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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer Dana Perino  FOX News  April 6, 2021 6:00am-8:00am PDT

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>> we know you have a lot of tv choices. thanks for starting your day with "fox & friends." >> have a great day. we'll see you tomorrow. >> check me out on radio. >> so long, everybody. >> bill: thank you, guys, good morning. cancel culture claims america's pastime. major league baseball said to be moving its all-star game out of atlanta to denver in protest of georgia's new voting laws. we say good morning. colorado is the focus now. how are you doing? i'm bill hemmer. >> dana: i know a little bit about colorado. that would be the rockies. and as i recall, they need to do better this year. that's what i remember from last year. i'm dana perino, this is "america's newsroom." >> bill: we were talking before we came on the air saying there was no political leadership here. >> dana: yes, i do feel that way. does anybody want to solve this issue? where is the person that will
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stand up and say guys and gals, can we all get together and talk? i'll do it. let's have a conversation about how do we move past this? i still want to go to the games and i still want to vote and be able to trust the vote and go to atlanta and denver and all these places. i am looking for who is the person that is going to say okay, you have a problem, corporations, you have a problem over here. can we get together? the power to convene is good. if you just say i'm going to refuse to participate in everything, you will have 30% support on either side. yes, that's what i've been thinking. >> bill: i love it. >> dana: all right. gop lawmakers are slamming the companies and boycotting the law and accusing them of hypocrisy. they're not wrong. major league baseball, they're pulling the july 17th game from the state saying it opposes restrictions to the ballot box. georgia governor is accusing
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them of caving to cancel culture. >> people should be scared to death it is going to come to their neighborhood, to their state, to their ballgame, to their college, to their business. i mean, this is outrageous. people need to stand up and join the fight and say look, we're done with the cancel culture and this pressuring. let's just play sports and leave the politics out of it and don't hurt the little guy. >> bill: steve harrigan is at the stadium where the game was supposed to be played. good morning, steve. >> that's right, bill. supposed to be here july 13th. looks like it will be in colorado. we expect to hear that announcement later today. governor kemp the republican governor of georgia also making the case he says it is an organized shakedown effort by the left to try to misrepresent this law in order to raise money off it. here is governor kemp. >> we have these people like stacey abrams profiting
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millions off this. people need to follow the money and see how they're doing it and why they're so effective. >> critics of the move of the game from georgia to colorado cite differences between the two states when it comes to voting access. they say that georgia still after this law has more early voting days than colorado. they say that atlanta is a city that is 51% black as opposed to denver just 9% black. and they point out also in 2016 colorado had voting problems of its own having to disqualify 25,000 ballots due to problems with signatures. a number of georgia democrats are caught in a tough position. they oppose the new voting law and think it's restribtive especially for people of color but also oppose moving the all-star game or boycotting any georgia businesses. the chairwoman of cobb county. >> i think there are people on both sides that agree that everyone boycotting each other
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is not going to be the answer. looking at civic participation and economic vitality, those two things should not have to be polarized. >> the battle right now is here in georgia but it is already expanding to texas. they passed a bill to already limit early voting. so a fight that starts here getting bigger here is going to expand to several more states in the weeks ahead. bill and dana, back to you. >> bill: good stuff in atlanta. we'll bring in tom cotton. there is a ton to cover in this. let you have the stage for a moment. where do you think it's going? >> good morning. good to be on with both of you. i have shocking and terrible news for your viewers eptionly for the social justice warriors of major league baseball. colorado appears to require photo identification to vote in person. yes, colorado fewer days of in-person voting than georgia. in joe biden and stacey abrams
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think georgia is jim crow 3.0. i'm losing count of the democrats' claims against our states who don't have any -- all these comparisons highlight the blatant lies the democrats have made about georgia's new election law designed to streamline their elections and make them more efficient. have convenient and accessible elections that are also safe and secure. even the "washington post", practically a broad sheet for the democratic party and biden administration has called out joe biden's lies on these matters. it is time for all these politically correct ceos to stop slandering georgias and republican legislators and voters and stand up to social justice warriors in their companies. >> dana: tell me what you think about hr1. we covered this over the past couple of weeks, the democrats' bill they want to basically do a federalization of voting laws
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across the state and take it away from the states. there is a lot in there that republicans don't like. do you see an attempt by nationalizing the georgia issue now going to texas and probably other states that that is an attempt to try to get the democrats to coalesce around hr1? >> yes, dana, by slandering georgia and trying to intimidate states like texas and other states that may change their election law the democrats want to lay the basis passing hr1 which goes to show their number one priority called the for the people act. should be called for the corrupt democratic politician act. it would make our elections much less secure. it bans the use of photo i.d. as colorado and so many other states require. 75% of the american people believe should be required. it mandates that every state permit ballot harvesting, the
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practice where someone can collect hundreds offer thousands of ballots, something so ripe for abuse that an entire congressional election was invalidated because of it a couple of years ago. it would also finance campaigns. it would take your tax dollars and give them to politicians you don't like to run attack ads against the politicians you do like. these things are massively unpopular. democrats know they are unpopular. by base lessly and scandalously georgia's law and other states they are trying to lay the basis for passing this deeply unpopular law in washington >> bill: let me take you through a couple of things here. an a.p. poll now. the question was do you think all voters should provide photo i.d. in order to vote? a whopping number there. 72% agree. even democrats agree at 56%. last week we had the headline from the "washington post" biden falsely claims the new georgia law ends voting hours
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early. four pinocchios. when asked by peter doocy jen psaki defended the president this way. watch. >> he said it would end voting hours early so working people can't cast their vote after the shift is over. the "washington post" gave that claim four pinocchios because that part of the law gives counties the option to extend voting hours. >> fundamentally the president doesn't believe it should be made harder to vote. he believes it should be easier. >> the thing he said has been determined by election law experts to be not true. >> again i think we can -- the fact checkers will also tell you that this bill does not make it easier for people across the state of georgia to vote. >> bill: simple question. has the president been telling the truth on this? >> no, he was blatantly lied
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repeatedly and his paid mouthpieces are repeating his lies. they should press the president and paid mouthpieces whether he will condemn his own state of delaware. they have fewer drop boxes than georgia. they don't have any early voting as well. again, the georgia law is designed to avoid the problems they had in their elections last year not just on november 3 but primaries last summer. people had to wait hours in line. this bill is designed to give people in georgia convenient access to vote and making their elections safe, secure and efficient. it is time joe biden apologize for slandering brian kemp, georgia legislature and the state of georgia. >> bill: we'll wait on that apology. tom cotton, thank you. you had an interview with the woman from cobb county, georgia. you had a great question. you said what part of the bill are you opposed to? and did she mention a specific?
