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tv   Fox News at Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  April 5, 2021 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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[cheers and applause] ♪ ♪ >> shannon: hello and welcome to "fox news at night," i am shannon bream in washington paired our brand-new time and almost brand-new show. stay with us tonight and every night, got some new stuff for you. you will be glad you did. ♪ ♪ >> it's con. >> shannon: it's opening night in texas at the 100% capacity crowd. amid the glare of politics, it's a showdown with the weak over
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how to conduct elections after covid. >> lone star pride. >> are they going to call ties with the party? >> the drug scum of the cartels, it's a bonanza for them right now. >> they are trying to stop the flow of drugs, or help stop the flow of drugs into american communities. >> i had not seen that report before. >> shannon: 60 minutes with new scrutiny. how is that not? >> that's a fake narrative. >> shannon: and so is the infrastructure plan. >> i'm going to negotiate with you. speak all right, special guest. >> shannon: "fox news at night" starts right now. major league baseball facing major backlash tonight for taking the all-star game out of georgia over the state's new election law.
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but now they are reportedly looking at denver in a state that had voter i.d. and fewer early voting days than georgia. also tonight, texas making a statement about politics and covid in its home opener. breaking news correspondent trace gallagher is on the case for us tonight. good evening, trace. >> good evening, shannon. from atlanta to colorado, they do have a voter i.d. law that's not as strict as george appeared in the meantime, texas governor says he's looking forward to throwing out the first pitch at the texas ranger's home opener tonight against the toronto blue jays. but then changed his mind in the wake of major league baseball's decision to move the all-star game from atlanta because of george's new voting laws. baseball commissioner made the decision after talking with players and the players alliance, and organization of black players formed after the death of george floyd. critics say commissioner manford and the league clearly did not do their homework, because the law in no way limits their
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voting rights or access. here is the georgia g.o.p. chair, watch. >> this bill has been so maligned with disinformation and misinformation campaigns by stacey abrams, the president, alleys, and media. they are making decisions on falsehood. mlb should be interested in filling the bases, not supporting. >> now the texas governor is taking it as a swipe at the league, brushed back pitch saying that texas, which has two major league teams, will not seek to host any future mlb events quoting here, it is shameful that america's pastime is not only being influenced by partisan political politics, but also perpetuating false political narratives. this decision does not diminish the deep respect i have for the texas rangers baseball organization which is outstanding from top to bottom. and georgia governor brian kemp's also vowing to defend his states new laws saying "free and
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fair elections are worth any threat, boycott, or lawsuit." quoting from him come i want to be clear i will not be backing down from this fight. we will not be intimidated and we also will not be silenced. and far from being silence, florida g.o.p. senator marco rubio has a few questions for the baseball commissioner. watch. >> yeah, i hope the commissioners going to give up his membership in a gust appeared that as a private members club with a deep history of discrimination and terrible things and it's past. are they going to now cut ties with the chinese party? >> rubio makes a fair point, the chinese are exactly role models for free and fair elections. shannon. >> shannon: not last we checked. it trace gallagher, thank you so much. back to the white house, the press secretaries looking looking to change the narrative of the influence on baseballs georgia boycott in part with the help of a giant bunny.
