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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  April 6, 2021 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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meanwhile download the fox news app. town load the camera and scan the qr code at the bottom of your screen. >> lawrence: set your dvr 4:00 a.m. every weekday so you never miss a episode of "fox & friends first." "fox & friends" starts right now. see you all. >> two men on the fbi's terrorism watch list caught crossing the u.s. border illegally. >> it comes as that new a.p. poll shows the administration is getting a failing grade on the border. >> all-star game has now been officially relocated to denver. colorado actually has more restrictions in their law than exist in georgia. >> "60 minutes" hit piece on florida governor ron desantis. >> it was a political narrative. it was done with malicious intent and regardless regard for the truth. >> they owe not only governor desantis a retraction but apology to him. >> defy the narrative about --
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weaponize to get people canceled. >> are true and baylor complete college basketball greatest rebound and rebuild with a championship. ♪ brian: after taking a year off it stanford for the women and baylor pull off a championship. so, pretty exciting time and i couldn't quite tell who was in the stands. they darkened everything. so i don't know how many people did they put in. did you see? ainsley: we all had late nights last night, didn't we. brian: the game starts at 9:30 eastern time that will do it. welcome to the tuesday show. steve: congratulations to baylor. listen, let's go counsel to will cain who today there has been so much news on our southern border. we have dispatched him there to mcallen, texas. is he at sweet temptations.
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going to be a nice day there today. i am seeing 72 today right now it's going to be 90 later today and, will, you have got to get out of town by friday because it's going to be 100. will: going to be 100? well the weather today as you pointed out is going to be beautiful that will make up for the lack of sleep. i don't know if you are telling the truth or not i stayed up for baylor bears. sweet temptations come on out mcallen, texas. i want to talk to penal who live in the area, steve. who are experiencing this border crisis as daily part of their lives. we will be hanging out with diners throughout the morning. i grabbed a menu by the way, guys, sweet temptations is also a sweet shop' not just breakfast shop there is cake there is one i'm sure it's called better than sex cake. my favorite part of had that an asterisk look at the bottom premium priced cakes. they are proud of them and they should be if it's better than sex, right?
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are. ainsley: got to pay the price for it a little more expensive. brian: that's a topic we don't usually delve into at this hour. that's more of a tucker carlson thing. will: talking about cake what are you talking about. brian: cake more of a dessert item not a breakfast item. steve: send him to the border and he brings back pastries. brian: are you outside because you couldn't get in? will: no, it's the beautiful weather, you know. yes, it's opening right now, brian, do you want to note truth? they got the flags out. the american and texas flag, actually some diners are making their way. in it's ready to go for us. next time i go for you i will be in the middle of it. ainsley: congratulations to baylor you from texas, lawrence jones is happy. congratulations. we are happy for them as well. check in with you later, will. will: if take care. ainsley: griff jenkins joins us from washington as we learn two suspects from yemen on the fbi's terror watch list were caught at the border. republicans were warning about this a long time ago, griff.
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griff: that's right. house minority leader kevin mccarthy warning specifically about that ainsley, brian and steve good morning in that rbg sector with will is 271 apprehensions in a single day last week. out in january a different story will busy nabbing terrorists nabbing two yemeni men terrorist watch list and no fly list. first one 33 years old caught january 29th three miles west of the port of entry found with a cell phone sim card hidden underneath the insole of his show. second man 26 years old caught a week ago today two miles west of that same port. now, national border patrol council vice president garza explains why this is happening. >> when you have border patrol agents that are overwhelmed with children along the border and family units, you are going to have these type of people that are coming across the border with serious criminal records
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but also on the watch list. griff: new a.p. poll shows americans disapproving the president biden's handling of the border crisis on immigration 56 disapprove while 42% approve. and specifically on the handling of the border, 55% of americans disapprove. 44% approve. but at the white house, press secretary jen psaki down playing the numbers. >> right now our focus is not on looking at the poll. it is on implementing solutions in a difficult challenge and hoping that we can ensure we are protecting these kids. the border is not open. griff: meanwhile it's been 13 days since vice president harris was tapped to lead on the border and no word yet on when or if she will make the trip despite bipartisan invitations and calls to do so. she makes a trip today on covid related issues to chicago. we will see if anyone asks her about it. brian, ainsley, steve?
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brian: i hope it would come up. we will see, griff. i will talk to you soon. i promise. on behalf of steve and ainsley as well. 117,000 illegal immigrants came to our country just crossed the border and just want to stay. brian: just in march alone. 18,700 unaccompanied minors. and that is we will have them flooded out to different facilities and now different military bases across the country. so you would think you are talking about humanitarian mission. what do we do? how do you qualify? but there is another story to this. the people you don't catch. the ones bringing fentanyl. the ones bringing drugs, the ones bringing people who are sneaking them in and sneaking them out. maybe they are through tunnels. then there is others. long rumored, now proven, and they are called terrorists. on the terrorist watch list. and guess what? according to some report people have checked out globes, yemen not really near the southern border. you really have to go out of your way and that's where we
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find these two terrorists came from. ainsley: what happens to these guys are they extradited back to their country or do we keep them? look how young 23 years old and 26 years old. you report about the march numbers 171,000 encounters were migrants in march. compare that to march last year when donald trump was president. 34,000. so this past march, 137,000 more migrants coming over the border, steve. steve: kevin mccarthy was down at the border a couple of are weeks ago joined us the day before. he said look beings he warned people about people on the terror watch list are trying to get into the country. it's not just people from mexico, honduras or el salvador they are finding people from yemen, iran, turkey, people on the terrorist watch list. and, indeed, that was the case. but, you know what? there have been so many people on the mainstream media and pundits and whatnot saying, look, the republicans are saying there are going to be terrorists coming in just to distract from the fact that all these people are coming into the country and
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they are trying to stop it. just look at on march 10th in "the washington post," one of the headlines was diseases and tastes. the alarmist warnings about immigrants sound awfully familiar although it turned out to be true. insider march 16th. republicans are recycling trump's fear-mongering about terrorists entering in through mexico once again turned out to be true. it msnbc with talk of terrorist watch list mccarthy pushes his luck at border. and vox republicans revive one of trump's most notorious immigration lies. ainsley: will the headlines will be the alarmists were right, republicans were right, president trump was right. steve: hold on, let me see. it may take a little while, ainsley. ainsley: can i tell you no. brian: headlines yesterday rob man ford joined other
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corporations in not reading the bill it seems coming out against the voting laws passed in georgia there are a lot of states tight up their voting laws after everything went crazy with the pandemic because we had to call some audibles when it came to our voting restrictions. rob man ford major league baseball i'm really upset what happened in georgia. that is in july when the all-star game comes up i am pulling out major league baseball's all-star game which by the way lost a lot of its glamour as soon as they started into league play. pull it out and put it somewhere else i'm that upset with what's happening in georgia. people were stunned by. this well, not only did he do it, he found another place to bring it. >> steve: here's the thing, as they move it to coors field, it's going to be the 13th day of july. ainsley: in colorado. steve: colorado, the state of colorado, it is actually harder to vote in colorado. brian: yeah, joke. steve: than it is in georgia. when you take a look at colorado
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versus georgia, colorado actually has fewer early voting days. georgia. brian: 15 to 17. steve: georgia has more. they both allow certain things. there are a lot of fine print there they both require i.d. which is crazy. and when you think about all the people who come out and said, look, they are requesting i.d. in the state of georgia. a bunch of airline ceos said i can't believe they're doing that but that's what they do at american airline, at delta and southwest and united. they all require i.d. to fly. and coca-cola came out and coca-cola bad mouthed the georgia law but as it turns out in 2020 at the coca-cola sharmdz meeting you had to show your "today" get into the building. what they talking about? there is so much disinformation and so much misinformation out there and political propaganda. yesterday, mitch mcconnell said there is a big lie about georgia's new law. and ceos of america's biggest
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companies should stay out of politics and whatever you do, don't pick sides. too late. some big companies have picked sides. ainsley. ainsley: have to show "today" get on a delta plane and show an i.d. to pick up prescription drugs. you have to show an "today" do some things four country. why wouldn't you want to do that with voting so we have voting integrity and we can all trust that our vote is counting. rand paul says if they want to boycott us. let's boycott them. if coca-cola only want to operate in democrat states and only wants democrats to drink coca-cola god love them. we seal how they do when half the country stops drinking coca-cola and half the country quits flying delta. and senator rubio is calling out the commissioner. is he saying, look, you are a member of augusta national. steve: in georgia. ainsley: are you going to give up membership in that golf club? stop engaging with are countries like china and cuba. are you going to do it i doubts
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it. brian: marco rubio wrote a letter on all this stuff and brings out the relationship between what they are saying and what they are doing. it's huge difference. >> the problem is it all started with the president of the united states saying it's jim crow on steroids. saying it is sick. will jim crow on steroids, really? poll tax 1880 democrat approved initiatives back in the turn of the 20th century? that's what you are comparing this to? totally inaccurate. not only is it obviously inaccurate. even though "the washington post" said four separate things that president trump -- excuse me, president biden said were flat-out wrong. peter doocy brought that up to jen psaki who is scrambling around and saying this. >> is the president going to change the way that he talks about the new georgia voting law when he said it would end voting hours early who i have working people can't have their vote after their shift is over but "the washington post" gave that claim four pinocchios because
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that's part of the law gives counties the option to extend voting hours. >> fundamentally the president doesn't believe it should be made harder to vote. he believes it should be easier. >> but the thing he said has been determined by election law experts to be not true. >> well, again, i think we can -- the fact checkers will also tell you that this bill does not make it easier for people across the state of georgia to vote. brian: 70 plus percent when surveyed, should you show i.d. to vote. 70% for showing i.d. for those who say they don't drive you can have a free georgia i.d. given to you. you have to make a 3w4reu9 of effort in life. you have an utility bill, that works. you have a driver's license, that works. you have social security number? that works. you can mail in the ballot without an excuse. this is the biggest nonstory blown up for no reason because people are scared to death of getting the woke left angry. and this has got to stop.
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steve: well, it stopped last night with governor of texas, gregg abbott because he was invited to throw out the first pitch at the season opener for the rangers. and do you know what he said? you know what? i just can't do that. he said it is shameful that america's past time is being influenced bipartisan politics. he let somebody else do it. ainsley: yep. he said they have adopted a false narrative about georgia's election law reforms and tim scott was talking to a group south carolina he said jim crow laws he said are you kidding me? he said they are attacking race. they are using race. they are weaponizing race to send a message that is false. he said i would not be able to stand here. people died for our country so that i could stand here. i could be your senator and y'all could hear me speak today. brian: "60 minutes" is a staple. we always try to watch it even when it's delayed. my dvr has not picked up the idea that sports go long so sometimes i'm not able to dvr it. i have to figure out the type of dvr to get i used to have it
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with my sling box. steve: you should use youtube tv. brian: i need to know how to use that i heard they were going to do examination and look at a governor who was involved on controversy i thought okay, my goodness they are finally going to look at cuomo. i go it's not cuomo wait a second what about that guy with slicked backed hair from california talk about a fall from grace 70% and now. now they are trying to recall him. not governor newsom? no ron desantis. through this pandemic put up with slings and arrows. he said i'm not going to shut you down more than a few weeks about a year ago. and now they are ready to go a year later. and the vaccination policy is strong. the numbers are solid. and governor desantis is open. but that didn't stop "60 minutes" for zooming in on him for saying that he allowed his corners to get preferential treatment when it came to vaccines. and publix in particular got the okay to be vaccination hub because they gave to his
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campaign. look -- listen to the exchange that you probably saw on "60 minutes" sunday. >> publix as you know donated $100,000 to your campaign and then you rewarded them with the exclusive rights to distribute the vaccination in palm beach. >> first of all, what you are say something wrong. >> how is that pay to play. >> that's a fake narrative. i met with the county mayor, i met with the administrator and met with all the folks of palm beach county and said here is some of the options. we can do more drive-thru sites and more to hospital and do the publix. they said we think that would be the easiest thing for our residents. >> but melissa mckinley the county commissioner in the glades told us the governor never met with her about the publix deal. >> the criticism is that it is pay to play. >> it's wrong, it's wrong. it's a fake narrative. i just disabused you of the narrative and you don't care about the facts because obviously i laid it out for new a way that is irrefutable. ainsley: here is what they conveniently left out. >> as we got into january, we
3:17 am
wanted to expand the distribution points. so, yes, you had the counties, you had some drive threw sites, you had hospitals that were doing a lot. we wanted to get it into communities more, so we reached out to other retail pharmacies, publix, walmart, obviously cvs and walgreen's had to finish that mission. and we said we are going to use you as soon as you are done with that. for the publix, they were the first one to raise their hand and say they were ready to go. and do you know what? we did it on a trial basis. i had three counties. i actually showed up that weekend and talked to seniors across four different publix how was the experience? is this good? do you think this is the way to go? and it was 100 percent positive. ainsley: why are they making this the story? isn't it a positive thing that all these people in where so many elderly people, elderly americans live? isn't it a positive thing. steve: absolutely. ainsley: that all these stores down there stepped in. publix is the largest grocery store in the state of florida. brian: that left that out of the piece.
