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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  April 5, 2021 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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>> katie: yes, good luck, greg on your new show. i'm really excited for you. we will be tuning in. >> greg: thank you, guys. i couldn't have gotten the show without you people. >> katie: we will remember that. >> dana: that is the show for tonight. but up next is "special report." >> bret: name of that new show is gutfeld with an exclamation point. >> dana: you have to yell it. >> bret: like jeb? >> greg: no one made that joke next. >> bret: i'm going to watch. good evening from washington i'm bret baier. the escalating battle over president biden's infrastructure plan. the administration has pee gun its sales pitch for that proposal labeling it once in a generation investment opportunity. one senate democrat is already talking about problems he has with the taxes built inside. republicans are pointing out only a fraction of the plan actually has to do with infrastructure. we'll talk about that and the situation on the border with former senior adviser to
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president trump steven miller in just a moment. but, first, white house correspondent peter doocy leads us off tonight live from the north lawn. good evening, peter. >> good evening, bret. this isn't like the times that president biden has tried to address covid-19 or immigration where lawmakers on both sides of the aisle understand what the problem is because right now the biden white house and republicans in congress have totally different ideas about the definition of infrastructure. >> everybody around the world was billion and billions of dollars in infrastructure. we are going to do it here. >> without republican support and the proposal's current form. >> what the president proposed this week is not an infrastructure bill. it is a huge tax increase for one thing and it's a tax increase on small businesses, on job creators in the united states of america. >> the white house claims they are all ears. >> we hope members will be proposing ideas. >> republican senator roy blunt
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has got one. >> i think there is an easy win here for the white house if they would take that win, which is make this an infrastructure package, which is about 30% if you stretch the definition of infrastructure some, it's about 30% of the $2.25 trillion they are talking about spending. >> that's where there is a fundamental split along party lines. >> infrastructure is not just the roads we get a horse and buggy across. >> infrastructure according to the president is a lot bigger. >> we are talking about making sure that you take that schools that's infrastructure. talking about building high speed rail, that's infrastructure. >> cabinet members have already placed more than 56 calls to lawmakers selling the plan. >> this is a once in a lifetime moment. >> and paying for the proposal means raising the corporate tax rate. >> will are you afraid the highest tax will drive corporations out of the country. >> not at all. >> the white house wants to raise the corporate tax rate
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from 21% to 28%. democrat senator joe manchin says he wants less of a hike to 25%. >> if i don't vote to get on it, it's not going anywhere. so we are going to have some leverage here and it's more than just me talking. there is six or seven other democrats who feel very strongly about this. >> the white house says they are unfazed. >> we fully expect that from senator manchin and other members. >> if there is any horse trading happening, it's away from cameras and reporters. >> i'm not going to negotiate with you on that. >> and president biden's favorite nonpartisan projections to cite are from moods his team have been citing as well as they start to start to sell the americans jobs plan and they are very careful in speaking to white house officials this evening to say they think the plan would help created 19 million jobs over 10 years. not necessarily that the plan itself creates 19 million jobs but that it would help create that many.
