorating 150 million shots during his first 75 days in office by visiting a vaccination shot place in virginia. despite the milestone, the president noted that the u.s. does not even hit the halfway mark when it comes to vaccinating all americans. and he chastised those that are no longer wearing masks or social distancing like the nearly 40,000 fans who attended opening day for the texas rangers. to speak of the virus is spreading because we have too many people who have seen the end in sight and think we are at
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the finish line already. let me be deadly earnest with you, we aren't at the finish line. >> today president biden announced that he is moving up the deadline for when every american adult will be eligible to get a vaccine from may 1st to april 19th. >> in every part of this country, every adult over the age of 18, 18 or older will be eligible to be vaccinated. no more confusing rules. no more confusing restrictions. speak at the time is nearly identical to what former president trump predicted in september of 2020. >> we expect to have enough vaccines for every american by april. >> even as the growing number of americans get vaccinated there has been a recent spike in cases that combined with new variance has led to some concern about a fourth wave. >> i think that the vaccine is going to prevented that. >> dr. fauci was pressed about why texas is not seeing a surge in cases nearly a month after
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the state rescinded its mascot mandate. >> it can be confusing because you may see a lag and a delay. >> until more americans are fully vaccinated, the message from the president continues to be -- >> keep wearing a mask, wash her hands and socially distance, which i am not doing. >> one other announcement, president biden says more than 80% of all teachers and school staff received at least one shot by the end of march. something that should help more schools reopen. brecht. >> bret: kristin fisher, thanks. up next the u.s. returns to the negotiating table for the iran nuclear agreement, but what will happen there? first here with some of the fox affiliates around the country covering tonight, fox 45 in baltimore saying shot and critically wounded two people at a business park appeared and fled to the fourth dietrich army base where he was shot and killed.
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no word yet on a motive. fox 2 in san francisco where the school board will vote on whether to rename 44 schools. those namesakes are said to be linked to racism, sexism, or other injustices. among those namesakes, abraham lincoln, george washington, and longtime california democratic senator dianne feinstein. this is a live look at chicago from our affiliate fox 32. and the ketchup shortage, prices for ketchup packets have gone up 13% since january of last year. the shortage comes amid increased take-out demand due to the coronavirus pandemic. that is tonight's live look outside the beltway from "special report." we will be right back. ♪ ♪ ♪♪
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♪ ♪ >> bret: welcome back to "special report," up next to biden administration trying to save the iranian nuclear deal, but some of the stories beyond the borders. an update to a story we brought you last night.
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jordan has imposed a sweeping gag order on coverage of the palace viewed after a recording trying to silence a crown prince over his meeting with critics. before that audio surface, the palace and a mediator said the royal family was in the process of resolving the crisis. unclear where they stand tonight. russian police detained nine people outside of prison where alexi novelli is being held. authority is turning away a doctor who tried to see him. in announced a hunger strike last week and what he says is the refusal of prison authorities to treat him properly for acute back and leg pain. north carrara the first country to drop out of the tokyo games because of coronavirus fears. run by north korea sports ministry says it wants to protect athletes from what it calls the world public health crisis caused by covid-19.
