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tv   America Reports With John Roberts Sandra Smith  FOX News  April 6, 2021 10:00am-12:00pm PDT

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every day moving forward. johanna, thank you. here is "america reports." >> john: we start this afternoon with the fox news alert. backlash is brewing against major, major league baseball and other companies as america reports on the intensifying battle against georgia's voting law. this is we learn the new site expected to host the mlb all-star game and already there are accusations of hypocrisy. hello, everyone, and thanks for joining us. i'm john roberts in washington. >> sandra: good afternoon to you, i'm sandra smith in new york. the league announces today that it's moving that all-star game to denver. the move is meant to be a stand against george's controversial new voting law but john, similar voting laws exist in colorado. >> john: that allows for 15
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days of early voting which is two days fewer than voting. they both allow no excuse voting by mail, but they also both require a valid i.d. to vote by mail and in person. >> sandra: we got you covered from all angles. you are governor bryan camp will be joining us in just a bit but first, brian carrington reporting from cobb county, georgia, as we kick things off this afternoon. hi, steve. >> this battle that has gotten so much attention across the nation has been a boon for fund-raising. the clothing company patagonia announcing a short time ago that they will be getting $1 million to political groups inside georgia who oppose the voting law and want to see it overturned. this comes after georgia-based corporations and their ceos have come out strongly against this voting law and its restricted against american values.
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>> it's discouraging to find a bunch of corporate ceos getting in the middle of politics. my advice to corporate america stay out of politics. i'll pick sides in these big fights. >> a number of democrats here in georgia which say they could potentially hurt people, and the white house press secretary that said that while president biden supports and moves again that he did not call for any boycott in georgia. >> perhaps he tipped the scales with his rhetoric, even if he doesn't have a direct cause and effect. biko while he was answering a direct question, espn about opening day baseball, most, not everybody, but he was simply
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conveying that he would support that decision just like he would support decisions made by the private sector companies. we are not standing here and calling for companies to boycott. >> a number of critics including senator tim scott pointed out that george actually still has more early voting days in colorado where the game is expected to be played in the black population of atlanta, 51% compared with denver which is just 9%. >> very good point. to that point even the economics council inside the biden white house admitted there will be a cost to this. biden likes to say, those stadium jobs will go to someone else in denver. what do you tell that guy or gal who is not going to have that income from that game day, and especially the town, the millions of dollars that atlanta would have taken in as a result of that game being there? >> of those hotels, they are
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deftly going to have an impact economically on that town. we will see how it all shakes out. florida governor ron desantis said cbs deceptively edited clip of him explaining that faxing rollout in his state. it rolled out on sunday and suggested the governor was involved in an alleged pay for play scheme accepting a $100,000 donation his campaign in exchange for the grocery store chain publics to distribute the vaccine. but they say the reporting is false. >> here's the bottom line. in palm beach we've done over 275,000 seniors that have gotten shots. statewide we've done three and a half million seniors that have gotten shots so we have done one of the best jobs in the country at protecting our seniors and the results speak for themselves. but they didn't want to tell you that because they know that they
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blow up the narrative. >> john: joining us now as fox news media analyst and host of media buzz howie kurtz. they spent a long time laying out this pay to play narrative but doesn't spend a lot of time on what ron desantis had to say in terms of an explanation. >> virtually everything in the 60 minutes program was designed to pave it ron desantis as one of the patented bad guys with the program loves to chase down the hallway with a bunch of cameras. never prove the link between the donation by publix and the vaccine but the most egregious mistake by far was not including most of the substantive defense by the republican governor on camera to reporter sharon alfonsi after he wouldn't grant an interview, that he consulted palm beach county officials and publix was the next ready to go in and around them. even if you don't have time to play all the politicians sound bites, you have an obligation to summarize his defense when he is the target of appeasing that
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accusation is made to play. >> sandra: all great points. is a palm beach county florida mayor, dave carter. he is coming to the defense of ron desantis here and says he's ashamed of the 6060 minutes piece. lesson. >> i was the one that sat in the meeting and i was the one that asked for publix assistance and to not have that included was a real experience, it's important to have the truth out in the public sphere so for me i left this experience really does disheartened. and perhaps that's why we can put the gallup poll up on the screen there. we show that media trust is plummeting for republicans and decreasing among independent voters as well. >> it seems the latest example of a news organization trying to do a hit on a prominent
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republican governor. the media have had it in for ron desantis for a long time, and it's reckless indifference to the whole pandemic. he said trump ally and has that ability to hit back at the past. as far as what just play to come up those comments by the democratic mayor are devastating to the reputation of 60 minutes. he said he sought out the program and, what does that tell you. and not the governor's office that was responsible for the cutting video with publix. do you find that curious? >> that's going to be covered not just by 60 minutes but as i said overall in this pandemic state of florida.
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for example the early ionization of the media by andrew cuomo, before the disclosure of the cover-up of some nursing home deaths in new york state. all of this negative coverage, and that the potential leading candidate. if the media is after you, and ron desantis is not shy about heading back that way he did when the news conferences confronted, then perhaps you are doing something right. >> sandra: do you believe how a there is any sort of apology, and i saw a very terse statement, and we appreciate any
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indication whatsoever, and it's that gray blue blue-chip journalistic brand but this one we botched it. >> this is the story that's going to come i don't know, continue? we will see if 60 minutes has any sort of apology but it's crooked so far. >> john: i used to live in florida, publix is everywhere and it sort of like starbucks in new york city, 831 publix's in the state of florida. this is the mayor of palm beach county, they did the population that 90% of senior citizens in palm beach county lived within one and a half miles of a publix. so why would you start vaccine distribution there? publix also gets the vaccine candidate as well. >> sandra: the growing
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mistrust, that's really something and something to watch as well. >> john: we will stay on it. >> sandra: president biden is set to announce his moving up his deadline for the state to make his shots available to all american adults to april 19th. that soon. >> in about 30 minutes, and then he's going to come back here to the white house, by 75 days of him being in office. he's also expected to announce what you just mentioned, the white house is moving up its date of when all american adults should be eligible for a coronavirus vaccine on may 1st through april 19th. the white house press secretary jen psaki was just asked during the briefing moments ago, why did the white house move up that date?