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get bret. >> bret: in a moment peter doocy on the north lawn. customs border saying they 171,000 migrants in march expoemly up month over month year over year according to new preliminary data. associated press poll indicates large scale disapproval of the way president biden is handling the surgeon. 40% of those surveyed disapproved of his response. just 24% approve. the influx is providing smugglers opportunity to sneak more illegal drugs across the border. correspondent alex hogan reports front mcallen, texas. >> surging numbers of migrants at the u.s.-mexico border. thousands in search of a new life in america. >> hopefully the u.s. government can help us. >> border agencies say the massive influx of foot traffic means fewer eyes on securing the border. so far into the year along the
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rio grande valley the law enforcement administration has already seized 28,000 pounds of marijuana, more than 800 pounds of cocaine, 75 pounds of heroin, and more that i know 4,000 pounds of meth. more troubling is the increase of fentanyl. >> the seizures of fentanyl made from 2019 and 2020 could essentially kill half of the population of america. what we have made so far and on pace to seize this year to kill the other half. >> in recent months border agent also stopped two men on the terrorist watch list. agencies along the border calling for more manpower and financial support. easter sunday hundreds of migrants crossed into the rio grande valley. among them a mother who collapsed from dehydration after surrendering to border agents. she had given birth just one month ago. more than 18,000 kids are in custody after taking the dangerous journey alone. >> i want to be with my mom. >> to create room, the customs and border protection center in
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donna, texas is expanding while other facilities open up across the country. critics argue white house policies encourage the migration, the administration, however, points to a crisis in the northern try angle and envoy will travel to guatemala and el salvador this week to speak to local leaders. >> their goal has to be to address these root causes. root drivers of migration if we are going to find a long-term solution to this challenge. >> here inside the did. ea's drug warehouse in mcallen, texas, the shelves are stacked with about $9 million worth of marijuana. agents say the smuggling and narcotics that are seized will only increase if these agencies along the border do not have adequate and more funding in terms of financial aid and manpower. bret? >> bret: alex hogan along the border in mcallen, texas, thanks. politicians in georgia and elsewhere are criticizing major league baseball for removing the all-star game from atlanta over the state's new election law.
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correspondent steve harrigan shows us tonight the issue for many is hypocrisy. >> the push back against major league baseball's decision to pull the all-star game out of georgia in response to a voting law the commissioner claims restrict access to the ballot box continues to spiral. president biden under fierce attack from republicans who say he misrepresented the georgia law. >> you must reject the culture in which facts themselves are manipulated or made up. and joe biden has broken his own rule. 84 days and now he is lying to the american people. >> baseball commissioner rob man ford also under attack for signing streaming deals with communist china while refusing to do business in georgia. florida senator marco rubio's membership in a georgia golf club i'm under no ha lucien you intend to resign from augusta golf club to do so would require a personal sacrifice as opposed to woke corporate virtue signaling of moving the all-star
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game from atlanta. china argument raises the question of how biden can back a boycott of atlanta without holding the beijing 2022 winter olympics to the same standards. the charge of hypocrisy also leveled against senator chuck schumer who decried georgia's, quote, racist voter suppression law, unquote, despite the fact that new york has fewer early voting days than georgia and similar restrictions on free food for voters in line. also not spared, georgia based corporations, delta, and coca-cola whose ceo criticized the georgia law. >> my advice to the corporate ceos to america is to stay out of politics. don't pick sides in these big fights. >> here in cobb county a sense of sadness. >> i thought it was terrible. i didn't understand it. there is just no reason for it. i mean, people here love the game. >> there will be a financial loss, too. last year's game took in $90 million.
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bret? >> bret: steve harrigan in atlanta. steve, thanks. let's talk about the biden spending plans, his immigration policy, other issues. former senior adviser to president trump steven miller joins us. good evening. >> good evening to you. thank you. >> bret: i wanted to ask you, start with the infrastructure plan, which we're calling spending plan because there is a lot more in there as we know, these plans are being laid out. but either on the infrastructure, as you are looking at, if they get passed, billions and billions of dollars going to states and cities for projects. there is another element to this that you dealt with in the processing of getting projects through. >> i would like to demystify this issue for the american people tonight if i could. one debate that's raging in washington right now which is why only a quarter the bill on infrastructure as we would conventionally define it and only 10% on roads and bridges?
