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tv   The Story With Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  April 6, 2021 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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some people said he should have announced is he was continuing californiaist disastrous policies for two more months. >> sandra: some think too little too late. great to be with you, john. we'll do it tomorrow. i'm sandra smith. >> john: i'm john roberts. "the story" with martha maccallum starts now. >> martha: thanks. good to see you. good afternoon. i'm martha maccallum in new york. here's the story. major league baseball just confirmed what was reported today, the new venue for thehe all-star game will be denver, colorado. mlb commissioner rob manfred says this. major league baseball fundamentally supports voting rights for all americans. opposes restrictions to the ballot box. think about this for a moment. he made that statement shortly before he signed a brand new deal with a huge chinese tech company. you might remember this. they were one of the many
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chinese companies that dumped the nba for a while because then houston rockets g.m. darrell maury had the gal to tweet support for those fighting for democrat sick in hong kong. he was scolded by lebron james and the rocket's owner because he upset the sensitive leadership in china with whom they do business. now the mlb has a deal with that technology company in china. there's so many inconsistencies here as this game moves from very diverse atlanta to mostly white colorado where the voting window in colorado is actually smaller for voters than it is now under the new law in georgia. let's bring in byron york from "the washington examiner" and a fox news contributor. you can go on all afternoon with the inconsistencies in policy here, byron. when you take a look at the top line here, colorado is a better
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place for them to do this, he believes, than atlanta. what do you see in this? >> well, as you said, there's so many inconsistenies here. the biggest issue here, does this mean that major league baseball will use voting laws as a criteria in deciding where to hold events? it's not just the all-star game scheduled in atlanta. they pulled it out as a result of the voting law in georgia. are they going to examine the voting laws in every state? colorado is mostly voting by mail. fewer people, really, vote in person right now. the minority makeup of each city is different. atlanta is a majority minority city and denver is a majority white city.
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are these the considerations that national league -- major league baseball is going to use in deciding in the future. >> if so, they have opened an enormous can of worms here. >> martha: one thing that stands out, people forget this part of the equation. there's more than 50 lawsuits across the country to expand voting in these states because of covid. feels like the phrase is in everything we do. because of covid, we have to mail the absentee ballots out universally. because of covid, we have to expand the window for voting because we're in the middle of a pandemic. now everybody forgotten that and now they act like they're entrenched laws. these are the changes that were made to expand georgia voting for 2020. they never had any drop boxes in georgia as far as we can tell. now they're saying they want to change the number of the drop boxes out there. they have a lot of them there all of these counties, absentee
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ballot request forms were sent to every voter because they were concerned about what was going on the covid. now they're going to make it something that you have to request and give your i.d. for. why is everyone not recognizing that these expansions were made and done in the courts? >> this is what -- first of all, most of these changes went and directions that democrats wanted them to go to. loosening restrictions on voting. republicans are saying or they should be saying that look, when we adopt changes to set a -- to meet a unique set of circumstances because of the pandemic in 2020 that are not going to exist in the future, it's only reasonable in 2021 to come back and re-visit them and see which ones we want to make permanent and, you know, the drop boxes are now permanently
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part of the law in georgia as part of this allegedly restrictive new law. see which changes we want permanent and which changes we want back or change in to some new thing. it's a normal process that goes on all the time. >> martha: absolutely. you can vote for 17 days before the election in georgia. you've got drop boxes all across the state. so many options. votes on the weekend, vote on election day from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. i don't know anybody will find it hard to find an opportunity to vote if they want to under these rules. a lot of outrage. thank you very much, byron. good to see you today. so minority leader mitch mcconnell has weighed in on the politics of this and what it could mean for 2022. >> republicans drink coca-cola too. we fly. we like baseball. what it's doing is irritating one hell of a lot of republican
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fans. >> martha: louisiana senator john kennedy joins me now. senator, good to have you with us. what do you think about these boycotts? we have a list like as long as my arm of companies. delta, patagonia, microsoft, coca-cola. all of these companies outraged by this georgia law. >> let's talk baseball first, martha. forget mars. we need to search for intelligence life in major league baseball commissioner's office. i have never seen anything like this. you know, commissioner manfred has a fiduciary responsibility to major league baseball. his job is to do the very best that he cannot to suck. he has failed that. i mean, think what he's done.