3:18 am
ainsley: you guys go there all the time. we all three go there all the time you cannot turn the corner without seeing a publix. if they step up to the plate and say we want to help. he walls so smart to do. this so many people have gotten vaccinated there and that state has opened up. brian: they say he gave it to publix they accuse him because it they were donor. ainsley: phi play. brian: they donate to democrats, too. steve: here is the thing, cvs cbswas down in palm beach county digging for dirt. apparent lit the mayor and the person who runs the emergency management organization down there both told them that their narrative what they were going for was not true. and gave them the information. but cbs a would not include it in that what cbs did say we do routinely edit footage for clarity. so they took out his details that explained it to make it more clear to make it look like ron desantis was doing something sneaky. and why would they do that? remember at cpac a month or two
3:19 am
ago the number one person behind donald trump, if donald trump were to run for president in 2024 was ron desantis. and what have we seen some times in other election cycles where the mainstream media comes out and tries to kneecap an insurgent republican before they can really gain steam. is that what was going on because when you look at the facts and you listen to what ron desantis had to say. it explains it absolutely perfectly. in addition to jared moskowitz who headed up -- heads up the emergency management who is a democrat he said period full stop. no one from the governor's office suggested publix. it's just absolute malarkey to use joe biden's word. ainsley: another democrat also said. steve: the mayor. ainsley: the mayor of palm beach he said "60 minutes" segment is a lie. it's false. the reports wag not just based on bad information. it was intentionally false. he said he sat down with ron desantis and the county commissioner. the three of them sat down and they discussed how we can expand these vaccines.
3:20 am
he said they know that the governor came to palm beach county and met with me and the county administrator and we asked to expand the state's partnership with publix to palm beach county. and just as a reminder, he's a democrat. brian: by the way ron desantis on at 8:00 today with us. and on top of that, just keep in mind, too. he made a decision he said 80% of the deaths in florida, seniors. i am going to attack seniors first and get them the vaccine first over first responders and teachers that evidently was controversial for "60 minutes," unbelievable. steve: it was just a hit job on ron desantis. they were trying to harm him politically. brian: didn't work. steve: absolutely not. so many people now have heard him tell the story and they will hear it here on the program. it's blown up in sicketd mince face. "60 minutes" has been a partisan outfit for a while when you look at pieces like that and, you know, when you compare them side by side it's like what are they doing? brian: meanwhile, coming up straight ahead, we talk about this, i'm sure you want to follow up on. piers morgan speaks out for the
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♪ we hanging around and singing everything on the radio ♪ steve: how pretty is that? good morning in new york city. it's 6:25. 50 degrees here in the big apple. 66 will be the day-time high. have you been watching these promos for "tucker carlson today." ainsley: we have been playing them on our show. steve: i know. it's great. last night he had on for the first time since he quit his tv
3:26 am
job, piers morgan. remember, pierce set off a social media firestorm the day after the oprah winfrey interview with harry and meghan where, essentially, he said he didn't believe a word of what meghan said after she accused the royal family of being racist. he wound up walking off his show. he quit. probably looking for work in the tv world. last night with tucker he refused to apologize. of. >> i was basically corralled into a position where i was told you either got to apologize for effectively disbelieving meghan markle's version of event here or your position is untenable and you have to leave. my gut was i was going to be damned if i was going to apologize for something that i believe i wasn't going to go down that road. too many people when they're bullied by the woke brigade into apologizing. we saw it with sharon osborn.
3:27 am
she was bullied into apologize defending me disgusting slur i was a racist. apologies don't get you anywhere. i spoke to my bosses i said i'm really sorry on a fund mental point of principle i'm not going to apologize for something i believe. ainsley: good for him for standing up for what he believes in and not apologizing if he doesn't feel like it's necessary. he said that 17 of the claims from that interview have been proven false or massively exsass gear rate offed because he called her delusional. brian: here's the crazy thing. he actually sided with the royal family and that wasn't powerful enough to overwhelm meghan markle's complaints. meghan markle complained about piers morgan and that has more weight than his defense of the royal family and the longest serving monarch in the history of the modern world. and i'm just wondering what exactly is going on? i thought he was hired. i don't -- i can't tell you the inside story on british television. but i always thought he was
3:28 am
hired to have his opinions. he has resurrected that show. he makes international news often, whether you agree with him or not. i mean, he was over on cnn talking about how bad guns were. he alienated a lot of people pro-gun group he didn't care. he was speaking his mind. he didn't get rating. he ended up moving on. now all of a sudden he said i'm doing the same thing i'm always doing they want me to change and i won't. i'm wondering how many other people have the wherewithal, maybe the financial backing, you know, he has got enough money where he doesn't need the job. ainsley: he is the editor-at-large at u.k. daily mail. he is still getting a paycheck. brian: he still has a job. steve: he said the only member of the royal family who has to apologize for being racist is prince harry. he said in a 2006 video diary that harry was making while he was serving in the british army he used on camera a deeply offensive racist term about a pakistani soldier whom he was
3:29 am
working with. and, of course, that was, i think, the year before harry wore the nazi uniform insignia and had to apologize for stupidly doing that. anyway if you would like to watch the full interview first time pierce was on tv since he was out on the morning show over in great britain. check out "tucker carlson today." it's on fox nation. if you don't have fox nation, get your phone, go fox and check it out. ainsley: a missing mother of three shares a chilling warning just days before her disappearance. what she told her family still ahead.
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3:34 am
joe manchin who does not support the tax increase on corporations. although president biden says there is no evidence the tax increase will drive business out of the u.s. >> are you afraid that the highest tax will drive corporations out of the country. >> not at all. not at all. look, because there is no evidence of that. >> okay, so if manchin vote along party lines, vice president kamala harris will be tasked with casting the breaking vote. >> supreme court justice clarence thomas takes aim at big tech. the judge slamming section 230 of the communications decency act writing in part, quote: it changes nothing that these platforms are not sole means for distributing speech or information. the high court dismissing a lower court's ruling that former president trump violated the first amendment rights of critics he blocked on twitter. major upset. take a look. ♪
3:35 am
>> coach drew and baylor complete college basketball's greatest rebound and rebuild with a championship. jillian: that's baylor spoiling gonzaga's perfect season by beating them 86 off 70. it's the bear's first national title in school history. fans back home in texas went nuts at a watch party at the school's football field. congrats to them. that is a look at your headlines. steve, send it back to you. steve: that's great. thank you very much. meanwhile this past sunday "60 minutes" airs a piece that accused florida governor ron desantis during a pay to play scheme during the vaccine rollout. >> publix as you know donated $100,000 to your campaign and then you rewarded them with the exclusive rights to distribute the vaccination in palm beach. >> first of all, what you are say something wrong. >> how is that not pay to play. >> that's a fake narrative. i met with the county mayor, i met with the administration and met with all the folks of palm beach county and said here is some of the options.
3:36 am
key can do more drive threw sites and give more to hospitals and do the publix. they said i think that would be the easiest things for residents. >> taps pay to play. >> that's wrong it's a fake narrative. >> somebody else who says it's a fake narrative democratic mayor of palm beach county saying the reporting was not just based on bad information, it was intentionally false and "60 minutes" and cbs should be ashamed. joining us now with reaction fox news contributor and media opinion columnist for the hill joe concha. good morning to you. >> good morning, steve. happy tuesday. steve: thank you very much. so if the mayor is saying that it was intentionally false, that means "60 minutes" was intending to do, what? >> they are intending to shape a narrative. they had a plan going in to that press conference with ron desantis. they had a plan before they even put together this package to hear ha what desantis had to say with an answer to the question.
