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tv   The Five  FOX News  April 6, 2021 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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time, but that's where we take it too far and it does with economic damage with the wrong people at the wrong time based on the wrong place. we will have to keep following this and at the meantime it will do it for us. here comes "the five." ♪ ♪ >> juan: hello, everyone, i am juan williams, along with greg gutfeld, dana perino, -- ♪ ♪ it's 5:00 in new york city and this is "the five." cbs and 60 minutes coming under major fire. it's over a story they did on the governor ron desantis. the program claimed that he gave preferential treatment to the public in the vaccine rollout because they donated to his campaign, but the florida governor hitting back hard against the accusation.
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he is accusing 60 minutes of deceptively editing the piece. here's what the clip looked like when it aired on cbs. >> noting that you donated $100,000 to your campaign and then he rewarded them with the exclusive rights to distribute the vaccination. >> what you're saying is wrong. that is the safe narrative and that was the county mayor, the administrator and all of the folks at palm beach county and said, here are some of the options. we can do more drive through, we give more to hospitals, and they said we think that will be the easiest thing for our residents. >> melissa mckinley in the everglades told us the governor never met with her with the public deal. >> eight will go away, governor. >> it's a fake narrative. it just getting used to the narrative and you don't care about the facts because obviously i made it out for you in a way that is irrefutable. >> and here is what cbs came out
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including ron desantis deciding to choose public. >> we wanted to expand the distribution points, so you have the county, some drive-through sites coming up hospitals that were doing a lot, and went to giving communities more so we reached out to other retail pharmacies, walmart, obviously cvs and walgreens finish that mission and we will figure out how to get done with that. for the public they were not ready to go, and you know what, we did it on a trial basis, i actually showed up that weekend and talk to seniors across the public how is the experience? it was good, it was 100% positive. >> juan: cbs continues to stand behind their story saying that our story sunday night speaks for itself. dana perino, let me begin with you. ron desantis claims he is being smeared by left-wing
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corporate media. he points out that cbs has not done a story on embattled new york governor andrew cuomo. but the cbs people say that he turned down two interviews. so i'm thinking is this a normal press versus politician conflict that is being blown up by the grievance media and political polarization? >> dana: sometimes i would agree with you, in this case, no. when they say that it speaks for itself, it sure does and it has been going for two days. if they wanted to help ron desantis solidify his position as one of the top leaders in america, they could not have done a better job. the way that they edited the video would've been pulled off the air if it was a political add in the opponent complained it would've been pulled off or less. i have a little bit of history with dealing with cbs on such deception and i don't think that it is too far to say that this is reminiscent of things in the past where they forged documents and error to them.
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and when it came to george w. bush's national guard and then all of a sudden, weight, reports and move on. to the other opportunity for governor desantis right now is to move beyond just talking to the republican base. he has a great story to tell about florida and how florida has done in covid. we have dan bongino on here who can talk about it with more direct experience, but you'll florida and texas who had a different approach for dealing with the covid and the lockdown to try to figure out a way to keep the economy open while keeping people safe. and you have these democratic stars of governor newsom and cuomo with the worst record. this is an opportunity to move beyond just talking about cbs and editing that piece about him, the last thing i would point out is that i interviewed the mayor of palm beach this morning and he is a democrat who raised his hand immediately after saying that "60 minutes" interview and said, this is not right or what happen, this is wrong. and he said that he talked to
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them for over 50 minutes but that nothing he said was included in the piece. when they issued another statement about this, they said, well, we talked to that mayor. you talk to him, but nothing sunk in ending feels it was deceptive. when you have a democratic mirror defending the republican governor at the top of his political field, then you know you have a problem at cbs. >> juan: here is the video. >> i participated in speaking with the producer of her 60 minutes for over 45 minutes and gave direct ideas of the government meeting that i had here in my office a few months ago, and when i watched the piece i was taken aback really that none of my comments, none of my perspective was included. >> juan: katy, two florida democrats including the governor saw saying they agree with the governor that impact they
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thought public should be used to vaccinate people in the state. but at the same time, 60 minutes actually noted that public, the public fortune gave major donation to public to his political action committee just before that big contract was given to the public. so i just want to figure out if you think isn't that a story? >> katie: no, first of all $100,000 in florida as a campaign donation is really not a lot of money. public is the most popular grocery store chain and they explained that there is a publix within the mile and a half of most senior community is in florida which is why they decided to go with a first why they decided to vaccinate seniors first. but if you want to talk about the amount of money for pay to play which is obviously what cbs is trying to go for, gavin newsom received $23 million from blue shield in california.