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here's what she said. >> the president had already announced that he was asking states to move up their timeline so this is more providing clarity to the american public. >> even as more and more americans get vaccinated there have been a recent spike in cases leading to some concern about a fourth wave. this morning dr. anthony fauci said he did not think that that will happen. >> as long as we keep vaccinating people efficiently, i don't think that's what what is going to happen. whether or not it's a surge or not remains to be seen. >> dr. fauci predicting that all of these vaccines will indeed prevent a fourth wave from happening. >> sandra: we will look for that announcement from president biden. major league baseball moving that all-star game to colorado is up boycott of georgia picks
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up the theme over a new voting laws that critics say hurts black voters. but are colorado's voting laws all that different? georgia governor brian kemp gets fired up about this and he will be joining us shortly. >> john: plus sandra, the humanitarian crisis not only considered at the southern border. what border patrol agents are saying about two men that they arrested within the last couple of months. we will hear from wyoming senator john barrasso on his recent trip to the border, just ahead. >> we know this process, coming across the border.
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>> sandra: a navy medic shot two people at a maryland business park before running to the fort dietrich military base where he was shot and killed. both victims were flown by helicopter to a hospital in critical condition. the navy confirmed the suspect was a 38-year-old man on active duty at the base. >> john: at the border crisis is sparking some national security concerns. customs and border protection announcing that among those people who have been arrested at the southern border in the past two months further entering the country illegally were two men from yemen who are on the fbi terrorism watch list. the agency has pulled the bullet on the website, and we are awaiting unofficial statement about it. he's the chairman of the republican conference in the ranking senate resources committee he recently toured the water himself as did the house minority leader kevin mccarthy who was out there in the el paso
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sector. during that tour senator he said we heard in arizona not far from here that they are picking up people from countries like yemen, from other countries which are known to have terrorist ties among some people and it now we see that this has now come home to roost here in the united states. your reaction? >> border security is national security and the immigrations positions have made our country i believe more risky and more vulnerable to terrorists. as much as the biden administration hates to admit it, president trump's policy is on immigration were affected, and when joe biden came into office, border patrol will tell you their dog got a lot tougher. he offered open borders, amnesty and citizenship for illegal immigrants and that's going to attract people from all around
10:19 am
the world including terrorists, including criminals, drug smugglers. we are fortunate that we caught the is, too. you don't know who else, when i was there we saw a porous border and we need to secure the border. >> john: in torrent terms of a porous border "the washington times" has confd that secretary mayorkas is considering closing some of the existing gaps in the wall. if you were to do that, we are looking at some drone video of the border wall and you can see extends for a certain distance and then stops. if he were to close some of these existing gaps in the wall what that help the situation, do you believe? >> it absolutely waited. when they talked to the border patrol there were a couple of things that they could do. one is complete the wall because walls work, number two is going back to the screening in mexico policy which is what president trump saw effectively put into place.
10:20 am
so we need to secure the border. it's not there now. the border patrol told me that we are only about one-third effective in terms of actually trying to keep out the bad guys and trying to catch them because two-thirds of their staff is working on -- they are either day care providers for all of these kids who are now taken in or by the other migrants who they are trying to escort to places in the united states because of the biden policies. >> john: we got up on the screen right now some pictures of you and senator cotton from arkansas along with the broke border patrol on the rio grande river and thereby the wall as well. it appears as though it is a losing political issue for president biden, and ap poll found that his handling of the unaccompanied migrant children southern border issued a 40% disapproval and he's playing the long game. the vice president isn't going to be involved in that part of
10:21 am
it as opposed to going to the border to actually see what the problem is. but does he need to do immediately to stem the flow or is that something he needs to do. >> you've described it as the long game, this isn't the game, this is security. i hear about it every day, saying finish the law and secure the border. and the think they need to do in addition to the wall, remain in mexico because these migrants don't come to the united states to apply for asylum comic asylum. they do it in the first country to get too which is mexico for so many of them. the border patrol says that they break the biden transition team for this very thing before president biden took over on jeannie rhee 20th and they were completely ignored.
10:22 am
president biden signed five executive orders on immigration on that first day in office and he turned on the green light and put out the welcome mat and said, you just talked about the poll numbers, it will get worse for the president because they are talking about, even the secretary of homeland security, they are talking about 2 million coming this year and the secretary of homeland security says this is the best it's been in 20 years. >> there's a certain type of investment, but we will keep watching. senator john barrasso of wyoming, good to talk to you. thank you so much. sandra, at every turn, the biden administration says we won't turn away unaccompanied children at the border and if that policy remains in place it will likely act as a magnet for all of the families who are here who still have loved ones there to try to get them up north. >> sandra: fair point, john.
10:23 am
jen psaki pressed again on this issue of the terror watch list, again reporting to ddp and dhs about the terror watch list pretensions of the border. so getting answers is tough which leads us to the next topic which is kamala harris. she was made the point person on the border crisis by her boss, yet the vice president has yet to even visit the border with her own eyes as the migrant over one border. he invited harris to see the problem in his state firsthand and what response did he get? we will tell you. >> plus, major league baseball striking out with republicans as other companies come under fire for opposing georgia's new voter law. that's coming up next, stay with
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us. >> it's time for all these politically correct ceos to stop slandering george, to stop slandering voters in they are asking them to engage. moment. .
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they make you feel like it's an honor for them to help you out. i went from sleepless nights to getting my money right. so thank you. ♪ ♪ >> john: at bottom of the hour, time for some of our top stories. wisconsin's governor issuing a state of emergency over the increased risk of wildfires and dry conditions in warm temperatures. surrounding 1500 acres that have already burned in the state so far this year. >> sandra: a waste water reservoir on the verge of collapsing and causing major flooding. potential breach causing the governor to declare a state of emergency in manatee county. hundreds of homes and businesses have been evacuated. >> john: and the texas rangers baseball team playing their home opener yesterday to a full capacity crowd at globe life field, that's about 38,000 fans.