3:37 am
so, yes, when a democratic mayor of palm beach county says that it's intentionally false, this isn't "60 minutes," the rookie organization that just happened to make some sort of human error. this is a broadcast news magazine that's been in the top 10 in ratings for 50 years they have been on the air. and to see this happen with such a watched news show on cbs, look, it is something they should be ashamed of because this is biased omission 101. reporters even in florida that have been critical of desantis many times in the past are also calling this one true. but, the bias of omission here, to only play a few seconds of ron desantis' answer when it was actually two minutes long and it was thorough and meticulous and laid out why publix was chosen not by him but by florida's division of emergency management who happens to be a democrat by the way. the bottom line is that publix has over 800 locations in florida, axios did a poll in
3:38 am
2020 showing that it's the number one most trusted company in the united states. so people really like publix, particularly in florida. and when you are dealing with a vaccine and distribution, tough have a company that you trust. the private sector has been very effective in terms of getting this vaccine out. but the results, steve, this should be the story, the "60 minutes" should have focused on the results. the numbers are up disputable. for seniors, 65 and over, since the beginning of the year, cases are down 80%. hospitalizations are down 53%. did you hear that anywhere in that piece? of course not. so, yeah, they really have egg on their face this morning, "60 minutes" does. steve: not just an egg, a whole omelet, joe, when you look at what cbs did, you know, i have got friends who regard the way they have evolved over the last number of years, they have become more and more political. they lean further to the political left. and when you look at ron desantis who is on the republican side, an insur jest
3:39 am
insurgentand could actually runr president. the cpac poll a couple of months ago he was number one among everybody not including donald trump. so maybe they were just trying to neutralize the guy who could run against joe. >> and this will have a boomerang effect we have seen the criticism. ron desantis became that much bigger as a national figure as a threat to win the republican nomination. you talk to any trump supporter, steve, a solid majority of them will say if trump doesn't run desantis is my guy. i don't hear anybody else mentioned in the conversation. they don't want a congressman or senator they are seen being from the swamp doesn't matter if they are republicans or not. desantis is the guy. with "60 minutes" being based in new york and everything, when is that profile coming on andrew cuomo and his handling of nursing homes or of vaccine distribution, overall florida has an older population. it has a larger population. it has four major cities and florida has 17,000 fewer deaths
3:40 am
than new york be. florida has been open since last year. new york has basically been shut down until recently. boy, that would be a pretty good story for "60 minutes" to cover. they are not going to do it, are they? they have become partisan and it's a shame. watching that show as i did as a kid with my parents and thought wow this is really good stuff. now it seems to be what everything else is an extension of the democratic party, unfortunately. steve: especially when you look at the fact that he and then correspondent's question with all the details and they cut him out, cbs said we did that for clarity. yeah, it became very clear what they were up to. joe, thank you very much for joining us live from your secret location. [laughter] >> under ground bunker undisclosed, yes, thank you, steve. steve: that's about right, too. all right. joe. thanks. up next will cain is down in texas having breakfast with friends. will? will: we have seen the numbers. we heard from the politicians. let's hear from the people who live rio grande valley. i'm at sweet temptations in
3:41 am
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♪ ainsley: we are back with a fox news digital exclusive a gripping mystery unfolding in the desperate search for a missing california mother. steve: may a military disappeared nearly three months ago. brian: jackie abz is here as her sister speaks out. >> she was last seen at her home on january 7th just days earlier she issued this chilling warning to her loved ones about her husband saying if anything happens to me, it would be larry. maya's sister said she didn't make much of the warning at the time but now hopes to hear anything from her sister. >> we are still hoping that you are still out there. we are still keeping that hope that you are still out there,
3:46 am
please contact us. we have been suffering for three months. it's been a nightmare. please, have this nightmare end. >> a source told fox news larry believed that maya was cheating on him and allegedly talked about somebody it kill the suspected boyfriend. larry sent terrifying photo of an altar covered in blood. larry has hired an attorney and tells local media that he is grateful for investigators' efforts but police say that he is no longer cooperating. back to you guys. steve: oh boy. ainsley: thank you so much. let's toss it out now to will cain who is having breakfast with friends at sweet temptations. it's a diner in the border town of mcallen, texas. hey, will. will: hey, ainsley i am i'm waiting on migas. he will monday dough and elf ibt is like to live here. we were talking and you said the
3:47 am
truth of the matter is people don't stay here. this is just an entry point. so it's not something present in your every day life. >> correct. and we are only informed by the information that we receive and even though we have a tremendous amount of influx right now with people wanting a better life and entering the country. i don't think people realize that they don't stay here. this just an entry level. and that they eventually go north and, you know, the question is where they go north in the communities, the cities, the towns, are they prepared to help them? are they prepared for the education, to support them what's coming that way? i want people to really understand this is just an entry level that they don't really stay here. they go north. will: analogized it to a party no one is pleend for the number of people that show up for the party. we don't have the services or education. no one is ready for this type of influx. good order, i'm proud of you. elvia, did you have a story to
3:48 am
tell me. teacher and what she has experienced with migration surge. >> there was one time she was sad kind of making fun of it. she had some students who -- a student who was very sleepy and he said i'm coming from work. she thought oh, he probably worked the graveyard turn at a gas station. but his whole family that's what they did for a living. they would cross people over from mexico for profit. will: all night they are running a business helping migrants cross the border the next morning is he going to snow america. so they're sponsoring families coming over? no, no, it's a business. they are working overnight to help bring people over. before we leave and i want to introduce you to juan garcia, a vietnam vet, 77 years old. your sons served as well. >> both my sons retired 27 years lieutenant colonels and still got three grand sons military.
3:49 am
two navy and one army. will: we appreciate your service, juan. >> welcome to mcallen. will: i will be here in mcallen, the rio grande valley. i will bring you more perspective from people who live in this area. i think it's important that we start hearing from people who live here and how they are experiencing this crisis. back to you though. brian: yeah, their lives have been turned on their head through no fault of their own. thanks, will. as companies cave to the left and condemn georgia's voting law. erick erickson is calling on conservatives to unite. his plan to stand up to the woke mob from georgia next. ♪ finding the right words can be tough. finding understanding doesn't have to be. together, we can create a kinder, more inclusive world for the millions of people on the autism spectrum. go to
3:50 am
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ainsley: we are back with quick headlines, exofficer derek chauvin ignored his training when he put his knee on george floyd's neck. >> is it your belief then that this particular form of restraint violates department tall policy. >> i absolutely agree that violates our policy. that action are is not deescalation, that action goes contrary to what we are taught. ainsley: this as the e.r. doctor said floyd more likely died from suffocation than drugs in his
3:54 am
system. an east tennessee man is accused of playing a key role in spreading propaganda tore the prosecute slack state. benjamin carpenter of knoxville provided english translations to if media to a person he thoughts was associated with the slack state. authority say that person was actually an fbi employee and carpenter is currently behind bars. a trial is set for june. to extreme weather now. wisconsin's governor declare as state of emergency over elevated wildfire conditions. a combination of snow melting earlier than usual humidity and high winds causing a high fire risk. in north dakota the wildfire burning in the national park tripled in size high winds and try conditions fuel those flames. it is only 30% contained at this point. ainsley: thanks, ainsley. as the left pressures companies to denounce georgia's new voting law with great success i might add, our next guest is call for conservatives to take a stand and fight back against private corporations doing the left's bidding.
3:55 am
here with more is radio host erick erickson. eric, if you don't mind, let's outline exactly what happened with the georgia law especially circumstances have pandemic rules come in. this whole drop box thing was going to evaporate. the new excuse balloting thing was going to evaporate. they had to address, this right? >> yes. drop boxes in particular. they don't exist under georgia''s law except the governor's order on the pandemic said follow homeland security compliance. it was the trump administration homeland security said use drop boxes so the state did. when the order expires on the pandemic drop boxes go away now they will stay thanks to republicans. brian: stays in play and water thing is a nonissue, it's election nearing. you can have things at the precinct just can't hand them out. party politics. >> all overblown by the left. what they can't touch, the one they are really mad about but can't talk about because so popular. now trying it to do a signature check for ballots we will use
3:56 am
people's driver's license. if you don't have a driver's license, you get a free photo i.d. from the state. that's widely popular. that's the one that really makes the left mad. also, unsolicited absentee ballot applications are now prohibited. they really like that unwith. it's really pop floor ban that as well. they can't talk about the popular things. they have to make the other things sound scanned less when they are not. >> next could you say ballots is now allot. >> you do have no excuse ballots in georgia. fill out the form. now you have to put your driver's license and birth date on. brian: so i'm stunned that joe biden would say things that i think he knows are flat out inaccurate. jim crow on steroids, says it to espn. unbelievable what has taken place. are you surprised these corporations that you know well delta, and coca-cola have headed for the hills on this? >> i'm not really surprised. they have done this before. in fact, georgia in the past, for example, the fetal heart beat ban they have been vocal on that religious freedom
3:57 am
restoration act, 33 states have that. delta, coca-cola have been the largest opponents of passing religious protection in georgia. i'm not surprised they have gone left on this. what i am surprised is that republicans continue to give them special tax breaks. delta, for example, has a fuel tax break in georgia that no one else gets. i'm not sure why republicans want to continue to give special interest tax breaks to corporations that are out to get them and conservatives. brian: you say it's time for conservatives to unite. they have been fractured in the past. grifters have helped break up the conservative movement. what would change? what has to change? >> i think you have got to have some united voices across the conservative movement from the fiscal conservatives to the social conservatives to the libertarians all of them coming together recognizing this is an existential threat to conservative groups, to the heritage foundation, to aei, to the political growth, to you name it down to the social conservative groups like focus on the family and family research council. it's time to actually do reasonable calls for their members to start pushing back
3:58 am
against some of this stuff. one easy way to do it is to start pushing republican governors to stop giving special interest tax breaks to woke corporations. the woke corporations needs to understand if you are going to go woke, we will make did you go broke by taking away your tax incentives. brian: will they go to other blue states? is that a risk? >> it is. a lot of them are already in blue states now and these republicans are trying to lure them to their states by giving special interest tax breaks. the other thing conservatives need to do is remember what happened to target. when target decided to start letting men in women's bathrooms, conservatives, without any sort of organized boycott said we are going to stop shopping there it affected targets numbers and they had to rearrange the policy and put in union sex bathrooms. conservatives need to understand when they speak up together, they do have a voice. brian: absolutely. >> they want china's money. they need to recognize they need our money, too. brian: 20 seconds, eric, your reaction of the all-star game on july 13th moving to colorado? >> i'm not surprised maybe donald trump needs to have a rally at the braves stadium and
3:59 am
counter program. brian: yeah, possibly are you surprised colorado doesn't even have -- has basically the same restrictions as georgia? >> no, look, it's a higher tax state as well. the major league baseball players are going to pay higher taxes by going there. i'm not surprised they did it. this is virtue signaling, will the commissioner give up going to augusta national? that's the big question. brian: no one is going to believe the election results anywhere especially when it comes to georgia. >> right. brian: they matter so much especially in two years. erick erickson thank you so much. >> thank you. brian: meanwhile, we have some good news, according to almost my clock and your clock at home, we are ready to start the second hour of "fox & friends" and i believe we can do it right now. ♪
4:00 am
>> will drive it up. >> not at all. >> there are six or other democrats that feel very strongly about this. >> are "60 minutes" caught red-handed spreading outrageous lies about florida governor ron desantis. >> it should be something they biased omission 101. >> desperate search for a california mom of three. >> she not that type of person that she is going to disappear. she loves her family. she loves her kids. >> two suspects from yemen on the fbi's terror watch list were caught at the border. >> this is, again, what happens when you overwhelm the u.s. border patrol, when you don't support the men and women of law enforcement. >> baylor, complete college basketball's greatest rebound and rebuild with a championship. ♪ ♪ wake up to a brand new day. steve: good morning, tampa, florida.
4:01 am
it's 7:00 you are going to have a high temperature of 80 degrees as we start this beautiful tuesday live from studio f here in the heart of midtown manhattan good morning, everybody. ainsley: thank you for waking up with us. hello brian would you like to say something to our audience? brian: i would like to say hi and also check in with will cain because he has promised to go to sweet temptations and go ahead, he turned up there. he was outside now he is inside border town of mcallen, texas. will: i'm. in. brian: what are you holding. >> i'm holding migas at sweet temptations in mcallen. steve: i love them. will: steve, i don't know if this is the cookbook. i know pete is from minnesota he knows nothing but miga scrambled hes, key ingredient tortilla strips all scrambled together and refriday beans. this is the best breakfast made i promise you that.
4:02 am
if it's not in the cookbook get it in there this would be my contribution migas to the cookbook. steve: a little too late we actually have a recipe for migas in it rather than tortilla strips we have tortilla chips. if you want to amp it up use doritos that gist you a crazy flavor. will: that might be a flavor explosion. ainsley: will, i remember when i moved to san antonio i went into the newsroom, day one, and our news director brought in all these breakfast tacos i was like a breakfast taco. you eat a taco for breakfast? i ended up becoming addicted to them i had one every day. will: they're amazing. i'm not here though just to educate you through about breakfast. i'm here to educate myself and everyone with the perspective on the border. what's it like. >> check in on the show with everyone who lived here their entire life. they will let us know what it's like and what has been like over the last several months exardz
4:03 am
to decades earlier. steve: will, sit down and eat that while it's still warm. it will is in mcallen at sweet temptation. brian: thanks, will. check in with you again. the democrats have to feel pretty happy today. infrastructure plan that doesn't involve much infrastructure, only about 10%, can get passed without g.o.p. support according to the senate parliamentarian. they can use reconciliation to enact it. they say the parliamentarian means the democrats can essentially reopen the budget plan by they passed in february, that 1.9 trillion. and justed a directives to just amp it up another 2.2 trillion. which is unbelievable. i mean, how do they rationalize that so they are saying just link it in together that means with the majority in the senate, with the majority in the house it not so past. the audio is not freight. but his answer is not that great either but let's listen to it .
