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tv   Hannity  FOX News  April 5, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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he is really smart and funny. with that, greg, i appreciate the conversation we had about meghan markle. [laughs] just cut him off. we'll be back tomorrow. sean hannity right now. >> sean: congratulations. is there a show? 45 seconds? he did great. it was the best 45 seconds ever. congratulations to greg. we'll all be watching. thank you, tucker. welcome to this breaking news edition of "hannity." tonight, "cbs news" 60 minutes caught red-handed spreading outrageous lies about the florida governor, ron desantis, but even democrats now, they are out there defending him and debunking cbs's lies. we will break it all down. and we have a brand new tape of zero experience hunter. he is now giving interviews and giving the most bizarre, baffling confusing answers to
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avoid admitting ownership of the hard drive. and of course, the border catastrophe caused by joe biden, the one that they put a gag order on the media on an border patrol. yeah, it is getting worse tonight. we will have exclusive reporting from our own larra logan. miss information from joe biden, the media mob. democrats. the woke corporate cowards it is now hitting if you can believe it. new levels of derangement and psychosis. because the outright lies that are being spewed about georgia's new voting law and proposals in texas, it exposes just how corrupt, just how bitterly partisan our major institutions are and how they have become. peer state run propaganda outlets. they are less interested in truth than ever before. here on this program, we are going to do the job the mob and the media will never do.
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and we will separate fact from fiction for you and lay out what the law is and what it is not. we will expose how abusively bias the media is, the double standards are, the misinformation campaign being waged against election integrity. oh, yeah, and delaware's voting laws, far more restrictive they on the georgia law. we begin where joe biden began his lies. this does not end voting hours early, joe. if you are awake. i doubt it. in fact, it creates more days to vote, and more flexibility to vote and adds another saturday to vote, and even keeps the precious ballot drop democrats love. pushing back against all of the election lies. take a look. >> how can you have a legitimate conversation about something so sacred? how can you distort the facts so
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terribly that you are willing, you are willing to bring back the concept of jim crow. you only do that when you have nothing to stand on. don't weaponize race in a powerful and destructive way when so many people fought and died so that i can have a conversation with you. >> sean: and furthermore, instead of having to go standards, two tiered signature verification systems, the bill in georgia actually strengthens the absentee ballot process so we have the same standard for every ballot in the state of georgia, in person voting, absentee voting. and yes, we are allowed to bring food and water when you vote. and yes, election workers can hand it out. just not partisan 150 feet from
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the voting booth. it also requires a state i.d. or social security number to even get an absentee ballot, which is simple common sense. it should, of course be a requirement for the preservation of the sanctity of the ballot and to ensure that americans have faith in their election process and that they in the end will have confidence in its results. and you know what else? think about what you would need to show an i.d. for. let's say you want to go visit joe at the white house. go to the white house. you need a picture i.d. want to go to the u.s. capitol? visit the people's house. meet your congressman or congresswoman? yeah, you need a picture i.d. go to the democratic national committee end. get on an airplane. buy a house. apply for a mortgage. buy alcohol. by cigarettes. even my famous jewel pods or food stamps. apply for a job.
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apply for welfare programs. if you want to apply for medicare, medicaid, apply for unemployment. if you want to drive, buy, or rent a car, purchase a gun, rent a pet, rent a hotel room, pick up a prescription at your local drugstore, donate blood, purchase them cold and allergy medicines like, allegra d and on, and on, and on. and voter i.d. is overwhelmingly popular peer look at this poll. a whopping 72% of you, the american people, you approved requiring photo ids to vote. but joe biden, the democrats, they don't want you to know these facts. sadly, he got caught once again playing the race card, dividing this country is fueling nothing but vicious divisive rhetoric about jim crow and voter suppression with zero evidence and no facts behind it. and biden's lies are so bad that even "the washington post" is calling him out for his lies.