10:29 am
it was the first major sporting events in the country without attendance restrictions since the pandemic began. for more on these and other stories, download the fox news app and scan the qr code on your screen or go to >> sandra: one major league baseball is one of many corporations speaking out or taking action over georgia's new voting law as the left argues the law hurts black voters in that state. but in response baseball has now decided to move the all-star game out of atlanta and into denver. the city with only 9% black population compared to 51% in atlanta. georgia governor brian kemp joins us now. great to have you here today. seem to be the man of the hour, a busy one. do you believe major league baseball will live to regret that decision? >> i think they will. it's almost comical, all of
10:30 am
these that keep falling and moving the all-star game from the cities and at 60% african-american to an metro area that is less than 10%, they have less of early voting days. they have a photo i.d. requirement, for in person voting. it's insane. we compared to where major league baseball is headquartered in new york, and i've talked to that issue at nausea them really about the discrepancies and how they are boycotting and pulling games out of the state like ours. yet they are headquartered in the state that's more restrictive than they are. it doesn't add up. and, there's a couple of provisions in this bill that
10:31 am
are, with this i.d. if we can't hand out food or water and if you do it then you can't announce who you are and can't have any labeling. then on the ballot request, what was wrong with 180 days, why reduce that to 78? >> we've had instances and complaints for people electioneering, policies that are being handed out, and they can set up their own food truck, but we are not going to allow voters to be harassed and intimidated while they are in line. that law has been inc. place in georgia for a long time and the real question is, why are people standing in line two, three,
10:32 am
four, five or six hours where they would even need food or water? is because of the democratic counties they are in, not moving the process along. they don't have enough equipment, they don't have enough people, they have to train people properly. the general assembly in this law addresses that issue where people are in these long lines and the county has to make changes and solve that problem. this legislation specifically addresses that. voters can still bring food, the county elections officials can hand that out. in three weeks ago, the democrats in all these activists were not complaining about that issue. they were complaining about, you are taking away sunday voting or no excuse absentee, their argument continues to change. they don't care what's in the bill, that is to push the takeover for hr one and x are one and also making millions of
10:33 am
dollars to audit their pockets. >> can you quickly explain why you felt the need to reduce from 180 days to 70 days the period in which you could request absentee ballot? >> part of that is because that's what the united states post office asked you to do. they said you need 14 days before the election to get the ballot request data, pavitt received, have it rotate, mail it back and make sure he gets there on time to be counted. so you are protecting georgia's boat which happened to vote by mail. as you remember before the last election, all kinds of problems with mail. on the back end we had elections were running into each other here in the state and summits of the other day, israel could have probably two or three elections in. we had for people to request absentee ballots. so the general assembly and myself felt like the dates that
10:34 am
we had now were very reasonable. plus, you could take your ballot and you could just go handed to an elections official at the precinct, or the county office, if you don't want to mail it. >> sandra: governor, there's a lot to take in there. mitch mcconnell is very specifically addressing these woke corporations blasting them. for many of the situation we've seen, delta, united, coca-cola, many of these u.s. corporations that you know may continue to do business with china. here's mitch mcconnell. he says the private sector must stop taking cues from the outraged industrial complex. if they become a vehicle for far left mobs, he said to come, to hijack our country from outside the constitutional border. you move on to that letter that we saw from senator marco rubio who decided to take on the mlb
10:35 am
commissioner who happened to have a membership at augusta, georgia. what sort of personal accountability should some of these industry leaders have at the personal level if they are going to decide to be woke as a corporation. what about that? should he have to forgo that membership now as a result? >> listen. i read senator rubio's letter and i think it's very poignant. but really, it would be up to their governor board. if someone's been in the private sector, as a small business person, i think these board members need to get to the truth about what's in the bill and have the process work because you had a governor -- that were working with us and shared
10:36 am
concerns about the process and at the end of the day nobody was saying, this is bad. we are going to oppose this. and that's because they got pressure by cancel culture, starting by a high and mighty and former ceos that are living in states and are less or more restrictive than we are but yet they are asking companies to boycott us? i will tell you is getting screwed, it's the little guy working in these bars and taverns and hotels, that now are not going to have guests because of the all-star game in major league baseball which made the decision to pull the game out of here because they don't have enough backbone to stand up to people. i will tell you, people in georgia, people that don't normally follow politics, they know somebody is lying to us and it's not me. you have stacey abrams and a lot of these other people that are not telling people the truth.
10:37 am
thankfully there are great people like you helping to get out. >> john: it's are major league baseball in some of these other corporations, they try to hurt you and they try to hurt republicans in the legislature but in the end who is it that really ends up getting hurt? >> it's the little guy. that's the thing with covid last year. there was 150 people, doing the psa during one of the middle innings about covid and what we were doing to help educate the public. and i was thinking, you guys have to get some fans here. you could spread them out or social distance and they were like, the league won't let us. there were people that work there, or working in the parking garage. they weren't working in other places around the stadium. you know where they were? we were in the tavern, right next to the stadium.
10:38 am
we help them survive and those are the people that are going to get left out because of all-star games. all the hotels in the atlanta metro season. >> sandra: did any of them call you or reach out to you or try to get questions on the law and ask questions like we did to get the changes? >> delta and coca-cola did not. he thanked me for that, and then i got a call saying they had moved again. no discussion whatsoever which is just disappointing. >> sandra: got it. thank you from for your time. >> john: a governor, good to talk to you.
10:39 am
coming up we will talk with rnc chairwoman ronna mcdaniel about all of this as well. >> sandra: and so this is the official announcement we are told, denver officially look at the mlb all-star game as it was expected and now it's formally being announced. the news will continue. >> john: we will be back right after this. >> i can't say enough about the spirit that defines denver. ♪ ♪ we made usaa insurance for veterans like martin.
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>> john: california is looking to make things easier for teachers who have young children. in san diego, public school teachers may soon be able to bring their own school-age children to work at those children do not have access to on-site learning. the tentative agreement would allow the teachers to bring their children if the workplace can provide an age appropriate setting while following health and safety guidelines. in the meantime, los angeles public school teachers with children five and under will receive a $500 monthly child care stipend if schools begin to reopen. the unions get one thing and then keep asking for more. i understand that teachers have a tough position but getting the kids back in school should really be the priority. >> sandra: getting everybody back to school safely obviously. at a time we are seeing the number of students in the public school system in this country, it is on the decline.
