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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  April 6, 2021 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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gets underway about now. have a good one. >> neil: everybody in the vaccine pool, we're expecting to hear minutes from now president biden tell the american people that he wants to make all u.s.a. adults eligible for vaccine by april 19. we're getting news 150 million doses have already been given out to americans at this point. so you either have one shot or two. but we're moving fast to break the president's own goal of getting more than vaccines out in the months to come. it will be presumably at this rate sooner than that. i'm neil cavuto.
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this is "your world." we're waiting to hear the president outline his plan and exactly what he wants to do. we're also waiting to hear exactly the reaction this is likely to get. the back and forth among some of the big drug companies as to who will speed up supply and how much. we'll be talking to rand paul about these developments very shortly. you might remember that there's been a back and forth with the senator and dr. fauci on how far we go and whether we still wear masks and whether vaccines are the answer and the cure and all of that is. who is pushing what and who is pushing whose buttons and what. but a chance for the senator at least to respond to some of these developments as well as dr. richard besser, the former acting cdc director and what he makes of new guidelines when it comes to travel and the restrictions on businesses that in many cases are being dramatically curtailed in
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california, for example. almost all of them will go by june 15, even though the mask requirement will stay. ahead of hearing from the president of the united states, we want to go to blake burman. what we're expecting to hear and how this is expected to roll out. hi, blake. >> should be hearing from president biden shortly. you might remember in the end of february, the president said every time another 50 million covid-19 doses would be administered, he would go before the cameras, celebrate that mark. that's what we're expecting to hear from the president shortly. he will tout that 150 million covid-19 doses have been administered since the start of his administration.he said every american adult should get a vaccine by july 15. the white house says the president will be announcing the new time frame for purposes of
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clarity. here's the president earlier this afternoon in nearby alexandria, virginia. >> the good news is, clear overwhelming majority of people over the age of 65 have gotten one shot. that's the most susceptible age bracket. >> neil, when you look at the state of vaccinations across the country, 168 million total doses have been administered. when you talk about adult americans that are fully vaccinated, that number right now is at 63 million american adults. roughly one in four adults across the country. neil? >> neil: pretty impressive. thanks, blake. as blake said, we're waiting to hear from the president of the united states outlining this. when he speaks, we're there. dr. richard besser is here, the former acting cdc director and
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the significance of this. doctor, by expanding the pool to those 16 and older and most if not the entire u.s. population, is this a reflection how fast vaccines are getting out or percentages have already been reached among the elderly and et cetera? what do you think? >> yeah, neil. it's a number of factors. one, the speed of vaccination as you point out. hitting four million doses in one day over the weekend. we're soon going to reach the point in many states where there's more vaccine than people that want to be vaccinated. this will simplify the system. at the same time, there's an increased effort to try to reach people in harder-to-reach communities. rural communities, communities underserved in terms of healthcare. they're ramping up as well. it's a sign the amount of vaccine, the vaccine supply is hopefully no longer going to be
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the limiting factor. >> neil: we're getting word as well, doctor, that california is going to lift their covid-19 restrictions by june 15. what do you think of that? everything will remain in place except the mask mandate. that stays. >> yeah, you know, i'm a little nervous about that. we're -- one of the things that is clear is that there's a lot of people that are hesitant, reluctant about vaccination. we need to do a lot more to address people's questions and concerns. one of the things that cdc put out this past week is a report on a celebration at a bar in illinois that opened up. they were celebrating coming out of the pandemic. it led to a large outbreak in that community. we have to be careful, cautious, recognize that even though everyone will have access to vaccine, not everyone will want to get vaccinated. that means there's still quite a number of people in our
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communities that are at risk. >> neil: you know, i don't know your views on vaccine past ports, whatever they want to call them. texas, the latest state to say that it wants to ban them. wants nothing to do with them. that echos what we're hearing out of florida. some states are opposed to this, privacy intrusion and especially if it's tied to your medical records and you're getting it through cvs and rite aid. big dust up over this issue what do you think? >> it would be a mistake to have that kind of a tool. it would be very divisive. i think we need to do more to reach people where they are, to address people's concerns. one of the things that is clear is that people like to hear from their own doctors. they like to hear from people that know what they're talking about. they're not interested in getting messages from politicians. something that is government run, must have in certificate to
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carry to prove that you're vaccinated i think would lead to further divisiveness. >> neil: we'll have to watch closely. thanks, dr. besser. we'll hear from president biden on this latest expanded plan to touch on what besser was talking about. expanding the number of american that would be eligible to get vaccines to everybody now. so we'll see how that goes. meantime, we're talking to rand paul about these and other developments including back and forth on masks. a heated dispute with dr. fauci. he told us the 2022 thing was a remote possibility but holding it out there. of course, rand paul has been a critic of that and always alarming people and whether the doctor was doing that or the cdc is doing that. we'll pick his brain on that and what is going on in the fuss of the georgia voting law. it's prompted the major league baseball game to transfer the