4:04 am
ainsley: increasing the total tax. brian: totally different. ainsley: you don't think corporations are going to move out of this country? take it on a smaller sca. look at new york city. when they start raising taxes here people are not coming back because they just announced they are raising taxes again in new york. it's so expensive to live here. now they are raising it again. i'm driving into the city this morning. and i see several office buildings that along the
4:05 am
highway. brian, came in on your route. you probably see it every day. next time you when you come in come through the midtown tunnel look to your right. you will see all these office spaces and they say they have all these signs that say office for rent. can you see all the lights are on in the building. it's completely empty. big loft studios. people are not coming back. we are looking out the window on the other side of the camera all these skyscrapers i bet a lot of those have empty floors right now. people left the city. they know taxes are going up and not going to come back because they can save money do you think corporations are going to do that. brian: above the european union janet yellen said i will make the rest of the world agree to one rate. nice try. they went lower. got the profits. we went lower and got the profits. is he talking about something totally different. one is loopholes and one is the rate. steve: well, here's the thing, ainsley, so many, you are talking about the corporate income tax that businesses pay. but the people who run the businesses have to pay the state tax. ainsley: that's right. steve: that is like 10%. here in new york state and new
4:06 am
jersey and connecticut as well. that's why people are moving their big corporations elsewhere. also, what joe biden didn't say right there is that for about the last 30 years, big corporations have been essentially reincorporating in other countries like bermuda and ireland and the cayman islands where the taxes are much lower. and, to his exact point. ainsley: some of those you don't have to pay taxes. steve: or they are much, much lower, is he suggesting is he going to raise them to 28%. there is a study on corporate tax rate hike impact. it would reduce the g.d.p. by almost, as you can see right there 1%. it would eliminate 159,000 jobs and reduce wages as well. so i don't know why joe is saying that higher corporation taxes won't hurt. joe manchin says joe biden wants to raise it 28%. i can't get on board with that he was on radio show yesterday and he said right now they are about 21. i would be okay with 25.
4:07 am
so, they really need joe manchin's vote for joe biden's bill, here is mr. manchin. >> as the bill exists today, it needs to be changed. bottom line is that's what legislation is all about. this bill will not be in the same form you've seen it introduced or see people talking about it. and if i don't vote it get on it, it's not going anywhere. so we're going to have some leverage here, and it's more than just me hopping. there is six or seven other democrats that feel very strongly about this. we have to be competitive and we are not going to throw caution to the wind. brian: right. people are all mad at joe march be, why the? since when is coming suppose to go marching on with the president. they didn't do it with president trump and president bush. they did with president obama. democrats have problem in the house. she has almost no wiggle room peter defazio says i don't want to raise that i'm more in to adding the gas tax. richard neal says he expects changes to how this is. we are going to take another look at how we are going to pay
4:08 am
for this. josh krauthammer heimer says he is going to look for other trillion alternatives. he wants some bipartisan play in this. maybe is he giving it lip service. maybe he is not. nancy pelosi doesn't have a big cushion. she can't lose five or six people let alone what the wild left wants to do. ainsley: you think they will negotiate with them, brian? because usually this is the problem. joe manchin is such a nice guy. i love that he doesn't argue. he has friends on both sides. but whether it documents his voting record he always votes with them. they convince him. steve: he does. he always says we need to be bipartisan but when push comes to shove he gets in line with the democrats. does he mean it this time? his state would like to think he does and a lot of people across the country would like to think he does. when it actually comes time to press the button and vote, what will he do? maybe he is negotiating right now and d.c. is supposed to be about negotiation. brian: to his credit, do you remember he said i will not sign any 1.9 trillion if it has an increase in minimum wage.
4:09 am
they got rid of the minimum wage. steve: right. but he also said that he wasn't going to do it unless there was some buy-in from republicans. not one republican bought in. but he signed on the line anyway. brian: let's say. steve: say it ain't so, joe. brian: let's see if he can hold the line on the filibuster. nine minutes after the hour. steve: talk a little bit about this for the last three month "60 minutes" has been down in palm beach county trying to dig up dirt on governor ron desantis surging in public opinion polls regarding whether or not he should run for president in 2024. there he is. you can see right there. he did not agree to an interview with "60 minutes." but the correspondent for "60 minutes," sharon alfonsi showed up at that particular press conference and accused him of a pay for play deal because publix, the big grocery store chain that has 800 grocery stores in florida donate $100,000 to his pac. and implied that publix was the
4:10 am
only source of coronavirus vaccine in palm beach county, which was false. anyway, they put together a report. it was completely one-sided and inaccurate and the governor fights right back at the correspondent when she gets in his face. watch this. >> publix, as you know, donated $100,000 to your campaign and then you rewarded them with the exclusive rights to distribute the are vaccination in palm beach. >> first of all, what you are saying is wrong. >> how is that not pay-to-play. >> that's a fake narrative. i met with the county mayor and administrator and all the folks of palm beach county and said here's some of the options. we can do more drive-thru sites and more to hospitals and do the publix. they said we think that would be the easiest things for our residents. >> but melissa mckinley the county commissioner in the glades told us the governor never met with her about the publix. >> we'll the criticism is that it's pay-to-play, governor. >> it's, wrong, it's wrong. it's a fake narrative i just disabused you of the narrative and you don't care about the
4:11 am
fact because obviously i laid it out for new a i think that is irrefutable. ainsley: well, the mayor of palm beach is a democrat, and he released this statement that we all have read this morning and it says this sixth min piece is deceptive. he says it's a lie. he did meet with the governor and the commissioner of palm beach county and he said we discussed it. how can we get this vaccine out? he said first we were doing drug stores cvs, walgreen's and now we want to do publix because there is a publix on basically every "60 minutes" didn't include any of that, watch what they cut out. as we got into january we wanted to expand the distribution points. counties, drive threw sites hospitals doing a lot. we wanted to get it into communities more, so we reached out to other retail pharmacies, publix, walmart, obviously cvs and walgreen's had to finish that mission. we said we are going to use you as soon as you are done with that. for the publix, they were the first one to raise their hand
4:12 am
and say they were ready to go. and do you know what? we did it on a trial davis basis. i had three counties. i actually showed up that weekend and talked to seniors across four different publix. how was the experience? is this good? do you think this is the way to go? and it was 100 percent positive. steve: that makes sense. brian: what i think is also important, too. "60 minutes" knows they are in one of the trouble here. monday they usually come in and expand on these stories on cbs in the morning show. they didn't. they answered one quick statement made one quick statement after this. but they realized number one when governor desantis you have a fighter. number two, you have a guy who does communicate. he is all over the state with these vaccines. and the numbers are good. if there was a problem, huge problem with the numbers in florida, they are right in the middle or in the upper third when it comes to vaccines and cases and hospitalizations are really very down and as well as deaths. so, this mayor that comes out says they know that the governor came to palm beach county and met with me and the county administrator. he said i know, i offered to
4:13 am
provide my insight on palm beach county's vaccination efforts and "60 minutes" declined to show up with the. what is astounding is. when it comes to the governors to look at list, why isn't governor cuomo on that list you? talk about a guy that had 70% approval rating now has 9 sexual harassment accusers, been investigated by the fbi right now and a democratic attorney general right now, and when it comes to favoritism, is he given all his donors and his family testing and vaccines first. this stuff is out there to be investigated. my goodness, if you are "60 minutes" you can even save on travel vouchers. you have your headquarters here. if you really want the endlessly sexy gavin newsom with 70% approval rating. he looked like the iconic governor who is going to be the next democratic super star has now got 38% approval rating and is being recalled and has to fight for his political life. to me, those are sexy stories. ainsley: and think about -- why
4:14 am
are they going after a state that's doing well? go after the states why aren't you vaccinated if your mom is really sick and you find out publix is offering a vaccine to your mother? do you care if publix tributed to someone's campaign you are racing over to publix to get your mom vaccinate sod she doesn't die. that's the bottom line. he is saving lice in florida. more people are dead in new york and california. why aren't they covering that? steve: good question. for the correspondent, they worked on the story for three months, the desantis people would not sit down for an interview. so it's fine to confront the governor at that public forum like that. but then when you get the other democrats who say your story is wrong. your narrative is wrong, include that when you have got desants explaining for two minutes what was going on. include it. cbs did not do that. and joe concha was with us a little while ago and had this observation. ainsley: sorry. finish what joe was going to
4:15 am
say, sorry. steve: let's have joe finish what joe was going to say. here is joe concha. >> this isn't "60 minutes" the rookie organization that made some sort of human error. this is a broadcast news magazine top ten in ratings for 50 years they have been on the air. to only play a few seconds of ron desantis answer when it was actually two members long and it was thorough and meticulous it, laid out why publix was chosen. with "60 minutes" being based in new york and everything, when is that profile coming on andrew cuomo and his handling of nursing homes or of vaccine distribution? because overall florida has an older population and larger population and four major cities and florida had 17,000 fewer deaths than new york. ainsley: and there are so many publix there. steve: 800. ainsley: not just publix doing. this what are they trying to insinuated. what's the pay for play? how does publix benefit from. this people are shopping. steve: sweetheart deal.
4:16 am
he gave it to them. brian: publix does make money on the vaccine. ainsley: got it. brian: the theory is if you go there for a vaccine and pick up bread and eggs. ainsley: got it. steve: joe concha made a good point the people of florida and the southeastern part of the united states regard publix as a really great company. they trust. ainsley: number one trusted company. steve: starting to rollout the coronavirus vaccine some people did not trust you are thinking if publix is doing it, it's got to be -- ainsley: publix gave to democrats and republicans during the campaign. ron desantis will be on at 8:00 and we will ask him about it. brian: piers morgan sat down with tucker carlson. piers morgan walked off his set, didn't know this didn't know this behind the scenes for questioning the veracity and meghan markle and harry's
4:17 am
interview with oprah. they pressured piers morgan and he walked off. here he is expanding for the first time on what with went on behind the scenes and why he did it. >> there is no room for debate. it's their way or no way. and if you dare to defy the woke narrative about anything, then they will weaponize things like race or mental health, whatever it may be. to get people canceled in their eyes. now, i'm not a victim. and i haven't been canceled. i look at this cancel culture. it's a real thing. this woke mob want to cancel people who do not follow the narrative. it and it's gotten increasingly dangerous. steve: his point is just because you have a different opinion, he said after the meghan markle and harry interview with oprah he said he didn't believe a word of what she said after she accuse
4:18 am
the royal family of being racist. but it was just simply his point of view. he said it was an extraordinarily disengenius smear job, a hit job on the royal family. the queen, the monarchy and frankly on britain and his country and so, you know, hosting the good morning britain show he told folks what his point of view was. but then there was a lot of social media firestorm going on. next thing you know he walks off and he has decided you know what? i just don't need this right now. ainsley: he said he was right to call her thriewcial. if you watch the interview there were 17 claims proven false or massively exaggerated. he does have another job though he is editor at large of the u.k. daily mail he still has a paycheck. brian: see if he ends up on television. ainsley: he said i will be back. steve: he will. brian: i hope. so watch the full interview tucker carlson where he does not wear a jacket and he goes with the untuckit shirt, it seems,
4:19 am
which i pretty much led the charge on that way. i don't think if he took it from me. you can get him on fox nation bepart of a very elite club. ainsley: and made florida georgia line very famous. steve: you invented the untuckit shirt. brian: i was captivated by the commercial and i now made it cool. ainsley: jillian, i used to see the untuckit commercials i'm not sure brian was involved with it. brian: should have been. jillian: brian kilmeade, everyone. brian: don't tuck. in no belt. jillian: got it. begin your headlines with this. the u.s. and iran are set to resume are indirect discussions on the nuclear deal today. signed in 2015 under the obama administration. but trump pulled out in 2018 instead imposing strict sanctions. iranian refugee joined "fox & friends first" to discuss. >> the american people don't understand the nature of this regime, which is that they are evil and that they are committing the most vile human rights violations against their
4:20 am
own citizens. jillian: tehran is ruling out face-to-face negotiations with the u.s. unless sanctions are lifted. let's go to a live look now at coors field in denver. colorado, which the mlb has reportedly picked as the new homes of the all-star game. the league pulled out of atlanta last week in protest of georgia's new voting law. the controversy made its way to texas where governor greg abbott refused to throw out the first pitch at the rangers home opener. he accused the mlb of pushing a, quote, false narrative about the georgia law. meanwhile senator marco rubio demanded mlb commissioner rob man ford give up his manipulate to augusta national. it will be interesting to see the developments that continue to come out on and this if rob man ford has a response. steve: that's right. because, as it turns out. it's actually harder to vote in colorado than it is in georgia. brian: oops? ainsley: 7:20 on the east coast. thank you, jillian. antifa's anti-police antics and
4:21 am
the defund movement pushing portland police officers to their breaking point now and many are turning in their badges. what's next? our next guest lives in portland and confronted protesters over the summer. we will get his take after the break. brian: can't wait. before discovering nexium 24hr to treat her frequent heartburn, marie could only imagine enjoying freshly squeezed orange juice. now no fruit is forbidden. nexium 24hr stops acid before it starts for all-day, all-night protection. can you imagine 24 hours without heartburn? protect your pet this flea and tick season with chewy. find everything from flea collars and sprays, to prescriptions that keep pests away. chewy has what you need to keep tails wagging and pets itch free all season long. shop pet prescriptions and more at today. start the year smiling at aspen dental where new starts happen, every day.
