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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  April 6, 2021 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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we'll always be independent, fair and balanced, give you the news the mob never will. let not your heart be troubled. pete, how are you? >> sean, i'm doing great. if brian stelter wants a train maybe joe biden will give him one. you >> if brian wants to train maybe joe biden will give him one. we have trillions and trillions, maybe huawei but it is all in the list which you can call it infrastructure, fantastic job. my name is pete hegseth in for laura ingraham. data shows a drop in covid 19 death but hospitalizations are stagnant.
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why is joe biden's former covert advisor trying to scare americans into submission. doctor marty exposes the lie. as border crossings down to the highest point in 15 years and deportations down significantly the biden administration is still refusing to take this crisis seriously, they won't even call it one. did you know amidst all of that we still don't even have a cbp commissioner. hector garza and jason chaffetz are here on that and while biden pretends the crisis at the border doesn't exist he uses the easter bunny to push it familiar agenda. you have to see this. raymond arroyo is here with seen and unseen, this one a day late but not a dollar short, it is classic but first the left is
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making sure the state of georgia pays dearly for daring to make it selections more secure. they don't just want to defend the state as the land of jim crow, they want to devastate its economy as well and have a willing partner in major league baseball, formerly america's pastime. they announced they would move the all-star game out of atlanta costing the state tens of millions of dollars including a lot of business owners in atlanta which the media is ecstatic about. >> major league baseball took a step. >> the right thing is major league baseball to protect their grant, to back away. >> will not bow to pressure from major league baseball or anyone else. of georgians are good faith of all races tried to purge trumpism from their midst.
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>> nothing but good faith coming from the reverend and as laura said last week it is time for republicans to draw a line in the sand. >> any business that bows down to boycotters better be prepared to run into the buzz saw a tens of millions of patriotic americans who will vote as well with their wallets. i'm talking moms and dads were sick of being lectured to by spoiled brat activists who produce 0 that is useful to america. what we are seeing in georgia is just the latest of the left's broader campaign of intimidation and distortion. pete: joining me is the man in the middle of all of this, georgia governor brian kemp. just moments ago, 15 seconds ago breaking news and want to get your reaction, the all-star game has been officially relocated
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according to sources to denver so from your state of atlanta to denver, colorado, your reaction to that immediate news. >> thanks for having me on, georgia is seen in person early voting including two optional sundays. colorado has 15 from what i'm being told, they also have a photo id requirements so doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me but neither does joe biden opening the ncaa game tonight talking about games played in indiana, indiana is the birthplace for the photo id requirement. the court case that upheld that was marion county where the game is being played tonight. so hypocritical. >> what is this about then? those numbers don't lie. it's not about the photo id requirement, it's not about the
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number of early days of voting. you mentioned the domain name registered by one of stacy rooms organization stop jim crow is registered even before the bill what is in its final form so why georgia? why this line in the sand? >> i think because we have early session and we took the initiative to fix some issues we saw in the election last year, tried to continue to make georgia a state where it is easy to vote and hard to cheat and have accessible, fair elections. there are several other things. you've got stacy abrams and her groups including the president that are lying to the american people and our citizens and the operations they are trying to cancel just for their financial well-being. you've also got trying to distract from the people flooding across the border and also at the federal level, unconstitutional mandate to take over state elections.
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pete: when the washington post is giving him for pinocchio's for his characterization of what is happening in georgia you know he is in trouble, absolutely not true but not just major league baseball. coca-cola, delta airlines, delta in particular is trying to distance themselves from this law but remember it was reported that after you signed the bill an internal statement from delta's corporate communications team is leaked him of the delta statement says government affairs team, the lobbyists have been heavily engaged in helping to write the bill so delta airlines is involved in helping to write the bill because they wanted to be good and satisfied with what look like, now they are running away from it. what does this tell you about the powerful left, marble.