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and it's made by kohler- america's leading plumbing brand. we need this bath. yes. yes you do. a kohler walk-in bath provides independence with peace of mind. call... for fifteen hundred dollars off your kohler walk-in bath. visit for more info. >> neil: the president updating us on a push for more vaccinations. it's will listen in. >> at the time some said 100 million shots was too ambitious. then they said it wasn't ambitious enough. we have to keep moving it. if i could raise it higher, i'd do it. we know what we have to do. we have to ramp up the government approach that rallies the whole country and puts us on a war footing to truly beat this
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virus. that's what we've been doing. getting enough vaccine supply, mobilizing more vaccinators and now averaging three million shots a day. over 20 million shots a week. on saturday alone, reported more than four million shots were administered. we're the first country to administer 150 million shots and the first country to fully vaccinate over 62 million people. here's the deal. i promised an update to the american people every 50 million shots. i'm a little back to update you 2 1/2 weeks later. i promised i would always give you the straight shoot, the good and the bad. the truth. the good news is we're on track to beat our goal of 200 million shots in the first 100 days.
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75% of our people over the age of 65 have gotten shots. up from 8% when we took off. a dramatic turn around and critical. seniors account for 80% of all covid deaths. to help support my goal of safely opening the majority of k-8 school by my 100th day in office, i directed states in early march to make educators and children, child care workers eligible for vaccines. a goal of getting all that wanted the vaccination to be able to have one. to do it in the month of march. i'm pleased to a u nouns.
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the vaccine program is in overdrive and we're making it easier to get a vaccinate shot. last week i announced that by april 19 of this month, 90% of all americans will be within five miles of a vaccination site. further good news is that we're getting more and more data on just how effective the vaccines are. dr. fauci cited two studies from the new england journal of medicine that found fully vaccinated healthcare workers on the front lines had extremely low infection rates. less than .2 of 1% compared to unvaccinated healthcare workers that had considerably higher infection rates. so we're making incredible progress. there's a lot of good news. there's also some bad news. new variants of the virus are spreading and they're moving
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quickly. cases are going back up. hospitalizations are no longer declining. deaths are still down, way down from january. they're going up in some places. so you might ask, everybody is asking, what does that mean? people find it confusing that the vaccinate program is saving tens of thousands of lives by the pandemic is dangerous. let me explain it in a single word. time. time. even moving at the record speed we're moving at, we're not even halfway through vaccinating over 300 million americans. this is going to take time. remember, for a two-dose vaccine, it takes week from the time you can get your first one until the time you can get your second shot which makes you fully protected. if you get your shot in mid
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april, you won't be fully protected until late may. if you get your first shot in mid may, you're not fully protected until late june. so look, now on the one hand, june isn't that far away given how long this has been going on. but it isn't here yet either. so the virus is spreading because we have too many people who have seen the end in sight, think we're at the finish line already. let me be deadly earnest with you. we aren't at the finish line. we still have a lot of work to do. we're still in a life and death race against this virus. until we get more people vaccinated, we need everyone to wash their hands, socially distance and mask up. a recommended mask from the cdc. think about it this way. better times are ahead. as i said before, we can have a
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safe happy fourth of july with your family and your friends in small groups in your back yard. real question is, how much death, disease and misery are we going to see between now and then. in january, just the month of january, we lost 95,074 americans. in march, that was 37,172 americans. all told, i keep doing this, i know, but i carry this card every day with my schedule on it. the back, i have a covid update. the total number of deaths in the united states to date is 554,064 dead. that's lives that have been
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lost. what we do now will determine how many people will save or lose in the month of april and may and june before we get to july 4th. so please, until we're further along in this accelerating successful but still growing vaccination effort, please wash your hands. practice social distancing. wear a mask as recommended by the cdc. get vaccinated when it's your turn. while i'm asking americans, the american people to do their job, here's what i'm doing. we first started our vaccination program, there were real questions how quickly we could get shots in people's arms. by the end of may, the vast majority of americans will have gotten at least their first shot. that success is going to save lives. get this country back to normal
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sooner. but it's not enough. march 11th, i announced that i was opening up all vaccination sites to all adults by may 1. many governors, democrats and republicans, responded and decided to beat that date, which was good. thanks to their hard work and the hard work of the american people and the hard work of my team, i'm announcing today that we're moving that date up from may 1 to april 19 nationwide. that means by no later than april 19 in every part of this country, every adult over the age of 18 or older will be eligible to be vaccinated. no more confusing rules. no more confusing restrictions. my message today is a simple one. many states have already opened up to all adults.