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ainsley: amid multiple protests and efforts to defund the police cops and supervisors open up why they are leaving the largest police force in droves. one retiring detective telling the oregon began that the community shows zero support, the mayor and council ignore actual facts on crime in favor of radical leftist and anarchists fantasy. our next guest lived in portland and confronted protesters over the summer. behind the coalition to save
4:26 am
portland and joins us now. good morning, gabriel. >> good morning, thank you for having me again. ainsley: you are welcome. tell us what was the reaction to the protesters when you confronted them with the american flag? i know you served our country. you are a marine. what did they do? >> well, it was actually -- i was actually kind of surprised because i was greeted with this hatred. hatred for the american flag and for what it stands for. and for me, it was really a symbol of justice and a uniting symbol that people should remember to bring us back together. ainsley: listen, i love new york city. i love where i grew up in south carolina. you have started the coalition to save portland. i'm sure you love portland and makes you so sad to see people being so hateful when you are carrying an american flag and you are there to support your community. how did that make you feel? >> you know, it really just gave me energy to just kind of -- to try to remind everyone what we -- what the city of portland
4:27 am
is about. who we are. really just going out and just kind of giving that echo because people in the city really have lost a sense of community and the community for everyone. including, you know, the officers that are out there serving night in and night out. ainsley: i know. now you are losing all these police officers. why are they leaving? what are they telling you? >> you know, something that the coalition has been highlighting for the last 10 months, we knew going into the new year that we were going to have a massive retirement, but now what we are see something a massive exodus. i think it's purely just from the way that they are not supported. this is one of the only cities in america where you can actually throw molotov cocktails at police officers and expect them not to do anything. but we have seen in return from them is professionalism. these folks have stood there. they have taken it. you know, they are human just like us and, believe me, it does effect them. ainsley: yeah. i'm sure many of them are scared now to even arrest anybody
4:28 am
because they are scared i know in this state now you can get sued if you are a police officer and do you something wrong and many people are on edge and they are worried how a jury might vote on that. they might be locked up or lose everything. so it might not be worth it to anyone. gabriel, thank you so much for coming on with us. we appreciate it. >> thank you. thank you so much. ainsley: you are welcome. we did reach out to the police department of portland and the city of portland for statements we did not hear back. 7:28 here on the east coast. still ahead check in with will cain having breakfast with friends in a diner in his home state of texas. as more companies face pressure to get political. our next guest says there is money to be made on standing up to cancel culture. how you can flip the switch on corporate wokeness next. ♪ ♪
4:29 am
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4:33 am
jillian: good morning and welcome back. we have headlines for you now. california police insist they are doing everything to find a mother missing for nearly three month. maya millete was last seen at her home on january 7th. on "fox & friends first" earlier maya's sister is still hopeful she is alive. >> we are still hopeful that you are out there. please, contact us. we have been suffering for three months. it's been a nightmare. please have no nightmare end. jillian: just days before her disappearance, may a told her sister if anything happened to. >> geraldo: husband larry would be responsible. he has hired a lawyer. caught on camera a detroit fire
4:34 am
truck includes with an suv causing to fire. several people running away from the flames. three firefighters among the handful of people taken to the hospital. south carolina husband republicans asking the governor to ban vaccine passports. threat to privacy. this as dr. anthony fauci revealed it's doubtful the federal government will require one. aaron rogers says he loves being a jeopardy guest so much he would be open to doing it full time. his first episode aired last night. >> come up with the correct response who wanted to kick that field goal? [laughter] that is a great question. should be correct.
4:35 am
jillian: the question referring to the packers controversial decision to kick when down by 8 in the nfc championship game. that is a look at your headlines. brian? send it back to you. brian: back to football. it always goes back to football. thanks, jillian. top republicans are calling out corporate america for selling out to the woke left. >> it's unfortunate that major league baseball has caved to the cancel culture. >> my advice to the corporate ceos of america is to stay out of politics. >> now turning off 40% of the country who don't want to be woke up and told we are horrible people. >> they are woke corporate hypocrites. that's what they're. brian: there you go. brand new op-ed, next guest says every day americans are being taken for granted by major brands. it's time to do something about it. former diplomat and author dave seminara joins us now. d.a., you chronicle in your column all these different examples of these corporations caving to the left, afraid of being labeled as homophobic or not green enough or woke enough.
4:36 am
you give an example, too, of the twitter -- 29 followers complaining the daily water is spreading homophobic and transphobic content. intimidated harry shave to condemn it. >> yeah. it doesn't take much these days, does it? i mean, you could literally have one complaint come in and all of a sudden you have got, you know, you have got a company that's ready to pull their advertising campaign. what does that say about free fm of speech? it's a sad state of affairs. we are in this culture revolution and painful to be a conservative right now. you are just having politics dominating our lives in every sphere of lives left wing woke politics crammed down our politics in every sphere of life. brian: it's got to stop. some people are outraged by it. even see some people on the left like bill maher speaking out saying excuse me, what kind of path are we on again and who are
4:37 am
we serving? you also bring up the fact that coke comes out and condemns this election law which there is nothing to condemn about it. and they still got condemned because they didn't do it quick enough. who are these people? >> right. well, this is when i started writing my column that i wrote for the "wall street journal," brian, is when i heard the ceo of coca-cola on another network saying that the law, i can't imdate his posh british accent when he said the law was unacceptable and a step back and step backwards and so on and so forth. really? does coca-cola want to be the official beverage of the democratic party? what are they going for here? tell me about your product and services. please don't tell me who to vote for. don't tell me how to think and above all else don't insult me and alien nate me as one of your customers. brian: what is your call to action, dave, what are you calling on people to do if they don't want to be a victim to this. >> i'm not going to tell other people how to pend their money. i will tell you how i'm spending mine. it's much more carefully these days. look at company's web sites, i
4:38 am
mean, look at their twitter feed. look at their social media and find out what are they selling? are they selling a product? are they selling a service or are they selling politics? increasingly these days it seems like everyone is selling politics including major league baseball. i'm not going to tell other people how to spend their money but let's put it this way, i took a vacation in georgia last summer beautiful town in the north. i'm thinking about going back. might be a good time to visit georgia and might be a good time to really think about the companies that you are pray patronizing. what are they selling? if it politics that you don't want look for some place else. brian: even your shampoo pan teen has let you down. >> it has. again, panteen i have no problem with companies that want to, you know, that want to tell me about their product and to use personal stories and such. but i mean with panteen they are sort of promoting a transstory. and i just bought -- and anyone
4:39 am
who objected to it is transphobic, right? i sort of -- you know, i have a problem with that i'm not a transphone or not a homophobe. i don't want to be bludgeoned over the head with left wing woke politics in a commercial tell me about your shampoo how about that for a change? brian: we don't need directions, we know how to work it. i don't know why they waste time giving us directions. get black rifle coffee. if you are interested in something that's pro-american that's not going to probably have you worried if you are doing something politically correct, correct? >> yeah. i mean, i'm not a paid spokesperson for black rifle but i am a customer of theirs. what i really lo about them is they hire veterans and support veterans causes. i don't see that as something very political. by the way i don't expect companies to endorse conservative viewpoints at all. i'm happy for companies to be neutral what you like about black rifle is that they hire veterans and support the veterans. to me, that's not political. that's just american.
4:40 am
brian: dave, thank you so much. appreciate it. read his column in the "wall street journal." thank you. >> thank you, brian. brian: more and more people standing up and fighting back. florida governor ron desantis will join us live to push back on "60 minutes," will cain feeling at home in the lone star state he calls home having breakfast with friends in mcallen, texas. will: i am. mcallen texas, sweet temptations, brian. we are on the texas side of the border talking how they are experiencing this border crisis. you have to hear his story. everybody assuming all these migrants democratic voters. hear from arnold and more diners coming up on "fox & friends." ♪ ♪ well, well, well. look at you. you mastered the master bath. you created your own style. and you - yes, you! turned a sourdough starter. into a sourdough finisher. so when you learn your chronic dry eye is actually
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4:45 am
sharp-dressed man. ainsley: that is dallas this morning. texas, thanks for waking up with us. it is :44 on the east coast. you are all an hour behind us. it's early early there. hand it out to will cain having breakfast with friends. it's on the border of mcallen, texas. will: let me introduce to you a table full of south texans. danny, carol, arnold. the father sat down to bless the meal, right, father? yes, i did. after they have eaten it already. [laughter] will: need to repent now. danny, tell me what you were talking about earlier. have you lived here your entire life. tell me how you are experiencing this migrant surge right now. >> well, just recently i mentioned to you coming down normal saturday afternoon and up the 2 is corridor i 69 you see a group of individuals on the immediatian being detained, you know. border patrol, never seen that before. will: you were saying the scary part is actually what you don't
4:46 am
know. what you don't see. you are saying there is so little information about what's happening in your backyard, carol. >> well, yeah. what we don't see is what's really alarming. you know, they catch that but what they don't catch we just heard the other day these two yemeni men came. what's coming across? will: right. >> drugs, terrorism, you don't know. it's hard. >> scary. >> it's scary, you know. will: danny is talking about the story from today, actually. the two yemeni men detained on the border on the terrorist watch list coming through the border in the last couple months. sonia tell me, what's interesting that i don't think a lot of people don't understand is the relationship mexico and the united states have had on the border for quite some time. you were telling me in the past it felt more like cooperation, more legal back and forth for working visas and everyone on both sides. and now it feels very different. >> now, it's just like back then it was -- they would come and
4:47 am
they would work, and then he would go home. and then that was their routine. now, it's like they are coming and they are staying and a bunch of them, too many that are coming. and they are staying. and they are also staying but they are leaving somewhere else. will: on to other parts of the united states. >> yes. will: what's fascinating they all describe militaristic presence more law but less abiding by the law. at the same time you are locking things down. i heard a i can't say to us dps lined mile by mile people not obeying. you told me what you said about the presumption this migrants will do to politics. >> i feel the democrats are assuming that they are going to get 100 percent voting from immigrants but the immigrants that are coming across are god-fearing hard-working people. >> just like we are. >> like we are. and they are escaping something. and i think they are going to
4:48 am
want the wall. they will want legal immigration. will: you are pointing out the counties along the border that have increased republican voter turnout over the last several years. >> i county went 41% republican. i call it revivalcan. we the bible. the county west of us was 47% republican. the county above that county flipped to red. so, our area is a narrative that could change. will: interesting perspective about a lot of the assumptions of how this will all play out in the long term. i find it so fascinating, brian, steve, ainsley when you hear from people who live here and how it's changed the last several months and more so how it's changed. throw it back to you in new york. ainsley: i love they are saying grace before they eat their breakfast, wonderful. steve: they brought in a priest. how great is that? down at sweet temptation in mcallen, texas. brian: is he a sharp-dressed man
4:49 am
he requested that song in the bump-in. steve: mcallen, texas. brian: all based on true story. all sharp dressed men. adam klotz fits that bill. hey, adam. adam: i did my best. i think i look all right this morning. weatherwise what's going on across the country. big piles of heat pooling up in the middle of the country. record breaking temperatures. 60 degrees in chicago, very early this morning. you will get that the next couple of days and we eventually topoff 80 degrees in chicago and seeing that across much of the heartland and stretching to the east. unfortunately with this heat talking about 'swings in temperature also get severe weather. have an area here in kansas with a good chance of severe weather this afternoon and shifts a little bit to the south and off towards the east for us on wednesday. so, severe thunderstorms to pay attention to across the south today. otherwise, really warm temperatures once again. back out to you guys. ainsley: all right. thank you so much. still ahead, florida's governor ron desantis and author j.d. vance are going to join us live
4:50 am
in the next hour. steve: plus, mayor out west, ditching democrats and joining the republican party. north las vegas mayor john lee is going to tell us why he left the democratic party coming up next. ♪ tely. sensodyne sensitivity and gum gives us a dual action effect that really takes care of both our teeth sensitivity as well as our gum issues. there's no question it's something that i would recommend. keeping your oysters business growing has you swamped. you need to hire. i need indeed indeed you do. the moment you sponsor a job on indeed you get a shortlist of quality candidates from a resume data base claim your seventy-five-dollar credit when you post your first job at out here, you're more than just a landowner. you're a gardener. a landscaper. a hunter. because you didn't settle for ordinary.