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major league baseball is losing popularity to football and other sports. his job is to grow it. so what is the first thing he does? he decide to get involved in national politics and to alienate hundreds of millions of americans who actually like the georgia bill and think that it is an honest effort for election security. then the commissioner hasn't come on your show and spent 30 minutes explaining why he thinks these hundreds of millions of americans who support the georgia effort are a bunch of racists. he hasn't bothered to explain why he thinks the bill is racist. i mean, i -- the only excuse i can think is he made all of these decisions after his morning beer. i have never seen anything like it. it costs $150 to attend a major
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league baseball game in some cities. is this going to encourage people to go? i just don't think so. >> martha: i'd love to have him come on and talk about what time of day he made the decision and how much he knew, how much he actually knew about the law or whether it was pressure that was put on him that perhaps made him make a decision maybe more quickly than he would have. i have no idea if he has regrets about this. this is from "usa today," a baseball columnist. he said the baseball league pulling the all-star game from georgia is the most important move since jackie robinson. the ncaa and the final four, maybe major league baseball had no support. you can't support black lives matter and honoring jackie robinson every april 15 is enough. what do you say to that, sir?
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>> well, no disrespect, but that is just a special kind of stupid. this has nothing to do with jackie robinson. it has nothing to do with race. here's what this is about. ed -- the democrats want us to have an election month. the republicans don't. we want to go back to an election day. the democrats oppose requiring an i.d. before you can vote. republicans think we should in the interest of ballot security. democrats want to make legal ballot harvesting. republicans don't. ballot harvesting is where you pay somebody to go around and ask people to vote by mail and you collect their ballots and then you bring them to the ballot box. i'm is not saying it's inherently fraudulent, but fraud
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can occur. that's all this dispute is about. the other point i'd make is that the democrats want to pass speaker pelosi's bill, hr-1 in would federalize election. basically what speaker pelosi's bill would do is take everything that went wrong in the last presidential election and make it the law. none of this is about race. these woke leftists just obsess about race. they think about race. the fact is, most americans think about character. that's what is so misplaced about all of this. but why a large company, a ceo or a commissioner of a major sport would want to get involved in this and make allegations that everybody disagrees with
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them and not publicly defend their position, i don't get it. i just don't, martha. >> martha: doesn't go through a long thought process or a long consideration of what is in here and the debate that happened before this was elected by these duly elected officials in georgia, by the people of georgia. so we're go doing watch, see if there's any reconsideration of this here. we thank you very much, senator. good to see you. thanks very much. >> thank you. >> martha: so dr. ben carson has something that he wants to say about president biden. what he has said about this law. a lot of which has already been debunked. this notion of jim crow 2.0 next. alright, guys, no insurance talk on beach day. -i'm down. -yes, please. [ chuckles ] don't get me wrong, i love my rv, but insuring it is such a hassle.
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>> martha: jim crow, the laws of the 19th and 20th century that sought to did enfranchise black voters. now we're hearing about it again and tied to the new georgia election laws. rich lawry writes this. it's time to think of invocations of jim crow in a contemporary debate as just as loathsome as self-discrediting as the nazi charge. people that call anything in today's america the new jim crow are advertising their own lack of seriousness and ignorance of history as well as in many cases their naked cynicism. here's an example of what rich writes about. >> so i'm convinced that we'll stop this because it is the most pernicious thing -- this makes jim crow look like jim eagle. >> the senate judiciary and rules committees have started their work responding to the
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concerted nationwide attack on votes rights of millions of americans that we haven't seen since the era of jim crow. >> it's the redux of jim crow in a suit and tie. >> martha: joining me now, dr. ben carson, former hud secretary. good to have you with us today. what is your reaction to rich's piece and the sound bites you just heard? >> rich lawry is right on target. it's very sad that the leader of the free world would be involved in disseminating information that is up true. i wonder if these people understand the history. do they know what jim crow laws actually were? they were a mechanism to diminish the rights that many blacks had gained during reconstruction and the enforce segregation.