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beginning april 19, every adult in every state, every adult is eligible to get in line to get a covid vaccination. today with advance of the new national full eligible date, i want to make a direct appeal to seniors and everybody that cares about them. while we made progress vaccinating 3/4 of our seniors and putting vaccination sites within five miles of 90% of the public is, it's still is not enough. it's simple. seniors, it's time for you to get vaccinated now. get vaccinated now. to make it easier, my administration is sending aid to community groups to drive seniors to vaccination sites. we're incredibly grateful to the volunteers, houses of worship
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and civic groups helping us in this efforts. this is america. we take care of one another. we have to keep it up. as we have seniors that sign up for their shots now, we have a message for people under 65. if you know someone over 65 that has not gotten this life-saving vaccine, call them now. work with them to get their shots this week or next. pick them up, drive them. can be your parents, grandparents, uncle, neighbors. finally, after we open vaccinations to all adults and put a site in five miles of 90% of the public, we know there's many people that still struggle to get access to a shot. we know there's a number of seniors and people with disabilities and people in many communities of color that may be isolated and lack access to
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transportation. that is why we're ramping up transportation to vaccination centers and deploying more mobile units and pop-up clinics and the places close to where people live. that's where we're working with faith-based organizations and other community groups to host vaccination clinics, sign people up for appointments, get help. get help for the appointments. that's why we're sending even more vaccines to community health centers like the one i was at today that altogether serve nearly 30 million americans like the ones i visited today. 2/3s of the patients at community health centers live at or below the poverty level. 60% are racial and ethnic minorities. to reach them, we're investing nearly $10 billion to expand testing, treatment and vaccinations for the hardest hit and most underserved
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communities. let me close with this. we vaccinated more people than any other nation on earth. the vaccines have proven to be safe around effective. that should give us real hope. it can't let -- we can't let it make us complacent. despite the progress we're making as a nation, i want every american to know that this fight is not over. this progress we worked so hard to achieve can be reversed. now is not the time to let down. now is not the time to celebrate. it's time to do what we do best as a country. do our duty, our jobs. taking care of one another. we can and will do this. we can't let up now. my hope is that before the summer is over, i'm talking to you all about how we have even access to more vaccines than we
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need to take care of every american and we're helping other poor countries. countries around the world that don't have the money, the time, the expertise. because until this vaccine is available for the world and we're beating back the vaccine, the virus in other countries, we're not really completely safe. so we made great progress. i'm still looking forward to the prospect of keeping the pace we're on and listen to one another and talk the precautions i talked about. be able to have a fourth of july -- an independence day july the fourth as i defined about three weeks ago. i want to have an independence day, independence from the covid. so you're able to get in the back yard with a small group of people, friends and neighbors and celebrate independence day. because you've been vaccinated.
