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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  April 6, 2021 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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you can catch me every saturday and sunday monday with my coast -- cohost on "fox and friends" weekend. the premier of the brand new showed that felt, when cancel culture gets canceled, greg got filled takes it all from here. >> april 6th, biden's border crisis turns to national security risks, two folks from yemen on a terror watch list, a live report. jillian: republican threaten payback for companies that boycott georgia as the mlb picks a new home for its all-star game. >> lawrence: what caused him to walk away from his pricing game. >> i was going to be down. to apologize for something that
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i believe. lawrence: you won't see anywhere else, "fox and friends first" starts right now. ♪♪ coming in hot ♪♪ jillian: we spent the last 10 minutes talking about cookies so i feel i have a sugar high even though i haven't had a bite of a cookie. lawrence: just like this. it is a deadly combination. we love things like that. good morning, you are watching "fox and friends first" on tuesday morning. lawrence: we begin with the crisis at the border, the fbi's terror watch list are caught. jillian: americans are not happy with the white house response, griff jenkins joins us with new reporting.
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>> california's sector has been busy nabbing terrorists since the end of january, agents with a yemeni man identified on the terrorism watchlist, 33 years old, the port of entry, he was found with sim cards underneath the in the sole of his shoe. the second man two miles from the same port of entry as a new a people shows the administration getting a failing grade on the border. only 44% of americans approve of 55% disapproving. on the related issue of immigration 42% approve, 56 disapprove. at the white house jen psaki downplayed the numbers. >> right now our focus is not on
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looking at the poll but implementing solutions and difficult challenges and hoping we ensure we are protecting these kids, the border is not open. >> reporter: as the administration races with child facilities, 19,000 unaccompanied children in custody taxpayers are paying $1 million a day for empty ice detention beds as the administration is releasing 60% of families being encountered at the border as more lawmakers are heading south of the border. a democratic delegation by representative escobar but almost two weeks after being tapped to lead the border response, no plans from vice president harris to visit as well. meanwhile arizona's attorney general inviting her. >> she does need to come down here to see what is happening, the cartels are making money,
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trafficking in human beings. >> we will see what else the attorney general has to say when he joins you guys in the next hour. lawrence: scary stuff on at border, thanks so much. >> stephen miller says cartels are not the only ones benefiting from the border policy. >> between return to mexico and
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title 42 it has gone 13 days without holding a former press conference on the crisis. >> joe manchin says he does not support the tax increase, west virginia democrat says it needs to be changed, the tax on corporations would be part of the $2.3 trillion stimulus as
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the president says there is no evidence the tax increase would drive businesses out of the us. >> the highest tax for corporations? >> there is no evidence of that. >> plus vice president kamala harris's tie-breaking vote. jillian: congressman matt gates comes out swinging a new op-ed as he faces a doj investigation for sex trafficking of a minor. in the washington examiner he writes the allegations are false and says he will not resign. he suggests he is being targeted. folks won't be surprised that bizarre claims are being made about me shortly after i decided to take on the most powerful institutions in the beltway just like the mafia the dc slot protects its made men. he previously claimed the allegations were part of an extortion attempt by a former
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doj official. >> florida governor ron desantis is furious over allegations he engaged in a pay for play conspiracy with supermarket chain publix, reporting the club republican allegedly gave public special access to distribute vaccines after being donated 100,$000 to his super pac. >> obviously they selectively edited the background, tried to act like there was a conspiracy with public ignoring the fact that other pharmacies were involved before publix in all our long-term care facilities and ignoring the fact that i met with the county mayor. they don't believe in fact. was a political narrative done with malicious intent and a reckless disregard for the truth. >> public's responded calling the notion that it received special access absolutely false and offensive. palm beach county florida mayor dave, a democrat defending ron desantis wrote the report was not based on bad information, it was intentionally false and asks
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to expand the partnership with publix to palm beach county. ron desantis is up for reelection next year and favored for 2024. major league baseball may have a new home for its all-star game. sources say the game is heading west after the league folded out of georgia. jillian: some people are already saying there are stricter rules when it comes to voting the in georgia. >> reporter: the mlb plans to relocate the all-star game to coors field in denver, colorado. the hold out of atlanta last week in protest of the new election laws due to restrictions on voting by mail and id requirements. >> it is unfair to hard-working georgians, small business owners not only here but across the
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country this great sport, america's pastime is politicized. we have spineless corporations that won't say we are not engaging in that. >> reporter: critics include delta airlines, coca-cola headquartered in atlanta, the new laws are new restrictive, republicans say will backfire. >> we will see how they do when half the country puts coca-cola come equipped using delta. they are all woke but they are doing something that is against the financial interests of every business. they make billions of dollars, hundreds of millions doing business with the communist regime of china guilty of atrocities, genocide. they don't say a word. jillian: the controversy made its way to texas where 40,000
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fans packed the stance for the rangers opening game. governor greg abbott refused to throw out the first pitch, it is shameful america's pastime is being influenced by party politics. georgia's new laws part several airlines to speak out on what they call voter suppression, the one thing you must have before boarding a plane, a valid id. the hypocrisy. >> radio host clay travis saying the sport is changing the way fans watch the game. >> when your favorite team scores you don't think about the race, the religion, the religious differences, whatever might divide people, identity politics wise, you think about the game itself and what i believe has happened with this major league baseball decision is people are now taking up arms
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and saying okay, we are going to politicize everything in this country then let's actually go to war and figure out what will happen and what is going to happen for a long time you basically can have layups, genuflect at the altar of woke without having to worry much about people who didn't have political ideations. now we're in for a real boxing match where punches will get thrown in both directions and this has changed the dynamic in a big way. jillian: now to march madness ending with a major upset. take a look. >> complete college basketball's greatest rebound and rebuild with a championship. >> they are beating them 86-70. lawrence: the national title in school history, back home in texas, football fields back there so they are going crazy.