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white house correspondent kevin corke has that side of the story tonight. good evening, kevin. >> you will notice when you watch this piece how i'd deftly avoid the bunny. as you can imagine, the white house says they will support major league baseball's decision to move the game out of georgia. don't blame mr. biden. that is just the latest example of a white house that refuses to take responsibility even when the facts are laid bare for all to see to see. >> when asked during an espn interview last week, he was asked the question how do you view this possibility of moving jory games of georgia. he said, i think today's athletes are incredibly responsible. i would strongly support them doing that. >> so they did. but now the white house is saying, we are not seen it directly. it's not mr. biden's fault they moved the game cost in the state 100 million in revenues,
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countless georgians who depended on the game for employment under business opportunity. >> he was not dictating what major league baseball should do. that is their decision. they made that decision. and as he stated earlier, he supports that. >> said he supported it but didn't order it is what some dictionaries referred to as gaslighting. a covert form of manipulation where false information is presented to the victim making them doubt their own perception. critics argued to deny mr. biden's words carried weight, is to deny the power of the position he holds. by the way, biden also falsely claimed the new georgia law close the polls at 5:00 p.m. which aren't before pinocchio's from the biden friendly "washington post." the new on voting by mail, voter i.d. requirements, codifies but limits ballot drop boxes. it. allows weekend early voting. and bans groups from handing out
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food or water to those waiting in line to vote. in an effort to curb campaigning. some say despite what you may have heard, the law actually expands voting in georgia. this has mr. biden's goal of raising taxes may have pitted major roadblock. west virginia senator threatening to withhold his support for biden's "infrastructure bill" because it would raise the corporate tax rate to 28% from 21. >> it's more than just me. we have to be competitive. we are not going to throw caution to the wind. >> in case you are wondering, mansion is expected to eventually sign off on on revised plan. so it is still believe that a corporate tax height is likely. by the way, the secretary is urging an adoption of a minimum global corporate income tax. that is an effort to partially
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offset any disadvantage that might arise from the administration's proposed increase of a corporate tax rate. citing a 30-year race to the bottom and which countries have actually slash the corporate tax rate all in an effort to attract multinational businesses to their shores. and so it's still going to be a bit of a tug-of-war, but if you expected to go up, you're probably probably right. shannon. >> shannon: kevin, you and i have many other things to discuss. so please do not go far. >> i promise i won't. >> shannon: we will see you in a few minutes. and tonight it's real news roundup, the latest shots fired in the controversy surrounding george's new election law. trolling top democrats on facebook with the new video and which he proposes two new pieces of legislation he is calling the president joe biden jim crow on steroids voting act. on the senator chuck schumer
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races don't knock says their home state of delaware in new york respectively have more restrictive voting laws than georgia. over on twitter, cbs news has deleted a tweet promoting three ways companies can fight george's voting law following a blowback accusing the news organization of activism. two men on the terrorist watch list caught crossing the border illegally. border patrol agents in california arrested two illegal aliens from young men two separate incidents. a man yelling racial slurs. you can see him pulling a rock to the floor, swinging a street sign post into the glass and refrigerators, the police have arrested the suspect. a number of attacks continue to make headlines. police officers in portland,
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oregon, -- a 24-year-old suspected of multiple firebomb attacks during lester's violent riot. police say he through this incendiary device pictured here at the officers, accused of costing tens of thousands of dollars in damage. 15 girls accused of a carjacking -- they are expected to reach a plea deal. the girls, just 13 and 15, are charged as juveniles. if they are found guilty, they could be held at a detention facility only until they reach 21. if they are considered rehabilitative before that, they could be out much sooner. the suspect they are looking for in connection with the deadly crash involving what family members say was a stolen car appeared to be minors. they hit another car early sunday morning at one of the people in that car it was later pronounced dead at the hospital. piers morgan eight speaking exclusively with our own
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tucker carlson on fox nation. the former host standing by his previous comments on meghan markle and prince harry. >> i believe meghan markle, but of huge flurry erupted through the day. i was not allowed to have an opinion that i didn't believe what she was saying, even though it was clear to me in real time as i was watching the interview that there were a number of things that just couldn't be true. >> with that interview on fox nation, federal judge finding the rights of a christian outreach group on the campus of wayne state university in michigan were violated when the school do the school decertified inter-varsity christian fellowship because the group requires its leaders to actually be christian. a portal and high schools to lena vote on naming its new mascot to ponder whether the proposed evergreen tree symbol is racist. after the school board's director flagged that trees may remind some people of lynching. a painful part of our past. the current mascot named after
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the prominent black activist and journalist, right now the mascots or the trojans. well, bailey versus canseco. game features the baptist versus the jesuits. kevin, once a sports reporter come is here to tell us about who came out on top in this battle. kevin, listen, i still love and recovered from the canseco buzzer beater shot the other night to put them into this game. >> that was a great game pit i was looking over at some of my statistics and for the dash 86 of 70, your final score. barely coming away at the victor as they not only claim the title for this relatively small school in the great state of texas, the men's basketball team can finally say hey, it's not just the women's possible program that can somehow come up and win a national championship. the bears catalina 28 and two season. they beat the bulldogs of canseco who actually a few years ago actually lost in the title
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game and very interesting, they came into tonight's contest 31-0, but they fall by 16 to the baylor bears. hats off to the good folks down there in waco. i know one of our senior producers here is a baylor graduate, so you will want to give them a little love. they are sporting the green and gold tonight. shannon. >> shannon: she has come all about the baylor bears. congratulations, tracy. interesting facial hair there on some of the players. kevin, thank you very much. your skills are not rusty at all. >> sometimes i think i'm planted right where i should be. >> shannon: i think we both are. a 60 minutes report about about his vaccine reload program and to deal with a grocery store it trained not contributed to his political action committee. >> they didn't tell you we were doing african-american church
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vaccination drives before publix ever gave a single shot. they didn't tell you that. they didn't tell you that hospitals were doing shot starting the third week of december, because it didn't fit the narrative. they don't believe in facts, it was a political narrative, it was done with malicious intent and data reckless disregard for the truth. >> shannon: most of fox's media buzz, howard kurtz takes a closer look tonight. >> florida governor ron desantis has been a major target of the media. and a 60 minutes last night accused him of political favoritism in the covid vaccine program. weeks before the republican governor picked publix supermarkets to distribute vaccines, the company donated $100,000 to his political action committee. he wouldn't talk to the show, so reporters confronted him at a news conference where he said he consulted with palm beach county officials. >> it's pay to play, governor.