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4:54 am
steve: our next guest says the republican party is the party of the working class opportunity and freedom, and that's why the mayor is leaving the democratic party for the republican party and north las vegas mayor john lee joins us, mayor good morning to you. >> good morning, steve, nice to see you. steve: nice to see you as well you say the democratic party is now being run by admitted socialists and that's why you had to get out. >> i'd say card carrying socialists the democratic party in nevada had an election recently for leadership and four of the five people were card carrying members of the socialist party and it's not the party that i grew up with 25 years ago in this environment, and it's not the party i can stand with anymore. steve: and the democratic party you grew up with was the party of the working class, but you don't see that anymore? >> no, the works class, the working men and women of this country and also the small business owners are not a part of the conversation anymore. it all has to do with the elitei sts and the socialists that is not the agenda that i
4:55 am
have in mind for this country of the future. steve: yeah, mayor what do people out there in the las vegas area think about how joe biden is remaking the federal government into a gigantic, much bigger jobs program? >> well, you know, we've had issues out in the west here, with covid and, you know, the tourism, hospitality and gaming industry but we are not for expanding the government to even bigger and more intrusive into our lives. that's not what we want out west and we're not going to accept it anymore. steve: what about higher taxes? they talked about raising taxes on people, who makeover $400,000 a year, for a couple or corporate taxes, there are a lot of big corporations out there in vegas. >> there are, and those taxes are very important. a lot of taxes are taking out of people's pockets are taxes we kind of need to run our local governments and stuff, they're not giving any opportunity about families saving for their future , for their children's education, and it's all about them, and their socialistic
4:56 am
values and that doesn't work. steve: real quickly are your friends surprised you're switch ing parties? >> i would agree they probably are but when you're a pro-life democrat a pro-gun democrat and you're very conservative person, that's not really well known in the democratic party anymore, and so for me to hang on as long as i did hoping the party would change it didn't, it got worse so therefore, i found a new place that i can put maya leak answer to and help once again, forget about the last eight years it's the next four years that predict the future. steve: brand my republican, john lee, north las vegas mayor, sir, thank you very much. thank you very much. steve: coming up, florida governor ron desantis, lots of questions, he's going to answer, next. n't have to be scary. spraying flonase daily stops your body from overreacting to allergens all season long. psst! psst! all good
4:57 am
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5:00 am
and learn what millions of align users already know. how great a healthy gut can feel. sign up at also try align dualbiotics gummies to help support digestive health. >> border crisis turning into a national security risk. >> two suspects on the fbi's terror watch list were caught at the border. >> this is again what happens when you overwhelm the u.s. border patrol, when you don't support the men and women of law enforcement. pete: the all-star game has now been officially relocated to denver. colorado actually has more restrictions in their law than exist in georgia. >> maybe donald trump used to have a rally at the braves stadium. >> it's the community. for for governor ron desantis of a pay-to-play scheme. >> it was done with a wreckless disregard for the truth. with 60 minutes being based in new york, what is that profile coming on andrew cuomo. brian: piers morgan is ex pact
5:01 am
ing for the first time on what went on behind the scene. >> once you cancel people who do not follow the narrative and it's increasingly dangerous. >> we seen the numbers and hear from the politician politicians let's here from people who live in the rio grande valley. >> they would come and they would work and then they would go home and now it's like they're coming, and staying and too many that are coming. >> ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ainsley: what a great song and what an awesome city. have you all ever been to dallas >> iowa there, friday night. ainsley: it's such a fun city. steve: the dallas fort worth metroplex. my first cousin, mike doocey is the number one sports person down there. ainsley: good morning cousin. brian: the dallas cowboys play tackle football in there. steve: they do indeed. meanwhile, a couple hundred miles from that town is mcallen,
5:02 am
texas, right along the u.s. mexican border and that's where we have positioned will cain, he's in a place called sweet temptations and it looks like the food there, in mcallen, is excellent. will: can't help but feel like brian just took a shot at me about the dallas cowboys but i'll let it slide for just a moment because have you ever seen an apple dumpling before? look at that thing. the color alone makes you want to eat it. i haven't tried it but i will. here at sweet temptations i was just talking to two retired border patrol agents and they were giving me perspective about how over time its moved the migration patterns from california to arizona, and now it's all about texas, and they're telling me exactly about the presence here, their ability and inability to stop the flow, just fascinating perspective on the ground here in mcallen. i'll be talking to diners all throughout the morning as you know at sweet temptations giving you on the ground perspective of what this border crisis is like.
5:03 am
steve: looks good. ainsley: thank you, will. brian: you said hello, so you should bring him in. ainsley: first we'll set it up and have governor ron desantis on from florida in just a moment but we want to tell you the story so 60 minutes has been down in florida three months, steve? steve: three months digging for dirt in palm beach county. ainsley: he has this press conference and decided not to do an interview with 60 minutes because he said he knew that they would take out sound bites that don't tell the whole story and that's what the he was telling us during the break, so this lady right here, she is a reporter for 60 minutes and she ambushes him at this press conference, which is fine. reporters do this all the time and she starts asking the questions so he starts saying, look, the reason we used publix is not because they gave to my campaign, by the way they gave to democrats and republican s. the reason we used publix is because we wanted to save lives. we wanted to help our seniors and there is a publix basically hundreds of them. steve: 800.
5:04 am
ainsley: how many throughout florida. so you drive down the streets of florida and you'll see a publix and so he was defending himself. this is what they aired on 60 minutes. >> publix, as you know, donated $100,000 to your campaign, and then you rewarded them with the exclusive rights to distribute the vaccination in palm beach. >> what you're saying is wrong. >> how is that not pay-to-play? >> it's a fake narrative. i met with the county mayor, administrators and all the folks at palm beach county and i said here is some of the options. we can do more drive-thru sites, give more to hospitals, we can do the publix, and they said we think that be the easiest thing for our residents. >> but melissa mckinley, the counter commissioner, in the glades, told us the governor never met with her about the publix deal. >> the criticism is that it's pay-to-play governor. >> it's wrong, it's a fake narrative, you don't care about the facts, because obviously, i laid it out for you in a way that is irrfutable.
5:05 am
ainsley: he met with the mayor of palm beach who is a democrat and the county administrator and the three of them sat down and said how can we distribute this vaccine so that we can save more lives and get these numbers down and they decided not only drug stores but they also decided publix. publix was the first, he said, to raise their hand but they cut that out of the 60 minutes piece this is what they did not air. >> as we got into january, we wanted to expand the distribution points so yes, you had the counties, you had some drive-thru sites, you had hospitals that were doing a lot, but we wanted to get it into communities more, so we reached out to other retail pharmacy, publix, walmart, obviously, cvs and walgreens had to in fish that mission and we said we're going to use you as soon as you're done with that and for the publix they were the first one to raise their hand and saying they were ready to go and do you know what? we did it on a trial basis and i had three counties i actually showed up that weekend and talked to seniors across four different publix. how was the experience? is this good? should you think this is a way to go? and it was 100% positive.
5:06 am
brian: wow, so that was the whole thing, and i hope you had a chance to see both but now it's time to bring in governor ron desantis. governor, 60 minutes one of the most popular shows in the country has been for the last 50 years what are your thoughts when this was the narrative that most of america was seeing? >> well, i think fortunately, brian, a lot of americans don't believe corporate media anymore for precisely this reason. they edited out all of the key facts i gave a very detailed two minute response at the press conference. they edited out all of the facts you just showed some of the facts. there's even more. the reason why palm beach wanted to do publix, they have 65 publix in 90% of their seniors live within a mile and a half, and so we were in a situation where that was very convenient, and it made a lot of sense. cbs cut that out and acted like we weren't trying to make it widely available. also there was no deal with publix. they are one of the most respected companies in florida. people love it.
5:07 am
it be malpractice not to use them as a distribution point, but the state never paid them a dime to do any of this , and in other pharmacies, cvs and walgreens from the very beginning, but they were going through facilities at that time, so we wanted them to finish the mission, and we've done over 27 5,000 seniors that have gotten shots statewide, we have done 3.5 million seniors that have gotten shots so we've done one of the best jobs in the country protectsing our seniors the results speak for themselves but they didn't want to tell you that because they know that will blow up their narrative. steve: absolutely, and governor, cvs responded and said we routinely edit footage for clarity. and they edited your comments to be very clear that you did something sneaky or underhanded but here is the thing. you've got democrats in that region, you've got the head of
5:08 am
the emergency management who said period, full stop, no one from the governor's office suggested publix, and then dave kurder, the mayor of palm beach county said the reporting was not just based on bad information. it was intentionally false. they know that the governor game to palm beach county and met with me and the county administrator and we asked to expand the state's partnership with publix to palm beach county so, if cbs's story was intentionally false, what were they intending to present? >> so, here is the thing with both of those guys. both democrats, both i've worked with, great guys. they offered to be interviewed by cbs to explain kind of how our vaccine. cbs declined to talk to them, because they knew that if they talked to them, they would blow up cbs's narrative because what jarrod moskowitz says, that's just the fact. cbs doesn't have any facts on
5:09 am
their side so they knew if they used them they would wouldn't be able to do inuendo, so they were looking to do a hit job on me trying to smear me just because i'm in the other party. they are based in new york. what do they do with the governor of new york in their party? they do all of this stuff. would you rather get a vaccine as a senior in florida or up in new york? obviously, we've done a much better job protecting seniors. a lot of people are leaving new york to come to try to get vaccine here, so this is partisan corporate media and at this point, these people like this reporter, you know, they are basically ambulance chasers with a microphone. they are not trustworthy. they lie. we know they're lying. they know that we know they're lying and they lie and lie and lie and lie. steve: governor are you saying 60 minutes has a political agenda to make you look bad, perhaps neutralize you as an up and coming force in the republican party? >> is the pope catholic?