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and gave the exclusive rights to what was happening. so $23 million versus $100,000 of routine political donation to ron desantis. there is no story there any at at -- cbs says that they reach out to the right people. but what i like for the story is that you look at florida and it is obvious that democrats and republicans unlike the rest of the country were able to rise above politics and partisanship to get the job done when it came to getting people vaccinated quickly. so i think that that's really what the focus is here and we will see what cbs does. >> juan: greg, you have politicians, and minority areas in florida pointing out that they were not getting access to the vaccine in a comparable way to people who were wealthy landowners to ron desantis. is that fair to point out as a criticism? >> greg: i don't know, because
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it is simply one variable. when you are doing something like this, they are a number of variables going on in terms of age and risk factors. the thing that gets me, there are two things on this. and when 60 minutes in their defense had this brag that stirred debate and prompted a strong reaction. but the neglected state of the debate through its corrupt methods, and creating this debate. so instead of saying my incompetence raises awareness of incompetent people, the strong reaction is over the dishonest manipulation of tape in this. and cbs claims that they edited the piece for clarity, that's like saying we are lying for the truth, because you can consider this logic that the context gets in the way of a story. and sadly they kind of our right. the grim intention all along is to shape their narrative.
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and in order to do that you have to remove the context whether it is watching the post of the covington kids or katie couric with those gun owners or 60 minutes, they look at people's lives like a block of clay and it is up to them to carve the story of discord out of it to make money, because the positive uplifting story of which there are many, that's not going to get them clicks. they have to find the negative elements in every story. and in this case was linking the public to this. but this is always the media's goal, positive stories don't help. the goal is to manage destruction of your target. it is the richard jewell effect. >> juan: you know a lot about florida as dana was saying, it seems like ron desantis fortune politically are rising and defending him, he is a hero. but what you get is a lot of people saying, this is the same
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guy who believed the claims of election fraud. what do you think? >> that was interesting how you threw that in there, juan, really nice try. this is a total lie, a story designed to appeal the idiots. so if you are a, the story on "60 minutes" absolutely appealed to you. do you think that there's something there. it's totally made up and not a shred of truth to it. if you actually live in florida like i do, you can't swing a wiffle bat without hitting a public, because there is one in every direction. also publix donates to everyone in florida because they have 816 stores in florida, so just like everyone else they donate to politicians. let me bring something up. if you were going to distribute the vaccine, would you do it in a place that had -- this is a tough one for liberals, so think this through. take the blinders off and think this through. it do you want to put in a location that is 800 or 300?
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i know that liberals, they have been vaccinated to the truths, right? i know that that's hard for them to figure out, but 816 locations publix is probably a good place to start with vaccinations. i just will throw that out there. >> juan: thank you, dan. coming up next, people asking if american ceos are in charge of the country as a fallout heaps up in georgia over that new voting rights law next on "the five." ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> greg: what's the point of congress when it is cowardly ceos calling all of the shots in america? axios with the report that they are the new lawmakers after caving so easily to the left-wing pressure campaign on campaign on georgia's voting law. but republicans fight against the lies. >> hogwash to the corporate ceos of america, staying out of politics. >> it's time for all of these politically correct ceos to stop a slandering georgia and a stand up to the social justice warriors and their companies they are asking to engage in the boycott. >> i refuse to associate with an organization that is taking political positions when they need to focus on baseball. >> if they want to boycott us, why don't we boycott them? this is the only thing that will teach them a lesson. >> greg: announcing that the
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all-star game will be moving out of atlanta to coors field despite the state having fewer early voting days and requiring voter ids in person. president biden weighing in moments ago. >> it is reassuring to see that four profit operations and businesses are speaking up about how these new jim crow laws are just antithetical to who we are. i think it's a very tough decision for a corporation to make or a group to make. but i respect them when they make that judgment. it's the best way to deal with this is for georgia and other states to smarten up. >> greg: so dan, that to me was just press that pathetic. the fact -- this was a guy that claimed he was going to unify this country and yet he refers to these laws