3:18 pm
the u.s. meantime has resumed efforts to return to the iran nuclear deal abandoned by the trump administration. talks are now underway in vienna. but opponents are warning that such a move which are up a irani machine -- iranian regime to the u.s. rich edson in has that report. >> back at the negotiating table, different negotiating tables. american and iranian diplomats in vienna meeting indirectly trying to resurrect the 2015 nuclear agreement. and the nuclear program. >> it will not be in complicated, but we are encouraged by the fact that they are taking place. >> using the country still in the deal as a media area, separate discussions with diplomats from britain, france, germany, russia, and china. if successful they want to negotiate a broader deal addressing the ballistic
3:19 pm
missiles, hostage taking and supportive militias. an iranian official tweeted "there will be no possibility for iran coming in the new field" under any circumstances. and president trump withdrew the u.s. from that pack known as the jcpoa, the trump administration restored sanctions. and in violation in terms of the deal. the trump administration piled on even more sanctions creating a web of designations citing iran's terrorism activity, lifting those sanctions would be a tough political sell. >> it's going to be exceptionally difficult to use. >> they have written president biden saying "the current sanctions in place provide the your administration with in a more messed amount of leverage over the iranian regime and should be used as a tool to address all aspects of the
3:20 pm
destabilizing behavior." >> these negotiations should be a road map for the united states and iran to provide compliance. what that involves is unclear. bret. >> bret: we have reported on lawmakers of capitol hill pushing for the boycott of the olympics. the u.s. boycott of the olympics. the state department, was that talked about next year in beijing? >> there has been some talk about that. there is a growing call for the united states to boycott the olympics in china because of human rights concerns. the state department spokesperson midpriced said that the u.s. -- something that the u.s. wishes to discuss. that created some headlines. and now a senior state department official is emailing us that our position on the 2022 olympics has not changed. we have not discussed and are not discussing any joint boycott
3:21 pm
with allies and partners that says that the u.s. continues to talk with allies and partners regarding the challenges that china presents. >> bret: sounds like a cleanup on aisle four. the state department, thank you. capitol police officer william evans will lie and honor in the capitol rotunda april 13. killed in the attack outside the capital last week. he was an 18-year veteran of the force. the attacker died in the incident. another officer was hurt, he has been released from the hospital. up next, president biden trying to have it both ways. is he and his push for a green economy? we will bring you that story. as we go to break, longtime florida congressman has died. hasting's career was marred by controversy. the first to judge tried on criminal charges in a bribery scheme and was impeached by the house, convicted by the senate in 1989. went on to win a seat in congress in 1992 and was
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movement and automatically adjust to keep you both effortlessly comfortable. proven quality sleep, is life-changing sleep. only from sleep number. oh! don't burn down the duplex. terminix. ♪ ♪ >> bret: president biden this in a tough spot when it comes to his desire for a green economy, he is appealing to both environmentalists and big laborers force accord.
3:26 pm
mike emanuel tells us it it's not going to be easy. >> trying to have it both ways and boosting the labor market with organized labor jobs. >> i support unions, and it's time to start getting a piece of the action. >> replacing traditional energy sources like cold, natural gas, and solar, wind, and green battery projects. >> it was a slap in the face to all of us especially as it has been doing it. >> other leaders argue there is no reason to eliminate traditional energy to go green and china will be the real winner. >> most of the energy comes from china. china is the lead energizer and solar, wind, everything. and they have built 700 coal plants as we speak.
3:27 pm
so if solar is so good and you are the leader, why are you building coal plants? >> pete buttigieg acknowledges some of the skepticism. >> there been a lot of moments where promises have not been kept to labor. which is one of the reasons why having the most prolabor president we have had in a very long time is going to work very well for workers. >> west virginia, blasting the president's latest spending bill president biden's so-called job proposal is transforming the economy with priorities in an unprecedented way. a republican on the house transportation committee says it is time for the biden administration to get serious. >> if you want my idea, keep it simple. make it a true infrastructure bill. this is not a true infrastructure. more on electric vehicles than they do on highway and bridges. >> expressing concern about
3:28 pm
potential economic devastation to community is trying to take carbon out of the economy eliminating steady jobs in a fixed location. and how they will fit in. >> bret: concerns are easing in florida about a waste water pond on the verge of a collapse. it could have sent a 20-foot wall of contaminated water into the streets and neighborhoods they are jonathan area in florida with the latest. and breathing a sigh of relief, crews are working around the clock to repair the breach in the reservoir, but they say that the situation has stabilized enough, that county officials feel comfortable lifting the mandatory evacuations. >> this is under control, less to the point that people will be able to return to their homes,
3:29 pm
while water, drinking water is safe. >> the army corps of engineers has already helped during a significant amount of waste water from the pond of an abandoned phosphate plans. and surrounding the reservoir with an uncontrolled relief of water and surrounding neighborhoods. from 1966 until the owner is filed for bankruptcy in 2001, and the fertilizer, test showed the wastewater in the reservoir is rich in phosphorus and nitrogen, neutrogena and that can cause an increase in algae and dissolved oxygen needed by fish. some of the contaminated water will be stored in a deep injection well while other waste is being diverted into tampa bay. which concerns florida senator marco rubio. >> there is going to be another impact, because you are putting nutrients and contaminated water in a sensitive wildlife area.