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>> it's a fake narrative. you don't care about the facts because obviously i laid it out for you in a way that is irrefutable. so it's clearly not. >> the nearest places 30 miles away? >> they chose not to air his public explanation. >> the first pharmacies that had it were cvs and walgreens. they had a long term care mission they reached out to other -- they were the first ones to raise their hands and say they were ready to go. >> 60 minutes used a portion of the governors over two minute response that directly addresses the question. one county commissioners of the governor never met with her about it and an activist who said it's hard for people without cars and a poor community to reach the nearest public. but florida's emergency management sheet, a democrat tweeted that state health officials recommended publix.
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palm beach county's democratic mayor said today, reporting was not just based on bad information, it was intentionally false. no television report can include a politician's every comment, the question is whether key facts were left out. while the timing may raise questions, it's hardly the only vaccine player in florida. there is no indication the company did a poor job. shannon. >> shannon: howard kurtz, thank you very much. part of our move to a new hour, fox news at night is pleased to present a new segment we hope will become a midnight staple. who said it. let's bring into members of the bream team. both staying up for i stay bedtime tonight. great to see you. >> hi, shannon. >> it's tuesday, right? it's beyond good evening, good morning, it depends on your
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time zone. so you solve the story about governor desantis and 60 minutes. it didn't take long for people to go on and see the unedited video to see the great difference in the impression that his cast about the way these were handled. here's one of my first ones now. so let's stick to this one. here is a tweet. i said this before, and i will say it again. publix was recommended by the florida officials as the other pharmacies were not ready to start. period, full. either of you have an idea of who said that? >> i think it's a democrat. i'm going to say democrat. spew on both of you are right, this is the fema director for florida. you guys wouldn't cheat, but yeah, a democrat. he came out forcefully. to say that they had some
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interaction. i think 60 minutes owes him an apology for what they have been seeing and reading about this fake controversy they tried to stir up. we can have a debate about big money and politics and whether it's right or wrong in this case. again, there was no connection. a public reporting of that donation, there's no emails, there is no smoking gun, there is no that took place that weren't reported. i think 60 minutes actually owes governor desantis not just of attraction, but an apology for this. >> shannon: joe, i'm not sure he's going to get it. but listen, publix -- i'm a little biased, because i'm a florida girl. it is a florida company. it's the greatest grocery sure don't look sore. everywhere, if you could leverage them to get these vaccinations out and they have
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pharmacies -- everybody in florida lives around the publix. it's a scandal or no. >> shannon, i see your point where there is no more than 800 publix just in florida alone. the greatest company to ever hit florida, the american public agrees with you. axios actually had a pullout in 2020. at the number one most trusted company in the country. so when you have the situation where okay, there's only so much that hospitals can do and the government can do to get vaccines out to everybody, so you turn to the private sector. to that point, cvs and walgreens were already handling long-term care facilities. so they said okay, we have 800 locations. we are near almost everybody. not everybody completely, but find me another store or another pharmacy in florida that is more widespread than this one, and they were ready to go. but this is classic bias of omission. ron desantis' answer -- the only showed a couple seconds of it. it went on for more than
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2 minutes. and i want to know exactly when is 60 minutes going to pay a visit to an andrew cuomo press conference and start yelling questions out at him in terms of the way he's handled nursing homes because to this point, it seems that because he's a real contender for 2024, you talk to any trump supporter -- an overwhelming majority seems to be saying that. criticism is fine, great reporting is fine, but here exactly is a retraction and an apology that needs to be given by 60 minutes which has been around for 50 years. my phone influences a lot of responsibility. >> shannon: it is. let's turn to georgia where there's been a lot of pushback about the laws down there. we have learned much more about the law come i think people have become much more educated and have much more information. here is somebody who is from georgia, i will let you guess who. i'm so excited to be looking at new jersey knowing that new jersey is taking up in the right direction.