12:18 pm
the things that people went through in hose days were horrendous. to compare that with senate bill 202, which actually expands rights. you know i find it rather funny that the ceo of delta and american airlines would be saying that -- requiring voter i.d. is racist. trying to get on a delta flight or american airlines flight without an official i.d. you're not going to get on there. you know, as far as absentee balloting is concerned, try going to one of their corporate meetings. one of the annual meetings and voting if you're not a stockholder or have official documentation saying that you're capable of voting. so if traveling, which is considerably less important than voting, you know, doesn't get an x on it, why should voting get an x on it? i think -- i would love to see
12:19 pm
these people come on your show or another objective show and explain what exactly is jim crowish about what is going on. >> martha: we would like that, too. >> they won't do it. >> martha: we would give them a forum to explain their thinking, any one of these ceos that disagrees with what you're saying. they should come on and talk about it. if you go through these rules, there's as i said before, 17 days during which you can vote including weekends, on voting day, vote from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00:00 p.m. there's mail drop-in boxes all across the state of georgia. here's ilhan omar comparing this law to apartheid in south africa. listen. >> apartheid ended in south africa because of boycotts. so our hope is that this boycott will result in changes in the
12:20 pm
law because we understand that when you restrict people's ability to vote, you create a democracy that isn't fully functioning for all of us. >> martha: she says mlb and these companies are on the right path, sir. >> well, it's so disgusting that people would try to take something as horrible as apartheid and try to equate it to this and not to explain it. this is the worst part. they make these accusations, they all get on the bandwagon and they will not sit down and explain it. there's a lot of people that just listen to headlines or listen to what is repeated. they assume that that is truth. it's not truth. it's destroying our nation. i hope people will wake up and realize it before it's too late. we're not each other's enemies. trying to create black victimhood and white guilt does not lead us to a good place.
12:21 pm
>> martha: it's interesting. you had an election where you saw bigger black voter turnout and an increase in black voting for president trump over the prior election. you just have to wonder if some of this language is designed to knock that back. >> every time you hear somebody say this is racist, ask yourself, do they have another good argument? usually they don't. that's their default. let's call it racist. >> martha: dr. ben carson, good to talk to you. thanks for coming on today. >> thank you, martha. >> martha: so right now, the man that was in the car with george floyd when he was arrested is a key witness to what happened before and during this event. he wants to plead the fifth. he wants to stay silent. what the judge just said next.
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>> martha: this is story is we we have borders and why they need to be secure. we talk about the people that slip through and don't want to be processed. we know two caught in california are from yemen and on the no-fly list and the fbi's terror watch list. both thankfully are not roaming the country. both were taken into custody.
12:26 pm
the white house says it's very uncommon to find known or suspected terrorists at the border. it's been something for the poorest spots of our southern border. witness testimony happening right now the trial of police officer derek chauvin. this as attorneys argue over whether or not a key witness that was friends with george floyd and in fact floyd's girlfriend testified that she didn't like it when he hung around with this individual. the individual was with him when he died and he could be forced to testify. maurice hall's public defender says he will invoke the fifth against self-incrimination. we'll have more on how this star witness could be very risky for the defense, but first matt finn reports live from the minneapolis courthouse with the very latest on the trial. hi matt. >> maurice hall was one of the
12:27 pm
last people with george floyd on the day he died. his attorneys argue feel if hall could testify, he could be hit with murder charges in floyd's death. hall and floyd were together inside cup foods and in floyd's car. in the store, they appear to have exchanged paper or dollar bills. the clerk that accepted the fake bill that hall was in cup foods earlier in the day that floyd died. hall may have tried to pass some counterfeit money. today hall appeared in courtesy i can't zoom. he's being held on attempted felony strangulation in a separate case. hall was allowed to wear everyday clothing. hall is worried his testimony could be used against him. there's allegations that hall gave floyd drugs and the defense
12:28 pm
is arguing that floyd overdosed. here's hall's attorney. >> there's an allegation that mr. floyd ingested a controlled substance as police removed him from the car. a car that has been searched twice and to my understanding drugs have been found in the car twice. this leaves mr. hall incriminating himself into a future prosecution for a third degree murder. >> today the judge said that there might be a very narrow amount in which hall can testify that would not incriminate himself, particularly about floyd's behavior and floyd's drug use the day he died. the judge ruled, asking the defense to submit questions that they would ask of hall. thursday the judge will make a decision whether or not hall will testify. he can plead the fifth, martha. >> martha: very interesting. thanks. let's bring in attorney john fillmore. thanks for being here today. what do you make of this potential testimony from this individual that may have given
12:29 pm