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as jim crow laws, which is a perfect racist smear right up with the fine people hoax could how did he think this is helping america? >> dan: he totally disgraced himself and a disgrace to the country. jim crow laws, explain to me, any liberal out there, please explain to me how it is not racist, by the way, to claim that black and minority voters in atlanta can't figure out what their driver's license number is. hold on, i'll wait. you can't, because you are the racist. not only -- you are not a soft bigot, you are actually a hard bigot, yes, i said it, and i absolutely believe it. if you are claiming that black and hispanic voters because you are either really dumb or you are a hardcore racist cannot figure out on a driver's license what their driver's license number is, i've got news for
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you, seriously seek help! you are very unintelligent or you are a super hard-core therapy needing racist human being. and for joe biden to say somehow that a law that just asks you to put a social security number, a utility bill, or a driver's license number is racist and implying because black and hispanic voters can't figure out is so disgusting. really, i'm embarrassed for him. i mean, this is really -- explained to me again how that is not racist, i would love to hear it. >> greg: that is a good point, how is it not racist? it's beyond condescending to assume that a certain group of people just can't manage one of the most basic elements in life. it's insulting. >> juan: i think what is insulting is the big lie, but -- >> greg: tell me what the big lie is to? >> juan: it was perpetrated by donald trump and said that they
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had voter fraud or some kind of corruption in georgia that needed help with. >> greg: what does that have to do with voter i.d.? >> juan: greg, you want to talk or let me -- >> greg: i'm asking a question, just answer it and we will all be happy. you're going to your old song. >> juan: greg, you keep whining and grievance, go ahead. -- here we go again. it's hard for you, i can see. >> greg: i'm having fun. >> juan: yes, i know, that's fun for you, this is what you call -- >> greg: answer the question. >> juan: bully people. it's not nice, greg. >> greg: i am bullying you? >> juan: what you have is a situation in georgia were not one black legislator was consulted on this new law. you have a new law that has an all white republican group
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taking control of state elections from the secretary of state and from local election boards. and limiting mobile voting and limiting access in terms of community outreach and more, you talk about voter i.d., this is a small part and believe me, ceos aren't dumb. they know what is going on, they don't want the repeat of januare democracy of this country undermined and the economic base -- >> greg: you are saying what you said yesterday. >> juan: because i want you to hear it. >> greg: i did, it was absurd. we know that it is about what happened with billions of dollars. let's go to katie. >> juan: can you hold on? the country is destabilized by politics coming from far direction, one way or the other and they are not trying to play politics, they are trying to save this country. >> greg: katie, juan claims
2:22 pm
this is all about january 6, do you think that they were worried about that or the three or four months of riots where billions of dollars and businesses were destroyed? >> katie: yes, i think that they are worried about their business getting burned to the ground if they don't give into the extortion that we have seen with all this activism. but i find it amazing that the new democrats are acting like the old democrats. they have moved the all-star game from a majority minority city, atlanta, a black city to a mostly white to denver, congratulations on that if this is all about race, and i think it's just amazing that democrats are the only ones who are allowed to talk about election reform. hr 1 that federalize his elections and takes it away from localized governments of which is what people against the georgia law are complaining about in georgia, they can push that through with no republican votes, but republicans at the local level are not allowed to vote in favor of voter i.d. laws
2:23 pm
which the majority of the country in vast numbers supports? this is about power and they are using the race card to get it done. >> greg: do you mind if i use an analogy? >> dana: granted. >> greg: mlb has a lot going on with china, right? and i don't think that the uighurs need a path i.d. when they are being forced into labor camps, so i guess lebron james is okay with it and the mlb is okay with it. the chinese government, it's almost like the new tobacco, right? when every one of these pro sports knows it's bad for you but they will still take their money, they will still take -- they used to take the tobacco advertising and then they stopped. it's almost the same kind of thing? >> dana: it is interesting to see if the hypocrisy will catch up. it is obviously hypocritical. you can see that.
2:24 pm
but i do think that there is something else. this war is a race to the bottom for everyone. and i'm just like looking for who is going to stand up and say, everybody, can we get in a room and try to figure this out together? we do not need to be torn apart like this. and i do think that the china point is a good one, but i don't think that the company is are persuaded by it. and they must have information or maybe they are comfortable with it with themselves. i just feel like we are missing something. >> greg: are missing that the division is profitable. where does the story come from? it did not come from us! it came from the mainstream media who push the idea. so it's like this is not really a big deal. it's about a voting bill and now it is tearing us asunder, why? because it is push that way. >> juan: i think it is a huge deal.