10:45 am
interesting story though. the hoping to revive the nuclear deal three years after the u.s. withdrew from it under president trump. morgan ortagus was around for that. i'm morgan, great to see you in great to have you here. we will tell you what we may soon see happen. >> sandra, this is an incredibly serious and delicate situation and i don't think most people are paying attention right now and they could. the united states goes back into the steel, and they would go back and give sanctions a relief to the iranians. you have to remember, secretary said he would push the iranians for a longer deal and stronger deal. that's something the iranian envoy has talked about so
10:46 am
essentially what we are seeing today, the iranian spokesperson for your governments that these talks in these negotiations represent a victory by iran over the united states to take it's an incredibly dangerous situation. they have briefed the opposite that we will be pushing for a tougher deal or stronger deal and well congress is on easter break, giving all our leverage to the number one world's leading sponsor of terrorism. >> that's a big statement. a former four-star general jack keane had a similar warning about what we were saying from this administration. listen. >> we have senators, the likes of which, senator schumer, senator mendez, we were all opposed to the original deal.
10:47 am
they want this deal strengthened. the administration doesn't appear to be of a mind to do that now. this administration has potential to commit a serious strategic blunder. >> sandra: that is quite a warning. >> what's important to note and i could not agree more with general keane, there is no air of allies there, the ones that are being attacked on almost a daily and weekly basis by iranian militias, they are not present. israel isn't present, benjamin netanyahu and others are trying to form a government. our congress is away on easter break and all of this stuff is happening and i don't know if the biden administration thinks that no one is paying attention but it's incredible incredibly serious. the central bank of iran is sanction for providing money to these proxies. the ir gc of iran has been designated as a terrorist
10:48 am
entity. you have sanctions on iranians for interfering in elections. as a biden administration going to be rid of all of these? this is how the biden administration negotiates with the iranian regime. and they are there watching america and capitulation of real time. >> how would you characterize the escalation as far as the rhetoric that we have heard and seen on the part of iran since biden took office? >> all you have to do is look at their words today. just as we talked about in the beginning, it's a great question. they are saying this is victory over the united states and they are saying to the world that we refused to meet with the americans in vienna. they are not meeting us one-on-one, and we are begging to get back into the deal of which will give iran the ability to get to a nuclear weapon in
10:49 am
nine years. the iaea said today in the whole world is aware of what the iranians are trying to do and for the life of me i don't understand what the biden administration is doing. we handed them the trumpet administration with the maximum economic pressure campaign, we have had it, and handed them all the leverage in the world. we squandered it in front of the russians and the chinese, what a joke. >> sandra: morgan ortagus, thanks for being here. this is some serious strategic blunder, this administration the country is watching closely for what our next moves are when it comes to iran. >> john: in the last administration had iran on the ropes but now they seem to be coming off the ropes. pretty troubling for everyone in the middle east.
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>> john: taxpayers may soon have to foot the bill for federal student loans. up to $50,000 apiece for borrowers. jacqui heinrich live on capitol hill. will this fly? >> senate majority leader chuck schumer is adding to pressure from progressives after meeting with senator elizabeth warren saying he believes president biden has the authority to cancel up to $50,000 in student debt for every borrower with the stroke of a pen. president biden is president biden is awaiting word from his department of education partners and doj on what authority he has on outside of congress. unilaterally wiping student that would be illegal. biden has supported loan forgiveness for certain nonprofd government workers but he previously rejected calls to wipe up to 50 grand in student debt indicating it would benefit
10:55 am
high income borrowers. he pushed instead for a lesser amount of 10,000. the country's outstanding debt sits at about $1.7 trillion in the brookings institution estimates wiping 50 grand would cost about a trillion. at biden's proposal is 373 billion. >> john: jacqui heinrich live on capitol hill with that. this was an issue during the election and that when dad came up to elizabeth warren and said look. i worked two jobs and paid off student loans, do i get anything back? and she said no, of course not. >> sandra: is that angle and there's always angola, somebody has to pay for it. a new hour coming up, major league baseball officially making at the location for the all-star game as the league boycotts of georgia even though there doesn't seem to be much of a difference in the voting laws between the two states. we will get brand-new reaction from rnc chairwoman ronna mcdaniel who has given up
10:56 am
baseball, next. ♪ ♪ plus you could get an average of $50,000 cash. that's money for security today and money for retirement tomorrow. refiplus, it's only for veterans and it's only from newday usa. i brought in ensure max protein, with thirty grams of protein. those who tried me felt more energy in just two weeks! ( sighs wearily ) here, i'll take that! ( excited yell ) woo-hoo! ensure max protein. with thirty grams of protein, one-gram of sugar, and nutrients to support immune health! ( abbot sonic )
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11:00 am
>> the people here and all over the country have figured this out. they are sick and tired of the cancel culture. the people in georgia, average people who don't normally follow politics, they know when someone is lying to them and it's not me. >> sandra: that was georgia's governor last hour fired up as america reports on the hypocrisy over that states election law. good afternoon, i'm sandra smith. hi, john. >> john: i'm john roberts in washington. governor kemp ripping into major league baseball's decision to move the all-star game to colorado, punishment for georgia's new voting law. the governor blasting the league for caving to critics who he says are spreading misinformation. >> it's almost comical, all of these hits that are coming from
11:01 am
metro areas of 61% of african-americans and metro areas splits 10% african-american that has less early voting days then georgia has. i think these board members need to actually get the truth about what's in the bill and have a process work. and it's the little guy. >> it will cost georgia potentially tens of millions in tourism cash and while welcome america is celebrating all that, they may want to look at the facts. as a governor just mentioned, baseball move the game from atlanta to a city that is mostly white, john. >> john: on top that colorado does not check all of the boxes that progressives want but, and if you were voting by mail for the first time you need to
11:02 am