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that's an important debate and it should be had. but, let's talk about the money that actually goes to infrastructure. what we learned in the trump administration is only 6% of nonmilitary infrastructure in this country is federally owned. so what does that mean? state and locals run infrastructure in this country. so, when the federal government writes a big check, what state and local governments do is they take money that was already comiftd to these projects, and they substitute federal dollars for it. so you don't actually end up with net new infrastructure. so if you spend 200, hundred billion dollars, you don't end up with $3 billion in new infrastructure. there is a second problem, too. which is the issue of shovel-ready it's a term we have heard a lot. but what it really means is are you creating projects that are going to have an immediate period of time to a community? not in five years or 10 years or 15 years but right away? and what we learned is that the single biggest impediment in
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shovel-ready is federal, state, and local regulation. especially the federal component to that regulation. if you accept 1 federal dollar, just one for your project, you know what comes with that? 99 federal rules and requirements that you have to comply with as a result of that. that's why it takes five to seven years to get a permit approved. so you can't have shovel ready unless you get rid of the extreme fragmentation and the approval process and you have a single department the department of transportation make a single decision probably in three to six months yes or no and then require state and locals to be just as speedy to accept the federal dollar. >> bret: so you are saying it's impossible if this bill passes and becomes law for that money to be spent on a state and local level without major changes in the way the system works currently. >> to use a phrase from elizabeth warren, at the structural reform to how america does infrastructure to make it
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more the way canada does or may the way australia does, it's going to be wasted money. it's not going to go into the ground and a huge portion of that money is going to go to legal compliance and consultants and not into actual building. and that's what we have seen for decades in this country. that's the problem that has to get solved. >> bret: all right. you have been out and about on a number of shows, commenting on the surge at the border. jen psaki was asked about some of those comments, take a listen. >> we don't take our advice or counsel from former president trump on immigration policy, which was not only inhumane but ineffective over the last four years. we are going to chart our own path forward and that includes treating children with humanity and respect. >> bret: obviously, you look at the land border encounters as we just talked about in march, 171,000, but you also had curing the trump administration 103,000 back in 2019 as you look at
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these numbers coming across. your thoughts, reaction to the white house and what's happening there? >> well, let me take the last part first. so, in 2019, after three years of court battalions, we finally succeeded at putting into place the tools that we need to immediately repatriate, return, or remove illegal immigrants to their own country or to a third party country. those tools were fully in place by early 2020 and the border crisis was solved and ended in a permanent and enduring way as those tools were in place. then on top of that we added on for the pandemic title 42, which meant unaccompanied minors could be swiftly repatriated to their home countries and unaccompanied minor crisis which has plagued us since 2013 was ended. so between return-to-mexico and our safe third agreements and title 42 for minors, we had a permanent, complete enduring
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unbeatable fix to the border crisis. you just had to leave it in place. undoing those tools created the nightmare we are seeing today. now, to the other point, i find it deeply insulting to describe what we did as inhumane. we ended the process of human smuggling and trafficking that destroys lives, that leads to sexual assault, that leads to physical assault and that finances the cartels, creating the cycle of violence and poverty. if the cartels had a vote, they would vote for, unanimously, the border policies in place under biden. it is making them rich beyond their wildest dreams. it is inhumane to push men, women and children into the arms of traffickers and it's also inhumane to have a policy that means more drugs get across our border because our border agents are dealing with the humanitarian crisis. those drugs are going to end up in u.s. schools and u.s. communities poisoning american
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children. >> bret: steven miller, we appreciate your time on a couple of policy issues that you worked on. thank you. >> my pleasure, thank you. >> bret: treasury secretary janet yellen is urging the adoption of a minimum global corporate income tax. it would be an effort to offset any disadvantages that might arise from the biden administration's proposed up crease in the u.s. corporate tax rate. president biden wants to hike that rate as we said from -- to 2% from 21%. it's not affecting the stock markets. stocks surged. the dow surging 374 today to close at another record high. the s&p 500 gained 58, the nasdaq rose 225. up next, the police chief who fired the officer arused in george floyd's death takes the stand. first, here is what some of our fox affiliates around the country are covering tonight. fox 13 in tampa as work to prevent the collapse of a large waste water pond and avoid a catastrophic flood there manatee county officials say the latest models show a breach at the old