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>> they are working on it, they are working on the board members, the board members themselves, working on the ceos. some of the ceos in new york, new jersey where you have to have an excuse to vote absentee, you don't have to have that in georgia, or don't want early voting or don't have many days like delaware. so hypocritical and it is unfair to georgia, small business owners, baseball fans not only here but all across the country that now this great sport america's pastime is going to be politicized was when i grew up paying little league, heiskell baseball last thing i thought about playing those games and having my family in the stands and a bunch of other things i grew up with was politics. that's the last thing anybody thought about and now it is front and center because we have a bunch of spineless corporations that won't just say we are not engaging in that. even though they have been engaged, government affairs teams were engaged in the legislative process and this is
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a bill that is really a good bill. to secure our elections and also make it very accessible. every single republican in the house and senate voted on this bill and it is a good bill and they are just lying about it. that is the simple truth. i hate to say that but that is the fact and plenty of people piling on now about other things that make a lot of sense to me like china and cuba. >> we will get to that later on the program as well. ap came out with a poll that shows 72% of americans believe all voters should provide identification to vote. georgia offers one to anyone of any background for free which you already know and that is a detailed the left will always endorse. appreciate your clarity on this. great to have you. major league baseball exits georgia i guess to denver which
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has less voter id blows your mind, the hypocrisy of the leftovers that voter suppression concerns. deepening ties with a country that throws ethnic minorities and concentration camps, this is china by the way 0 days of early voting or meaningful voting rights at all for any of its citizens, we are talking about that communist country, china. the day before the mlb pulled the all-star game out of atlanta the league extended, expanded its deal with the chinese tech joint to stream baseball games in china so the day before they canceled mlb they expanded it, a deal to china and that is not always rejected major league baseball has worked hand-in-hand with the communist regime as part of a children's development
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program. joining me as chris bedford, senior editor of the federalist and victor davis hanson, senior fellow at the hoover institution. let me start with you. major league baseball says there georgia decision was over values so does this mean they share china's values? >> they are lying about that. it wasn't about values, it was about money and being woke and whether it was a combination of the corporations believing this garbage or the people being absolutely afraid of being boycotted, all they care about is money. if they are moving into colorado, a state that is astringent is georgia which they are not stringent at all that voter integrity that is the example they are talking about and deal with china operating concentration camps, if you said no elections at all of the company that canceled the nba just because one general manager spoke out and said hong kong should be stood with they are doing business with the devil right now and i wish we could return to a time when baseball was something we could come
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together on, singapore and them and play baseball, a global ambassador but not anymore. pete: you've got to know deep down in the hearts they know who they are dealing with him communist chinese, they know precisely the type of regime that is there, they are willing to look the other way, condemn their own backyard but opened their arms to billions of customers. what is this actually about? >> it is about money, $1.4 billion market not just for baseball but the nba in the nfl and their traditional audience is static, aging, much more diverse. the way that pans out is they are appealing to the message market and the chinese market and one way to square the circle supporting the chinese market
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that is anti-human rights is being worked at home. the louder they can be left-wing the more they can excuse what they are dealing with and they are much more afraid of 30% of the population that is loud and 70% that is live and let live, the traditional americans and so this conscientious business decision raises a good question, conservatives expected this from academia and hollywood and the media, they have to take a hard look at the corporate boardroom, the tall glass in the military, wall street and i think they will learn they are not conservative anymore variety of reasons and why would conservatives want to subsidize professional sports franchises when they build stadiums or say it is okay for a 4-star general to revolve in and out of rayfiona general dynamics, we have to take a hard look because these are not allies anymore.
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they made conscientious business decisions in their own interest and disguised them with this hypocritical weakness but it is about money, career and power. >> a combination of communist chinese and a young domestic audience. another example, we could go on forever, coca-cola one of the sponsors of the olympics in beijing, whether corporate board rooms or the military, the pentagon, these are places conservatives use to consider allies. how do you take on woke culture? >> a lot of these people might have been more cynical back in the day when they were saying we will just go along, don't want to be boycotted, we know conservatives won't boycott us but if you look at the site and the industries they are absolutely will, they are true believers, they believe they are
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bending the ark of justice and making the world a better place by penalizing christians, penalizing voter integrity, the richest people in the america attacking the poorest people but companies like coca-cola and major league baseball, what needs to happen is conservatives need to make them feel pain in the they need to have actual reactions to this weather is looking into antitrust are not subsidizing their stadiums, not filling up their stadiums when you go there to play, the amount of people i know they would watch every single game that they could all year round, not even paying attention anymore, companies -- a cause for this and they will feel hurt for it. >> there's a threshold you reach where you finally say it is just not worth it when they wear you down and wear you out, didn't want politics from you. maybe major league baseball for this action will cross that precipice like the nfl and the nba having different ways. i could listen to you two gentlemen all night long but we are out of time.