provide a photocopy of your identification when you return that mail ballot. >> sandra: and new york allows for nine days of early voting and under the new law georgia has nearly doubled that with the option for counties to add even more. ronna mcdaniel is on deck and she says stealing the game from georgia is crushing real americans. >> john: would begin this hour with kristin fisher on the misinformation coming out of the white house about the georgia law and the refusal by the white house to clarify that information even after "the washington post" game president biden for pinocchio's for it. >> president biden regrets his decision to weigh in on this matter, the issue of courses moving debt all-star game from georgia to colorado, jen psaki
11:03 am
says that president biden was simply answering a direct question that was asked of him and that he was not explicitly calling for the mlb to move this game. but jen psaki also says he again tried to make the case at the voting laws in colorado are less restrictive than those in georgia. listen here. >> colorado allows you to register on election day. colorado has voting by mail, and it's up to major league baseball to determine the all-star game. >> to form a trump to republican senator tom cotton, colorado actually has more restrictive voting laws to then georgia. >> they have now -- the paid mouthpieces are repeating his lies, slandering brian kemp and
11:04 am
the state of georgia. >> so it's time for president biden to apologize but john, as of now they are zero signs, zero indications that president biden would do so. >> john: kristin fisher across the street from the white house. thanks so much. >> sandra: let's bring in ronna mcdaniel. you caught our eye over the weekend when you tweet it out, you know what i'm not doing right now? watching baseball. so hasn't ronna mcdaniel boycotted baseball over this? >> you know, it's hard to watch with the hypocrisy we are seeing for major league baseball and i think the governor said it so well. you know who's getting hurt? the little person. atlanta, the majority black city, hotdog vendors and hotels and citizens that have been decimated by the pandemic, they are hurting the little guy based on a lie, by president joe biden who lied about the specifics of this law which has been amplified by his big tech friends and media allies they
11:05 am
lied. you know what's funny? their twitter account hasn't been suspended, they are still on facebook. they are allowed to lie to the american people come hurt small businesses and continue to move forward. it's a total hypocrisy compared to how republicans would be treated in the same situation. >> john: i want to put some things up on the screen. mitch mcconnell, one of the big issues with his georgia law's voter i.d. an ap poll found that overall 72% of americans favor showing some sort of i.d. to vote. it republicans its 91%, even a majority of democrats support that. then here's what mitch mcconnell said about corporations getting involved in these political issues. he said it "from election law to environmentalism to radical social agendas to the second amendment, parts of the private sector keep dabbling and behaving like a woke parallel government. the senate minority leader suggested it could be consequences for some of these companies for jumping on the
11:06 am
bandwagon here. what do you think may happen? >> certainly as they are spreading this information and not reading this law, it's common sense. we should have ids to vote and we should be able to show our i.d. and say who we are. you have to show an i.d. to get into delta airlines, you have to show an i.d. to get your will call tickets in major league baseball game so, why are they fighting this? i think more than anything they are trying to set an example for other states so they don't pass election reforms that strengthen our elections. this is the mob, this cancel culture, and the democrats are rolling all the aspects of this country. they are trying to silence the republican party or anybody who defends with them. it's frightening because freedom does matter in this country and we can have the freedom to disagree and not punish people in bully them and destroy their livelihood. that's exactly what president biden just dead in all these businesses in atlanta that
11:07 am
aren't going to see income coming in and are going to see those vendor stands, getting that money from those patrons at that baseball game, that's what happening with that mob rule and this cancel culture and it's destroying our country. you think it's not coming for you? it will come to you next and that's why we have to stand up to it now. >> sandra: adding to the little guy argument, it's not just from the economic standpoint that the little guy is getting hurt, it's the fans. america's baseball and apple pie and it's to your point difficult to watch when there are so much politics and our sports and now it has come to baseball. an interesting piece, former commissioner of baseball takes on the commissioner of baseball that made this move. same the commissioner publicize baseball over a law he likely hadn't examined. that's an interesting thought because how many of these corporate heads actually went through the details of the law? the governor kemp just told us,
11:08 am
he said the commissioner called him and they spoke but the next thing he knew the all-star game was moved without warning. so i will put this up on the screen, these are the company logos of the companies that are criticizing the election law and i will add this to it. this is in front of me right now. coca-cola and apple who have both complained about this law have actively lobbied against a bill targeting forced labor in china. adding to that, of the 22 other companies or organizations that are publicly complaining about this new law, 18 of them have significant business dealings in china. i just wonder if now they have made this move about georgia election laws, what kind of pressure they are going to get from the woke left to make even more changes and how it could dramatically change these boardrooms? >> you know what's going to happen from the woke left? probably nothing. they are fine with china and
11:09 am
find with the human rights violations and they are fine with what's happening to the uighurs in china. they are more upset about election laws are strengthening elections in this country and the republican party and keeping their power. all the ceos of those companies, twitter, facebook, delta, they will go to bed tonight knowing they will have millions in their pockets tomorrow but those vendors, though small businesses in georgia, they know because, we have one place where they go to vote, and this is part of the faqs on the website. second in the polling place everyone notices, they challenge the right to vote.
11:10 am
that's a party affiliation and why it's required by law for primary elections and second so everyone in the polling place knows who's voting on someone who wants to challenge the right to vote. where would they do such a thing? delaware. >> hypocrisy is so rampant, my 16-year-old son loves the detroit tigers. they are so worried about punishing georgia and moving the major league baseball games, why can't you focus on that? why are they politicizing everything in the country? it's all coming from the democrats and identity politics counsel culture and it's ruining our country. that's why they have to fight back in the republican party does stand for the little guy. we hope the mlb it reconsiders their decision. move it back to atlanta because you did it the wrong thing and joe biden i was an apology to the people of georgia for the
11:11 am
lies that he spread about this law. >> sandra: ronna mcdaniel comp great to have you here this afternoon. >> john: i wouldn't hold your breath about moving it back. coming up next, florida governor ron desantis ripping into cbs about what he calls a political hit job on the vaccine rollout. bret baier is ready with reaction to that. plus the teenagers accused of killing an uber eats driver may never see the inside of a prison cell if there cushy plea deal goes through.