3:16 pm
phosphate plant reservoir could gush 340 million-gallons of water in a matter of minutes, forming a 20-foot high wall of water. authorities say 31 homes from been evacuated so far. fox 5 in san diego is a family member of a california mother of who has been missing for three months says may my let if anything happened to her it would be because of her husband. last seen january 7th. the husband did not respond to fox news questions about those concerns. this is a live look at minneapolis from fox 59. the big story there tonight, baylor university takes on undefeated top-rnked gonzaga for the ncaa men's basketball championship baylor ranked number 2 with a 27-2 record sunday. stanford beat arizona by one to win the women's title ncaas. that's tonight's live look outside the beltway from "special report." we'll be right back. ♪
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>> bret: baking tonight. this just in u.s. border patrol
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agents assigned to the el centro sector arrested two yemeni men from the started of the year identified on the terrorism watch list. those incidents we are told happened in late january and late march. both men remain in federal custody. meantime the director of the center for disease control and prevention says the u.s. is seeking -- seeing peaks in covid-19 cases in the 18 to 24 age group. dr. rochelle walenski says there has been 7% increase in the daily cases overall in the last seven days. the cdc says u.s. infections are now above 30,500,000. covid deaths stand at 554,000 although numbers have been trending down in that category. the total number of people is at 108 million have had at least one vaccination shot. more than 62 million are fully vaccinated. the u.s. is averaging 3.1 million shows per day. public school teachers in los angeles are asking for free
3:22 pm
child care for their kids when they return to the classroom. critics say essential workers such as healthcare and grossry store employees do not receive such guarantees. the chief of the minneapolis police department testified today in the trial of the former officer charged in the death of george floyd. correspondent matt finn shows us tonight from minneapolis. >> minneapolis police chief, derek chauvin's former boss testifying on the stand that he we hem ineptly disagrees with chauvin's use of force. that chauvin not only violated deescalation policy by placing his knee on george floyd's neck in the prone position for about nine minutes but he also violated policy by not giving aid to george floyd who was pleading he can't breathe. >> in no way, shape, or form is anything that by policy, is not part of our training, and it is certainly not part of our ethics or our values. >> the police chief testifying he thinks the viral video shows
3:23 pm
chauvin violated the neck restraint policy by using too much force. >> when i look at the facial expression of mr. floyd, that does not appear in any way, shape, or form that that is light to moderate pressure. >> in cross-examination the chief did agree with the defense that recent changes in police policy encouraged officers to use their body weight and jew fujitsu style moves and knowed that neck restraints were legal when floyd died. it appears that chauvin had his knee on floyd's neck for the entire restraint and then chauvin moved his knee floyd's shoulder blade as the ambulance arrived. >> did you see the defendant's knee anywhere but the neck of mr. floyd up until that time? >> that is correct. >> the chief repeatedly emphasized on the stand that police must show compassion and have sanctity of life and describes the moment on the flight of floyd's death that he first learned about that now
3:24 pm
viral video bystander. >> close to midnight a community member had contacted me and said chief have you seen the video? of your officer choking and killing that man? and a short while ago here in court, the inspector in short of police training testified that the way derek chawch had his knee on floyd's neck was an improvised move that was against policy. bret? >> bret: matt finn in minneapolis. matt, thank you. hunter biden says he has no recollection of an encourt with a former stripper from arkansas who gave birth to their child in 2018. no recollection. the president's son writes in his new book about his history of drug abuse. during his book promotion he is also being asked about the justice department investigation into his finances. >> i'm cooperating completely. and i am absolutely certain, 10e end of the investigation that i
3:25 pm
will be cleared of any wrongdoing. >> you are 100 percent certain. >> i am hundred percent certain of it. all i can do is cooperate and trust in the process. >> bret: and hunter biden is saying he did not make a mistake when he accepted a high-paying job on the board of directors of a ukrainian energy company when the vice president was in charge of that policy. up next, "60 minutes" goes after florida's republican governor over his vaccine rollout. the reporter accusing ron desantis of giving preferential treatment to a company that's a campaign tributer. reaction to all of that a day later coming up. ♪ ♪ >> and it's wrong, it's wrong. it's a fake narrative. i just disaviewed you of the narrative and you don't care about the facts. ♪ ♪