5:10 am
steve: okay. ainsley: so, all floridians of age are now eligible to get the covid vaccine in your state? >> yes, starting on monday, we opened up to everyone. as i mentioned we had 3.5 million seniors that have gotten shots. we've lowered the age over the last few weeks and now we are opening up to everybody, so our seniors-first approach has worked and it's now allowed us to open it up to everyone, one month before the federal government recommended it. brian: 80% of all deaths with seniors so it's logical. governor, last thing on this. they do say the minority neighborhoods in palm beach, the other side of palm beach, i don't know as well as steve and you guys, they said that they were, they felt like they're on the not on the top of the list, and there was a sense that publix donated to your campaign. that's why they were picked. do you want to answer both of those? >> well here is what 60 minutes didn't tell you. as soon as we started doing the publix, there was a request to go out to the western part of
5:11 am
the county, and one of the rural counties heavily african american, a town called pahoke, we setup a special site in pahok e, my secretary grew up there and played football at florida state. we went down together and we did it, everyone was very happy. cbs didn't tell you that. they didn't tell you we were partnering with african american churches at the beginning of january before any other state in the country, we were at churches on sundays doing hundreds of mostly african american parishners. they didn't want to tell you that because it would have destroyed their narrative. steve: yeah, let's switch gears. there's obviously every state now in the country is a border state because we've got an influx of migrants through our southern border and they are winding up in every state including your state of florida. the news this morning is that we have heard republicans say during this rush, for so many migrants coming across the border, we got to worry about terrorists coming in. now, the news is that apparently , two men from yemen
5:12 am
who were on the fbi's terror watch list had been caught near the u.s. mexican border in the last couple of months, one in january, and one in march as well. one guy had a sim card hidden his shoe and ultimately, what is happening with this crisis, or challenger and those are the images where we've obscured their identity, obviously, with so many migrants coming in the agents cannot really go out and about to make sure nobody is am coming across where there's no fence, so inadvertently it is now much easier for people who want to sneak across the border and don't want to surrender to the border patrol agents, to do just that, including terrorists. the republicans were right. >> this is a biden-caused disaster, and because he reject ed the policies that president trump had put in that were working, you now have this
5:13 am
serious situation at the border, absolutely that makes our country more vulnerable to that type of infiltration but it's more than just that they basically stopped enforcing immigration law so in florida we had agreements with i.c.e. that if someone was convicted criminal in our prison, here illegally, i.c.e. would pick them up when they were done with their prison sentence and then they would return them to their home country and now, biden will not take those convicted criminal aliens, and so they are releasing these people into communities all across the country. i actually did an event last week, in central florida. i had jamil shah, whose son was murdered by a released criminal alien and i also had the michael s family from jacksonville who had the same fate for their son, so this has real consequences for public safety, and national security. brian: i'm just so amazed that governors never informed when kids are put into schools, and they're not informed when they are put into facilities. for example, i remember last
5:14 am
time homestead was a big landing place for these illegal immigrants. is it again? >> so not to my knowledge, you're right. they don't inform us, some of those are federal facilities so they are just doing that on their own, and so we're kept in the dark about a lot of what's happening. brian: so it could be? they could be in there? they could be coming there? >> it could be. i mean, i have not gotten any information to that regard but i don't imagine that we would get very much of a heads up in that situation. steve: the homestead facility was a private detention center and that's where kamala harris was back in 2019, ainsley? ainsley: thank you. let's talk to you about atlanta. the mlb has moved the all-star game from atlanta now to colorado and they are in denver at the coors field stadium and when you look at the difference, and the voting rights, it's actually easier to vote in atlanta or in georgia than it is in colorado. colorado, they only have 15 days of early voting. georgia they have 17. both states, you have to have an id to mail, to vote by mail,
5:15 am
and to vote in-person. so there's really, it's actually the voters in georgia have more benefits than the voters in colorado so why are they doing this? >> well i think it's a total disaster for major league baseball. i think they are alienating their fans and here is the problem. you have the political left that will push narratives. you'll have corporate media will further the narratives regardless of facts and now you have major businesses and sports leagues adopting this narratives and taking huge consequential action as a result. what major league baseball is doing will hurt people in atlanta and i'm pretty sure it will probably hurt a lot of african americans, so why they're doing it i have no idea. it's hypocritical. they say they don't like atlanta or georgia, because they are passing voter integrity laws, yet they do business with china, they went down and hob knobbed with communist cuba and castro. ainsley: where they don't even
5:16 am
have elections. brian: right. >> of course not, and so all they're doing is getting pushed around by corporate media and the left, and they are alienat ing people. it was a huge mistake. steve: well it's harder now to cheat in georgia ultimately where they've expanded things but governor, you look at big corporations like coke, and you look at delta, american airlines , southwest, places like that. big corporations have decided to wade in on public policy and take a side. yesterday mitch mcconnell said to the ceo's of america, stay out of politics. don't pick sides. ultimately, if you're a shareholder of a big corporation , that takes a side, there's a real good possibility people will stop patronizing your facility or buying your stuff because they are steamed at you. >> and not only that, but they're doing it based out of ignorance. they aren't actually citing facts. they are just simply accepting
5:17 am
these narratives, and so you really got to question their competence when they're making these decisions but i can tell you this in florida. we don't, we're not governed by these big companies. we're doing the work of the people. these big companies that think they can butt in here that will not be received favorably in the state of florida and i can tell you, it's not just me saying that. i think our legislature be united in that. corporations should work on employing people and doing business. they should stay out of the political fray and we don't want to see that here in florida brian: governor i'm sure you don't track new york. you got your own state to worry about but they are now about to announce a raise in taxes despite getting a huge payout from the democratic president, they're going to raise taxes on millionaires or those who are earning the most, who are already paying the top 2 % paying 50% of all taxes here, they are going to be the number one, the highest personal income tax state in the nation. what is that going to do for florida and new york?
5:18 am
what is that going to do for florida's population? >> well, i think it's going to probably help the real estate market because i think every time they do something like this , certain people say okay, i've reached my limit i'm out, and it's a really a vicious cycle. they raise the taxes, people leave, the economic base shrinks and they have to do it all over again, rinse and repeat, so yeah , obviously you're going to have people moving. i actually talked with a company yesterday about moving operation s down here, manufacturing from new york to florida. so i think we'll continue to ainsley: was a news corporations. >> what's that? well you know in the age of covid you did a lot of stuff remotely you could easily make places in florida your headquarters or you could do a lot on your own, so we think that'll end up happening but look, at the end of the day, part of it is some of the states have done bad policies but part of the reasons people like florida is because we've done a lot of good policies and so people understand that we're putting freedom first, kids are in school, our economies doing well, and i think you're going
5:19 am
to continue to see that in the future. steve: governor during the pandemic a number of wall street hedge funds and things like that relocated to palm beach county, and now, we're wondering, as we come out of the pandemic, how many of those companies and those people who have big paychecks are going to stay there? >> well i think some will and maybe not all. and that's obviously been an important thing, but i can tell you this , steve. in terms of what we're seeing, aerospace, the space private space industry is on fire in florida, and we are doing really well with manufacturing a lot of the key things. we're going to build off that so i think we have a much more diversified economy in florida than we did just 15 or 20 years ago and that's exciting. that means more opportunity for people here in the state. brian: all right, governor ron desantis, always great to hear from you. you were featured on sunday, and you're able to get your word out on monday and tuesday, and thanks for coming here first. ainsley: thanks, governor. >> thank you. brian: or second. thank, governor.
5:20 am
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>> if you're really watching right now, if you're out there, please, if there's any chance at all, give us a call, we're so hoping that you're still out there. its been a nightmare. please have this nightmare end for us, please. ainsley: that's the sister of missing california mother of three, maya militay, making that emotional plea earlier on fox & friends first nearly three months after her disappearance. this comes as fox news learns new details about the mother of
5:25 am
three's troubled marriage, including that she warned family if anything ever happened to her , her husband was probably involved. here with more on this fox nation host, nancy grace. good morning, nancy. >> good morning, thank you for inviting me. this story is so important to me so many times, i would fight tooth and nail in court to allow that type of evidence to come in , where you would have a murdered woman say, if anything happens to me, fill in the blank but this is about and maya, just 39 years old a mother of three last seen in her own home, there in chula vista. her jeep is still there. no credit card activity, no atm activity. her cell phone is missing but what i can understand is how does a woman just vanish from her own home and nobody knows what happened? ainsley: and i understand she vanished the day she told her family she was filing for divorce. there is a graphic image i want to show our audience but parents
5:26 am
i warn you this is graphic. this is a picture that her husband sent to the family back in september, before she went missing, and it is a bloody altar, it looks like, of candles lit with blood all over it and if we can zoom in, i don't know if i saw another picture earlier that was zoomed in, it was a picture it looked like of maya and her husband. nancy what do we know about this >> this photo is one of the many sometimes reportedly up to 100 texts a day, the husband, larry would send to her, maya's family. this one has candles lit and both spattered in what appears to be blood. it's like an altar with flowers around it. i found another troubling text that he allegedly sent her family, and it's a quote of the bible from proverbs saying an adulteress woman's footsteps lead her straight to death, i'm paraphrasing but that's what the
5:27 am
scripture says and she suddenly goes missing and the stories that we have heard, according to sources, are that she went for a walk, that she left to blow off steam after an argument, that she was wine tasting, that she went to a jeep get-together, although her jeep is still parked right at the home, so i think right now, we've got to get tracker dogs, cadaver dogs, luminol, in the home, again the husband not a suspect, not named a person of interest but i will tell you this. the brother-in-law went to the home, and the husband, according to the brother-in-law, says she been locked in her room 11 straight hours, i think she's asleep. next day, dad comes, and nobody is in the room when the doors unlocked. i guess you just vanished out of her bedroom. ainsley: wow so many unanswered questions and i know you'll interview the family for crime stories and you also have a new episode of america's most wanted on fox nation. tell us about it? >> well as always we are on the hunt for fugitives. fugitives that have evaded police and let me tell you
5:28 am
there's a reason they're on the run. one guy we're looking for , r. j. mccloud, i believe, murdered the victim in his case, and crystal's mother came out of retirement, i spoke to her in depth, came out of retirement as a detective, and is looking for mccloud right now. warning, this guy is considered dangerous. he's got full-on sleeves of tattoos last seen in guatemala. ainsley: i know you interviewed the mother. here is a clip of that. >> my husband had text her and said you know, your mom is really worried, you need to call her. the police saw that text and called my husband's phone right away. i just knew that something was wrong. >> what did they tell you? >> your daughter is in a morgue >> a new episode of america's most wanted overtime is available on fox nation, sign up for fox nation to see this plus get exclusive access to other original content events and your
5:29 am
favorite personalities on any device. nancy, thank you for being with us. >> thanks, ainsley. ainsley: you're welcome. coming up the gop working over time to sure up the blue collar vote, plus, we're going to talk with hillbilly author, j. d. vance, coming up, next.