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he got for call pinocchio's for his claims about voter suppression. now, this is the same biden, you know the one that said we are going to what you all back in chains and you can't go to a 7-eleven or dunkin' donuts unless you have a slight indian accent? for the first time he got an african-american who is clean, articulate, and bright. man, that's storybook. earlier today, our own peter doocy pressed him on the issue. let's take a look. >> you said end voting at 5:00. he said it would end voting hours early so working people can't cast their vote after their shift is over. but "the washington post" gave that claim four pinocchio's because that part of the law is having an option to extend voting hours. so i'm curious if the president would like to change that. >> fundamentally, the president
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believes it should not be harder to vote. he believes it should be easier. >> but the things he has said has been determined by election law experts to be not true. so i'm just curious. >> well again, i think we can come on the fact-checkers will also tell you that this bill does not make it easier for people across the state of georgia to vote. and that is where he has concerns. >> sean: circle back. propaganda got caught red-handed. they are lying. get this. the irony. georgia's voting law is far, far, far less restrictive than joe's beloved home state of delaware. for example, delaware has no in-person early voting. 17 days of in person early voting. delaware requires specific excuses. if you want to vote absentee. in georgia, anyone can vote absentee. in delaware, there are no ballot drop boxes. they are still available under the new law.
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and one box per county is required by the new law. by the way, it's the same joe biden. remember, he is the guideline about jim crow 2.0. that's the same joe biden who is worried about our schools if they became integrated becoming "racial jungles. that is when he partnered with the former klansman to stop that from happening. joe biden, the same person who works with robert kkk berg and calling them predators on our street and said if you don't doubt my vote for him, you ain't black. where was the outrage from all of these corporations like major league baseball, american airlines, coca-cola on all of this. now 200 corporations want to get involved in this game. get ready. it will happen. why the hell did any of these companies get involved with no knowledge? but give joe biden a total pass in terms of his history. why did they want to amplify
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lies about what this law is and is not and use it as another excuse to lie, smear and submerge conservatives? did any of these companies actually read the law? i doubt it. by the way, do they have any idea what it actually does? i doubt that too. did they just surrender to the mob of the woke extremists and cancel culture because they are a bunch of corporate cowards who would rather demonize you, we the american people and steal lies i get yelled at by allowed liberals on twitter. i have a specific message to the commissioner, rob manford of the mlb. why are you going to bat against what is better voter integrity of delaware? or new york, schumer's state? why are you taking the all-star game out of atlanta which is going to cause georgia and specifically fulton county, democrats $100 million in revenue? are you really that spineless?
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are you really that stupid? because the league apparently has no problem. mlb, they do business in china and we are learning tonight that mlb is bolstering its ties with one of china's largest tech companies. actually cracks down on that executive. by the way, can you pick up will call tickets for a baseball game, sporting event, concert if you don't have a picture i.d.? no, you cannot. senator marco rubio had the strong message for the commissioners saying i am under no illusion that it will sacrifice business revenue on behalf of its elected corporate values. similarly, i am under no illusion that you intend to resign as a member from augustine national yacht club. to do so would require a personal sacrifice as opposed to the woke corporate virtue signaling of moving the all-star
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game to atlanta. why is joe biden not being held accountable for his role in starting and fueling the entire fire? peter doocy asked circle back jump socket to explain that. >> i know you made a point that he did not dictate to move the all-star game out of georgia. he said he would strongly support his players wanted to do that does he think that the pta should move the masters tournament that begins this week out of georgia? >> i'm not here to call for anyone on behalf of the president or the vice president or anyone to take steps in reaction to the law. the president was asked a direct question in the context of the question was also around the league meeting to discuss this exact issue. >> sean: joe in favor of boycotting the limbic's in beijing? let's be clear. there is nothing controversial