george floyd the drugs that were in his system? how does this add up to you? >> well, you know, this is a little bit of a head scratcher for me, martha. this witness, maurice hall is a risky witness for either side. for starters, he's testifying from inside a jail cell, which means he has a criminal history. that is never a good look. more importantly, maurice hall could be and probably should be charged with the murder of george floyd. because the theory of the case and a previous witness kind of sort of implicated him that this was george floyd's drug dealer. not only is it his drug dealer, he supplied the drugs that george floyd ingested the day he died. >> martha: we don't know that for sure, donna. we did hear the testimony of the girlfriend that said she did not like it when george hung around with maurice hall because she said that she and george were
12:30 pm
trying to get off of drugs. she was unhappy when she was with him. we don't know for sure if he gave floyd the drugs on that day. >> we don't know for sure. that's what i suspect the defense wants to call if they call him an a witness. the problem with that, the fifth amendment will preclude any testimony. i can't see the defense on the prosecution so narrowly drawing a line of questioning that wouldn't cause maurice hall to implicate himself in some sort of time. whether the defense theory that he supplied is the drugs or something else. for example, maurice hall might have had an outstanding warrant in another jurisdiction. but here he is with george floyd trying to pass a counterfeit bill. that is when he could be implicated as well. >> martha: my mind goes to the moment that they talked about, that they got into the car and there's testimony that george floyd basically passed out over the steering wheel.
12:31 pm
they couldn't wake him up. the woman in the car called her son or relative, i can't remember which, to come get her because george floyd was supposed to drive them home. she said he's out, i need to get out of this car. that's the narrow scope that maurice hall could testify to. what happened? cup foods and what shape was he in when he had interaction with the police, correct? >> you are correct. the problem is that is his testimony going to be reliable. if he's drying to save himself, if he's in jail, can we rely on the testimony of maurice hall. that is a question in my mind. >> martha: jonna, thanks very much. we'll keep watching. a live look at the white house. president biden is about to speak. we'll take you there live and see if he answers any questions. vaccines are the topic as governor desantis in florida lashes out about his vaccine program and the handling of it
12:32 pm
by cbs and "60 minutes." that's next. >> they don't believe in fact. it was a political narrative. it was done with malicious intent and a reckless disregard nor the truth.
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>> martha: a plan to relieve student debt up to $50,000 per person could add another trillion to the biden spending spree. now in the neighborhood of $5.5
12:37 pm
trillion and we're only a little more than four -- three months into the year that has been passed or proposed. jacqui heinrich live on capitol hill with more on this. hi, jacqui. >> democrats already laid the ground work for big moves making student debt forgiveness tax-free with a provision in the last covid relief bill. the irs with debt income and taxes. now it's just no progressives pressuring president biden. chuck schumer said this today after a meeting with miguel car dona. >> black and brown communities are shouldering a larger burden of the student debt. the average black borrower owns more than 100% of the lone balance after 12 years of college. we want to solve that. we believe that president biden is legally -- has the authority
12:38 pm
to cancel up to $50,000 in student debt through executive action a flick of a pen. >> biden is waiting on word from department of education lawyers and what authority he has outside of congress. biden has supported student loan forgiveness for certain nonprofit and government workers and pushed to make community college free but rejected calls to wipe up to $50,000 in student debt indicates it would benefit high income borrowers who pushed for a lesser amount of $10,000. the country's student debt is $1.7 trillion right now. wiping $50,000 would cost a trillion dollars. biden's plan, 10,000 would be comparatively $373 billion. also one study by lending tree estimated if biden's proposal would go through, one in three
12:39 pm
borrowers would see their debt go away. 20% would see their debt cut in half. martha? >> thanks, jacqui. developing right now, a "60 minutes" report says ron desantis gave special preference to publix for covid vaccines. it's being discredited by the mayor of palm beach. they said they know the governor met with me and the county administrator. we asked to expand it to palm beach county. "60 minutes" should be ashamed says karner. "60 minutes" took out a section where desantis explained why he went with publix for vaccine distribution. >> we wanted to get it in to communities more. so we reached out to other retail pharmacies, publix, walmart. obviously cvs and walgreen's had
12:40 pm
to finish the mission. we said we're going to use you when you're done with that. for publix, they raised their hands saying they're ready to go. >> here's the governor this morning. >> all they were looking to do is a hit job on me to try to smear me. just because i'm in the other party than them. that's the only reason. >> martha: let's bring in marc thiessen, washington columnist and raymond arroyo, fox news contributor. great to have you with us. why did they go after governor desantis on "60 minutes" in your opinion? >> because he's a conservative covid success story. we can't allow that to happen. if you want to understand why axios reported in january that 56% of americans, majority of americans believe that journalists and reporter provide false information, this is the case in point. look at if full clip.