2:25 pm
>> dana: each side has these points that they can come to it and say this is why it happened. i am just looking for that okay, we are american adults, can we find somebody to help pull this country together? on this very important issue. make sure that voting is accessible and things are secure, those are things we can do. >> greg: the consequences of the left push to defund the police. that will be fun, why one department is losing officers in droves. ♪ ♪
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left to defund the police movement is pushing law enforcement to the very brink. losing officers and droves with a total of 115 officers leaving the force since july 1st 2020. representing one of the biggest waves of departures in recent memory. one retiring detective saying "the community show zero support, the mayor and council ignore actual effects on crime in favor of radical leftist panacea." not at a worse time with homicides and shootings going up and compare the last year. as a former law-enforcement officer officer, i wanted to ask you, that is something that you do that it feels personal? you are giving back to your community to resign and leave the force must mean that things are pretty bad? >> dan: this is why a wake up every morning and i wonder, how are you a liberal? how is anyone a liberal? liberals have this idea, this genius idea, let's go we relied
2:31 pm
on criminals, let them out of jail early and attack of the police officers and let blm and nt 4.0 burned on the city and i think that crime is going to go down? it's like liberals are like a forest fire that is all-consuming everywhere. it's like is it difficult to figure out? i'm not kidding, i'm asking the same people which eliminates most to liberals, i'm sorry, is this really confusing? we know it works? rudy giuliani did it in new york. strong solid policing and enforce the law, and crime goes down. this is not complicated. i just wish that liberals would wake up and start processing things like triple digit iq people do. >> dana: i talked to a friend that says it is mostly professional people in portland and says he does not know anybody who is not trying to leave. >> juan: that is not my raid, i know several people who live
2:32 pm
there, dana, but everybody is concerned about that because everybody wants good police including me. you want police protection for yourself, your family, your homes, your property. we can't turn a blind eye to bad police. i think that that is the key. to me a bigger story than some cops deciding they are going to leave the force is the trial that is going on right now where you have a police officer facing penalties for his role in allegedly killing george floyd. i mean, the testimony in that trial coming from fellow police officers has been absolutely about somebody who just abused and then killed another human being. >> dana: and that is happening about him. >> juan: correct. we need to hold bad police accountable. back to what you are saying. in this case, but obviously it is not that typically the case in this country, dana. most often their arguments about immunity and a police union,
2:33 pm
protection, we don't even know the number of police killings, because it is not kept in terms of federal data, and people cover up, because everyone says, well, they are the police, we give them that authority. >> dana: katie, your thoughts? >> katie: all i know about the statistics is this is why people are buying guns, because he can't call the police, they are retiring from the force and can't come to your door to protect you. and people are deciding that they are their own first responder with women and minorities leading the way. before a final thought from you? it >> greg: you were bringing up statistics that juan disagreed with and then backed himself up with a point that contradicted his point. so it's exhausting to point out how involved the media is when the activists left gets what they want and people actually die, those consequences are ignored. and that is why this story is international news.
2:34 pm
these are black officers, female officers, they are leaving. this is not a race issue, i know that juan wants it to be one, but it's not. remember how weeks ago there was a terrible crime in atlanta involving asians being murdered, it was a hate crime involving a predator. and it got everyone interested in fighting antiaging and hate crime until for the media their ideal billing white supremacy vanished. whether it is new york city where i live and i see this or oakland, california, the mug shots and the horrific videos show suspects that weren't whites, so what did the media do? that story went away. when there is violent crime of any kind that does not fit the narrative, the narrative that does not even fit statistics, they let it go. that's the thing that i think most people are really mad
2:35 pm
about. this continues because the media controls the news like a spigot. if they don't like it, they turn it off. >> dana: don't turn us off. >> juan: go back to what happened last summer. >> dana: can we finally put away the bottles of clorox? what the cd saying about covid-19. ♪ ♪
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2:40 pm
one in 10,000. and while "it's possible for people to be infected through contact with contaminated surfaces or objects the risk is considered to be low." so greg, i will go to your first on this one. i feel like i have learned more about infectious diseases from the movie "contagion" then some of the public health officials. i've been disappointed by some of this advice. >> greg: of two points to make on this, one, the idea that surfaces had contagions, this had -- this forced my wife to make me wash our groceries we went shopping, so i would literally have to wipe down a carton of milk like it was a duck found in an oil slick. do you know how long it takes to wash groceries? but here's the thing, it always, it always was a hard sell for a guy. if i would drop a slice of pizza on the floor of a bus station