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>> the question was what's the most egregious part of the bill to you. i could have picked out three. her point was -- i take it seriously and a genuine point. she said it was the way that this bill was done and the context around it. that it was based on the fact that there were many people in the country who believed what president trump was telling them. the election was stolen and they're saying all these attempts to improve voting is based on a lie. that is their point. >> bill: what i would argue then we're two months removed from the georgia senate runoffs, right? perhaps for her it came too quickly. what i would argue florida 20 years ago, it was 537 votes between gore and george bush and florida went ahead and they reworked their voting laws. they changed it to make it better just like many other states have as well. texas and ohio, all states do it at the time they think it is appropriate. my question would be at what
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point is it appropriate to make your laws better? is it two months after the election or two years? >> dana: can we all agree on one point. we want the most access to voting in the most secure way. if you can agree on those two things you can figure out what things work. i don't think you can do it blanket across the states. states have rights for a reason. >> bill: governor greg abbott is down in texas and we'll talk to him and we'll pose these questions to him momentarily >> dana: the border patrol says a man from yemen on the terrorist watch list was arrested last week after crossing into the united states. they caught the guy near a checkpoint 130 miles east of san diego. the second man from yemen on the terrorism watch list caught crossing the border this year. alex hogan is in texas with more. >> good morning, we know this
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man is a 26-year-old on the no-fly list as well as the terrorism watch list. it was just in january that border agents found another man, a 33-year-old and border agents apprehended him trying to cross the border in that same area. they also found a cell phone sim card hidden under his shoe. the situation is unfolding. a special envoy to the biden administration is in talks with leaders in the northern triangle about the root causes of these migrations. discussions press secretary jen psaki says president biden will be involved with. >> his focus right now is on expediting processing at the border. opening up additional facilities. addressing the root causes and restarting programs to incentivize kids from applying within their countries. >> a new poll by the public affairs research finds that more americans do not agree with the president's handling of the border situation.
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a democratic congressional delegation is here in the south visiting border agencies and facilities. thousands of children have crossed alone, 80% of the children have at least one family member in the united states. hhs is opening new centers for migrants just as early as yesterday in texas to create more space. right here along the border we've seen hundreds of migrants as early as last night crossing the border. one of those individuals was a 7-year-old girl. this morning she crossed alone just sobbing. when she finally stopped crying she talked with border agents and she seemed more like a teenager showing how quickly some of these kids who are doing this are having to grow up. dana. >> bill: remarkable. with regard to these two that were picked up from yemen, the one in january i want to emphasize this was on the no-fly list. he walked into the country. he walked. >> dana: give everyone a
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reading assignment. there is a column in the "new york times" today saying why joe biden should finish the wall. basically the point is if he doesn't, the next president will. >> he is right about that. the senate is getting ready to green light ran through more spending with a simple majority vote. get ready. open your wallets wider. karl rove joins us next on the $2 trillion proposal. >> dana: piers morgan talks about the rise in cancel culture. why he still does not believe duchess meghan is being honest. >> bill: ron desantis going after cbs60 minutes over false claims he gave the grocery store chain vaccine. we'll talk to the democratic mayor part of those negotiations and says cbs should be ashamed.
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>> bill: monitoring a report of an active shooter 50 miles outside of washington, d.c. this is frederic, maryland, police are tweeting the following. on the scene responding to an active shooter in the 8400 block of progress drive. two victims and one suspect is down. a community college in that city tweeting the students this is not a drill. our affiliate is on the way and we'll get you updates as we get them. frederic, maryland, watching that story. >> the bottom line.
6:21 am
in palm beach we've done over 275,000 seniors that have gotten shots. statewide we've done 3 1/2 million seniors that have gotten shots. we've done one of the best jobs in the country at protecting our seniors. the results speak for themselves. they didn't want to tell you that because they know that will blow up their narrative. >> dana: florida governor ron desantis blasting cbs news 60 minutes about a false narrative. this is what they aired when he asked why he gave supermarket chain publix priority access to vaccine. >> they donated $100,000 to your campaign and you rewarded them with the exclusive rights to distribute the vaccination in palm beach. >> what are you saying is wrong. that's a fake narrative. i met with the county mayor, administrator and all the folks in palm beach county. here are the options.
6:22 am
drive through sites, hospitals, publix. they said we would think it would be the easiest thing for the residents but -- >> the criticism it's pay to play, governor. >> it's wrong, a fake narrative. i just disabused you of the narrative. you don't care about the facts. i laid it out in a way that was irrefutable. >> dana: cbs edited out the full answer of desantis and lawmakers are coming to the defense of the governor including the palm beach mayor. florida has worked very hard to vaccinate its senior population in addition to now opening it up to others. 60 minutes said to axios that as we always do for clarity we use portions of the governor's over two minute response that directly addressed the question from the correspondent that left out a lot of what he said. how did you feel when you saw
6:23 am
it air on sunday night? >> i participated in speaking with the producer of 60 minutes for probably over 45 minutes and gave very direct facts but b the governor's meeting i had in my office a few months ago. when i watched the piece i was taken aback really that none of my comments, none of my perspective was included. and certainly the facts bear out the truth. it was a decision that i made, county administration made and has been a wonderful addition to our overall plan in palm beach county and i thought it was important to put it in the public sphere. >> dana: why did you decide to work with publix? >> after the meeting that i had with the governor, it was a very cordial meeting. we met several times throughout the pandemic response and worked well together and as a county mayor of one of the largest counties in the nation we have a senior population that per capita outranks every other county in the state.