9:21 pm
just blurted out if you know which george and said that. >> stacey abrams. >> shannon: more restrictive laws and a number of ways with respect to early voting days and those kinds of things. but listen, this made former governor come after her hard. >> i'm so excited to be looking up, looking at new jersey, knowing that new jersey is taking it in the right direction. >> shannon: joe? >> well, look. i'm from jersey, so that really caught my ear. so yeah, what can i say. i've always wanted to be on jeopardy. this is just as good. >> shannon: kevin, we will let you make your closing argument. you've got ten seconds. >> i think we are going to see much more of the debate play
9:22 pm
out. obviously georgia has already moved on, let's have this debate, let's talk about it on the national level, let's see what the states are doing and let's figure out a path forward. >> shannon: kevin, joe, thank you both very much. an alligator that responds only to wrestling commands. video, next.
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>> shannon: a reporter and russia giving a -- she took off. maybe one of the sweetest dangers of reporter has faced live on tv. we love it come out west, stolen ambulance for nearly two hours petey can see it went all floating across lawns and all kinds of places trying to
9:27 pm
escape. the driver then tried to jump out and outrun the police on foot, was apprehended shortly after. [indistinct] >> shannon: okay, florida wrangler is my home state. they can only respond to commands given in the voice of the wrestling macho man randy savage. he's trained alligators for years, but he said this is easily his greatest accomplishment. surveillance footage shows a harrowing moment in detroit. fire truck slammed into a local gas station after colliding with an suv. three firefighters and a passenger in the lincoln were taken to the hospital, locally were told with minor injuries but this is the second time a fire truck has been involved in an accident rate near that gas station. down in florida where a wild chase required multiple control
9:28 pm
cars to stop a reckless driver on probation for a dui. at one point the driver slowing down on the highway to give the chasing officer the finger. luckily no one was seriously injured. you think you are good at multitasking? will felix robinson shows his remarkable skills by performing a variety of tricks like juggling and solving a rubik's cube with one hand while pedaling a unicycle and balancing a ball on top of his head. this master multitasker showcases his awesome tricks on his youtube channel. i'm tired just looking at it. two women missing in two very different parts of the world as the families of a british woman in the virgin islands and a california number of three hold out hope for the safety of their loved ones. correspondent aisha hosni shines a light on these mysteries tonight. >> in pictures, she looks like a
9:29 pm
happy california mother of three. but underneath that smile, she was harboring a secret. a family member who wishes to stay anonymous, maia warned her loved ones about her husband. if anything happens to me, it would be larry. the source says larry suspected she had a boyfriend i'd often talked about pena hit men $20,000 to kill him. larry has not responded to crew requests for comments. they scheduled an appointment with a diverse attorney on the same day. three months into the search, they are still treating maia is missing, not murdered. >> at this point, i don't have information that tells us otherwise, but will continue to pull -- we will unravel anything we can to try to find her. >> meanwhile, still agonizing over her disappearance. the 41-year-old was last seen on
9:30 pm
her boyfriends luxury catamaran a month ago in the u.s. virgin islands. police say ryan payne still has not allowed them to board his vessel. in a statement to the mirror, he writes if he could travel, we would. we want to be helping with the search and we dream of being able to wrap our arms around her darling daughter. police and the virgin islands say they are still trying to gather enough probable cause to get a search warrant, but experts here at home say they have enough and they are simply not doing their job. shannon. >> shannon: aisha hosni in new york, thank you. a new video shows the extent of the carnage from an isis attack in mozambique. thousands were killed by islamic state terrorists and the african nation and we are told tonight the country's military has finally retaken the town back from isis. police using tear gas to
9:31 pm
restrict -- they used it as partiers chanted "freedom" be it a handful of partiers were injured, four people were arrested. in 22 instances, they were giving a royal profession to their new resting place. the mummies were moved to a new museum on vehicles outfitted with shock absorbers and surrounded by a motorcade including replica horse-drawn chariots. is this a remake or a spin-off? the answer to that question very simply could be worth millions. next.
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♪ ♪ >> shannon: time now for one of the many popular tv shows from the 80s that has gone no reboot recently. but now cbs is facing some legal trouble over the ribs i don't like revised series.