2:41 pm
and landed cheese side up, i would eat it. if it landed cheese side down, i would just have two toppings. >> dan: i am a germ phobia anyway. i always use the elbow or -- even when i go to grab a door handle i grabbed the bottom because everybody grabs the top. so who knows, maybe it was not terrible advice after all? >> dana: that is something that we all can do if the handshake does not make a complete comeback. but the other point about this is that companies and schools are spending so much money on disinfectants when actually that money would be better spent on ventilation because that's how the virus is spread is on ventilation. we actually have known this for quite a while. i'm disappointed that it took the cdc so long to make sure it was more widely known. >> dan: it's a good point about opportunity cost. and there is a whole no hook you can put on your the leman key chain. you just use the hook to grab the door. >> katie: i'm excited because
2:42 pm
i hope this means that the jens stop buying hand sanitizer that smells like tequila. there's nothing worse than when they force you to go in and use that hand sanitizer before class and then you smell like tequila the whole time. >> dana: i agree. >> dan: now that we know this, can people stop giving you the dirty look when you are in the gym and you don't wipe the thing down with 22 different wipes that are soaking wet? can we just go back to normal now? >> juan: i don't think so, i think you will get those looks because people want to be sure, you know? i think that we have lots of good -- you start and stop to think about it at the moment now, everybody over 18 in two weeks i should say, everybody over 18 will be eligible to get vaccinated and the president said today we have a record number of vaccinations this last weekend. $4 million, 4 million people in one day. unfortunately we are seeing spikes and i think that that's why president biden today was
2:43 pm
praising mitch mcconnell for saying to republican men, get out there and get the vaccine. >> dan: they open it up in florida this week, my wife got hers today. "the fastest" is up next, stay tuned. ♪ ♪ you need a financial plan that can help grow and protect your money. an annuity can help cover essential expenses in retirement. have the right financial professional show you how... this is what an annuity can do. [sfx: thunder rumbles] [sfx: rainstorm] ♪♪ comfort in the extreme. ♪♪ the lincoln family of luxury suvs.
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♪ ♪ >> katie: welcome back. it's time for "the fastest." first up, night one down for greg gutfeld. kicking off last night. if you have not caught it yet, there still time. a new episode tonight at 11:00 p.m. eastern. so how did he do? here is dana's review. >> greg: i know it's pretty late for you to be up. what did you make of it so far? >> dana: you just stole my first joke, because i can't believe that i stayed up three hours past my bedtime to watch this. 2 for charisma out of 10. >> greg: out of 10! >> dana: 2 for deliberation,
2:48 pm
and 2 for delivery. and how did i come up with that number? >> greg: i don't know. >> dana: because 2 is your shoe size. >> katie: you can't do anything about their shoe size, but you reminded me of the teacher that challenges you to get better. >> dana: i have to be clear, i don't know if people realize this, and apparently some left twitter people did not realize that the assignment was for us to roast greg during our judging. and i thought that tucker and brian did an excellent job of it. >> katie: greg, i thought you did a good job handling the roasting. >> greg: dana came through as pretty impressive. i also like the week at the end. but when you are watching it it is so obviously a roast, but it just shows you how stupid people are in the media going oh, my god, i can't believe they are doing this! oh, that's got to hurt. and i was like, it's beautiful. that's why you should not be on twitter, because there are on
2:49 pm
there. >> katie: juan, did you stay up to watch it or dvr it? >> juan: i'll dvr it. i wish him well. i think entertainment and comedy coming in oh, that's the kind of thing that draws people in to news. so i'm all for it. >> katie: i was laughing. what about you? >> dan: i told the guy in the content creation space five years ago, i said why don't we have a really good late night show for conservatives? we are actually funny and we dominated the meme game, none of those other guys are funny and greg is actually funny and finally some one came around to the idea. i guarantee it will be a resounding success. i will talk about him like he is not here. i'm sure of it. >> greg: my head is swelling. >> katie: monday-friday 11:00. up next we will move over toilet paper, there is a new shortage in america thanks to the
2:50 pm
pandemic, catch up is now in short supply at restaurants as they scramble to secure the country's most popular condiment. apparently what drove up demand was because eateries weren't allowed to use common shared ketchup bottles, so what condiment could "the five" not live without? mine is catch up m ranch. i remember when there was no real ranch and getting back to america was the most best thing that you appreciate after you leave. >> dana: i think when i was a kid i would say ketchup, but now it is green tabasco. >> katie: interesting. juan, what do you like? >> juan: i think that mustard is better than ketchup, a doctor once told me in order to protect your health, less ketchup which has the salt, more mustard which is actually great for your body.