6:24 am
to have 67 vertically integrated points of distribution with 20,000 vaccines per week is a no-brainer and the commissioner, my colleague on the board pointed out that there were some loopholes and gaps in the coverage of publix and we immediately rectified that and we lead the state all three major counties by a long shot in terms of vaccinations provided to seniors 65 and over. that's my main job. that's the solemn duty that i have. publix played a big part in that and proud to have worked with them. >> dana: for the people interviewed in the piece. the more rural part of the county that they said 25 miles for them to get to a publix and it took them a while to get vaccines. they felt they were slighted in this effort, how have you tried to work with them to rectify their feelings about that or on the merits? >> it has been rectified and the entire board including myself have worked with leadership out there. the governor has been out there
6:25 am
himself. we have a permanent site in the belle glade community out west. we also have a bus system that never shut down during covid-19 to provide access to other points of distribution. so listen, it's a step-by-step process and i thought that my thoughts should have been included. we had a broad vision how to build out very diverse system of distribution and it's worked very well and we're proud of the results. >> dana: a lot of people concerned about trust in media because it's way down. did you start to feel the same way after sunday night? >> it was a surreal moment for them because i had to seek out the producers of 60 minutes. i was the county mayor and am the county mayor the one that sat in the meeting and asked for publix assistance in this county. to not have that perspective included was sort of a surreal experience. i did issue a pretty scathing
6:26 am
statement to cbs and 60 minutes on my letterhead, not on behalf of the county but important to have the truth out in the public sphere. i left this experience really disheartened with 60 minutes and still don't have an explanation as to why my comments were never included. >> dana: mr. mayor, thank you for coming on the show. we appreciate it. >> thank you, dana. >> bill: florida is very, very proud of how they've managed this. and what the governor will tell you is we disregarded the federal guidelines i do believe and we went ahead and vaccinated our seniors first and made them the priority. in florida you can understand that. a lot of seniors have made it their home. >> dana: also because seniors were the ones most vulnerable to hospitalization and death. noah rothman said this is cbs's own goal, which i think is -- i just can't believe -- you would
6:27 am
hope they could do a better job but good for the mayor coming out and defending his own. >> bill: we wait for the retraction or correction i guess on sunday night? >> dana: they issued a statement saying they got it. >> bill: they got it. >> dana: we'll see. >> bill: outrage over the killing of an uber driver as the teenagers charged in his death could get a cushy plea deal. texas governor greg abbott, sold out stadium for the rangers home game. several companies jumping into the proposed election law. we'll talk to the governor next. i suffered with psoriasis for so long. i felt gross. people were afraid i was contagious. i was covered from head to toe. i was afraid to show my skin. after i started cosentyx
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turning down the invitation to though out the first pitch. sir, good morning to you. there you are. good morning. >> great to be with you. >> bill: why not just go ahead and be there and throw out the pitch? >> sure, well, before i answer that let me say something that is so important today. i want to say congratulations to the ncaa basketball men's national champions, the baylor bears from the lone star state. what a fabulous game and they deserve all the best and we're very proud of them. >> bill: they were physical, strong, they played defense, they shot, they did it all to beat undefeated gonzaga. >> we're happy across the state. >> bill: why not the first pitch? >> because i could not associate myself with major league baseball that had gone out and done something that was absolutely ridiculous. it was taking positions with regard to these voter and
6:34 am
election laws in the state of georgia where clearly major league baseball had not read or not studied and did not know what those laws provided. the mlb was basically boycotting the state of georgia that has laws that are more lenient for voters than the state of new york, than the state of delaware where president biden hails from himself. and not knowing what the laws provide and not knowing the laws didn't crack down but expanded the ability to vote. it is ridiculous that we have some of these organizations that know nothing whatsoever about what the law provides but they are getting and injecting themselves into politics in ways that are just flat out wrong and i refuse to associate with an organization that is taking political positions when they need to be focusing on baseball, on the opening day for the texas rangers. they shouldn't be engaged in politics like that. the last thing we want is for them to be engaged in politics in the state of texas.
6:35 am
what they did is political malpractice to inject themselves in a way in which, get this, even president biden as you may have noted yesterday walked back his criticism of what happened in georgia and president biden made clear that they are no longer going to be deciding whether or not any state should be boycotted or using terms such as jim crow laws because they were dead wrong. it is important for you and texas businesses to know that what i was doing yesterday by not showing up to be involved in a major league baseball program, i'm sending a message to these texas-based companies that made the very same mistake with regard to texas laws. we have american airlines, at&t, dell computers and others who have taken a position against the election law reforms we made in the state of texas where the ceos of these companies and leaders of these
6:36 am
companies admitted they had no idea what the texas law said or what the proposed laws say before taking a position against it. they need to stay out of politics especially when they have no clue what they are talking about. >> dana: so is it fair to say major league baseball had said we won't go to denver but like to come to texas and have this game in dallas or houston you would have rejected that? >> absolutely. we want to have nothing to do with it. let's go back in time a little bit. texas went above and beyond to help host major league baseball. have the world series in arlington, texas where the texas rangers play. only to see they are now taking positions against the state of texas and against the state of georgia. let me tell you something, we have so many businesses from across the globe and across the united states who want to come here, we won't be helping out businesses that are criticizing texas leadership.
6:37 am
we're creating an environment that's the best environment in the united states for business. what we did to help major league baseball to have the world series here last time we won't do anything like that again either for major league baseball or other businesses that want to criticize the leadership that has led to texas being the best state in the united states for business. >> bill: you mention the ceos of major companies. i didn't here united airlines. they are not based in texas. dan crenshaw, congressman from texas mentioned them and their policy in a tweet. travelers 18 years of age or older are required to have a valid current u.s. federal or state issued photo i.d. that contains name, date of birth, tamper resistant feature for travel. that's your policy, united. pandering hypocrites just shut up. strong tweet. are american ceos now the most powerful political lobbyists in america? >> they are not.
6:38 am
what american ceos are going to find out is that state legislatures like in texas are going to completely ignore them. what the american ceo will realize their lack of relevancy in state legislatures and they will also find out their shareholders will be suffering because of their political malpractice decisions. >> dana: we started the show today with bill asking me to share my -- before the show thoughts. i was asking this. so then nobody wants to be canceled. i still want to go to the game and fly and be able to do all these things. we want businesses to be able to succeed because big events come to their cities. who is the person and maybe it is you, where is the effort to try to move forward on this? because now the ceos have made statements. the partisans have made statements, elected leaders have made statements and everybody in the corners. who can bring everybody together and get us to move
6:39 am
forward? >> one way to do that is to stop the people in the grandstands from throwing objects onto the playing field of the political process. what we need to do is to have these business leaders realize they don't need to be responding to tweets or bogus arm -- they need to focus on their job. advancing the cause of the shareholders and stay out of the political arena. at least as it concerns to injecting themselves in a political process as we're trying to pass legislation about which these ceos have no idea whatsoever about. it would be like this, dana. what if i started to decide well, american airlines or whatever company it is you need to start following what i'm dictating as it concerns your business practices. that's how inane what these businesses are doing trying to inject themselves into the
6:40 am
political process especially when the decisions and analysis they are making is completely and utterly false and disconnected to the facts and the law of what states like texas and georgia are doing. >> bill: governor, call for number two. a.p. poll we mentioned this at the beginning of the program today. 72% approve of providing photo i.d. in order to vote. republicans are over90%. even democrats have a clear majority there. do you think hr1, the federalizing of the national vote, can pass under this administration? and if it does, if it does, how does the american vote change? >> hr1 would be a total disaster. what hr1 does, it institutionalized avenues to perpetuate voter fraud in the united states. texas will have no part of it. what the federal government can
6:41 am
do under the constitution, they can regulate elections as it concerns federal officials. however, they cannot regulate elections concerning state officials. and so states like texas and other states we will just pull out of having elections at the same time that the federal elections take place so we'll be able to insure the integrity of the election process in texas regardless of what hr1 does. >> dana: i can just imagine that means bill hemmer would be working all sorts of different days at the billboard. it would be -- it would never end, bill. elections every day. can i switch gears with you and ask you about the border issue in we had the deputy border patrol chief on yesterday, raul ortiz. this is what he had to say. >> so far it's been way over 100,000 people that have gotten away from us this year. the border patrol agents as well as law enforcement partners are doing everything we can. our resources are stretched awfully thin right now.