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about the georgia law. there is nothing controversial about wanting free and clear elections. unless of course you want to cheat. why have major corporations chosen to sell out and surrender to the democrat's lies and misinformation campaign? these companies now, will they be outspoken against those 22 winter olympics in beijing? are they going to be sponsoring those olympics in china? and will joe ask the olympics to be moved to another country? it is pathetic virtue signaling. it is a massive hypocrisy and double standard and we will continue to expose and hear on this program. here with reaction, republican congressman from georgia, doug. fox news contributor, civil rights attorney, leo 2.0. i read the new law in georgia. and boy, it seems like georgia
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is far more liberal, if you will, in allowing voting and encouraging voting for everybody. i don't see those same things in joe's home state. do you? >> no, but i do think they did show something. now we know what stacey abrams has been doing in her spare time besides raising a lot of money. she is writing talking points for joe biden because she was the one who started this gym crow 2.0, which is a disgrace to call what is going on here anything resembling. what this does is allow more people to vote. over the past four cycles, minority participation in georgia has improved. they have gotten better by double digits. yet you have people like senator raphael warnock claiming
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voter suppression. what they are doing is they are practicing voter suppression because they are making everyone believe it's hard to vote. it is not hard to vote. georgia's law strengthens that makes it secure. >> sean: here you've got joe biden, a guy that stood side-by-side with a klansman while in the u.s. senate to stop the integration of schools. they don't want schools becoming racial jungles. his words, not robert's words. my question is that he is comparing this to jim crow. you have examined the law and you have been a civil rights attorney for decades. you tell me, which state has better lows and does he now havs major league baseball have an obligation, is corporate america have an obligation to pull out of the 20, vision olympics customers because they have lied
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to. sean, they have weaponized the term jim crow. i want people to know that as a civil rights attorney, joe biden has lied to the american public. jim crow does not exist in georgia. jim crow does not exist anywhere in this country. you don't have german shepherd chasing people in the streets. what he has done is devalue the civil rights movement by calling the georgia law, which is much more expensive in delaware, which is much more expensive in new york. calling the georgia law jim crow on steroids. i'm a black eye. i got a voter i.d. i got a driver's license. it's not hard for minorities to get a photo i.d. because you want election integrity. so what they are doing, sean, is they are playing the race card and using the race card and weaponize in jim crow. it scares people. and i will use a page from donald trump's playbook.
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we have to fight back. we have to call joe biden and stacey abrams for what they are, liars. see this i.d. card? it's easy. all you do, in georgia, you don't have one. they will give you one. so, joe biden owes this nation an apology for devaluing those people who really went through hell and the civil rights movement in the 50s and 60s. >> sean: are you think about running for governor in the senate in georgia? >> yes, we are and we are getting close to that. he comes out and says what he said. when you're looking at that and then you act surprised when the major league baseball pulls out of the all-star game come when you act surprised that people are doing this when you are the one promising jobs. it was a disaster for georgia because they buy into this lie that people are too ignorant to know how to vote.
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we are looking up tired of my state being used by a senator who doesn't understand he is supposed to fight for us. when it is the truth, it is easier for us to fight. quit spreading the lies. >> sean: thank you both. now ask yourself why are democrats spreading nonstop lies? could it be they are looking for more reason to abolish the filibuster, jammed their actual assault on voter integrity on hr and sr one? it would mean no voter i.d. anywhere in the country, more male and voting, felons voting, more ballot harvesting. create a perfect storm of election chaos. nobody will ever have confidence in and the results. this is that the same time republicans are standing strong, standing with their base, and
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standing up to the media mob. just like rhonda santos, last night totally smeared with a toy false out of context dishonest hit piece by the hard-hitting news magazine, 60 minutes, a left wing propaganda. get this, they completely edited out his answer about vaccine distribution in florida to push what it falsely claims about a play to pay scheme with a grocery skin that helped inoculate the people of florida. here is the news that aired on cbs last night. take a look. >> republicans donated as you know $100,000 to your campaign and you rewarded them with the exclusive rights to distribute the vaccination in palm beach. >> what you are saying is wrong. that is a fake narrative. i met with the county mayor. i met with the administrator. i met with all of the folks at palm beach county. here are the options. you can do drive-through sites. we can give more to help hospitals. they said that would be the