11:12 am
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find the best in entertainment all in one place, with disney plus now on xfinity! a way better way to watch. >> all they were looking to do is a hit job on me to try to smear me. just because i'm in the other party than them. >> john: a florida governor ron desantis firing
11:16 am
back at cbs after 60 minutes aired a report suggesting grocery store chain publix donated $100,000 to his campaign to get the rights to distribute exclusively. both the governor and publix say that this is false. even the democrat in the story is calling out thing the report is intentionally false. >> i've participated in speaking with the producer of 60 minutes for probably over 45 minutes and gave very direct facts about the governor's, i had him here in my office a few months ago. when i watched the piece i was taken aback that none of my comments, none of my perspective was included and certainly the fact -- the truth was this was a decision that i made. >> john: our chief political anchor joins us now. 60 minutes has been an institution that i know for decades upon decades but in this particular case it seems to
11:17 am
leave out of their piece a lot of exculpatory evidence. >> john, good afternoon. they fell short, way short. it's falling apart in the days after. cbs itself is not doing the story, it was not on cbs this morning and it was not on the "cbs evening news." it's not a good thing. it has only empowered governor ron desantis who has now been out and about talking about what he calls kind of a hack job, a political hack job on his efforts to get the elderly vaccinated in florida. if you look at the tape, there is about 2 minutes of an answer that is very detailed about how cvs and walgreens were part of the long-term care facility effort and then publix, he went to different areas including the palm beach county mayor and said, what do you think? then he's went out to the different communities and said, does this work for you?
11:18 am
and publix was the one that was ready to go. did they donate to his campaign? yes they did. but they also donated to democrats in florida and the piece just kind of fell apart. i think it's to the political benefit probably of governor desantis. >> john: of journalism and it's very basic core, the attempts to conflict the uncomfortable and increasingly, it looks like there is a political agenda that's creeping in, i don't want to say just cbs "60 minutes" but a political agenda that's creeping into a lot of political organizations. >> i agree with you. i've been a big proponent of praising when it happens, 60 minutes and other networks. it's less and less, and this does not help that cause. it clearly came from a point of view. it's a little bit more agree
11:19 am
just when you consider up all the governors that you are going go after, and you are going to dig into, and he's facing a giant controversy over his actions in nursing homes in new york and what he did or didn't do. and they were on the early days of this pandemic. that one would get another 60 minutes walk. >> john: on the screen was also california governor gavin newsom who has received precisely 0 minutes of coverage with 60 minutes, either. if they go after ron desantis who is an up-and-coming republican star and some might say a potential front runner to be the republican nominee in 2024. >> are top on the journalist
11:20 am
decided to call balls and strikes. there were some curveballs in this piece. the representative homeland security down there for it pretty striking. >> john: it you know how many publix's there are, they are pretty much ubiquitous. good to see you brett, see you tonight at 6:00. >> you bet. >> john: sandra, i don't know that there will be any repercussions from this because the country is so politically divided that there will probably be just as many people applauding 60 minutes for this piece as there are complaining that there was not a fair piece. >> sandra: but that point alone, 0 minutes of coverage on newsom and zero on the governor of new york, andrew cuomo. meanwhile, some protesters are blaming the rise in attacks on
11:21 am
asian-americans on progressive policies and police reform. those were demonstrators rallying outside of a court hearing in new york city yesterday where a man accused of beating and asian woman while yelling slayers went before a judge. the suspect was out on parole after he had killed his own mother. the protesters blamed recent criminal justice reform in new york state saying it leads to more crime. they also say police department should get more money. and two teenage girls charged with felony murder may never see the inside of a prison cell after potentially reaching a plea deal with prosecutors. they are accused of killing an uber eats driver while attempting to carjack him in washington last month. lucas tomlinson is live with this and more.
11:22 am
>> a pakistani immigrant took killed while delivering food in the nation's capital by two girls, 13 and 15 year old. carjackings are up over 300% this year and some think that killing isn't getting enough attention. >> it's outrageous that someone would kill and to get away with it like that but on the other side, those are kids i think they have to have a lesson out of this otherwise, this would not help prevent the next, god forbid, case. >> and the photos you see here, there are too many people standing idle and not helping. one of the teens is heard yelling come up my phone is in there. but she didn't say anything about them and just killed. he had only been in the usa for 17 years and one is business
11:23 am
started to fail he started delivering food. >> it's almost down to zero. if they were in school, that would not have happened. i would say it's preventable. >> a gofundme page has been established in his honor and to date has raised over a million dollars. >> sandra: lucas tomlinson in washington on that story. it's a horrific story and while they are teenage girls, they may never see the inside of a jail cell as a result of this. >> john: you say horrific, i watched literally in horror cell phone video that someone took that entire incident. and to -- i understand that they are 13 and 15 but to think that they are not going to do jail time for that? it's striking. it really is. coming up, hundreds of chinese ships swarming and hotly contested waters and officials warned this could lead to war.
11:24 am
>> sandra: plus progressive putting the pressure on. joe biden to erase hundreds of billions of dollars in student loan debt in this country. kat timpf says the idea is simply impossible and that anybody backing it might be lying to you. she explains right here, coming up next. ♪ ♪ ( excited yell ) woo-hoo! ensure max protein. with thirty grams of protein, one-gram of sugar, and nutrients to support immune health! ( abbot sonic ) saturdays happen. and nutrients to support immune health! pain happens. aleve it. aleve is proven stronger and longer on pain than tylenol. when pain happens, aleve it. all day strong.
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refiplus lets you refinance at near record lows plus get an average of $50,000 cash for the financial security you and your family deserve. refiplus, only from newday usa. >> john: hundreds of chinese ships in a disputed reef in the chinese sea. those are the ships there. while that's not a satellite image as you can tell, that's video. those are some of the ships that are out there. officials warn that it could all lead to conflict. benjamin hall is following this, benjamin, big dispute over the islands. what's the latest? where are we with it?