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thank you for being here, appreciate it. there's a question for major league baseball, a big one and a real one. is it worth going woke if it makes you go broke? we also what happened to the nba and nfl after they embraced the entire american blm agenda? if the mlb wants to flip its acronym around to blm, then they better be prepared to face consequence. last year's covid lockdown cost for a baseball billions, how much more can they take by angering their largely conservative fan base. foxworth radio host and founder of out kick and a smart and entertaining guy. what is your prediction? does baseball get hurt the same way the nba did or football did? >> thanks for having me. i think it will be worse for
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baseball because as you mentioned they have a fan base that is already appalled by the direction that we see the nba to a large extent in the nfl to a lesser extent following so in general i think this is worse, way worse for baseball and even those others and if you want to take away a positive i think a lot of people myself included have for a long time said politics out of sports, we haven't argued against inclusion of sports as much as we just said let's just enjoy the game because sports is one of the last places you can go, you don't think about your favorite team, the race, the religion, the religious differences, whatever might divide people identity politics waswise everything about the game itself and what has happened with this major league baseball decision is people are taking up arms and
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saying if we are going to politicize everything let's go to war and figure out what can happen and what is going to happen is you could have layups, genuflect at the altar of woken us in sports without having to worry about people who didn't have political ideations. we are in for a real fight and i think this is changed the dynamic, the paradigm shift in a big way. pete: now that is the big stuff they are taking people up and you are right about sports, the only time i have high-fived a socialist. i don't know if i have or not, i wouldn't know it. whatever team is out there doesn't matter. the question is where does the
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logic end? senator rubio called out major the baseball commissioner in a letter to the commissioner saying this, quote, i write to ask if you intend to maintain your membership at augusta national golf club. the exclusive members only club is located in georgia. major -- maybe they canceled the all-star game but the commissioner gets to be a member of the guster in georgia. where does that end? >> it doesn't work. it is the critical, give credit to senator rubio for calling out the commissioner for all of this hypocrisy. also there are 81 home baseball games that will be played in the atlanta braves stadium and the state they are moving to, colorado, has more restrictive election law restrictions in their law and exist in georgia. it is farcical ridiculousness and absurdity and that is the thing that is so frustrating. people decide, far left wingers,
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what the narrative is going to be, they apply it to sports and so few people with functional brains in my industry that they blindly applaud this social justice activism without researching election law itself, the state you are in in major league baseball, new york is far more respective in georgia, the place they just moved the all-star game 2, colorado is more restrictive, delaware, joe biden's home state, the last some years returning to delaware as jim crow 2.oh law, these are all lies that are easily refuted if people use their brains and my industry just fails year after year, month after month to look at the basic facts and it is driving sports fans crazy.
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pete: your buddies are about to text you saying i'm one of those guys who doesn't have a functioning brain and you called out most of them but you are doing something about it, thanks for being here. >> never go broke. >> biden's agenda is a historic opportunity for drug cartels and terrorists. the latest shocking developments from the border this evening plus hector garcia and jason chaffetz are here on the biden administration after election of duty when we return. >> sean: what is a if you more billion? we have trillions and trillions and trillions of debt. >> maybe 5-d from the chinese company. if you calling for infrastructure, sean hannity, great job. filling in for laura, always great to see you, my friend. i'm in for laura this evening and this is the angle. >> a drop in covid-19 deaths and hospitalizations are stagnant. so why is joe biden's former covid adviser still trying to scare americans into submission? dr. marty exposes the lies. plus as border crossings jump to their highest point in 15 years and deportations are down significantly the biden administration is still refusing to take this crisis seriously. they won't eve . anou for joining use ia fay, ayleyoa
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welcome back. as >> reporter: welcome back. is illegal border crossing surge to levels not seen in 15 years president biden still has not appointed a border protection commissioner nor has he appointed an ice director. filling these normally crucial walls would be a priority right now, to be wrong. >> why hasn't the administration named a nice directory it? >> those are important roles and once we are eager to fill. i don't have an update on the personal there.