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easiest thing for our residents. >> but melissa mckinley told us the governor never met with her about the public's deal. >> it's wrong. it is a safe narrative. you don't care about the facts, because obviously i laid it out for you in a way that is irrefutable. >> the nearest is 30 miles away. >> sean: cbs caught red-handed, deceptively editing what he said back in march where he explained in great specificity and detail why publix was picked as a distribution point in its proximity. it has nothing to do with, by the way, it is a huge grocery chain that gives money to republicans and democrats. so, cbs took a two minute statement from the governor, reproduced it now to mere seconds and took out all of the
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parts where he shrouded a fake s narrative. called the hit piece false and offensive. furthermore, the director of the florida division of emergency management, a democrat also slams the report explaining that publix was recommended by the florida department of health as other pharmacies were not ready to begin the vaccine rollout. and it gets even worse for 60 minutes. the democratic mayor, not republican, the democratic mayor palm beach county, it's not just based on bad information, but that it is intentionally false and he points out 60 minutes refused what he offered to get the democratic mayor's exculpatory statement that contradicted entirely that 60 minutes hit piece based on lies. and of course, is anyone surprised that the totally corrupt partisan media mob would smear the best republican governor in the country instead
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of, oh, i don't know, covering the massive scandal surrounding governor cuomo or murphy, or i don't know, let's see, what happened, governor newsom out in california. anyway, that march 25th order that killed all those nursing home patience and his team in new york's efforts to cover it all up to protect his image, protect his multimillion dollar book deal, avoid scrutiny from investigators. 60 minute cbs if they had any integrity at all would issue a full complete retraction and apology for their smear against governor dos santos. they should head up to albany, new york, and start asking some tough questions there but don't hold your breath. also developing tonight, democrats can use reconciliation to bypass a g.o.p. filibuster on that massive spending plan opening up the possibility that
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biden's so-called noninfrastructure infrastructure package could be passed by a majority. a complete power grab. the good news is that the push back against the failed political establishment and both parties is intensifying. for example, a new poll, lisa murkowski trailing primary challenger, kelly by 15 points following his vote in january to convict former president trump in the unconstitutional impeachment sham. here with reaction to all of it, former speaker of the house, fox news contributor, newt gingrich. you weren't even speaker and you became the gingrich that stole christmas. >> welcome a look, i think you just have to accept that the news media, most of it is going to be on the left. they are going to be very vicious to republicans. as desantis continues to emerge as one of the best governors in the country, he will get more of this treatment.
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but the american public is pretty smart. and they have seen through all of that. one time had made, as his broken crutch on the cover of time, what that actually signaled his oh, he is for welfare reform. so, that part doesn't bother me. i think the most troubling thing, and i am doing two podcasts at the newt gingrich through 360 about this whole georgia situation. the one on thursday really grew out of research. and i'm beginning to realize that joe biden has a history going back at least under ronald reagan. smearing, and lying, and going after people in vicious personal ways. again, with clarence thomas in the bush administration and now of course with his most recent thing, where when you are a
6:24 pm
liberal democrat and "the washington post" gives you for pinocchio's because you lied so thoroughly and then two nights later, he goes on espn and he lies again. it is really an amazing story about sort of a lynch mob attitude, trying to attack georgia when in fact the georgia bill is more open, more reforms, longer voting hours. the things said about it is plain lies. for example, you wouldn't be able to get people water. that's just not true. the bill says -- >> sean: here's my question. >> but you can't have other campaigners do it. >> sean: they want h.r. one. they want no signature verification and no voter i.d. everyone gets to register immediately. and more mail-in ballots not being checked. >> i always described hr one as the corrupt politicians act.