6:42 am
>> dana: we showed that yet another suspected terrorist has crossed over. thankfully was caught. what is your level of concern at this point about a month into this -- two months into this crisis? >> the level of concern is high. it's about to go to extreme. we know this process. it will do nothing but get worse especially because of the lazy approach the bind administration is bringing to the border. they have an oper border policy and we're seeing the results of it. not just helping unaccompanied minors but also helping terrorists come across the border and also as you pointed out those were the ones that were identified and known about. what we do not know are the terrorists who were able to slip through that were not identified. this will do nothing but increase and this is exactly why texas, i created operation lone star. i send the national guard as well as texas department of public safety to the border.
6:43 am
our own texas department of public safety made about 600 arrests of criminals in one month as well as apprehending 16,000 illegal immigrants that were turned over to the border patrol. so this is something that's very dangerous right now. but will escalate even more because of the biden administration's not paying attention to what's going on at the border. it will be very dangerous. >> dana: have you had any calls from vice president harris? >> so i sent a letter to vice president harris about 10 days ago pointing out all these questions i wanted to have answered. i received absolutely no response to that letter and all the vice president has done is laugh about her being called down to go to the border in her refusal to go to the border. neither the president or vice president have showed up down at the border to see the catastrophe that they have created. >> bill: a.p. poll, 24% approve of the handling of this situation with unaccompanied situation at the border. thank you for your time.
6:44 am
>> dana: we kept you too long. >> bill: please come back. >> thank you. >> dana: the future of iran nuclear deal up in the air as the u.s. starts indirect talks with tehran. general jack keane joins us next. ♪ limu emu & doug ♪ excuse me ma'am, did you know that liberty mutual customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need? thank you! hey, hey, no, no, limu, no limu! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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>> dana: the u.s. is set to begin indirect talks with iran but the nuclear deal three years after withdrawing from the pack. let's bring in general jack keane. you have a lot of thoughts on this. let's figure out one, do you think it's a good idea? what should we be looking for? in some ways you could score points at home when you do an outreach like this or try to help solve a problem in the region. which do you think it will be? >> well, i certainly would agree with the talks if i clearly understood that the objective of the talks are to do what the administration said a number of weeks ago when they took office. and that is they were going to lengthen and strengthen the nuclear deal. they would take the original deal and improve it. what they wanted to improve is certainly a pro bigs on ballistic missiles which is not in the deal. extending the sunset clauses that prohibit the development of nuclear weapons and increase the length of that.
6:50 am
i think it should be a permanent prohibition. all that aside. and curb regional behavior. they were the stated objectives. now the administration, no public comments about that whatsoever. it appears like we're going back to the original deal is what is going to be negotiated and iranians would get sanction relief. there is bipartisan opposition to those limited goals. 160 congressmen, 43 senators. and remember, the senate who was supposed to approve the original deal as a treaty, would not approve that deal and therefore president obama never submitted it to them. so we have senators the likes of which senator schumer, senator mendez who are all opposed to the original deal. they want this deal strengthened. the administration doesn't appear to be of a mind to do that now as we are going into these negotiations. i said weeks ago this
6:51 am
administration has potential to commit a serious strategic blunder early in their administration and would likely be surrounding this issue in the middle east, the so-called nuclear deal with iran. >> dana: obviously israelis are against it. netanyahu has sent a warning to tehran saying those who want to harm us place themselves in grave danger. it was true in 1948 and true today. all the differences with respect to iran and its proxies. a quick last word. biden's special enjoy to iran saying we have to do this because they've enriched ten times more uranium. he says we're in a dangerous situation. do you think it's dangerous? >> well certainly. but the iranians are using the fact that they're out of sync where the original deal as a employ. o'malley should be insisting not only do they come back into compliance but we won't remove
6:52 am
all the sanctions until such time as we improve this deal. that should be the subject at hand. >> dana: thank you, great point. good to have you, thank you, general keane. >> bill: on the vaccines did you know 4 million americans were vaccinated? we're cranking it up. it's tuesday, shall we go to the board? we have a special guest this week. dr. marc siegel. welcome to our coverage. i know you can't see this but i want our viewers to understand we're putting a lot of numbers on the board behind us. but we have vaccinated with at least one jab now 32% of the american people. fully vaccinated 17 1/2. administered doses 167 million. these numbers are impressive. what do we need to understand from this, doctor? >> well, bill, you will see there -- good morning, dana and bill. you'll see there from the map
6:53 am
that new mexico and south dakota stand out in blue. new mexico has 440 cases but they only have 4 deaths. south dakota 156 cases and zero deaths. vaccination works. those two states are leading the way in vaccination. 25% of the people in those states are fully vaccinated already. that's a really great step in the right direction. you can see the progress. where do we have to go still? we still have a ways to go because we had 76,000 new cases in the united states over the past 24 hours. hospitalizations are still at about 40,000. we're fighting the variants. we've got to go to where israel is, bill, where are they? 65% of the population vaccinated in israel, you only had 354 cases yesterday and you only had 8 deaths in the entire state of israel yesterday with them wide open. i predict that in a month from now or a month and a half from now if we continue this rate of vaccination and we can get
6:54 am
vaccine compliance of 3 million shots in arms per day we'll be where israel is, vaccine can kill the pandemic. right now it's decreasing the deaths dramatically. >> bill: i took you back four weeks to march 9th while you were talking. back then fully vaccinated was just under 10%. number of administered doses 93 million. if you go to today, current date, i find these numbers so impressive. you just said something. 70,000 cases. do you find that we're ticking higher, doctor, or not? >> yes, bill. the reason we're ticking higher is because as the delay occurs between us and israel in terms of present vaccinated, percent vaccinated we see variants emerge and other variants in california. one in new york city emerge. those are spreading widely and giving us more cases among our young who aren't vaccinated.