12:26 am
>> that was less than convincing. biden has put vice president kamala harris in charge of the border kind of blue she's yet to hold a single press conference on the matter but have no fear, she's clearly taking her new job very seriously. >> do you plan to visit the border? >> not today. but i have before and i will again. pete: she will again at some point. maybe she's and taking the border seriously. days ago the white house had to clarify what her actual role would be regarding the border. >> the vice president of the united states will be helping lead that effort specifically the positive, not the border, there is some confusion over that. >> it is the root causes, not the actual border where agents are trying to stem the flow of illegality. so what is really confusing is why the biden administration refuses to tell the american people the actual truth about what is happening on the
12:27 am
southern border. >> children at the border who are fleeing violence or prosecution or terrible situations is not a crisis. >> we are focused on mission was i will not use language that is not applicable. >> i'm not trying to be cute here. we have to do what we do regardless what anybody calls the situation. >> these are the same things. >> get whiplash watching the clip too many times. hector garza, vice president of the national border patrol council and jason chaffetz, author of the fantastic and brand-new book they never let a crisis go to waste. we are going to get to that in a moment but i will start will getting a response to breaking news border patrol has captured two men on the terrorist watchlist after they illegally
12:28 am
crossed the southern border. there are others can't divulge because of classification. is biden's open borders agenda becoming a magnet not just for cartels the terrorist? >> of course and that is something we have been talking about. when you are overwhelmed with children on the border and family units you are going to have people coming across the border with criminal records but also on the watchlist and that was the case for these two men who were apprehended. there's a lot of other apprehensions on the border every single day that are not subject to public release but when you overwhelm the us border patrol and don't support the men and women of law enforcemenfnor. pete: i don't like to be cynical but your book brings it together nicely, not letting a crisis go to waste.
12:29 am
they don't acknowledge it as a crisis but they know there is one. they may know it is one that they can tolerate for a few months, maybe they think it is cyclical and numbers will drop down and they can turn to washington dc and say we have hundreds of thousands of young unaccompanied minors, dreamers 3.oh and 4.oh. is that the type of thing we are looking at in this situation? they look the other way because it benefits them? >> usually a distraction. they take a crisis and use it to pass things they would never be able to do otherwise and you know and hector lifted every single day you don't have to bring in fema and the united states military if there is not a crisis. there's a crisis despite their unwillingness, it is a national security crisis, humanitarian crisis, healthcare crisis and combine all of those, in a
12:30 am
couple months time suddenly lawmakers will be yelling and screaming we need to appropriate billions of dollars because of all these people and healthcare. what are they supposed to do? when they release hundreds of thousands of people into the homeland what do they do for food, shelter, jobs and medicine in schools? they will look to the american people and make us pay for it. ultimately on the hook for rampant illegality and open borders and the military is involved, a third military base housing migrant children amid the surge. is this a capacity issue or how we house children in military bases does that improve the situation, letting more people in. >> it is very simple, this --
12:31 am
lever not apprehending children, unaccompanied children and family units under the trump administration, this happened when president biden took over and you can keep building these locations told people and children people are leaving the country from central america and all of the world because they are getting a free pass into the united states and this is frustrating because we are facilitating smuggling of people into the united states, you can build what you want but you have to stop catch and release if you want to do this. >> do you think there's ever a point at which working-class americans, democrats many of which look to the republican party and donald trump because of the way they've been rejected by the left, a point at which they look around and say there's only one party allowing my community to allow surges of illegal miners into our country creating social service problems that otherwise wouldn't exist
12:32 am
and they turn on democrats or can democrats pull the wool over because of the control of the media and the narrative and the white house? >> they have the traditional media on their side, 2016 is a reflection of why donald trump won, because he was strong and tough on the border. absolutely in 2022 it will be a hot button issue particularly for those border states, interior states are also feeling pressure because they are not shipping these people across the country and you think they will go to the adjudication process? know. less than 24 immigration judges in the state of arizona. those people will take 10 years to go through the process and they will get paperwork to get jobs, americans for that income and people will realize that coast-to-coast and you've got to