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still to come the same party that admitted it was a bad idea to defund the police wants to raise your taxes and democrats going all to fill president biden's sending spree. americans are sick of the distraction and will join us live next. >> you've seen what he can do with a football but just wait until you see what he does with a light saber. the force is strong with tom brady. ♪♪ only $11., the fr and honest bidding site. we sold an ipad worth $505 for less than $24. a stand mixer for less than $20. a 4k television for under $2. a macbook pro for under $16. as well as a playstation 4 for under $16. and brand new cars for less than $900. offers hundreds of auctions every day. all auctions start at $0 and everything must go. and
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>> what we have to do is the party is battle the damage, a democratic brand. effectively labeled me somebody who defended the police. they were able to do it because the democratic brand has been so tarnished. >> the dnc chair says the party must battle the damage from
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movements like defund the police that soured some voters but the committee just launched a billboard bullets like the one you see here slamming republicans and touting biden's $1.9 trillion covid relief package. >> for difficult campaign ironic and joins us now to explain. thanks for joining the program. what is the strategy from republicans on this? americans don't think you guys in washington are spending money the appropriate way. >> when you get the talking point the democrats wouldn't have to spend time defending this package but has little to do with covid 19. of it was so good they wouldn't have to tell people what was in it, you would be able to see like people can see in the tax cut and jobs act, the economy grew, they had more freedom and that is what the american people want. jillian: here's what the dnc chairman says, quote, folks across the country won't be able
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to miss this message, help is here because of president biden and democratic leaders and despite the republicans have unanimously opposed relief we aren't slowing down anytime soon. looking at the billboards and looking at that message it makes me wonder do you think that message is going to reach anyone who hasn't already reached? will it will attract anyone who isn't already there in support of the democratic party is what they are doing with it? >> the democrats are underestimating the american people and democrats not providing anything. our kids are the ones they put another $2 trillion in debt and the bill they passed has only 9% do with anything related to vaccines or vaccine distribution. we need to get people back to work because people want to get back to their lives as they were before the pandemic. >> no doubt they are spending out of control but what do you
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say to those who say the republicans were not that physically responsible when they were in charge? >> we talk about we gave people money and tax cuts for we let them keep their own money because whoever controls your money controls your actions. that should be you. you earned it after all. when you look at the differences i heard that there is no proof that -- just look at history. president kennedy, president reagan, they cut taxes and we saw economic growth, we had the best economy the world had ever seen before the pandemic hit us. >> thank you for your insight, appreciate your time. >>, guppy the family says they were kicked off her spirit flight because a 2-year-old wasn't wearing a mask.
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how the airline is responding to the video that god a lot of us talking. >> president biden tracking of the impact is major corporate tax hikes. >> the highest tax? >> not at all. >> will the president's policies put america last? we will tell you how did impact your bank account after the break.
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>> south carolina house republicans trying to ban vaccine passports. in a letter to governor mcmaster congressman nancy mason and others called it a threat to personal and medical privacy.
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doctor anthony fauci says vaccine passports will not be mandated by the federal government. >> i doubt that the federal government will be the main move around vaccine passports concept. >> he went on to say the federal government may be involved in making sure things are done fairly and equitably. when it comes to vaccine passports. spirit airlines responding after a video appears to show a family getting kicked off a flight for refusing to make their 2-year-old wear a mask. the toddler's mother who was pregnant had this to say. >> anyone else to put a mask on my kid? >> reporter: airline spokesperson says it was the parents who were not wearing a mask correctly. they were on board a flight from orlando to new jersey. they eventually traveled on their scheduled flight but only after speaking with an airline supervisor.