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>> bret: florida republican governor ron desantis is defending himself after sixth min report last night about vaccine report in florida and whole program. plus a teal with a grocery store chain that contributed to his political action committee. fox news media analyst and host of fox news media buzz howie kurtz has details. >> florida governor ron desantis, a close ally of donald trump has been a major target for the media. and "60 minutes" last night accused him of political favoritism in the covid vaccine
3:30 pm
program. >> it's great to be here. >> weeks before the republican governor picked publix supermarkets to distribute vaccines cbs noted the company donated $100,000 to his political action committee. desantis wouldn't talk to the show so reporter sharon al fonzie confronted him at a news conference where he said he consulted with palm beach county officials. >> the criticism is that it is pay to play governor. >> it's wrong it's wrong it's a fake narrative i just disabused you of the narrative and you don't care about the fact obviously i laid it out for you in a way that is irrefutable so it's clearly not. >> isn't it. >> no, no, you are wrong, you are wrong, you are wrong. >> cbs chose not to air much of desantis' public information such as that pub blix joined the program weeks after it launched. >> the first pharmacies that had it were cvs and walgreen's they had a long-term care. we reached out to other retail pub blix, walmart, for pub blix they were the first one to raise their hand and said they were ready to go. >> a cbs spokesman told us as we
3:31 pm
all do for clarity "60 minutes" used a portion of the over 2 minute response that directly addressed the question from the correspondent. alphonsey one said neff met with her about pub blix and activist says it's hard for people without cars in one poorer community to reach the nearest pub blingeghts a democrat tweeted that state health officials recommended pub blix. pub blix says any suggestion it's role was tied to campaign donations is absolutely false and offensive. palm beach county's democratic mayor dave concerner said today the report was not just based on bad information it was intentionally false. no television report can include a politician's every comment. the question was whether key facts were left out. while the timing of the pub blix donation may raise question it's hardly the only vaccine player in florida and no indication the company did a poor job. bret? >> bret: howie, thank you, we should point out that governor desantis is on tucker's show tonight 8:00 p.m. eastern. let's get reaction to all of
3:32 pm
this from senior political analyst brit hume. good evening, brit. your thoughts on this. >> brit: hi, bret. >> bret: your thoughts on 60 minutes piece. definitely changed perspective of how people are looking at it today. >> brit: at best i think it's a pretty sloppy piece of work as howard just pointed out. it didn't really -- it didn't really include the gist, the full measure and not every word but the full measure of governor detan tis explanation of how it happened. if it had, viewers of "60 minutes" would know it wasn't just publix that was involved that cvs and walgreen's had been involved earlier and that walmart was also involved in distributing vaccine that the state had a number of other facilities set up to cover areas that were not necessarily served by pub blix. pub blix by the way has more than 800 stores in florida so it would be kind of a natural center as people get shots there, they have pharmacies and so on. a natural place to distribute vaccine.
3:33 pm
in fact, i suspect if pub blix had not been used a lot of people would wonder why. this was not "60 minutes'" finest hour of journalism. >> bret: you know, and the political star, obviously for ron desantis is rising because of how he has handled covid. he is loathed on the left. but, is that, do you think, the reason "60 minutes" does this story? obviously there is another governor in new york who is under a tremendous amount of controversy and scandal. >> brit: cbs and "60 minutes" haven't really been noted for their coverage of andrew cuomo's various woes and i think it's reasonable to suggest that the fact that desantis' star is rising in the republican party made him attempting target for journalists on the left which includes most of the journalists at cbs news if not nearly all of them. and i think that's part of what is at work here. it's worth noting by the way, bret, one of the reasons that
3:34 pm
desantis' star is up is that florida has been mostly open. i live in florida now and it's been mostly open for most of the year. and, yet, it's infection rate and death rate and so on are no worse than states like california that had all these draconian lockdowns and did such terrible damage to their local economies, not to mention the other secondary effects of those lockdowns. and, of course, that has sent desantis' stock soaring in much of the country which i think makes him a likely favorite in the early going for the republican nomination in 2024. >> bret: i'm sure we are going to hear a lot about this story on tucker's show with the governor in a little bit. but, brit, finally on this georgia major league baseball pulling out of the all-star game. the reaction to it. have you seen anything like this where there is kind of a not reading all the way through something? it seems like there is something missing in this story.