12:33 am
say why do nancy pelosi chuck schumer and biden want to do this? because they want more power. they think they will get more voters in these people will start to vote. in california if you're illegal you can vote in city elections and that is across the country. that is what democrats are trying to get to. more votes. >> they are way ahead of us. we are talking over id to noncitizens. your potentially voting as well. thank you for enlightening me and depressing me at the same time. coming up joe biden uses easter to push his favorite agenda and china unveils a new film to cover up its human rights abuses, raymond arroyo seen and unseen next. lives of six million jews
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it is time now for "seen and unseen." the segment where >> time for seen and unseen, segment where we expose stories of the day. we turn to fox news contributor and author of the book the thief
12:39 am
who stole heaven, raymond arroyo. the white house was awash in easter celebrations today but the focus was not exactly on the holy day. how could that be? q >> it wasn't. there was no talk of the resurrection of jesus, the president was too busy resurrecting covid. >> for a second year, we share the sentiments of pope francis, we said getting vaccinated is a moral obligation. >> why must everything go back to covid? people i getting the vaccine, tens of millions of them as quickly as supply allows. must the pope and the holy season of the year for christians push vaccines? even the easter bunny, they canceled the annual white house easter egg roll before an empty self lawn biden appeared with
12:40 am
the easter bunny to advertise masking. >> god bless you all, may god protect our troops and take care of the easter bunny. can't even see. >> he's not the only one who can't see. you watch this and think hunter biden wasn't the only one smoking parmesan cheese. biden has a mask on, they are both vaccinated, the person dressed as the easter bunny has a mask on, they are on the truman balcony alone. what are they doing here? what is this about? >> is this the one thing we still don't know how to do a year later, we haven't figured out the masking? a part of my soul dies every time i put a mask on my 3-year-old and she can't see because the mask is here. >> to put the mask on the eastern money is silly. so people don't think we're making this up.
12:41 am
this was when the easter bunny appeared in the press room today, jen psaki made this evangelistic message crystal-clear. >> the bunny is wearing a mask, use every opportunity. >> use every opportunity. every opportunity, you know why they are doing this? biden pull 73% on the covid issue. they can use that to push these trillion dollar surplus packages and keep the money rolling from washington dc. >> you are spot on with that assessment, the easter bunny wants to win the 100 day mask challenge, we still don't know who is going to win that. may be the easter bunny will beat me. hold on, they canceled white house easter egg hunt but they posted this at home version. what could be more fun for kids
12:42 am
than this. >> looking for digital easter eggs is like playing virtual tag or swimming. if you can't do it in person what's the point? though i'm looking forward to the white house's new game, find a major champ's easter droppings on the runway. i hope this comes with a virtual poopers scooper and some disinfectant, maybe major can carry them off to the emergency room. we will see how realistic they want to make this. >> that would be truly realistic. there is never any eggs on the lawn normally but we know where they are these days. speaking of propaganda the chinese are bankrolling a new film to cover up their human rights abuses in the northwestern region of the country, what is this? it is a state produced musical of all things called the wings of song. the hills are alive with the sound of mass detentions but
12:43 am
this sing-along is where reports confirm at least 1 million muslims being held in concentration camps and this is deadly serious business. we are talking about 380 of these concentration camps, mass sterilization, sexual torture. this is a genocide in real-time and yet major league baseball, basketball association, all these people doing business with china and area people about what is happening here? it is outrageous. >> think of the resources, the time, the mine and manpower that doesn't is shifting and shaping the views of the region of
12:44 am
people just so you can persecute others, that is what you are looking at? >> they wanted to do a real musical they would show scenes like this one and saying hi on the whole we imprison some muslims, put them on trial, same to you. that is the musical they should be doing. it is in an raging thing to watch this and see these images of the surveillance state they have erected throughout this region and they are maniacally dedicated to controlling as fast as they can. last take, charles barkley, i love watching him cover the game. he dropped this critique of racial division in the us. >> most white people and black people are great people. i believe that in my heart but our system is set up for politicians whether they are republicans or democrats are designed to make is not like each other so they can keep their grasp of money and power. they divide and conquer.