6:55 am
here is the good news. only 530 deaths over the past 24 hours. those are all tragic deaths, of course, but the death rates are trending down and will continue to trend down and as we vaccinate more and more the vaccines look like they are very effective.
6:56 am
6:57 am
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7:00 am
>> it is ridiculous we have some of these organizations that in politics in ways that are flat out wrong. i refuse to associate with an organization that is taking political positions when they need to be focusing on baseball. >> dana: critics lashing out at corporate hypocrisy as major league baseball moves the all-star game out of georgia. the associated press reporting the game will take place at coors field in denver. colorado allows fewer days of early voting than georgia. welcome to a brand-new hour of "america's newsroom," i'm dana perino.
7:01 am
>> bill: i'm bill hemmer. >> dana: it was a wild first hour. see if we can top it with this one. >> bill: i think we shall, right? major georgia-based corporations that bashed the state's new voting law now facing boycott calls themselves. the critics say it's hypocritical for them to stay in the peach state. karl rove former white house deputy chief of staff and fox news contributor with us today. good morning to you. as we've done with many of our guests this morning a lot to get to. jump off on what is on your mind as you look at this now. >> well, major league baseball, as you may know they are headquartered a few blocks from new york. home of major league baseball forbids no excuse absentee voting which is allowed in georgia. you have to have an excuse in new york. you have to be absent from the county, you have to be ill, a primary caregiver or in jail, awaiting grand jury action or
7:02 am
sentencing and then you can get an absentee ballot. in georgia, no need to have an excuse. you can do it no matter what. new york has eight days of early voting. georgia requires at least 17 and allows for more. so where is the outrage in new york by major league baseball about the voter suppression being practiced right in the home state of major league baseball? >> bill: i got a text yesterday from a hall of famer who will go nameless because he hasn't granted me the authority to use his name on tv. he said hemmer, they going to move the yankees and mets out of new york now? >> exactly. we also have to worry about missouri. two teams there. they don't allow no excuse absentee voting and no early voting in detroit. what about the tigers? pennsylvania, we don't have early voting in pennsylvania. what about two teams there? what are we going to do about all the people in new jersey who come and root to new york teams? do they know they're engaging
7:03 am
in voter suppression by encouraging and supporting teams in a state that doesn't allow no excuse in-person absentee voting? this is ridiculous. remember, where is major league baseball attempting to get a major expansion that will mean big bucks to them? china where they don't allow them to vote. they're cracking down on the ability of people to vote in hong kong by violating an international fraoety that guaranteed democratic practices. now if you want to run for office in the one place in china where they actually have votes you have to have approval from the communist party in beijing in order to run. that's where major league baseball in all its humility is attempting to have a major push. really smart major league baseball. >> dana: tim scott had a tweet here. making a similar comparison you are making about new york but about georgia versus colorado. he says georgia voter i.d., 17 days of early voting.
7:04 am
colorado, voter i.d. 15 days of early voting. denver is 9.2% black. they are moving the all-star game out of atlanta which has more day of voting lights than colorado. the wokes are at it again. >> early voting is not the only concern of the bill. this is about cosmetics. georgia has some of the highest percentage of registration in the south and among the highest above the national average in voter turnout. yet they are getting penalized by making practical changes. one of the big things was they can't give water and food in line. well, in georgia they said like they do in many other states you cannot have politicking going on or election earing going on a certain number of feet from the polling place. if you want to get free food and water 150 feet from the ballot box and 25 feet from waiting in line knock yourself
7:05 am
out. new york they have a similar provision. virtually i think every state has some kind of election eering prohibition. >> bill: "wall street journal." what i wouldn't give for a shave that isn't woke. from my closet to my bathroom, my house is full of leftist brands. it is time to do something about it. all kidding aside on that. these corporations i will put major league baseball in the same category. it is a business, after all. how do those who run these companies get back into making these decisions? is it the people who work for them or is it the people in their community who have direct contact with them saying you cannot afford to allow this law to go forward without taking a position? how does that work? >> well, this was a decision by the ceo of coca-cola, ceo of delta, ceo of major league
7:06 am
baseball. all of which appear to not have a handle on the real facts. these people were making decisions just sort of in sentiment. nobody can tell me they sat down logically and looked at this. you just can't. these people said oh, there are lots of voices out there on the left saying this is bad. therefore, i'm going to join with them in order to condemn these pernicious activities in the state of georgia. and this was harmful. yes, companies have a right to speech. yes, they have a right to make their opinions known. for god sakes will you please give it considerable thought and know what the hell the facts are? in this they are being guided by the president of the united states in his news conference told lie after lie after lie. i don't use that word lightly. when he said they are cutting off the voting at 5:00 p.m. so that working people can't get home from work in order to vote? he had to know it was a lie or he was poorly staffed and made no effort afterwards to clean
7:07 am
up his mistakes. several other flat out misstatements that he made and i have to assume that they were either lies or misstatements. if they were misstatements they made no attempt to clean them up afterwards. jen psaki continues to emphasize them in a very artful ways that allows her to say i'm believing this but i'm not saying the exact words. this is baloney. we are tearing our country apart for ridiculous reasons and our countries are participating in it by not getting their facts straight. >> bill: it has been reported a month ago in mid-march at one of these community events either delta or coca-cola and pull aside in one of the african-american leaders in the community you need to watch this legislation. >> dana: what you were just saying leads to the question i have of the day which is all right, everybody has been airing their grievances and there are a lot of them. where is the opportunity and who is it that can help get the country moving again?