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because you're safe. because you're in the clear. may god bless you all and may god protect our troops. thanks for listening. thank you. >> [question inaudible] >> i'll report on that later. >> you think the master's golf tournament should be moved out of georgia? >> that's up to the masters. look, you know, it's re-assuring to see that for-profit operations and businesses are speaking up about how these new jim crow laws are just antithetical to who we are. there's another side to it, too. the other side to it, too, when they in fact move out of georgia, the people who need the
1:27 pm
help the most, people making hourly wages sometimes get hurt the most. i think it's a very tough decision for a corporation to make or group to make. but i respect them when they make that judgment. i support whatever judgment they make. but it's the best way to deal with this is to for georgia and other states to smarten up. stop it. stop it. it's about getting people to vote. >> [question inaudible] >> we are doing that. by the way, the number of people are reluctant to take it continues to diminish across the
1:28 pm
country. as they see their neighbors, particularly in communities that have been very -- now there's a different group of people, a group of people that have been reluctant because of past -- how can i say it? past wrongs that have been done to them. experimentation. not sure they're told the truth and et cetera. there's another group that seems to be -- i probably shouldn't characterize it. mitch mcconnell keeps speaking to them which i give them credit for. the idea that he said the polling data shows republican men, particularly young men, don't think they should have to take the vaccine. it's their patriotic right not to do it. freedom to choose. he is saying, no, no. take the vaccine. take the vaccine. i'll add a phrase that he didn't but i think he believes. it's a patriotic responsibility that you have. last question. >> you have spoken to the federal reserve chairman jay powell yet?
1:29 pm
>> i have not. >> [question inaudible] >> i am not -- look, i think the federal reserve is an independent operation. starting off my presidency, i want to be real clear that i'm not going to do the kinds of things that have been done in the last administration. either talking to the attorney general about who he's going to prosecute or not prosecute and under what circumstances or the fed telling them what they should and shouldn't do. even though that wouldn't be the basis upon which i'd be talking to them. so i'm been very good about not talking to them. thanks very much. >> you mentioned 564,000 americans dead from covid-19. a lot of families want to know how this happened. how it got here. have you had a chance to speak to your international partners, like president xi that you do back with. have you had a chance to see if
1:30 pm
china led the world at the beginning? >> no, i haven't had that conservation with president xi. thank you. >> all right. that question is about the origins of the coronavirus. the director of the cdc is not buying that. the president outlined a vaccine for those 18 and older. i think i said 16 earlier. a number of five states have lowered it down. many have the 16-year-olds for which you can be eligible for the vaccine right away. this as the president saying that the -- he touched on the voting law controversy that he
1:31 pm
jumped in with jim crow laws which might be a stretch to pulled it mildly. having said that, he did not weigh-in on whether the masters should be moved elsewhere. he acknowledged that these developments hurt the people you don't want to hurt. whether that was a signal to corporations or to find a middle ground is anyone's guess. the president was blistered by no less than the washington with four pinocchios for overstating and misrepresenting what that georgia law is about. let's go to phil wegman from real clear politics. first on the vaccine and where we're going. his goal, phil, is to speed this process up. it's speaking up with considerable steam. he did it with a caveat that she shouldn't let down our guards. when states ease restrictions, seems to be him signing a cigna that don't overdo it.
1:32 pm
what do you make of it? >> well, joe biden ran on a promise to tackle the covid pandemic and thus far in terms of getting that vaccine out the door, he's been able to eclipse first his early threshold of 100 million vaccines. now there's making good progress towards 200 million. one thing this administration is not going to do, they've been very consistent about not getting over their skis. they're not going to throw caution to the wind even as they have this early success. what was interesting is you heard the president say that he and minority leader mitch mcconnell were on the same page with getting the vaccine. that's something that he would consider a patriotic duty. so the bottom line here is the white house is optimistic about their progress. but they're not going to spike the football. >> when you heard the other remarks particularly on this
1:33 pm
widening view, all right, major league baseball has quit atlanta for the all-star game, now questions what are you doing to do about the masters and all of that. he didn't want to weigh into that. i got the first impression here, phil, that he might regret earlier comments that he made about this or whether that triggered the mlb decision. still stands by what he said. he lumped all such efforts as jim crow laws, which is a bit of a stretch. i'm wondering here whether he's beginning to dial that back and not make firm recommendations one way or the other. >> it's certainly feels like it. the president got himself into a bit of a pickle. he was in the middle of a run-down there between individuals that were praising major league baseball for moving out of atlanta. but once you move out of georgia, that begs an immediate question. where are you moving this game to? why aren't you cancelling more games? oh, by the way, if the president like he did in fact weigh-in on
1:34 pm