11:29 am
>> absolutely. and more and more in china is taking an ever more aggressive posture in the south china sea and there is real concern that they could come to blows with the philippines. over the last couple of weeks around 220 of these chinese paramilitaries ships manned by militias have swarmed around a disputed reef in the south china sea. china insists they are just fishing boats sheltering they are due to poor conditions but they've done no fishing, the weather has been good and every night they also switch on powerful lights. the philippines has accused china of colonizing these disputed reef sense that it continues to build illegally on them. the philippines defense has warned that these incursions could trigger unwanted hostilities. in the meantime the strike group has returned after national security advisor jake sullivan reaffirmed with his counterpart and china has also sent its own aircraft to the area for its own
11:30 am
drills. there is a major military buildup in the area and plenty of opportunities from this calculation. sp1 tensions continue to increase. thank you. sandra? >> sandra: at the far left ramping up pressure on president biden to forgive hundreds of billions of dollars in student loan debt. >> canceling $50,000 in student loan debt is a matter of racial justice. it's a matter of economic justice. it's a matter of generational justice. there is no other single action that the president of the united states could take to help close that gap. >> sandra: let's bring in kat kim. she joins a sunset and decided us to give up her dream of columbia journalism school even after she was accepted because she can't afford it and you didn't want to take out massive loans? >> massive loans that i would have never been able to pay back.
11:31 am
especially with the entry-level jobs that i got. the thing is, so many people when i decided not to go and took entrance... instead and waited tables, it was a struggle but it was worth it. people said aren't you going? this is a dumb decision. it was actually the smartest decision i've ever made and that's because when we talk about these things, formal education, nobody really encourages people to do a cost-benefit analysis. i'm not saying school is bad, obviously not. but you should really look at what it will cost you and what the benefit is going to be just like we do with anything else because there are other ways to learn skills and there are other routes. you can go to a cheaper school, you can learn the things you need to know for a job in other ways. you need to be asking yourself those questions or you will end up in a tough situation. >> sandra: that message seems to be lost to the far left because he was chuck schumer saying this would be a great day for president biden and harris to cancel student a debt.
11:32 am
here is a ron klain on where the white house may be going next with this. >> he asked his secretary of education who has just been on the job a few weeks, once he got on the job to have his department prepare a memo on the presidents legal authority. hopefully we will see that in the next few weeks. then he will look at that legal authority in the policy issues around that and make a decision. and >> sandra: so president biden has said that he would rather congress act on this then go it a moment. but that word cancel culture triggers evil. >> it does trigger me because that's not what cancel means. cancel is proof, it goes away. but that's not what happens. somebody pays for it and that person that pays for it had nothing to do with it so it enforces someone who had nothing to do with it to pay for it. there's all these arguments, the
11:33 am
economic boon for the economy and last year they released a report that said, it will have 90 billion to the economy but it will cost 9.7 trillion so that doesn't make mathematically. >> sandra: is also that idea of personal accountability, personal responsibility when it comes to the children and their parents on the economic decisions that they make. remember this moment? elizabeth warren campaign trail january 2021 a father approached her. >> i can only ask one question. daughter is getting out of school, i paid all of my money to her student loans. am i going to get my money back? so you are going to tell me i got screwed? >> sandra: you feel for kids like that who sacrificed so much. >> i rode about this at the time saying it's about so much more than money, it's about the sacrifices.
11:34 am
i know i took the route that i take, those are some tough years. i've written a lot about it and i struggled through those years. i can't get that time back and i'm sure going to journalism school would have been easier and cushy air, but it's about more than just money. people making sacrifices should not be punishing people for thinking through and making smart choices. >> sandra: it's a really important conversation that we should be having as a country, but we are not. by the way, i saw you last night, awesome job. it was really great. great to have you here. john, did you stay up and watch last night? it was great. >> john: i did not. but i certainly saw the ratings for it. he is killing it right out of the box. good for greg. and he will be up on that "the five" later on this afternoon. coming up next, brand-new concern that the terrorists could be taken vintage of biden's border crisis.
11:35 am
>> sandra: plus where is kamala harris? at the vice president is leading the effort on the border but hasn't even paid a visit there yet. arizona's attorney general is offering a chance to do just that and he will joins us live, next.
11:36 am
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11:39 am
>> sandra: president biden's approval rating weighed down by the crisis at the southern border.
11:40 am
and approve on how to handle the storage of unaccompanied migrant children at the border. alex hogan's life of the southern border there in texas. alex, what are you seeing and hearing today? >> 59% of people say supporting children and unaccompanied minors across the border and the treatment is a high priority but only 24% of americans so dumb i can say they approve of the president's handling of the situation here at the border. thousands of children are currently in custody, the latest facility to come up in texas. the white house has said its goal is to move kids out of the customs and border patrol facilities and into hhs care as quickly as possible. border agents say they can really keep up. >> it's been way over 100,000 people have gotten away from us this year but the border patrol agents as well as our law enforcement partners are doing everything we can, our
11:41 am
resources are stretched awfully thin right now. >> within the last two months border agents stopped to yemeni citizens on the terrorism list and on the no-fly list. the latest is a 26-year-old trying to enter the country to california. does another man, a 33-year-old who was stopped also in a similar area and again both of those men were on the no-fly list as well as the terrorism watch list. we know that some of these smugglers who are bringing people across the border, they have been getting some of these migrants wristbands. they have marked and paid at checkpoints before, and you see hundreds of migrants and rise in the u.s. >> sandra: alex hogan reporting live for us today. >> john: let's bring in mark berkowitz. attorney general, let me get you first of all to respond to one
11:42 am
of the things that alex hogan talked about there that we've been reporting all day and that's in fact that customs and border protection has revealed that the two men who were on the terror watch list, one of them at least on the no-fly list, were caught illegally entering the country somewhere near calexico, california. that's one state over from you but i assume that you are probably experiencing the same threat there. your thoughts? >> border security is national security. this is a humanitarian crisis and we were just talking about these cartels, the drug cartels exploiting the children that are coming across the border, exploiting the families but this is also a major national security threat. this affects everyone. it is on our front porch today, it will be in everyone's back yard tomorrow. that's why i have sued the biden administration and invited biden down to the border. this is not an issue of right versus left, it's a fundamental
11:43 am
issue of right versus wrong and we have to address this now. i know even from talking to my law enforcement sources in the federal government, there are other folks from the middle east that have been detained and questioned by federal authorities because of concerns regarding terrorism. >> john: on that point of the vice president, he said -- and this is not the letter itself, it's a copy of it and when i haven't marked up with a highlighter which is unusual for me. you said on the second of this month, "recently you stated -- this is kamala harris -- you have to see and smell the circumstances of people to really understand them. with that in mind i formally invite you to join me for a tour of the border and southwest arizona later this month. it will provide first-hand insight into what law enforcement and officials are experiencing. what do you want to show me? >> i want to make sure the vice president fully appreciates and sees that this is a crisis. if not -- it's not a politically
11:44 am
if manufactured event but this is rely throughout the country. the biden administration stop to deportation that are providing benefits now to the people in the country without legal status. i say to those people, we want to halt deportation. like i said, let them come to the border and talk to law enforcement and have to deal with the consequences. those that want to open the border, i say let them talk to the families across the board of they have had their lives destroyed by fentanyl or smuggling across the border. those that are passionate in our country, let them talk to the people who've been devastated economically and scratching their heads wondering why using taxpayer dollars to subsidize health care and medical care and housing, people are coming here without legal authority. it's just not right. i think she needs to come down here and see that firsthand. >> john: it's what the moment the vice president seems to show no interest and wanted to come down there to see what it was like for herself. i do find that odd?