7:08 am
even if it's on this issue, what can convene and who will be the leader that says let's get this all out on the table and try to solve this problem and move forward? >> awfully hard to do when the president of the united states took gasoline and poured it on a smoldering fire and turned it into a raging fire. it is hard to do that. it is hard to figure out who the moral leader is. we can start by the business leaders sitting down and being specific. if they have specific problems lay them out. these blanket condemnations when they themselves the head of major league baseball if he really is concerned about voter suppression, let him speak out about the practices of no early votes in michigan, ohio and pennsylvania and condemn the absence of no excuse absentee voting in missouri and new york. have him say something about the failure of people to have a right to vote in china where they are attempting a major effort that will benefit major league baseball and put a bunch of money in their pockets? please, if you are going to attempt to be a moral leader be
7:09 am
one in all respects not just in the ones where you think it is to your temporary advantage to make yourself identify with woke culture and not suffer any long term damage. >> bill: thank you, karl. we'll see what happens. well done, i would agree with that. see how the page turns next. thank you, karl rove in austin. >> dana: republicans and democrats slamming 60 minutes over the way it edited a story on governor desantis covid roll-out. he gave a deal to publix pharmacy but ignored other governors under fire with gavin newsom and andrew cuomo with his nursing home and sexual misconduct scandal. one democrat is the mayor of palm beach county and joined us on "america's newsroom" just last hour. >> it was a surreal moment for
7:10 am
me. i had to seek out the producers of the 60 minutes. i'm the county mayor and one that sat in the meeting and asked for publix assistance in this county. for me i left this experience really disheartened with 60 minutes and still don't have an explanation as to why my comments were never included. >> dana: mark meredith is live in washington with more on the backlash here. >> good morning. florida republicans and state democrats are coming to governor desantis' defense saying 60 minutes made a hit piece by implying favoriteism. they talked about how some people in poorer communities and made it seem like he chose florida based publix as a
7:11 am
distributor because of political. the company is furious with this report. they write the irresponsible suggestion there was a connection between campaign contributions made to governor desantis and willingness to join other pharmacies in support of the state's vaccine distribution efforts is absolutely false and offensive. cbs said it had reached out to the governor's office for an interview but was turned down. they showed up at a news conference and asked the governor about it. when he said he explained by publix was chosen his comments were left out. >> cbs cut that out and acted like we weren't trying to make it widely available. there was no deal with publix. they are one of the most respected companies in florida. people love it. it would be malpractice not to use them as a distribution point. >> cbs says they chose to use a portion of the governor's response for clarity. the backlash against the most watched news program in the country is growing.
7:12 am
>> bill: we were talking about this last hour, right? so there is a response, i think it was in a tweet form sunday night from 60 minutes and then there was another response on monday and they said what on yesterday. >> dana: basically they said as we always do, we edit it down and used a portion of the governor's interview which was responsive to the precise question she was asking at the time. basically they're covering their rear end. >> bill: what is interesting about this, a lot of times 60 minutes does these pieces. no other cameras in the room. in this case there was. you can see desantis. >> dana: from a communications standpoint if you have somebody of the opposite party coming to your defense like the mayor of palm beach county. a democrat. this is on the merits. it was wrong. molly hemingway's article. 60 minutes ignored democrat governors scandal and invents one about desantis.
7:13 am
as the pushing of anti-bush forger east. it is unclear whether it's propaganda and keep its viewers knowing of truth and what happened in hard lockdown states in new york and california. i think people will hear about it. >> bill: 60 minutes coverage of newsom and cuomo. for newsom so far it is goose egg and for cuomo it is nothing. >> dana: what do you call a double goose egg? >> bill: goose egg 2x. >> dana: how do you say egg in french? i don't speak french. people in one florida county are bracing for the worst as the reservoir full of waste water is on the verge of bursting. >> bill: our next guest says companies might come to regret
7:14 am
the decision in the end opposing the georgia law. >> people are actually taking the time to read the bill or talk to their legislative affairs team we worked with. major league baseball didn't care what was said because they just folded to the pressure. retirement is an opportunity to fill each tomorrow with moments that matter. and a steady stream of protected income can help you secure the life you've planned. for more than 150 years, generations have trusted the strength and stability of pacific life with their tomorrows. because life isn't about what tomorrow brings.
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>> dana: i want to take you into manatee county with jonathon seary. the past few days there is a leaking waste water pond on the verge of breaking loose. we'll join jonathan so he can tell us what is the latest. >> police have set up a
7:20 am
perimeter around the abandoned face fate plant located a mile behind the roadblock. more than 300 homes are under a mandatory evacuation until they can eliminate the risk of flooding. despite earlier concerns state environmental officials have determined there is no second breach of the piney point reservoir and uncontrolled discharge from the creek has stopped. samples show the water being discharged is not radioactive but does contain high levels of phosphorous and nitrogen found in fertilizer. with no good solutions the water is being diverted to tampa bay that concerns senator marco rubio. >> there will be a negative impact. no doubt about it. you put nutrients, contaminated water in a sensitive wildlife area? we could see bad stuff. algae bloom, fish kills. >> the florida department of
7:21 am
environmental protection says it is deploying technology to remove the excess nutrients from that water before it is discharged into tampa bay and hoping to prevent algae blooms. back to you. >> dana: thank you. >> bill: the "wall street journal"'s editor at large blasting companies for the move to take major league baseball game out of georgia. it comes after the game was pulled and moved to colorado reportedly. jerry baker referring to the corporate executives writing this. they convert to the new political religion. he is with us now. good morning. we were texting about your piece last night. just so you know you were on our mind. here is the line that i pulled out, jerry. here you have the essence of the new faith and morals of the woke classes, the truly privileged people in our society i'm not to blame, you understand, it is all those other white folk. jerry, make your case. >> yeah.
7:22 am
bill, i was making the case that it is this woke stuff is a religion, right? it has become the new religion for so many people now in this country and around the world. particularly people on the left. i think many people, whether in academia, media, cultural institutions and hollywood embrace this religion. these corporate types, the ceos of companies like delta and the head of major league baseball and coca-cola that we've seen with this response to this georgia law, i don't think they are really religious believers in the sense that they actually believe half of this stuff that these people talk about but they're willing to go along with it, right, they think it is -- they get pressure from social media, from some of their own employees and they go along with it. they don't actually believe in this stuff. if they really did believe in this stuff. if they really believed the message of the woke progressive crowd is, a fundamentally evil
7:23 am
country where white people have only succeeded by oppressing people of minorities, those white ceos of delta and coca-cola and major league baseball would say i shouldn't really be be here. i'm the product of oppression and supremacy and privilege. they don't believe that stuff at all. they want to go along with it because they know that it benefits them. they know it helps them. i do think, bill, we have to hold them accountable when they do things like that. there is this response to the georgia law which is one of the most disgraceful things i've seen to be honest with you in a long time. the response to the georgia law by these companies does need to be exposed and they really do need to be held accountable. >> dana: one of the things i loved about your piece you look back to history and write in the 19th sefn toury it was nationalism. 20th communism and fascism. in the 21st.