the all-star game, what about all of these different sporting events? i think that the administration saw that, you know, that was perhaps untenable. they don't want to have that debate and own a decision of every corporation. if anything, biden was saying that he stood by his comments about the all-star game and he knows there's going to be some pain as a result. he's not going to weigh-in on every other sporting event. >> neil: all right. thanks very much for that, phil. be patient enough to wait through that. i want to go to senator rand paul right now of kentucky. he sits on the senate health committee among other things. a doctor by training. senator, let me address the president's approach right now with the virus and now expanding this to pretty much every adult american by the 19th of this month to get it. what did you think of it? >> it's a good idea to expand
1:35 pm
the vaccine. the vaccine is a big reason why the incidence are going down and the deaths are going down. initially it was best to prioritize based on age and second on obesity. many states did in. in florida they really emphasized giving it to the elderly. that helped florida beat this quicker than other states. in many states including some in my state also, they were giving to it 28-year-old volunteer firemen. so that made no sense at all. they were not at risk nor the disease. if you went after the elderly first like florida, that was the best way to go. we have so much vaccine that mail wind up with millions of extra doses. open it up to all comers. the other thing they need to do, the vaccine needs to get in the hands of you primary care doctor. those that are hesitant and want to ask questions, may trust their family doctor more than dr. fauci. i would advise them to talk to their family doctor and other
1:36 pm
people that are hesitant that may take the vaccine when their family doctor talks to them about it. >> neil: you mentioned dr. fauci, senator. i had him on last week. your issue came. he said he likes you. he doesn't know what the problem is here. one of the things that did come up is your blasting him on the mask issue and everything else. not specifically that but he said he was taken out of context and said we should all wear a mask in 2022. he said you don't know. i'm paraphrasing here. what do you think? >> here's the thing about dr. fauci. we should not have government mandates based on what we don't know. we should make mandates based on what we know. when they can prove something is a real problem, let's consider a mandate. here's the thing. the last time he had the push back with me, he said but what about the variants? you may have had the infection or may have had the vaccine but you may be susceptible to the
1:37 pm
variants. all of the studies show so far the vaccine works well against the variants and natural disease works very well against the variants. in fact, a study that came out in january from one of his own scientists said that natural immunity, those that got it the natural way i that i have have immunity to all the variants as well. what we need to do is not push fear mongering. is it perfect? no. the burden should be on government to prove there's widespread people that have had it or not getting it by the tens of thousands or people being vaccinated are still passing it along. the cdc admitted before somebody made them roll it back but the head of the cdc was on tv saying if you have been vaccinated, we discover that you're not carrying it, you're not transmitting. this is good news. these people can't stand good news because that means you get out from up their thumb and you can go live your life. they don't want you to be free
1:38 pm
of the their mandates. they like the idea of submission because most of these people are big government people. >> neil: you mentioned what the cdc director said about those vaccinated. she's still remaining cautious on those that have not been, senator and you should look at travel carefully and weigh that -- >> she tried to walk back both statements actually. so far the good news is that we're finding longstanding t cell mediated immunity, memory immunity to people that have had it. there's no big studies showing that we're getting widespread reinfection of those that have had it. it's very, very rare. 31 million people have had it in our country. it's a handful to a couple of hundred that may have been reinfected and no surges related to reinfection. the people get it again if they do have already got some immunity. they're typically getting a mild form, if they get it again. >> neil: senator, if we can go back to what is going on in the
1:39 pm
fuss over this voter georgia law. you had said regarding major league baseball and taking the game, the all-star game out of atlanta, if they want to boycott us, let's boycott them. what did you mean by that? >> well, does baseball, the nation's past time want to be the past time for democrats? does coca-cola only want to sell coke to democrats? does delta only want to fly democrats? they've taken a hugely partisan look at this voting law that actually expands access to voting. it does some things to absentee voting but expands the early voting. there's more early voting in georgia than denver. so what kind of logic or what kind of rule or standard are they using to judge which states we're going to play baseball in? the way they're treating a republican-passed bill and the way they're treating republicans tells me that coca-cola doesn't want republicans to drink their bro ducts and delta doesn't want products on their plane and
1:40 pm
major league baseball doesn't want republicaning in their stadium. if so, they're foolish to anger half of the public to become so woke. in the end, they're all going to regret this. stacey abrams is backtracking and saying i didn't realize it would cost my state $100 million. losing the major league all-star game cost georgia $100 million. stacey abrams is now responsible for that. can you imagine that she wants to represent a state that she cost $100 million contract because of lunacy about the election law that was passed? >> neil: mitch mcconnell said about companies that do this sort of thing that they'll invite serious consequences if they become a vehicle for the far left mob to high jack the country from outside the constitutional order. do you agree with that? >> i think the only thing that they will learn from is if people quit using their product.