11:45 am
we believe strongly that only the american dream but the rule of law, let's make no mistake. she's a former attorney general and i'm a current attorney general, and i think it's important for her to engage on this, to come to arizona and see what's going on on the border, talk to the stress and talk to the boots on the ground. talk to these children and talk to the people having interaction to know that this is a real crisis. it's not any sort of manufactured political stunt and having a long-term consequences in our country, as far as social consequences, criminal justice context because of the cartels making all this money and that the drugs that are being smuggled into this country and god forbid it has national security consequences. i don't want to be the president from the looks back on it says, why don't you do more to stop this crisis? god knows am doing everything i
11:46 am
can to protect america. >> john: so let me ask you this question. they are setting kamala harris down to the northern countries, to talk to the governments there and try to address the root causes of migration but they don't appear to be doing anything to stop the influx right now. what would you tell them is one of the prime things that they need to do to address this now? >> it's kind of the analogy like, the house is on fire. cable and directv. right now we need to get the fire department in here and declare this a crisis and national emergency. >> john: we are sorry for interrupting. but what did they need to do? >> and there are several
11:47 am
deportations and it stopped that. we should reinstate the rules that regarding the public charters and that is do not provide free housing and medical care and people that are here illegally because i think that sends a message that are incentivized by people coming over. if they come here, there will be consequences. and that we don't have open borders. i think they need to keep building the wall because it sends a strong message that you have to do it right, you have to take the legal route if you want to come into this country. otherwise, we will have huge humanitarian crisis as we are having right now and we will end up having a national security crisis. >> john: and as we are talking about the wall, we are seeing it a section of it where it just ends. good to talk to you, john. >> thanks for having me on. >> john: sandra, part of the reason why the wall was not
11:48 am
completed in some areas but what strategic is because customs and border's protection wanted to have checkpoints made where they could funnel people toward them and in some cases the wall just kind of ends. >> but you have border officials, you have border state governors, all the way from the rancher is saying, come see for yourself. to the point about kamala harris being the point person for the crisis of the border, her boss put her in that position. to ronna mcdaniel's point, why not hold a press conference? tell us exactly how the plan is and how you plan to deal with this. clarity would be good for the american people. >> john: if there is no short term, but. >> sandra: cruz in florida to prevent what they call a catastrophic event.
11:49 am
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>> sandra: fox news alert. emergency crews near tampa, florida are continuing to work around the clock to drain a waste water reservoir on the verge of collapsing and causing massive flooding.
11:53 am
jonathan serrie is live in palmetto, florida. he has an update on the progress there. jonathan? >> hi, sandra. more than 300 homes here remain under mandatory evacuation orders. police are still manning road blocks. this one about a mile from the pond in question. officials believe they're making progress. manatee county public safety officials say they're now feeling confident enough about the situation that a few hours ago, they were able to reopen that stretch of u.s. highway 41, the tamiami trail. despite concerns, officials say there's not a second breach in the piney point retention pond. tests show the water is not radioactive but does have high levels of phosphorus and
11:54 am
nitrogen. now the water is being diverted to tampa bay. it's something that concerns marco rubio. >> there's a negative impact, no doubt about it. you're putting nutrients, contaminated water in sensitive wildlife area. we could see bad stuff. algae blooms, fish kills. >> the florida department of environmental protection says they're trying to implement new technology to remove some of the excess nutrients before the water is discharged into the environment and hopefully they say that will prevent or reduce at least algae bloom. sandra, back to you. >> sandra: keep us posted, jonathan. john? >> john: coming up next, a contestant that tried to catch aaron rodgers off guard in his
11:55 am
"jeopardy" debut.
11:56 am
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>> sandra: in case you missed it, aaron rodgers with a quick thinking response to an answer when he guest-hosted "jeopardy." >> scott, would you come up with that response? who wanted to kick that field goal? [laughter] that is a great question. >> sandra: all right. rodgers' packers left the nfc championship after missing a field goal. he's not forgotten. a great moment. >> john: i bet it wasn't his decision. he wanted to go for the touchdown. we should say in the last hour, gavin newsome made a big announcement. he said he's going to reopen california for business june 15,
12:00 pm
sandra. a lot of people are excited. some people said he should have announced is he was continuing californiaist disastrous policies for two more months. >> sandra: some think too little too late. great to be with you, john. we'll do it tomorrow. i'm sandra smith. >> john: i'm john roberts. "the story" with martha maccallum starts now. >> martha: thanks. good to see you. good afternoon. i'm martha maccallum in new york. here's the story. major league baseball just confirmed what was reported today, the new venue for thehe all-star game will be denver, colorado. mlb commissioner rob manfred says this. major league baseball fundamentally supports voting rights for all americans. opposes restrictions to the ballot box. think about this for a moment. he made that statement shortly before he signed a brand new deal with a huge chinese tech company. you might remember this.


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