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>> despite a federal bailout in relief funds and a mass exodus from the state new york wants to pile on record tax increases. governor andrew cuomo planning a state budget that would include the highest income taxes in the nation. president and ceo of the partnership here to react. thank you for being here. let's pull up this report, the governor's plan for these tax hikes. the top line you are seeing, single earning $1 million or over $2 million to 8.8% which is the current 2.96%. people outside new york's state, tell us what the big deal is. >> we have a high cost of living, a combination of factors that end up with taxpayers which
1:25 am
represents 20% has tax liability over 60% of their income so this is a big deal. it is the breaking point for what you are paying the federal government. >> the second parties corporate tax 6.5%, current to 7.25% and when you look at new york city in particular wall street is one of the biggest sources of revenue, if you raise corporate tax rate, you have places wall street that have left the state in the last year because of the pandemic or plan to leave the state what is that going to do to the business aspect and economic aspect of new york as a whole? >> new york has had a great history of growth over the last 20 years led by global
1:26 am
corporations and their being taxed at the local land state level and the federal proposed pains of the stimulus for the infrastructure stimulus for corporate taxes so this is too high owners on the one hand and the corporate community and wall street on the other and the question is will they put up with this given the fact the governors of other states most aggressively florida, texas are calling every stay saying that we got a deal for you and your people and we've seen during the pandemic these industries kept the economy running remotely, tax revenues have been very good. our economy has been good but we have in the small sister lost 1 million jobs in new york state because people have been working remotely from all sorts of locations, not necessarily in
1:27 am
new york, will they come back to this? that's the question we're asking, will this raise revenue, unclear, we may lose revenue if taxpayers desert the state. >> that is a possibility. listen to what president biden had to say on this plan to raise corporate taxes. >> will a higher tax driveway corporations? >> not at all. there is no evidence of that. you have 51 or 52 corporations in the fortune 500, not a single penny of taxes. shannon: what do you think the president's statement on this? >> we all agree our tax code is imperfectly crafted and there are credits and opportunities to take advantage of loopholes in
1:28 am
the tax code and that's a good thing to reflect on but in terms of our corporate competitiveness our economy has done very well in corporate tax reduction and we've seen companies bringing jobs back to the us and that is what we want to achieve so that is the issue is what kind of balance do we get, can we raise taxes by closing loopholes? probably so but should we be restoring the very high taxes where new york-based corporations and us-based corporations were in competitive with those operations based in other countries around the world, the highest tax rates on corporations, we don't want that either. >> thank you for your insight, we appreciate it. have a good day. >> the us and iran hit vienna for nuclear talks. is this the first about the
1:29 am
obama era agreement? a high administration for the trump administration joins us with a preview.
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these i think they are hell-bent weather before the iranian elections in may or in june or immediately afterward the they went back into this deal. the question, how willing are they going to be to crack the whip and demand the iranian strengthen this deal? >> the us and iran are back at the negotiating table set to resume on the nuclear deal today along remaining members but our next guest says rejoining isn't in america's best interest was uranium refugee serving as deputy special envoy under donald trump joins us now.