12:41 pm
not the edited version. he said he met with officials in palm beach and gave them options. they told him to do it through publix. they said that 90% of seniors in palm beach county lived within 1 1/2 miles of the 65 publix locations in the county. they told him that would be the easiest option so he took their advice and it worked. they vaccinated 75% of seniors in palm beach. none of that made it in the "60 minutes" report. if they wanted to confirm it, if they didn't want to talk his word for it, ask the democratic mayors that have no opinion in defending desantis if he's not telling the truth. he said he offered to tell them if what he said was true and they declined to use him. >> martha: he was on this morning with dana and bill. he said as many. when you have 67 redry to go distribution points that are close to the seniors, you'd be a fool to overlook it. the suggestion from the reporter
12:42 pm
this is pay to play. they donated to the desantis campaign and that's why they got the sweet deal. what do you say to that? >> mark is 100% right, this is like a firefighter bursting in to a penthouse that is on fire. rescuing three kids, putting the inferno out and the media said that his boots are not regulation, this is off point here. the fact that, there's 750 publix pharmacies all over florida. they're the largest single distributor. why wouldn't you go to publix? particularly is it what marc said? if they're a mile away from most seniors in the county, of course use them. you can't go to burger king. the other point, if they wanted to dig into a covid failure, a public figure that walked away from his people and left them to die, all "60 minutes" had to do is look into their own back yard in new york. you have a governor that claims he was a hero, fauci hailed him
12:43 pm
as a hero and now under investigation for cooking the numbers. that's a whopper of a story to look at the florida success story and try to faint it as a failure, good luck. >> martha: they've done zero stories on governor cuomo and the nursing home, which is unfathomable for any honest news organization. publix gave money to democrats and bernie sanders as you pointed out. wanted that in there as well. good to see you today. >> thank you. >> martha: coming up any minute now, we'll go to the white house live remarks. biden will be in front of the cameras with a brand new vaccine goal on a beautiful day in washington d.c. we'll take you there after this. stay with us. homeowners.eteran introducing refiplus from newday usa. with interest rates near record lows refiplus lets you refinance to save money every month. plus you could get an average of $50,000 cash. that's money for security today
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>> martha: moments ago, a
12:48 pm
response from cbs, "60 minutes," releasing a statement on the story that we just reported on standing by their story on the florida governor saying "over 50 years, the facts reported by "60 minutes" have stirred debate and prompted strong reactions. or story speaks for itself. that is from "60 minutes." they said that they spoke on the reports with palm beach county mayor david kerner. and kerner said that's not the case. we reached out to him to get a statement that just came out from cbs. we'll update you as we get it. breaking today, texas banning vaccine passports at least in some cases. republican governor greg abbott saying government agencies cannot force people to show proof of vaccination. it applies to private groups and businesses that get money from the state. the white house says the federal government does not plan to provide passports or set up a vaccination database. in moments, president biden will
12:49 pm
break news on a new deadline for eligibility for every american in the country. white house correspondent kristin fisher stands by as we wait for this announcement. good afternoon. >> afternoon, martha. any minute now, president biden will announce that he's planning to move up his deadline for when all american adults are eligible to receive a covid-19 vaccine from may 1 to april 19, which is less than two weeks away. the white house is careful to point out that means not every american that wants a vaccine will get one. it means all american adults will be eligible by that date. president biden visited a vaccination site in alexandria virginia noting the u.s. hit 150 million shots in his first 75 days in office. >> i think if everyone continue down the road -- it's not over
12:50 pm
yet. we're in a situation where i believe by the end of the summer we'll have a significant portion of the american public vaccinated. >> even as more and more americans get vaccinated, there's been a recent spike in cases, which has lead to some concern about a fourth wave. but this morning dr. anthony fauci said he does not think that a fourth wave is going to happen. >> as long as we keep vaccinated people efficiently and effectively, i don't think that will happen. whether it explodes into a real surge or not remains to be seen. i think the vaccine is going to prevent that from happening. >> so dr. fauci predicting that all of these vaccines are going to prevent a fourth wave from happening. certainly is some very encouraging news there, martha. >> martha: thanks, kristin. joining me now, dr. marty makary from johns hopkins school ofhead and fox news contributor. good to have you with us as