6:25 pm
and if you measure h.r. one against the georgia bill, you will find that on every specific item, the american people favor the georgia bill over hr one, because it is a power grab by left-wing democrats that says we don't have to know who you are. we don't have to prove you have a right to vote. you could be an illegal immigrant. we are willing to have people going to nursing homes, pick up all the ballots, and then they decide which ballots they are going to vote. hr one is a nightmare of political corruption, dishonesty, and a stolen election. >> sean: mr. speaker, thank you for being with us. it's chilling. i think i'll pass. directly ahead, hunter biden, big book to her. you won't believe what he is saying about his infamous laptop. later, shocking developments
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about that uber driver. you are going to want to stay tuned for how little people involved in that case of murder will be punished. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> sean: all right, so it is a newly released memoir and book tour. he is making a number of stunning admissions and bombshell claims. when discussing his drug addiction, he said he was so desperate at times that he may have smoked parmesan cheese while digging through the carpet looking for cocaine that may have dropped. he says it was not a mistake to take the lucrative seat on the board of the ukrainian company despite his father's position as the obama administrator's lead
6:31 pm
under ukrainian policy of the time. remember he had zero experience in ukraine, zero experience in gas, oil. none whatsoever. there is plenty of evidence implying the contrary. hunter claims he never gave joe any from his corrupt business dealings. now with zero experience hunter, he is also under federal investigation for a number of financial dealings which began with the fbi seizure of the laptop. a guide by the name that we have interviewed, jean-paul macisaac. one question during the interview with cbs, hunter gave a number of excuses denying any knowledge or of any memory of it. take a look. >> is that laptop yours? >> you don't need a laptop. you've got a book. it's all in the book. i don't know. i truly -- >> you don't know. >> the serious answer is that i truly do not know the answer to that. >> did you leave a laptop with a repairman? >> no. whether or not somebody has my
6:32 pm
laptop, whether or not it was, i was hacked, whether or not there exists a laptop at all, i truly don't know. >> are you missing a laptop? >> not that i know of. read the book and you will realize that i was not keeping tabs on possessions very well for about a four year period of time. it's the one tonight, a statement from john paul's attorney asserts that hunter was lying when he claims he didn't drop off the laptop saying he himself signed a work order for its repair. here with reaction, former acting director of national intelligence grenell and dana loesch. i have been briefed on my sources that i will always protect ric grenell being a member of the press. i have been briefed by not one, but two specific people who have direct knowledge of scene laptop and both have confirmed that if it ever comes out, hunter biden might be spending many years in jail for photos, pictures, and
6:33 pm
other things of, let's say sensitive and illegal nature. >> look, i thought the interview from cbs was atrocious. here, he is spending. he is lying to them. there is no follow-up question. where is the question that we have seen the photographic evidence? it's all over the evidence. where is the pushback to say we have seen the text messages? sean, this is a game in washington that the rest of us outside of washington see and are sick and tired of watching. hunter biden, i want to read this to you. he said not one serious journalist could ever come to the conclusion that i did anything wrong. now, this is the game that they play. he pretends like nobody has fingered him for any wrongdoing. but yet, we know that he lied on his gun application. we know that. these are facts. and yet no reporter pushes back
6:34 pm
on him in washington, d.c. it's this game of circle and we've got to come to the end of this. somebody's got to push back in washington and hold hunter biden to account. we know he's lying. >> sean: dana, i assume you probably have heard what i've heard as it relates to what else is on that laptop. now, if it was anybody with the last name trump, we know what -- we would have seen it all by now. would we not have? >> no, i think you are right on that, sean. absolutely. if the last name was trump on this, my gosh, there is more here to condemn hunter biden and at least invite response from the administration more so than there ever was with the witch hunt of the russian collusion. lying on the 44-73, you and i would be sitting in a jail cell pain a five year fine with a 10-year sentence. we would all be sitting in jail if we did what he did. he was an addict. he was an addict when he was filling out the form. he was an addict one apparently
6:35 pm
he stole his gun and deposited it. this very nice gourmet grocery store right across the street from the school, which is according to apparently a current law in that state. sean, the bigger thing is this is right and privilege. for all of the discussion on white privilege or privilege. matt, there is no privilege, sean like progressive privilege. you can squirt parmesan cheese out of your shade carpet and lose a computer and still be taken seriously when you say, i don't know, that may have been mine. you can lie on a 44-73 and you can still then come out with a book right after your dad gets out of the white house and go on a rehabilitation tour for your public image. that's bite and privilege. privilege. >> sean: all right, you've got russian oligarchs.