3:30 pm
and algae bloom, fish kill. >> working to deploy technology to remove some of the excess nutrients before they discharged this wastewater into the surrounding environment. bret. >> bret: jonathan terry live in palmetto, florida. thank you. ron desantis says 60 minutes intentionally edited his comments and push the political narrative compared to the next story about the vaccination program. telling tucker carlson last night his agreement with the publix grocery store chain had nothing to do with a political contribution and on fox & friends ron desantis said "60 minutes" ignored his side of the story. >> they edited out all of the key facts. i gave a two minute to response at the press conference and they edited out all of the packs. we have done one of the best jobs of protecting our seniors. the results speak for
3:31 pm
themselves, but they did not want to tell you that, because they know that that will blow up the narrative. >> the palm beach county mayor who is a democrat is dispensed on bank defending ron desantis and criticizing the "60 minutes" report. he declined an interview request and that the ipa ignored his perspective is untrue. they say the story stands for itself. the judge in the trial of former minneapolis police officer accused in the death of george floyd is considering whether a man who was with floyd shortly before he died can testify. maurice hall is being held on unrelated charges. floyd's girlfriend says she thinks hall provided floyd with the drugs which of the defense claims -- blames rather for his death. and the attorney warns his testimony could incriminate him. the judge says there could be a narrow amount of testimony he could give without doing that. up next the panel on coronavirus vaccinations and the georgia
3:32 pm
election fallout. and coming up later, a carjacking that went terribly wrong and why it is not getting much coverage at all. ♪ ♪ not everybody wants the same thing. that's why i go with liberty mutual — they customize my car insurance so i only pay for what i need. 'cause i do things a bit differently. wet teddy bears! wet teddy bears here! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ new projects means new project managers. you need to hire. i need indeed. indeed you do. the moment you sponsor a job on indeed you get a short list of quality candidates from our resume database. claim your seventy five dollar credit, when you post your first job at
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that means... best burger ever. intuit quickbooks helps small businesses be more successful with payments, payroll, and banking. ♪ ♪ >> colorado allows you to register on election day, voting by mail where they send you 100% of people in the state who are eligible, to vote by mail. it's up to major league baseball to determine where they are holding their all-star game. >> republicans watch baseball too. and we fly. and we like baseball. if i were running a major corporation, i would stay out of politics. >> bret: president biden this afternoon saying it's up to the masters to decide whether to move the golf tournament from georgia, which might be tough from augustine national. it's all about this georgia law
3:37 pm
which of the president this afternoon again called a jim crow law. moving forward from jen psaki about to the comparison and contrast, georgia has a minimum of 17 days, maximum of 19 days of early voting and colorado has 15. 15. georgia allows no excuse to vote by mail similarly all registered voters in colorado have been receiving ballots by mail since 2013. and a valid i.d., and also a valid i.d. to vote in person, a photocopy may be required if voting by mail for the first time in colorado. just some of the compare-contrast points. let's bring in the panel, publisher of "the federalist," national correspondent of national radio, and national reporter for axios. i wonder whether the white house saw this coming and moving to denver.
3:38 pm
this did take a different tone now saying it was the business that made that decision, not the president urging it on. >> it is risky for them, because these decisions have real costs on the ground and the president acknowledged this, the cost affect the president of georgia and the local businesses of georgia and the lost revenue, the overflow in effects not just the business is directly impacted, but also all of the circles out from that, so if the white house leans into heavily and to the boycotts, they could have tagged directly with all of the potential economic suffering that attends it. so they are trying to walk this very tricky line between those two points.