7:24 am
woke, fanatical one. if you could share the lesson people should remember from queen mary? >> thank you. again, i compare it to religion. it is religion and those after the enlightenment in the 17th century we were told religion was dying and we had other forms of ideology like nationalism and communism and fascism. the queen mary example i give in the 16th century in england henry viii got rid of the catholic church and converted england to the protestant faith and got rid of his wife. the archbishop of can't bury converted because he didn't want to lose his head. when queen mary came in who was the daughter of henry's first wife who he discarded queen mary turned the country back to the catholic face. others who had quickly
7:25 am
abandoned the faith under henry quickly returned to the faith under queen mary because they knew that is what they needed to do. my point was that these woke ceos who don't believe anything but happy to go along with the prevailing orthodoxy have to be careful. they won't be burned at the stake but they will face -- first of all they face the risk the progressives don't really like them. you've seen what is happening in amazon in alabama. they risk by this cynical manipulation, this cynical accession to this prevailing orthodoxy, risk losing the support and legitimacy that they have as corporate leaders, as people supposed to run companies. that's a real danger for them. that's the lesson of history. don't just simply convert because you think it will help you. >> dana: i want to take your class. i'm coming. thank you so much. >> bill: sometimes these issues have a way of wearing
7:26 am
themselves out. >> they do. >> bill: i think we have a way to go on this one, though. thank you. >> dana: century just started. officials confirming two men on the terror watch list were caught after crossing the border after republicans have sounded the alarm for weeks. will cain joins us next. >> people they've caught in the last few days in monument three have been on the terror watch list. individuals they have on the watch list for terrorism are now starting to exploit the southern border. we need to wake up.
7:27 am
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7:32 am
>> dana: border protection confirms two men from yemen on the terrorism watch list were caught crossing the u.s./mexican border weeks after many in the media were quick to disclaim the republicans saying that. >> the biden administration has an open border policy. the results not just accompanying helping unaccompanied minors but helping terrorists coming across the border. also as you pointed out those were the ones that were identified and known about. what we do not know are the terrorists who were able to slip through that were not identified. >> dana: let's bring in will cain, co-host of "fox & friends" weekend. play sound from congressman mccarthy raising this issue a few weeks ago. >> when you go to monument
7:33 am
three and talk to those agents it is not just people from mexico, honduras or el salvador but people from yemen, iran, turkey. people on the terrorist watch list and they're rushing it all at once. >> dana: cnn did a fact check against the republican's claims are people are rushing the border. but they are making it across, will. >> let's dismiss cnn for one moment and take the word of people who actually know. this morning i was at a diner in mcallen texas. i spoke to people that live and work here. former border patrol agents in charge of this sector. people that live here, dana, what they are afraid of and deal with is yes, we see it affecting our daily lives and our community. what we're afraid of is what we don't know. these are reception centers. we don't get to know exactly what goes on for public health,
7:34 am
covid and security as a nation. border patrol, this was fascinating. i had a former border patrol chief it is like squeezing a ball on. we used to have immigration coming through and ended up in the rio grande valley. limited resources. when we have to focus on handing out sandwiches and tacos and diapers, dealing with the crisis because these migrants turn themselves in to border patrol. that's the way they get into the country by catch and release through our law enforcement mechanisms. when we have to deal with that we can't control what is happening in the sugar cane field or what dangerous people are coming through when our attention is diverted. >> dana: ortiz said they can project that they are probably not capturing 100,000 people in a year. what does that do? >> i think you know what it
7:35 am
does. it shows the weakness and invites weakness and other people's exploitation. our warm heart and taking in migrants and also those doing us harm makes us wide open to that vulnerability. if we only catch a percentage, we know we are. we are very vulnerable. >> dana: tell us about the disconnect. you are able to be there on the ground and then you travel around as well and you've been here in new york. for people that live in a border state, they are living this reality right now. i think maybe there is a disconnect. if you live far away from it you don't think it will affect you but it might. >> that's a mistake. that's a mistake and what many of the people here in the rio grande valley said. let's make one thing here. we're the front door. nobody stays here. they pass through the area and end up in your towns. they go to the big cities and get jobs. this affects every part of america. talking to people down here this morning i keep coming back
7:36 am
to my buddy pete uses a lot, common sense. heard it from families and people. we want to help people. like any family has a family budget you have only so much you can do and spend. you can't invite the entire neighborhood to dinner every night or you won't be able to feed your own family. we watch our resources and jobs stretched thin. everyone here who lives on the border is used to having a border where you see people cross, come across, live on both sides of the border. what is weird now is there is so much militaristic enforcement to your eye but nobody abides by it. everybody takes the rules and dismiss is them because they know they don't apply. >> dana: fascinating. glad you are there and could join us on "america's newsroom" today. we'll be in touch. >> thanks. >> bill: despite more americans getting vaccinated for covid every day, 21 states are now reporting an increase in seven
7:37 am
day average of infections coming as the cdc is warning of a possible fourth wave looming with young people driving the latest rise in cases. u.s. averaging nearly 62,000 cases per day. death rates, however, are still very low. hospitalization rates are low. hello, dana. that's all a good thing. >> dana: i'm glad i was making eye contact. >> bill: i got my first jab on friday. you had your first jab two weeks ago. >> dana: yes. i get my third on the 16th. >> bill: how did you do on the first jab? >> dana: i actually was fortunate. only a very small soreness in my left arm. that was it. >> bill: you are good. i went to nyu hospital in new york on time, poll it. however, the weekend was achy. >> dana: now you feel a little bit more like you are confident? >> not yet. >> dana: he will work on it, guys.
7:38 am
>> what i'll find is shot number two has me scared. >> dana: i think people are worried about shot number two. let's pray it goes all right. piers morgan. what he told tucker about the controversy that saw him walk off a popular british morning show and quit. >> i don't think she has. you continue to trash her. >> okay, i'm done with this. sorry. no. >> no, no, no, i'm being -- >> see you later. sorry, can't do this.
7:39 am
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>> dana: quick look at top stories we're following this hour. cvc regarding covid guidance. no significant risk of catching covid from an object or surface. >> bill: a former sheriff in minneapolis testimony the chief said it was not in line with department training. >> dana: opposition leader
7:44 am
continues a hunger strike he started last week. he is protesting conditions at the prison. he has now been tested for covid. scan the qr code on your screen and go to >> 17 different claims by the pair of them have now been proven to be either completely untrue or massively exaggerated. i wasn't allowed to have an opinion that i didn't believe what she was saying. even though clear to me in realtime as i was watching the interview, that there were a number of things which couldn't be true. >> bill: tucker carlson landing the first interview with piers morgan since he left a popular british morning show about his comments about meghan merkel. in that clip i'll play another
7:45 am
one in a moment. want you to respond to this. 17 claims now proven to be not true. that's morgan's claim. how did it play for you? >> that's right. i think it's very important that people realize this. in the heat of the oprah winfrey, meghan markel interview it was almost impossible -- impossible to cast any doubt on anything said by meghan. and anything said by her husband. actually in the days and weeks since, a lot of the claims they made have indeed fallen apart. it turned out skepticism about what was being said by the couple was very, very much needed. claims like the one that they had actually married secretly a few days before the wedding that the british public paid for and that fell apart. the claim that they had had a secret ceremony was nonsense.