1:33 am
in the article you talked about the body count disappearing. what do you mean by that? >> i was the trump administration human rights report issued by the state department documented that over 1500 iranian's were murdered by the iranian regime when they took to the streets to protest their government and the iranian regime took the unprecedented step of using live ammunition to mo down protesters. this is the human rights we issued last year and the biden administration state department decided to issue a new report where they number of iranian dead from 1500 to 300 and it is kind of appalling tactic by the us and the timing of this revision of the facts was just in time for talk taking place this morning to try to sell the
1:34 am
bill of goods to the american people to whitewash the human rights violations so the american people don't understand the nature of this regime that they are evil and committing the most vile human rights violations against their own citizens to remain in power. lawrence: this is a complex matter, no one knows it better than you. it seems the people want change in iran, i talked about their fear of what is going on but doesn't seem like there's any movement from those in power. >> the united states being the beacon of democracy, liberty and freedom we should be holding the iranian regime accountable for the human rights abuses and holding them accountable for the fact that they are the number
1:35 am
one state sponsor of terrorism in the world, they cause all the instability in the middle east, north africa region and in lebanon, hezbollah has a presence in latin america so the united states should be holding them accountable and for no reason should we be putting the iranian regime on the pathway to nuclear weapons. they have shown over and over and what they are doing, causing tremendous and stability just imagine what they are going to do once they have nuclear weapons. it makes no sense and is clearly against us interests to do that. lawrence: i know this is a historical question. are they going to violate the deal again? >> you are exactly right. the fact is you know the iranian regime cannot be trusted. they have proven over and over they have this religious urgency, they are not rational
1:36 am
actors and they have proven over and again what they do, they lie, they cheat, they steal and you figured it out. why can't president biden or anthony blinken figure out the iranian regime is not to be trusted and signing any kind of deal with them is not worth the paper is would to be signed on, the us right now has all the leverage, the trump administration maximum pressure campaign works. we have the iranian regime, they are weak, they are vulnerable. we have them where we want them, we have all the leverage. the united states does not need iran, they need us. we should be holding them accountable, no reason for us to give them access to nuclear weapons. lawrence: hopefully there's not more cash. jillian: x officer derek chauvin ignored his training when he put
1:37 am
his knees on george floyd's net. >> this particular form of restraint violate departmental policy. >> absolutely violates our policy. >> that action is not de-escalation. that action goes contrary to what we are talking about. jillian: this is the er doctor revealed floyd had no pulse when he arrived at the hospital. he said it was possible this was due to drugs in floyd's system was more likely due to suffocation. a shocking mystery unfolding in california as investigators assure they are doing everything they can to find a missing mother of 3. she was last seen in early january, the family exclusively revealed to fox news she paid for them days before she vanished, but if anything ever
1:38 am
happened to her her husband would be involved, detectives say they don't have any person of interest in the case at this point but also reveal larry is no longer cooperating with their line of question. my's sister has been at the home of the desperate search to find her, she will join us live in the next hour. the ninth woman to accuse new york governor andrew cuomo of sexual misconduct meets with independent investigators. the attorney for cherryville just completed the interview with investigators appointed by new york attorney general, released video showing cuomo kissing urology, the state legislature is bringing forward and impeachment investigation. >> apple ceo tim cook helps parlor returned to the apps store with moderation speaking of the new york times podcast, quote, hope they come back on because we work hard to get people on the store, not to get people off the store.
1:39 am
apple suspended the social media network after the capital rights in january. the company supports divers points of view but says there's no place for threats of violence and illegal activity. in february parlor announced it will be relaunching and would not be reliant on big tech. >> after the break highlights from tucker in an exclusive sitdown with pierce morgan, woke culture forced them to walk away from his hosting gig. >> governor rhonda santos, florida democrats are 60 minutes got the story all wrong.
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>> reporter: i was corralled into a position where i was told you got to apologize for disbelieving megan markel's position or your position is untenable. my gut was i'm going to be
1:43 am
damned if i was going to apologize for something that i believe. jillian: for the first time since his exit pierce morgan is speaking out in an interview with tucker carlson doubling down on his criticisms of megan markel and the cancel culture. >> carley shimkus is here with the story. he's not apologizing. >> reporter: if you hate cancel culture you will want to watch this interview, piers morgan sticking out on tucker carlson today saying he still doesn't believe megan markel but the bigger problem, the reason he walked off the set is because good morning britain made very clear to him that he wasn't allowed to have that opinion. take a listen. >> there is no room for debate. it is their way or no way and if
1:44 am
you dare to defy the woke narrative about anything, whatever it may be common to get people canceled in their eyes. i'm not a victim and i haven't been canceled. look at this cancel culture, it is a real thing, this woke mob want to cancel people who do not follow the narrative and it has gotten increasingly dangerous. >> reporter: morgan walked officer good morning britain after defending the royal family against make a markel's allegations of racism and bullying. he was later accused of racism for attacking her. itv back in march said following discussions, peers morgan has decided now is the time to leave good morning britain, they accepted this decision, has nothing further to add. you can watch the full interview
1:45 am
on tucker carlson today on fox nation which is streaming now. >> there is a lot to talk about when it comes to rhonda santos's 60 minutes interview with cbs news. you are sticking around because after the break a little more on that.