3:39 pm
>> bret: they did urge the major league baseball to do it, and in the statement referencing the statements about this. >> that is my point, if -- there are things said to -- and joe biden, you can see the elements of a walk back and certainly not doing the same. it's very clear that as you say it is a modified rhetoric. >> this is also a situation where the white house kind of got over its skis. president biden did not expect to the kind of immediate reaction that they got to this, because he invoked to the idea that the players were demanding this kind of move when in fact to that was not the truth. it was a piece of the kind of lies that he told about the georgia bill, and frankly it is as obvious and irritating as things can be that you have ripped away this all-star game
3:40 pm
from a city that is known for its african-american culture and its working class african-american population and small businesses that would have benefited from the game and you put it into a lily white situation that frankly has virtually the same or mostly equivalent of demands when it comes to the kind of voting rights that are in the situation. it puts the lie about his jim crow comment front and center and once again shows that joe biden is not going to in any way be a uniting force as a president. >> bret: tim scott, the senator from carolina tweeting out what ben said from a 51% black state to a 9% black state in colorado. >> yes, i mean, look, there are prominent democrats, stacey abrams, jon ossoff in georgia who don't want businesses to be boycotted. they think that is the wrong way
3:41 pm
to go. they are obviously against this voting race act and want to push back against it. they are not for anything that is going to hurt the bottom line of small businesses in georgia or the incomes of georgia workers. i've even heard some democrats saying that the sports events should have stayed in georgia and then turned their celebrations into a kind of nonpartisan voter registration drive. in education drive about this. there is no doubt that president biden went further than even georgia democrats wanted to go. although i have to disagree with ben, the georgia law and the colorado voting rules are not equivalent. >> that is not true and you can't get away with saying that. they are very close in terms of proximity and you cannot get away with saying that. it is simply not true. i'm sorry. when you look at this georgia law, it is extremely reasonable. there is not --
3:42 pm
there is no case that can reasonably be made that it represents jim crow in the south. >> that's not what i said. i said net, net, net, the voting restrictions in georgia, look at what colorado does. they send absentee ballots to every single registered voter. you can register in georgia up until election day. in georgia -- in colorado, in georgia i think it stops 28 days before. >> the lesson that republicans should take away from this experience, frankly, is that they should have a much more hard-core attitude if they are going to be called racists and jim crow when it comes to any kind of voting law that is trying to be moderate in many respects. >> bret: if one of the things was voter i.d., colorado is requiring that. and for absentee. which item they are going to go down to try to defend one against the other. jonathan, let me turn really
3:43 pm
quick. today on infrastructure and reconciliation, democrats vote the budget resolution chuck schumer saying that it opens the door to more things, jen psaki is saying the president's redline is in action. he won't tolerate inaction. that sounds like we are going down the same road and up to joe manchin and kyrsten sinema to make a decision here. >> and it is very obvious where this is heading. the white house is -- has put out, they have put out the more popular elements that are closely attached to infrastructure first, and republicans would find the hardest time arguing against, but here's the problem, to pay for on the other side basically asking republicans to undo their signature legislative accomplishment from the trump arrow which was the tax cuts. so it's not exactly a sweet tasting fruit for the republicans. and then the next phase of it is
3:44 pm
really large scale social spending. which goes much, much further than anyone thought that they were going to try this year, particularly some of the efforts with tax credit extensions looking for a free community college, pre-k, universal, so it will be an expensive package. the budget conversation, is it going to be one bite of the apple, two bites of the apple? these are interesting tactical questions, but where it is all heading is a straight-line party vote and knows that it is a little bit of a dance going on right now. >> bret: we will have a lot of time to talk about that as it comes out. up next the washington carjacking that left a pakistani men dead. virtually unpunished, the story not covered. the panel's reaction coming up. ♪ ♪ ♪♪ ♪♪
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♪ ♪ >> bret: now to an unusual case surrounding a carjacking in washington, d.c., that went terribly wrong, the death of the driver and the seemingly nonexisting consequences for the perpetrators. it's happening right here in the nation's capital, lucas tomlinson has the story.
3:49 pm
>> a pakistani immigrant, killed while delivering food in the nation's capital abide two girls 13 and 15 years old during a botched carjacking outside nationals park. one of them yelled my phone is in there, but none about the man she is accused of killing. in the crime is not getting enough attention. >> it is an outrage that someone would kill and get away with it. but on the other side, those are kids. >> 66-year-old had only been in the u.s. for seven or eight years. when his limousine business load during the pandemic, he started delivering food. according to his friend also a pakistani immigrant, they were too many people standing around watching, not doing anything to help. >> someone should have helped. >> do you think of the two teen girls had been in school they would have killed your friend? >> if they were in school, that would not have happened, yeah. >> carjackings in the nation's capital are up 300% this year according to
3:50 pm
"the washington post"'s murder is up 34% this year, last year ended with a 16-year high and killings. mourning the loss of his friend, he thinks the killing of innocent victims is largely being ignored across the country as crime rate spike in major cities during the pandemic. >> most of them just as well as any other life matters, and you know, some underlined things that do not to make the headlines and probably most of them are one of them. just one of those who did not deserve to die the way that he went. >> a gofundme page has been established in his honor, and has raised over a million dollars for his family. that the two teen girls are expected to make a court appearance later this month and expected to enter plea deals. >> bret: lucas tomlinson, this exclusive story in washington, d.c., we are back with our panel.