3:35 pm
>> brit: there certainly is. it assumes that major league baseball and these other institutions that are trying to boycott georgia or complaining about the bill or whatever don't really have a very good grasp of what the bill actually does. yes, there are some parts of the bill aimed at about integrity that might arguably restrict voting although i think that's dubious. there are a number of provisions in the bill that make it easier to vote. it's a completely reasonable kind of compromise bill of a kind that should not have caused this response. i think what's at work here, bret, is that the democrats in washington who are kind of leefingd the charge on this want to pass hr 1 which would basically federalize the rules for voting across the country and make everything much easier. the problem with making things easier if you make them too easy you open the door to cheating. democrats don't seem to care much about that. they want to pass that bill so if they attack this state bill, it gives them a reason to say,
3:36 pm
look, this is what states are doing. it's terrible, it's jim crow. you have got to pass this big federal bill that we want to enact in order to head them off. so i think that's where we are. and it's, you know, there is a real strategy involved here. the problem is it involves a lot of falsehoods. >> bret: yeah, there aren't too many states that have less restrictive, you know, other states have more restrictive rules than georgia. so major league baseball may have a tough time finding that stadium. >> brit: finding a venue to play its all-star game. >> bret: thank you, brit, have a good one. an american backed government in the middle east says it's being challenged from within. we'll have the breaking details. ♪ ♪ i felt gross. it was kind of a shock after i started cosentyx. four years clear. real people with psoriasis look and feel better with cosentyx. don't use if you're allergic to cosentyx. before starting, get checked for tuberculosis.
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(vo) ideas exist inside you, electrify you. ♪♪ they grow from our imagination, but they can't be held back. they want to be set free. to make the world more responsible, and even more incredible. ideas start the future, just like that. ♪ >> bret: there is political turmoil in jordan tonight authorities say they foiled a plot to destabilize the
3:41 pm
american-backed government and there is a family connection between the king and the opposition. correspondent trey yingst has details tonight from our middle east newsroom. >> a dr. plat particular 48 hours in the jordanian capital of amman as authorities arrested at least 14 people accused of planning a coupe against king abdullah the ii. while some of those detained linked to security officials. one person is the half-brother of the king. king hamza is also the father of the late kidnapping is under house arrested and soon referred to the state security court. >> i shall not leave my house. >> the crowned prince released a audio recording and individualio statement over the weekend insisting he wasn't involved in criticism against the country's 2 year leader and he won't obey military orders. >> now we are waiting to see what they are going to do. i don't want to escalate now. but, of course, i will not abide. >> jordan's foreign minister
3:42 pm
said sunday intelligence services intercepted communication between prince hamza and foreign parties about what he calls a malicious plot to destabilize the kingdom. he offered limited details to support the claims. king abdullah has strong relationships with leaders around the world and over the weekend more than a dozen countries offered statements backing the jordanian ruler. the u.s. state department says he has their full support calling him a key partner. >> prince hamza does appear to have changed his tone this evening as jordan's royal court released a letter he signed declaring his loyalty to king abdullah. bret? >> bret: trey yingst in our middle east newsroom thanks. rescuers in indonesia are being hampered by damaged bridges. heavy equipment falling torrential rains there. 133 people are dead, dozens more still missing. steam and lava escape from a new
3:43 pm
fissure from its landic volcano. hundreds of hikers who had come to see the spectacle were forced to evacuate within hours. just some of the other stories beyond our borders tonight. up next the panel on the fallout from that georgia election law, the 60 minutes piece plus opposition to biden's spending plan is next. ♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ comfort in the extreme. ♪♪ the lincoln family of luxury suvs. i'm not hungry! you're having one more bite! no!