6:36 pm
exit question, h.r. one. are you considering a run for governor in the great state of california? >> look, i want to wait and see until we have an actual recall election. i'm not sure we are going to get there not because of the signatures but because of the games that democrats are playing. once that is final, then we will take a look at it. >> sean: take a look at it, is that a "yes"? dana, what you like to see rick run customer >> i would. i would like to see him run and if california doesn't work out for him, texas is open. >> sean: [laughs] rick, you're going to get drafted one way or the other. once your income you can't get out. anyway, thank you, folks. all right, dr. fauci finally asked about the border and of course the biggest super-spreader event this country has ever seen. we have investigative reporter, larra logan, steve. latest prosecutors considering a plea deal in the infamous
6:37 pm
murder. you won't believe the sentence the two girls are expected to get. that guy ended up dead, straight ahead. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> sean: kamala harris taken a page out of joe biden's playbook or maybe too busy doing joe's job because it has now been 12 days since joe put her in charge of the border crisis of his making. she has yet to hold a press conference about it or even be briefed on it. meanwhile, the ever so perfect dr. fauci who a year ago was saying we don't need to wear a mask, the mask doesn't work, he was wrong on most, if not all of his predictions. he had a truly strange response to senator lindsey graham's request. they take a trip to the border to witness first hand the
6:42 pm
cramped conditions inside of biden's cages for kids. you know, the biggest super-spreader event of all time. take a look. >> lindsey graham, who i like. you know, he has a good person. i've dealt with him very, very well over the years. equating me with things that have to do at the border. i mean, i have nothing to do with the border. obviously, it is a very difficult situation at the border. we all know that. the administration is trying as best as they can to alleviate that situation. having me down at the border, that is really not what i do. you know what i do. i develop vaccines. i develop countermeasures. i mean, having me at the border, i don't know why just say i should be at the border anymore than someone who has experience in those types of things. >> sean: how about the border crisis being the number one covid super-spreader event of all time, may be telling joe
6:43 pm
about the importance to mitigate this. who with reaction, fox nation host, lara logan. stephen miller. stephen, let's start with you. okay, we see the images. there is the great dr. fauci who clearly was politically against donald trump. he has no interest in going down there to protect those kids, more importantly protect those kids that are being sent to other states? >> what is happening on the border right now, sean, is the single greatest epidemiological disaster in this country. you have ten emergency shelters that are open right now. children are packed together, not even remotely socially distance. and of course they are not vaccinated. of course they are not masked. you have people showing up in masks, in large groups that are getting each other's thick, that are getting community sick, that are getting border agents sick? this is a public health
6:44 pm
catastrophe. >> sean: lara logan, you have done phenomenal investigating at the border as a relates to the cartels, human traffickers, drug traffickers, the gangs, the extortion of these human traffickers. what is your latest investigation? >> well, sean, the most troubling thing that i am hearing is that while this border is wide open, there are people coming from cuba, from russia, from haiti, from yemen, from syria. from countries where no one is talking about this. what we are doing is we are having an argument about what you are actually seeing with your eyes and hearing about is real or not real, whether it is a crisis or not a crisis. whether it was created by the biden administration or not. instead of having a conversation about this very significant national security implications of having such a wide open
6:45 pm
border. since you have been discussing covid, what about the fact that the federal government have not been operational or functional since covid began. there are a number personnel in very important agencies like the department of homeland security and the department of defense, with strategic responsibilities, both offensive and defensive, who have security personnel who operate at the top secret level who have been at home. they have been sent home and they have been sitting there for going on a year. they are just phoning it in once a week most of the time. you can't do it top-secret security job when you are phoning it in from home. so what is happening to our national security? what is happening to terrorists across the border? they will tell you there have not been any terrorist attacks. that is not entirely sure. at least one known very significant terrorist from
6:46 pm
yemen. as long as we keep having an argument about what is real and what is not real, which is kind of like an insane asylum, we are not really talking about the things that matter and why this was planned by the administration, and why they wanted such a mass influx over the border. you can't be concerned about covid and have an open border like this. those two things are mutually exclusive. >> sean: there is no ambiguity about the facts. lara logan will be doing a special report for us throughout the week. thank you both. steve miller, larra logan. accused of killing an uber driver in d.c. prosecutors are considering offering a shocking plea deal. larry elder has the details, next. ♪ ♪ tal where new starts happen, every day. get exceptional care at every step, unparalleled safety at every visit, and flexible payment options for every budget. now, during the everyday smiles event
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♪ ♪ >> sean: tonight, more disturbing developments on the carjacking, you know the one who kills an over driver. immigrant from pakistan. reportedly planning on offering the 14-15-year-old suspects a plea deal that will allow them to be convicted as juveniles, which would mean they can't be jailed past the age of 21. despite the charge of a felony murder, carjacking, armed robbery, the two could be released earlier if they are deemed "rehabilitated." fox news nationally syndicated talk show host. larry, you've got to be kidding me. >> well sean, if you look at the d.c. laws, it is awfully difficult to see what kind of latitude the prosecution has. if you are a 13-year-old, even if you kill somebody, you cannot be prosecuted as an adult.