3:51 pm
this really did not get a lot of coverage, and seemed like a big deal. >> you know, it's an enormous story in terms of an indication of the decay that has happened in our nation's capital, you see the fact that this has happened in broad daylight in front of so many people, i hear that crack in the interviews voice about so many people standing around and not doing anything to stop this. there is no reason for you to know this, but our own car, my wife's car was broken into violently in broad daylight in d.c. just recently i'm robbed, this is a city that is really descending into a serious criminal situation under mayor bowser who seems a lot more interested in painting slogans on the street then dealing with the actual problems that her citizens are facing. >> bret: one of the things in that story are that kids are not
3:52 pm
in school and obviously that adds to an environment on the streets, your thoughts on the story? >> this story is a national story, it is how crime has gone up during the pandemic and kids are not in school, front-line workers are not only in danger because of the virus, but they are in danger because of crime delivering food is about as front-line as you can get, and i can't speak to why this story has not gotten more coverage, but it is clearly enough attention on social media that the gofundme site was able to raise a million dollars for this man's family. if so that is a sign -- >> bret: we will put it up on the screen. raising more than $1 million, we will put it on the screen. and the other part of the story is the perpetrators here and what kind of punishment they face or don't face, and the controversy about that. >> yes, it is obviously
3:53 pm
complicated, they are juveniles and the juvenile system is entirely organized around the concept of rehabilitation rather than punishment, so it gets more complicated for the elder of the two who could be at the judge's discretion tried as an adult and face more severe punishment, but for the younger teen, they are going to be treated as a juvenile. the school question is really important, because he put up on the screen statistics showing that to this is not some kind of margin of error increasing, we are talking about increases in crime during this period of that extent, you have to ask questions about many reports of young school-age kids doing these kinds of crime. and this is really at the heart in the policy, this is one of the really tough questions we have to face which is not just that we have seen a generation
3:54 pm
of kids lose a year of schooling and education, and all of the support systems and all of that. and entering the criminal justice system, potentially as a result of that, and it's a really complicated and ugly story that we are going to see play out for many years to come unfortunately as i see it. >> bret: the social fabric is being affected, panel, thank you very much. our condolences to the family and to the muslim community is hurting hearing to d.c. as well. when we come back, tomorrow's headlines tonight with the panel. ♪ ♪
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3:59 pm
of infrastructure could be broken off, that republicans could support like universal broadband or making our own semiconductors anything to make us more competitive with china but it doesn't look like that's going to happen. >> bret: all right, jonna? >> jonathan: my headline is caitlin jenner announces run for california governor. and it's based on reporting that we published this afternoon that the reality tv star, who is transgender has been seriously considering running as a republican against gavin newsom in california. she is talking to republican consultants. >> bret: well, that's a scoop. ben? >> ben: "60 minutes" hires dan rather as head of fact-checking. their terrible embarrassing "60 minutes" report backed today by cbs on the florida situation. it's an embarrassment and in keeping with his past failures as a journalist. and i want to thank the fine
4:00 pm
people of publix. they didn't offer the a vaccine to my grandmother or to my aunt. they got their at walmart in wynn dixie only obecause some people were in line at publix. >> bret: all right. long headline. all right. panel, thank you very much. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for this "special report" fair balance wanted and you afraid "fox news primetime" hosted by mark steyn this week starts right now, hey, mark. >> >> mark: hey, bret. i have quote to work in some of my family members to tomorrow's headlines feature. you need to expel them for that. i think that ought to be against the rules. thanks a lot, bret, terrific show. let's get to it. good evening and welcome to "fox news primetime." ♪ i'm mark steyn i'm an immigrant to this great republic. no, no. don't worry, i'm not an undocumented immigrant. i'm the other kind and boy, i wouldn't make that mistake again. years in the system, the