1:41 pm
this is across a wide array of things. twitter, facebook, youtube who has taken my speeches down that were given on the senate floor. they don't understand you trying to tell them there being overbearing or that they shouldn't be so woke or they shouldn't be so liberal. just quit using their products. so the thing is, we have about 40 to 45% of the american republican are republicans. if coca-cola wants to be the products, the soda of democrats, that's fine. otherwise they need to stay the heck out of politics. because what they're doing is angering every republican in the country. you know, do you think the republican national convention will want to use delta or want to do anything in association with any of these groups now? so they need to stay out of politics or suffer the
1:42 pm
repercussions of becoming partisan in their viewpoint. >> neil: as you are probably aware today, senator, the senate parliamentary said you can push these by majority here. what she's saying is that democrats can go ahead and do what they want to do with two infrastructure packages and another to do the same in the next fiscal year. so that would be trillions more spending. part of that are higher taxes. jeff bezos right now is the first prominent ceo to say he's okay with that, to support the president's infrastructure program. others are expected to follow. what will you do if corporate america supports the higher tax element? >> the facts show when you look
1:43 pm
at economic decisions based on taxes, the higher the corporate tax, the less jobs here and the more jobs shifted overseas. probably a decade or more, there was a whole cottage industry in companies located in lower tax countries. even sweden, you know, the bernie bros and socialists that say they we want to be like sweden. they have to study sweden. it's like like the socialist utopia they think it is. sweden tried a well tax. it failed. they got rid of it. we need to rethink the idea that you can tax your pay to prosperity. more jobs go overseas. look at my town, for example. we make the corvette in bowling green. we had 400 people on the line, good paying jobs. because of the tax cut. general motors got hundreds of
1:44 pm
millions when we cut the corporate tax. the opposite happens when it goes up. you lose jobs. >> neil: got it. thanks, senator. senator rand paul in washington on these developments. more after this. my name is austin james. as a musician living with diabetes, fingersticks can be a real challenge. that's why i use the freestyle libre 14 day system. with a painless, onesecond scan i can check my glucose without fingersticks. now i'm managing my diabetes better and i've lowered my a1c from 8.2 to 6.7. you can do it without fingersticks, too. ask your doctor for a prescription for the freestyle libre 14 day system. and visit freestyle to try it for free. ♪ ♪i've got the brains you've got the looks♪
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is the world's longest-lasting, we tested it against our competitor's best battery. (meowing) (clicking) and energizer ultimate lithium wins again! energizer, backed by science. matched by no one. >> neil: all right. republicans stymied when the parliamentarian of the senate said that democrats can go ahead and have two packages to pass by simply majority. wouldn't you know, one is the $2 trillion infrastructure measure. a follow up one to that. it allows for a third one in the next year. charlie gasparino has been counting the numbers. he's run out of fingers and toes. what do you think? >> wall street has been counting them, too and running out of their finger and toes. when we talk about the next fiscal year, in november of this
1:49 pm
year. how all of this spending will be jammed in a few months time. when i talked to my wall street sources that have sources on capitol hill, they have sources inside the biden administration, these are hedge funds, they're trying to calibrate where interest rates and stocks and bonds height be going over the next few months, they're saying with this ruling that you can do three -- pass three budget bills on reconciliation meaning just 51 votes, that they believe there's going to be a historic spending spree. they're trying to calculate -- put that into their models. here's the one thing that could hurt -- end the party early for the biden administration. if you do really get a ramp up in interest rates and interest rates on ten years and 30-year bonds and these are the ponds that you peg these other interest rates on, they have been creeping up. maybe not today. today i looked and they were
1:50 pm
down a little bit. they're creeping up. if you get a sharp spike in those rates, all bets are off. the markets will turn around and won't be so positive and more negative. you'll have people -- it's going to cost the government more. our budget sets will go up. interest expense will blow up. that is the fire that the biden administration will play with. i'm not saying it's going to happen. people are thinking in the hedge fund business that a good chance it will happen. something that struck me about president biden's remarks on the business stuff. he played the case on how boycotting georgia by the mlb and others could cost people jobs and be counter productive. he said that. he also said that he's not talking much to fed chairman powell, which he might have to do if interest rates go up. back to you, neil. >> neil: thank you, my friend.