6:52 pm
if you are a 15-year-old come you can only be prosecuted as a adult if the judge allows it. it will only allow it if there is "no prospect of rehabilitation. the degree to which the d.c. mayor minimizes it and calls it a crime of opportunity. cnn referred to them as an accident. one wonders whether or not the 15-year-old would have got the steel, he had been a male instead of a female. i don't think he had a whole lot of latitude right here unfortunately because of the way the laws written. >> sean: greg, your analysis of this. >> this is tragic if you look at all of the videotapes. it is horrifying. this is clearly a felony murder and robbery. look, this is a microcosm of a
6:53 pm
larger problem across the nation, particularly in washington, d.c.. they cut it by $15 million. they are essentially sending a very clear message. criminals, you are the good guys. citizens, you are the bad guys. and the result here is that homicide in d.c. has gone up tremendously. seen violent crimes skyrocket. carjacking's this one on your screen. this is out of control in the first three months of last year. this year, same time frame. more than 100. and so, you know, this is the result of a defined police movement. you've got a city council that really frankly who care less because they want to be woke. >> sean: how do you define rehabilitated, larry? >> you tell me. i have no idea.
6:54 pm
but to go off on gregg's point, crime in washington, d.c., has been minimized for years. i recall one time the former mayor of washington, d.c., was talking about crime in the nation's capital. he said something to the effect of crime out here is not all that bad except for the killing. >> sean: you can't even make that up. i just can't imagine that this family, you know, you are seeing a murder on tv. i am sure he wasn't getting paid a lot of money, but he was working hard, and that car was everything, a lifeline for his family. all right, thank you both. when we come back, once again, one of cnn's big news antitrust personalities. i actually bet that you can guess who it is. we will reveal after this. ♪ ♪ prevents crab grass and feeds your lawn. all three,in just one bag. i like that.
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scotts turf builder triple action. it's lawn season. let's get to the yard. .
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>> sean: yesterday fake news,
6:59 pm
cnn's humpty-dumpty named unreliable liberal sources. jim costa, a special request for biden's so-called infrastructure bill, is a special interest. >> as far as i'm concerned can we just have a damn high-speed train in this country? can i please get from new york to washington without problems and can i get on the i would fire, by the way, when i ride the train and not have that be a problem? >> jason: let's take a look at what it would call to give you a comfy ride to d.c. that we subsidize already. according to researchers, that high-speed train you love would cost roughly $37 billion with an annual operating cost of $570 million. sadly, it would be the craziest part of the lowest's social liberal shopping list.
7:00 pm
sorry. pay for your on wifi. we'll never be the mob or the media. we'll always be independent, fair and balanced, give you the news the mob never will. let not your heart be troubled. pete, how are you? >> sean, i'm doing great. if brian fellter wants a train maybe joe biden will give him one. you know? >> sean: what is a if you more billion? we have trillions and trillions and trillions of debt. >> maybe 5-d from the chinese company. filling in for laura, always great to see you, my friend. i'm in for laura this evening and this is the angle. hospitalizations are stagnant. so why is joe biden's former covid


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