2:51 pm
>> katie: dan bongino. >> dan: i will give dana a wink on the green tabasco, but adobo. i would put adobo on ice cream. my wife knows it is true. i eat that stuff on everything. >> katie: what is that? >> dan: it's a spanish seasoning. oh, my gosh! this is a sin. everybody try it! somebody send katie a thing of adobo. >> dana: is good on mango. >> greg: is that from your personal trainer? >> katie: greg, tabasco has no calories. >> greg: i thought it was filled with sugar? my condiment, okay, i love the special sauce that was on like big mac. the new thing is mayo-chuck. it is ketchup and mayonnaise together. and hines sells it in a
2:52 pm
container. >> katie: is in that that thousand island dressing? >> dana: pretty much. >> greg: it is disgusting but wonderful. >> katie: now that we are all hungry, "one more thing" up next. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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just get a quote at really? i'll check that out. oh yeah. i think i might get a quote. not again! aah, come on rice. do your thing. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> juan: time now for "one more thing" and some fun, katie, you go first. >> katie: a very special "one more thing" today because my husband's grandmother turns 99 today, she is the mother of three, a grandmother of ten and a great-grandmother to 22 grandchildren. she was born april 6th, 1922 and still plays the piano.
2:57 pm
she still cooks for everybody and for the family. and her late husband of 60 years was a decorated captain of world war ii and one of the first americans to liberate concentration camps. she is a big fan of "the five," happy birthday. we love you and wish you many, many years of good health to come. >> dana: that's great. >> juan: happy birthday. she shares a birthday with my grandson. due to covid, we have not had any big music concerts in the last year, so fox news has a podcast show called the fox top five and they asked tyrus and me to go back in time and to name the top five concerts that we have attended. tyrus is number one with ice cube and snoop dogg and bone thugs and harmony.
2:58 pm
but number five on my list was miles davis. number 4 simon and garfunkel, number 3 rod stewart in vegas. a number 2 prints add to the essence music festival in new orleans. and my big winner was lionel richie putting on an incredible concert in virginia. so let me ask anybody, do you remember your favorite concert? >> dana: has anyone not seen garth brooks? >> reba mcentire. >> juan: all right. dana, you are up. >> dana: you know c-span? a thing that you see it as you are going through? i did an interview with tori clark. she is an amazing public servant, communicator, super, super talented. there is jasper in the background and interviewed me about the book and it was a real honor, so that is now at and you search dana perino. here is a dog bouncing chocolate milk on its head.
2:59 pm
how cute is that? >> dan: that is cruel. >> milk is bad for dogs. >> dana: i don't think they gave it to them to drink. i do not see that part. >> juan: all right, dan bongino, you are up. >> dan: speaking of dogs, although my dog lucy may never reach the exalted status of the great to jasper, my dog is an obedient school and has been miserable. i woke up for the first time without her and usually come out in the morning and say hey, buddy and she looks at me with that look and i miss her. so a little shout out to my dog, not the exalted status of the great jasper, but lucy, if you are watching, daddy still loves you, buddy. hang in there. just one week to go. >> juan: we are just about out of time, but a quick message. i'm sorry, greg. >> greg: let's do this. greg's fire safety tips! look at this fella! he will watch the gt show
3:00 pm
tonight and he knows it's going to be hot. oh, it's called "gutfeld." it's going to be so hot he brought a fire truck and his little cap and it so excited to see our special guest eric trump and walter kern. >> juan: all right, thanks, greg. that's it for us. "special report" is up next, hey, bret baier. >> bret: greg was on fire last night. great show, it was awesome. happy birthday, mimi. good evening, welcome to washington, i am bret baier. breaking tonight president biden refusing to say whether he thinks another major sporting event, this week's masters golf tournament should be removed from georgia because of the state's new election law. the president saying a short time ago that he supports groups and organizations who are making such decisions. major league baseball has moved its all-star game from atlanta to colorado. to the critics point to hypocrisy saying colorado has an even more restrictive voting law


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