7:46 am
the archbishop of canterbury had to deny it. it was clearly impossible because there were no witnesses to it. so these are the sorts of things that any reasonable journalist should have said at the time of the interview well, this doesn't all stack up. it turns out of course anyone who did say that came in for the full throttle sussex machine of defamation and innuendo, particularly the claim that if you didn't believe meghan you were in some way bigoted. >> bill: two other issues to talk about. one was the claim about mental health. morgan says it is not for me to say whether or not she felt suicidal. only for her to know. the other was racism. the lightning bolt headline that came out of this. here is piers talking about that with tucker. >> whatever your view of the monarchy or the queen, the longest serving ruler of any kind in the world right now and she has huge, huge respect from many people in britain and
7:47 am
indeed around the world. also head of the commonwealth which has many countries which are predominantly with black citizens. you look at this and you are accusing the queen of the monarchy and institution of being racist. that's really what was going down here. >> bill: one other point. he made the point if you are making the claim, go ahead and name the person who said it. i don't know how it is playing for others or for you but perhaps douglas you can tell us. >> well, this was indeed the bombshell. and it relies on the claim that somebody in the royal family speculated about what the royal baby might look like. whose skin color it might particularly inherit. now, this was dropped in a very, very sly way because it left open the huge question what was the nature of this claim? was it said in a derogatory way?
7:48 am
clearly not. it came out something that somebody said interrupted awkwardly. it left who is said to have speculated in this manner? was it her majesty the queen? this was so strong that in the days after it had to be categorically made clear it was not the queen or her husband the duke of edinburgh who made any such speculation. it went right to the heart. it was the silver bullet that is sussexs had to say we left because we were prejudiced against and there was this sly innuendo about race and oprah winfrey blew it up. it is bringing american culture
7:49 am
wars issue. it has gone down badly in britain. prince andrew has his own troubles at the moment. >> more in that interview our viewers can check out. see the full interview with tucker carlson today. download the fox nation app. tucker carlson today is now on fox nation. thank you, douglas. dana. >> dana: two teenagers accused in a deadly carjacking are getting a cushy plea deal including no jail time. tyrus reacts next. here is harris faulkner with a preview of what's coming up on "the faulkner focus". >> baseball's decision to pull the all-star game out of georgia is drawing some heat. there is a growing battle over new voting laws and democrats who once called for boycotts over it all now are trying to take it all back. why? the facts. georgia residents and businesses will lose more than
7:50 am
$100 million. plus cbs news is getting crushed with criticism from all sides over what many are now calling a hit piece on florida governor desantis. joe concha will weigh it when he joins me. "the faulkner focus" top of the hour.
7:51 am
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money for retirement tomorrow. refiplus from newday usa. >> dana: two teenage girls accused in the dead lay carjacking of an uber eats deal are getting a plea deal. they face felony murder and other charges in washington last month. the prosecutor is offering them an agreement in which they won't be held in jail past the age of 21 nor placed in a prison facility. tyrus is here. the loss to the family is immeasurable. the suspects are 13 and 15. >> i couldn't disagree more with this punishment. the nature of the crime, one.
7:56 am
it was heinous, it was deliberate. there was no remorse. the man was hanging on for dear life while they were driving away. they heard his screams. the carjacking gone wrong turned into a homicide. so the idea that they get their entire young adulthood back to them after relatively short period of time to me is mind-boggling. they should be tried as adults. not only they committed murder and indifferent. i find it shocking like an accident where someone has a horrible accident and something goes wrong with youthful exuberance, this is not in. i find it disheartening. this isn't the norm. i am troubled by this a little bit. >> bill: sometimes these stories are the ones that stand out to change things. when you look at the facts of the story. age 13, age 15. trying to drive a car. they end up killing a man who came to this country to make a life better for his own family.
7:57 am
how can that not resonate? >> it does resonate. >> in liberal washington, d.c. >> not only does it resonate. if this was a joy ride gone wrong, two kids took mom's car out and wanted to drive and they got into an accident and the result of that somebody died, i think you could look at a type of penalty like this as being okay. it was a mistake, a tragic accident. they were wrong for taking a car and of course they made -- this was we are going to rob and take this guy's car and then he was an older man and they -- he was a man of color. all these other kind of things that go into this and that tow just don't seem like you want to make a deal to where the 15-year-old goes for five and they're both out at 21. i just find it shocking. i think if anything, this should be a lesson to not just kids around the world but parents. you have to watch your kids. there are consequences in this world. accountability. the only thing i think the pandemic has hurt more than
7:58 am
people has been accountability in this country. >> dana: interesting because prosecutors across the country are starting to make decisions like this and you have to ask yourself what about the victims and their families and their rights to justice? we will watch that one very closely as well. i want to take a little turn and talk about last night. if you were with us last night on the debut of the gutfeld show. my assignment was to come and be a really ruthless critic of the show. take a look how i did. >> joining us to weigh in "america's newsroom" co-anchor and "the five" dana perino. oh wait, bill hemmer couldn't make it? >> two for charisma. out of 10. >> out of 10? >> 2 for preparation. 2 for delivery. and how did i come up with that number? >> i don't know. >> bill: 2 is your shoe size.
7:59 am
>> dana: it's not in my nature to be mean, tyrus. i think -- >> first of all if i ever offended you accept my apologies now. the debut of the show was supposed to be gutfeld. it was about the awakening of evil perino. phenomenal. you stole the show. >> dana: i don't know about that. >> hands down. it is not on there comparing gutfeld to garfield was money, absolute money. it couldn't have been a better night and you capped it off. well done. >> bill: tyrus, nice to see you out of new orleans. what does your t-shirt say? >> we have to keep the league going. >> dana: would you have moved the mlb game? >> would i move it? no. >> dana: leave it in atlanta. >> that would have been like
8:00 am
hank aaron leaving the team. you stay in the show and why it's important. >> dana: a quick programming note catch fox news late night show gutfeld 11 p.m. eastern. he is still on "the five". i won't be on again to make fun of him. here is harris. atlanta. an effort to punish the state of georgia over its new election integrity law. i'm harris faulkner and you are in the "the faulkner focus". mlb appearing to gave to pressure from the left as it will now reportedly host the all-star game in denver. critics are pointing out that denver is 76% white population while atlanta is 51% black. that stands out to some because moving the game will harm


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