1:51 pm
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>> it's a very tough decision for a corporation to make. or a group to make. i respect them when they make that judgment, and i support whatever judgment they make. the best way to do what it is for georgia and other states to smarten up. >> neil: all right, so the question was about whether the masters should be relocated elsewhere because they have their selected membership, and whether the ongoing response to voting laws is a sign of things to come in the list of boycott or as it grows and company that have been criticizing exactly what georgia is up to. i apologize we got you on fox news political analyst, and democratic strategists. growing by the day now, and i am just wondering if even the president was trying to dial things back and say, this is harming the very people for whom
1:56 pm
you are expressing support. what do you think? >> i think that is complex. i do want to push you a little bit, neil, that you referenced earlier in the program that the jim crow relics are a little bit of a stretch and it is not when you have lawmakers who with restrictions and regulations against voters as you see 202 not being able to stand in line. they look ridiculous. >> neil: really with all of this other stuff, but when it is exaggeration as an all out over state of the case to lump it with the jim crow is a stretch. >> listen, boycotting has worked historically but it is important that economic pillars of any society stand with its people. and when companies are doing a george just standing with its customers and also standing with their employees.
1:57 pm
202 is not necessary and you have to look at the behavior of these republican lawmakers who are very concerned about the direction georgia is headed and soon. and it's no surprise why they are doing this. it's unethical and un-american. >> neil: we can debate that, by the way. really, he was making exaggerations. but let me just get your sense of where this goes, because the boycott if it grows, and some of those companies that are boycotting could find themselves being boycotted. it sounds like a mutual implosion? >> you know it, neil, i want everyone at the sound of my voice to listen very carefully. for those that say that showing an i.d. to vote is racist or some form of discrimination are lying to you. the mainstream media is lying to you. the politicians and the democratic party, many of them are lying to you and especially joe biden.
1:58 pm
59% of african-american support voter ids. a 75% of americans overall support it. 65% of democrats support showing your i.d. how dare you use an issue like this and declare racism. this is not right when there is sincere and systematic issues of racism going on in this country and we are spending our time focusing on someone showing i.d. we should be beyond the it at this particular point. and shame on these 200 companies who are monopolizing our time on this issue when $100 million is being lost they could be invested in the black community today because of this decision. >> neil: but a lot of people protest what is going on by not going to baseball games and the rest. doesn't this boomerang on the very folks who just want to be left alone and stop the political statement? stop politicizing state laws and the rest? >> that would be nice. we have a number of different
1:59 pm
news outfits. and i would have to push you a little bit. that's not just what po two does, it is marginalized between a large population that so many of the and companies serve and the country is ready to protect. and with voter i.d. -- >> you mention a water bottle and that's racist because a person could not get a water bottle? you did not mention water. >> when you have senator rand come around here and talk about woke acting or jim crow, it's a sign that everyone knows what those words mean. >> joe biden can tell us a -- >> before congress. >> that's right. stacey abrams has said that boycotting has worked in the past but that might not be the best use of material right now. >> neil: i would love to get
2:00 pm
to you guys back at a future time, but that's where we take it too far and it does with economic damage with the wrong people at the wrong time based on the wrong place. we will have to keep following this and at the meantime it will do it for us. here comes "the five." ♪ ♪ >> juan: hello, everyone, i am juan williams, along with greg gutfeld, dana perino, -- ♪ ♪ it's 5:00 in new york city and this is "the five." cbs and 60 minutes coming under major fire. it's over a story they did on the governor ron desantis. the program claimed that he gave preferential treatment to the public in the vaccine rollout because they donated to his campaign, but the florida governor hitting back hard against the


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