9:36 pm
it's a "spin-off." and they owe them compensation, but cbs argues there's a difference between a remake and a spin-off. slits debate that point. tonight's legal eagles, civil rights attorney and criminal defense attorney. gentlemen, thank you. okay, so the people were originally involved in the original macgyver, which is pretty unbeatable, they said there's a deal that if there's a spin-off, they are supposed to get paid for it. they are arguing this new version is a spin-off, which takes us to exhibit a. they said the spin-off series was referred to by cbs studios and others variously as a reboot remake and or spin-off, but does in fact a spin-off series that's contemplated by the 1984 agreement. speak of the agreement in 1984 said that this holding company would get money if it was a
9:37 pm
spin-off, but this is a remake, right? now it is again. but shannon, this case goes deeper than that. last time i checked, he had to work in the united states to earn a paycheck. this frivolous lawsuit see as the souls of all the hardworking citizens. when this was entered, there was a talent agency with paramount. bought out by cbs. this company went out of business in 1985. because what they forgot to do? they forgot to identify hands or holding as what's called a successor in interest. that is required by the contract. so which of these folks do? they went ahead and pretended like mta was still in business, created allegedly all of these false documents saying that they are back in business and guess what? this contract required this
9:38 pm
holding company to be capable, shannon, of doing the talent agency work. why's that important? because cbs's position, which i think it's more moratoria's, says that they were never a bona fide talent agency. they don't even have a license under the california labor department to honor the talent agency. as such, they cannot collect any commissions. >> i'm just enjoying we are showing clips. it was one of the best shows in the 1980s. i haven't watched the new one, whether you want to call it a spin-off or what -- i don't know if you can compete. the premise of the entire case is based on an allegation that the 2016 remake is somehow a spin-off under a written contract which doesn't even apply. still, they were unable to stick in that position which version of the agreement. to this very minute, they do not
9:39 pm
know. is this just a lost cause? >> absolutely not. i think this is why people dislike lawyers. where you try to complete -- where you try to spin off different things pier the entire concept between all three is that you have the same premise, the same title, the same characters. then you are reinterpreting in a different way. a spin-off, remake, reboot -- it's it's actually the exact same thing. it is their job when they are buying and acquiring a company to search and find out what contracts and what liabilities they have. this company is the successor to the original contract and they are still bound by that. i don't think they can defend. that's a ridiculous argument. >> shannon: all i know that with a pack of gum and a paper clip, he can fight through the skies and save anyone from
9:40 pm
an emergency at any time. i don't know if the new guys that's good. but we will follow the case. robert and brian, thank you for weighing in. folks at home, let us know what you think. thank you, gentlemen. >> thanks, shannon. >> shannon: surviving cancel culture. have a university president kept his job after the faculty attempted to get him fired about comments he made about political unrest across the country. he is alive and he is next. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> shannon: the president of western university tonight supported after a faculty demand for new leadership of the effort to boot him was sparked by a message he sent to all staff on january 7th, the day after the u.s. capital right, titled "voice against violence." riding, burning, looting, and violence have emerged from protests across our country.
9:45 pm
most of us have watched these events a unfold with confusion, fear, disgust, anger, or sorrow. discussing the meaning behind his message and staring down tensile doll not cancel culture, he joins us now. good to have you with us. >> they give, shannon. appreciate you having us on the program. as you heard -- had you heard of our university previously? >> shannon: i had. there were people who were upset that they didn't like the comparison between january 6th, which everybody across the board is pretty much denounced as a horrible thing, but any kind of equation with the violence that we saw last summer and for a number of those faculty members, that was enough to say "you've got to go." how did you hang out? did you think about resigning? cancel culture is just not something that is easy to fight these days. >> yah, shannon, my intention
9:46 pm
with my statement was to do two things. first, to give full support for the first amendment and freedom of speech. and that is something that the campus itself did last year as we put out a statement expressing western support for the first amendment and freedom of speech. the second thing i wanted to do was condemn violence in the process of expression. and i thought that would be universally shared message. that we could all rally behind. the first amendment and condemning violence. i was focused exclusively on the violence. and condemning that violence, that is why the subject line of my email was "a voice against violence." >> shannon: what do you hope will be the message for students? there are a lot of students
9:47 pm