5:30 am
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5:33 am
steve: republican senator from south carolina tim scott pushing back against democrats accusing them of weaponizing race, in their criticism of georgia's election laws. you distort the facts so terribly, that you're willing, you're willing to bring back the concept of a poll tax, or
5:34 am
the concept of jim crow. you don't weaponize race in powerful and destructive ways when so many people fought and died so that i could be your senator. strategist here with reaction fox news contributor and civil rights attorney he's the first guy up in los angeles this morning, leo terrell. serious stuff that tim scott is talking about, how race is being weaponized to further a political agenda. joe biden, himself, has misrepresented the facts, and in fact the washington post, which has been his allie until now, gave him four pinnochios for lying about what's in it. it doesn't make a difference if joe biden is telling the truth, steve. it's all about power. tim scott is looking at the big picture. the democrats want to pass hr-1,
5:35 am
which would make it national, mail-in voting and takeaway the power from the local state and tim scott is absolutely correct. how can you analogize, asking for an id, i have an id, how can you weaponize the id issue and analogize it to the people who got killed during the civil rights movement in the 60s. steve no one is getting killed right now or being chased by german shepherds, this is all a power grab, and one final point, steve. the majority of americans including black americans like myself, we want voter id and to make sure the right people is voting. steve: right. coca cola though came out and criticized the law and said you know, we just don't like it. it doesn't stand for our values, things like that. the irony is that their 2020 shareholders meeting at coca cola, you had to show id to get into the meeting, so,
5:36 am
obviously, coke thought that was a good idea until they thought it was a bad idea but leo, when you look at what is going on in georgia, they've actually made it harder to cheat. they have expanded voting rights , and now, the major league baseball has moved the all-star game in july to coors field in colorado where it is harder to vote than it is in georgia. i don't get what's going on. >> well i'll tell you right now , steve. in georgia, they made it easier to vote, harder to cheat. moving the game to colorado, georgia has more early voting days than colorado. the key here is this , steve. the argument is corporations are intimidated by the allegation of racism, that's the al sharpton playbook. you intimidate and accuse someone of racism and they back down and that's why coca cola and all these corporations are afraid of that label. i mean, a couple of days ago,
5:37 am
steve, the portland school district was talking about a tree being racist. it's out of control. totally out of control, and it's all about power. steve: it is about power and it's about politics, and joe biden and the democrats are just trying to say oh, look what they're doing in georgia. those evil republicans they've come up with a terrible law which when you read it it's not that terrible but you told one of our producers yesterday, leo, that what joe biden has done is he has devalued the civil rights movement. could you explain what you were talking about? >> absolutely it's a very tough situation to talk about. i've been a civil rights attorney for 30 years. the reason why i'm on this program is because people died in the 50s and 60s to allow me to go to school in the 60s and 70s. that's why i committed myself to be a civil rights attorney in my entire life, because of what dr. king and those people did. what they're talking about right
5:38 am
now, when joe biden says this is jim crow steroids 2.0 it's a lie he's devalued all of those people who gave up their lives. those children bombed in that atlanta church that's why it's insulting and hurting for me as a civil rights attorney to hear all of this rhetoric and these lies being told by the democratic party. it's painful. steve: well and that's why you came on today to try and set the record straight let's make sure that people are listening though, because that's important leo, thank you very much for getting up so early today. >> thank you, steve, glad to be on the program. steve: all right straight ahead, on this program, supreme court justice clarence thomas taking aim at big tech and raising questions on their power to cutoff some people's speech. author j. d. vance sounding off on that, coming up, next. introducing voltaren arthritis pain gel. the first full prescription strength non-steroidal anti-inflammatory gel... available over the counter. voltaren is powerful arthritis pain relief in a gel.
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brian: supreme court justice clarence thomas taking aim at big tech calling it out over his power over the freedom of speech , justice thomas writing in part, it changes nothing these platforms are not the soul means for distributing speech and information. a person always could choose to avoid the toll bridge or a train, and instead swim to charles river or hike the oregon trail, what matters is where the alternatives are comparable, for many of today's digital platforms there, nothing is as twitter made clear, the right to cutoff free speech most powerfully in the hands of private digital platforms. here to react venture capitalist best selling author and lawyer in his own write, hillbilly star j. d. vance. do you think thomas was right here? >> i think he's absolutely right and more importantly than just being right, brian he's actually given us a tool that we can actually use against big tech. we could not just complain about big tech sensory conservatives but he's basically saying look if they are going to restrict information they are going to discriminate against conservatives, then they are actually blocking conservatives
5:44 am
access to the public square in the modern media sense, and that means they're not allowed to do that. if they're not allowed to discriminate against conservatives then that again gives us the policy to actually fight back against some of this cancel culture and ensure that conservatives actually have representation in the modern digital square. brian: how though? i mean, how do you get , you know, twitter is twitter. what's next? >> well, i think it suggests we actually have a policy response here, brian, which is that we can force twitter to treat conservatives the same as they treat liberals kind of a crazy idea, basic human fairness that if you're going to have a monopoly power over the flow of information, then you have to use it fairly. you can't use it, you can't discriminate against one side of our political discourse. you have to treat both of them fairly. brian: so the other thing i wanted to talk to you about was when common jim banks put together a memo and he said listen, republicans, donald trump gave us a gift and your gift is that working class people embraced his message, and
5:45 am
they voted for him. like in a way that we never saw republicans really vote for , get votes for the republican support. are republicans going to embrace that support? are they going to pickup what donald trump has showed them? >> i think we have to, brian if we want to have a future as a political party and have a future that's worth having i think we have to embrace our new status as a working and middle class party. it's the only way forward. i'll throw a crazy statistic at you, brian. in 2012, wall street backed mitt romney over barack obama 3-1 and in 2020 they backed joe biden over donald trump 4-1. there's been in eight years a seismic shift in who represents these various political parties and whose supporting these political parties and i think the challenge for republicans is we've got to do something to serve our voters we've got to pushback against big tech. we have to pushback against the corporations that are trying to control our political discourse and we have to actually represent our own people. brian: it'll be interesting too
5:46 am
do you try to win back corporations or try to win without corporations, that's going to be the decision. real quick, on that? >> yeah, i think the future is we'll have to win with the corporations that are invest ed in america, that care about american jobs and the american people, and we're going to have to cast the corporations that care more about the globalist elites to the side. that's just the future. those people are never going to be on our side we have to wake up to that fact and deal with it brian: so what about you dealing with the fact that rob portman is going to be retiring and the amount of people including yourself are pointing to the fact that you maybe want to make a run at this , j. d. how would you feel about running for the senate seat in ohio. where are you at in the decision process? >> i think i have to make a decision soon, but not super soon, just doing a lot of figuring things out over the intoe couple months and i'll definitely let you know, but we'll continue to speak up about issues that matter. i think there's an important voice that i have whether it's in politics or out of politics and if politics is the next step i'll definitely let you know. brian: major league baseball is moving their all-star game to
5:47 am
denver leaving atlanta when you look at these two voting restrictions there's really no difference. i don't know if anyone is going to make them pay the price but what do you think about baseball 's decision? >> well i think it's just a real travesty and what's really going on here, you've got corporations whether it's delta and mlb in georgia, whether it's american airlines in texas, they are trying to force the political establishment and the political party on the right to do what they want them to do, and we've got to be willing as conservatives to say no, we represent the voters we don't just represent corporations and if the voters wanted to do something we've got to follow through with it. mlb is trying to force something on us and we've got to fight back. brian: they are doing something out of fear and i just thought it was interesting, coke's statement where they said basically look to nationalize the elections, they indicated in their statement, wait a second. are they going to bad for hr-1? >> they are, in fact. they are definitely going to bat for hr-1 and again it's consistent with this entire idea that corporations are
5:48 am
increasingly on the side of the left and we are on the right have to be defending working and middle class people. if we don't, no one else will, and clearly the corporations, they don't care about democratic , will. they don't care about what the people want. they are just trying to force their agenda down the throats of the american people. we can't let them. brian: or they are going to go with the strong horse and republicans have to decide if they are the strong horse. j. d. vance, thanks so much look forward to your decision spring is here so in about a month maybe we'll know if you're in this race. thank you. >> thanks, brian. brian: meanwhile am coming up we'll head back down to the border town of mcallen, texas where will cain is talking with locals over breakfast, with friends, but first i like to check in with bill hemmer, instead of will cain, because i want to find out what's on your show. >> bill: thank you, brian, good morning to you. senator cotton, a moment on the woke ceo's governor greg abbott on the terrorist caught walking across the border. meet florida's democratic mayor going after 60 minutes, and it's tuesday, we'll go to the board and let the doctor tell us what you need to understand about
5:49 am
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ainsley: let's head back down to the lone star state where will cain is talking to the diners to the folks in the diners live
5:53 am
over breakfast with friends at sweet temptations in mcallen, texas, hey, will. will: hey, ainsley. how are you this morning? yes, sweet tell takes, mcallen, texas talking to people who live through the border crisis. this is fascinating i have a table full of retired border patrol not just agents but chief of this sector for border patrol , rosando, tell me what you were talking about earlier. why this area has become the central choke point, the high traffic area for migrants. >> in the 80s it used to be san diego and then the traffic shifted over to tucson, in the 90s and 2000 and then it ended up here, it's because of the technology and infrastructure, the security of the border, the manpower, the fencing, lighting, things of that sort. this became a weak spot, if you will. plus, you've got what comes in from the border of guatemala and that's a free ride for them seeking a better life here in the united states. will: so talking about the train , they call the beast
5:54 am
that comes up from central america, drops off so this becomes the point where you can cross. rosando, tell me again you were talking about policy and talking about incentives and you made a great comparison to me earlier. >> well, you know, currently, we had a situation in this country where we're telling people if you come into the united states we're not going to remove you. we're going to give you up to six months of housing at a hotel we're going to give you health care, we're going to educate your children, we're going to give you probably work permits so that's let's say mexico says hey, there is a six- month party that's available for anybody who wants to take it whose going to say no to that? will: right. >> that's basically who we've created here in the united states is come one, come all, and whose paying for this? will: and jimmy you point out, jimmy was telling me earlier you live along the border three miles from the border you talk about the cemetery you visited and what you've seen on the other side of the river. >> i was there about three weeks a.g. ago and a good friend of mine passed away. you hear bomb, guns going off,
5:55 am
helicopters there from mexico, flying towards the u.s.. will: right. >> so this is not once in a while. this is like every other day or every day. will: so earlier we were talking to diners here, brian, ainsley, steve, about how this border has this militarized presence and yet, there's still this surge of migrants meaning they see enforcement at the same time we see the numbers going up. i just want to tell you what rotundas said. you tell me yeah that's fine, there's dps everywhere but the difference between migrants coming across now and the old days in the old days? >> well in the old days they used to run from us and now they run to us, because they know that once they are apprehended we've reinstated catch and release, during the trump adminitration, they ended that. so, although we were having a problem with illegal immigration here during my tenure, and even in 2019, i think this sector had 360 or so thousand apprehensions, once trump implemented the stay in mexico and the ending catch and release
5:56 am
, other actions i think took between i.c.e. and dhs, as a whole, we saw that number go down 140,000 last year. we're already at that now, this year. will: it's fascinating, in the old days they ran away from us. today, they run towards us. that's what it's like here, on the border from several gentlemen that have worked it for years. all right let's go back to you guys in new york, this is it from sweet temptations in mcallen. back to you. steve: great job, will and really nice hearing their opinions. will: thank you. steve: stepping aside more fox & friends in just a couple as they applaud, live in texas. >> ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [sfx: psst psst] allergies don't have to be scary. spraying flonase daily stops your body from overreacting to allergens all season long.
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>> we know you have a lot of tv choices. thanks for starting your day with "fox & friends." >> have a great day. we'll see you tomorrow. >> check me out on radio. >> so long, everybody. >> bill: thank you, guys, good morning. cancel culture claims america's pastime. major league baseball said to be moving its all-star game out of atlanta to denver in protest of georgia's new voting laws. we say good morning. colorado is the focus now. how are you doing? i'm bill hemmer. >> dana: i know a little bit about colorado. that would be the rockies. and as i recall, they need to do better this year. that's what i remember from last year. i'm dana perino, this is "america's newsroom." >> bill: we were talking before we came on the air saying there was no political leadership here. >> dana: yes, i do feel that way. does anybody want to solve this issue?
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