12:45 am
>> he is right, we were discussing this in new orleans. we don't have these racial divisions here. we share food and festivals and music. we need to find things in america that unite all of us and build bridges on those things, not keep pointing to the fishers that separate us, that is what politicians always do. we've got to stop it, all of us stop it. ♪♪ how is the guy who said i'm not a role model, i'm not paid to be a role model and the being the role model? i will say you gave one of the best sewers amended get of new orleans and a fantastic deal to boot, come back any time. thank you so much, appreciate it. vaccinations rising and covid deaths plummeting so the covid panic pushers are sounding the alarm. we examine the latest scare tactics next. t clinical study,
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we really are in a category 5 hurricane >> we really are in a category 5 hurricane status with regard to the rest of the world. we adjusted the beginning of this search, 50 to 100% more
12:51 am
infectious, this is almost like having a whole new pandemic descend upon us. >> a whole new pandemic. how convenient that would be for the medical bureaucrats. it would allow them to control your life and the economy and they would love that, the same dire warning the expert you just heard, doctor michael all-star home has been telling us for months. what is the reality? doctor marty mc harry from johns hopkins school of medicine, fox news contributor, thanks for being here. are we in a category 5 hurricane with regard to covid or are we making progress out of the storm? >> we are doing really well. doctor all-star home make strong predictions, a book called how to prepare for the coming bioterrorism catastrophe never happened.
12:52 am
he said in 2003 sars would emerge with vengeance, didn't happen. he testified on sars to the senate and said i'm convinced we will see a resurgence of sars. 6 weeks later it faded away forever and doctor fauci agreed with him. in january he said the darkest days are still ahead. cases and deaths are down 60%. i don't know why people want this pandemic to keep going. we are doing pretty well with the exception of some outbreaks among younger people who get symptomatic to mild infections. >> why does it seem that people want this covid moment to continue? it feels that way. >> everybody is making their prediction. i look at other networks putting predictions out there. you don't have to guess. all you need to do is look at israel, the uk, what you see is once you get 50% of the adult population vaccinated deaths and hospitalizations dropped like a rock. we are seeing it in parts of the
12:53 am
united states and of reached herd immunity. alaska has not had a death in 10 days, new mexico leading the way with 54% of their population vaccinated, 90% of the navajo nation vaccinated, 100 million people with vaccinated immunity in the us and 100 million with natural in the unity. we will see things decline. there are fewer susceptible people left to get infected the you can't have that kind of super spreading occurrence right now. >> you've made sure officials add vaccinated immunity to natural immunity so they don't keep moving the goal posts but your take on this. the biden cdc can't get its own science straight, look at the disastrous rollout of their latest travel recommendations. >> they fully vaccinated, people can resume travel at low risk to themselves, the cdc is not recommending travel at this time
12:54 am
due to the rising number of cases. i would advocate against general travel overall. pete: if you are vaccinated you can travel but you shouldn't. maybe you can. what do you do with that. >> be careful what you hear from her, her impending doom scare, deaths are down 15% in the united states. the medical establishment has lost a lot of credibility particularly with younger people. when we watch outbreaks among young people young people are completely disregarding the infection when they should be careful because they are still in vaccinated. what is behind that is the medical establishment lost credibility. when you say we can't travel or go to an open beach -- pete: we've got to leave it right there. my thoughts when we return. prevents crab grass and feeds your lawn. all three,in just one bag. i like that.
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scotts turf builder triple action. it's lawn season. let's get to the yard.
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>> that is all the time we have tonight.
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you can catch me every saturday and sunday monday with my coast -- cohost on "fox and friends" weekend. the premier of the brand new showed that felt, when cancel culture gets canceled, greg got filled takes it all from here. >> april 6th, biden's border crisis turns to national security risks, two folks from yemen on a terror watch list, a live report. jillian: republican threaten payback for companies that boycott georgia as the mlb picks a new home for its all-star game. >> lawrence: what caused him to walk away from his pricing game. >> i was going to be down. to apolfo


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