afraid to speak up, they are worried that their political views or social views or other -- you know, ideas they would like to discuss and debate would get them in trouble with her classmates or their professors. and many of them have decided instead it is better for their academic career and their relationships to just keep their mouths closed. >> yes, i would hope that they would see that western and his trustees and president and faculty i believe -- once they understand the situation thoroughly, are strong supporters of students rights or expression. you know, i would hope if there is one place, one basket of protection against capital culture today, it is the academy, the university campus where we can have healthy conversations, discussions, disagreements. debate and do that without resorting to canceling people,
9:48 pm
to be demanding they be fired or removed or censored. and i am confident that western is one of those places. i'm also confident that we will move past this where myself and the trustees have unveiled a plan to improve communication and to work on improving the whole climate culture at western. we are looking forward to doing that. we've already started doing that. i've had conversations with quite a number of faculty, including those that were critical of me. i'm not saying all of them are going to change their mind, but i think some are. and i'm confident that western will move past this. >> shannon: an editor, managing editor of the denver post tweeted, the comparison made by western colorado university included a ludicrous claim that last summer's
9:49 pm
protests with required destruction entire cities. do you feel like what you said was misinterpreted? did you need to clarify? has there been some understanding what you are trying to say? >> yeah, i probably would've set across entire cities rather than of entire cities, but that's not really the part that angered most people. of those people that were anchored. i will say come i got tremendous support from a number of constituents, including key donors, including the trustees who unanimously supported me. but for those that were upset, they seemed to be upset that i didn't use certain words, that i didn't support certain causes, that i didn't condemn our president more strongly or that i did supported -- i
9:50 pm
purposefully meant to leave politics out. it is not my role as president to inject my politics. >> shannon: we are going to have to leave it -- we have to leave it there, i'm sorry, we are out of time here that's what mark conversations are sparked by what you said and what others have had to say. we have to have those conversations, especially on campuses. doctor, thanks for being with us. >> they give, shannon. >> shannon: a happy reunion between a vet and his stolen service dog. service dog. next. [ race light countdown ] ♪♪ ♪♪ when you save money with allstate you feel like you're winning. safe drivers save 40% saving is easy when you're in good hands. allstate. click or call for a quote today.
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♪ ♪ >> shannon: some good news before we say good night. disabled veteran reunited with his chihuahua service dog, bella. she was stolen last week right outside their home in oakland, california. she had been riding around in the car with her owner, but when he stepped out to open the gate to his house, someone took off with his car with his dog still inside. it's unclear if they realize the dog was in the backseat, but a local news station aired the story and if you are headed to bended end up being the catalyst to helping reunited the two best friends. lipton is a navy vet with bts and he says he and bella have a connection that is undescribable. so happy she made it back, she's
9:55 pm
adorable. speaking of adorable, kevin has got some news as well. it's because it's hard to top that. this reminds me of where you will be at some point in your life. i want to share the story of marvin and betty quinn. they've actually been married for an awfully long time. not 30 years, not 40, not even 50 or 60. but got this, 70 years. isn't that great? they live in ashburn, virginia, which is in suburban washington, d.c. they are 96 and 94 years old respectively. they actually met when he returned from the navy, he was in the very last row at church. hello, i'm kind of in there. she was actually doing one of the readings are making an announcement. he leans over and ask his cousin, who is that chris markwood one thing led to another. three years later they married and happily ever after. >> shannon: i love thoughts, they are a great inspiration for the rest of us. i personally think meeting someone at church is not a bad
9:56 pm
idea. that sounds like a smart way to go. i write come i love the old pictures too. congrats to them and kevin. thank you, we all need it. good morning, good night, wherever you are. that's it from washington. i'm shannon bream. (mom) it sure is. (mom vo) over the years, we trusted it to carry and protect the things that were most important to us. (mom) good boy. (mom vo) we always knew we had a lot of life ahead of us. (mom) remember this? (mom vo) that's why we chose a car that we knew would be there for us through it all. (male vo) welcome to the subaru forester. the longest-lasting, most trusted forester ever. feeling stressed in your skin? not with new olay retinol body wash. which improves skin 3x better. from dry and stressed, to bright and smooth. so, i can feel my best in my skin. olay body. fearless in my skin.
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carlson is here right here right now. ♪ ♪ >> tucker: good evening. welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." a lot of americans, people in the west are under severe pressure to conform. most of them do conform because they're afraid. it's interesting to see who doesn't conform. who refuses to repeat the slogans, who stands up. piers morgan is one of those people. not sure you would have guessed that. he lost his job for telling what he believes is the truth. a very long conversation withnet him on "tucker carlson today".


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