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florida governor rhonda santos furious over allegations he engaged in a pay for play conspiracy with the supermarket chain publix, 60 minutes reporting the republican allegedly gave publics special access to distribute vaccines after they donated 100,$000 to his super pac. there are a lot of big stories
1:49 am
here, that story is getting bipartisan backlash. 60 minutes is being criticized for not airing certain portions of this interview. jillian: cbs news is in hot water for this hit piece that ran on 60 minutes about florida governor randa santos and the peace suggested governor desantis gave grocery store chain publix access to distributing coronavirus vaccine after publix donated to his political action committee. here's an edited portion of an exchange governor desantis had with a cbs news reporter there during that 60 minutes peace. it left out some critical information. take a listen. >> publix donated 100,$000 to your campaign and then you rewarded them with the exclusive
1:50 am
rights to distribute the vaccination in palm beach. how is that not pay to play? >> that is a fake narrative. i met with the county mayor, the administrator and all the folks of palm beach county and said here are some of the options. we can do more drive-through strikes, give more to hospitals, do the publix and they said we think that would be the easiest thing for our residents. it is a fake narrative. i just disabuse you of the narrative and you don't care about the facts because obviously i laid it out for you in a way that is irrefutable. >> the story failed to mention cbs and walgreens had the vaccine first, publix is the largest grocery store chain in the state so it would make sense for them to have it. the democratic mayor of palm beach county is defending the santa saying the reporting was not just based on bad information but was intentionally false, they know the governor came to palm beach
1:51 am
county and smith with me in the county administrator and we asked to expand the state's partnership to publix through palm beach county we confronted this pandemic for over a year. our residents like all americans are tired and the media is making it worse, hell-bent on dividing us for cheap views and clicks. cbs spokesperson defending the reporting saying as we always do for clarity 60 minutes used a portion of the governor's over 2-minute response that directly address the question from the correspondent was governor desantis is going to join "fox and friends" this morning at 8 am eastern time for more on this friend. thank you for that. >> people are getting vaccinated. shouldn't we be happy people are getting vaccinated? >> absolutely. publix is a massive grocery store chain. it would make sense, cvs, walgreens and walmart will have if they don't already in the state of florida as well. >> they owe florida an apology and governor desantis. the easter bunny goes crazy. carley: a special guest that appeared during the white house
1:52 am
press briefing, a masked easter bunny. this is where reporters bring their kids to the white house, they couldn't do this this year because of the pandemic, the white house wanted to make it special. the thing i found funny is one of the reporters, they took this so seriously, the reporter goes is that the same bunny suit sean spicer war several years back, very serious question, just talking about i don't think so but i will check on it. it is not the same bunny suit. this one definitely wore a woman's bunny if you will. the easter bunny was handing out commemorative easter eggs. jillian: let's talk about this. you talked at the top of the hour major league baseball moving the all-star game to coors field in denver, colorado. a lot of people, using criticism online, people saying take a
1:53 am
look at colorado's voting laws and come back and have a conversation. we want to pull up a graphic to show the differences between colorado and georgia's voting laws, 15 days of early voting, 17 days of early voting, more days of early voting in georgia, they allow no excuse vote by mail, same in colorado, all registered voters receive mail in dallas coming in georgia a valid id is required to vote by mail and in person as is the situation in colorado and georgia, passing out food and water in voter lines. look at minor differences, a lot of people waking up this morning with this new report wondering what made them decide on colorado went on the face looks pretty similar. >> all politics of the people suffering the most are black businesses and businesses in general in atlanta and people saying they are advocating for black folks, destructive some modern-day black wall street in
1:54 am
those communities, the republicans should have seen this coming, as the governor pointed out yesterday they started this ad campaign calling it the new jim crow several weeks before the bill even past, even delta, their own lobbyist consulting with george's write this bill and then boycotting as well so a lot of this is politics but republicans should have seen this coming it had a campaign strategy to deal with this. people are going to be hurt as a result of this. >> a lot of people are surprised because politics has been making its way into sports in the last few years, much more of a conversation but this is one of the biggest on the surface level seems to be just a political move and we will continue to follow it and see developed as it happens. it is a report. i expect we will hear a lot more
1:55 am
today to keep you updated. in the meantime the force is strong with this one. super bowl champ tom brady celebrating the tampa bay buccaneers victory at disney star wars galaxy's and, he was spotted with kids building their own light sabers and checking out the millennium falcon. he posted the pictures on instagram and says he's going to spend the week convincing his son the jedi isn't a real profession. >> i always wanted a real light saber. maybe he can send me his. jillian: in the next hour of "fox and friends first" a missing mother of 3 shares a chilling morning just days before her disappearance. her sister will join us live. lawrence: lawrence: brian greenberg showing up in the next hour. some beautiful faces up there.
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jillian: biden sport a crisis turning into a national security risk. border agent apprehending two men from yemen on the terror watch list. a live report on the growing border crisis. >> two can play that game republican threatening payback for companies to boycott georgia after the mlb picks in his report all-star game. >> piers morgan rails against the work pressure that forced him to walk away from his hosting gig. damned if i was going to apologize for something that i believe. >> is exclusive interview with tucker carlson you won't see anywhere else. "fox and friends first" continues right now.


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