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♪ >> it's baseball fans. it's kids that now for the rest of their adult -- or life as they transition into adults they are going to see the politicization of baseball and sports. >> yes, i do support the decision. i wish that it would have came before the bill was passed into law. >> i may not agree with what major league baseball did. i don't think they look at all the facts and figures, but, at the end of the day, that was their decision to make. >> broadly speaking, of course, the president and we all believe private sector entities are going to make decisions and that's their role to do so. >> bret: well, the fallout from that georgia law and major league baseball pulling out the all-star game from atlanta continues. let's bring in our panel mollie hemingway senior editor at the.
3:48 pm
bill bennett former education secretary and host of the bill bennett show podcast. bill, what do you make of this and what the companies have said, what lawmakers are saying and kind of the fallout from it? >> it's terrible, a terrible situation. it's preposterous. what an awful place. you know, i thought that if anybody started to read the bill, some of these companies, major league baseball, delta might, you know, change their tune. instead, we have united airlines now piling on. do they not realize that these laws are much less restrictive, as you were saying to brit hume than many other states? and there they go after georgia just like they went after texas and, you know, these corporations are just jumping in all fours. and it's totally unreasonable. it does not fit with the facts. you know, i don't want to brag here, i appreciate your philosophy. you are supposed to tell the truth. this has nothing to do with the truth of things. by the way the glaring
3:49 pm
inconsistency as senator rand paul has pointed out, you are going to condemn georgia for things that aren't true, as a matter of fact, and you are going to do business with china, which has never had a free and fair election and which runs concentration camps. what's wrong with these people? they are so cowed by the left, they are so cowed, so intimidated by the left that they will do anything the left says. be careful because the left want it all. they won't stop until they can grind everything out of you. i have dealt with the left all my life. and i know the way they play. >> bret: well, harold, we don't have ph.d. in philosophy, but i want to get your thoughts about. >> sorry. >> bret: i like that. i like dropping those things. i want to get your thought, harold, about what bill just said. i think the hypocrisy about the china stuff is really poignant. but, also, what state are they going to to put the all-star game, to find out that the voting restrictions there? >> well, i don't have a ph.d. in
3:50 pm
anything. you might, bret. thanks for having me on. i respond to the great secretary. first, i think after every electric, every state should take a look at what they can do better. i don't fault governor kemp for doing that i do wonder about his priority. the three things that i saw wrong in georgia, one was voter integrity. there is no doubt there should be identification requirements whether you vote in person or not in person. and they should strengthen those. not that there was any problem because after two audits no problems were found but they should try to prevent that two, they ought to buy more voting machines and open more voting locations. no voter should stand in line in the united states of america more than 30 minutes to an hour at most to go vote. that should be fixed. and, three, they should restore oversight to the secretary of state. republicans should realize democrats one day will likely be in georgia up and down the ballot which means if democrats in the legislature want to take the voting responsibilities or exact oversight from a county that might be majority republican, they will be able to under this bill.
3:51 pm
so i get some of what he is trying to do but most of what the governor is trying to do it seems like to me is play old politics and try to prevent a primary challenge from perhaps a donald trump supporter or donald trump election candidate. >> bret: harold, to bill's point, is there danger mere for democrats that going woke you could be too woke and suddenly you wake up and you lose elections? >> well, they just won the last election. so i think that they are looking at how do you ensure that every voter can vote? i have said before, newt gingrich and ronald reagan, i didn't agree with the late ronald reagan or newt gingrich on a lot of things but i do agree they had great vision. they won elections not by suppressing votes by exciting and energizing voters. that's where republicans are at their best. that's where any party is at their best. i just think that some of what governor kemp and the republicans in the georgia legislature is trying to do is right. a lot of it is wrong. is there some blame to go on the democrats' side?