12:51 pm
always. did you agree with dr. fauci on that? >> that's right. we won't have a true fourth wave. we're seeing increases in young people but i agree. >> with regard to hospitalizations and deaths, where does that stand? you predicted we would be at herd immunity in april. what is your evaluations right now? >> we'll see. april has 30 days. some parts will get there in may. some are there already. in alaska, not a single covid death in ten days. same for south dakota. new mexico is leading the way with 52% of adults investigated including 90% of the navajo nation. we're seeing a lot of good signs. the question is how is that roll-out doing compared to the number of people with natural immunity. the other question is, what about the other pandemic, the pandemic among you'll people. that is continuing. the virus is circulating there
12:52 pm
while we're seeing deaths and hospitalizations continue to decline nationally. >> martha: with regard to the vaccine passport, you can hear there's push back on that idea from dr. fauci and from the federal government in the united states. you agree with that? >> i thought vaccine passports were a reasonable way to let businesses pack more people in there if they know that they're immune. it's a way to show you're immune. my issue is vaccine passports don't couldn't for natural immunity. it's pretty good. 120 million have that. will the passports account for that? probably not. let the private sector use them if they want to. >> martha: anti-bodies and natural immunity that you and i have talked about a lot, we don't we have a way to prove that you have anti-bodies? you have covid. do you need a vaccine if you've had covid and you still have active anti-bodies? >> i'd say get one shot. if you have anti-bodies, get one
12:53 pm
does. you can get to a lab and get an anti body test. i sent many patients if they think they have been exposed or not sure or in transplant patients, we're not sure if they developed an immune response. the anti-bodies are there. the study in california, 38% of californians and 45% of people in los angeles had circulating anti-bodies before the vaccine rolled out and the numbers are higher now. >> treatments. i remember president trump saying treatments will be more rolled out than the vaccine. we're going to lean on these treatments, the anti-bodies from eli lilly. i haven't heard of one american said that i got it and i got better right away except for people in the government that said that. >> it's so frustrating. i've encouraged so many high risk patients to go down and
12:54 pm
hunt down the therapy. talk to your doctors, your hospital. you have to do your own work. it's tragic. they're very effective. they reduce death by 85 and 87% in a recent nature study if you do it early. unfortunately the fda said anyone in the hospital with not get it. that's a very bad indication because we know that people in the critical care unit and the icu. the fda said anybody in the hospital doesn't qualify. so you have to get it before you're hospitalized. >> martha: too bad that you have to fight to get something that they worked so hard to develop. another story. thanks, doctor. good to see you. >> thank you, martha. >> martha: so we're waiting for president biden any moment. we'll have that live as we bring you more of "the story" after this. stick around. we'll be right back. al — they customize my car insurance so i only pay for what i need. 'cause i do things a little differently. hey, i'll take one, please!
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friend of ours, joe coburn is featured in my unknown valor book. he headed to guam and fight on iwo jima with harry gray, my relative. they were best buddies and both from boston. harry didn't make it off but george did. here he is with most of his family in florida celebrating his 95th birthday this week. happy birthday, george. we're so grateful to you for your service in world war ii, for this country. i'm so proud and honored to call you my friend. love to you and to all. there's carlene, his wife and all of the wonderful coburn family clan in florida. way to go, george. so that's "the story" of this tuesday, april 6. 2021. as always, the story continues. we're waiting for president biden at the white house. i'll be back here tomorrow at 3:00. thanks for joining me. "your world" with neil cavuto
1:00 pm
gets underway about now. have a good one. >> neil: everybody in the vaccine pool, we're expecting to hear minutes from now president biden tell the american people that he wants to make all u.s.a. adults eligible for vaccine by april 19. we're getting news 150 million doses have already been given out to americans at this point. so you either have one shot or two. but we're moving fast to break the president's own goal of getting more than vaccines out in the months to come. it will be presumably at this rate sooner than that. i'm neil cavuto.


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