3:52 pm
sure. let's get the election laws right. and i don't fault a company for saying they want more people to go and vote. i don't think what they did with this law is going to achieve that some of the rhetoric on the other side a little overheated? sure, guess what? politics is being played on both sides. >> bret: mollie, i want to turn really quickly. we just got word from senator schumer's office that they are going to restructure the budget resolution to add reconciliation once again, which means in layman's terms that they are setting up for a democrat push on infrastructure bill, spending bills with 51 votes. the problem is already democrat from west virginia joe manchin has said do you know what? i don't like the tax structure going to 28% on corporate taxes. so, what do we think about all of this? >> well, the spending bill, which is so mind bogglingly big that we are dealing with trillions of dollars in spending all claim to be related to infrastructure when, in fact, it
3:53 pm
isn't and was discussed previously in the show is just federal funding of things that are already funded at the state and local level is really a good representation of what's going on in washington, d.c. right now where what is real is not what is reported. the level of spending is not what is -- the way that this is being done is not as is reported because the media provides such help to the democrat party by not being honest about what's going on. they are not honest, for instance, about this georgia elections bill. they are not honest about the spending bill reframing it as infrastructure not honest about what's going to happen when left wing things are pushed through in this bill and then people have to come back and have taxpayers fund what is happening. we really have a problem here with this level of deception. and i just have to say even tonight we're hearing false things about what happens in this georgia voting bill. we had for the first time in history a sitting president of the united states declare economic warfare against a state
3:54 pm
because they passed a bill lawfully and dutifully that he disagreed with because it would make it slightly more difficult to have fraudulent voting. it has been misreported every step of the way and having and pressuring corporations to punish the people of a state and punish the people of a city is completely inappropriate and, yet, because the media have engaged in such propaganda about it, corporations are bullied into literally destroying the entire country. we don't have any unity. they have actually taken over baseball and told republican voters that they should not be able to enjoy baseball. this is a really not unifying situation for the country. >> bret: i'm sure they want republicans to enjoy baseball but it's not going to be in atlanta for the all-star game and we will see what city it is in. panel, stand by, when we come back, tomorrow's headlines. ♪ ♪
3:55 pm
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>> bret: timely tonight, a look at tomorrow's headlines with the final. bill, you first. >> okay. personal privilege subject to ridicule from the house and then the panel. bennett returned ph.d. to the university of texas. fair enough. real headlines, big numbers. joe biden 28% corporate tax. taxes on every american will go down. big numbers tonight? march's final four -- i mean, final play of the final game. gonzaga and baylor. it's gonzaga as a graduate of the high school, not the college. gonzaga, not gonzaga. >> bret: all right. harold? >> first of all, bill bennett don't return that ph.d. good luck to gonzaga tonight. big infrastructure bills equals important down payment for u.s. to win against china. china invests trillions. we invested in the 50s and the 60s. let's get a big one done. >> bret: molly? >> my headline is the supreme
4:00 pm
court has indicated that it wants to look at big tech suppression of american speech writes. in a concurrence today, clarence thomas, justice thomas, indicated that it's time to look at these laws and how big tech is silencing americans. >> bret: and we will look at that. thanks, panel. thanks for inviting us into your home. fair, balanced and unafraid. fox news prime time hosted be i mark steyn is right now. hi, mark. >> hi, bret. i'll give that one to bill. a nice touch of personal bitterness underlining that headline. a goody. thanks for that, bret. great show. good evening. welcome to "fox news prime time." i'm mark steyn. spring has sprung. baseball is america's pasttime. eliminating their enemies is communist china's past time and chairman xi is


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